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89 Responses to Watch “ATTENTION, CONSERVATIVES: We have the SOLUTION!” on YouTube

  1. Brilliant! Best explanation of propertarianism I have heard to date. There is a movement afoot for building small communities. I found a guy on Youtube that has started creating small communities with 8 families. As those families build the foundation for their group, they expand from there. This guy is not concerned about changing the constitution to support the movement, but perhaps Curt and his team can take that role. We must break down the forces of mass control and live sovereign lives. We must get back to truth and natural law. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Pierre D. Bernier says:

    America is not the only country in the world that has those problems. All countries do. What do they have in common ? A central bank with the power of creating fiat money out of thin air at will. This brings about bankers who will suck money out of the people in the form of inflation and transaction fees, dirty politicians who will always spend more then they have to buy votes and the military industry who will create fears and suck on politicians for money. The solution… abolish the central banks and come back to honest money, gold and silver. A 1gram gold Japanese coin has the same value as a 1gram gold Canadian coin or a 1gram gold American coin. The same goes for silver coins. So now, what have we accomplished ?

    The Treasury department cannot create more money then they have gold or silver in stock.

    The politicians cannot spend more money then he has. So, the government cannot grow out of control.

    The military industry cannot suck the politicians for more money that he does not have.

    All currencies still in existence since the last 100 years have lost 99% or more of their purchasing power. Many have gone out of existence for having gone to zero.

    If history is any guide, all present currencies are bound to go to zero in a near future. New currencies will be created. Let’s hope that these new currencies will be based on a gold standard of some sort. That way our three objectives will have been attained and there wont be any more right or left to create chaos and fight over power.

  3. boomie789 says:

  4. Zelator says:

    The Zionist agenda has always been to foment divide and rule. They have planned a white genocide from day one. What we are seeing is their playbook playing out.

    Taking sides is exactly what they want , but the virus is them, and you need to understand “them” and their history.

    Propertarianism, Meritocracy etc will never succeed until humanity destroys the parasitic “Controllers” the archons behind the scenes. They infiltrate the minds of good men in your movements and cause dissension and conflict. It’s a power game. Human ego needs to be conquered before we really defeat these pieces of shit.

  5. Zelator says:
    Of course you won’t find this sort of information on google, but you should use a decent search engine like Qwant.

  6. Zelator says:

    You know the film Fistful of Dollars by Sergio Leone, film based on Japanese film Yojimbo.
    Playing two sides off against each other. Classic Tactic…

    Flash you Railings …yer number’s up…..c’s

  7. CD Marshall says:

    Hunger Games 2030

  8. CD Marshall says:

    An activist troll slopped his Big Oil crap over a YT site and about “benefit big oil” and all that garbage they spew. So, was in a mood and replied in kind…

    “Benefit” is a long subjective term:

    Activists benefit by creating chaos, anarchy and disorder for a desired out come, which just so happens to be what they “think” is the right one or are led to believe by those actually pulling the strings which are usually Marxists.

    Political Bureaucracy “benefit” from what keeps them in power over the needs or wants of individual freedoms.

    Socialism “benefits” by taking everything and deciding who gets to keep it and who doesn’t. Diminishing individual rights and personal freedom of everyone else except themselves of course who are exempt from the rules placed over the entire population.

    True Democracy believes in giving everyone a voice and the entire population “benefits” by a fair and just procession of intellectually reasoned arguments based on facts and needs that comport individual freedom and rights, never by demands and coercion.

    Now which one are you really for?

  9. CD Marshall says:

    1984: 1363 W/m^2
    1990: 1364 W/m^2
    1995: 1363 W/m^2
    2000: 1363 W/m^2
    2005: 1363 W/m^2
    2010: 1362 W/m^2
    2015: 1363 W/m^2
    2020: 1363 W/m^2

  10. Joseph E Postma says:

    @CD: “The climate on Earth is determined by the energy input that the Earth receives from the Sun in the form of total solar irradiance (TSI). Therefore, the TSI is an essential climate variable that needs to be monitored”

    But then…when they model energy flow from the Sun into the climate, they use 1/4 the power as measured for the TSI. Unbelievable inconsistency. Science is a joke…no one does quality control…peer review doesn’t do quality control.

