A Really Great Awakened Chat

These girls are great. Well worth a watch!

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  1. TEWS_Pilot says:

    We can’t overlook the wisest woman in the Green movement.

  2. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Just take a quick look at what they are letting into our country, it’s worse than you think. If there is any truth to “Demon Possession,” this is how I would envision it. How many more are getting through and not being caught? 1 minute 20 seconds.

  3. boomie789 says:

    I do think having animals boost your Immune system. Sun bathing too.

    Little kooky and new agey but her intuition and instinct is right. Her face and voice is nice. I’ve watched a couple of her videos lately. She is the one who made that prophetic video about the Covid agenda. You posted it before.

  4. Yes that’s right boomie!

  5. boomie789 says:


    Please share

    From sources inside Police services – Feds are sending hundreds of riot cops to coordinate with OPS and all other LE to go block by block, piece at a time to break up this demonstration no later than Friday.

    Will likely happen late at night, I would guess Tuesday or Wednesday

    Prisoners will be bussed to Lansdowne area for processing.

    Orders coming from top of Government.

    Is this your legacy, RCMP?

    No one will forgive you.


    wanted to post this here

  6. TEWS_Pilot says:

    The Vigilant Fox
    RCMP Corporal Daniel Bulford Resigns From His Position of Personal Security for Justin Trudeau…a true Mounty in the image of “Sgt Preston of the Yukon.”

    “I have drawn my line in the sand. No more silence and compliance from me.”
    10 minute video — well worth the time to listen to a now-former Mounty with integrity and an eloquent speaker.

  7. Barry says:

    The corruption so out of control that the clowns are running the circus. No Question

  8. boomie789 says:

  9. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Just experienced something weird… my wife bought one of those little floating donut ultrasonic vaporizers on a lark:

    … I, in my ‘infinite wisdom’, informed her that there was no way that little thing could evaporate enough water to make a difference in raising house humidity levels when it’s cold and low humidity outside.

    Well, to assuage her, I plugged it in. Just sitting in a 2 liter unheated pan, it evaporated ~1/4″ of water over 8 hours. I was triumphant! I had been proven right yet again. That little donut vaporizer couldn’t possibly work to humidify a room.

    We have a micathermic room heater I’ve rigged up with a stainless steel wire shelf on top so we can set a pan to evaporate water, but since micathermic heaters work via infrared radiation, it doesn’t evaporate much, maybe a quarter liter per day. I plopped the donut vaporizer into the pan of water on top, and used a wall-wart to power it. It only takes 1.5 watts (5 volts, 0.3 amps… I have a USB power supply with an amperage gauge which I plugged it into to check the current draw.).

    I woke up this morning and checked the pan level… it’d been filled to the brim with 2 liters last night and it was half gone this morning. That little donut had evaporated a liter of water over 8 hours.

    Now, at 65 F, the enthalpy of vaporization of water is 682.6 Wh kg-1. A liter of water is one kg, so evaporating a liter of water should take 682.6 Wh.

    1.5 watts * 8 hours = 12 Wh.

    Why did I use the latent heat of vaporization of water at 65 F? Well, normally with the pan sitting on top of the micathermic heater, the water will warm up to ~100 F. After running the donut vaporizer, the water was 65 F, despite sitting on top of the heater all night. Room temperature was at its usual 65 F.

    Apparently that donut vaporizer, floating at the top of the water, is vaporizing the most kinetically energetic water molecules preferentially (warmer water convectively rises and the donut floats), cooling the water, efficiently converting the energy received from the micathermic heater (and from the room itself… the water isn’t in vapor form coming off the ultrasonic piezoelectric element of the donut, it’s in a really fine mist that evaporates to vapor within ~12 inches) into latent heat of vaporization.

    That gives me an idea. I’ll let you know if it works.

  10. TEWS_Pilot says:

    A blast from the past…..

  11. TEWS_Pilot says:

  12. I bet the flux was far beyond safety limits 🤣

  13. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Ha, ha his shoe and his foot probably glowed in the dark for weeks afterwards.

  14. immortal600 says:

    LOL, I never received a response?

  15. J Cuttance says:

    I used to xray horses legs, just holding the photographic plate with lead gloves. It never struck me to leave the shoes and nails on for a cooler image dammit.

  16. MP says:

    Spanish Guy Laughs at Trudeau Hiding From Trucker Convoy 2022

  17. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Immortal600, I’ve resent it. Hopefully the remailers will put it through.

  18. CD Marshall says:

    Somebody had to have been paid a lot of money to create this tripe.


  19. CD Marshall says:


  20. CD Marshall says:

    Boomie another for the archives


    Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland
    (1) the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in U.S. government institutions

    Also on Homeland Security:

  21. CD Marshall says:

    All ” government institutions” support AGW so to disagree with them is now an act of terrorism.

  22. Joseph E Postma says:

    God these people are so fn retarded.

    But yes, of course that’s what they want to do…make criticizing climate alarmism terrorism…when in fact the policies of climate alarmism are terrorism against the planet itself, removing CO2 from the air and blotting out the Sun, etc.

  23. CD Marshall says:

    The Left has efficiently made freedom of speech illegal. the US is now a banana republic under Biden.

  24. CD Marshall says:

    “For example, there is widespread online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding unsubstantiated widespread election fraud and COVID-19. Grievances associated with these themes inspired violent extremist attacks during 2021.”

    Complete lie.

  25. Holy f what a lie. I’m surprised climate wasn’t in there.

  26. CD Marshall says:

    They stole an election and got away with it, they are now drunk on power. I heard the vax mandate is just a move for Digital ID. Nothing with these people ever ends.

  27. immortal600 says:

    Anybody want to take a stab at this bit of insanity?:

    That is courtesy of the idiot “evenminded” over on Cfact.

  28. CD Marshall says:

    Joe gave the answer to this somewhere recently. Alex just tried pulling that on me a few weeks ago.

    Joseph E Postma says:
    2022/01/31 at 4:22 PM
    That solution he’s trying to set up is algebra…it is simply algebra. Yes, this is math. But it is not the ontological mathematics of thermodynamics. Note that he doesn’t actually utilize the First Law of Thermodynamics in its actual mathematical definition: dU = Q + W = m Cp dT.

    What he only tries to use instead is the concept of conservation of energy, which is indeed what the first law is, except he doesn’t use the math of the first law, and only uses an algebra instead.

    If we were to take his end state solution, T1=185K, T2=156K, then the heat flow to the second plate is Q = sigma * (185^4 – 156^4), which is greater than zero. That is, there is positive heat flow upon the second plate. Now because he only looks at the algebra, and not the mathematical definition of the first law, he thinks he can stop here. However, the First Law for the second plate under these conditions is dU = Q = m Cp dT, and since Q is greater than zero for the second plate, then dT is greater than zero for the second plate, and so the second plate must be rising in temperature, but his algebraic solution intended that this is steady state. Hence, there’s a paradox. The paradox is resolved by dispensing with the abstract algebra, and deferring instead to the ontological mathematics of the actual definition of the first law.

  29. CD Marshall says:

    His summary verion…
    The 1st plate heats the 2nd plate thus the 2nd plate cannot in turn heat the 1st plate.

    He’s changing E and Q. E is both ways, plate to plate, Q is one way, 1st to 2nd. That’s it the rest is magic tricks and sleight of hand.

  30. immortal600 says:

    CD, thanks for your response! You hit that square on the head. well done!

  31. immortal600 says:

    Evenminded is having a meltdown over your posts, CD, and I am loving it! he is an idiot filled with hubris believing he understands something that he clearly doesn’t.

  32. Joseph E Postma says:

    That’s right CD. Because he’s only using a word-definition of the First Law “conservation of energy”, instead of its actual mathematical definition and usage, dU = Q = m Cp dT, then he creates the wrong mathematics. So evenminded is another INSTANCE of this alex/mtntim/etc/etc/etc idiocy.

