Watch “Who Needs Feminism?” on YouTube

Good vid. Posted from my phone so no commentary.

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10 Responses to Watch “Who Needs Feminism?” on YouTube

  1. Who needs feminism?

    ANSWER: Angry, ultimately self-loathing, self-entitled, maladjusted, confused women.

    Well, that’s one answer that comes to mind.

    Greater questions (with similar answers) would be, “Who needs gender neutrality?” or “Who needs gender fluidity?”

    Worse than the lie propagated by the philosophy of feminism are the lies propagated by the philosophies of gender neutrality and gender fluidity.

    I say this, having been deeply involved in the dance world for quite a while during my younger days. I feel confident in saying that most male dancers are gay — this was my experience, anyway. I danced along side these guys. I even danced with these guys sometimes at night clubs. I worked with them in an open minded, good-natured way, never shunning, criticizing, or treating them badly.

    But the truth is that I never felt quite “at home” (philosophically) in all this open mindedness of mine. I always felt my hetero-normative, ultimate nature conflicted beneath the surface of my tolerant behavior. I knew what I was, and I knew what I was not. And so, I speak with quite a bit of practical experience in the world of sexual issues. I’m not some old, white, Christian male raging against new ideas.

    The speaker in that vid makes a valid case, I think.

  2. Allen Eltor says:

    Feminists don’t bother me. I understand penis envy.

  3. Allen Eltor says:

    In the Hetero- sense LoL. Women are ruled over by men and always have been that we know of, with a tyranny that makes all others in the history of mankind, pale. So I understand them not being able to be a rip snorting non child bearing, Sport model of our kind, being a bummer to them.

    It puts me out but.. it’s a competetive work place, what’s gonna happen, it’s all gonna suddenly change and I’m not gonna be the taller heavier faster tougher model? …..mmMM… not at this late stage in my life. Not gonna be happenin, so.. I don’t resent the sh** they’ve gotta go through to try to get some rights.

  4. I’ve worked closely with some very strong women, some in the physical-strength sense and some in the intellectual-strength sense. I am most attracted to physically and mentally strong women, but generally NOT to woman who profess to being “feminists” or “gender neutralists” or “gender fluidists”.

    I definitely don’t believe in the child-rearing, floor-scrubbing, meal-cooking, petite, reserved model of some male idealisms. Feminism, though, seems to have done precisely what it started out not to do, which is to polarize, criticize and toxify the very essence of maleness.

    Climate science is particularly susceptible to the manifestos of feminism, which, hypocritically, sexualize Earth preferentially in its traditional sense of being a feminine entity. This aids in contriving the metaphor of “raping the Earth”, and targeting male-invented technology and policies as the worst sorts of entities. Smoke stacks, thus, become phallic symbols, and carbon dioxide becomes their unwanted sexual emissions. This is poetry gone awry.

  5. Gary Ashe says:

    Feminist = a woman striving for beta-male status.
    Male toxicity = alpha male confidence.

  6. A feminist is the result of female toxicity.

  7. Gary Ashe says:

    Masculinity is toxic to feminists.
    Feminism is toxic to femininity. and masculinity.

    Feminism is grounded in penis envy, its very foundation a jealousy of men.
    Normal women who like men and don’t feel raped after being invited for a drink by a guy they don’t fancy are uncle toms to toxic feminists.

    I believe in women is a new lefty dog whistle.

    I believe in women,…… i married 2 of them, and lived with a handful more.
    They are real………..i even made one………well i contributed half.

    I believe in climate change is another dog whistle.

    I believe in climate change iv’e a garden full of blown brown dried up leaves that proves it is real.

    The Left is a post modern religion.

    i believe in………..diversity/multiculturism/open borders/sustainabilty/women/children/polar bears/etc etc

  8. Post modern = past ridiculous …………………………….. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past.

    … i believe in ….. gender neutrality, gender fluidity, inclusion, non-marginalization, selective racism (as long as it is a counter measure by Afro-Americans to traditional white racism — i.e., “black lives matter”, “black history month”)

    … i believe in animal rights, individuality, tofu, energy drinks, flavored water, body piercings/markings/deformations, cultural appropriation of fashion (as long as most people don’t really know what culture I might be appropriating, since there are thousands to choose from across many centuries that most people don’t have time to have studied and to know, so I can take refuge in ignorance to get away with it without being called a hyporcrite)

    i believe in all small letters with no punctuation and lots of flowery adjectives since language is a creative medium that should not stifle human creativity with any sort of standards since all standards are forms of racism

  9. Gary Ashe says:

    You will like this little one liner Joe.

    Over at F A’s.


    Graham Readfearn jumps the shark, goes full alarmist calling natural feedback processes “climate monsters”
    Anthony Watts / 1 hour ago October 6, 2018
    Sometimes, I think journalists that work for the Guardian have mental health issues. This is one of those times. When you call natural atmospheric feedback processes (which BTW aren’t completely known and quantified yet, only modeled and in wide range of possible value) “Earth’s climate monsters” , it’s not just irresponsible journalism, it’s crazy talk.


    Gary Ashe October 6, 2018 at 3:34 am
    Almost like Sky Dragon’s.

  10. Mark says:

    Its all part of the leftist agenda….has been since the sixties…see here : and here:
    Do you spot the similarities going on in America and with the recent Kavanaugh case?

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