Critical Thinking Climate Change

In this video I discuss how if we simply apply the merest degree of critical thinking to climate alarm/change science, we can prove that it has no valid foundations or conclusions whatsoever.

Everything that climate change alarm science predicts and interprets is filtered through their “reducing goggles” of, yes, flat Earth theory. I know that sounds ridiculous, I know that sounds like a ludicrous charge, I know it sounds like a claim so absurd that it must not be true and just makes “skeptics” sound crazy…

But the best of lies are hidden behind concepts so ridiculous that to merely point them out is itself to sound ridiculous.

It’s an “Emperor’s New Clothes” situation.

Climate change alarm science is founded on flat Earth theory.

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100 Responses to Critical Thinking Climate Change

  1. What some alarmist will probably say to this is that the flat line merely represents the Earth’s surface over a short distance, and that the flat appearance is because the Earth’s circumference is so large that a short distance looks flat.

    True, a short distance on a huge circumference is roughly a flat line, BUT the flat line in those “simple models” does NOT just represent a short distance! — That flat line represents the ENTIRE surface of the Earth !

    If a short distance were our focus, then the flat line would be fine, BUT, again, the flat line in the “simple models” REPRESENTS THE WHOLE EARTH !!

    Even, if the flat line represented the flat disc with Earth’s radilus, then this might be okay too, BUT, again, the flat line does NOT even represent the flat disc — it represents the flat disc BENT AROUND THE WHOLE CIRCUMFERENCE of the Earth. The flat line, thus, can ONLY represent a flat Earth.

  2. It’s like, Duh, we forgot that in making a graphic representation of Earth’s surface, we had to remember that our sense of the ground under our feet as a flat plane is not what our model is about, but about the whole extent of the flatness under our feet, curved around a globe far beyond our feet.

  3. Somewhere, the perspective of an-individual-standing-on-the-ground got confused with the perspective of a tiny-spec-standing-on-a-huge-ball. And everybody just fell for it, because this speaks to our most basic sense of orienting our physical bodies in the world — we experience flat ground, NOT big round, and so direct experiential sensation, in a powerful reflexive response to the apparent “downward” pull of gravity, oriented otherwise logically thinking minds to the reflexive experience of ground-under-feet.

    It’s like this reflex dominated otherwise logical minds, and mistakes were made, compounded and compounded again, … so deeply that the false paradigm gained the strong foothold that it has today.

    The false paradigm, in other words, is grounded in the simple reflexive experience of flat ground that we walk on.

    That’s my take on it.

    An error on the most fundamental level of all, … so fundamental that people cannot even realize it, because it deals with a reflex (not a thought), and this is why it remains hidden, and why it makes people who DO realize it look ridiculous, because it IS ridiculous — just the people who think it is really do not realize why. THEY are the ones being ridiculous, and in ignorance of this, they see OTHERS as the ridiculous ones.


  4. Tom, not that Tom says:

    Come on Joe. What better way to gear your solid WordPress following to establish you as the guy who coalesced normally educated people in the desperately required public re-think re MMGW?

    You just have to bite-size chunk it and let logic take over, supported by your followers.

    Eg: if the temperature of the planet couldn’t become uncontrollable when CO2 was 4,000 ppM, why would any theory of planetary crisis gain traction because of CO2 at 400 ppM?


  5. Tom,

    People who do not know how to think logically cannot even connect bite-sized chunks. They just swallow and regurgitate the lies, and get so used to them that their taste buds for even a morsel of truth are destroyed, so it seems.

    If the blender doesn’t work, then putting fruit in it will lead nowhere, as far as blending a nice healthy smoothy. Similarly, if a mind does not work, then putting morsels of truth in it lead nowhere, as far as blending a nice healthy perspective of reality.

    I like metaphors, obviously. (^_^)

  6. Tom, not that Tom says:


    So the lunatics take over the asylum. Is that all you’ve got? Man up Bobby. You’re redolent of the classical physicists in 1905, all of whom agreed that all physical laws and interactions were understood and that all that remained was to “measure” everything.

    Along came a critical thinker, name of Einstein, who wrecked the groupthink by revealing that energy was quantized (UV Catastrophe). Th owner of this blog has critically thought his way to expose the conflation of 2 distinct heat transfer mechanisms which wrecks the UNIPCC bullshit that a frigid gas bath heats an entire planet by +33C because magic.

    Enjoy your metaphors. At some point, realists have to re-educate the mouth-breathers, enabled by a global reset of #FakeScience. A degree of public anger at the peddlers of this fkwittery and taxation is appropriate. Mouth-breathing politicians did this to us, spurred by the #FakeNews. They need to be replaced by different politicians following a global reset via the #GreatAwakening, which is coming in #Trump’s second term. Joe is a shoo in to support this beyond this niche blog.

  7. Tom, not that Tom says:

    Superb, as ever Joe. Yet, even open-minded warmies couldn’t bite and swallow this in one chunk. As difficult as it may be, could there be a sub-2 minute version of this?

    I’m in a country which is losing this fight for rationality, mostly because of the unchallenged #FakeNews. It’s another reason why you need a Twitter account.

    Start small, Your WordPress followers will retweet you to include @RealDonaldTrump & @POTUS. Trump’s first term is about destroying the Fake News and exposing conspiracy, sedition, treason & other crimes in the previous Administration. You could help make his second term about destroying #FakeScience which is controlling by sucking the enjoyment out of our entire way of life – for the enrichment of an already fabulously wealthy few. The #FakeScience also underpins the globalist UN Agenda 21 , as accelerated by UN Agenda 30.

    “Climate of Sophistry” might not jive as a Twitter handle. Try something more pithy: “@FakeScience”, if not already taken. You get the idea. You choose.

  8. John OSullivan says:

    Many thanks for the excellent video Joe. Would love to have more to share with our readers:

  9. Tom NTT,

    I do agree with this that you said:
    “At some point, realists have to re-educate the mouth-breathers, enabled by a global reset of #FakeScience. A degree of public anger at the peddlers of this fkwittery and taxation is appropriate.”

    JP’s video seems to address this by way of saying that we have to re-educate people HOW to think logically, which is what the educational system seems to be failing to do. As long as we have an educational system that operates via memorization/regurgitation to keep the crowds coming through the gates with their money to support tenured profs and athletic programs, then the lunatics very well COULD take over the asylum.

    People have to learn how to learn, before they can be re-educated. The degree of public anger that you mentioned would be best aimed at institutions of higher learning that foster this elevated form of mouth breathing.

  10. Christopher Marshall says:

    As a grossly under educated non-scientist I’ve tried to summarize what I have learned here in under a thousand words with my own perception of science. So did I get the facts right or no? No rush if you’re bored take a peek correct my mistakes (if any) expound as you see fit or just slap your head in dismay. I think I got your explanations down right:

    The “greenhouse effect” simply doesn’t exist. However, a Radiative Thermal Effect following the laws of Thermodynamics certainly does exist and should read something like this:

    There are three ways for thermal energy to move from one zone to another: by conduction, convection, and radiation. Conductive heat transfer involves direct contact, wherein vibrations spread from molecule to molecule. Convective transfer involves a mass in motion: expanded by heat, a fluid is pushed up and away by the denser fluid that surrounds it. Radiative transfer arises when molecules intercept the light that warmer molecules are emitting, which brings about a resonant molecular vibration — i.e., heating. 99% is Convection/Conduction.

    Water evaporation and convection drives the Earth’s weather systems. Water Vapor also dominates the thermal effect of the Earth but has two subtle feedbacks: Firstly evaporation mainly from oceans is a very efficient way for the surface to lose heat through latent heat. However cloud formation then leads to a higher albedo and to night time heat retention so there is a play-off between this and the thermal effect of H2O.

    That would at least make the premise coincide with scientific facts like the Adiabatic Lapse Rate, air pressure, convection, conduction, gravity and a logical energy budget.

    An energy flow has to maintain a thermal equilibrium.

    You can’t transfer “heat” from one place to another. You can only transfer “energy” and “heat” is a result of that “energy”. “energy” can only flow from HIGH to LOW. We can measure this by measuring the resulting “heat” of each of the systems. The HIGHER system will decrease in energy, and the LOWER system will increase in energy. We then detect that energy transfer by observing that the HIGHER energy system decreased in “heat” (temperature) and the LOWER energy system increased in “heat” (temperature). In any case, “heat” did not “transfer” anywhere; it was the ENERGY that transferred. The result was the change in “heat” of each system. Thermal backradiation heating is simply thermal heating from cold going to hot and that is not a thermal equilibrium. There are not separate energy balance equations for different thermal gases. Specific humidity is the total mass of water vapor in a parcel of air divided by the mass of the moist air. Warmer air can hold more water vapor, so specific humidity increases with temperature. Co2 plays a small part it is the entire lower atmosphere “delays” heat or we’d be on an ice planet and everything in the atmosphere can hold a certain amount of heat. It does not re-radiate that heat back down to the surface to increase the heat even more. That is an absurd violation of practical physics.

    Keep in mind the Laws of Thermodynamics have to be adhered to: Heat flows from hot to cold; cold does not cause hot to become hotter; hot in warming cold does not become hotter still because it warmed the cold; only the colder temperature rises when it is heated by hot; a temperature cannot heat itself. Cold doesn’t heat up hot, heat doesn’t flow from cold to hot, hot in heating cold doesn’t become hotter still because it heated the cold.

    Thermal backradiation heating is simply latent heat that only delays cooling. Oceans can retain decades of latent heat and the atmosphere just mere days. This latent heat is what helps nights remain warmer than would be. Without latent heat this would be a snowball of a planet.

    The peak emission spectra of CO2 are at 15 microns, which by Wien’s displacement law is equivalent to a blackbody radiating at -80C. Per the second law of thermodynamics, a low temperature/frequency/energy body at -80C cannot warm a higher temperature/frequency/energy body at 15C (Earth). Heat isn’t going up to the atmosphere remaining hot and heating the planet up more. Heat isn’t being “trapped” in the atmosphere and then heating the planet up more. Heat isn’t hiding in a passive backbody, collecting, and then heating up the planet more. Stupid science and a bumbling understanding of physics has created the present version of the Greenhouse Effect.

    The Sun is the main driver of the climate and is grossly misrepresented in climate science. So much so they needed to invent another means of heat transfer such as backbody radiation. In reality, backbody radiation is just delayed cooling and as such has no power to heat up more or amplify heat or any nonsense like that. These simple truths have been so perverted by climate science that the laws of physics no longer apply to their versions of climate.

    So how does the real energy budget work?

    Climate is all internal response effects (from solar input). Internal cycling of energy (i.e. all weather phenomena is not production of new energy or new heat or higher temperatures.) Most climate effects are cooling phenomena, except for the release of latent heat which prevents cooling and keeps things warmer than otherwise. Eventually, all the energy escapes that comes in, as radiation out into space.

  11. Philip Mulholland says:

    A great summary.
    I recommend that you add Enthalpy and Dimensional Analysis to your list of things to study.

  12. Tom, not that Tom says:

    @Philip MulHolland

    Re dimensional analysis: I have quite a foggy memory of this from my ancient physics degree (1978). Are you referring to the idea that whichever variables may be included in a postulate equation, each side of the “=” sign must resolve to cancelling out values (or coefficients??) of mass, length and time?

    If correct, I bet you Joe could do a number on this, to expose the ‘something heats itself up because magic’ fallacy. There must be a killer invalid assumption, exposable by Dimensional Analysis, which could be stated. Perhaps the fallacy that “energy” = “Temperature” or “Heat” could be (again) debunked?

    We have to win this by red-pilling one Normie at a time. Joe: you’re a Trojan.

  13. Christopher Marshall says:

    I have to say I never knew how many laws applied to the atmosphere. I am amazed how physicists recall laws like I do simple equations.

  14. t says:

    @Philip MulHolland

    Great comment. Re dimensional analysis: I have quite a foggy memory of this from my ancient physics degree (1978). Are you referring to the idea that whichever variables may be included in a postulate equation, each side of the “=” sign must resolve to cancelling out values (or coefficients??) of mass, length and time?

    If correct, I bet you Joe could do a number on this, to expose the ‘something heats itself up because magic’ fallacy. There must be a killer invalid assumption, exposable by Dimensional Analysis, which could be stated. Perhaps the fallacy that “energy” = “Temperature” or “Heat” could be (again) debunked?

    We have to win this by red-pilling one Normie at a time. Joe: you’re a Trojan.

  15. Allen Eltor says:

    There’s no such thing as any cold light blocking bath that warms what it’s cooling. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, not today, not anywhere in the universe.

    The atmosphere is a cold light blocking nitrogen-oxygen bath. It is never a heater.

    It is laced with sufficient COLD, light blocking REFRIGERANTS that a total of 29% of all otherwise available warming firelight spectra from the sun, NEVER reach and WARM the planet.

    There is no ”THERMAL DOiNS” what dun 0 yew no.


    Not EVER.

    Not ONCE.


    NO negotiation.

  16. Allen Eltor says:

    There is no such thing as ANY entity: GOD Her F***n SELF INCLUDED,

    that makes LESS light REACH and WARM an object,

    thus making MORE come OUT

    every time it makes LESS go IN.

    There’s just not.

    There’s no “Wayle, yew jist ain’t signtsie like fantsie fellurs, what’s got BOW ties,

    an thay on parkin playsis at WERK

    so’s thay can HURRY two thair RE surch evur mornin,

    There’s no “WayLe, maybe YEW aint. dun RED tha SIGNTS,”

    There’s no NOTHING but LESS ENERGY IN

    that PRECISE amount less energy


    The atmosphere has not:

    watch my words:

    E.V.E.R. contriubuting ONE solitary THERM,

    one JOULE

    one PHOTON of ENERGY t

    o the planet, because it’s there.

    No there isn’t.

    It has STOPPED 29% from arriving and warming the planet. Yes, it has.

    I can hear everyone thinking: “MiSTeR – YeW doant sownd SiGNTSiE.”
    Yew ain’t signtsie, yew ain’t nevur WUZ, yew jist – yew ain’t signtsie, that’s awl.

    Yew AiN’T. AIN’T, CAiN’T, WHAT nevur COULD, undurSTOOD yew sum SIGNTS.”