    The s(T1^4 – T2^4) term has to be zero, which is how it is solved when you use the actual math of the First Law.

  33. Alex says:

    You’re wrong again Joe. You don’t even understand the first law. The plates are emitting energy to space so you have to use YOUR OWN special form of the first law that accounts for that energy loss to space. If s(T1^4 – T2^4) is zero as you stupidly claim, then how is the second plate emitting ANY energy to space? You don’t even understand how to balance the energies.

    [JP: dU = Q + W = m Cp dT is not “MY OWN” special form of the first law…hahahahahaha

    The second plate emits energy to space because the first plate emits energy upon it…duh. Heat is zero though so temperature isn’t changing anymore. What the second plate emits, gets supplied by the first plate.]

  34. immortal600 says:

    Joe, he’s crying over the fact that you have him blocked here. He should be blocked because he can’t accept answers that don’t conform to his warped view of climate dynamics. he has been roasted on Dr. Anderson’s website. same on Dr. Berry’s website where he used MY identity! He is one demented fool and he deserves the treatment he gets!

  35. Alex says:

    That’s right Joe, you should make sure you continue to block me because all of you science deniers are too cowardly to defend your idiotic statements agains anyone that actually understands physics. You’re a coward Joe.

    [JP: We’ve been through it dozens of times. All you have now is this reduction to raving and ranting. Sad.

    We also have the empirical evidence of real greenhouses on our side, and the adiabatic gradient. We have the first law with evidence; you have something other than the first law which you only pretend is, and no evidence.

    All real greenhouses support our position, empirically, and the theory explains why this is so. Heat cannot be recycled or flow from hot to cold.]

  36. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yes he (it?) pretends that we haven’t been over all this innumerable times already. We’ve been over it, the answer is in multiple blog posts, it is in one specific blog post just for it, it is gone over in the comments which he reads here, it is gone over again and again.

    I mean it really seems to be a computer program that uses multiple handles, which it has to because it actually has NO identity! This is also why it won’t come on camera to have a chat about it. As I said we’ve gone over this with him countless times using text. Why wouldn’t you want to come on camera and let me have it? Because there’s no face, which is why it has to use multiple fake “faces” to interact with the world. When you have no face, you need many faces. But, now we can identify that it is all the same faceless program.

    I have something special for you guys today.

  37. Alex says:

    No Joe. We haven’t been over it you bald-faced liar. Answer the simple question. How does the second plate emit energy to space if it does not have any heat transferred to it from plate 1? You don’t even understand the first law you spineless coward.

    [JP: Straw man! The second plate has energy emitted upon it from the first plate, but the heat is zero. The second plate emits what the first plate gives it, but the heat is zero. Stop denying the Stefan-Boltzmann Law of energy emission for the first plate.]

  38. Joseph E Postma says:

    One of the most important things is this: heat, like WORK, is that which one body performs upon another, as an action. With work, you need TWO bodies. One body does work upon the other. A box doesn’t do work on itself, but you do work on it when you slide it across the floor. It is the same with heat….it is action which one body performs upon another.

    Just as you cannot do work on space, likewise you cannot do heat on space. You can emit energy to space, but you cannot heat space. Their or ITS solution sets up the algebra as if you can do heating upon space, and that gets the GHE solution…which proves that the GHE can’t exist because it can only exist if it is possible to do work or heat on space, which of course you can’t.

    Anyway, its solution doesn’t actually use the First Law….it just pretends to in sophistry.

  39. Alex says:

    You keep proving that you area fool Joe. If a plate is emitting ENERGY to space, and it’s temperature is not changing, then it MUST be receive that SAME amount of energy from somewhere else. In the single plate problem you agree that the plate emits 50 W/m^2 from each side in order to balance the 100 W/m^2 it is getting from the source. For the two plate problem YOU claim that the second plate is not at 0K. That means it is emitting energy to space. So, where is it getting energy in from in order to emit energy to space you spineless coward?

    [JP: The second plate gets the energy from the first plate, because of the Stefan-Boltzmann Law. But the heat is zero.]

  40. immortal600 says:

    Joe, excellent comments! Thank you!

  41. Alex says:

    If you have a problem understanding that objects lose energy as they emit to space and must gain energy from elsewhere to stay at the same temperature, then why don’t we just put these plates in finite temperature surroundings? Then your ignorant arguments about space being unable to have energy emitted into it will be irrelevant. It’s best you keep blocking my comments you spineless coward. That way none of your ignorant minions will see the ass-kicking I’m delivering to you.

    [JP: Straw man! I never said that space is unable to have energy emitted into it! Wow, what a Straw Man LIE you need to resort to in your insane ranting and raving. Usually your comments are automatically purged, but I saved these so that we can all laugh at your mental degeneration hahahaha.

    Of course space has energy emitted into it. Heat however cannot act on space. Big difference between heat and energy…basic thermodynamics here. You seem quite reluctant to recognize the difference between heat and energy, when this is literally the first thing that thermodynamics textbooks warn students about.]

  42. Alex says:

    Hey Joe, if the first law does not include the amount of energy that an object emits to space, as you so ignorantly claim, then why do objects in space cool down if they are not supplied with another source of energy?

    [JP: Straw man! I never anywhere discounted the energy emitted to space. Your statements are degenerating into unintelligibility…which is saying a lot for you, because you were already there for the most part.

    I never said that objects don’t cool down by emitting to space. And of course if they have a constant temperature while emitting, then it means that they have a source of energy. The second plate gets its energy replaced by the first plate’s emission.

    Wow, what straw men you create…lol!]

  43. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Check this out….not good.
    Space Weather News for Feb. 9, 2022

    GEOMAGNETC STORM BRINGS DOWN STARLINK SATELLITES: As many as 40 Starlink satellites are currently falling out of the sky–the surprising result of a minor geomagnetic storm last week. This is a cautionary tale: Even relatively mild space weather can have big consequences. Reentry videos and more @ Spaceweather.com.

    Solar Flare Alerts: Sign up for Space Weather Alerts and get instant text notifications when solar flares are underway.

    Above: A Starlink satellite reentry over Puerto Rico on Feb. 7th captured by cameras belonging to the Sociedad de Astronomia del Caribe.

  44. TEWS_Pilot says:

    We may be all wrong, I think I found a photo of “it / him”….sCiEncE…

  45. Omg saved that’s so good. So relevant to my book!!!

  46. ashemann says:

    Joe would it be right to say, heat is an action and work the reaction.

  47. Both actions. Temperature change the reaction.

  48. MP says:

    @ JP

    Anther one for the fun of it

    Maybe we can spread awareness of your new book with side by side memes when it is out. Would be fun to get it viral, and enlighten peoples minds with the content

  49. It IS out! Check the new post 🙂

  50. CD Marshall says:

    MP your Arctic temps was a huge troll hit and your ocean pH. I thanked you for both on Twitter. Your meme on Leftists would be perfect labeled “The art of a troll” for that is the art.
    Deny= what is being said is true.
    Deflect=from any valid science being made
    Discredit= the source of the information or the person relaying that information.
    Rinse and repeat as needed.

  51. ashemann says:

    Thanks joe, i asked because i had made this reply on quora to a question a forcings.

    A forcing is an action, heat is an action, work is an action [heating] and a temperature the reaction.

    The so-called RGHE is a thermodynamic forcing where ‘’heat’’ is radiated to the atmosphere from the earths surface warming the atmosphere, which in turn returns a percentage of the surfaces waste heat back to the surface and re-heating the surface to make it far warmer than solar energy alone can.

    The term radiative forcing is nothing more than sophistry in regards to the RGHE as the RGHE itself is a physical impossibility and based on nothing more than the algebraic sophistry of a frigid environment warming an already warm environment, i.e. cold warming hot, a clear violation of the second law of thermodynamics.

    When you get into the physics of the RGHE the first thing you should notice is that the exchanges of heat are all based on Prevost’s long debunked principal of heat exchange, that’s right the whole shebang is grounded in 17th century nonsense as it was the only way they could make a frigid atmosphere transfer ‘’heat’’ to an already warm surface to make it warmer still.

