About Joseph E. Postma (Joe Postma); “the Climate Denier List”: Who are the “True Deniers”?

I did a Google search of myself today and found that I made some deranged fanatic’s “denier list”.

I will provide a breakdown of the lies and sophistry which that site makes about my qualifications in this next post, but let me first state a list of the things that I deny, with the understanding that everything that I deny below are the things that climate pseudoscientists believe.  In doing so, we will learn who the true deniers of reality really are!  When I use the appellation “climate denier” below, it is in reference to the typical climate pseudoscientist that is pushing the meme of anthropogenic climate change and the greenhouse effect; almost all of these people are deniers of reality in the actually logically-meaningful expression of that term:

  1. I deny that the Sun doesn’t heat the Earth.  This is opposite to the true climate denier’s belief that the Sun and sunshine is far too cold to heat the Earth and that the atmosphere provides twice as much heat than the Sun does.  In other words, I believe the Sun heats the Earth, while the deniers believe that it doesn’t.
  2. I deny that the climate doesn’t change naturally.  This is opposite to the true climate denier’s belief and desire to believe that the climate has never significantly changed, and their moronic science that has tried to cover up the fact that the climate has undergone warming and cooling periods as large and larger than that of today.  Some of these pseudoscientists have in fact had their entire careers and reputations ruined due to their attempt to cover up the true historical temperature record!  In other words, true climate deniers deny that the climate changes naturally.
  3. I deny that modern changes in climate are unprecedented.  This is opposite to the true climate denier’s belief that modern changes are alarming and extreme and dangerous.  Of course, this is why the pseudoscientists who believe such things try to cover up the evidence of past changes.  The truth is in fact that modern changes are stochastically, statistically, meaningless, and this is what the true climate deniers deny.
  4. I deny that man isn’t supposed to change the environment.  This is opposite to the true climate denier’s belief that man isn’t supposed to significantly affect the environment.  The truth is that the entire existence and purpose of the human mind is to understand and to command the environment, eventually extending as far out into outer-space as our imagination provides for us.  Eventually, we won’t just be changing the Earth, we will be changing the entire solar system, and beyond.  To deny that man should do these things is to deny that man should have a mind in the first place; indeed, a true human mind is the one thing that true climate deniers lack!
  5. I deny that carbon dioxide is a pollutant.  This is opposite to the true climate denier’s belief that carbon dioxide, the basis of all life, is a toxic gas.  The truth is that carbon dioxide is the very basis of the existence of DNA, because the only way the basis of DNA, the carbon atom, gets into the biosphere is via plant photosynthesis with Sunlight and carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide gas is a beneficial plant food that food-producers in greenhouses use to improve the quality and quantity of life inside the greenhouse, and this beneficial, life-giving, life-creating, life-sustaining gas is what the true climate deniers hate above all else.  In their denial, climate pseudoscientists basically hate everything that is good, and love everything which is evil.  Carbon dioxide is also the basis of the existence of oxygen in our atmosphere, which is also a result of the photosynthetic process.
  6. I deny that “green technology” has any redeeming qualities.  This is opposite to the true climate denier’s belief that regressing in technology and power production is good for the environment.  The truth of course is that creative and progressive technological development relieves the natural biosphere of the energetic support required for the human species.  Using solar energy for human power requirements is a directly biocidal form of “technology”, by its taking away of the very basis of the existence of the climate and all life itself, the Sunlight.  In the climate denier’s hatred of anything good, they prefer to use only technology which destroys and competes with the environment, or is dependent upon the environment in such a way as to make the technology effectively useless, such as with wind power.  The only logical, moral, and rational environmental policy is one which encourages technological progress and development of advanced and futuristic nuclear and related ultra-high-density forms of energy production.  Instead, the true climate denier hates the idea of technological development.  The second or equally-most moral, logical, and rational environmental policy is to burn fossil fuels, while we have them, in order to help replenish the stock of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which improves the living conditions for all life by improving plant growth, and is so cheap that it improves the quality of life for even the poorest people around the world when they get access to hydrocarbon fuels as their nations develop.
  7. I deny that the Earth is flat.  This is opposite to the true climate denier’s actual literal belief that a flat Earth is a realistic, reasonable, scientific, and mathematical way of thinking about the surface and atmosphere, and that this means that Sunshine is freezing cold and that there is no day & night!  The truth of course is that the Earth is a sphere, that Sunshine only strikes one-side of the planet, and that the temperature of Sunlight is very hot.  Only with the presence of the true climate denier’s pseudoscience infecting modern science, do real scientists have to argue and roundly defeat beliefs about the planet which come from the dark ages.  The true climate deniers are truly mentally disturbed individuals.
  8. And this last point is a collection of things I deny that believers in alarmist anthropogenic climate change and the greenhouse effect have said that “the atmosphere is like because of the greenhouse effect”, and I put it here for a humorous display of the sophistry and insanity that underlies the true climate denier’s deranged mindset.  I deny that the atmosphere and the pseudoscientifc greenhouse effect is like:
  • underwater bubbles made from a boat propeller (LOL!)
  • a box of matches (LOL!)
  • a refrigerator (LOL!)
  • a laser (LOL!)
  • when the Earth is flat (LOL!)

