Green-plate Experiment Debunks Climate Greenhouse Effect & Climate Science

See it here:

Apparently the only criticism that the climate liars have been able to come up with is that the experiment was not performed for a long enough period. So…the experiment results are contained in plots which show nice smooth curves with no divergences demonstrating backradiation heating…and so the experiment is halted after a period where no backradiation radiative greenhouse effect heating is discerned in the curves.

Thus, the climate sophists would have us believe that the curves would suddenly show a step function where the radiative greenhouse effect makes its appearance and creates a divergence in the plot tracks…but always only after we stop looking for it!

My gosh that’s funny!!!!!

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12 Responses to Green-plate Experiment Debunks Climate Greenhouse Effect & Climate Science

  1. RT says:

    No experiment has shown greenhouse effect because it violates first, second, and zeroth law of thermodynamics for photons

  2. Max Polo says:

    Thanks for posting Joe. I’m here below copying-pasting Bob Wentworth comment (at WUWT) on this experiment :

    The theory predicts that, in the 10-minute run of the experiment, Arrangement 6 should produce a higher temperature than Arrangement 5 by a little less than a degree. That appears to be entirely consistent with the measured results.

    My spreadsheet simulation of the experiment shows that the temperature of the second plate strongly lags the temperature of first plate. As a result, it takes around an hour to get to the stage where the second plate is adding 25℃ to the temperature of the first plate.

    The experimenter ran the experiment for too short a period. As a result, the falsification is false.

  3. Yes well Max, we saw esttom here repeatedly claim that no experimental verification of the RGHE is even possible! So, it’s not possible for them to experimentally demonstrate it, and they will reject any experimental refutation of which myriad exist…but it’s so interesting that Wentworth cannot then actually provide an experimental demonstration, is it not!?

    The curves do not show the divergence which would be required if the effect existed.

    I’ll do another OP today on the greenplate…just hang on. Leave me to it for now.

  4. Regis says:

    Where did that esttom guy go anyway? Guess he realized he couldn’t win the argument.

  5. I think they really embarrassed themselves when they claimed that space can hold a temperature…lol! I mean…that was such a wonderful sequence, how they came up with this summing of Q’s over all locations sophistry approach, only to find that this analysis requires space being able to hold a temperature! What a wonderful demonstration of the logic of ontological mathematics!

  6. Regis says:

    A wonderful sequence indeed!

  7. CD Marshall says:

    If you keep doing the experiment eventually you’ll be able to see CO2 like Greta.

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  9. tom0mason says:

    CD Marshall says: 2021/05/19 at 12:07 PM

  10. Rosco says:

    I wrote a proposed article for PSI years ago but they didn’t have the wit to understand it.

    I never polished it but anyone who wants to read a short disposition showing how ordinary PAR lightbulbs prove that any back radiation effect is impossible because they do not spontaneously explode or melt can judge my efforts.

  11. Max Polo says:

    Here is the “improved” version of the test, lasting for a longer time. Result : zero “green plate” effect. What a surprise 🙂

  12. Max Polo says:

    Geraint Hughes just did a better experiment, worth a read !

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