You know who the clown is?  That clown is a PhD in Geophysics at the University of Chicago!  To be a PhD in geophysics requires that you’ve taken advanced-level multi-dimensional calculus including partial differential equations and Fourier Tranforms, have entirely completed classical physics, some computer science courses, courses in statistics, and much more.  But look at the clown look at their clown flat Earth greenhouse effect of clown climate alarm so proudly!

It’s a clown world after all.

Clowns love flat Earth theory…and ginning it all up to look like science.  Of course that’s what you get in clown world!

Have you taken the HONK PILL yet?

You’re going to have to.  Everyone eventually takes the clown pill.  Except for NPC’s.

Here’s the progression: blue pill, red pill, black pill, white pill, clown pill.

Where do YOU fall on the pill spectrum?

You know if you look closely at the clown in the top graphic, even with the clown glancing away it seems you can almost detect something of an incredulity in his posture.  It is as if something just isn’t sitting quite right with him.  Do you see it too?  I think it’s almost coming to the surface for that clown.

But if there’s one thing about scientists, to be a scientist one must have a remarkably low degree of curiosity about the world.  Yes, it’s true.  Ostensibly scientists pretend that they are curious about the world…but they’re only curious about it in the sense of autistic stimming…in the sense of licking a bicycle wheel repeatedly because of the strange texture and taste of it…over and over again…for a whole summer.

Scientists don’t THINK about the world, and thinking is what is required for actual curiosity.  No, scientists FEEL about the world, that is, physically sensate it rather than emotionally sensate it as their liberal sisters do.  Physical scientists are the autistic physically sensating equivalent of female liberal emotional sensating.

And thus, for this clown in that top graphic, it is entirely sufficient to have FIVE DIFFERENT COLORS ALL AT ONCE(!!!!!!) sensating upon his retina!  OMG ALL THE SENSATING!

Ahhh…I just got it now…his posture isn’t that he’s slightly uncomfortable about something…his posture is that he’s super-amazingly proud of his five differently-colored chalks and how much physical sensating he’s produced with them on the board.  It’s not incredulity in his posture, it’s incredibility.  The five different colors are giving him a sensation of incredibleness!  ALL THE SENSATING!!

So, there’s your Clown World climate alarm Clown Science.  Flat earth theory taught by PhD Clown Physicists to entire classrooms of physics students all over the entire Academic Clown University system…thousands of classrooms and millions of children.


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  1. George says:

    Amazing that someone that educated (in Physics no less!) can espouse the garbage he does. Isn’t he aware that Dr. Happer shows that back radiation is a farce? I guess educational credentials doesn’t affect ignorance. Incredible !!!

  2. Hans Schreuder says:

    Quite right George! Academia is married to the greenhouse effect, that’s why it is still taught. Here’s a list from Alan Siddons from December 2008: Nothing has changed in the intervening 10 years. So called skeptics groups like GWPF, CFACT and CEI also continue to adhere to the greenhouse effect bollocks. Despite multiple emais to them, the refuse to admit they are wrong, take your queue from that!

  3. Christopher Marshall says:

    Let’s face it the Greenhouse Effect is the, “Green money laundering effect.” As long as the funding flows the lie will be sold.

  4. Yea, forget that most CO2 molecules loose their excited states to nearby other-air molecules, via vibration, before they can even emit a photon, and forget that this piss-ant amount of cumulative vibration of 0.06 of Earth’s entire atmospheric mass is just taking a ride on the ginormously larger ride that is ground-air conduction and convective overturning of this larger mass. Instead, take the clown view — that the squirt of a syringe of water into the stream of a fire hose adds to the force of the fire-hose stream.

  5. Christopher Marshall says:

    RK plus it’s not a well mixed gas and it doesn’t stay in the atmosphere indefinitely. Even if it’s “deflected” heat as they claim it would be a 50% chance of it being “blocked” as reflection goes both ways (in space and back to Earth) and it’s 1 of 2500 in the atmosphere. That % of reflection even capable is so minute it’s 0.02%. They should have said CO2 causes global cooling and an ice age is on it’s way then it may have worked.

    Climate Clowns Honk! Honk!

  6. Indeed…indeed said the Warlock…

  7. Hans Schreuder says:

    Christopher, please be aware that the three people you mention are part of the “official” sceptics camp that actually legitimizes the greenhouse effect and the equally fallacious “climate forcing”. Those people are not “sceptics” at all, the are educated charlatans. Get the facts, make the right decisions! Click my name for a long list of facts about carbon dioxide and those climate clowns calling themselves sceptics.

  8. Christopher Marshall says:

    Hans I know they’re charlatans. I said, “The jailers such as Monckton, Watts, and Spencer are there to make sure the real climate science never gets out to the public.”
    The real climate science is no greenhouse effect. They fight “global warming” but confirm the process creating it is real. They are spies in the camp as far as I am concerned.

  9. Christopher Marshall says:

    Joseph in the religion of global warming and pop culture you’re understanding of science isn’t the requirement it’s how well you can lie about the science that matters. You have my sympathies because you are brilliant and sane and the rest of the world of climate clown science is nuts. The asylum of climate change is officially ran by the inmates. The jailers such as Monckton, Watts, and Spencer are there to make sure the real climate science never gets out to the public.