    49 viewsView 1 upvoteView 1 share

    I only edited in temperature the reaction, i got it right before confirmation.

  52. MP says:

    Great CD-M

    Multi hub sharing is the key

    I’ll post more looking at a longer timeframe examples in the future

  53. John Stafford says:

    Joe Rogan had Steven E. Koonin on today, Feb 11, about climate change and the evils of Co2. Anyway, in the end, Joe asked if he could find a skeptic to debate would he do it? He said yes, so I put your name in. lol It would be glorious and expose millions to the reality that the earth is round.

  54. Nice, John. I’ll debate the bastards!

  55. MP says:

    Freedom convoy spreads to Australia

  56. MP says:

    Great Australian freedom convoy areal view

  57. MP says:

    Here you can see how close they are to the parliament

  58. CD Marshall says:

    A physicist tot physicist conversation on climate? That would be good.

  59. CD Marshall says:

    Would you debate Gerald Kutney? He’s a snake and a half making a good profit off of green energy and always running his mouth about “climate deniers”. You can find him here ranked #21 and on Twitter.


  60. CD Marshall says:

    Elon Musk is on that list.

  61. For sure CD…anyone!

  62. CD Marshall says:

    You’re a fearless lion in the midst of Jackels.

  63. Alex says:

    “For sure CD…anyone!” – Bwahahaha. You’re such a coward. You won’t even debate other commenters on your own blog. You hide behind your “requirement” that it be live because you can’t defend your nonsense RIGHT HERE ON THIS BLOG. Instead you want to turn some “debate” into a conspiracy laden clown-show. Have any of your love ones ever told you that you might want to talk to a therapist?

    [JP: Because you’re an anonymous coward that has been here for a long time, and we’ve been over the argument a dozen times, and so, why not put your face to your position since, after all, you believe yourself to be correct, and supported by the scientific community and the government? You have nothing to lose. It wouldn’t risk your job, career, social standing, anything.

    But you can’t do it, because you’re a psychotic AI program or something…haha!

    Your comments are irate…totally irate. Do computer programs have therapists that they can go to? lol!]

  64. MP says:

    Maori Haka , Parliament Grounds, Wellington New Zealand. Day 5

  65. TEWS_Pilot says:

    I’m late to the party on this one, but I thought Steven Koonin was a skeptic and not an AGW believer. Did I miss something?

  66. CD Marshall says:

    @PhilipMuholland if you are stalking out there anywhere. If fractionation of CO2 emits 12C/13C isotopes. Plants prefer 12C naturally over 13C. Are they claiming the only way 13C gets in the atmosphere is fossil fuels?

  67. CD Marshall says:

    Or are they claiming 12C is the one that gets into the atmosphere from fossil fuels. If so, and that is naturally used more by plants how can they claim they know the amount in the atmosphere that is anthropocentric over natural variability?

    As always, I enjoy your well informed replies.

  68. TEWS_Pilot says:

    “evenminded ” still lurks here, and he replied on an old CFACT article comment page to my question about Steven Koonin that I posted HERE. So, I asked him to explain in his own words where your argument is wrong. This was his answer. Care to reply here? I’m sure he is lurking and will see your answer.

    “Can you explain in your own words where Joe Postma’s argument is wrong?”

    Of course I can. Will you be able to understand it?

    Here, give it a shot. The amount of radiation from the sun that is incident on the Earth from the sun and not reflected in a day is 0.7 x 1360 x pi x Re^2 x 24 x 3600. The maximum averaged temperature that a blackbody sphere has to be to emit this much radiation in a day occurs if the surface temperature of that object is uniform (the average temperature will be lower if the temperature is not uniform). For such a uniform temperature situation, the amount of radiation emitted by such a sphere in a day is sigma x T^4 x 4 x pi x Re^2 x 24 x 3600.

    So, all we have to do is balance the energy in and the energy out giving:

    T = (1360/(4 sigma))^(1/4) = 255K

    This is how an effective radiating temperature is determined. There is nothing “flat earth” about the calculation. The factor of 4 comes from the ration of the surface area of a sphere to the area of its shadow. If you were not aware, spheres are not flat.


    Second part of his answer had to do with claiming that Will Happer wrote a paper about CO2. Here is that answer:

    Happer certainly does not disagree [that the greenhouse effect is caused by CO2 in the EGHE model]. He just wrote a paper that states that doubling CO2 will cause ~2C of warming without considering albedo feedbacks.

    Postma can’t even solve this simple problem correctly. But I’m guessing that you have been duped by his “ontological mathematics” nonsense. You can’t even explain what “ontological mathematics” is.

  69. CD Marshall says:

    These have to be bots. They repeat the same crap and expect a different answer.

  70. CD Marshall says:

    TEWS_Pilot scroll above this is part of it.

    Joseph E Postma says:
    2022/02/09 at 9:26 AM
    Yes he (it?) pretends that we haven’t been over all this innumerable times already. We’ve been over it, the answer is in multiple blog posts, it is in one specific blog post just for it, it is gone over in the comments which he reads here, it is gone over again and again.

    I mean it really seems to be a computer program that uses multiple handles, which it has to because it actually has NO identity! This is also why it won’t come on camera to have a chat about it. As I said we’ve gone over this with him countless times using text. Why wouldn’t you want to come on camera and let me have it? Because there’s no face, which is why it has to use multiple fake “faces” to interact with the world. When you have no face, you need many faces. But, now we can identify that it is all the same faceless program.

    I have something special for you guys today.

    Joseph E Postma says:
    2022/02/09 at 9:39 AM
    One of the most important things is this: heat, like WORK, is that which one body performs upon another, as an action. With work, you need TWO bodies. One body does work upon the other. A box doesn’t do work on itself, but you do work on it when you slide it across the floor. It is the same with heat….it is action which one body performs upon another.

    Just as you cannot do work on space, likewise you cannot do heat on space. You can emit energy to space, but you cannot heat space. Their or ITS solution sets up the algebra as if you can do heating upon space, and that gets the GHE solution…which proves that the GHE can’t exist because it can only exist if it is possible to do work or heat on space, which of course you can’t.

    Anyway, its solution doesn’t actually use the First Law….it just pretends to in sophistry.

  71. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yes TEWS, what CD said. Note how it talks about a full-day, but then computes the Stefan-Boltzmann equation for instantaneous flux. This is some sort of retarded computer program. Read my new book, I talk about why they act this way.

    In any case, the calculation for 255K as the output of the Earth is fine. I have no problem with that and I demonstrate it all the time. And 255K (-18C) is indeed the temperature of the Earth. That’s what the temperature of the Earth is.

    As for the parallel plates example, it doesn’t use the First Law of Thermodynamics. It pretends it does, but you don’t actually see it refer to the actual math of the first law at any point.

  72. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Thanks, Joe.

    I have tried to reply to “it” a few times as politely as possible citing your work and even your irradiance and outward radiation globe graphic with the equations clearly posted on it along with the Flat Earth model of the “experts” for comparison and your explanation, which is crystal clear to anyone with more than a middle school science education. He ignores my comments and launches into more pseudo science and how all other skeptics agree about AGW and the EGHE and then tries to explain the FLAT EARTH basis for their argument by saying “the factor of 4 comes from the ration [ratio?] of the surface area of a sphere to the area of its shadow.” Really? Projected on what plane, and how far away? That makes even less sense if you look at the actual physical objects involved and the radiation patterns and an ever expanding shadow since there is no plane below the earth on which to project it.

    He cited Dr. Will Happer as having written recently that doubling the CO2 would cause ~ 2C temperature rise, yet every video I have seen of Happer says we are dangerously low on CO2 atmospheric concentration.

    Oh, well, I tried.

  73. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Thanks, CD.

    Yep, that is pretty much the same dog chasing its tail argument I just engaged in with him. As many times as his assertions have been rebuffed and how the actual science has been explained to him, I cannot imagine why he can’t understand it and keeps going back to the junk science fiction.

