Step Function – A New World

This is something that I have thought about for many, many years on this issue.  I never said a word about it at all because at the time, in the thick of it in the now-won argument over the non-existence of the radiative greenhouse effect of climate alarm, it would have just increased the parameter space way too much and allowed for more of the side-distraction sophistry that the disgusting idiot climate alarmist sophist freaks just love for generating their cross-bred weeds of distortion.  The focus had to remain solely upon debunking the now-known-to-be-mentally-retarded radiative greenhouse effect.  And now that that is done, I would like to draw you to a comment by RK from the previous post:

RK:  I came across this:

From the epilogue of that paper:

The author would like to motivate experimental scientists to duplicate these experiments on the same, or preferably on a larger scale. At the same time, theoretical scientists are
also challenged to develop a theory explaining these findings.
If this will allow mankind to use, as Loschmidt foresaw,
“… an inexhaustible resource of convertible heat at all times…”, …only future will tell.

And my response to RK’s comment summarizes the aforementioned thoughts I have had about this possibility:

Is that what all this sophistry and the RGHE is trying to hide? A mechanism to generate unlimited free energy?

So instead of us discovering free energy and the liberation therein, they – the disgusting idiot goblins of the other spiritual faction – wanted us to feel bad about our existence and to be taxed for our breathing under this pseudoscience sophistry of the RGHE which nicely covers the real liberating mechanism up with a simulacrum.  Imagine if this is the extent to which this debate revolved?

Is it not one of the strangest phenomena in human history this hysteria over “climate change”, where the very people who are hysterical about it cannot even use the term “climate change” in a logical and rational and meaningful manner in language, where one encounters so much of pseudoscience and sophistry that should never have made it into mainstream scientific discourse but yet did and became the star jewel of the relevance of modern science to man in a technological age?  Nothing about this has been rational nor has made any sense…it has been pure hysterical emotion combined with sophistry, pseudoscience, and simulacrum from the start.

Something else has been going on, something generated by something sick, demented and perverted, and incredibly, shockingly stupid.  The taxation of carbon dioxide, the life molecule, and then the fighting of the weather with those funds (among other disgusting things that they’re really doing with that money)…on the very face of it you know that you’re looking at something quite sick, demented, unsalvageable, and dark and retarded.

WHO or WHAT in the “f” came up with this idiocy!?  LOL

Anyway…that would be a discontinuous step-function in the mode of existence of man, would it not?  There would be a before and an after, and it would be the only before and after that ever really mattered to man.  Gravity has seemed to remain the strangest of the forces.

One can only imagine the possibilities, and that’s great to do just for its own sake.

I am not at all certain about all this and that is also the reason I never wanted to get into it, but at this point it is definitely fine to give this post as speculation and imagination.  I don’t know, and I cannot say one way or the other.

BTW, you following Q?

“The World is about to change.
Q” -1778

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  1. Phil Clark says:

    Joe. You do yourself no favors by using emotive wording about those who might disagree with you. Act like a professional instead of an uneducated blog critic.

  2. Yah Phil…we should be nice to the people who tried to create and who were willing and eager accessories to the greatest attempt at mental and physical enslavement since who knows when…rivaling that of the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, and even that of Abrahamism. WTF!?

    Where is the passion and righteousness in men’s bellies any longer!? Where is the righteousness indignation!? It has become clear that we need a little less civilization as the results have shown that too much civilization overly protects and even elevates the state of mediocrity and the mediocre. And the mediocre would be innocent if not for their bland acceptance and forgiveness of those who clearly state their intention to enslave them! Thus the mediocre are the enablers and hence the accessories to those who would impoverish and enslave.

    Lots of locust food. May they eat well.

  3. “those who might disagree with you”

    What a disgusting mediocre statement! Yes, we merely “might disagree” over their attempt for us to be enslaved to their idiotic political ideas based in flat Earth physics. It is a mere “might disagreement” of opinion over the matter. Sickening mediocrity!

    Troy might have disagreed over the Trojans destroying them spare the last man. But the Troy’ans used bad language over the disagreement, and so, they appeared the worse for the matter, and got what they deserved. Sickening.

  4. Sorry to bring up the name, but this paper supports the claims of Doug Cotton.
    Though he wouldn’t claim any free energy could be created from the situation. That all the various aspects of a system simply move towards equilibrium. That gravity’s influence is simply one of a temperature gradient.

    That said, I am curious as to why this lab experiment does not manifest in our oceans or lakes. It clearly manifests in the gas giants and under land on earth (presumably under the surface of the moon and other solid surface planets, too. So the oceans are a puzzle.

    Nice to see a post from you by the way. Once again apologies for bringing up the DC name here. Couldn’t see a way around it 😀

  5. nilator says:

    Guys, noob question here: in a vacuum flask situation with hot liquid inside, the outside shell does not get hot based on my observation. I would imagine that inside the vacuum there is radiation bouncing around but since the surfaces are reflective none of it is being absorbed. Since radiation is being emitted inside the vacuum does that automatically mean as loss of heat regardless if the photons are absorbed or bounce around?

  6. Joseph E Postma says:

    The photons aren’t being lost to the outside, and so heat isn’t lost. Ideally the only mode of heat loss is through conduction around the rim and then diffusion to the air. Yes inside the vacuum cavity there is radiation just bouncing around.

  7. Joseph E Postma says:

    @WWF maybe it requires a compressible substance.
    As I said, I don’t know.

    But why shouldn’t there be a free energy source? Existence exists for free. The universe exists for free. There’s quite a bit of existence that exists for free. Ultimately, *something* exists for free and it does a lot of stuff, so why can’t it be used intentionally for free? I’m open to the idea of free energy simply because existence must exist for free…although free energy is considered a very evil concept in modern physics.

  8. nilator says:

    … Just to complete my noob intuition… And if the internal surface of the flask was painted black and was absorbing radiation, that would count as heat transfer and thus some loss would occur from the liquid, correct?

  9. Joseph E Postma says:

    Well, heat loss via radiation is usually said to be much slower compared to conduction and diffusion, and the active functional part of the flask is that it has a vacuum cavity, not that the interior walls are reflective. The interior walls, whatever they are made out of, may still actually be absorptive to the long wave IR you get from warm liquids, etc. But it is that it is a vacuum cavity which limits heat loss to radiative only over that corresponding surface area, which makes heat loss slow. Often the walls are just plastic, or stainless steel, etc.

    If the interior walls were highly reflective then they would also have a very low emissivity, which means that they might actually become hotter than if they were totally absorptive?

    Anyway, to your statement – yes of course, the heat that is still absorbed by the walls via radiation is heat loss to the outside.