    “Yew jist ain’t SIGNTISIE”

    I can HEAR it
    through ALL

    “A COALD GAiS BATH dun come a HEEDUR an’ YEW ain’t SiGNTSiE. ”

    Yes I can.

    And I’ll bet EVERY single P. CASH I’ve GOT yO.

    Praise KeK!

    Burn Moloch.

  17. Allen Eltor says:

    A fire
    lighting a rock
    in a vacuum
    has caused the temperature of that rock
    to reach a test-question generating level of thermal emissions.

    That test question is “Explain why single-mode cooling, of purely radiant nature, definitionally leaves the object being cooled
    at the highest possible temperature,
    for the mass-energy ratios between the
    energy source
    object radiating subsequent emissions.”

    That is a TEST question, girls.
    NOT f*n MaYBe
    NOT f*n SoMeTiMeS
    in EVERY single comprehensive or specifically related classroom


    for the MASS-ENERGY RATIOS involved
    in the warmth-inducing energization
    of the object in question
    and subsequent
    thermal emissions?”

    You can put it a MILLION ways,
    because it is a BASIC FACT
    IN ALL physical sciences
    related to HEATING
    and COOLING.

    The EARTH
    is a ROCK.
    Not maybe,
    Not sorta,
    Not when God Her Self
    drops down into your room in a blinding beam of illuminant FLUX
    wearing that chrome miniskirt She puts on, when she
    shaves her body
    and goes down to the bar
    to PICK up MEN,
    and starts BABBLING to YOU
    and if She CATCHES you TELLING your FRIENDS in SCHOOL thay AIN’T,
    She’s gonna JERK OFF one of her F*K me HEELS and BEAT your little
    “cold gas baths an’t heaters” barkin’ INSOLENT @$$!”

    (Her words not mine, SHE’S the One
    that’s a f*n drunk,
    who thinks
    light blocking
    dun come a HEEDUR. yAW)

    I don’t give a _____(think of something beliggerant and nasty)
    if EINSTEIN him SELF
    and thim NGO FeLLuRS what doant PAY no TAXES cawse THAY’S TRYIN two HELP
    and started all crowdin’ around the door like MOLOCH PRAYIN HEAD CHOPPIN
    what HATES thim ain’t SIGNTSIE
    cawse thay dun bin ZOMBIEFIED
    fer signts,

    A COLD
    light blocking
    won’t be
    dun –
    dun what, girls?



    I an’t SIGNTSIE?

    Here’s how this rolls, Servants of Moloch.

    The planet is ILLUMINATED
    by LIGHT from a FIRE.


    otherwise available
    warming firelight spectra
    from the sunlight contributing
    nearly every last therm of Earth temperature.

    This is not up for negotiation.

    The earth sits in near-vacuum conditions,
    ultimately re-radiating out
    what DUN COME IN
    come IN’t.

    Now- when talking to the servants of Moloch, it sometimes becomes necessary to TAKE a FEW HONKERS! HONK! and try to get RELAXaFuhKaYTiD cawse SERVANTS uh MOLOCH
    that dun said, we gonna try two proseed, and get some words sed
    and some THaWTS dun THuNK. YaW.

    The planet is surrounded by a gravity pulled bath of cold Oxygen-enriched, Nitrogen.

    The Earth sits inside this bath: immersed within it.

    This cold Oxygen enriched Nitrogen bath, without ANY green house gas class gases, ALONE stops about 6% of all otherwise available warming firelight spectra
    from ever reaching the Earth.

    Test question, therm-0-billies: HOW many MORE PERCENT WARMING FIRELIGHT
    are MADE to COME OUT for the SIX PERCENT that NEVER go IN?

    Remember these for the Servant of KeK is gonna be wanting to hear some

    ”cold baths, dun come a heedur’isms”

    from everyone who believes, thay dun thunk.
    A lot.
    And kin planely see,
    evur time less
    dun wint in,
    it dun made more
    come out

    By makin’ less go in.

    Again for thims uh yews what’s signtsie:
    How many percent MORE light than 100%
    COME back OUT of Earth,
    for EVERY percent,
    the light blocking
    makes NEVER go IN?

    That’s question 1 and I’m gonna be expecting an answer
    that doesn’t make global clown noses
    go Honk!

    Praise Keku.
    Down with Moloch.
    And his science blighting servants.

    Under conditions without any green house class gas enrichment at all,
    light blocking
    Nitrogen bath,
    has made 6%
    less light
    and warm it.

    Not maybe.
    Not when Moloch said.
    Always. Because the servant of KeK


    NO Green House Gases
    6% less energy reaching and warming Earth.

    Is this clear to the servants of Moloch?
    Cause the servant of KeK dun and sed.
    it is truthie
    it is lighty
    it is Pepe.

    It’s dun PepeCash certified, you no-Honkin! bischis.
    Yew kin bet’
    if yew go check,
    yew gonna see

    Oxygen – creating those legendary blue-sky daylight conditions,
    a TINY fraction by Nitrogen
    and some DUST
    stop 6% of all sunlight
    from reaching and warming Earth.

    did the SERVANT of KeK
    tell you who serve Moloch,
    to go ask YOUR high PRiESTS?

    Question 1: HOW MUCH MOAR
    fur EVUR pur SiNT
    WHAT ain’t DUN
    Go’ed IN?

    100% wuzza
    Goin in thair
    6% LESS

    than 100% dun COME out
    fur EVUR
    pur SINT
    what AiN’T nevur
    Go’ed IN thair?

    Go ask the high priests of Moloch to give you the answer.
    Sints sighntsie fellurs dun sed.

    Meanwhile I’m gonna hit ”post” because every time I make a SUPER long HonK! post
    I lose the guts to be so hilarious
    and stop.

    Last night I came in here and just free-styled a poem that when I finally stopped laughing and got embarrassed and closed that tab, was roughly 120 lines long.
    EVERY line rhymed perfectly.
    Every single finishing word,
    was perfectly in place as well. If it rhymed with something, it was cause it was perfectly placed there. I was laughing so hard I kept getting up and telling my wife: “Read what the servant of KeK dun tolt’em dear.” She was laughing too. In fact when I killed the tab, poem at all, she looked at me and said WHaT????”

    It started:
    I am Allen ‘PePe’ Eltor
    I’m the servant of KeK
    “They dun sed cold gas baths is heedurs, Allen,”
    “Why don’t’chew go down and check.”

    Listen to me servants of Moloch: I gave you one question to ask your handlers.

    The next time someone comes in and says “Yew ain’t evun signtsie, Mister”

    I’m gonna tell them to tell ME
    the servant of KeK
    the simple, CLEAR answers,
    to questions 1, 2, 3, 4, like that.

    Ok? Listen to me
    I sit in diversified head dress
    I dun PePeCaSH
    I dun got Honk! pills,
    And I’m a belly-muscle bucklin
    Funny-bone fracturin
    makin fun of,


  18. EPA’s latest master work of science fiction ( or, at least, my take on it):

  19. KeK Signts B*tCH*S says:

    Most of my posts are appearing above Robert Kernodle’s last one except the one Joseph had to moderate on account of me
    mentioning the name of Moloch.
    Now back to Climatastrophologically relevant matters about how thim cold baths, is heedurs.
    The planet with NO ghgs in it’s cold, light blocking Oxygen enriched Nitrogen bath,
    receives 6% less warming sunlight spectra.
    Today – GET CHOAR CAL kew LAYDURS servants of MOLOCH it’s about to come A NuTH’R qwes’chin bout thim less ins,
    is more out
    Today the cooling
    light blocking
    named the
    are stopping – refracting away to space –
    23% of total otherwise-available, warming firelight spectra, from the sun;
    so that today, a total of 29%
    of all otherwise available
    warming sunlight
    never warms
    You might think this would be the next question the servant of Kek would have:
    how much more sunlight
    dun come out of Earth,
    evur time thim green
    refrigerant gaisses,
    dun made a nuth’r
    pur sint
    not go
    And it IS sorta but we need to get two doin some CLIMATE MATH, kids HonK!
    Praise Kek.
    Now – let’s do a little mathyness
    an’ git our selves, some figures.
    Currently the only two cooling, light blocking refrigerant class Green House Gases
    that are even worth talking about – you’ll see this clearly, servants of Moloch –
    are Water – at about 25,000 ppm
    and C02s – whats at about, 410 ppm.
    Together thim too, dun come up two 25,410 ppm.
    But thim ain’t round numbers, – them ain’t square.
    So’s lets us say, we dun Jist got, 25,000 ppm
    of cooling
    light blocking
    refrigerant gases.
    Ok? Yaw signtsie fellurs: don’t SAY
    yew cain’t understand what we’re sayin here.
    Yew’s servants uh Moloch
    yaw dun ben two tha
    guvurmint school.
    Yoar grand paw dun ben, and he was tolt’ abowt how thim pots
    is JiST like Heroin
    and a gateway to opioids,
    and how sints it dun come a gateway two thim
    we all gotta git on thim opioids
    so thim pots,
    don’t git hardly nair’nuvus
    on two thim opioids. YaW.
    It’s JIST plain signts,
    it ain’t nuthin to be scared of.
    Back once again to the climatastrophological ponderins and what not.
    The green house gases is currently at about 25,000 ppm.
    And, these same
    light blocking
    are stopping roughly 23% of all otherwise available, arriving, warming sunlight spectra
    from ever going in two the Earth,
    So – let’s say that JUST for COMPARISON so we can sorta “Speak it two tha common man”
    let’s go ahead and say – that thim gaisses, what ain’t let nunna thim in,
    is a stoppin 25%
    from warming us.
    So then due to climatastrophological churnins and what not,
    we have got our selves,
    a climate mathy
    thang, what
    helps us
    how much more dun come out,
    evur time, less dun wint in. Yaw.
    25,000 ppm magical gasses, what dun made a cold bath uh HEEDUR
    25% of otherwise available, warming firelight spectra from the sun,
    for every
    1,000 ppm of cold light blocking gases,
    1% less warming firelight- dun warm’t us.
    1,000 ppm gas = 1% less warming firelight
    warming the planet what dun got heedur’fied.
    Let’s go ahead and also just eliminate those other losses, thim coolins
    by thim gaisses
    what ain’t green house gas’uns,
    for the sake of comparison – I noe it’s dun got mathy and this is why, we need to try to simplify the climatological churnins,
    what confuses common fellurs – let’s just say ALL thim LIGHTS
    wuzza gettin in two
    Earth thangs,
    so we can keep the climate math
    whur a reg’lur fellur, some kinda space signtist or what not
    can understand
    the more sophisticated
    cly’mittie, mathy thangs.
    So ALL the light was getting two EArth,
    and we no really it waa a couple pur sint wudd’nt
    but we will go back and sort out the fractions, later.
    When we dun tawk’d about the signts,
    and sed signtsie thangs.
    Fur the people. So’s thay kin under stand.
    1,000 ppm of GHGs = one percent less warming sunlight going in.
    How many PERCENT
    dun COME OUT
    cause thim first 1%
    ain’t never wint in?
    Now. It’s complicated but’chaw just hang on.
    Then there was 2,000 ppm, and 2% ain’t wint in.
    How much more dun come out now, thim uthurns,
    ain’t wint in?
    Then there was 3,000 ppm, and 3% ain’t wint in.
    Then there was 4, 5, 10,000 ppm,
    and there was 4, 5, 10%
    ain’t nevur wint in.
    Then there was 15,000
    and 15% ain’t wint in.
    Then thair wuz 20,000,
    and 20% give or take,
    ain’t dun wint in, yaw?
    And now finally
    we has dun come
    to the point, what ain’t nair return frum
    and that is,
    that 25,000 ppm dun made
    give or take with our smoothins’ an’ what not
    25% or so – we know it’s 23, but please stay with me here.
    Climate math is hard so we gotta take a short cut wunts in a while.
    Each time,
    thim magical glitterins
    dun made less glitter in,
    how much more
    thay dun made glitter out?
    Servants of Molech?
    Servants of Moloch?
    How much more dun come out,
    EVUR TIME, less dun WiNT INNiT?
    Tayle me
    servant of Keku
    How you dun figured, yoar
    ”less ins, dun come a more out” isms?
    Please tell me that or Moloch eats sh*
    and follows the circus so he can have enough of it.
    Now any uh yew fellurs what dun seen me dun go off on the servants of Moloch similar
    knows thay gonna say “I cain’t hardly undurstan’gYeW.
    Yew dun hurdum say it.
    And yaw no
    we ain’t dun NUTHIN’
    but try to GET two the SiGNTS
    that is as CLEAR as IT can BE,
    which is WHY
    Thuh FURST thang evur fellur dun
    wuz ”HEEDUR!,
    So that is question 2 a, b, —> whatever letter 25 is.
    dun COME OUT
    evur time a magical gaissiness,
    what dun made a cold bath,
    a HEEDUR
    dun rose,
    an uth’r
    1,000 ppm?
    Here is a hint for yew what ain’t signtsie.
    The high priests of moloch, dun sed,
    the Earth is now 33 degrees WARMER
    than if ALL the sunlight available
    was going into Earth
    to WARM it.
    Because 23% what nevur wint IN
    was kept OUT
    by GHGs.
    So let’s just kinda figyur.
    Thim nitrogins
    thim oxygins
    thay dun stopped some.
    and thim grean wuns,
    THEY dun stopped some
    but a lot more.
    Let’s just put it all in one package,
    and one of you Moloch prayin
    ”A magical gassiness dun made a cold bath a heedur” barkin
    climatologicaly transmogrified,
    signtsie fellurs,
    what don’t no thim laws, and what not,
    cause thay just
    git in the way of signts
    Tell us all in here exactly how many percent MORE dun COME OUT
    cause 29% LESS dun WiNT iN.
    The servant of KeK
    says Moloch’s a B*TCH
    and he ain’t got
    no pepecash.
    He ain’t got no stash uh HoNK! pills,
    an he ain’t got thim fine Ho’s.
    The servant of KeK dun SED.
    ” YaW.”