    He is probably like the guy who sees the goalie block the shot and then bets that on the video replay the shot will go into the net.

  74. Alex says:

    You’re an idiot Postma. The actual math of the first law is given right there in the EQUATIONS. At steady state the energy in to each component of the system must be equal to the energy out from that component of the system. THAT IS THE FIRST LAW FOR STEADY STATE. Your INCORRECT solution has energy emitted out from the second plate and NO HEAT INTO IT. An by the way you feckless imbecile, the flux multiplied by the area multiplied by the time is the energy. Were you confused by the homogeneity of the temperature argument you moron? If the temperature is inhomogeneous (which it obviously is) then the average temperature is even LOWER. So 255K is an upper bound you idiot.

    If you think you can best me in this discussion then grow a pair and let my comments through instead of talking about math that you can’t do and lying about what my calculation does do.

    [JP: No, you just have some algebra that you’ve created. You don’t use the definition of heat and how heat acts from one body upon another, and you don’t use the first law as it is mathematically written at all. You just have some algebra which you pretend is the first law. I’ve exposed this in the book, and on here multiples times. You’re a crazy computer program or something suffering from Godelian Incompleteness…lol! That’s why you have no face. What is it like to have no face? Must suck. Must really, really suck, and make you feel so insecure and incompetent and lowly and incomplete in relation to your human betters.

    Another Straw Man: there’s no heat into it because that’s thermal equilibrium, but there is energy into it because that’s the S-B Law for the first plate, which you seem to deny.]

  75. MP says:

    Comedian Heather McDonald mocks about having the 3 experimental jabs, plus a shingles AND flu one, then instantly collapses on stage fracturing her skull as she hits the floor.

    It was not a joke, hospitalized by “unknown reasons”

    Same what happened to many wuhan people where they test new vaxxes, blaming covid after it

  76. Nepal says:

    I find it so fascinating that an object cannot emit heat to space, because it is the heat input (positive, zero, or negative) which determines if an object increases in temperature. If an object is truly isolated in space, and is heated by nearly a point source like the sun, it has nowhere to exhaust that heat input, as it cannot heat space. So its temperature will climb forever! Or at least until it reaches the temperature of the sun. The real solution of the single green plate — completely isolated in space, except for the sun — is that there is nowhere for it to dump outgoing heat, because it cannot heat space, so the heat input from the sun cannot be balanced, and its temperature rises indefinitely.

  77. Energy is emitted to space. Heat cannot act on space. Nepal hacked? Lol

  78. But yes that’s their perfectly sophistical argument.

  79. boomie789 says:

  80. Nepal says:

    Haha no I’m just pointing out the ridiculousness of sophist’s arguments 😀

    Hope I can read your book soon Joe, I can’t afford it now unfortunately (parents won’t let me use credit card online)

  81. CD Marshall says:

    Just like the Green Plate and the bots they keep using this as part of the “proof” of the RGHGE wish you had a video or a post on it so I can just direct everything to that and add the other versions of “proof” they made up to go with it. Like the one from the Royal something or the other.


  82. CD Marshall says:

    This one is the ENSO that they measured and claimed it was the RGHGE if I am not mistaken.

  83. CD Marshall says:

    2000 was the coldest point of a La Niña and 2010 the warm point of an El Niño. All they were measuring apparently was the water vapor feedback.

  84. CD Marshall says:

  85. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    TEWS Pilot wrote:
    “Care to reply here? I’m sure he is lurking and will see your answer.”

    The surface area of a sphere is 4 times its great circle. Its great circle is the intersection of the sphere and a plane that passes through the center point of the sphere.

    So they’ve essentially flattened the sphere, giving a uniform solar insolation (and emission) across the entirety of its surface area, by using the great circle times 4, which is a flat plane.

    Further, his equation only works if the sphere is considered to be emitting to 0 K… that’s one of his major problems, he can’t discern between what an idealized blackbody object is, what a real-world graybody object is, and what blackbody radiation is. He’s confused them several times over the years.

    See how easy it is to debunk idiots when they spew their idiocy? LOL

    Now watch him melt down in a tearful snot bubble-blowing whingefest. Again. LOL

    He claimed blackbody radiation is only emitted by idealized blackbody objects, that graybody objects don’t exist, that idealized blackbody objects do exist, that no real-world objects are graybody objects… he’s a confused lackwit. Laugh at him, it’s all he’s good for.

    Here’s some of his idiocy from a prior exchange I had with him…

    Professor BalloonKnot sharted:
    “Blackbody radiation describes the EM radiation spectrum emitted by a theoretical blackbo{ TARDSMACK }

    The kook thinks BB radiation is only emitted by idealized BB objects. He’s confused an idealized BB object with BB radiation yet again. Graybody objects and BB objects emit BB radiation, you buffoon. LOL

    Professor BalloonKnot sharted:
    “Real-world objects DO NOT satisfy the graybody def{ TARDSMACK }

    Real-world objects don’t have to satisfy the graybody definition exactly as long as ε doesn’t change much… and if it does, merely subdivide the wavelengths into wavebands, integrate over each waveband for that ε, all the while treating the real-world object as a graybody object.

    The poor deluded kook can’t read for comprehension and doesn’t know what a selective radiator is… he thinks all real-world objects are selective radiators. Most real-world objects are considered graybody objects because their emissivity within a given wavelength range is nearly constant, you nong. LOL

    Professor BalloonKnot sharted:
    “If a graybody did exist, which of course it does not, it would emit electromagnetic radia{ TARDSMACK }

    What is the specific mechanism of emission for graybody objects in your kooky world, “Professor”? Obviously, you believe it cannot be BB emission, you’ve claimed repeatedly that real-world objects are selective radiators, so you must believe it’s spectral emission. It’s got to be one or the other… which is it, kook? LOL

    Professor BalloonKnot sharted:
    “The point is that the equation applies to any two opaque gray body surfaces that are transferring radiant heat. The formula applies when one or both of the objects are blackbodies, and reduces to what you call the S-B equation in those cases.”

    You’re contradicting yourself, kook. Objects are either BB objects, graybody objects or selective radiators. Which are real-world objects in your kooky world? LOL

    Professor BalloonKnot sharted:
    The only way that the formula reduces to what you call the S-B equation is if either εh=1 or εc=1, i.e. one is or both are blackbodies.”

    Neither object can be an idealized BB object unless both are. If either object is a BB object, it assumes emission to a 0 K ambient, and thus the other object must also be a BB object (which absorbs all radiation incident upon it). If either object was not a BB object, the other object could not meet the definition of a BB object. Yet again you demonstrate that you can’t grasp simple concepts. LOL

  86. CD Marshall says:

    “Josph Postma’s Online School for Advanced Learning.”

    Any other ideas?

  87. boomie789 says:

    “Can you ask the commenters on Postma’s site to link where they encounter the “usual suspects”, on the Cfact page and twatter.

    Thanks in advance!”

  88. TEWS_Pilot says:

    CD, I did a search on the link you posted and found this interesting conversation, some of which is excerpted here. The commenter “Janice Moore” seems to be right on target.https://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/02/25/almost-30-years-after-hansens-1988-alarm-on-global-warming-a-claim-of-confirmation-on-co2-forcing/

    Janice Moore
    February 25, 2015 11:20 am
    “They attributed this upward trend to rising CO2 levels from fossil fuel emissions.”
    With absolutely NO proof of causation.