  10. “That said, I am curious as to why this lab experiment does not manifest in our oceans or lakes. It clearly manifests in the gas giants and under land on earth (presumably under the surface of the moon and other solid surface planets, too. So the oceans are a puzzle. “

    Colder, saltier water is more dense, and so gravity pulls it below the less dense, less salty water. I’m guessing if a compression influence were there, then it would be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the cold in deep water. I’m thinking that the heat capacity of water would require a huge compression effect to make any difference. Otherwise, again guessing, such an effect is so insignificant as to not be observable or able to be measured.

    The air high up in the atmosphere has less water vapor and so is more dense. The air lower down has more water vapor and greater heat capacity. The heat capacity of air is lower than water too.

    I don’t have it all figured out, but I think it has a lot to do with the heat capacity of water compared to the heat capacity of air.

    Somebody else jump in and clear up this mystery.

  11. “Act like a professional instead of an uneducated blog critic.”

    I’m thinking that the assumption that a raging person is an unprofessional, uneducated person is not well founded. (^_^) Who says a raging person is always an unprofessional, uneducated person ? Where is that law written ?

    When the traditional manners of educated professionals do little to alter the influence of idiots, then a style change might be in order to shake things up a bit. It certainly adds a new level of interest.

    Think outside the box.

  12. gbaikie says:

    –If this will allow mankind to use, as Loschmidt foresaw,
    “… an inexhaustible resource of convertible heat at all times…”, …only future will tell.–

    Roughly speaking, the sun is “an inexhaustible resource of convertible heat at all times”
    and Earth has geothermal heat which is “an inexhaustible resource of convertible heat at all times”

    We use the sun, to grow food. But otherwise the sun at Earth surface not very good source of energy, nor is gerothermal energy though one can get electrical power at a high cost from either of them- solar and geothermal require subsidies, otherwise few would bother with it or limited use,

    So why would ‘an inexhaustible resource of convertible heat at all times’ be important- why should there assumption that it could be a cheap source of energy that require less work to use than work one can get from using it. Or solar is source of energy but problem it’s not cheap to make in order to use the energy.

  13. Allen Eltor says:

    Robert Kernodle:
    Dear Sir: you has win internets!!

    I want that as a tattoo, yO..

  14. Allen Eltor says:

    Ok listen everybody, I’ve got it. We’ll build a big pipe, encircling the earth and paint it black, and put a BIG fan on it, so the sun’s ALWAYS ON IT, and it’ll HEAT the AIR inside,

    and then, everybody can just – live NEAR the pipe – and run their own vent to it to heat their homes with advanced Stirling engines and whaTNoT.

    How can you miss with that sh**? The SUN is your power, yO and it’s not just renewable, it’s inexhaustable.

    And we can build one around the world every few latitudinal degrees, so everybody can have some greane sunlight energy for all their needs! There’ll be a globally circumferential pipe every few miles so nobody’s heat vents need to be too long, what can go wrong?

    And since the earth is traveling in a circle and the pipes will all run latitudinally, we can all get together and wax it to reduce wind friction so the earth doesn’t stop turning, and get rid of all those other holidays, and just have one where the whole world is together doing one thing.

    Like maybe twice a month. And everybody can still get paid, because everybody’s energy bills are zero due to greane solar power.


  15. QUESTION: What is green energy?
    ANSWER: A bunch of Irish hamsters on wheels hooked up in such a way as to generate ElektrisiT.

    This beats latitudinal global black pipes, because Irish hamsters are cute.

  16. Allen Eltor says:

    Thay goh’nGiT THiM sum LeCKTRiSS’Tie aint thay.

  17. Yep. GiT dem lawngitudinahl globil toobs a goin’ ’round th’ plan-it.

    Never mind that they would clutter the landscape, the sky, … mess up plane flights, bird flights.

    But I guess it’s no worse than more windmills slicing up more birds that we could roast on solar-panel surfaces, which get hotter than hell, no?

    Seriously, who wants to see a landscape that looks like one big mirror or one big field of circling blades? How much of the landscape would have to be covered like a mirror or inundated with circling blades to produce enough power to run civilization as we have known it? How would one big mirror-like solar field affect the air temperature directly above it? … change the regional temperature adjacent to it? …. How would one big field of circling blades sound ? — probably NOT like music to one’s ears, I’m guessing.

    The reality is that one problem is being replaced with many problems, when we try to “green” energy at a massive scale, given the current approaches to “green energy” (the way it is usually defined, NOT my Irish-hamster version).

    I’m gonna make a T-shirt that reads, “Bring back horses, and kill off enough people to make this work.”

  18. Oh, I guess we could do some counter measures to offset the side effects, like painting streets white [clear throat, LA] . Never mind that a cooling strategy can snow blind cyclists and pedestrians and drivers. What’s important is that we’re taking action for a good cause, … even if it causes something else bad. It’s the thought that counts. The journey, not the destination.

  19. Matt in Frisco says:

    Haven’t had a chance to read that paper RK posted yet, but it looks very interesting. The universe is a big complex thing and we are far from understanding it’s depths yet. There are a lot of unknown unknowns still. Which is great, it keeps science and engineering interesting. I wonder if NASA has any relevant research on this topic as gradients and layering effects have been necessary studies for spacecraft tanks for many years. I haven’t had time to look yet- there probably is or at least something semi-relevant, although perhaps not directly to the points desired.

    As far as Q goes it is VERY interesting. Trump has verified it more than a few times now. Whether it is a MILINT (singular) person or a team I don’t care. These rotten evil people have been praying on the rest of us for centuries. Time to clean the house. I’ve been looking at it since around Christmas and over the last few months become convinced it is a legit and real thing. Verifiably so. The evil leftist malthusian’s in this world have been put on notice. I say their imprisonment for those who have committed crimes cannot come soon enough. For the detractors, if it is just a big LARP why do they care? If that is the case the rest of us are a bunch of idiots for following them. Seeing as how the MSM/Leftist shills are hammering the narrative that Q is [*EVERYTHING] terrible rightwing conspiracy it makes me believe that Trump and team are over the target.

    For your convo with Phil, I think he may be a shill? Phil the Shill. If not he is shockingly and poorly informed of what is actually being done to the masses of the world under the guise of this absolute scam.

    RK, I believe your diagram is accurate to the current state of affairs in the world. Good stuff.
    All your bases are belong to us.

  20. Allen Eltor says:

    Hey guys, I don’t remember if I said it here or somewhere else, but let me explain to you guys the way the DemonicRATS have always operated.

    In 1857 they were screaming at the TOPS of their LUNGS that ”The SIGNTS dun SED THiM COLURDS ain’t evun HEWMAN, thay’s got a ”DEVILISH SASSINESS what makes thim good fur NUTT’N but EVuL.
    Evurbodie’s got anything two do with em is BELOW HEWMAN and what’s RAWNG in THIS WERLD.

    In 1937 they made POT illegal: claiming that “The SIGNTS dun SED thim POTS has got uh… DEVILISH GRASSINESS TWO IT WHAT makes it GOOD fur
    NUTT’N but EVuL.
    Evurbodie’s got anything two do with it is BELOW HEWMAN and what’s RAWNG in THIS WERLD.

