Earth Hour

Anyone who engages in this bullshit is an enemy of humanity, a traitor to the existence of mind.  Let it be very clear that those who wish to engage in this “Earth Hour” propaganda, are an enemy of the human race, are an enemy of the existence of mind, and that you, and us, can not co-exist in this world.  You are disgusting mental and moral degenerates and you deserve what you ask for:  lights out.

Lights out is exactly what you’re asking for.  That’s what “Earth Hour” is all about – turning off your lights.  No more apt of a metaphor, if not direct meaning, could be found in the act of turning off your LIGHT in order for you to demonstrate that you are a god-damned retarded mental reject, following this pseudoscientific idiotic propaganda.

Look at one the things the article recommends doing:

Prepare a cold dinner

-It takes energy to make a hot meal, and that energy means carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Do you god-damned retards understand that you wouldn’t have food without carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?  Do you understand that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere means that it takes less energy and resources to grow food, because carbon dioxide is the sole fundamental atmospheric fertilizer and the atmosphere is geologically and biospherically still starved of it right now?  That more carbon dioxide means that more plants and animals will grow?

Holy damn of course you retards don’t and can’t understand anything like that…how could you?  You’re retarded!  Basically, you’re scum, you’re the scum dredge of humanity, worse than even the Ignavi.  There is nothing lower in the hierarchy of humanity, there is no worse scum, than those who still buy and promote this anti-mind propaganda, all relating to climate alarm and its new original sin of breathing, and its hatred of having a conscious wilful mind which survives specifically and only by changing its environment.

Good riddance to you!

The rest of us are going into the light!

Now you, you shut your damned degenerate lights off, idiots.  Shut your lights off.  You wont be missed.  Hell you won’t even be remembered.


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13 Responses to Earth Hour

  1. mitigatedsceptic says:

    Do not dismiss this apparently empty gesture too hastily. I have little doubt that the Thought Police were out and about looking for the Enemy who showed a glimpse of light. Much easier and more reliable method of sorting out friend from foe than opinion polls. Now we know where you live, expect a call in the night when the Green Revolution is declared! Fume as you may, your opinions are now in the public domain. Knowledge is Power!

    You are correct -, these people are unhinged. They believe that they are fighting for the survival of their children, of generations to come, of humanity and indeed of Earth herself. They have a Cause. They are deadly serious – make no mistake.

    Mankind does not change over the ages. To anticipate their next move, look to Megan’s Law and more loyalty tests – green stickers or bricks in your windows – the choice is yours. As in every revolutionary movement there are extremists, frustrated violent people, ready to express their hatred. All they need are orders – this was one of them; more will follow.

    Since Rio this viral belief system has gained momentum and permeates society at all levels. Children are turned against their parents and their mentors will soon spot the non-compliers. In Scotland for example, named teachers and social workers are to spy on every household with a child under 18 years old – for ‘the safety of the child’ but what other information will they carry back to their masters? Make no mistake – this is revolutionary war and we doubters are the enemy.

    Let history provide the warnings – the man later to be King James II and VII, when Duke of York and Alba and Viceroy of Scotland, required every clergyman and priest to compile a Parish Register recording the religious leanings of every family in the parish and naming the troublemakers. He vowed to destroy all Covenanters, Protestants and those who accused King Charles and himself of being papists, taking instruction from Rome. There followed “the Killing Times” when dissidents were tortured and killed before the Duke who revelled in the slaughter. You know of all the more recent wars and persecutions of “The Other” and you know that most of us turn a blind eye.

    Let this apparently nonsensical gesture serve as a warning of worse to come.

  2. johnmarshall says:

    Hey, steady on Joe, I know they get on your tits banging on about crap claims of armagedon, but there you go. All we can do is tell the truth about reality and hope that the undecided ones come on board.
    ”The truth Is out there”.
    Unfortunately both main characters have gone over to the dark side.

  3. Neil MAhony says:

    Joe, Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel? By the way, we left on all of the house lights, the yard lights and the gas barbecue for most of the night. Fuque ’em

  4. solvingtornadoes says:


    You can look at the general incompetence of the populace in regards to science with resentment and you will be forever frustrated. Or you can look at it as an opportunity. Their paradigmatic blindness means that they miss things. They get stuck on notions, become entangled and can never become untangled. Thus they fail to make discoveries, leaving the door open to smart people–easy pickings!

    Jim McGinn

  5. Samm Simpson says:

    Hey Joe. Take a few deep breaths and while ever so gently and consciously blowing out that marvelous carbon dioxide. Free will allows stupidity, lie up on lie, murder, rape and pillage, along with the desire to control all carbon seeds, genes and, eventually souls. Heaven and Earth may pass away, but the truth will never be destroyed.

