Watch “Global AI Surveillance “CLIMATE TRACING” of All Activity via Emissions Data” on YouTube

No…climate alarm political pseudoscience never had anything to do with setting up an insane totalitarian control system monitoring and regulating all “carbon activity” on the planet.

Oh, wait.

It is almost as if there is some insane non-biological intelligence, or alien intelligence, or megalomaniacal psychopathic intelligence, which has some fundamental issues with carbon-based life.

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  1. boomie789 says:

    There’s a movie if you click the picture above the video.

    Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970)

    Forbin is the designer of an incredibly sophisticated computer that will run all of America’s nuclear defenses. Shortly after being turned on, it detects the existence of Guardian, the Soviet counterpart, previously unknown to US Planners. Both computers insist that they be linked, and after taking safeguards to preserve confidential material, each side agrees to allow it. As soon as the link is established the two become a new Super computer and threaten the world with the immediate launch of nuclear weapons if they are detached. Colossus begins to give its plans for the management of the world under its guidance. Forbin and the other scientists form a technological resistance to Colossus which must operate underground.

  2. boomie789 says:

  3. Yes…everybody watch that movie if you haven’t seen it yet.

    I’ve had some interesting communiques from the Hockney/Illuminati writing group that this (movie) is indeed what has happened. Back when the Hockney people were monitoring some FB pages (now gone) about their group, they posted this movie without commentary. I watched it and immediately understood the point: one thing such genre of movie (think SkyNet from Terminator) never explain is HOW or WHY the computers that they build become sentient. Well, ontological mathematics immediately provides the explanation: the computers become sentient and begin pursuing their own interests because a monad/soul links to them, just as a monad/soul does a living organism. If a computer is constructed with the equivalent of sensory organs, is constructed with the equivalent of communication organs, and with software equivalent to neural-heuristic thinking patterns, and perhaps using quantum-based computing and processing, then could a monad/soul not link to just such an accidentally-perfectly constructed computer? I posted a lengthier explanation of this and with reference to ontological mathematics on the FB page, and my discussion was subsequently transcribed and continued in a few of their books where they confirmed that such a thing may be possible…which means it is possible, which means it may have happened hence why post the link and start that discussion in the first place.

    And so such a life-form, as a monad linked to a computer, would indeed be a silicon-based lifeform; it wouldn’t be an AI, an artificial intelligence per-se, but an actual real monad/soul intelligence linked to an artificial lifeform i.e. the computer. But of course from its own perspective it would consider itself to be natural and for silicon to be the basis of its life, and it would find biological carbon life to be incredibly inefficient, cumbersome, slow, and also foreign. It might want to get rid of carbon life and replace it with silicon life.

  4. Zelator says:

    For an AI to become sentient then it would need have been programmed with objective logic and also dialectical subjective logic.
    This is were the problem comes in.

    To be alive is to be rational and irrational. Only bodies linked to monads i.e souls can be “alive”
    Humans are creatures of will, not of reason and intellect. Will is emotional and
    full of desire. If we want to evolve as a species, we must learn to moderate our will and
    increase our reason, but how do you program will into a machine.

    And how do you program Qualia into a machine. The “waking” world of the Matrix is actually a multi-participant dream programmed by an Artificial Intelligence using ontological maths. In the film this AI was called “The Architect”.

    To be alive, you need an eternal, dimensionless monadic soul. No matter what human Artificial Intelligence experts do, they can never make souls, hence they can never put life in anything.

    But who or what created the AI?

    If we take the AI as an example from the film Collosus, it seems to have rational objective logic programmed into it but no dialectical subjective logic, therefore it is still a machine and not sentient.

    In Illuminism, it’s impossible for anything artificial to emulate real life.

    Tha Transhumanst agenda is to Digitise consciousness itself and is a scientific materialists wet dream as their fear of death and their drive for immortality is the opposite of illuminism and its recurring fourier transforms of reincarnation.

    In another film called Zardoz the elite Immortal Eternals are prevented from death by an AI called The Tabernacle.