  20. Allen Eltor says:

    There is a man, he dun studied. For years and years, and YEARS, he has been checking.
    That man is a doctor. HonK!
    Ok he just played on on TV but he dun studied.
    He heard about thim climatisms what dun sed, that
    evur time yew dun put less in, it dun made more get put out.
    And that every time you put more in, what makes more get put out,
    it dun been less
    what dun been
    put out.
    Many many times, measuring EVERY last DROP of
    ‘What’chew dun put in” vs “What dun got put out” –
    Let’s let him talk about HIS findings:

  21. Servant of KeK says:

    I NOE watch’yew






    “Yeh’Diz, YEW jist AiN’T LiSSiNiN two YoaR SELFS!!”



    SmMPH =
    Shaking my
    Moloch Prayin HEAD

  22. Christopher Marshall says:

    This is my revised version of global warming advocates. Any thoughts on expanding or fleshing it out would be highly appreciated. This data was acquired after about 6 months of testing on social sites under different user names. I tested debate, just using science (I thank you guys for that part), using citations, just trying to reason using historical records and the end result was always the same: Nothing. my personal summary conclusion is as a general rule:

    You can’t play with rabid dogs you just have to put them down. They are climate clown damage control with only three simple objectives: Deny-Discredit-Deflect. They can only accomplish that mission if you “engage” with them. They have an endless database of counter facts, ambiguous scientific “citations” and endless looping remarks to counter any fact given. How do you defeat a liar? By never engaging with it in the first place and I say it because these “things” aren’t even human anymore. It’s funny they love using citations and “papers published” because they have deliberately created an endless paper trail to be used for that very same reason. Repeat the lie and repeat the lie so many times people will begin to believe it was the truth. For real world examples North Korea teaches that South Korea attacked them for no reason and the evil U.S. gladly helped. Japan teaches their kids about the bombings but never about Pearl Harbor or the fact that Japan started the war. As all of you know that’s why they indoctrinate kids so the lie has more power than the truth. It would be like a father finding out on your only child’s 18th birthday that they weren’t yours.

    Anyways here’s my 3 cents and I want 2 cents back:

    The three versions of global warming advocates:

    1.) They have been so indoctrinated they cannot execute critical thinking and never presume for a second they are wrong. Indeed, will never admit they are wrong and no amount of proof will ever change that. Such a branch becomes the “believers” the radical Jihad of the religious global warming sect and they are the active radicals attacking blasphemer deniers anywhere they show up. These are the ones who hate oil, the “believers” that CO2 is going to destroy the planet. Nothing will ever change their minds absolutely never ever. In the middle of a Glacial Ice Age they would be screaming, “It’s because of global warming.” These people are not worth your time.

    2a.) They know it’s a farce and go along with it because it’s easier than fighting the propaganda machine. These are also the individuals who would turn coat if the public opinion would ever sway against global warming. They are moral cowards and as such could never be trusted or depended on.

    2b,) Then again, they may be part of that propaganda machine and actively pursue to silence anyone who opposes the main objective: Destroying capitalism for a global socialist construct. Many in the 2a bracket transit to the 2b bracket easily, being that they are morally compromised.

    2C.) They are part of both A&B and have found it more beneficial for themselves to propagate the lie their personal welfare outweighs any need for scientific or morale honesty. Personal greed or gain is their motivation rather than a global social construct or pressure from the propaganda machine. Not only are they morale cowards they are also morale criminals. Naturally they profit financially.

    3.) Then you have the third option. Someone who believes in global warming because it sounds good and seems reasonable but never gave it much thought. This person, unlike the other two, when presented with alternate facts can form a base and informed opinion whether they accept, deny or are on the fence about global warming. In my opinion, these seem to be the only ones you can reason with and perhaps sway to the science side of facts.

  23. CM,

    I think that I might qualify as a convert from # 3. (^_^)

    I kicked the (then) “global warming” addiction around 2009. I haven’t had a drink of that stupidity for over ten years now.

    Is there a reward for that?

    Thinking for oneself is either in you or not.

    We need outer-space colonization now, so that we can have a separate planet for the alarmists to inhabit. Then they could serve as an experiment on the progressive effects of catastrophic stupidity. I would apply for a grant to study that, and maybe write some uppity-sounding journal articles in some obscure multi-disciplinary journals, to boost my non-paid, no-fame, independent scholarly non-status.

  24. Christopher Marshall says:

    Yeah I was a number #3 for a long time. Then after all of Gore’s predictions failed I thought what’s going on here? I remembered California was supposed to be under water by the year 2000. So as any genius does I counted my fingers and toes and thought that was supposed to happen years ago and it didn’t!

    What a great dream that would be. I’ve often thought about sending them to another planet but they would end up destroying their new home and blame it on Earth. Would have to be a one way ticket without returns. Like the Hotel California, “You can checkout any time you like, But you can never leave!”

    Sadly if it weren’t for those nutjobs we’d had a test colony on Mars by now and maybe a station on the Moon. If only we could perfect synthetic humans to start bases for us. An endless galaxy to explore and people are literally crippled in fear by carbon, a world making building block.

  25. Rosco says:

    It is so easy to show how absurd the simple model of the “back radiative greenhouse effect” is using their own “logic”.

    This diagram is from the University of Washington and “represents” Earth with no atmosphere:-

    Obviously this is the same model that you could apply to the Moon.

    So the temperature on the Moon can never exceed 255 Kelvin (minus 18°C) in direct sunlight yet NASA has measurements showing the Moon reaches 380 Kelvin (107.7°C).

    This is part of their lecture culminating in this :-

    That in itself totally destroys the credibility of the “back radiative greenhouse effect” simple model – it’s simple all right !

  26. Yep, … simply wrong.

    On a separate note, JP and Rosco, just for fun, you both should do this:

  27. Allen Eltor says:

    God point Rosco.

    There is one international standard for the base climate parameters of the planet and they don’t involve the calculated temperature of the planet being 255 kelvin degrees, that mathematical model – the one that the French first calculated and published in 1864 for evolution of the flight business – they were trying to sell hot air balloon technology to the Democrats in the Civil War when they tried to violently overthrow the constitution and rule of law in the US over their cheap, illiterate labor scam called slavery –

    that model is the one we calculate and calibrate and WARRANTY AGAINST FAILURE


    every single commercially produced piece of equipment on this planet against.

    That Internationally agreed-upon Standard Atmospheric values-set,

    is named of course the International Standard Atmosphere and it’s the one that to this DAY

    every aircraft or spacecraft product on this planet is calculated to obey

    And is using THIS INSTANT no matter WHO or WHAT or WHERE or WHEN you are reading this.

    Not maybe
    Not well, sorta or sometimes,
    That’s how an interplanetary space age
    LAUNCHES it’s CRAFT and makes a BiNGO! sound at the other end of yon loftings, be they short or long, high or just a little bit.

    This valuse set named the International Standard Atmosphere has hardly changed ANY at ALL and is in PRESENT constant USE – OVER your HEAD RIGHT NOW to fly commercial jet craft, private aircraft and ultimately every single satellite over you, arrived obeying THOSE calculations.

    These VERY calculations using the law written for the very purpose of calculating atmospheric air’s energy conditions, – the Ideal Gas Law, re-arranged to be deployed as the Real Gas Law – uses the very same chart that assigns Atmospheric Air an Individual Energy Constant 35% higher than that of CO2. The Ideal Gas Law used to do nearly ALL atmospheric calculations, is a two part law and part one is the original Equation of the Law which is PV = nRT. Obviously pressure and volume, temperature are naturally occuring things that can be very much more easily metered than calculated but the R in that equation is where this chart comes in :

    On line 3 of the SOLE chart in the UNIVERSE for calculating the energy containment of Air and CO2 at given pressures, and on line 12,

    are the Individual Gas energy Contants for Air and CO2 and you can see clearly CO2 has the LOWER energy constant: such that in all calculations enrichment with CO2 means LESS or LOWER overall energy stored within the volume – whatever the pressure and whatever the energy load applied to warm the volume. If you start out at Standard air and enrich until you are at 100% CO2 then your volume of gas will contain 35% less energy.

    No negotiations,
    No ifs, buts, ands or Yebuts.
    shall another chart be used NOR shall one exist in formal scientific endeavor because that’s the one that you can start out and use four laws including Avogadro’s law, to arrive at in a lab, using molar quantities of gas. That’s just all there is to it.

    The Standard Atmosphere can be seen being calculated on YouTube here

    and you’ll see very clearly that – these calculations which tell planes and craft how much loft there is in a parcel of air – like when they’re landing a jet full of 300 living passengers on a tarmac anywhere in this world from St Petersburg to Phoenix.- are THE ones that are LEGALLY mandated be used,
    in keeping every aircraft aloft on this planet, except those not commercial who can use the law of Metro-CucK FuMeS if they want to. And who knows it might work even better than the real law of physics written SPECIFICALLY so people can KNOW if there’s a proper mass-energy ration that it’ll lift a millions of dollars craft with 260 people off the ground in St. Pete or Phoenix.

    The Standard Atmosphere was adopted nearly EXACTLY by the world as THE model against which all apparatus would be standardized because it so closely mimics real world conditions,

    nearly 90 years after the French first published the Standard Atmosphere, in the very early 1950s.

    Practically speaking UNCHANGED.

    The Americans, in 1976 published an updated version of this Standard Atmosphere with an expansion of certified-correct mass-energy relationships going up another couple of hundred thousand feet, so people didn’t CRASH CRAFT entering ORBIT by COMPUTER,
    as the
    American Standard Atmosphere.

    THIS version is accepted for orbital flight mass-energy parameters-computing GLOBALLY.


    nO negotiations.

    The temperature of the planet tonight is damned near I.D.E.N.T.I.C.A.L. to what it was

    same bat time,
    same bat station,
    same bat PLaCE
    over the South Pole or Phoenix
    as it was in 1 8 6 4.

    No Negotiation there, either.

    When you skip through the Standard Atmosphere calculation videos you’re gonna see repeatedly calcualated, the temperature ”288.17 or so” kelvin degrees.


    AGAIN: No Negotiations about that.

    It is ILLEGAL to USE calculations for gear or applance warranty that do NOT arrive at 288 because

    THAT is FRAUD.

    regarding gas
    mass-energy relationships,
    where any kind of liability potential could be involved.
    No Negotiations. NoNE. Not once, not EveR.

    Every single statement, sentence, syllable & symbol of ”Cold light blocking Oxygen-enriched Nitrogen baths are heaters”

    is crass, in your FACE I DARE you to ARGUE – TRANSPARENT and UTTERLY indefensible

    F R A U D.

    There is not a permutation of mathematical values that EVER involve 29% less energy in

    ever being anything BUT 29% less energy out.

    And remember that 29% lower temperature

    comes BEFORE the CONTACT-DRiVeN conduction COOLING starts.

    After the cooling green house gas refrigerants, – yes, refrigerants,

    eliminate about 23% of the available warming spectra

    from Earth’s overall energy budget

    THEN the CONDUCTION cooling starts,

    and the


    accelerates THAT.

    There is no such thing as any human any robot, machine nor accidental toppling

    of a rock into a cold

    light blocking Oxygen-enriched Nitrogen bath

    and it’s temperature going UP from it’s single mode, radiation-in, radiation-out mode cooling.

    Cold gas baths NEVER contribute to temperature RISE of ONE object on ANY object they strip 29% of total warming energy from ever reaching that object.

    There is no such thing as slowly trickling in ever more light blocking refrigerants, so ever less available warming spectra can arrive – today it’s at 29% lost, 23 due to the GHGs –

    and every time more refrigerants
    make less light go in the rock,
    this NOT going in,
    makes MORE come out.

    No there is _blanking_ not and all people would have to do is learn about how the

    Ideal Gas Law was written and why

    know who Mr Regnault were,

    Know the Ideal Gas Law
    converted- SAME law – into REAL Gas Law – same chart, different line basically
    to calculate planetary atmospheres

    learn that the base climate parameters values-set is named the International Standard Atmosphere,

    learn the French first calculated and published it,

    learn the Americans updated it by COMPUTER for not crashing LIGHTS into ORBIT – and gave those expanded values to the WORLD to use during CRITICAL atmospheric MASS-ENERGY change points during climb into orbit –

    and it is FULL ROUT from there because YOU’RE back do discussing REAL cold light blocking oxygen-enriched nitrogen bath behavior,

    NOT listening to them MASTURBATE onto your HAIR and SNICKER.

    And also conveniently, the current light quantity removed
    from calculation of surface temperature
    by Magic Gassers
    is the full 29%.

    The GHGs getting rid of ( close to ) 25% are also at ( close to ) 25,000 ppm

    ( 23% of total sunlight removed by 25410 ppm is CLOSE to 25% being removed by 25,000)

    This simple mathematic immediately makes it plain that their story is that

    Every time more of the Magical GAissiness what dun made a cold bath a heedur,

    dun wint into Air
    less sunlight dun wint in Earth
    thus making
    more sunlight dun wint out of Earth.
    Evur time
    less dun wint innit.

    No negotiations with those feces flinging bonobos.

    Tell em what their CHURCH told them:

    When there were no GHGs only 6% of light was stopped by Ozone, Oxygen, etc

    then 1,000 ppm GHGs
    made 1% less go in.

    Then 2,000 ppm GHGs
    made another % NOT go in

    on to 5,000 ppm GHGs
    and 5% not reaching warming Earth

    10,000 ppm GHGs and
    10% less light warmed us

    15,000 ppm GHGs

    20,000 ppm
    20% less

    till today ABOUT 25,000 ppm GHGs
    make ABOUT 23 (for squaring it up we said 25%) not reach and warm Earth.

    This means EVERY time those GASES made LESS LIGHT GO IN
    DUN made MORE come OUT
    thay dun made LESS go in.
    THAT’S what they TOLD you THEY think is REAL mathematics.

    And I’m here to tell you all, you can talk and show charts ALL day LONG
    and all you’re gonna do is BREED more argumentative baboons
    until you show them those charts about how EVERY TIME LESS WENT IN

    Matter of fact, YOU don’t have to SHOW them usually, you can just TELL them what I just told you

    and you can hear those personalities change like when those guys on TV
    chop each others’ HEADS off and ONE of em has an orgasm
    and all the REST of them through the universe have a CHILL
    like something scary slithered across their metaphorical GRAVES.