    Best to you!
    Samm Simpson

  6. johnmarshall says: 2014/03/30 at 4:08 AM

    “Hey, steady on Joe, I know they get on your tits banging on about crap claims of armagedon,
    but there you go. All we can do is tell the truth about reality and hope that the undecided ones come on board.” ”The truth Is out there”.
    What Bull Shit. truth will always be hidden from earthlings, they are but an image (projection) of God! The best earthlings can do is admit, “Beats the shit out of me”, “wad ju tink”?
    Then understand that earthlings are much more arrogant than any any other critter on this planet, with high assumptions of knowledge, but with poor learning, compared to all other critters here.
    The so called very learned earthlings have much theory, but little of real doing, with “‘magnificent mult-Hubble Aw Shits”, which is the only way to learn! Ask any kitty cat! Mom was good!, but I must try this “my way”!… AW shit!. If he/she does survive, he/she did learn, Good kitty! No books, no University!

  7. paul says:

    Animals in various paganism’s are refered to as ‘familiar’s’…
    We can learn alot about ourselve’s from the ‘katasterismoi’..zodiakos kyrklos(circle of little animals)
    The works of Jung and Goathe may provide some interesting in-sights for some.
    Goathe’s ‘Faust’ for example-‘Mephistopheles.’-woof’ other characters go ‘meow’.
    Some other critters ‘weave’ and some ‘ocillate’…
    “Ocillate” may refer to the Movement of the snakes body.pending on a mytho’s or logo’s approach(or both)

    -‘Musical interlude’-
    There is an awsome instrumental band called “Animals as Leaders”,worth a listen.

    these threads get so far off the original topic so quickly eh…but nevermind…
    ‘Three phase’ power on and cranked,doing my bit for earth hour! 🙂

  8. Thomas Homer says:

    Joseph – A caustic screed indeed. I’ll continue to post my observations pertaining to CO2 in an effort to help fortify your resolve. Although, while I do believe the benefits of an increase in atmospheric CO2 from current levels are clear and irrefutable, I still maintain that extracting as much efficiency from fossil fuels is a worthy goal.

    With regard to mankind’s understanding of atmospheric CO2, I’m reminded of the Biosphere 2 experiment where a group of 8 scientists were going to live in a closed environment for years in the early 1990’s. They communicated with and were supported by many other scientists not living in the Biosphere. The experiment failed, perhaps for several reasons, however this one seems topical:

    “Biosphere 2 suffered from CO2 levels that ‘fluctuated wildly’ and most of the vertebrate species and all of the pollinating insects died”.

    Clearly, this set of scientists did not fully understand the role of atmospheric CO2 in sustaining life. I’m left wondering what scientific breakthroughs have occurred over the last 20 years that allow for 97% of climate scientists to proclaim the science is settled.

  9. Thomas Homer says:

    Continuing on with my CO2 observations. I recently found the term “Global Warming Potential”. I was surprised that some actual science may have found its way into the Alarmists’ argument. The two items of interest I’ve observed for this metric are:
    1. There are gases that have thousands of times more “Global Warming Potential” than CO2.
    2. “Increasing CO2 has less and less effect on radiative absorption as ppm concentrations rise”. These two items contradict the “runaway greenhouse gas”/positive feedback calamity we’re told to fear.

    I prefer to look at a scientific chart of “The amount of water vapor the air can hold when saturated at different temperatures” like this one:
    (It’s a nice and simple chart, although I’m not sure why that one shows values less than zero).
    This is an exponential curve, with the corner of the curve falling precisely in Earth’s temperature range. Is this a mere coincidence? There’s also a phase change temperature for H2O right within the corner, another coincidence? I’m speculating that a correlation between atmospheric H2O and Earth’s temperature can be derived where values on either of the two limits of this curve tend to drive the temperature back into the corner. Isn’t that more credible than a contrived, unsubstantiated link claiming that more CO2 (with comparatively limited warming potential, and diminishing returns as noted above) equals higher temperatures?

    Other observations along the way:
    – “Soybean seed yield was always increased by elevated CO2”
    – “Compiled information from 156 plant species and found that doubling CO2 provided an average growth increase of 37%”

  10. SkepticGoneWild says:
  11. Watts is a disgusting pig.

    Steven Widle is not a Slayer and we don’t have anything to do with him, but Watts prefers to pretend an association for his lying convenience.

    And of course Watts doesn’t mention that we debunked his contrived and sophistical lightbulb experiment, which actually demonstrated our position, not his:

  12. Steven Wilde is not a Slayer and his “physics” doesn’t follow what the Slayers criticize about the K&T Model. The problem is an ontological one: taking solar flux which impinges only in real time and over a hemisphere as a cosine distribution, but averaging it linearly over the entire Earth instead, produces a numerical value of temperature forcing (-18C) which wouldn’t even be able to melt ice, and is hence not physically meaningful. Hence the K&T style diagram isn’t physically meaningful nor is any physics it purports to demonstrate, or invent, physically meaningful. It is not ontological. The light bulb test is a really good one though, but you have to be careful about interpreting the results, scientifically.

    What kind of a disgusting fat slob with a moustache do you have to be, in order to be Anthony Watts? This is the most disgusting human being I have ever had the misfortune to realize can exist on this planet.

  13. squid2112 says:

    “… Let it be very clear that those who wish to engage in this “Earth Hour” propaganda, are an enemy of the human race…”

    Wholeheartedly agree with you Joseph!!!

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