  11. boomie789 says:

    It’s the way of life they really want to destroy. It’s just that whites are the discoverers and main practitioners of that lifestyle.

    Sovereignty, independence, Freedom, choice, self reliance, heroism, stoicism, and truth.

    Like wanting the nuclear family and destroyed and everyone lives in big ugly towers.

    Whites instinctively want a home and a nuclear family.

  12. Zelator says:

    Political Elites, Zionists, Khazarian Mafia; whatever you want to call them their aim is simple … white genocide!

    and some more quotes:

    …and just a few more so we know what we are up against:

    Here are a couple of articles that explain what is going on:

    and :

    …..and just so we totally get their message:

    I don’t know whether this is a conspiracy, but it sure as heck seems like there is an insidious plot unravelling in the world and is now in plain sight for everyone with eyes to see.

  13. boomie789 says:

    @Robert Kernodle

    Robert is researching mask and this is a neat video.

    Mask lower people’s inhibitions, interesting.

  14. CD Marshall says:

    About that paper makes you wonder if some of these guys know the limits out on them. We’ll make an accurate TOA TSI but we won’t touch the global warming mandate by showing that energy internally in the system.

    And, was it my imagination or was every single satellite showing a different reading for the TOA.
    My musings was it really shows no dramatic change in TOA solar irradiance over the decades like they are claiming with their ridiculous, “the sun’s intensity has been decreasing for a while, while the global temperatures are only rising…”

  15. CD Marshall says:

    This was not directed at myself but a typical troll comment none the less based on conjecture…

    “1.Organisms do well in the environment they adapt to. Humans don’t do very well in hot areas either. Dumb argument.”

    “2.You apparently cannot distinguish different causes of climate change. In previous warming episodes, the warming was caused by an increase in solar intensity. Currently, solar intensity has been decreasing for decades, yet it is getting warmer. Explain that?”

    “3.In fact it is warming so fast, that nature cannot properly adapt, resulting in mass extinctions.”

    “4.Also, anyone who uses youtube as a scientific source is an idiot.”

    I want to do research on this a little more, properly.

    #1 is complete conjecture. Humans wear clothes and used technology so they don’t have to physically adapt to changes in weather. You can die from hypothermia or hyperthermia just as easily.

    #2 So in climate science, all other warming periods and interglacials was caused by the Sun but NOT this one?

    #3 Again, conjecture not based on fact but I’m sure they can reduce a bunch of “papers” to validate the claim. The mass extinctions claim has already been debunked I believe Robert has a lot on that?

    #4 Unless it supports their side of the climate debate then its fine.

    Any thoughts please expound 🙂

    I want to address these subjects and write a little article on them for future references.

  16. CD Marshall says:

    JP I can’t imagine the rage especially as a parent at seeing this stuff, let alone normal human rage.

  17. boomie789 says:

    Mandatory masked just popped up everywhere in my area. Mandatory.

  18. boomie789 says:

    At buisness

  19. Bbbbbbut where’s the double blind 3 year study on the efficacy of masks like they wanted for hydroxychloroquine!!?? Lol. This is all about destroying reason.

  20. boomie789 says:

    Just wore mask for the first time.

    Exactly. Only a idiot thinks this is for our own health.


  21. Zelator says:

    Ulterior motives…… absolutely!

  22. Zelator says:


  23. Zealtor,

    That mask test is not really valid, from what I understand.

    What the meter measures is the composition of the air that is exhaled. Its sensors are not fast enough to recover and register the difference between the exhaled air in the small space inside the mask and the inhaled air entering into your lungs.

    The air quality argument for cloth masks is a weak argument — it should be avoided. There are stronger arguments against masks.

    For tighter fitting, greater-filtration masks (e.g., N95), there IS an argument to be made for air quality. But for the simple, woven-cloth masks being pushed by the powers that be, this is NOT a good argument, again for the reason I mentioned.

    A better measure would be pulse oxygen. That’s the measure used to show that N95’s can reduce this measure. A cloth mask probably would not reduce this measure. I’d like to see a pulse ox test for cloth masks, therefore.

  24. It’s all a euphemism or symbolic for silencing and stopping your breath, just like burying carbon dioxide sequestration and vilifying carbon, etc.

  25. It turns out to be a euphemism, but the idiots mandating masks do not realize it, because they are, … well … idiots. What it really is … is a fashion statement, symbolizing a perverted human need in many to be suffocated by fear.