So, to be a climate change alarmist, or someone who supports fighting climate change by reducing emissions of the environmentally beneficial gas carbon dioxide, you have to deny all sorts of standard scientific facts about reality.  When a true climate denier uses the term “denier”, just ask yourself if it actually means anything?  When they use the “denier” term, does it refer to people who deny climate change?  But no one actually denies climate change.  The only thing which is denied about the climate is that it changes naturally and at the same rates and magnitudes as observed in modern times.  So are they referring to themselves, since they’re the only ones who do this?  They don’t realize they are, and they use the “denier” term as some sort of an invective to describe real scientists who actually know something factual about the climate, and in their lack of comprehension of basic logic and language, they actually refer to themselves as deniers but project it onto actual scientists.

So, who is a climate denier?  It is someone who believes in alarmist climate change, and/or someone who believes in reducing carbon emissions to “fight” climate change.  These are the true deniers of climate reality.

Let one thing be very clear:  the true deniers of climate reality, the climatist pseudoscientist alarmists who fear climate change and deny that it should exist and that humans should have a mind and make changes in the environment, are defective members of the human race.  Greenie environmentalists such as this will go extinct by the very nature of the boundary conditions of their philosophy.  No species has ever survived that has regressed in evolution; all species advance, develop, become more complex, and adapt, and the ones that don’t, go extinct.  The danger is that greenie environmentalists are trying to take out the rest of humanity along with themselves.  In their hatred of themselves and their own minds, they project their self-loathing on to the rest of the human species whom they would be happy to see disappear, just as they secretly desire for their own minds to cease further mentation.  Let it be very clear that greenie environmentalism should indeed go extinct, and will indeed go extinct.  The one thing that will save the human species is the truth, and the truth is that these greenie alarmist morons love their standard living that human change and manipulation of the environment produces.  Just look at these idiots – do they practice anything that they preach?  All of them are hipster yuppies that love their iPods, their smartphones, their laptops, their game consoles, their hot showers, their clean drinking water, their heated and air-conditioned homes, their cooked food, their organic veggies, their office cubicles, their night-time lighting, their airline flights to “find themselves” on some idiotic backpacking vacation in Europe, their refrigerators, their universities with modern infrastructure, their clothes, their hair-products, their modern vehicular transportation, their cities, etc. etc. etc.  They will never actually effectively do anything about stopping the climate which they pretend to fear, other than going along with some group-think mentality which allows them to merely feel that they are some self-important factor in stopping the climate…as if the climate even needs stopped in the first place.  But they will never actually give any of the blessings of their modern standard of living up.  It is simply their new mythos religion, and in my religion series on this site, we will learn exactly the subconscious machinations which have directed and is currently establishing the religion of climate hatred.  And that is truly what represents these people in the end – that they actually hate the climate.  Anyone who wants to stop the climate from changing obviously has a subconscious hatred for the climate.  They hate that it is natural, they hate the fear they feel when distantly comprehending that it changes all by itself, and they hate the feeling of any self-worth associated with the comprehension that carbon dioxide is improving the environment and that humans may be responsible for that.  The deniers of climate reality suffer from a degree of cognitive dissonance that has the potential to be fully and truly psychopathic and catastrophic.