    YOU wind up LAUGHING
    till TEARS come out of your eyes

    THEY wind up having something turn off about BAiTiNG OTHERS
    callin em fuckin stupid girls. They do not recover from that.
    Now they might be a professional grade bullshooter who moves on
    and tries to tell people it’s real again
    but you watch how they act when they do
    and how *snap* quick their b** #$ vanishes
    when you show up.

    It’s like -woah, ”This is the one who posted the video of me dancing at the gay bar with my shirt off.”

    When you HIT them with the REVEALED TRUTH of what THEY’RE telling YOU that THEY believe happens – every time those gases go up, and another percent less light goes in, it MAKES additional percentages come OUT – BECAUSE less went IN –

    they COMPLETELY think you misunderstand.

    Their church requires belief in the FRAUD WORDS that ”the sun and atmosphere don’t interact as sunlight comes in, only when it turns to infrared in Earth does it interact – you prove THAT’S a lie by reminding them the atmosphere is STOPPING that 30% they see their handlers remove during calculation – it is the REASON for ”sunlight top of atmoshere vs surface” being all over their church’s teachings and they REALIZE their handlers are SHOWING them their REMOVAL of 30%
    or so –
    while SAYING to them CLOSE your EYES, nothing is HAPPENING, you’re MESMERIZED by me TELLING you there’s NO INTERACTION BETWEEN THEM as I SHOW YOU ME REMOVING 30%.

    This is a HUMILIATING REVELATION to them. PERSONALLY. Not just ”rhetorically hilarious smartassing, this HUMILATES them INTERNALLY and they go WtF??? wHY didn’t I sEE THaT..”

    Then there’s something ELSE they MUST be LIED to about and that is that ”Sunlight doesn’t have much infrared.”
    More than HALF of SUNLIGHT is infra/near infrared energy. MORE than HALF is.

    You then reveal to them THAT. And they’re like.. hey wait- WaiT you’re – no NO! – but they don’t have the balls to argue cause it’s SO CLEAR once you give them a shortened link to ”52% of sunlight is infrared/near infrared and the largest individual class, infrared is 40% of all sunlight- nearly HALF.

    When they realize that 40% of ALL SUNLIGHT is TRUE infrared – and they’ve been told sunlight doesn’t have a strong infrared component this is VERY VERY DISTURBING to THEM.

    And you just keep ROLLING them with LIE after LIE after LIE they’ve been told till you THEN

    show them the CHART where the SOLE LAW on EARTH written to ANSWER this VERY QUESTION has THE SOLE CHART in the UNIVERSE for ENERGY CONSTANT for Air and CO2 and show them:


    LINE 12, you science gnawing RAT: CO2: ENERGY CONSTANT 25% LOWER.

    ”If YOU changed out a 100% Air volume till it was 100% CO2 it would hold 35% LESS energy”

    listen – this is some BONE chilling shit to a Capuchin on the internet barking magical gassiness has dun made a cold bath a heater because light blocking refrigerants making LESS light go into a ROCK
    are making MORE come out
    by making LESS go IN.


    That LEGAL STANDARD involves YOU ARRIVING at about 288.17 kelvin for the surface or YOU are DONE. Not ONE word MORE.

    When YOU can’t arrive at THAT temperature
    then YOU can not operate AIRCRAFT – 33 DEGREES is WAY enough to be above the norm for planes to not properly take off in Phoenix and other hot places in the summer – that’s just not up for negotiation either.

    In the summer jets can’t take of in several airports worldwide because the MATTER-ENERGY RATIO of the AIR

    It’s TOO WARM. Same thing for the density of air when ANY airplane is landing in Air that’s COLD.

    If YOUR temperature is off 33 degrees C you have a VERY different aircraft buoyancy ratio.

    Not maybe.

    if you sold an OVEN and said operations could take place at X before Y happened and were off 33 degrees YOU’D be COMMITTING FRAUD that would start FIRES and DESTROY anything you tried to make – FOOD you COOKED
    NOT ACCEPTABLE to LET someone by without explaining that this 33 degree difference changes AIRCRAFT flight,
    FOOD storage and preparation
    WATER temperatures from equipment or in equipment,
    it’s a TRASH VALUE.

    You ALWAYS need to make double darn sure you’re able to get this across with ZERO compunction for retreat because it’s so simple that SUZIE TEENAGER who’s 16 who takes HOME STANDARD CARE and MAINTENANCE of FOODSTUFFS and MEDICINES for INFANTS knows you can’t COOK FOOD and be 33 C OFF at SEA LEVEL.
    YOU can’t KEEP an INFANT’S BATH 33 degrees WRONG at SEA LEVEL.

    And when you REVEAL to her sixteen year old practically illiterate ass, because PUBLIC SCHOOLS left her 30% behind EVERYBODY- private schoolers, parochial schoolers, HOME schoolers who teach themselves to read, write, and count at grandma’s kitchen TABLE while mom does her shift as a nurse all day – that
    the STORY she’s been fed is that a COLD light blocking, bath, making LESS light go in a rock is making MORE come out – by MAKING LESS go IN so ”signts neads yoar kids’ lunch monie fur re surch” – she’ll hate those motherf*ckers till the DAY she DIES as WELL she SHOULD because
    what that story is about.

    so she can ”help resurch to find out JIST HOW MUCH A MOAR izza COMIN OWT,

    It’s about ROBBING her from CRADLE to fucking GRAVE; and her SON and her DAUGHTER and her HUSBANDS and her MOTHER and her FATHER and every motherfucker on the planet

    who can be shouted at or LIED to so they STFU
    because they’ve been told they’re GUILTY.
    And THREATENED for asking WHY.

    See why Democrats love Islam? The ”you don’t need to read anything but what I say” and “you ask me that again and we’re gonna surround and harm you and spit on you when doing it – and when you recover we’re gonna ask if you want another round because that’s how it is here: obey our happiness – or die. Like those infants we murdered.”

    Islam = leftists with different rats they claim they’re sacrificing you too.

    It’s not funny it’s not mildy entertaining unless you’re so paralyzed with fear at what you’ve discovered about it,

    that you don’t have the guts to say it.

    It’s a story about a cold bath
    that had refrigerants added
    so nearly 30% of all light
    never going in
    makes more
    come out
    of the
    of the bath
    every time the refrigerants
    make less reach it
    and go in it
    to come

    It doesn’t matter HOW they INTIMIDATE and EMBARRASS you –
    just like it doesn’t matter if they invade your country pretending to be refugees
    or if they pretend to be invading because you owe them something,

    is WHAT they want

    going ON.

    They figure there’s enough for them to split up –
    between your labors: tax slavery
    your worship: political and religious – one wants one, one wants the other
    and your property:
    room for Islam and South American territorial greed to spread

    they’ll SORT it all OUT
    and TIED DOWN and made WATCH
    what they do with YOU and YOUR
    e x i s t e n c e: whether you

    Democrats and Islam are BOTH SLAVE STATES in PRINCIPLE.

    For that matter so is CATHOLICISM which is ALSO LOBBYING YOU

    to GIVE IN to SLAVE TYPE CONTROL and let THEM, molest your little boy children.

    The Islamic ones will take the females

    The leftists will act like overlords

    using YOU to keep it all in place.

    No? Then WtF are THEY all DOiNG.

    Why do leftists want HORDES of strangers THRONGING your land?

    work together on the most LUDICROUS stories ever DREAMED?

    are making LESS LIGHT warm the PLANET
    so MORE is coming OUT?

    The GAS holding 35% less energy
    when enriched, makes Air hold MORE energy?

    It’s crass DISRESPECT of you after training you to TOLERATE it

    for DECADES. Hansen was spinning this magic bath is a heater story

    since HE became HEAD of GISS in 1980 and Gavin Schmidt his protege


    making LESS light REACH and WARM EARTH
    have made MORE LIGHT reach and WARM Earth
    every time they’ve made LESS light REACH and WARM Earth.

    that’s their story
    and they stick to it because you won’t or can’t ridicule them out of the entire maketplace of ideas.
    Because you can see how ALL THREE of those GROUPS ACT
    Catholics <— South Americans

    they ALL believe in LESS freedom and LYING to you as a WAY to DO it to you.

    and SURPRISE, like DOGS
    they're TEARING the BODY of your CIVILIZATION apart

    all three who profess they PLAN to SUBJUGATE NATIONS to their


    They're LITERALLY smirking you're so f***g stupid you're too scared to CALL it

    for what it really is.

    A story about a MAGICAL BATH additive
    that – making less light go into a rock
    makes MORE come out
    every time it makes LESS go IN

    using FIRE
    using TECHNOLOGY

    We need LESS freedom
    We need LESS taught in schools
    We need LESS independent thinking,
    We need MORE international socialism
    We need MORE international Catholicism
    We need MORE international Islamist hatred

    for white people.

    Does ANY of that shit make ANY senses to ANYONE

    but the people who BURN DOWN every civilization they invade, molest, the rob, rape and murder?

    ONLY to them.

    Who the f** is the POPE who runs a NATION of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM DENIAL and MURDER
    literally CHAINING people and CUTTING off LIMBS and KILLING them for not OBEYING
    to tell YOU
    less light going into Earth
    is making MORE come out?

    Who are all these South Americans to tell the people of European extraction that ''THIS LAND BELONGS to US TOO because YOU DON'T HAVE the BALLS to TELL US NO?''

    Who are these INTERNATIONAL LEFTISTS to tell us we have to run things like THEY ran the Soviet Union into a HOLE.


    It's PAST egregious it's criminality on a GLOBAL scale, with SPECIFIC intent to simply
    CARVE UP the WORLD'S POPULATION and PUT them to work as


  28. Christopher Marshall says:

    Can some one fill me in on the Stratosphere cooling and the Troposphere warming claim these alarmists keep harping in on about? I’m not seeing any real evidence to support that claim so where are they getting it from? This claim along with the bogus nights warming faster than days claim is how they are trying to say that the Sun isn’t the driver of climate which is the stupidest thing ever conceived.

    Zoe already filled me in on the nights warmer claim but the sphere thing I gots no clue.

  29. Zoe Phin says:

    Lower solar activity lowered thermal activity in stratosphere and all layers above. 1.5% less cloud cover in troposphere caused warming despite lower solar activity. -Z

  30. Christopher Marshall says:

    Thank you. Makes perfect sense when you have all the pieces.

  31. Allen Eltor says:

    You poor people have been faked out even by the concept that the climate is changing.

    No, it isn’t. And it hasn’t changed since the French first calculated and published the globally accepted base climate parameters

    every single piece of equipment is warrantied against
    every single piece of instrumentation equipment – is calibrated against.

    Do you guys know the name of the globally adopted base climatic parameters set?

    When you admit how – not actually you don’t, give it a good think as to why, with the end of the world coming,

    nobody’s taught you the name of the base climate parameters against which everything on the planet related to pressure, temperature, etc – is warrantied and calibrated.

    The reason you haven’t been told what the real on is –

    is because everyone still uses it. Nobody anywhere on this planet uses the numbers your handlers – the high priests of the magical gaisssiness what dun – made a cold bath ‘come a heedur – claim are accurate mathematics related to this planet or, any planet they tell you they calculate the temperature of using the method that delivers the WRONG ANSWER by 33 degrees, HERE on Earth.

    What’s the name of that International Standard set of base Atmospheric climate data again…?

    Someone? The name of the official set of global base climatic values for the atmsophere – from the surface on up.

  32. Allen Eltor says:

    “the real one”

    above sorry

  33. Christopher Marshall says:

    Has anyone read this it is making trolls ejaculate on demand. I tried reading it but got so bored I drifted. Key points is they are claiming that CO2 blocks 30% of the Sun, yes that’s right, 30% but apparently only one way as only magic gas can.

  34. CM,

    That paper seems to confuse the dynamics of totally different layers of Earth’s atmosphere. I just skimmed it, but my first impression was why are the authors not focusing on molecular density of the various atmospheric layers? Thermal effects depend on the density.

    And why are the authors not distinguishing the directions from which the various IR comes from. It’s like they are treating near infrared coming in from the sun directly like farther infrared going out
    from the Earth.

    The mesosphere is the coolest layer of the atmosphere. The thermosphere is quite “hot”.

    I just get the sense that a collage of information is being swirled together without due regard for some basic categorical distinctions. I’d have to study it to be more specific, but I don’t want to take the time.

    It reads like blatant parroting in places, infilled with splashes of atomic technicality to make it look convincing.

    As a whole, it seems like BS.

    But the info on co2 vibration modes actually seems to defeat the greenhouse effect. Given the percentage of CO2, compared to other gas molecules in the troposphere, it would appear that most CO2 molecules transfer their vibration energy to other molecules around them, before they can emit a photon, and since there are so few co2 molecules giggling these other molecules, there’s not much heating going on at all by CO2 in the troposphere. Higher up, co2 seems to cool too.

  35. Christopher Marshall says:

    Thanks RK,
    You got farther than I could. It is being passed along as proof of global warming by (I’m assuming) universities.

    I’ve dipped in your conversation with Doc Snow and he seems fixated on animals for some reason. Anyway as I am not an expert on the subject but doesn’t magnetic changes effect migration? The poles have been acting weird for a while now and that would cause confusion among migration patterns. Many animals depend on the magnetic field for navigation and many animals instinctively follow patterns of those who navigate on those patterns. Would stand to reason for any normal thinking human being that a change in one pattern would cause and effect other patterns.

    I remember the good ole days when climate change was called seasons.

  36. Christopher Marshall says:


    Just a head start if you are interested. Meaning you can take it from here and do a better job (you always do). This is just one piece of the puzzle I’d be interested if you found out more.

    “The magnetic pole is moving faster than at any time in human history, causing major problems for navigation and migratory wildlife.”

  37. Human-caused climate change seems to have infinite possible paths of re-direction. If one argument gets challenged, then just shift to another. Hence, Doc Snow’s re-direction to animal migrations.

    Desperation to find catastrophe forces a person to look in every nook and cranny to find it.