    In 2017 they were SCREAMING at the TOPS of their LUNGS that ”CO2 has a DEVILISH GASSINESS two it what makes it good FUR
    NUTT’N but EVuL…”
    Evurbodie’s got anything two do with it is BELOW HEWMAN and what’s RAWNG in THIS WERLD.

    It’s HOW a party ACTS when there’s really nothing for them to do but MINDLESSLY HATE and TRY to DESTROY a CLASS of HUMANITY.

    In the 19th Century it was WHATEVER MINORITY was LEAST LIKELY to get violent, BACK. -BLACKS.

    In early 20th Century it was WHATEVER MINORITY was LEAST LIKELY to get violent, BACK. – People who used Pot: BLACKS, HISPANICS, musicians etc.

    In the 21st Century it’s WHITE CHRISTIANS who are LEAST likely to get violent, BACK –

    and now THEY are the DEMOnicRATS’ TARGET to be


    Now the DemonicRATS have figured out the BROWN PEOPLE are gonna outnumber the WHITE ONES, they’re OFF that PICKING on BROWN people and NOW: it’s WHITE people and SPECIFICALLY, WHITE CHRISTIANS, B.E.C.A.U.S.E.. THEY’RE m.o.s.t. LIKELY to be PUTTING UP with the VIOLENCE

    without RETURNING VIOLENCE on their HEADS.

    Remember when the REPUBLICAN PARTY was FOUNDED? Do ya KNOW WHY?

    claiming they’d CROSS and GO GET and TAKE PEOPLE ACROSS
    whatever fucking BORDERS they SAW FIT: and they were invading the North to CAPTURE and KIDNAP BLACK SLAVES and FREE BLACKS

    Today: they’re REFUSING to HONOR BORDERS
    claiming they’ll let KIDNAPPERS and CRIMINALS cross and go wherever the fuck they see fit, nobody tells THEM about ”HONORING OTHERS’ BOUNDARIES.”

    The Republican party was founded SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE DEMOCRATS were acting
    EXACTLY the way they are today. ANOTHER reason the REPUBLICANS were founded:

    Do you know why DEMOCRATS are CALLED that? Because they WANTED to get VOTES for all those SLAVES, and they wanted to claim a PROPER DEMOCRACY allows for EVERYBODY to VOTE, CITIZEN or even HUMAN or NOT – THAT’S WHAT they were SAYING and EVERY SLAVE was counted as like 3/5ths of a person or something like that – and the SOUTHERNERS ENTERED ”DEMOCRACY” in there so those SLAVES could be VOTED FOR by their OWNERS: their OWNERS VOTED,
    and that’s why they loved them some ”DEMOCRACY.”


    IT’S a REPUBLIC and the REPUBLICANS FOUNDED their PARTY because they OBJECTED to those BLACK PEOPLE being USED as SUB-HUMAN CATTLE then the DEMOCRATS using them as HUMAN VOTES.

    The Democrats were doing the SAME THINGS THEN they DO TODAY: SELLING CONFLICTING CLAIMS about how SCIENCE SAID blacks aren’t even HUMAN then when REPUBLICANS said they were THE SLAVERS said WELL, YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM A VOTE, THEN, and I’LL VOTE FOR EM since they’re all ILLITERATE – the WAY DEMOCRATS LOVE PEOPLE.



    Peace out truth seekers, and you remember what I said about these Democrats doing EXACTLY the same things to people OVER and OVER:

    and TREAT as TARGETS for their INSANE BELIEVERS whom they’ve intentionally MADE so insane they simply believe whatever the F*** they’re TOLD.


    READ the PROFILE of a SOCIOPATH and tell me the DEMOCRATS don’t fulfill it to the LAST LETTER:

  21. Allen Eltor says:

    At the BOTTOM of the page I linked: watch:

    Other Related Qualities:

    Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
    Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
    Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
    Conventional appearance
    Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
    Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
    Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
    Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
    Incapable of real human attachment to another
    Unable to feel remorse or guilt
    Extreme narcissism and grandiose
    May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

    (The above traits are based on the psychopathy checklists of H. Cleckley and R. Hare.)

    What about that f***n shit. THE P.L.A.Y.B.O.O.K. of the PSYCHO-SOCIOPATH,


  22. Matt in Frisco says:


    Pretty spot on on the demonrats. Dinesh D’Souza has uncovered evidence that the NAZI party basically copied the demonrats plans for America and applied it to their own designs for Germany. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sick. The NAZI party=copy of the American demonrat party.

    Hitlery takes with pride the Margaret Sanger award. The eugenics queen Margaret Sanger is an idol of the left. Responsible for the culling of 10s of millions of innocent lives. They cannot divorce themselves of the facts.

  23. Joseph E Postma says:

    Good lord and doesn’t this list describe the climate alarmist perfectly!

    Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
    Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
    Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
    Conventional appearance
    Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
    Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
    Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
    Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
    Incapable of real human attachment to another
    Unable to feel remorse or guilt
    Extreme narcissism and grandiose
    May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

    I mean, THAT is them in a nutshell, to a tee.

  24. Allen Eltor says:

    They’re the NATIONAL SOCIALISTS, yO.

  25. geran says:

    Phil Clark started the comments with, what he may have meant to be, some constructive criticism for Joseph. But, he may not be aware of the whole story.

    Almost 10 years ago, I became interested in the AGW nonsense. With my background, I had dismissed it the few times I heard about it. But, after Gore’s “inconvenient” video, I became more interested. My very first research led to the Arrhenius equation. That was all I needed to recognize AGW was a hoax.

    I tried to comment on WUWT, explaining the physics. I was mostly ignored. I could not understand why a “skeptic” blog would not be interested in why physics did not support the hoax.

    Sometime later Joseph, and the PSI group, appeared. They keyed on “back-radiation”, and the violation of 2LoT. My attitude was “Finally, someone else gets it”.

    Of course, most of us got censored from WUWT, and related blogs. The treatment by the false skeptics has not been fair, ethical, or justified. (I was censured again, about 4 months ago, from Spin-cer’s blog. Not for doing anything disrespectful, but just for asking “DOC” to explain the physics behind the GHE. (He had just made a comment that it was all explained by “basic physics”. I just asked him what the “basic physics” was. He couldn’t do it.)

    So Phil, my take is Joseph is entitled to treat the “climate clowns” as he deems necessary to continue the fight.

    And yes, it IS a fight.

  26. Even when a highly trained, mathematical physicist explains the flaws of the “greenhouse theory”, proponents of the theory can insist that the trained, mathematical physicist does NOT understand the correct physics and does NOT understand the correct math. They then unleash a torrent of irrationality in the form of mathematical symbols, all confused as hell and morphed into some sort of pseudo-scientific hieroglyphics that they justify with misappropriated language and slavish appeal to authority.

    … or something like that, … at which point, some people realize that cool, non-emotive wording merely gets dismissed with generalized accusations of incompetence.