  10. George says:

    A question for all you more knowledgeable than I on Physics. Is a Photon real or not. I have read things from PhD’s in Physics on both sides of the issue. It is interesting. Opinions PLEASE.

  11. Joseph E. Postma says:

    That’s just the kind of total incoherence you get from science, physics, these days. After all, they believe in un-real probability functions which randomly collapse to magically produce something real! How do you go from non-real to real? HONK HONK that’s how. How do you go from non-existence to existence? Magic, that’s how.

    Whatever a photon is, it’s doing *something*, isn’t it? But yah, let’s call a process of *something*…not real. WTF?!

    Ask a physicist what energy is. Prepare yourself…HONK WORLD will be your company…lol. They would call energy “not real” as well, not knowing what it is in the first place.

    They call a photon “not real” because they don’t know what it is, because it’s pure energy and they don’t know what energy is…because in their materialist sensing autistic reeeeeeing, they cannot form a physical-senses based analogy to describe it, like they have to do with everything.

    They can’t think of how to describe a photon in terms of “it is like the texture of licking a bicycle wheel”, and hence, they conclude a photon “may possibly not be real”. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! HONK HONK!!

  12. Is ANYTHING … “real” ?

    Humans create symbolic systems to represent their sensations, and these symbolic systems are means of dealing with our sensations. In this sense (he he), NOTHING is real, and a “photon” is just another means of expressing something that humans sense with the mind, as an extension of what we sense with our greater sense organs.

    The concept of photon helps us explain some things, coordinate our actions in some ways, extend our control over our surroundings, and, as such, a “photon” currently is one of the tools we use to try and make sense of our senses.

  13. George says:

    Interesting response Joe and Robert. I take it form your response, Joe, that they are real and a means to describe something that we can see but can infer their existence? Is that correct?

  14. Joseph E. Postma says:

    In things weren’t real *in some fashion* then they wouldn’t exist, and we wouldn’t be aware of them.

    We may not entirely know what we’re dealing with, but we are dealing with *something*, hence it makes no sense to call it “not real” because the non-real is non-existent.

  15. George says:

    Jeeze, typos. Something we CAN’T see and FROM your response.

  16. Our descriptions should improve with time, and they surely have throughout history.

    Alas, when we reach the limits of our gross physical senses, we seem to abandon connections between these and our mental senses (i.e., intellect) and start doing weird shit, like live-dead cats and universes popping into existence from infinitely dense nothingness (i.e., Big Bang).

  17. George says:

    Joe, thanks for your time and response! I obviously respect your intellect and what you write is logical even if I don’t grasp all of it. Science class for me was 50 years ago or so. Please forgive my ignorance.

  18. George says:

    Robert, well said as usual!!

  19. Joseph E. Postma says:

    The solution to that problem Robert is better reason, rather than trying to still fit everything into the senses. BETTER REASON. And the better reason exists, it is just that scientists and modern philosophers are illiterate and extremely poorly read.

    Yes, we can infer the existence of many things. We can even infer the existence of things of which there is no direct sense-perception.

  20. And I agree, it makes NO sense to speak of things that are not real. If we speak of them, then we must attribute some reality to them, or we contradict ourselves and degrade our symbolic systems, reducing them to absurdities.

    I believe that there CAN be a sensible continuity between our scientific terms and our sensing terms. It probably involves abandoning the particle paradigm altogether in its present appearance.

    As long as we know that “particles” are not really particles, then I can remain favorable to the current descriptions, but deeper descriptions require a sense of a “real” continuum, I believe, in order to avoid live-dead cats, explosions from nothingness, dark energy, vibrating strings of zero thickness, and so forth.

  21. George says:

    Joe, well said. I infer the existence of God in my everyday life and defy anyone to challenge that! The further our western societies remove themselves from our Judeo-Christian values the more lost we’ve become ( forgive my political/religious rant lol).

  22. George says:

    My reason for even asking about the existence of Photons was one of the sites I use as reference when arguing with the AGW clowns is Calqlata. I think their page on atmospheric gases explains a lot. That is here:

    I then stumbled upon this. It is really too deep for me to evaluate and I’m wondering what your thoughts were on this one:

    If that second page is “out” there then I would naturally wonder about the first link which I see as being correct in it’s analysis.

  23. Christopher Marshall says:

    Since you guys are on deep subjects. How much of quantum physics is really feasible and what has just become pop culture science? I know little about the subject myself and therefore can’t tell the feasible science from the clown science.

  24. We currently live in the Honkocene Optimum.

    That’s about as deep as I can go today, Christopher M.

  25. Christopher Marshall says:

    It’s a wonderful honky tonk climate clown jamboree,
    where the science is fake and the chalk is pretty.

  26. Some of these clowns have a Gravitational pressure / thermal gradient theory. It seems the people who will survive this catastrophic global warming will be the ones with the strongest eardrums.

  27. Christopher Marshall says:

    1/4th of the power horsemen you mean.

  28. Mack . says:

    Climate Apocalypse? I’d say the 4 horsemen haven’t even saddled up, yet.

  29. Allen "Honky" Eltor says:

    LoLoLoL The HoNKoCeNe LMaO! I wish I’d have made that up!

    Robert Kernodle says:
    2019/04/20 at 4:26 PM
    We currently live in the Honkocene Optimum.

  30. Christopher Marshall says:

    Of course photons are real I’ve seen them on Star Trek. “Fire the photon torpedoes!” what more evidence do you need?

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