    Migration and extinction have always happened. I doubt that today’s migrations are any more influenced by climate change than in the past. If anything, human-built structures redirect these, and there are other factors that determine them that I doubt researchers have thoroughly separated to the point that a human climate cause can be attributed to patterns we might see today.

    Think I’ll go glue my ass to a flag pole now, in reverence to the “Extinction Revolution”.

  38. Christopher Marshall says:

    Sometimes simplicity is the hardest thing to find. Alarmists always ask “don’t you believe in greenhouses gas?” No I don’t. What keeps that gas on Earth? Gravity. So gravity holds heat and the gas claimed to hold the heat so that makes gravity the source of holding heat.

    Which makes me wonder what would happen if gravity were to change gradually more or less? How do we know that gravity is the exact same as it was 5k years ago or a 100k or a million? We know that gravity effects everything outside our little ball of dirt. Gravity changes because of our star, the planets, our galaxy and our galaxy in concert with the cosmos. How can that possibly NOT change the Earth’s gravity?

    An astrophysicist could spend a life time just studying the gravity of the cosmos. I could spend a lifetime just learning about what they learn from the cosmos. NASA could have endless funding if they put their heads back into space and out of politicians’ CO2 butt cracks.

  39. “Greenhouse gases” don’t exist in my vocabulary. I only use the phrase, as I might use the word, “stupid”, to describe the context of somebody else’s beliefs.

    I don’t believe in unicorns or dragons, but I like these fantasy creatures in art and mythology. Same with elves and demons.

  40. Allen Eltor says:

    There’s no heat held, 29% never goes in. That’s called COOLING when the COLD light blocking

    oxygen enriched NITROGEN BATH makes 6% less energy reach the surface and warm it,

    it’s called COOLING when the cooling GREEN HOUSE GAS REFRIGERANTS stop another 23% from reaching and warming the planet,

    it’s called COOLING when the entire 29% is counted as one lump sum.

    In ANY of earth’s emissions spectra the sun side stream is VASTLY more powerful.

    40% of sunlight is PURE INFRARED.

    Another 12% is FAR INFRARED,

    and stopping more than a QUARTER of all sunlight – much closer to 30% than 25, the COOLING

    GHG refrigerants ALONE stop 23%.

    About HALF of all infrared HEAT from the sun never reaches and WARMS Earth.

    When a fireman puts on a reflective/refractive canvas coat to walk through hot spots, the color of plasma being VERY comparable to the sun,

    the MAIN SOURCE SIDE gives off infrared energies far, FAR greater than the meager heat of the fireman’s body.

    When YOU have some LOOP-TARD subject you to the indignity of saying you think a COLD GAS BATH is a HEATER – YOU don’t HAVE any more dignity.

    ‘Well what is that HEAT in thim atmusfears thin?”

    There’s ONE sole ANSWER to this. ”29% MINIMUM less than there’d be with NO light blocking amosphere you Baboonian HicK. LESS IN never is, MORE OUT. Not EVER.”

    There’s also my answer which is to follow that with ”You’re a SH* EATING BABOON.”

  41. Allen Erroneous Eltor says:

    I’m sorry I should have written 12% is ”near-infra” soz

  42. Allen Eltor says:

    I was trying to be brief and skipped over several things. When a fireman wears a coat of refractive fiber and the energy coming from the fire is some total energy, is the coat heating the fireman when he can walk through that yellow plasma? Or is it COOLING him by making light never reach and warm him?

    It’s cooling him. By how much?

    By whatever percent isn’t able to penetrate the jacket.

    That is non negotiable.

    If there is a net LOSS there is net COOLING.

  43. And, on the night side of Earth, where no fire light enters, the nitrogen/oxygen bath holds the warmth that the sun did give on the day side, while the “greenhouse” refrigerants do what? — there’s only a few of those molecules per 2400 or so other non-refrigerants, and so the emissions from those might add some heat giggling to the other 2400 (just piss-ant amount, if any), but most of the night heat is from the nitroxy bath’s heat capacity, in conjunction with the 70% or so H2O Earth surface area that holds even more warmth from the fire-light side, once night hits.

  44. Christopher Marshall says:

    I was told this experiment is being done at schools to prove global warming:

    Yes I found the simple logical inconsistencies such as the lamp shining on one bottle not both, the man changed the air pressure of the CO2, he used liquid, and we don’t even know why he waited an hour in the first place and I don’t know why he even used a lamp (besides it being pointed directly at the CO2 bottle). What were the things I missed?

    I’m curious about your guys’ thoughts.

  45. Allen Eltor says:

    No Bob, you’re just talkin’ smack.

    And like ALLLLLLLLLLLLL you Magical Backerdisms buleaverizin’ folks,

    you’re refusing to give the FiRST thought, – not to what I’M saying-

    you’re refusing to give the first thought, to what YOU’RE saying.

    I want YOU to tell ME – don’t say something smartassed to me ok?

    how much more light

    goes in the Earth,

    because 6% less light

    goes in the Earth. .
    This is YOUR story.

    Every time the COOLING light blocking REFRIGERANTS

    make LESS LIGHT go IN,

    they make MORE light go IN.

    Don’t pretend what I’m saying is ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL too complicated Bob.

    This is YOUR STORY.

    does the ATMOSPHERE make go INTO the EARTH
    each time it makes LESS ENERGY go INTO Earth?

    The reason you refuse to elaborate on your sophistry, is because



    to THINK HOW



    Even your claim that the COLD Oxygen-laced Nitrogen BATH is a HEATER – is PATENTLY ABSURD.

    The cold, light blocking Nitrogen bath ITSELF – without ANY cooling GHG refrigerants,

    is responsible for about 6% of all sunlight not going into Earth.

    And watch my words Robert: there’s no such THING as ”at night when the sun isn’t warming.”,

    That’s a sophist’s FANTASY.

    The sun is ALWAYS warming and don’t start telling me you question that.


    And the Atmosphere is ALWAYS cooling.

    And that is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

    I want YOU to tell me,
    how much more energy goes into the Earth at night
    because the GHGs make 23% less go in,
    SIMULTANEOUSLY, in the daytime
    on the other side of Earth. .

    Don’t tell me ”Signtsie Fellurs dun SeD” like all you believers do.

    Don’t tell me “Yew ain’t evun dun thunk it threw.”

    You have told me that you think

    I haven’t considered
    wtF I told you

    So YOU tell me now after years Bob,

    HOW you THINK
    23, 29, whatever %
    less light going in a rock on ONE side
    is making MORE light come out,
    on the side cooling into the dark
    after it just spent all day getting 29% less in
    than if that energy reduction didn’t happen,
    and 100% of all light went in.

    You’re even claiming you think the cold Nitrogen BATH is a heater at night.

    The Oxygen enriching the Nitrogen
    The dust in the air BECAUSE the Nitrogen holds it aloft
    The Ozone by-products of gas matter-energy interaction aloft

    before ANY ghgs are EVER involved,

    are making 6% less light ever go into the Earth:

    all day every day.

    Tell us all in public

    after knowing each other for years,

    how much more energy you think the cold oxygen-enriched Nitrogen bath

    makes go into the Earth

    by at the IDENTICAL MOMENT

    making 6% less go into it?

    6% LESS goes in due to the Oxygen in the bath, the Ozone, the dust,

    and your claim is that at night,

    the surface 6% COOLER

    by virtue of the fact that

    the cold gas bath exists,

    is “WARMER” – a SLIGHT amount more goes INTO Earth

    BECAUSE 6% LESS goes in.

    Tell me how

    ”Every time gas makes less go in,

    it makes more go in.”

    Use the words,

    YOU TALK TO YOURSELF about this


    Thank you Robert.

    Your cordial and sincere friend,


    “The servant of Kek, ”


  46. Allen E,

    Was that long post addressed to me? If so, then I don’t think that you understood what I wrote. If not, then what “Bob” were you referring to?

  47. Christopher Marshall says:

    RK I don’t get half of what he says, he’s suffering from talking downs syndrome.

  48. Pierre says:

    Did not come here for sometime now. I see that someone came here and forgot to take his Lithium pills first. Hah. Never mind. They send one of those Libtards to disturb on every site telling the truth on the climate scam !

  49. Allen E is anything but a Libtard. In fact, he is such the opposite that I would call him anti-Libtard.

    Maybe he will consider shortening his posts and arranging them in a more traditional fashion to follow the structure of good, clear composition that educates, rather than intimidates.

  50. Pierre says:

    RK.. If he is not then I’ll take your word for it and say that I’m sorry. But his litterary style still does not impress me. It’s not a great way to get an audience. Have a great day.

  51. I think Allen E mistook what I said as not being in agreement with his views, when, in fact, it was an attempt to extend his views, using some of his own literary style.

    The sun does, in fact emit infrared, but, as I understand it, the sun’s infrared (as this particular part of the spectrum enters Earth’s atmosphere) is not the right wavelength for CO2 to absorb. CO2 is wavelength sensitive. The infrared coming from Earth is of a longer wavelength than the infrared coming from the sun, and so Earth’s IR is what CO2 specifically absorbs/and emits. I don’t see Allen clarifying this point in his rants.

    I have to think in terms of a sunlit side and a dark side of Earth. To speak of Earth as though the atmosphere does just one thing (heat or cool) seems wrong. The day side is cooler, and the night side is warmer than if an atmosphere was not there. The coolness provided by the atmosphere on the day side is the warmth provided by the atmosphere on the night side.

    The atmosphere enables a habitable temperature range, because of its heat capacity, in conjunction with the humongous heat capacity of the oceans.

  52. Christopher Marshall says:

    RK is Joe working his butt of these days? On vacation or is he in Tahiti with a hot girlfriend or two? Or is he “otherwise engaged”. Or just none of my business which is perfectly acceptable as responses go these days.

  53. Joseph E Postma says:

    Sorry…yes busy. My top priority has been wanting to make more videos…I haven’t had time for that or anything. Just busy with work and home. I have some great short video ideas I want to produce.

  54. In the meantime, COS fans, you might want to read this informative article on the magical thinking of replacing fossil fuel with wind and solar:

  55. Wind and solar lack the energy flux density required to sustain civilization. Fact. That’s why the left loves them.

  56. Christopher Marshall says:

    The Noble class will still depend on fossil fuels but the slave state will be riding bicycles and living off of solar & wind while living in grass huts. Not to fret, the hut roofs can be converted into a garden fueled by the owner’s waste and recycled urine. Meat? They’ll be eating all the dead birds caused from the turbines. It’ll look like Hobbit homes from LoTR, Either that or 10X10′ room high rises that can house thousands of oppressed miserable people.

  57. Yes, the laws of physics of the real world, as we know it, do not allow wind and solar to do what fossil fuels can do and DO do. You cannot make a turtle run fast — it’s just not in them. Similarly, you cannot make wind and solar run the developed world — it’s just not in them.

    Of course, the green dreamers don’t know or care to know the physics of real worlds, or those who do know have other objectives in pushing magical thinking.

    If you said something like “energy flux density” to a green dreamer, then their eyes would glaze over, as they spouted their unicorn-dream fantasies, in total unwilling ignorance or in complete blindness to what you just said. If you cannot talk in terms of magic, then they seem not to listen.

    Alexandria Occluded Cortex is a prime example, of course.

  58. Christopher Marshall says:

    I just learned that several advanced models working together came up with 46% maximum of CO2 in the atmosphere is man made. With a calculator and a sheet of paper using stupid math I came up with 47% before I read the article…money well spent?

  59. Did man make carbon? Did man make oxygen? I think nature made these, and man maybe reorganized them. No matter, so what? — CO2 has been way more than it is now, and man had nothing to do with its reorganization from C and O2.

    On a related topic, woman has also helped in the “making” of CO2. Let’s not exclude them from this part of the story, lest we be called CO2 sexists.

    With gender fluidity, it gets even more complicated, and so we best use “human”, but this has “man” in it. I guess, then, that there’s no way to win at a proper attribution.

  60. Christopher Marshall says:

    Actually when man dies they do add to carbon so in a way man does contribute to carbon. Ashes to ashes dust to dust carbon to carbon.

  61. Good point, CM.

    And since carbon is pollution, by some standards (or lack thereof), when we die, we become pollution. Yet we spend thousands of dollars on stylish containers to secure this pollution in the ground, so that it cannot cycle back into the scheme of things more freely.

  62. Allen Eltor says:

    How many time does a person have to be told this: the SUN SIDE SUPPLY of INFRARED ENERGY in E.V.E.R.Y. SINGLE S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M.

    D W A R F S the EARTH-SIDE.

    The infrared coming from the Earth isn’t special. The infrared load coming from the sun IN THAT SPECTRAL SPREAD, DWARF’S EARTH’S.

    It DWARFS it.

    Not maybe, not sorta, it DWARFS EARTH’S SPECTRUM of EMISSION.

    I do realize any charts most of you can find seem to indicate Earth’s PALTRY emissions as equitable with those of the sun and they’re simply designed to mislead you.

    If you have say… a baseball, and it’s out there lying in the sun and it’s average temperature of emissions is exactly that of Earth-

    and sitting beside it, you have a fired up 100 watt incandescent light bulb, do you REALLY believe the infrared load being given off by that light bulb in the spectrum the baseball is glowing off

    is SMALLER than that of the baseball?

    This is exactly what you believe and it’s simply false. The very nature of the sun glowing at the temperature it does means the LONG wavelength light glowed from it is PRODIGIOUS.

    I didn’t misunderstand what you think. You think 29% less light IN means more OUT, somehow.

    No it doesn’t. It never did, it never will, and it’s not happening now.

    The Atmosphere stops 29% of total, otherwise-available warming firelight spectra from the sun, from EVER reaching and warming planet Earth:

    turning aside about HALF the total near/far/true infrared load the sun emits

    such that it would strike the planet if the Atmosphere didn’t stop it from hitting it.

    This is NOT complicated.

    The fact you believe that somehow a MILLIONS of times larger object

    is UNABLE to give off energy at the same spectra planet Earth does, isn’t a short-coming on anyone else’s part.

    When an object begins to glow off energy, it’s glowing that energy off in ALL SPECTRA.

    Here’s a standard chart related to the various spectra glowed off by objects of various temperatures.