    See, if you assert that someone does not understand, then you assert that you DO, and the last person who makes the assertion has the most immediate lasting impression on someone’s attention, IF this someone does not look deeper.

    Alarmists rely on human laziness to NOT dig deeper, and they rely on their own sort of emotive wording to trap attention on their flawed crap, for which they always try to have the last say. Through sheer endurance, they beat down rationality with stupidity. The person with the most stupid words wins. And when a lot of people use those stupid words, as if true, then, … well, … this is where we are in climate … “science”, so it seems.

  27. SO WELL SAID!!!!!!!!

    Stupidity wins by war of attrition. In a more civilized society those on the side of truth could challenge to physical combat…but the mediocrity of modern society allows the stupid to flourish unimpeded. After all the crap and sophistry people like me have had to eat and face, do you not think that me at 6’6″ and 230lb wielding a broadsword or 30″ katana would vanquish these sick lying sophistical goblins? Slay them all!!!

  28. The words that motivate people’s actions are so flexible and so easily manipulated creatively.

    Story telling is an art, and people generally still seem motivated by stories. This is why science might very well fail to make headway amidst the sort of stories being propagated about CO2 today.

    The stories of alarmists LOOK scientific — they have all the superficial trappings of science — they might have actual science at the base, but then these strange estuaries of flawed reasoning start to fork off and create a cancerous growth of rationalizations (NOT rationality) to prop up a story that motivates people’s reflexive beliefs.

  29. …………………….. A Non-Alarmist Children’s Story Beginning ………………………………….

    Once upon a time, in the plush land of Eden, there was a mysterious, invisible elf named Carbon.

    Carbon met two beautiful invisible princesses, both with the same name — Oxygen. Because Carbon could not tell the two princesses apart, he decided to marry both of them, despite the objections of his parents, who thought that taking two wives was an improper thing to do.

    Nevertheless, Carbon made his decision and married the two princesses, Oxygen and Oxygen, and, together, they became known throughout the land as Carbon Dioxide.

    Carbon Dioxide went about the kingdom doing all manner of wonderful things — making life-giving air for the plants of Eden and helping animals breath properly to survive and flourish.

    Carbon Dioxide made the land grow greener and made the blood of all animals flow properly to give them long lives. Carbon Dioxide worked with the god of water in the form of rain and with Mother Earth in the form of soil, to do seemingly magical things, like causing giant trees to grow out of nothing.

  30. For all those suffering guilt over humanity’s existence on the Earth, stressing over a belief that we are endangering the planet with a molecule or two added to our atmospheric mix, and worried that polar bears are starving en mass [they’re definitely NOT], I have a suggestion about how to contribute to solving this perceived problem. It’s a win/win for Mother Nature, because, no matter which side of the controversy you might be on, the solution works for BOTH.

    If alarmists are correct, then they succeed in feeding the polar bears and reducing human population numbers, which they seem to passionately desire.

    If the skeptics are correct, then they succeed in allowing the world to have less stupidity to deal with, perhaps enabling an improved gene pool, and fewer of the wrong sorts of people competing for educational awards.

    Here’s my proposed solution:

    Make the sacrifice. Take one for the team. This is YOUR chance to make a difference.

  31. They would never live their own philosophy to its conclusion.

    They just want to kill other people. That’s all. It’s not complicated. They just want to dominate others and then murder them. Because they’re sick.

  32. An alcoholic says, “I don’t have a drinking problem.” How can you argue with that? In the same way, climate alarmists do not know that they have a problem. It takes an awakening, where logic eventually has to take over. I’m not sure that enough people have the necessary makeup for this awakening to ever happen. I did, thankfully. Remember, I used to be 100% the other way. I am a reformed climaholic.

    I guess I need to start composing an appropriate 12-step program to help others.

  33. J. P., would you care to comment on THIS:

    Aside from conflating two different issues, what other stupidity might be going on there?

    Thanks for wasting your time on it, if you go there.

  34. Anonymous Allen Eltor says:

    First I had to admit there’s no such thing as a cold bath being a heater.
    Then I had to recognize when the magical gassiness church told me the planet is heated by it’s own cold nitroxy bath, they were taking away 23% of total available warming firelight spectra removed by the GHGs and another six or 7 %, due to the other gases, JUST TO START CALCULATING EARTH’S TEMPERATURE, when they ACCOUNTED it – Earth’s temperature – by STARTING with ONLY the WARMING SPECTRA
    REACHING EARTH, *TO* warm it.
    I had to tell myself what I just witnessed and knew was correct: The COOLING GHGs ALONE,
    REMOVED nearly a full quarter of all incident sunlight, absorbing such a tiny amount it’s not counted,
    and then the other gases and dust refracted & absorbed some. Now I could UNDERSTAND all those CHARTS, of SUNLIGHT top of atmosphere vs @ mean sea level,
    showing GHGs AS NEARLY SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for ALL ENERGY NOT WARMING EARTH, that OTHERWISE WOULD BE if they weren’t there to REFRACT & REFLECT warming sunlight spectra, to space.
    Thirdly I had to ADMIT I had been BRAINWASHED into PARSING ENGLISH WRONG so that when I heard ”THE ATMOSPHERE is COLDER than EARTH” I THOUGHT, ”THE COLD ATMOSPHERE HEATS EARTH because it’s COLDER than EARTH” – and I believed it.
    BUT ALSO the other 6% sunlight the OTHERS had REFRACTED or absorbed, AND THEN,
    FOURTH I had to admit that I had been POWERLESS to STOP the BRAIN WASHING since ACADEMICS had been telling me since I was a CHILD that there was ‘MYSTERIOUS WARMING on VENUS and that THE GHG LAWS DON’T OBEY the LAWS of PHYSICS like OTHER GASES.
    it really is an excellent concept Robert.
    I don’t know those steps but I know the general language and I could see a full 12-step program forming just as I was kidding along, about it.
    I don’t think the ones I wrote are actually directly comparable to numbered steps in those type programs but it could easily be tailored. We ought to write one then publish the mo*****r in every comments section on this PLANET huh.
    All, completely anonymously. People would find out, ya know, thinkin they were so fuckin slick.. Imagine when they tracked us all back to here.
    Here, kitty kitty….. CHoMP.

  35. Well firstly most climate and all other sciences infected by its narrative isn’t trustworthy or even real science.
    Secondly I am all for the mass deployment of existing technology which can grow food at 1000× the density of traditional open farming, and we can reforest or let lay fallow a lot of land for wildlife etc. Or maybe we can make this planet like Coruscant?
    We’ve always been forced to engineer our way into survival since way back when, out of necessity.
    In Niven’s ‘Known Space’ universe, every citizen is born with a birthright, the right to replace themselves with one child. A married couple can then have two children.
    Anyway, we don’t have the right minds with the right knowledge looking at the big problems as yet.

  36. Anonymous Allen Eltor says:

    Hey Bob, listen – you’ve just gotta listen to this, man. Check this out.