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14 Responses to About Joseph E. Postma (Joe Postma); “the Climate Denier List”: Who are the “True Deniers”?

  1. Al says:

    I found this site from a tweet by Joe Bastardi, one of the few weather guys with a lick of sense. I’ve followed his weather predictions for years on the radio. It is so refreshing to see someone as erudite as you present the other side of the issue with such clarity. My blood boils every time I even see Al Gore let alone hear his asinine speeches.

    I’ve blogged quite a few times on the hoax of MMGW but I would only call your attention to my most recent post that relates to that. Here it is: http://thecvillean.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/its-december-and-you-know-what-that-means/. Look at the August prediction.

    I look forward to following your blog.

    [Reply: Thanks for the link! Glad to meet you.]

  2. Russell says:

    Joseph, I couldn’t agree more. I’m glad you expressed this and got it off your chest. Reading your rant got it off my chest, too. The true climate change deniers are the Flat Earthers who push the pseudoscience of AGW with their silly models that have no relationship with reality. They aren’t worthy of the term “scientist”. They are whores for the green movement and the governments that funnel fists full of money to them in exchange for their false science. May they all perish in the heat of a very hot sun.

    [Reply: Well, we don’t need for them to actually perish. We just need them to get a damned clue! Otherwise, totally agreed with your comment! And glad I could help.]

  3. Russell says:

    That was hyperbole on my part, Joe. I don’t really want them to perish. But I wouldn’t mind if they got a sunburn from that -18*C sunshine. 😉

    [Reply: Indeed! I just needed to state that for clarity.]

  4. johnmarshall says:

    Well written papers, many thanks. They have just reinforced my thinking on the stupidity of AGW/GHG’s etc.
    It would be helpful to get these paoers as pdf files. I have four earlier ones but your latest seem uncopyable.

  5. Hi John,

    Here are the links to the last two papers, they should work.

    Click to access copernicus-meets-the-greenhouse-effect.pdf

    Click to access a-discussion-on-the-absence-of-a-measureable-greenhouse-effect.pdf

    This blog has compiled a lot of the main points.

  6. johnmarshall says:

    Many thanks Joe.
    I would like your permission to use your calculations trying to convince some people. They will be fully referenced to give you full credit as you deserve.

  7. Of course, use anything you wish.

  8. johnmarshall says:

    Many thanks. Great help.

  9. bwdave says:


    I’ve enjoyed reading many of your posts and agree with you. Your denial number 6 is important. Perhaps someday, the demand will be to convert solar panels to planters. That might signal a turn toward sanity.

  10. Yes imagine that…using solar power to grow plants which consume *shock* CO2 and produce food. Cheers.

  11. Sharing your website and articles all over Facebook. Using it as a giant electronic face slap!

  12. ilma630 says:

    Joe, I trust you have seen this – http://mobile.wnd.com/2017/07/study-blows-greenhouse-theory-out-of-the-water/

    An added string to the CAGW sceptic bow.

  13. Allen Eltor says:

    Having seen your link, I went to the comments there and

    immediately proceeded

    burning Magic Gas Barking Therm-0-Billies’

    ilma630 says:
    2017/08/14 at 9:56 AM
    Joe, I trust you have seen this – http://mobile.wnd.com/2017/07/study-blows-greenhouse-theory-out-of-the-water/

    An added string to the CAGW sceptic bow.

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