Fake and True Heuristics

As a follow-up to my previous video, I discuss the difference between fake heuristics such as we see in climate change, and true heuristics such as we use for teaching Newton’s Laws of Motion.

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4 Responses to Fake and True Heuristics

  1. Christopher Marshall says:

    Seriously be careful out there. These people don’t mess around.

    They have destroyed people for far less. Some physicists/scientists have had their careers destroyed over standing up for science over climate politics (It’s not new).

    Darwinism was employed the same way. It became the ‘state religion’ and any scientists who rebutted it got blacklisted, careers destroyed. They have gone to many lengths to keep evidence against Darwinism to pop up even now. Advanced civilizations covered up, any sign that humanoids of a greater species existed like the giants even though all the ancient texts tell of them as a real race, superior to ours in intellect, prowess and life spans just not in numbers (from Mayan script) . Any giants (when I say giants I really mean just very tall humanoids) remains gets taken and left out of the media even now. In the 80’s they found a skeleton in Israel that was 9 feet long and missing it’s head in some valley. (David and Goliath?). In the Gobi Desert they found the remains of a river village where every single skeleton ranged over 6-7 feet plus. Ancient Egyptians tell of them standing around 7-8 feet. Rumors have flown for decades that the real job of the Smithsonian is to direct a historical narrative not preserve actual facts. They have been said to be the largest gatherer of giant bones in America and then nothing heard about it ever again.

    When I mean advanced civilizations I don’t mean like now as in tech but they had other methods even superior to some of ours now. Somehow they advanced greatly in alchemy and no one can explain why sky pictures exist. Some scientists ventured to say the Earth’s magnetic field may have worked differently back then and they found a way to manipulate the magnetism in certain areas for building and science. Maybe they used balloons or something similar? Flexible glass was allegedly created in the Roman era but as any good socialist country the recipe was destroyed and the craftsman executed because it ‘wasn’t fair to the other glass makers with inferior products’.

    As far as warming periods being beneficial the warming period of 1100 BC (?) texts claim grapes were so large it took two men to carry a bunch. Can you imagine that kind of food prosperity now?

    I don’t believe ‘aliens’ visited us but climate clowns are proof aliens walk among us.

  2. So, just saying the word, “heuristic”, does NOT automatically make a given heuristic okay. Just because it is a neat, intellectual sounding word does NOT make it infallible.

    I feel so good that I feel like I could fly. Let’s use a bird as a heuristic of my feeling, and let’s act on it. Let’s see now, where’s a really high place I can jump off of and flap my arms. It might not be perfect, or rational, or the optimal solution to how I could express my feelings, but, hey, it’s a heuristic, and so I’m going for it.

  3. Christopher Marshall says:

    I’ll make a heuristic of making a nuclear power plant, what could go wrong?

  4. As obvious as it seems now, the output-as-input in the heuristic of the radiative greenhouse effect was not so obvious to me, at first.

    You’ve really got to understand the divide-by-four step that reduces the solar flux. You’ve really got to grasp how absurd it is to take the solar flux on a hemisphere, where it physically exists in real time, and then try to spread it out onto the hemisphere where solar flux does not exist on the dark hemisphere.

    Think about this — solar flux exists in real time on the sun lit hemisphere of Earth. Now the radiative greenhouse heuristic asks us to accept that what exists on the sun lit hemisphere can be diluted to one-fourth, in order to apply this flux where it does not exist, … for ALL times … EVERYWHERE. This simply is NOT physical. This is NOT real.

    Mathematically, you can call this an average flux, but those are just words that have no reality. No flux AT ALL exists on the dark hemisphere of Earth, while lots of flux exists on the light hemisphere of Earth.

    The full power of this flux enters the sun lit hemisphere, it heats the planet by way of the dynamics of the atmosphere-ocean, effectively spreading out this heat through real physical processes that then give the entire earth globe an infrared glow. This infrared glow from the whole-globe surface area need NOT enter the whole-globe surface area, but this is what the greenhouse heuristic seems to insist, and so it inverts the reality to make this so. Output — the infrared glow of the globe — becomes the input of the globe.

    Think of holding a blow torch to a metal ball bearing. The metal ball bearing warms up, as a whole, because of the point-source flame directed at a limited surface area. We would not insist that the ball bearing warm up from one fourth of the intensity of the blow torch — no — we know that this area heats up alot, and, via the properties of the metal, the heat spreads throughout the metal sphere, and the sphere starts to glow, in response to the point source intensity applied to it.

    Warmth can spread, via real physical processes, from a localized area of intense application to areas where no intensity exists. The physics of material properties describes this migration of heat from one area to another area of the same body.

    The dilution delusion, thus, is most curseworthy.

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