    Notice that – the HOTTER the OBJECT
    the MORE low frequency energy emitted.

    We go from 6000 kelvin
    to 5000 kelvin
    to 4000 kelvin
    to 3000 kelvin
    to 3000 kelvin
    and then – ostensibly down to 2,000 kelvin, 1,000 kelvin, on down into hundreds of degrees kelvin,

    with the Earth’s temperature being on average, 288 (or nearly 300 kelvin for good round comparison numbers but the actual average is 288.17 kelvin)

    The chart is showing you clearly that the HOTTER the OBJECT the MORE LOW FREQUENCY ENERGY EMITTED.

    Not maybe. There will NO NEGOTIATION about this.


    The baseball vs the light bulb – you’re gonna claim you’re confused.

    You have TWO LIGHT BULBS: one glowing off energy at 100 watts,

    the SECOND light bulb glowing off energy at 25 Watts.



    The chart I showed you is VERY common and is used to teach general purpose glowing or radiant loss principles. What if these were light bulbs? That’s reasonable, right?

    You’ve got ONE TYPE BULB and they’re all identical for your test.

    But you’re jamming energy through the bulbs at a different rate, generating the energy somehow, and you’ve got ONE glowing at 6,000 kelvin, ONE at 5,000 kelvin, ONE at 4,000 kelvin,ONE at 3,000 kelvin –

    ALL their GLOWING PROFILES will be like that CHART shows.

    Finally you’ve got one FINAL bulb and it’s EXACTLY like all the others.

    This last one glows at a paltry 288 kelvin.

    You REALLY BELIEVE, that the one glowing off 288 kelvin is glowing off MORE long wavelength energy than the 6,000 kelvin bulb?

    Uhm NO. It’s NOT.

    I recognize there are charts all OVER the internet that show you CLEARLY the INTENSITY of ENERGY given off by the planet in it’s characteristic spectra are just LOADED with energy the sun doesn’t produce.
    Those charts are fraudulent in their representation.

    And no Robert you were NOT expanding on what I said, you were TRYING to make what YOU thought fit what I was saying and it’s just not possible.


    29% LESS energy INTO something
    makes MORE energy come out
    by making LESS go IN –
    every TIME the mechanism
    makes LESS go IN.

    I appreciate your being friendly to me and I’m being friendly to you – but you’re in here SWEARING that to this DAY you believe, 29% less energy INTO something
    is somehow or other making MORE come out
    because LESS went IN.

    Yes you are Robert, that’s what’s going on. I would have thought that someone, somewhere along the way in your life would have apprised you of the fact that if

    29% less energy goes INTO something
    29% LESS MUST COME back OUT.

    You’re in here YEARS down the road swearing that the concept is foreign to you.

    That NOBODY – not Joseph, not every other human being you’ve seen talk about it –

    not even me –

    can convince you that WHEN LESS GOES IN
    definitionally LESS MUST COME OUT – and this goes for this planet too.

    When that SUN goes DOWN
    the energy being WASHED OFF by the Atmosphere
    starts out 29% LOWER
    and when the sun comes UP the next morning,

    it’s 29% LOWER than if it hadn’t STARTED OUT – 29% LOWER.

    Don’t claim “you haven’t been told” or that “I’m not really being clear about it.”

    I’m being MORE than clear, It’s just that people who can’t count – can’t fuckin believe it.

    Well you’ll also notice that those ragamuffin therm-0-billies turn you around, and around, and around and are NEVER anything but GLAD to SEE you COMING – because – you’re so (please forgive me Robert it’s just the darn truth here) dumb, you can’t even be persuaded to argue CONSERVATION of ENERGY.

    “Well.. I DO admit that evur time less dun gone in, it dun made more come out” is the END

    of YOUR trying to win an argument with someone TELLING YOU


    “Evur time less dun wint innit,
    it dun made MOAR COME BACK OUT.”

    You’re never even gonna come CLOSE to winning an argument in thermodynamics

    when you cant find that line in the sand that says “Less in better G* D*mned sure mean LESS OUT or it’s YOUR ASS!”

    When you can’t even stand up for conservation of energy – you’re DONE thinking you’re gonna win VERY many arguments because – that’s what this is – a VIOLATION of CONSERVATION of ENERGY story.

    And I appreciate you being an easy going guy Robert. The only reason I’m addressing you personally is that – you know for a fact from knowing me for years here that – I’m not mad when I’m going on like this. Not at all.

    I’m just not gonna be taking any sh* from people who can’t be told LESS IN MUST MEAN LESS OUT even if GOD says ”maybe” or ”sometimes.”

    If God drops down in your room, or in some thicket where you’ve gone to pray about what colors to use or what techniques to use in your next masterpiece and starts with some bull shit about how “Thim sighntsie fellurs dun sed a cold bath is a heater, cause evur time less goes in, it dun made more what wint back owt,” you tell him He needs to sober the f** up and stop nearly burning the curtains of your room, or the woods down wobbling around in that beam of light talking about how a magical gassiness dun made a cold bath a heedur.

    Because He’s f***n DRUNK. Even if YOU’RE DRUNK – you better watch the _blank_ out because how EVER He got the keys to the family light beam – He’s got no f**n business drivin’ the thing when He’s so f***d up he’s popping into peoples’ consciousness or whatever, telling them every time less goes in, it makes more come out, if what makes less go in, has a magical enough gassiness to it. He’s on the very _blankin_ edge of you having to stage a physical intervention.

    Tell Him Bob if you feel like it – “Hey- Mistur Glowin & Wobblin – you tell me ONE more TIME a cold bath is a heater and there’s gonna be an intervention SiR and – You know who’s gonna be SITTIN AROUND in those FOLDING CHAIRS, drinking that CARDBOARD FLAVORED COFFEE, admitting that yea, it got so bad You thought a COLD GAS BATH is a HEATER? YOU SiR, the great radiant do whatever the BLANK you want guy with the cool beard, and long flowing hair, and eyes that flash like lightening, the light beam and all that shit. IT’s gonna be YOU sittin’ there in that half circle of chairs, in some strip mall, three nights a week, starting every statement with “My name is God, and I thought sometimes,
    a cold bath is a heater”
    at those

    Maybe He’ll straighten out and you won’t have to tackle His STUPIFIED ass.

    Pierre, Chris Wallace, either one or BOTH of you go ahead and explain how you know that

    every time less energy goes into a rock, it makes more come out. Put it ANY way you WANT.

    Tell me that – like Robert you think at night, cold baths are heaters.


    I want to see at SOME point – your saying “First there was a cold, light blocking, oxygen-enriched NITROGEN BATH that made 29% less energy go into a ROCK,”

    and then for how EVERY long you shall see forth fit to expand and illuminate the magicalness of the gaissiness you OBVIOUSLY – SO BELIEVE in –

    and when that’s all over and you’ve charted it all, and put it to music, and uttered some of it in the mother Sanscrit tongue, you say ” and that’s how every time less goes IN, it makes MORE come OUT.”

    And I’ll do my best to retort in such fashion that – you won’t have to claim

    you don’t understand

    what I’m sayin to you.

    I told YOU
    that there’s no such thing as immersing a rock into a cold light blocking oxygen-enriched Nitrogen bath and having that create WARMTH that wouldn’t BE THERE

    if the bath wasn’t there causing LESS warmth

    to be there.

    Both of you seem like you’d like to take exception to the way I’m putting things.

    I wanna warn you both, though. ALL you MAGIC GAS believers have that SAME, mealy-mouthed tone that says you BELIEVE and can’t believe others DON’T – and your regret is that you don’t have the means to express what it is you’d LIKE to.

    When you show up having never so much as shadowed a SEAT in a thermodynamics class, and start allowing how you don’t think someone whose very SPECIALTY in college AND WORK – is the very field you think THEY’RE illiterate in – and that your thinking on the matter is clearer –

    that’s called Dunning-Kruger

    and you two have caught it
    from rubbing shoulders with the other
    MILLIONS of believers in cold gas baths being heaters
    that graduated from those public schools. You know -the same ones
    that sat your grandpas in those SAME chairs and got them nodding they agreed,

    ”Thim pots is gate ways two opioids, so evurbodie gotta git on thim opioids”

    “…so thim pots don’t git nair’body on thim opioids.”

    HE thought – that sounded signtsie so there must be SOME truth to it,

    and now here YOU are telling us all that you find it ODD that someone thinks

    LESS energy into a ROCK
    makes MORE energy come OUT of it.

    YOU think – like Robert does, like ALL you magic gassers think – that sounds signtsie.

    It’s a sighntsie thang.

    It just so happens we have someone here whose VERY college degree is CENTERED in being able to calculate thus predict exactly how much electromagnetic energy objects can old, how the frequencies they emit are distributed, how much the AIR around them can hold. ME.

    When I went to college for four years plus worked in the very fields I studied – radiant energy in objects and the air around us, as well as the vacuum of space – the VERY SPECTRA I SPECIALIZED in were the SPECTRA at QUESTION in this matter of whether cold Nitrogen baths are magical heaters or not.

    Electromagnetic Energy: generating it, magnifying it, modifying it, transmitting it, capturing it and decoding it and DISCARDING it – as INFRARED HEAT IDENTICAL to that emitted by EARTH.

    That’s my SPECIALTY. Not SORTA.


    In Electronic Engineering HEAT- is DEATH. So everything we design, everything we modify, everything we maintain, everything we change components in when HEAT- as INFRARED- overwhelms them and kills those components,

    at SOME point – nearly every single JOULE – is going to at SOME point – be converted to INFRARED and GLOW back out. The AVERAGE temperature of this planet is about 59F

    which means there’s a LOT of glowing off energy at 0 degrees, and a lot glowing off at anywhere from that AVERAGE 59F to – say 130F. Right? ROCKS on the GROUND outside in PHOENIX, are glowing off energy at around 130F, maybe 150F, the inside of the trunks of cars there REGULARLY get to 160F – well – what’s the TEMPERATURE your ELECTRONIC DEVICES are GLOWING off ENERGY into the ATMOSPHERE

    IDENTICALLY to those cars and roads in Phoenix, Tucson, the Sahara etc.

    So don’t you worry one friggin WHIT that what you say to ME – might be ”a little bit two much sighntsie fur fellurs what doant buLeave about the LESS in’isms

    makin a MORE OUT’ism.

    You put what you’ve got to say however you see fit and I’ll try to understand. DEAL?


    act like ANYTHING you don’t WANT to understand
    has you SO confused: “I cain’t undurstand what he dun SED!”

    Therefore ”Yew doant thank he dun undurstood what he dun sed, NEITHER.”

    Wrong answer kids. You’re just indoctrinated zombies who don’t have the guts to face what people have been telling you for YEARS: It’s FAKE.

    is F. A. K. E.

    AND THE REASON almost ANY of them can BEAT you down like the FALSEHOOD BELIEVER you ARE

    is because YOU believe
    what THEY believe:

    That every time a magical gassiness makes less energy go into a rock, it makes MORE come out by NOT going in, because of the magicalness of the gassiness.

    Yes, that’s what you FERVENTLY believe, ALL of you do or you’d have no problem standing up to these people telling you it’s true.


    You suspect something about the story might not be true, because you see so many of us who are experts in this VERY thing telling you the story’s NOT true – but DEEP DOWN, YOU BELIEVE,
    that the COLD
    Atmospheric BATH
    is a magical heater.
    Yes, you DO.

    Which is why every time you try to shut a magic gasser down – if he’s very persistent – you’re out of your league. Because YOU BELIEVE WHAT THEY ARE SAYING is TRUE, deep DOWN: that the ATMOSPHERE
    is a HEATER.

    To put it Robert’s way ”In the daytime it’s a cooler, in the night time it’s a heater” or some permutation thereof, but – you believe that less light in can mean more light out if you turn the lights out.

    No it can’t.
    No it won’t
    No it didn’t

    If you think you’re going to ”tawk signtsie” your way out of this – you’re not.
    If you think you’re going to “display a sighntsie demeanor” your way out – you’re not.

    Because what you believe is so blanking stupid. YEARS of people telling you this is a scam –

    you’re at the website of one of the MAIN people who stood up to this FARCE – talking about

    ”I ain’t nevur HURD bowt no ”less in, gotta mean less out.”

    OH YES you HAVE
    you just don’t want to face all those BILLIONS
    who refuse to believe it, alone.

    When you BELIEVE the STORY you’re trying to understand how to DEBUNK –
    what are YOU gonna DO. Hmm?

    but simple IN vs OUT.

    If YOU SEE
    LESS energy go IN
    you had BETTER be found BARKING
    you saw LESS energy go OUT,

    or you’re gonna be found doing the SAME thing all OTHER magic gassers do:
    then FOLD your CARDS


    All the ”I tawk sighntsie i cain’t undurstand what’choar SAYIN”
    won’t save you from your OWN conscience for very long,
    because eventually YOU’LL TRY to DEBUNK CONSERVATION of ENERGY
    and be found sitting there with a HEAD full of fecal matter and a HANDFUL of SWEAT
    as you try to make that mouse
    go to ”Reply”
    and present ONE reason

    Mad scientist enough for ya? I don’t care. I’m not the one who got caught thinking “Every time a magical gassiness made less light go in a rock, it made more come out of it by not going in.”

    Robert Kernodle says:
    2019/05/15 at 12:17 PM
    I think Allen E mistook what I said as not being in agreement with his views, when, in fact, it was an attempt to extend his views, using some of his own literary style.

    The sun does, in fact emit infrared, but, as I understand it, the sun’s infrared (as this particular part of the spectrum enters Earth’s atmosphere) is not the right wavelength for CO2 to absorb. CO2 is wavelength sensitive. The infrared coming from Earth is of a longer wavelength than the infrared coming from the sun, and so Earth’s IR is what CO2 specifically absorbs/and emits. I don’t see Allen clarifying this point in his rants.

  63. Allen Eltor says:

    Sorry about not going back and cleaning up the grammar in these comedy laced rants, many years ago I’d take the time to do it and it was just blankin WAY past hilarious;

    but it takes SO much time to do it, I make a quick pass and I miss errors that I’ve made like with confusing grandpa plural with grandpa singular. That’s my bad from just not caring what you think regarding my grammer: because I’m not the one who got caught thinking a cold gas bath’s a heater.