    Mask wearers, thus, are sado-masochists — they enjoy a sense of fulfillment being subdued, punishing themselves for the perceived greater good. They would be better off wearing leather masks, with the addition of bondage band balls strapped into their mouths.

  26. So, tell me again how effective masks are:

    Such a joke !

  27. boomie789 says:

    @Joseph E Postma

    Pure Evil.

  28. Being white and trying to stay alive is illegal now.

  29. boomie789 says:

    Reminded me to check out AmRen.

    good comments too.

  30. boomie789 says:

    I like this guy. Channel recommendation. Just what I needed to see today.

  31. Zelator says:

    Good video. I have noticed similar situations/confrontations were people get angry about queues.
    Where cash register checkout clerks start ordering you about into lines and telling you off for
    approaching or standing in the wrong place. It’s almost like a little persons reason to exert authority over you. Its probably the first time in their sad little lives that they can give orders.

    Its another divide and conquer strategy. It’s little people versus normal people, the sheep versus the thinkers. the left versus the right, compliance versus non compliance. I unfortunately agree with the OP though and I can’t see there being enough of us to push back against this, and they probably know this as well!

  32. Gary Ashe says:

    The Rightwing have always had the solution to the Leftist probled.

    The AK47 solution, they’ve just never utilised it.

  33. Gary Ashe says:

    Problem.. oops.

  34. Gary Ashe says:

    By the way the face-mask thing is about our coming islamisation and face coverings being the norm..
    The de-personalisation of our societies, they have already conditioned millions to view their own friends and families as potential threats, they want the same kind of spy network the CCP have where 1 in 4 are party loyalist spying/grassing on their neighbours and friends and family members.

    Chineseism islamisation and Leftist progressive fucknuttery all rolled into one Leftist Utopia,
    Being played out now all around us, The UN/WHO plandemic the UN/IPCC climate scam.
    The Marxist Black Lies Matter attack on us all by the globalist Left/Sorros.

    They are at war with us, thats what it is war, they intend to crush any kind of dissent of their ”values”.

  35. Yes good points Gary. Depersonalized, atomized, and anomic down to the household level. Our hand held devices are a big part of that.

  36. Zelator says:

    Hi Gary, that reminds me of this video:

  37. Zelator says:

    Magazine – Shot By Both Sides:

    This and that, they must be the same
    What is legal is just what’s real
    What I’m given to understand
    Is exactly what I steal
    I wormed my way into the heart of the crowd
    I wormed my way into the heart of the crowd
    I was shocked to find what was allowed
    I didn’t lose myself in the crowd

    Shot by both sides
    On the run to the outside of everything
    Shot by both sides
    They must have come to a secret understanding

    New offences always in my nerves
    They’re taking my time by force
    They all sound the same when they scream
    They have to rewrite all the books again
    As a matter of course

    I wormed my way…
    Shot by both sides…

    ‘Why are you so edgy, Kid? ‘
    Asks the man with the voice
    One thing follows another
    You live and learn, you have no choice

    I wormed my way…
    Shot by both sides
    I don’t ask who’s doing the shooting
    Shot by both sides
    We must have come to a secret understanding

    We must have come to a secret understanding

  38. Zelator says:

    I don’t know why Anonymous ( Official ) keep using voice distortion all the time on their videos.
    We know its David Icke, and he talks some sense most of the time…..anyway for those who are interested in a point that needs to be emphasised here is a video that David discusses equality of opportunity :

  39. Zelator says:

    This one is for Robert. Rob, I don’t know if there is anything in this that you can use in your research?…. but thanks for your quest for the Truth; you are a beacon of light.

    This Blog, really is a forum for combating the Climate of Sophistry, BUT …. not just the climate as in weather but the Sophistry of Life and Existence as well….. so Thankyou Joe for hosting this valuable resource.

    Here’s the vid.

    p.s thanks to all contributors as well, as from my part I have learned a helluva lot from you online friends.
    Thank You. Z.

  40. Joseph E Postma says:

    I find it odd that these flat-Earther sun-denier fake climate skeptics like Rancourt are getting exposure on this side. I think they’re doing it just to inveigle their way in to the rationalist side while carrying along their GHE baggage with them.