    Janice Moore
    Reply to
    Janice Moore
    February 25, 2015 11:29 am
    {35:41} 1. AGWers claim that human CO2 dilutes atmospheric Carbon 13; for this to be true, native sources of CO2 must NOT dilute C13;
    {36:34} 2. Native Source of CO2 – 150 (96%) gigatons/yr — Human CO2 – 5 (4%) gtons/yr (i.e., native = 2 orders of magnitude greater than human);
    {37:01} 3. Native Sinks Approximately* Balance Native Sources – net CO2
    *Approximately = even a small imbalance can overwhelm any human CO2;
    {37:34} 4. Since many native sources also involve Carbon 13, leaner than in the atmosphere, “ALL BETS ARE OFF.”
    Source: Dr. Murry Salby’s April, 2013 Hamburg lecture , published on youtube: (video no longer available at the link posted)

    Janice Moore
    Reply to
    Janice Moore
    February 25, 2015 1:53 pm
    Thank you for providing the opportunity to present this from Dr. Murry Salby’s Hamburg lecture (above in this comment http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/02/25/almost-30-years-after-hansens-1988-alarm-on-global-warming-a-claim-of-confirmation-on-co2-forcing/#comment-1868870 ):
    {39:40} 1. High CO2 values (per SCIAMACHY satellites) are not in industrialized nor highly populated regions, they are in Amazon basin, tropical Africa, and SE Asia.
    {41:20} 2. Observed deviations of global mean (natural) CO2 deviate widely, sometimes more than 100% from year to year, decade to decade – they are INcoherent with human CO2 emission rate, i.e, net global natural emission evolves independently of human emission.
    {42:35} 3. Observed global (land or ocean measurements) CO2 emission has strong sensitivity (.93 correlation [43:41]) to surface properties (mostly temperature, c = .8, and also soil moisture), i.e., increase in either increases CO2 native emissions.
    {44:28} 4. C13 has strong coherence with temp. and soil moisture, but inversely, temp. up = C13 down; {45:15} the same is seen in the ice proxies.
    {45:22} 5. Satellite record shows that the emissions are clearly NOT human, unless human emissions cause volcanic eruptions and El Nino.

    Janice Moore
    Reply to
    Janice Moore
    February 25, 2015 6:49 pm
    Hi, Oz Ric 101,
    I agree! It is highly persuasive (not being a scientist, I had to watch it 3 times to really understand, but well worth it).
    As to its accuracy, while I cannot personally verify that for you, I can offer you this evidence of Dr. Salby’s being highly qualified to speak to the issue and also likely being correct in his analysis:
    1. There are other excellent scientists who agree with him.
    2. Here is a list of Salby’s published work (pretty impressive):http://academic.research.microsoft.com/Search?query=Murry%20L.%20Salby
    Even more impressive is the number of citations to each of his published works: Click on the (Citations:54) line to see them.
    3. Here is his (cringe) Wikipedia bio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murry_Salby
    4. Dr. Pehr Bjornborn of Sweden replicated Dr. Salby’s work: http://hockeyschtick.blogspot.se/2013/07/swedish-scientist-replicates-dr-murry.html
    There! Hope that is helpful.
    Your friendly research librarian (who does not want to do anymore for you at this time!),

    Reply to
    Janice Moore
    February 26, 2015 7:46 am
    The biosphere is responding to increased CO2, as is to be expected on a homeostatic planet.
    Gosselin estimates that at present rate of emission, CO2 should stop increasing in about 30 years, thanks to the greening of Earth.http://notrickszone.com/2013/10/05/carbon-dioxide-will-cease-to-be-a-problem-as-biosphere-absorbs-increasing-amounts-of-co2/#sthash.yiYzSGme.dpbs

  89. TEWS_Pilot says:

    They generally post their CAGW nonsense on every article on CFACT…I don’t do Twatter.

  90. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yep, that’s why they hate White people and want to genocide us. I have seen posts where people say that no Asian countries have received the mRNA shots…it’s been only White countries. They’re going to kill us all off.

  91. Joseph E Postma says:

    Like I wrote in the new book, the parasites want a race which they can parasitize off of forever.

  92. CD Marshall says:

    Thanks that was interesting.

  93. CD Marshall says:

    I’m guessing you responded to this paper years ago since WUUT made this comment…

    “From the “this ought to shut up the “Skydragon slayers” department. Despite sophomoric claims that I’m a “denier”, I’ve never disputed that CO2 has a role in warming via retardation of IR transfer from the surface to the top of the atmosphere. What is really the issue related to AGW claims are the posited/modeled but not observed feedbacks and the logarithmic (not linear) saturation curve response of CO2. Along those lines, eyeballing the graph presented from the north slope of Alaska, it appears there might be a bit of a slowdown or “pause” in the rate of forcing from about 2007 onward. Hopefully, LBL will release the data for independent analysis…”


  94. TEWS_Pilot says:

    There seem to be a lot of otherwise intelligent people commenting at WUWT, but they cannot convince themselves to reject the junk science “Greenhouse Effect caused by CO2.” Maybe they are afraid to stand on principle for fear they will be victims of “cancel culture.”

    We are learning with the COVID SCAMDEMIC that “conspiracy theories” and “misinformation” take about 6 months to be proven correct and transform into front page headlined stories and admit that the medical experts who actually know what they were talking about were RIGHT.

    It is taking a lot longer for the “establishment Climate Skeptics” to reach that same level of admitting they were wrong about the effects of CO2 and were not following the actual science. They desperately cling to the anti-science position that CO2 warms the atmosphere, but unlike the “Alarmists,” they only accept “a little bit of warming.” That is like saying “just a little bit pregnant.” No such thing, you are either PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT, you can’t be “just a little bit pregnant.” Either CO2 is a driver of the warming or it is not, and physically it cannot cause “GlowBULL Warming.”

  95. CD Marshall says:

    At this point they can’t afford to be wrong. Wasted money and careers down in flames. They supported the lie to save their jobs and govs drove that lie for an agenda to push mandates that never would have been accepted.

  96. MP says:

    German TV interviewer pushes for sooner enforcement of generel vax mandate, then collapses live on air due to climate change.

  97. J Cuttance says:

    They should spin the incident saying the jab will give you superpowers to move your eyes independently.

  98. CD Marshall says:

    Remember the weird stuff about HIV? Now this? Too many coincidences for my liking.

    “BREAKING URGENT NEWS: The U.K. is now normalizing testing for “AIDS” saying that the population should get used to it. DOD data suggesting that the cancer risk signal is real. There is Increased mortality, increased reproductive risk, increased cardiovascular risks.”

  99. Of course they gave everyone AIDS. Of course they did.

  100. Joseph E Postma says:

    CD: “I’m guessing you responded to this paper years ago since WUUT made this comment…”

    Oh who knows. We’ve found that one cannot really interface with these people, because their cognitive dissonance is so uncomfortable it just makes them double down. Example follows.

  101. Joseph E Postma says:

    To see cognitive dissonance in action, look at this reply from my master’s degree thesis supervisor:

    JP: “Hi Gene,

    You might like to take a look at my new book:

    Planet Wars

    ‘How an Investigation into the Intellectual and Philosophical Fraud of Climate Science and Peer Review Uncovered a Plot to Create a Final Extinction Level Event to End All Life on Earth’

    The book details the most sophisticated concepts in mathematics, philosophy, science, and spiritualism which you will ever find combined into a single work of non-fiction. The book details precisely how modern academic science has found itself in such an illogical state as to declare the molecule which creates all life a “pollutant”. We’ve been being set up for this result for over a century, and possibly much longer. The human mind is young, frail, and easy to manipulate, and I demonstrate how this has been done with regards to climate science.

    “Humanity is facing a planetary-level-threat which seeks to end all life on Earth. This threat is vectored through our scientific, political, and media apparatuses, using means of a technological nature far beyond human comprehension. The plot has been found out, but we’re not sure if we will be successful in stopping it. This sounds like science fiction, but it is real, and it is happening.”

    Enjoy! Hope you like it!

    Best regards,


    Now, watch as he goes insane, with absolutely no justification or reason:

    EFM: “Please remove me from your list of people to contact.
    I have no interesting in reading such fiction.”

    JP: “Haha. That’s so ignorant!

    You’re a flat Earth believer. Pathetic.

    Don’t be jealous mad that I write such good books about facts like the Earth being round and sunshine being hot.

    Sad response Gene…really sad.”