    This is called building fake suspense over small change bullshit, but –

    LIsten- LoL listen guys you’re all not gonna fuckin believe this.

    About .. I don’t remember when I actually did it, it was months and months back

    I actually started the blog, named “Thermodynamics Anonymous” and my blogger name there is


    and I never hit ‘publish’ on the blog. It’s there now, the passwords and all that shit, and the email address for thermonymous is made, but I never did anything with it. Hmmm.

    I love sticking it to gigantic fucking empires, and I know just what to do although I’m too lazy.

    The thing to do is for all of us to just get some kind of cheap VPN like OPERA

    and LINK to the website with the 12 steps, but dig this – make it for awhile so no google searches show it exists: you can only get there by direct link from someone else.

    Literally, a dark-web site for the first few months, so Google and facebook can’t even link to it or find it, themselves to f*** with it.

  37. Anonymous Allen Eltor says:

    That laswt part was just a smartassed idea about the making it a dark web website where search engines don’t know it exists. Then just tell people straight up after awhile, ”Ok it’s gone public” and put it public.

  38. Anonymous Allen Eltor says:

    To tell the truth, I never really sat down and made up 12 steps, but I was COMPLETELY sure
    the 12-steps concept, was an integral part of anything I decided to start publishing on a website.

    What was in my mind at the time, was to make a list of things I’ve said before, and leave it at that.

    We ought to put together a 12 steps program guys and spam it all over the known multiverse. Youtube videos, posted anonymously, with just some music, and the steps listed, then a little screen shot capable list of all of them so people could capture em and spread em as a list.

  39. Anonymous Allen Eltor says:

    I’m doing things today I searched google for ‘list of 12 steps” or something and here’s what came back, we should spend a few weeks or months forming a real 12 steps list and spam it all over creation, I’ll try to get around to making one up of my own, and we can all just publish, each of us, our own separate 12 steps to climate awareness – or whatever – list.

    We could make that shit a worldwide meme even if empire kneepadders loathe the lists being snapped over their heads like a rolled up newspaper in a chihuhahua’s face

  40. Anonymous Allen Eltor says:

    Ouch sorry for my horrible editing I’m gonna start turning grammerly on and using properly formatted typing in regard to climate I guess.

    Any use for Allen Eltor, Mad Scientist has pretty much diminished to none any more.

  41. Anonymous Allen Eltor says:

    I even wrote grammarly as grammerly LoL! It’s gone too far, when I begin misspelling in real life in spite of the spelling-alert function

  42. Allen E,

    A re-write of the twelve steps for climaholics looks fairly easy to me. Most of the wording would stay the same, except where references to God are made, I would substitute references to Science.

    Give me an hour or so, and I’ll be back with something. (^_^)

  43. About the Climaholics Anonymous (CA) 12-Step Recovery Program

    The Basics of CA

    * The Climaholics Anonymous (CA) 12-step recovery program is a free treatment program for people suffering from abuse of logic and addiction to false beliefs.

    * CA program participants follow a set of recovery steps to achieve and maintain abstinence from climate alarmism. Many people use a mentor to help them through the process.

    * The program uses a rational approach that includes a belief in higher reasoning. Members define that higher reasoning in their own way—it does not have to be rocket science.

    * Meetings are often held in cyber spaces such as blogs or internet discussion forums. Some meetings are open to anyone who wants to participate, while others are only for climaholics or prospective CA members.

    * Becoming a member is free. The only requirement is a desire to start thinking. You must be a climaholic to join CA. But anyone can attend open meetings.

    What Are the 12 Steps of CA?

    1. We admitted we were powerless over alarmism – that our lives had become unmanageable.

    Many climaholics have a hard time admitting that they can’t control their alarm over climate change. Once they acknowledge that they are unable to stop on their own, the recovery process can begin.

    2. Came to believe that a teacher greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

    CA believes that people with a climate alarm addiction need to look to something greater than themselves to recover. Those working the steps are free to choose whatever higher reasoning works for them.

    3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of Science as we understood It.

    For this step, the climaholic consciously decides to turn themselves over to whatever logic or teacher they believe embodies their higher reasoning. With this release often comes recovery.

    4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

    This step requires self-examination that can be uncomfortable, but honesty is essential in this process. The key is to identify any areas of past misunderstandings, delusions, brainwashing or outright lying to oneself.

    5. Admitted to Scientists, to ourselves, and to other human beings the exact nature of our wrongs.

    This step involves admitting to past poor behavior. Often, climaholics will share what they wrote down during the previous step with their teacher.

    6. Were entirely ready to have sound reasoning remove all these defects of character.

    The climaholic admits that they are ready to have their higher reasoning remove the wrongs they listed in Step 4.

    7. Humbly allowed sound reasoning to remove our shortcomings.

    Every person has tendencies towards stupidity, whether they come in the form of impatience, anger, apathy, criticism or negativity. The recovering climaholic is not strong enough to eliminate these defects on their own, so they ask their higher reasoning to do so.

    8. Made a list of all persons we had demeaned, and became willing to make amends to them all.

    Climaholics write down all of the people they have wronged through their climaholism. The wrongs could range from large to small – from using faulty models to make sweeping assertions of confidence to talking negatively about skeptics in their faces.

    9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

    Many climaholics work with their teacher to figure out the best way to complete this step. Making amends could include writing a letter to a person, sitting down face to face with them, or allowing a dissenting view to be published without blacklisting.

    10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

    This step involves a commitment to monitor yourself for any behaviors that may be detrimental to yourself or others and to admit when you are wrong.

    11. Sought through thinking and reasoning to improve our conscious contact with Science, as we understood It, using only knowledge of Its proper application for us and exercising diligently the power to carry that knowledge out.

    Step 11 requires you to commit to some kind of intellectual practice. That practice could be anything from study, to experimentation, to participating in exchanges of ideas with other intelligent people.

    12. Having had an intellectual awakening as the result of these Steps, we tried to carry this message to climaholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

  44. Anonymous Allen Eltor says:

    That’s pretty good Robert, certainly nothing wrong with it, I’ll try to write up something of my own too.

    It won’t be exactly like yours but yours seems good. I’m gonna try to make mine more over-the-top comedic, but yours is definitely right there in the 9 & 10 rings.

    Got stuff to do today, peace out everyone

  45. I’m sure yours will be more creative. All I did was mirror the wording of the AA website, tweaking select words with climaholic-appropriate minor modifications. If I started from scratch, then I could probably come up with something more over-the-top too — maybe a later project [He has no life.] It certainly could be done better. But you gotta start somewhere.

  46. Anonymous Allen Eltor says:

    Dude it’s gonna be hilarious What I think, is that I’m thinking waY to far ahead, and that I’m not really gonna do anything with it. But I can certainly see it’s just sO RiPE for bouncing off those science darkening zombie mobsters’ heads aGAIN and aGAIN till they’re just completely at a loss to know WHAT to say to proselytize for their CHurCH of science darkening filth.

