Trump Sound Money – The Unbelievable Monetary Reform Machinations Behind Trump

The Way the World Works

Now that Bill Still has publicized this information on (as far as I know) two different occasions, I think it is safe for me to publicize it here to my own small audience.

For those of you who do not know who Bill Still is, he is the creator of the documentary The Money Masters, and has also written many books on the same subject of monetary policy.  If you have never watched that documentary, then watch it now before proceeding.  Watch it as soon as you can!  You can not understand the way the world works without understanding the way money is created, and who creates and controls it, and who should create and control it.

In a recent video, Bill stated:

“Now, I will say that I was asked for my 100-day plan on how to reform the nation’s money system by the Trump team months ago, and to my surprise, those folks support my general concepts for reform.”

And in this older video from September 2016 he first introduced what was going on – watch that one too to hear Bill talk about how easy it will be for Trump to pay off the US national debt.

In short, this is the biggest event in the last 100 years.  Yes, this is bigger than the world wars, and the other wars, and bigger than the social movements of the 20th Century.  In fact this is one of the most important things to happen to the human race for all time.

In fact, there must be occult (hidden) forces in action right now the likes of which humanity only sees once, twice, maybe three times in an age.

If any commentators wish to spell it out further, please do so below.

But for example:  How can Trump implement such a massive tax break?  Because you don’t need to pay income tax, that’s why.

This isn’t just about taxes.  This is about a hidden form of economic monetary slavery that indentures and has indentured you and everyone you know throughout human history, and in particular in the last 103 years since 1913 and the passage of the Federal Reserve Act.  Hint:  The “Federal Reserve” is not federal, and, it has no reserves.

The question is:  What did they do with all that money they collected via the tax on using their money?

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8 Responses to Trump Sound Money – The Unbelievable Monetary Reform Machinations Behind Trump

  1. James says:

    To answer your question Joseph – they bought real assets with it likely. The current system is much like the children’s game of musical chairs. Most economists and business people do not know that all of our currency or capital will some day come due. The money supply itself is an investment vehicle. Governments need not borrow their own currency yet the phrase “borrowing costs” is so commonly uttered by PM’s and Presidents alike, we assume it is a necessity. We live in a global mafia system where the media, politicians, and educators blindly and blithely go along to get along.

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  3. Allen Eltor says:

    Joseph: look up ”Pizza-Gate” on Youtube. Mainstream Media are crashing the stories on it over and over.

    Peace on ya bro

  4. paul says:


  5. It took some watching, a bit at a time, but well worth the effort. I am surprised Bill Still is still alive (no pun intended) and I hope Donald Trump has his back well covered.

  6. Good for you for watching it! Cheers.

  7. squid2112 says:

    Thank you for posting this. I realize Bill’s documentary “The Money Masters” is a very long video (3.5hrs), however, I implore everyone to take the time to watch it, beginning to end. In my view, it is a masterpiece and should be required study in our schools. If people only realized how badly they are being played and how they have been enslaved.

  8. “What do they do with all the money they collect?” Simple. They lend it out again. The currency isn’t the wealth. The currency is the means of control. If you owe your debt in a form that you cannot create for yourself, but only borrow from those who you owe it to in the first place, you are essentially a slave. Our governments are now slaves. As are we.

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