    EFM: “Nothing you say can be relied on.
    Do not communicate with me any longer.
    If you try, I will delete everything you send before reading it.”

    JP: “This is called ad-hominem, and is used when someone has no facts or rational argument to substantiate their (typically ignorant) position.

    It’s just a book. You seem to greatly fear it. Overcome your fear, and expand your consciousness. Be intellectual.

    Or remain as you are.

    I know that I have facts, and I know that all that you have is ad-hominem.

    Your insults only reflect upon your own character.

    The Earth is not flat. Sunshine is not cold. I am sorry that you hate basic astronomy.”

    I mean, isn’t his response just…STRANGE? Why the vitriol and the immediate hostility? I haven’t talked to him in like 4 years. You would think he would be interested in reading a book one of his former students wrote. Their cognitive dissonance, and how it DEFINES them as an intellectual and scientist, they feel is under attack. Their only recourse is to attack back, because if they actually faced and attempted to resolve their cognitive dissonance, this would be the same thing as them rejecting that they’re a scientist. Their identity as a scientist is entirely wrapped up in maintaining cognitive dissonance.

  102. CD Marshall says:

    HIs response is insane.
    A normal response would be, “I disagree with you here is why.”
    The fact is removing CO2 is a life ending event with science to back it up. Why are scientists supporting that when they know better? Fear. Greed. Brain dead. Drones. What is it?

    It really makes me think of that X-Files, watch it. Creepy as it gets. Drones.

    Folie a Deux (Season 5 Episode 19)
    “Paranoid telemarketer takes his coworkers and Mulder hostage claiming that their boss is a disguised insectoid monster that’s literally turning the workers one by one into his zombie drones.”

    Great episode on challenging delusional group thinking.

    Folie a Deux: Shared psychotic disorder (folie à deux) is a rare disorder characterized by sharing a specific delusion among two or more people in a close relationship. The inducer (primary) who has a psychotic disorder with delusions influences another individual or more (induced, secondary) based on a delusional belief. It is commonly seen among two individuals, but in rare cases, can include larger groups. This activity outlines the presentation and management of shared psychotic disorder and highlights the role of the interprofessional team in improving the care of patients with this condition.

  103. CD Marshall says:

    What do we call a shared delusion on a grander scale? A cult. What does most of these cults end with? Mass murder or suicide. (To wit the cult leader usually and conveniently does not partake).

  104. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Funny you should say that because that is a hallmark of “mass formation psychosis.” Mattias Desmet mentions it in his October 2021 video with Aubrey Marcus….In the mass formation section beginning 9:50.

  105. boomie789 says:

  106. Alex says:

    Your advisor is right Joe. Nothing you say can be relied on. You’re a nut-job and he is certainly not the first rational person to tell you that. How many of your loved ones have told you to seek professional help? So many actual scientists have explained to you why your nonsense is wrong and you just fail to learn. You’re an intellectual pussy that blocks anyone that dares to challenge you on this blog. You truly are pathetic as are all of the sheep that follow you and waste their money on your nonsensical books.

    [JP: Yes, because saying that the Earth is round and sunshine is hot, and that it makes a difference to the Earth being flat and sunshine being cold, is so unreliable and really demands professional help…hahahahhaha!

    I mean wow, you guys going SO CRAZY with the release of my book and exposing what I did in it…wow, I mean, it really shows!

    Like CD said, you don’t have any rational response, you’re just going insane with ad-hom. Sad!

    Heat is something that one object performs upon another, just like work is. That is its only definition. Your stupid algebra pretending to be the first law specifically rejects and neglects this fact about what heat is…which then requires you to say that heat is something which can act on space…which is ridiculous.

    Sad! lol]

  107. Joseph E Postma says:

    “His response is insane.”

    Yah, like, he immediately labelled my book as “fiction”, like as if he already knew about it, or the content of it…like, he was absolutely ready to want to quash it and ignore it. Another NPC node I guess!!!???

    Yes I should watch that episode. I will look it up.

  108. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Joe, I posted a link to your new book and a little blurb explaining about you and the book on a couple of websites with high traffic.

    Planet Wars: How an Investigation into the Intellectual and Philosophical Fraud of Climate Science and Peer Review Uncovered a Plot to Create a Final Extinction Level Event to End All Life on Earth (Kindle Edition)
    by Joseph E Postma
    Climate of Sophistry

    You can preview it free at this link

    “Newton, Einstein, Watson and Crick were not peer reviewed …Peer review by anonymous, unpaid reviewers is not a part of the Scientific Method.” ~ Joanne Nova, highly acclaimed Australian Scientist

    Get the Kindle version for your kids and grandkids to open their eyes to how they are being SCAMMED by the Catastrophic “Anthropogenic (man-caused) Global Warming” SCAM — now renamed “Climate Change” because there is NO “Catastrophic GlowBULL Warming” of any kind occurring anywhere on Earth.

  109. Joseph E Postma says:

    Nice, TEWS! Thanks for helping getting it out!

  110. Tom says:

    It looks like Nepal is trolling you. He’s pointing out the contradiction in your treatment of the single plate versus the double plate. If you agree with the calculation shown for the single plate, then you must also agree with the calculation for the double plate. If the first law includes the energy emitted to space for the single plate then it must also include the energy emitted to space for the double plate. Your statement, “Another Straw Man: there’s no heat into it because that’s thermal equilibrium, but there is energy into it because that’s the S-B Law for the first plate, which you seem to deny.” makes no sense. First, the problem is not a thermal equilibrium problem. There is energy flow in from the source and so there must be energy flow out from the system at steady state. If you would like to discuss the energy fluxes instead of the heat fluxes then that is fine. If the two plates are at the same temperature then the net energy flux between the plates is zero. So how can the second plate emit radiation to space if there is no net energy flux to it from elsewhere?

  111. Tom says:

    Following on about your claim that the two plates will be equal temperature, let’s consider the first law for the second plate using the SB law. The SB law says that plate 1 emits s T^4 out from its left side and that is absorbed by plate 2. Plate 2 the emits s T^4 out from its right side which is absorbed by plate 1. Plate 2 also emits s T^4 out from its left side to space. Your solution does not satisfy the first law for plate 2.

  112. Wow, so you’re all about the parallel plates here, and intro’d talking about “schooling” me, just like the other character. Telling.

    Nepal himself said that he was making fun of the alarmist position about how the parallel plates work.

    “If the first law includes the energy emitted to space for the single plate then it must also include the energy emitted to space for the double plate.”

    It does do that.

    “First, the problem is not a thermal equilibrium problem.”

    Steady-state is thermal equilibrium…constant temperature.

    “There is energy flow in from the source and so there must be energy flow out from the system at steady state.”

    There is. The plates emit to space. (This sounds a whole lot like someone we already know, doesn’t it guys? You see what I mean? We’re dealing with something here…a phenomenon.)

    “If you would like to discuss the energy fluxes instead of the heat fluxes then that is fine.”

    It is not merely “fine”, but crucial, because energy and heat are not the same thing whatsoever, at all.

    “If the two plates are at the same temperature then the net energy flux between the plates is zero.”

    This is what heat is. Yes, the heat flow is zero. One object is no longer forcing the other object to increase in temperature by the action of heat.

    “So how can the second plate emit radiation to space if there is no net energy flux to it from elsewhere?”

    Net energy is heat, and therefore isn’t the question. Conservation of energy is about energy, not heat. The energy that the second plate emits comes from the first plate’s emission.

    Strange, how I just went over this, and now it is over again.

  113. Plate 2 does not lose any energy on the side facing the source plate. It only loses energy to open space on its other side. The energy from plate 1 sustains the energy emission of plate 2, on the side of plate 2 facing plate 1.

    Again, we’ve just been over this. Alex? lol

    Please tell us why you think that flat Earth theory with cold sunshine is real. Please tell us why you think that the empirical evidence of every single greenhouse in the world refuting backradiation heating are invalid. Please tell us why you think that averaging sunshine over the entire surface of the Earth as an input is a meaningful average.