    I’m sorry for typing that in an almost unintelligible fashion again last night I’ve got a new tablet and when I FIRST cranked it, we were going down the road, and some adjustments I’d made to the Android Nougat were making the thing GLITCH like HELL – I’d be typing and suddenly with ZERO warning, I was typing along in the middle of another line WAY UP in the post,

    and it was happening literally, every two, three, to five seconds in an almost COMPLETELY random way, as the information in the stacks was filling up the memory on the tablet and it wasn’t swapping out.
    Later on I got a free app that promised to stabilize the kernal/memory/cpu combination by adjusting for me- so the memory swaps appropriately, the thing I’m actually doing up front is stable, all this..

    but I could see last night when I just started trying to type, right off the top of my head,

    that I was already zinging into the seven, eight rings, and I was just letting my fingers move as stuff came to my mind real-time, trying to juggle my bad Android setup.

    I hope fortune throws us into some hilarious lists that are totally spam & hilarious laughter-worthy so we can just spread them all over tha freakin internet.

  47. Anonymous Allen Eltor says:

    yeah, I know… grammarly LoL

  48. Anonymous Allen Eltor says:

    I think that list’s worthy of snapping over peoples’ heads right now, Robert.

    What are they gonna do, NOT recognize themselves? It’s a blister bringer

    AS it SITS


  49. Anonymous Allen Eltor says:

    You’re the kind of respectable and respectful person who could establish the meme, just by casually dropping it over at Fat Tony’s magical gaissiness Emporium. For real dude, because ya know man – a good idea,
    is a good idea,
    when it’s time has come, and it has most DEFINITELY come, for some kind of just EARTH scorching meme suitable for tee shirts, and all kindsa sHTuFF.

  50. Well, my 12-step program for climate alrmists does NOT seem to be a new idea. Somebody else, last year, already went down this road:

    Great minds …

  51. Allen Eltor says:

    aH! I see! Good find.

  52. So, in all your ranting, Allen E., the fact is becoming chiseled into my awareness that Earth’s atmosphere COOLS Earth’s sunlit surface, by allowing only so much warming to happen, and then of that warming on the day side, the atmosphere “holds onto” a certain amount of it on the dark side, until the dark side becomes the light side again, to “refresh” the input that keeps this relationship going and going, like the Energizer(TM) Bunny.

    How, then, can the claim be allowed to stand in respectable circles that Earth’s atmosphere simply/and-ONLY WARMS Earth’s surface? Earth’s atmosphere blocks out lots of sunlight, and ONLY that sunlight getting to the surface enters into consideration.

    Greenhouse gas attacks of brain cells, thus, cause brain farts that disrupt rational understanding of this fact.

  53. Allen Eltor says:

    James Hansen the titular head of G.I.S.S. had gotten his position to the point it was, by going down and personally lobbying congress to change the rules for grants, approval from ”applied projects” to ”theoretical physics” and started just giving away millions of dollars in grants, to his political compadres in government employ, in more than six different nations. He never thought he’d ever be taken seriously and was an egotistical fraud and grand-stander, and that’s ALL he was so when he told Al Gore about his and others’ “mutually reinforcing ”research”

    Al Gore took Hansen up on it and spread the news of Hansen and friends’ ”ground breaking scientific research” in his combeback-bid movie after losing the election. That movie,
    “An Inconvenient Truth” set people checking Hansen’s peoples’ lies again and everyone saw they were frauds.

    Al Gore got on TV and asked people to break the law and do anything they could to stop authorities from investigating the scientists, because Al Gore personally had leveraged MILLIONS in investments based on ”everybody going green.”

    DOZENS of Gore’s early associates and various traders around the world have been ARRESTED and found GUILTY over CARBON CREDITS FRAUD where Al Gore contrived making everybody who used fire, have to BUY PERMISSION from him by paying CARBON SIN TAX in BUYING ”USING FIRE CERTIFICATES” from GORE and his FRIENDS.

    All academia was embarrassed at the NUMEROUS careers which had been BASED in PROMULGATING the EVIL fucking FRAUD so they closed ranks behind the other criminals and now you’re watching national socialist criminals overthrow rule of law, because it’s NOT against the rULES for them to LIE CHEAT ASSAULT and STEAL from YOU
    but it IS against the rules for YOU to do that to THEM.


  54. Claudius Denk says:

    Empirical sciences are based on testing, measurement, and reason. Conversational sciences are based on tradition, rhetoric, and authority. Empirical science gains credibility by doing experiments. Conversational sciences gain credibility through the pretense of being empirical.

    There are many conversational sciences. These disciplines take full advantage of the publics laziness and gullibility. The public has an appetite for simple models and conversational sciences provide them just that.

    You guys need to broaden your horizons a bit. Climatology is one of many disciplines that has evolved along the lines of providing the simple and artificially dramatic explanations that the public craves. Stop being so cloistered–talking only to each other–and so obsessed with one discipline that is only a small part of one of the many disciplines that gain credibility through the pretense of being empirical.

    You are only seeing the top of the iceberg.

  55. Joseph E Postma says:

    Amazing stuff with the Q drops lately:

  56. Stop being so cloistered–talking only to each other–and so obsessed with one discipline that is only a small part of one of the many disciplines that gain credibility through the pretense of being empirical.

    This blog is called “Climate of Sophistry” — there’s a reason for the “climate” part being in there — it’s a focus on CLIMATE.

    Being focused … on the topic of FOCUS … is not being “cloistered” or “obsessed with one discipline” — it is being partitioned in our attention, as is the THEME of the blog.

    You have a good point about other areas, but criticizing a blog focus on ONE of those areas in accordance to the blog’s conception is to try to force the focus towards your preference for a broader focus, which is NOT what the blog was conceived to do. The blog is NOT titled “Sophistry All Around”, although that might be a good title for somebody to use to start a more general discussion forum. The title is “Climate of Sophistry”, which means a FOCUS on CLIMATE “science”.

    Would you criticize the periodical, “Physics Today”, for failing to publish articles relevant to agriculture?

    It’s called delineation of the topic, like when you write a research paper with a particular FOCUS.

    Now if you want to discuss other f***ed up areas, then great — I’ll probably join right in. But criticizing others because we don’t happen to be initiating those topics beyond the original theme seems a bit self centered and improper.

    So, let’s talk about other areas. What other areas besides climate “science” might you have in mind? Oh, I know, higher education, yes? — sad. Business standards of excellence, yes? — horrendous. Workplace accountability, work ethics, company management incompetence — oh, there’s a whole list, yes. Climate “science” is the tip, as you say [not sure I want use the iceberg metaphor, though — it needs to be something hot — maybe the tip of the volcano spewing hot gas.] (^_^)

  57. geran says:

    In the continuing “debate” over the AGW/CO2/GHE nonsense, there appear to be three sides:

    1) Warmists–CO2 warms the planet. The GHE is real.
    2) Lukewarmers–CO2 warms the planet, but only a little. The GHE is real.
    3) Skeptics–CO2 does NOT warm the planet. The GHE is pseudoscience.