  41. Joseph E Postma says:

    Recall Rancourt and his debate with Stephen Wells: “I want to get away from discussion of the greenhouse effect and just focus on climate change.” Oh how convenient Rancourt…pure sophistry.

    “Let’s discuss climate change but not the cause of climate change because if we discuss what we have always claimed is the cause of climate change then there is no reason to talk about climate change.”

  42. Zelator says:

    Ultimately the purpose is to globalise the planet, politically, economically and financially. Its about control and with climate change, you can control and steer all the nations in the direction you want. In practice the purpose of climate change is to create a globalist Technocracy laying the foundations of a global governing body that supersedes national interests and sovereignty. Additionally the purpose of globalising and centralising science is the same purpose that the IMF and world bank have worked to globalise finance.

  43. boomie789 says:

    I think they don’t know the physics/thermodynamics.

    I wonder what Rancourt’s answer to “does cold add to hot?”. He is either completely oblivious and says the correct answer, no. Because he’s never actually looked at the model closely enough.

    Or give the sophist answer that radiative heat does not obey the laws of thermodynamics. They don’t say that though they say something to the effect of “radiative heat and conductive heat flow are not the same, radiative heat flows both ways.”

    You like the “Does this flat earth look right to you?” approach. I like the “does cold add to hot?” question.

  44. boomie789 says:

    i’m going to watch that debate again now lol.

  45. boomie789 says:


    The laws of thermodynamics do not apply. Rancourt will come out and just say it lol.

    Rancourt v Postma would be a slaughter.

  46. CD Marshall says:

    “Brave New World” 2020 Peacock Series.
    If you can, watch it. The contrasts are superb between the extreme Left and extreme Right ideology.
    Well, the show portrays extreme left on two rigid contrasts, but I’m sure the producers thought it was R&L extremes but they are two sides of the same Left agenda.

    Anyway, a must watch (so far) haven’t finished yet.

  47. boomie789 says:

    Why are you so attached to back radiation Rancourt?

    “It’s there so it must be doing something, so we add it back to itself.”

    So few debates and discussions even exist actually discussing the fundamental physics of the GHE. Wells is a champ.

  48. I asked Rancourt to debate. He ran away just like Spencer did. They’re willing to debate a layman, but fn run like hell from me. Pieces of shit.

  49. CD Marshall says:

    What is Lindzen’s current stance of global warming?

  50. Zelator says:

    Joe….maybe they have finally realised (Rancourt et al) that they are not going to be saved either, that their Big Daddy Deep State don’t give a shit about them either. Shot by both sides.

  51. CD Marshall says:

    So I’ve been knocking every troll down on YT with the particle physics pitch against global warming I’ve taken them all on and won. Every stinking one of them and I’ve been hit with over 30 trolls in about a month. They all have taken there best shot at me (I’ve had 5 at a time in some places) and I took them down by staying on message and keeping myself sane with an actual physicists keeping my head clear and a little help from his friends (well a lot of HELP lol).

    So this was the last troll reply…
    “um…. we’re talking pretty basic atmospheric physics here. It’s pretty much meteorology 101. No quarks involved, no need to bring in the particle physicists… I suspect that they would be a bit bored. You’re also definitely not a scientist if you think there’s any money around for bribing or sordid scandals to blackmail on!!
    But why are you doing what you do? You already know what the scientific institutions think – Will’s talk summarises the issues pretty well. If there were any substantial issues with the science, they would have been identified already. Why do you go online to undermine the message? Why not find something productive to do with you time?”

    Meaning, “We can’t beat you so go a away!” Oh and I might add, each troll pries to see if I am a scientist. Now why would that matter if the intent wasn’t to go after my scientific credibility and destroy it with character assassination. These people.

  52. CD Marshall says:

    Oh and YT shut down my notifications so I had to manually look up every comment I’ve done to reply. A few of the other guys I’ve talked to on the climate fight say they get notifications shut off as well. Wouldn’t surprise me if YT wipes my account soon with the “you violated our TOA” tag and no explanation like they did my Twitter account.

    I’m sure the reason why your videos (Joseph) doesn’t get more hits is because thy have throttled your channel, you prob don’t even show in searches or suggested videos. Well I’ve searched climate change and you have never showed up once in YTs search engine. Bill Nye and Tyson? ALL the time.