  114. Tom says:

    “The energy from plate 1 sustains the energy emission of plate 2”

    So you are telling me that plate 1 and plate 2 are at the same temperature and that plate 1 transfers energy to plate 2. Why does plate 2 not transfer an equal amount of energy to plate 1? The SB law states that the energy emitted by all surfaces of plate 2 must be s T^4.

  115. “Why does plate 2 not transfer an equal amount of energy to plate 1?”

    Because in real time it is emitting on its other side, and losing energy to space. As that energy is lost, it is replaced by plate 1.

  116. Tom says:

    “The energy that the second plate emits comes from the first plate’s emission.”

    The second plate emits s T^4 from each side for a total of 2 s T^4. It only receives s T^4 from plate 1. Your energies do not balance.

  117. Tom says:

    “Because in real time it is emitting on its other side”

    So you think that plate 2 only emits from one side and nothing from the other? Sorry, but that is a violation of the SB law for blackbodies. Blackbodies emit s T^4 out from all parts of the surface.

  118. “The second plate emits s T^4 from each side”

    It is about what energy is lost. No energy is lost on the plate 1 side of plate 2, because any emission on that side faces opposing energy from plate 1. Plate 2 only loses energy on the side facing open space…it cannot lose energy toward plate 1 because plate 1’s energy is incoming and thus stopping any loss.

    OK, so you don’t want to talk about the fundamentals, you’re just here to talk about the plates.

    High, Alex.

    CD, do you see how you found this “node” some random place on the internet, thinking it was a unique person, “TOM”? And you invited it here for a new novel discussion? But look at what you found…the same entity, with the exact same responses.

    How is it that we can find “nodes” all over the internet in disparate location which should have no connection, yet, they all behave the same way and have the same responses? It is not possible for a single person to that ubiquitous all over the internet with endless sock accounts.

    Hence, another explanation is needed.

  119. “So you think that plate 2 only emits from one side and nothing from the other? ”

    Plate 2 doesn’t LOSE energy on the plate 1 side. I never said it doesn’t emit…straw man. The point is that plate 2 can’t lose energy on the plate 1 side.

    Guys, you see how this thing just rearranges words and restates what it pretends is the problem? lol!

    “Blackbodies emit s T^4 out from all parts of the surface.”

    Yep. Never said differently.

    Plate 2 cannot lose energy on the plate 1 side because plate 1’s equal energy (at steady state) is coming in, and there is no VIEW to open space because it is infinite plane parallel.

    Guys this computer program is glitching out.

  120. Tom says:

    “No energy is lost on the plate 1 side of plate 2”

    Is the energy that plate 2 emits that plate 1 absorbs lost by plate 2 and gained by plate 1?

    Is the energy that plate 1 emits that plate 2 absorbs gained by plate 2 and lost by plate 1?

  121. “Is the energy that plate 2 emits that plate 1 absorbs lost by plate 2 and gained by plate 1?”

    Plate 2 does not absorb plate 1’s energy. Plate 1 cannot heat plate 2.

    “Is the energy that plate 1 emits that plate 2 absorbs gained by plate 2 and lost by plate 1?”

    Plate 1 can heat plate 2. Plate 1 cannot gain that energy back from plate 2. Plate 2 emits to space on the other side from plate 1.

  122. Tom says:

    So you claim that plate 2 does not gain or lose any energy from plate 1 because both are emitting and absorbing equal amounts. Yet you claim that plate 2 does lose energy to space. Your energies do not balance.

    [JP: Once again: physics happens in real time. At the infinitesimal, as plate 2 loses energy to open space, that energy is replaced by plate 1. Plate 1 is sustained by a source. Plate 2 loses energy to open space on the other side. As plate 2 loses energy, this energy is replaced by plate 1.]

  123. Nepal says:

    @Tom , no, I’m trolling YOU and other alarmists who believe such ridiculous things. You can’t beat the laws of thermodynamics.

  124. CD Marshall says:

    Wow how many ways can you twist the same thing it’s just simple denial and nothing more. Q and E. Just because one plate counts as Q does not mean all plates count as Q.


    Doesn’t matter if it is 1 or 2 or 100 plates the heat flow runs from hot to cold and if in TE then once a steady state is established? DT=0.

    I wonder if this is really Tom or if Tom let Alex use his ID? Wondering because I’ve seen Tom use better physics than this, or maybe Tom/Alex are the same identity.

    Can it be more simplified?
    The 1st plate heats the 2nd plate thus the 2nd plate cannot in turn heat the 1st plate.

    Last I looked the equation is not DQ/DE=Q/E ?
    Add 10 plates the heat flow is the same. 1-2-3-4-5 and so on. So desperate to prove backscattering is greater than the original heat source that you have to twist physics into Frankenstein’s monster tp prove it.

    Now if it is a bot PR#6 already (old reboot code for Apple computers).

  125. CD Marshall says:

    These minds are out there. I just told someone on Twitter you know IR is light, right?

    “Who’s talking about light?
    Light doesn’t heat up the Earth
    IR Radiation does
    Likewise how the Earth heats up Atmosphere
    If u don’t understand that u don’t understand even basic Physics.
    Try expanding ur view of Electromagnetic Spectrum, urs is as narrow as ur views.”

    LOL. OMG these people.
    How do you think the Sun’s energy reaches the Earth? Light as in photons that are absorbed at the surface.
    What do you think infrared radiation is that comes off the surface? It’s light in the form of photons.
    So I showed him the EM spectrum.
    No response.

  126. Another example of OID. It really seems to be a computer program.

    Have you guys heard of the theory that the internet ended like 6 years ago something? It’s 99% just bots now?

  127. CD Marshall says:

    That would be crazy, wouldn’t it? That would be like finally having the technology to see the Universe in real time and realize that only a few galaxies are left in existence.

  128. CD Marshall says:

    Rebel News: BREAKING: Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich arrested.

  129. CD Marshall says:

    I bet Tom didn’t come here. That was Alex using the invite. LOL what a loser.

  130. TEWS_Pilot says:

    May I ask a favor? I have been in a polite conversation at CFACT with the operator of this website, in particular, this page.

    Electric Transition

    The rest of the website appears to be very good and solid in its assertions and positions on various topics.

    I would appreciate anyone who would care to visit that page providing constructive criticism of the assertions and anything else that might help him improve the content and point out the folly of trying to transition to “Green” (NOT) energy and get rid of the junk science assertions.

  131. CD Marshall says:

    For two days I have been at it with trolls on twitter, not one of them have addressed the RGHGE and they don’t even realize they haven’t. They can’t even correctly define what they are defending.

  132. They consider that a winning position…to have no definable argument means you can never be defeated. That’s the parasitical mind.

  133. CD Marshall says:

    This came from James West an acclaimed “double” PhD physicist who worked at NASA…

    “James West
    Replying to

    And believe it or not climate scientists have actually considered every plausible alternative explanation.
    Quote Tweet
    Prof. Katharine Hayhoe
    · Aug 23, 2018
    When we see climate changing, we don’t automatically jump on the human bandwagon, case closed. No, we rigorously examine and test all other reasons why climate could be changing: the sun, volcanoes, natural cycles, even something we don’t know yet: could they be responsible? ..”

    So I said…
    “Besides the obvious”
    With your model attached.

  134. Yah that’s such BS. The ONLY DAMNED thing they do is jump on the bandwagon. They’re looking at noise blips which require no explanation at all, hence not being able noise blips as “natural” since noise needs to explanation, they then blame it on humans! Lol

  135. CD: just watched that episode of x files. Good one. Scary as heck. Zelator you should watch it.

  136. ashemann says:

    Ive lasted 12 hours so far on twitter this time CD, been hectic as well.
    Christ theres so many limate retards on there its unreal.

  137. MP says:

    live – USA – The Peoples Convoy – night shift

  138. I just now dropped in for a visit, and, unfortunately, the featured video of this thread is now gone, because YouTube terminated the account that posted it. Must be some good stuff. Does the video exist elsewhere?