    But, CO2 either warms the planet, or it doesn’t. There really is no middle ground. Either the physics allow an atmospheric gas to warm the surface, or it doesn’t. So, it appears the Lukewarmers are trying to keep a foot in both boats, as if they don’t know which way to jump.

    Hope they don’t get wet….

  58. I think that some “Lukewarmers” just want to maintain a bit more credibility among more people, and so they cannot make the final leap of calling the “Greenhouse Theory” bullshit, because this might close some doors of attention that they still value being open.

    There’s a big difference between saying, “I value your friendship, but I just don’t have time to party right now” and “I think partying is totally stupid, and so if the basis of our friendship is partying, then we’re done as friends.”

    In other words, it’s a comfort-zone thing.

  59. A C Osborn says:

    Joe, this experiment was witnessed and written about at the time it took place by a female reporter or scientist, I can’t remember which.
    I do not know if I can find her write up on the web now.

  60. Joseph E Postma says:

    Please summarize from memory @ACO. And explain what it means. Thanks!

  61. Rosco says:

    Robert said “I think that some “Lukewarmers” just want to maintain a bit more credibility among more people, ……. In other words, it’s a comfort-zone thing.”

    Sorry Robert, but I disagree completely.

    Firstly, they absolutely maintain the model of the “greenhouse effect” – ALL of them – AND secondly they claim any sceptic who dares to challenge this “holy truth” makes THEM look bad !

    What utter bullshit – they are completely acknowledging the basic fundamental fake “Physics 101” as promoted by the IPCC is right !

    Therefore they are actually publicly acknowledging the “scenarios” of the IPCC’s “thermageddon” are possible !

    What an insane, stupid position to take – “thermageddon” is absolutely possible but it won’t be too bad ??

    I know Roy Spencer will use any pseudoscience to support his beloved “greenhouse effect” including devising spreadsheet models to “prove” the “steel greenhouse” bullshit continuously supported at WUWT involving “equations” that aren’t even equations at all.

    Back to something sort of on topic –

    “The temperature in the clouds of Jupiter is about minus 145 degrees Celsius (minus 234 degrees Fahrenheit). The temperature near the planet’s center is much, much hotter. The core temperature may be about 24,000 degrees Celsius (43,000 degrees Fahrenheit). That’s hotter than the surface of the sun!”

    With solar radiation of ~50W/m2 and almost no “greenhouse gases” in its atmosphere it is clear something other than the bullshit IPCC “science” is at play.

    After all, NASA wouldn’t lie to children would they ?

  62. Rosco,

    It looks like you have a specific crowd in mind.

    I think that there are some, note I say “some”, who are not in that crowd you suggest. Yeah, I could be wrong, but I am giving SOME the benefit of the doubt.

    I DO agree that NASA lies to children. I think a few people there surely know better, and they are likely the ones in fear of loosing their jobs that support their own children.

  63. Rosco says:

    Hi Robert – simply saying the temperatures quoted from deep in the atmospheres of all of the outer planets have nothing to do with the Sun or any putative “greenhouse effect”.

    They all exceed Venus’s surface temperature by factors of about 8 to almost 100.

    What else other than gravity compressing a massive mass of atmosphere explain this ?

  64. I don’t disagree with the compression consideration. That’s not what I was commenting on. I was commenting on why some people might choose to remain lukewarm, rather than full-out skeptic.

    I think, in SOME cases, this might have nothing to do with logic and everything to do with valued social associations that support professional standing in a politically controlled environment that determines one’s status and financial survival.

    When somebody feels threatened by association with ideas that disagree with his/her paid profession, then they can more easily overlook the illogical principles guiding the check writers.

  65. Allen Eltor says:

    Yeah, no kiddin, Bob, it’s called ”Identity Politics.”

  66. Wo newds ro knpw hpw to spwll ?

    You can read that okay, can’t you ?

  67. What has happened is that grimhouse fearists have figured out how to express the simplest ideas, using the most convoluted, sophisticated retooling of language. They have become masters of bullshit = MBs

    For example, I express a very basic idea with the phrase, “Jane is wearing a blue dress”. Now a grimhouse fearist will transform this into something like, “The daughter of such-and-such, whose name we shall not disclose at this time, appears to have donned a slightly form-fitting garment that flairs into a loosely-draping hem line, colored overall the same hue as a clear-sky day.”

    See how accomplished all those words sound? They still express the same basic idea as, “Jane is wearing a blue dress.”

    Similarly, using a University of Arizona statement as an example:

    … atmospheres radiate both up and down (just like a fire radiates heat in all directions). So although the atmosphere radiates 240 Watts/meter2 to space, it also radiates 240 Watts/meter2 toward the ground! Therefore, the surface receives more energy than it would without an atmosphere:

    is equivalent to …

    Thugh ski dughn cum a HeeDuR.

  68. My point is: what appears to be a step up in intellectual growth is really a step down, because the same ignorance operating at the outset has merely been given a facelift with fancier words.

  69. It’s worse.

    The brainwash-story goes that the sun does NOT warm 99+% of the atmosphere. NO — the sun warms the Earth’s … s-u-r-f-a-c-e [vaguely, confusingly defined], which warms the sky above, and the sky above lets the surface [vaguely, confusingly defined] stay warmer than it otherwise would be. What about that OTHER 99+% of atmospheric mass? — is it just somehow sitting there passively? — NOT heating? — NOT radiating? — NOT responding at all to the sun directly? Or are they trying to talk about THIS as the … “surface” too, but confusing when they are and when they are not, and not even knowing that they are confused as hell about which is which when?

    99+% of Earth’s atmospheric volume is hardly ever mentioned in grimhouse fearists’ discussions. Why? Why don’t they talk about Nitrogen and Oxygen? Why don’t they talk about the fact that everything in nature with a temperature above absolute zero RADIATES ? Have they buried it in their confusion over what their SURFACE is? — and this confusion has turned it invisible?

    Why do they avoid discussions of heat capacity ? — heat capacity of 99+% of Earth’s atmospheric volume? I guess that, since it is “invisible” to CO2’s outgoing infrared frequencies, we are supposed to believe that it is invisible – PERIOD. 99+% of Earth’s atmospheric volume is invisible, as far as temperature discussions go. How amazing is that ? And, oh, by the way, 99+% of Earth’s atmospheric volume seems to be invisible to the Stefan Boltzmann law too, or maybe it’s the other way around, since global air temperatures are for AIR, which is GAS, which has WATER VAPOR, where SPECIFIC-HEAT considerations come into play with temperature considerations, as determined by kinetic energy states of molecular ensembles. [a little fancy, but I liked the way it flowed, so I went with it].