    The point remains that – you guys are the ones who can give me Z E R O REASONS for the LUDICROUS SH* you come in and SAY regarding the THERMODYNAMICS of a COLD BATH,

    ”being a cooler in the day time and a heater in the night time” when it’s the SAME BATH –

    CHILLING the SAME ROCK – 100% of the TIME.

    The TRADEMARK of you people who believe the Atmosphere is a MAGIC HEATER

    is that you MUST – NECESSARILY – talk about ANYTHING but ATMOSPHERIC ENERGY,

    when someone calls your bluff and say to you what REAL thermodynamicists MUST say:

    Not in the DAY TIME,
    Not in the NIGHT TIME
    Not in the REALM of ALL TIME when said COLD BATH
    is making LESS energy go IN
    because the BATH is THERE.

    ** ** ** THAT’S YOUR TRADEMARK. ** ** **


    Because not a WORD of what you say RESEMBLES the THERMODYNAMICS

    of a COLD
    light-blocking REFRIGERANTS-LACED

    IN IT.

    You people are TRAINED ADDICTS.
    You’re ADDICTED to MAKING SURE you’re RUNNING with the most NUMEROUS HERD.
    In a smaller herd? BETTER WATCH OUT, the OTHER HERD will gang up and DESTROY YOU.

    But – there’s an answer to that shit called the LAWS. And the more BASIC the LAWS you USE

    the more IRREVOCABLE the destructive power
    in dismantling bullshit.

    That’s just how it is, no matter how badly you hate it being that way.

    I’m SURE a couple of you are gonna come in here and talk about ”Oh I ain’t nevur sed” and “I jist dis uh grea with how yew raigt thangs” – that’s NOT DEFENDING your CHURCH.

    That’s ”LOOKiE YAW uh STRAW MAN!”

    The reason you SOUND like magic GASSERS
    is because you ARE magic GASSERS.

    That’s why you don’t have the GUTS to DEBUNK it at it’s most VULNERABLE POINT:




    making it WARMER.

    RIGHT THEN: you have FLED – WHOLESALE – Conservation of Energy.

    And you will NEVER honor another law of thermodynamics in a conversation for as long as you live, until you FACE who you ARE and what you’re SELF BRAINWASHING at this point that you BELIEVE: Conservation of Energy doesn’t mean JACK SH* and

    I’m fussing, I realize.
    But YOU who believe COLD GAS BATHS are HEATERS
    there’s a REASON you’re so OFFENDED at seeing it put so SIMPLY
    so humorously
    so straight-forward.

    YOU PLAN to SAVE YOURSELF by surrendering the LAW of Conservation of Energy-


    after a STRUGGLE



    That’s why you always have to go in circles about what you CLAIM you THINK – you’re constantly TROUBLED by the fact that deep in your sub-conscious – you KNOW there’s no way the COLD ATMOSPHERE is a HEATER – YOU’RE JUST prepared to SELL your INTEGRITY
    so you can STAY ACCEPTED as PART of the HERD.



    Basics like

    ”29% less energy in better damned sure mean 29% less out.”

    And what’s the next line in a rhetorical argument about it?

    ”Or YOU’RE gonna be the mufus, who wishes you’d said it DID.”

    That’s the next line in that argument kids, and it locks em up like a stolen bike found under the boardwalk at the harbor. People who have ANY training in mathematics – it doesn’t matter if it’s statistics, or what EVER it is – they INSTANTLY know – this is OVER – when you slap their face with that.

    If you can learn your chops about how to NOT get dragged into some sideline argument,

    The other day Robert was at the Hub-something site where he’d started some thread and a guy came in and was there a fair amount of time and Robert came in and said “There’s this guy over there and he’s completely enjoying out lasting everyone, maybe you guys can give me a hand wearing him down.”

    I popped over there and started just TROLLING the F** outta him with the very argument I’m telling you people – at first he was blowing it off, blowing it off, but when I kept repeating it he had to think about what he wanted to say.

    I trolled him three or four days with it – and just left for – 3 or four days.

    When I came back this VERY human being who was taking SO much fucking delight in pretending it was all just light and airy for him to hijack the entire thread – what’s the VERY next thing I see him saying after I’d been gone a couple of days – of any importance regarding his outlook about it-

    “Uhm.. uh guys I cain’t be comin rownd heeyur hardly no more I got… signtsie thangs and thawts two have me, uthur pLaYSiS, sints I dun been sighntsie an what not away frum hear. YaW.”

    who had Robert sayin “I got a live one who NEVER admits he’s been fazed by ANYTHING anyone says” – “I cain’t keep comin heir yaW I got deap and sightsie thawts abowt uthur thangs I got two attend two.”

    Yeah that’s because his stupid ass got called what he was: a sh* eating baboon so f**n stupid he didn’t realize LESS LIGHT IN MUST MEAN LESS OUT or HE’S in VIOLATION of Conservation of Energy
    in a

    That’s why his STUPiD $## was SAYIN’ that.

    Because he got CAUGHT trying to CLAIM a COLD BATH is a HEATER: and he KNEW it, once someone had the nuts to simply call him what he was,
    to his (metaphorical or figurative) face.

    An innumerate Capuchin who didn’t realize the difference


    ”MORE IN” and ”LESS IN,”

    and what that MANDATES.

    Not suggest.


    I kicked him around a few more times, like – ”SuRPRiSE, M*therF*CKER!” and left, and- I dunno EXACTLY what happened but I bet there’s a LOT less sh** talkin’ from that sh* eating baboon.

    “I dun got me uh DOCKT’RuT and thunk SiGHNTSiE THaNGS, YAW!”

    He took that vicious humiliating ass whipping and his NEXT line was “and I’M GONNA GO THANK’UM SUM WHUR ELSE!”

    cause his STUPID $%# was BUSTED.

    There’s NO intellectual ESCAPE from this.

    Sometimes even when people are HIGHLY hostile to your beliefs – you can cure the ENTIRE bunch of talking about how the magical gas dun made more come out evur time it dun made less go in.

    Some years back about the end of 2012 I got fed up with Ars Technica’s name being seen talking about how the magicalness, and the gaissines, wuz jist so incredibly deap yew had two be uh compewdur nerd two undurestand it awl.”

    It was the holidays so I loaded up a folder with a bunch of accounts – I eventually spent about 14 accounts there taking on everybody who’d say a fuckin WORD in several different threads – moderators, members, it doesn’t make a rat’s ass who it is – and in about six weeks, after having spent that 14 or so accounts, one day I went over there and nobody was saying a damned word – so instead of another round of ”YOU JUST tell ME about how the MAGICAL GASSINESS makes MORE energy COME OUT every time it makes LESS go IN Therm-0-BiLLy”

    that I’d been dressing them ALL down with no matter WHO it was – and I thought – Nah, I can tell when a buncha b*tches have been broken of sucking eggs, these hicks are DONE.

    Next time I thought about them was about 3 years later and I went over there and hardly a WORD had been said since I’d left.

    I went over there 5 years later around the end of 2017 or so – and there was STILL – hardly a WORD being said on the entire website about how the magical gassiness had dun made a cold bath uh heedur.”

    They had vanished almost EVERY single WORD that I – or ANYONE responding to me had said –
    and that place sat there just a SHELL – for YEARS later.

    I don’t do it pleasantly I’m not here on this planet to be pleasant about that, I don’t give a f*** who likes me, I DIDN’T GET CAUGHT THINKING LESS ENERGY GOING IN A ROCK MAKES MORE COME OUT if what makes it NOT go IN has a MAGICAL GAiSSiNESS to IT.

    So that’s how I roll and if you think you know somebody who can get away with telling me 29% less energy INTO something makes one PHOTON come out because of that diminishment – tell him you know a guy who had the nerve to tell you a cold gas bath is NEVER – not EVER a heater, not one PHOTON’S WORTH – and that you’d like him to talk to you.

    Tell him “Go read this page, the guy says a whole buncha crazy shit but he swears he’s got his points. Personally I think every time less goes in, it means that makes more come out but I CAN’T PERSUADE HIM of IT. And I knew the minute he SAID that – he wudd’n wunna us’nz.

    Link that sh* eating bonobo to this page, and tell him “I dare you to invite that guy to a contest or just GO IN THERE and TELL HIM WHY he’s WRONG.”

    If he’s some kind of Academic or computer programmer or – someone who can actually COUNT-

    actually HAS enough school to know what he’s been caught saying he believes –

    will be hard pressed
    to make answer you EVER again.

    Obviously most of you guys in this particular thread who I’m talking to aren’t thermodynamicists and you don’t WANT to really believe the world is coming to and end, and you don’t feel any obligation to admit you got caught being wrong about thinking cold baths are heaters to me – it’s the coin of the magical gas believers : never admit you’ve been caught outright.

    But when someone REALLY does believe it and has been CONVINCING himself it’s all SO true that more energy comes out if a magical gassiness MAKES less go IN – once they’re beat up with that it changes their personality. They are shocked to their SHOES about how EASY they were to SCAM into claiming LESS ENERGY warming a ROCK makes MORE energy warm a ROCK.

    I’m not exaggerating how gullible you have to be to believe ANY of that FAKE SH**. And the MORE education a person HAS

    the more PROFOUNDLY the right arguments WORK on them because they KNOW – that YOU know – wtF just got SAID – and wtF they’ve been caught believing.

    People who don’t have ANY mathematics and don’t realize how STUPID they’re showing themselves as being,

    they’ll hang on longer.

    For those of you who go and check at Ars Technica to see if you can figure out what I’m saying is true or not, I haven’t been over there myself now for YEARS – but one of the things you’ll notice is that there will be several threads ongoing there ALL the way up to LATE 2012 and for some reason, RIGHT about that time the entire website will just get very, VERY tepid and it’ll be like…. what is it that’s so CALM about this? And why does everything seem to end around the end of ’12/beginning of 2013?

    It’s because I had gone over there and simply beat down EVERYBODY’S $#@ in SIGHT – and they had to cull EVERY single POST of both THEMSELVES AND ME – arguing. So it just gets really calm and no one is arguing, and then *poof* for a LONG time hardly another WORD about magic gas.

    Even the DUMBEST of people get affected when you beat up their leaders with what I’m telling you because even if they themselves are filled with rebellion and keep pecking away at you – they know when the entire herd except for themselves have shut the f** up – and they PARTICULARLY know when the SMART ones among their church have all s.t.f.u. and suddenly “Cain’t be with yaw two tawk abowt how the magicalness,
    of the gaissiness,
    has dun made thim cold baths heedurs.”

  64. Allen Eltor says:

    None of the three of you are going to get one OUNCE of traction

    claiming you believe something

    until you can show,

    step by iterative, properly processed step, why you say so.

    I’ll tell you how it DOES happen.

    Give a similar description of the steps YOU think take place.

    (2a) to the LAST fractional PHOTON.

    The MOMENT you even HINT
    you’re BUSTED COLD.

    No negotiations,
    No exceptions.

  65. Christopher Marshall says:

    Allen at least Joseph teaches I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish? Comedy? Satire? Insulting? Overbearing? Underbearing? All of the above? In short what are you talking about?

  66. Allen E.,

    My understanding is that the sun’s infrared is mostly in different FREQUENCIES than Earth’s infrared. The specific wavelengths (or frequencies) of the IR seems to be the talking point.

    It’s not just a question of how much light, but what kind of light. Not just how much IR, but exactly what wavelength of IR and how much of which wavelength of IR.

    Shorter posts of a teaching style might help, as opposed to your often incomprehensible satirical approach, which only you really understand, I hate to say. It’s like too much for most mortal minds to sift through it to find the salient points. (^_^) Who has that kind of time?

  67. Christopher Marshall says:

    In other words dumb it down for me please. I’m presently a dual core and at my best I was a quad core (in my writer days when my brain fired on all cylinders). You guys like Joseph are overclocked 16 cores 24/7 I can’t keep up with that data transfer rate and I can’t get upgrades.

  68. Christopher Marshall says:

    A writer once said, “What is confusion but our inability to understand intelligent structure or fear of not being able to categorize that structure in an ordered fashion?”

  69. That’s excellent.

  70. Pierre D. Bernier says:

    OK Allen,. My MSc. in Chemistry might be from another century (1974), but I totaly get what you say and I’m on your side (always was on that same team) so please tone it down and make your points more concise and clear. No need to immitate Shakespeare in long dissertations.


  71. And here’s one of the jewels from that article:

    Because the intercepted energy flux is being recycled this feed-back loop is an endless sum of halves of halves. It has the mathematical form of a geometric series, and is a sum of the descending fractions in the power sequence 2– n, where minus n is a continuous sequence of natural numbers ranging from zero to infinity.

    Equation 1: 1/2 + ¼ + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 + …. + 2-n = 1

  72. Joseph E Postma says:

    Citing Kiehl and Trenberth, 1997, with a literal flat Earth diagram, where the atmosphere provides TWICE the heat of the Sun.

    Can you believe that you exist on this planet, around people such as this? I mean where in the *f* are we? Who are we with here? This stupidity goes right to the top of our smart people! haha

    Literal depiction of flat Earth, with mathematical extrapolations from flat Earth, concluding that the air provides twice the heat of the Sun.


  73. Christopher Marshall says:

    I just read a comment somewhere that said the Moon is proof the Sun isn’t the driver of climate or the moon would be just like Earth or something like that. They claimed it’s the atmosphere that creates climate not the Sun.

    That comment is so stupid it leaves me speechless.

  74. That’s what there is to deal with in this…speechless stupidity…

  75. Christopher Marshall says:

    What’s this new thing about Mars warming? Is that even true? It would be great for colonization purposes but naturally they are blaming CO2 for the warming because Martians increased their usage of fossil fuels?

  76. JP,

    You might have answered this countless times in the past already, but, if you have, then I guess it hasn’t quite sunk in yet:

    QUESTIONS: Am I correct in thinking that fluxes in Earth energy budget diagrams cannot be divided up like that ? Aren’t fluxes calculated for given surface areas, and for each surface area in question (i.e., clouds, gases/dust, ground/water, etc.) the relevant flux would correctly have to be calculated with respect to the specific surface area under consideration?