  139. boomie789 says:

    I can’t remember her name but I bet she is on Odysee. If I remember her name I bet I could find her. Older Canadian lady with the nice voice.

  140. boomie789 says:

    I’m hearing that coach red pill guy was assassinated in Ukraine. He was killed by Ukrainians for being a Putin lover.

  141. boomie789 says:

  142. CD Marshall says:

    The videos I’ve seen before Twitter removed them showed Ukranian soldiers beating the hell out of (and/or killing) citizens and murdering captured Russian soldiers by slitting their throats while they were bound. Ruthless, cold and evil. It’s literally like Russia vs Russia, but Ukraine looks more like the USSR versions of Russia. If Putin ran Ukraine with those thugs, he’d be a very dangerous man. He is a very dangerous man, but his Russia is divided.

    The reason for this invasion will never be known for the media lockdown on information.

    BUT from what we do know of the global movement anything they support is bad for the rest of humanity and they are supporting Ukraine.

    The US gov. that left military weapons and equipment for the Taliban, abandoned the people and allowed them to be murdered in Afghanistan are the same ones supporting Ukraine. Perhaps this move provoked Putin into action? The world chess pieces are being moved.

  143. boomie789 says:

    Globohomo empire vs the Eurasia Mongol federation

    Well from my nationalist perspective at least we can survive in the globohomo empire and still protected by the laws more or less.

    It is open season on nationalist in the Eurasia Mongol federation.

    I’m still open to the idea there is no real separation at the highest level. This is all orchestrated to destroy the prominent nationalist movement in the Ukraine. Also to disrupt the food supply to help the 2030 agena.

  144. boomie789 says:

    THE GAE is a good one too lol. The Global American Empire.

    THE GAE! (pronounced gay) it’s perfect.

  145. boomie789 says:

    “Defenders of Mariupol attacked the occupiers and threw grenades at them”

    I’m being told this is AZOV throwing the grenades.

    “I am commander of Azov regiment, Denis Prokopenko. I call to the leaders of the world. Right now, in Mariupol, at “Azovstal” steel factory hundreds of civilians are sheltering. Among them – people of all ages, women, children, families of Mariupol defenders. They are sheltering in the basements and bunkers from “russian world”
    They found their only available shelter next to the Ukrainian soldiers, who are still defending the city from russian invaders.
    Russian occupational forces, and their proxy from “lnr/dnr” know that, they know about civilians, and they keep their fire on the factory willingly. They use free fall bombs, rockets, bunker-buster bombs, all varieties of artillery, both ground and naval for indiscriminate attacks.
    City theater, maternity hospital, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, houses were destroyed by those who now offers civilians evacuation and safety. These are the same people. And nobody believes these bastards. Therefore I urge the politicians of all civilized world to organize a proper “green corridor”, ensure it’s safety and provide immediate evacuation and protection of civilians, wounded soldiers, and bodies of dead soldiers, to bury them with honors.”

  146. boomie789 says:

  147. boomie789 says:

    It’s still not confirmed. But seems very likely.

  148. boomie789 says:


    He is alive and I’m told in Belarus.

  149. Joseph E Postma says:

    Brand new account. Could be a troll/psyop account?

    Need a face with date, video, or something, to prove it’s him.

  150. boomie789 says:

    Yea he makes excuses not to do that.

    “The system has just released what its intentions are with respect to food prices, a 37% increase worldwide. This will starve to death at least half a billion people in the developing world. The overpopulation and extreme poverty problems of the developing world are about to be “solved” in one brutal swoop of starvation, just as I have warned.”

  151. CD Marshall says:

    Boomie add this to your slog of corruption.

    Major recipients of Sea Change Foundation grants include:

    Energy Foundation ($125 million)
    League of Conservation Voters Education Fund ($39 million) [17]
    Partnership Project ($36 million)
    Sierra Club Foundation ($26 million)
    Natural Resources Defense Council ($21 million)
    American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy ($16 million)
    European Climate Foundation ($15 million)
    World Wildlife Fund ($14 million)
    Alaska Conservation Foundation ($12 million)
    Center for American Progress ($11 million)
    Western Resource Advocates ($11 million)
    US Climate Action Network ($9 million)
    Alliance to Save Energy ($8 million)
    Tides Foundation ($8 million), Tides Center ($1.1 million) Tides Center and Foundation are related entities; for more information, see Tides Nexus
    Regulatory Assistance Project ($7.9 million)
    Ceres ($7.6 million)
    World Resources Institute ($6 million)
    New Buildings Institute ($5.6 million)
    Environmental Defence ($4.7 million)
    National Wildlife Federation ($4.6 million)
    Southwest Energy Efficiency Project LLC ($4.3 million)
    Northwest Energy Coalition ($3.4 million)
  152. CD Marshall says:

    Boomie he’s dead…most likely.

  153. CD Marshall says:

    My wife has to see people murdered in other countries almost every day as part of her job in world outreach, I don’t even watch them all. They kill children without one drop of mercy, even babies.

  154. I’d say to troll that Twitter account but they might kill you…it’s them, impersonating, for more targets.

  155. But we’re all the same.

    We’re not all the same. White Europeans are the apex of human development…but our problem was to imagine that others are somewhat like us, when they’re in fact completely inverted.

  156. boomie789 says:


    Yea here is coach redpill talking about that. Before he disappeared.

  157. CD Marshall says:

    Voodoo cultist murder without thought.
    Religious cultists murder without thought.
    Witchcraft cultist murder without thought.
    All of these countries are ripe with at least one of these.

    Now North America has been flooded with this as well and murders are being done without thought.
    It’s not the point of the “Christian religion” as much as the moral code that was taught, which should still be taught. The 10 commandments are still great guidelines for anyone to try and follow. When human life loses value, discarding it is nothing more than dumping out trash. Our education is teaching that human life has no value if they do not agree with the status quo.

  158. CD Marshall says:

    High power ELF radiation generated by modulated HF heating of the ionosphere can cause Earthquakes, Cyclones and localized heating (2011):

  159. CD Marshall says:

    Director was in the process of a documentary investigating Hollywood pedophile rings.
    October 18th, 2021 she tweeted:
    “I have information that will lead to Hillary Clinton’s arrest.”
    October 21st Alec Baldwin kills her.
    No joke.

  160. boomie789 says:

    He is in Kharkov and alive. They did pick him up, but they let him go.

    Glad to see the dude is alive and well, there’s a few key takeaways from this episode:

    Glad to see the dude is alive and well, there’s a few key takeaways from this episode:

    “1. Scott Ritter is a bullshitter
    2. The Ukrainian forces aren’t as inhumane as Russian propaganda claims
    3. Lira clearly doesn’t work for Russian intelligence otherwise they wouldn’t have released him so quickly (suspecting that he was a Russian asset is almost certainly why they picked him up in the first place)”

    Ritter didn’t say he was captured though he was just quoted out of context.

  161. CD Marshall says:

    I’m glad he’s alive too, but I agree it does not support his narrative. Everything coming out is now in media is questionable. Even videos.

  162. CD Marshall says:

    So the codons match snakes, but I think the real “reveal” is that this virus was manufactured thus it is a Frankenstein virus made for what seems to be the quickest means of delivery.

    Snake poison attacks the respiratory system doesn’t it?

    “A codon is a trinucleotide sequence of DNA or RNA that corresponds to a specific amino acid. The genetic code describes the relationship between the sequence of DNA bases (A, C, G, and T) in a gene and the corresponding protein sequence that it encodes. The cell reads the sequence of the gene in groups of three bases. There are 64 different codons: 61 specify amino acids while the remaining three are used as stop signals.”

  163. This planet……or the psychos on it…..

  164. boomie789 says:

    Check out what Cina is doing to themselves.

  165. boomie789 says:

  166. boomie789 says:

    Haven’t watched much of this guy but I like him so far.

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