  53. Zelator says:

    Voluntary Acceptance-Mandatory Enforcement -Take the Shot!

  54. “f there were any substantial issues with the science, they would have been identified already.”

    Unless they were substantial…lol! Idiots!

    My AMS findings demonstrate just such a substantial issue…but science is not going to be capable of identifying or admitting to its own substantial issues now is it, if it is of just such substantiveness.

    God these people are BRAINDEAD!

  55. boomie789 says:

    @CD Marshall

    I was looking through Postma’s vids and your comments seem to be missing.

    Idk if you deleted them or not but I can see people responses to you but not your OP. Find my comment in “Fake Greenhouse Effect for Fake Science”.

    Also Dick Tracy.

    Interesting if your shadow banned.

  56. boomie789 says:



  57. Zelator says:

    Statism, zoonotic transference and the second wave.

    David Icke : Facemasks, Psychology & What’s to Come:

  58. Zelator says:

    They tried to stop me……… Oh yeh…

  59. boomie789 says:

  60. CD Marshall says:

    You know I tend to forget that a large part of scientists are heartless bastards, I’ve seen enough documentaries of them watching animals, even babies, die for “science” without a bat of an eye.
    We are suppose to be the top tier of evolution.

    Compassion is a humane trait.

    My point being, a large part of the scientific ‘heartless’ community, would not bat an eye at a plan to reduce population. Crimes done “in the name of science” to humanity in history borderlines on psychopaths and mass murders.

    Many of them wouldn’t even need to be paid off they’d agree it would be in the best interest of humanity to reduce the population by every means necessary.

  61. CD Marshall says:

    @boomie789 I had to reset my account before, several times, for “technical issues” so maybe that’s what that was from?

    Joseph this guy I’m talking to that made that comment, “if there were any substantial issues with the science, they would have been identified already.” says he’s a PhD in Meteorology. I’m softly testing his validity. If it pans out we’ll go from there 🙂 if he can’t “bedazzle me” with his equations Kung Fu he’s not a PhD 🙂

    I’m guessing he knows next to nothing about Thermodynamics or Particle Physics.

  62. You have all you need to destroy him, master jedi 🙂

  63. CD Marshall says:

    I asked him, “Would you be willing to talk to an actual physicist on the errors in climate science that are being overlooked with an open mind?” We’ll see, right? Odds are not in our favor.

    I also baited him with,”AMS cannot even acknowledge the Sun is the source of energy on planet Earth even though around 960 W/m^2 at the Equatorial Zenith says otherwise, feeding the most powerful climate engine on the planet, the Hadley cell. My lack of faith in climate science is well placed, very well placed.”

    If he inquires more, I’ll link your video. I guess I should be honored they sent a PhD after me? Not feeling it though, not feeling it. ):

  64. Zelator says:

    The Lads from the facking South facking geezers, you facking cant you!

    London Calling… pre dub skunk ska luvit

    With you On another Planet? ….Only Ones…hardly!

    The Lads from North; birth of music La’s yer know wot I mean like ay. Fuck off!

    Killing Moon scouse baby: groovy

    The Mission mr wayne husssey

    Fuck it here’s Kirk Brandon:

  65. boomie789 says:

    Lol noble savage myth.

    If she was dropped in central America in 1500 she would have her heart ripped out as a sacrifice to the sun god.

    They’re lucky Christians got here first. Otherwise there would probably be no trace of them left. Same with slaves. The slaves that got enslaved by Christians were actually pretty blessed on the whole.

    Considering they were going to be slaves no matter what.

    The natives were going to be conquered no matter what.

  66. boomie789 says:

    Rancourt’s debate video just went private. interesting. Why now?
    I posted it to r/climate skeptics 2 days ago.

  67. boomie789 says:

  68. Zelator says:

    But most workers are there just to make money…. er yeh you fucking shitheads ….you dirty bat eating twats.

  69. Zelator says:

    The vaccination and the nanotechnology they intend to inject into us, is the next step in hooking us up to the Hive Net. Then you can earn digital dollars “pay for play”.
    Bitcoin will be made illegal and they will bring in there own cryptocurrency.