    The BULK of the MASS of Earth’s atmosphere does not radiate — that’s what many seem to want us to believe. ONLY grimhouse gases follow the everything-radiates rule of the universe, while 99+% of Earth’s atmospheric mass somehow gets out of this rule. At least, this is what the myopic focus of grimhouse theory discussions tend to force a person to believe.

    Out of discussion, out of mind, out of existence, right ?

    Spotlight CO2. … Action! … Camera! … Take one! … Make a million fools. It’s show biz. It scares people. People like to be scared. We really didn’t intend to go in this direction, but now that we are, hey, let’s capitalize on it. My job, reputation, career, wife’s and kids’ financial futures depend on it.

  70. Allen Eltor says:

    “Robert Kernodle says:
    2018/08/23 at 2:07 PM
    My point is: what appears to be a step up in intellectual growth is really a step down, because the same ignorance operating at the outset has merely been given a facelift with fancier words.”

    Yeah uh.. SOPHISTRY. That’s called


    We oughta start a blog, ya know, like.. “Somethin or Other about Sophistry” like ”Zone of Sophistry” or
    I dunno “Realm of Sophistry” or “Realm of Sophists” or something.

    For sure.

  71. Yeah, Allen, my “it’s worse” statement applied to your statement a zillion words back, before you finally refreshed your browser or closed out and returned. (^_^)

    After a long delivery, you might want to refresh, just in case somebody is also typing at the same time — all two of us — so that the verbal unfolding of what follows next might make more sense, temperal-flow-wise.

    Oh, and the proper thermobillic spelling of “misspelled”, I think, is “misspelt”.

    I wonder whether there is a thermobillic dictionary of standard usage, … for those who might want to converse in the dialect.

  72. Allen, would you FN STOP THAT!

    God dammit man. 10 email notification in 5 minutes…STOP.

    Stop with the long crazy comments, stop with doing it over and over again, stop with the retarded hillbilly speak, just STOP.

    What if other people want to read the comments here and read anything intelligent people are saying? They’ll see your retarded hillbilly speak comments which make no damned sense dominating everywhere.

    It’s pollution man…stop it. God sakes!

  73. Allen Eltor says:

    Ok LoL Sorry hey

  74. Hah…yah sorry…don’t know why I snapped. I was napping…lol. I appreciate your support! Don’t worry…we’re going to win all this. I may enlist some of you guys for a little project soon…one which will end it.

  75. Verbal pollution. Better than CO2 pollution, I guess, but, yeah, I was wondering when JP would snap. I have to admit that my first reaction to the Allen E character was a snappy one, but I contained it, because I realize that there is sometimes brilliance in seemingly crazy rants.

    I get what you are trying to do, but, honestly [honesty hurts], you’re preaching to the choir here. We already share your discontent — we have our own versions of that playing over and over again in our heads.

    Also, I’m not confident that your rants have the impact that you might want on the thermobillies . They will definitely NOT appreciate your humor, because they take themselves waaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously, and so they see you as an ass making fun of their seriousness.

    I have literally laughed out loud at some of your rants — some good stuff in a few of them — but frequent repetition can dilute the comedic effect, even for the choir. That’s why my approach continues to be to spot the exact places in the exact arguments that the thermos spout, … address that exact argument, … and try, try, try to show again, again, and again why it is retarded reasoning.

    My favorite line: A cold nitrogen bath dun come a HeeDuhR., which I have appropriated and turned into, Thugh sk-i duhn cum a HeeDuhR I would design a T-shirt with that on it, but who would want to wear it? — the idiots who support the fundamental idea would find it insulting, and the people who know it’s a fundamental lie would find it promotional of the very lie they want to dispel. So, it has to remain an inside joke, I guess. I get it. I appreciate it. Guess that makes me a crazy in my own way — I just know that I best not act too crazy, when I want to be taken seriously sometimes.

    It’s an old saying, but I’m an old dude, and so I’ll say it,

    Peace out

  76. George says:

    Can someone tell me what is wrong with this video, please

  77. George says:

    Never mind. It is added pressure in the alka seltzer container that causes the higher temperature. Very poor experiment. That guy should be ashamed that he put that farce on youtube.

  78. Yes, among other things. But that’s pseudoscience for you.

    Absorption isn’t the RGHE. He should have changed it from .03 to .04 %…not that absorptive warming from hot to cool is the RGHE anyway. Did his light bulb get brighter? No.

  79. Pressure is not the main consideration, I would say.

    Rather, Alka-Seltzer-CO2 infuses the air and water with CO2, to make both have a smaller specific heat than air or water alone, which means that the same amount of energy will increase the Alka-Seltzer-water-air infusion to a higher temperature than the plain-water-air.

    The concentration of CO2 is also considerably higher … in a SEALED CONTAINER whose SOLID SHELL is surrounded by air at ROOM TEMPERATURE.

    So, you’ve got air and water being heated to a higher temperature because of a chemical enhancement that reduces specific heat, in a sealed container surrounded by room-temperature air with NO CONVECTION inside the container.

    The increased temperature does NOT show that CO2 heats Earth’s air, because 0.04% of a volume of air in an Earth-sized open system, one side of which faces frigid outer space, is NOT represented by a Coke bottle with many times the concentration of CO2 than Earth surrounded by room-temperature.

    0.04% CO2 in the AIR ALONE physically CANNOT heat the open Earth (air and water) system like that.

    The bottle’s CO2-infused water gets hotter than the plain bottle’s water, which heats the CO2-bottle’s CO2-infused air even more. Earth-added CO2 does NOT storm into the oceans this way to reduce the specific heat of 2/3 of Earth’s globe!

    This might help too:

    I hope I got that right. (^_^)

  80. I forgot, [sing it with me now] Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh false belief it is.

  81. George says:


    Thanks for the explanation and link

  82. Oh, this is easily explained. The political left understand that the dunsel are incapable of their own rational thought, have very little science understanding (theories as well as process), and are easily moved by persuasion (Authority trumps everything). The world’s sheeple have not mentally advanced for the last 100,000 years and still think that they can change bad things in the natural world by sheer will (and taxation, which is just another form of sacrifice).

    The left wants fewer people (of the right leaning kind), less resources used per person, more income redistribution, more taxation and above all, to make that all palatable to the sheeple, more guilt. Doom and gloom end of the world fear mongering has been a huge motivator of people throughout all of human history. Much of religion is based on that, so is the political left.

    The goal of the political left is a one world socialist (ie communist) government, with no county borders. That itself is the true end of the world scenario.

  83. Great stuff JRW. Exactly.

  84. What’s worse is that many of the leader-participants in the AGW scare do NOT seethe big picture in which they are leader participants. They too are “sheeple”. They have not bothered to analyze the full implications of what they preach, because they are hooked on a limited view of supposed good that they think they are doing. Sadly, I believe that many are innocent robots, who cannot reason for themselves. They are unthinking cogs in a green machine.

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