    I mean, what’s the surface area of the clouds we are talking about? How can you take a flux at a larger surface area and just take a percentage of it to apply to another surface area for which the area has not been considered or specified. Those total watts/square-meter incoming depend on their definition from the surface area for which they are calculated. We couldn’t divide up the color, “green” on a plant leaf (for example), and say that 50% of the green is on one side of the leaf, while 50% of the green is on the other side of the leaf. It seems like those energy budget diagrams are doing something like this with solar flux.

  77. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yes indeed…what they’re doing with fluxes isn’t physically sensible at all. The way they add them up is the same thing as adding temperatures together, and the way they divide them spreads the energy over surface area is NEVER impinges upon, and is like dividing temperatures up.

    That is a good analogy indeed! The leaf is 100% green, “which means it is 50% green on one side, and 50% green on the other.” That’s excellent! Yah that is exactly what they do!

    Something with a given temperature emits in all directions the flux directly given by that temperature…but they divide it by two sides. This is a direct contradiction to the S-B Law.

    But, everything they do is a contradiction. Remember what I’ve said: Once you’ve started with something not real, then EVERYTHING that follows will be found to have contradictions and errors, etc. And indeed the contradictions and errors are everywhere.

  78. Great, I guess I’ll march on back into that discussion with a bit more confidence that my next response has some valid grounding. Thanks.

  79. I just had another insight that seems to be ridiculously obvious, right before my eyes, yet obscured by how our language and manner of categorizing perceptions can solidify a visual representation as a fact that we know is not a fact.

    We speak of an Earth surface and an Earth atmosphere as though they are surgically divided. Greenhouse-theory “simple models” visually represent things this way — a plane for the Earth surface, and a plane for the Earth atmosphere, with space in between, like the two do not touch.

    But they DO touch — always, … never divided, … never partitioned, … never disconnected from one another. They are a continuum. So, how can we really treat the atmosphere, in those diagrams, as if it sits above some idealistic space separating it from the Earth’s surface? How can we ever really talk about the Earth, without automatically including the atmosphere as part of this continuum system?

    Greenhouse theory, then, artificially separates things that are NOT, in fact, separated. It artificially categorizes things in such a way to create artificial mathematics of divided things that are NOT divided.

  80. Mack . says:

    “Air providing twice the heat of the Sun”
    Speechless stupidity ….. speechless… Trenberth can’t get away from his … about 324w/sq.m !! belting down from the ATMOSPHERE !! , because his diagrams say… “absorbed by the surface”.
    Trenberth lives in Looneyville, where they leave their bacon and eggs out overnight on the porch to have them cooked by the morning.
    Einstein is right…infinite stupidity.

  81. Christopher Marshall says:

    Trenberth is clearly a fraud because he is praised so highly in Wiki and Google that’s enough for me to toss his ideals out the door.

  82. Allen Eltor says:

  83. Allen Eltor says:

    “Earth’s Energy Budget”

    (Halfway down the page, look for this diagram of what THEY are telling you:)

    We see: “Energy Budget,” and:

    “About 29 percent of the solar energy that arrives at the top of the atmosphere is reflected back to space by clouds, atmospheric particles, or bright ground surfaces like sea ice and snow. This energy plays no role in Earth’s climate system.
    Thus, about 71 percent of the total incoming solar energy
    is absorbed
    by the Earth system.”

    The directly below it is the image named “reflected_radiation.jpg.”

    Chris, Robert, test question: how much light never goes in? 29%.

    test question: how much light goes into Earth System? 71%

    test question: why doesn’t it go in? Because it’s reflected/refracted – never absorbed.

    test question: what is a common phrase for something never absorbed? Never going into it.

    Down further we see the kicker: A magical gassiness
    is making more come out, because of less going in.

    There’s a section named “The Natural Greenhouse Effect”
    and we see the words:

    “Just as the major atmospheric gases (oxygen and nitrogen) are transparent to incoming sunlight, they are also transparent to outgoing thermal infrared. However, water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and other trace gases are opaque to many wavelengths of thermal infrared energy.”

    [Yeah – that’s how they made 23% less go in]

    Then, these words:

    “Effect on Surface Temperature”

    “The natural greenhouse effect raises the Earth’s surface temperature to about 15 degrees Celsius on average—more than 30 degrees warmer than it would be if it didn’t have an atmosphere.”

    Up just a few paragraphs they told you these VERY gases make 23% less go INTO the SYSTEM.

    Now they are simply stating that being the object IMMERSED in a COLD, light-blocking Oxygen-enriched

    Nitrogen atmospheric bath laced with cold, light blocking refrigerants –

    is 33 degrees WARMER
    than if 100% of available sunlight spectra WENT in
    and there WAS no cold
    light blocking bath,
    making 29% less
    go in.

    so much more than 100% is going IN
    that the entire COLD BATH/EARTH complex
    is 33 degrees WARMER
    than if there was no bath,
    many degrees COLDER,
    making 29% less go IN.

    LITERALLY that is what is being WRITTEN down for YOU to REGURGITATE:

    till the entire cold bath and planet
    are 33 degrees WARMER
    BECAUSE of the cold bath

    than if there were not cold bath
    and 29% more was going in.

    Critical thinking.

    That’s what you’re being told: is REAL.

    Isolate the words highlighted like any common LOGIC test
    regarding MORE going IN
    or 29% LESS going IN

    and they’re the VERY STORY I AM TELLING YOU, that THEY – are telling you.

    Not maybe.

    Not sorta.

    It’s PRECISELY as I’m saying.

    ”Less goes in,”

    “Blah-Blah-Blah Backerds”

    so it’s hotter than if 100% went in
    with no cold bath to wash ANY off

    BECAUSE less went in.

    Think critically. Is that possible? How?

    How is LESS going IN
    making MORE go IN
    than if MORE went in?

    Not “LooKiE YaW, a STRAWMAN, dressed as YEW not undurstandin’ what I’m SAYiN!”

    HOW is LESS going IN
    making instruments show MORE going IN
    every time LESS goes IN,
    less goes in?

    HeLLo? KNOCK-KNOCK, McFly, anybody HoME?

    HOW is LESS energy getting TO a rock
    because of a cold bath not letting it get there
    making the rock warmer than if 100% got there,
    and it had no cold bath washing any of it off?
    “The Earth’s Energy Budget”

    “Clouds, aerosols, water vapor, and ozone directly absorb 23 percent of incoming solar energy. Evaporation and convection transfer 25 and 5 percent of incoming solar energy from the surface to the atmosphere. These three processes transfer the equivalent of 53 percent of the incoming solar energy to the atmosphere.”

    WHAT’S WRONG, with the ABOVE “The Earth’s Energy Budget” summation?

    WHAT is wrong with those words?

    What’s WRONG with them is – where is the CONDUCTION of heat to the OVERALL NITROGEN BATH?

    You know
    like the COLD NITROGEN BATHS we COOL things with?

    Where’s the simple CONDUCTION to the Nitrogen on contact?

    Where’s the simple CONDUCTION to the Oxygen on contact?


    This is a STORY about a COLD, Oxygen-enriched Nitrogen BATH.

    WHY isn’t there any MENTION of the cold Oxygen-enriched Nitrogen BATH

    doing the COOLING
    we use COLD Nitrogen baths FOR?

    Every time a human being turns on a FAN, it’s the process of using ATMOSPHERIC MIX as REFRIGERANT, with the Oxygen-enriched Nitrogen PREDOMINATING in the COOLING.


    Break it down simpler than this?

    Come on. Come oN.

    It’s simply fake from ”Summa thim cold baths is HeeDuRS!”

    is what it is.

  84. Allen Eltor says:

    Where does a person go to school when showing them pictures of the story THEY’RE telling

    reveals them simultaneously claiming 29% less energy is going into a rock

    and that this subtraction of energy

    has made MORE than 100%

    go into it?

    They have told you how much more came out than went in.

    29% less went in,


    MORE than 100% go IN.

    Thus more than 100% coming OUT.

    Think CRiTiCaLLY: They show you a PICTURE of 29% LESS ever going IN

    They TELL you

    “The Earth’s Energy Budget”

    “Clouds, aerosols, water vapor, and ozone directly absorb 23 percent of incoming solar energy.

    Evaporation and convection transfer 25 and 5 percent of incoming solar energy from the surface to the atmosphere.

    These three processes transfer the equivalent of 53 percent of the incoming solar energy to the atmosphere.”

    THEIR claim is that NO CONDUCTION
    to the COLD NITROGEN BATH is taking place at ALL.

    NO CONDUCTION to the cold Oxygen enriching the bath
    is taking place AT ALL.

    The COLD Nitrogen BATH has NO conduction cooling component,
    and in fact it’s COLD PRESENCE
    is making the ROCK
    33 degrees HOTTER
    than if 100% energy
    warmed Earth,

    and the COLD NiTRoGeN BaTH
    wasn’t there making 29% less ever go in
    and 25% evaporative cooling isn’t happening.

    29% never going in


    25% further REMOVAL due to evaporation –

    than if 100% were WARMING the planet.

    54% LESS
    makes instruments show 33 degrees further warming
    than 100% going in
    and no cold bath not letting the 54% less in.

    IT’s MAKING more than 100% come out
    by TAKING 54% OUT. Or whatever, there’s the 5% convective acceleration too so 59% less in
    is making instruments show
    MORE than 100% come out.

    Because WATER is doing it.

    Because WATER makes (the vast, VAST majority of) the 23% less go in
    Because WATER takes 25% evaporative cooling out
    Because WATER contributes another 5% convection enhancement

    to NON existent contact cooling by the Nitrogen-Oxygen bath

    it’s making the instruments all show not that 59% less is going in

    but that MORE than 100% is going in.

    That all seems like it’s just too technical to understand?

    Come on act normal any HUMAN ADULT and MANY CHILDREN know,

    something by their OWN ADMISSION making sure 59% energy load ISN’T in a ROCK

    doesn’t make thermal sensors on the rock indicate that MORE than 100% is going in.

  85. Here’s a quote from that NASA link that bothers me:

    “Air in direct contact with the sun-warmed ground becomes warm and buoyant.”

    “Air” is mostly nitrogen and oxygen, and so HOW does it become warm? — Conduction? — I don’t see any arrows showing this. How do all those molecules in direct contact with the sun-warmed ground get energized?

  86. The second paragraph above is my commentary about the first sentence. I screwed up my HTML tags, and so it all ended up italicized — grrr!! — no editing ability.

  87. Christopher Marshall says:

    Thanks Allen for ‘dumbing it down for me’.

    You guys hear that they discovered the Oceans might be older than the Sun? I had my theories on this for a while but I didn’t want to sound more nuts than I do now well not a theory just a possible thought. They have a theory on why I have a different possible theory. You guys ever hear this? Joseph?

  88. On a separate note:

    OH MY GOD ! … Nooooooooooooooo, not an even more convoluted, more stupid energy-budget diagram !!!

    Yeah, that’s the ticket — just make it look even more ridiculously filled up with sciencee stuff — that’ll show how intelligent you are.

  89. CM,

    I didn’t find Allen’s breakdown dumbed down. I found it as equally obscure as all the other of his posts.

    Sorry, but I need standard English composition and punctuation, with a sense of ordinary exposition. Just write a sentence, punctuate it and capitalize properly. Write another sentence. Form a paragraph of related thoughts. Rinse and repeat to create a clear, clean, coherent composition that informs, rather than challenges one’s cryptographic skills. (^_^)

  90. Christopher Marshall says:

    On another other note what in the world is that graph from? Good lord it’s look like a brain teaser experiment!

  91. Christopher Marshall says:

    Cutting through all the crap the graph is stating that more radiation is going out than was coming in.
    340.2 coming in and 399 going out from the Earth’s surface and 39.6 never making it out into space.

  92. Christopher Marshall says:

    OMG I read that wrong they are saying 159.6 never reaches space! What?

  93. Joseph E Postma says:

    “You guys hear that they discovered the Oceans might be older than the Sun?”

    The Sun is made primarily of primordial hydrogen. That’s from the Big Bang, the very start. The formed as a fusion ball a lot later of course…maybe that’s what they mean. The H2O which makes up the oceans could have come from before the sun was formed. However the H20 is a hybrid…the H in H2O is from the Big Bang…the O from some time later, from some supernova of a star long gone.

  94. Joseph E Postma says:

    “Yeah, that’s the ticket — just make it look even more ridiculously filled up with sciencee stuff — that’ll show how intelligent you are.”

    And it all starts again with the flat Earth input. Ugh…

  95. Christopher Marshall says:

    Is it possible that Earth is older than the Sun? As in a rogue planet the Sun snatched billions of years ago? If Earth somehow would be older than the Sun what would be the possible scientific explanations for it? Can planets outlive a star? As in an older solar system merging with a newer one after it’s star died?

    The more plausible explanation is what you said but the more intriguing explanation would be somehow the Earth is older. I like the ‘what ifs’.

    I remember decades back they said they couldn’t account for all the moisture in the atmosphere and said more vapor was in the atmosphere than was accounted for by convection/conduction. A theory was passed along that the magnetic forces at the equator was ripping moisture out of the oceans. I wasn’t following science back then so I don’t know much about it beyond that.

    Anyway thanks for the logical explanation.

  96. Christopher Marshall says:

    I stumbled over this one from NASA:

    Click to access ERB_Litho_Edits_Percent_2016_v7.pdf

  97. Joseph E Postma says:

    “As in a rogue planet the Sun snatched billions of years ago?”

    I think not likely, but anything is possible. Likely it formed with the solar nebula coalescence into the solar system.

    “If Earth somehow would be older than the Sun what would be the possible scientific explanations for it?”

    The Earth would still have to have formed in the way we expect it to have formed with the solar system.

    “Can planets outlive a star? As in an older solar system merging with a newer one after it’s star died?”

    Possibly, but the overwhelming likelihood is that such an encounter would scatter the planets wildly and they would not be captured. Planets can outlive stars though, sure, but depending on the star there can be much disruption to any planets around it given what happens to stars at the end of their main sequence.

  98. Christopher Marshall says:

    Thanks Joseph that was helpful.

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