Watch “”Some Scientists Believe”” on YouTube

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7 Responses to Watch “”Some Scientists Believe”” on YouTube

  1. MP says:

    The strange case of the “Climate Crisis”: According to today’s Daily Climate Reanalyzer the temperature is 0.20C above the old base (1979-2000), probably 0.00C with a recent base. The “science” says emitting CO2 makes the planet warmer, why are the areas of CO2 emissions cooling?

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  3. Michael says:

    You’ve got to love how one hand is teaching us that the sun does not control the climate, while the other hand is telling us that we need to dim the sun. What a bunch of crap through which anyone should be able to clearly see. It seems critical thinking, one of the most important aspects of education, continues to be ignored in favor of “because I/scientists/educators/experts/celebrities/politicians/billionaire elites/textbooks say so.” Thank God for people like Joseph Postma and Tony Heller! I can’t believe what passes as “science.”

  4. Michael says:

    “Scientists” seemingly continue to do science backwards, wherein they decide on the outcome they want, and then do whatever it takes to reach that outcome, including lie, manipulate, and cheat. Computer modeling has given them the means to always get the outcomes they desire, regardless of method and repeatability. I have no science background and I can easily spot the immense fraud taking place. It then allows politicians and elites to use fear to gain greater wealth and power.

  5. Exactly right Michael. Great insight!

  6. tom0mason says:

    ‘Climate science’ is now a mirror of the computer GIGO ideas that’s use …
    Intellectual curiosity: out Paid advocacy: in.

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