    Here is an article that goes into great detail the plan for vaccines and the control of humanity. There is a lot of information here:

    While we are being distracted with these race wars etc they are quietly implementing their plan. BLM are just pawns being used to distract and play the hegellian dialectic card. Ultimately they want to kill the majority of humanity off and it doesn’t matter what race or colour you are, they really don’t discriminate. “Kill them all and control the rest” is their motto.

    In other possibly connected news, The Twitter Hack has the hallmarks of CIA all over it or another rogue actor:

  70. CD Marshall says:

    The latest from my PhD even after I linked your AMS video…

  71. CD Marshall says:

    Dah, forget to add his comment!

    “All you need to do to overturn global warming theory is to a) publish a paper demonstrating that the current maths is wrong and we shouldn’t have anything to worry about, and b) publish another paper showing that our observations of a warming planet are also wrong or else can be explained by other means. You’d probably win a Nobel prize. I’d be cheering for sure – it would be a lot less inconvenient if we could just keep burning fossil fuels without worrying about the consequences. But I do think that it would be an extraordinary act of collective hubris to think that we can change the mixture of gasses in the troposphere without changing the temperature balance.”

  72. Zelator says:

    Don’t fuck with the English….and whatever you do NOT spill my fucking beer!

    We have conquering in our blood and we will do it again!

    We love a fight… we will sail thousand of miles to kick Argentinan cunts where it hurts.

    It’s what we do.

    We Liberate!

    We English are peaceful but when people try to take the piss out of us…and then it ‘appens.

    Get in …. my facking son.

    Otherwise we are GENTLEMEN. Sharpen your swords Lads, I smell a battle ahead. OOH Yah

  73. Zelator says:

    We love our cousins in the USA and Canada, but you need to get your shit together, united we stand divided we fall. If propertarianism is you cup of tea then so be it, however what are your clans like, do you have any? Find your brothers and sisters and unite. We need us all together.

  74. Zelator says:

    Truth before face. Englishmen tell it straight and if you don’t like it we will fight you. Yeh hand to hand combat if needed.
    And we will win cos we are honest and ALWAYs defeat dishonesty no matter how many lives it takes on the battlefield.

    It is inbred in English to sense dishonesty and fuckwittery …don’t try ..we will destroy you in the end.
    Truths always wins. We love USA and Canada and the Commonwealth. We have no beef with you.

  75. Zelator says:

    Brits don’t like being bossed about…. Not politically correct this, but it’s how we do things,
    we really don’t like outsiders telling us what to do of any creed. We are who we are. Sucks
    for bullies and tyrants, as we will fuck you over. One demon at a time.

  76. @CD they gloat that they have control over the institutions and the review process, then ask us to go through them to state that the sun heats the earth which they then reject.

  77. Zelator says:

  78. Gary Ashe says:

    All things bright and beautiful all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the chinese eat them all.
    Dirty bastards.

  79. Zelator says:

    Here is some important News:

    COMEX Force Majeur: Facts!

    America has Fallen:

    Greg goes into one….great rant!

    Asteroid Impact November

    I love BPEarthwatch when he does his astronomy vids:

    Urgent Information on Covid Vaccine:

    Dr. Carrie Madej

  80. Zelator says:

    This is a great article by Noah J. Revoy on clans and male agency:

  81. Zelator says:

    Here’s an interesting article about the wearing of masks. There is some great information
    if you click the embedded links.

    “Eyes Wide Shut” Transformation Of America Being Led By “Rulers Of The Darkness Of This Age” :

    Also I found this interesting video; it’s several years old but just as relevant .
    It’s a bit lengthy but worth it. It starts slow but the speaker makes a statement at the 7.37 min mark
    that will get your attention and then it gets more interesting. Enjoy.

    The fundamental premise is that the hidden agenda of a one world governance is predicated by
    maintaining that people are locked into the physical empirical material realm. They do this by keeping us living in a left brain world. This is probably the reason the atheistic Chinese are so keen on the destruction of Christianity or any faith or spirituality for that matter.

    As Rudolf Steiner quoted:

    The Holy Grail is really the synchronisation of the right hemisphere of the brain with the left.
    To get away from left brain materialist thinking. Like I’ve said before its gnosis of the mind.

  82. Zelator says:

    Oops that link should have read:

    and the Rudolf Steiner quote should be:

    and the Video is here:

    The formatting seems to be getting chopped up and bits of the links for some reason seem to be disappearing.

    I will try again. Hope this is clearer.

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