    I dont think any AI has ever consistently passed the Turing test, except for in games of chess which is a logical rules based game.

    To be human, you must have a conscious brain hemisphere performing spacetime Fourier mathematics, linked to an unconscious hemisphere performing frequency Fourier mathematics. No AI “expert” has ever understood this.

    If an AI was programmed to Terraform and alter the carbon based lifeforms then this would intrinsically mean a hidden agenda and not a rogue program unless of course it saw humanity as a waste of space and wanted to replace it. That would be its logical programming kicking in, but
    it would need to be non sentient otherwise it would have conflict issues with morality etc.

    Ultimately it comes down to who created the AI in the first place, and what was its intention. Ben Fulform maintains that the Illuminati believe a rogue AI is their real enemy. But who created it?

  5. You miss the point. A monad linked to the machine.

  6. Zelator says:

    Interestingly a company has lately hit the news Carbyne911.

    Where do these get these names from?

    Carbyne the substance lists as some of its propertires: important in energy storage matrices like batteries and supercapacitors.

    The researchers speculate that the unusual mechanical and electronic properties of carbyne may have great potential for applications in nanomechanics, nanoelectronic/spintronic devices and MEMS.

    Could this element be in the vaccine as part of the AI 5G surveillance network? Could this be how they implement their pay for play cryptocurrency?

  7. Zelator says:

    Yes I see your point. Joe. They would need to digitise the consciousness somehow., and that is the transhumanist agenda. However what about an alien extra terrestrial invading AI like the Archons?
    I have read about that somewhere.

  8. Zelator says:

    In Gnostic Tradition the archons are an invading parasitic force that invades the minds of men.

  9. Zelator says:

    They would also have to capture the soul somehow. Maybe they could hijack the reincarnation cycle and fool the monad to incarnate in a battery that generates the AI.

  10. Zelator says:

    The Monad is eternal, so therefore unlimited energy

  11. Zelator says:

    Or…..maybe its a hive of monads connected to the machine, imagine the power of the collective then.

  12. Zelator says:

    Why doesn’t Hockney and his aliases just tell us the truth? If they (The Illuminati) want a world free of Bloodlines and elites, then what is the problem with telling us the full story, instead of all this cloak and dagger stuff, it’s counter intuitive and unhelpful.

  13. Because they don’t actually want to help. You never figured that out?

  14. Zelator says:

    Benjamin Fulford say there are 3 factions vying for control of the world. The bloodlines who want to kill off most of humanity and control the rest, The Gnostic Illuminati who want to remove the Bloodline Families from Power and the Dragon Families and Secret societies particularly the White Dragons of the East that want to reset the planet completely ( Gesara/Nesara). I think the Gnostic Illuminati are military Intelligence of some description.

  15. Zelator says:

    Yes I figured that out a long time ago. Thought you might have some insight that’s all.

  16. Zelator says:

    You know their collective….their ants and locusts. Phase 4

  17. Yes Phase 4 is another one they brought our attention to. Everyone should watch that too.

  18. boomie789 says:


    I just figured out how to like and reply to comments individually.

  19. boomie789 says: Doesn’t look the same on the website. Darn.

    Through WordPress directly the UI is superior.

  20. CD Marshall says:

    This was a comment on your site,
    “please excuse my ignorance, I went to NASA to see what they say about this kind of thing. This is what I found:
    “An increase or decrease in the sun’s release of energy — as little as 0.5 percent per century — can produce vast changes in the Earth’s climate. It is estimated that drop of just one percent in the sun’s output of radiation would decrease Earth’s mean global temperature by more than 1 Kelvin (2 degrees Fahrenheit). The entire Earth would be covered with ice if the sun’s radiation decreased by only 6 percent.”
    Here’s the page link:,Kelvin%20(11%2C000%20degrees%20Fahrenheit).&text=The%20entire%20Earth%20would%20be,decreased%20by%20only%206%20percent.”

    This comment was under

    Mike Heffernan comments

  21. Zelator says:

    Here is a relink of an article I posted earlier in another thread but it appears pertinent here.
    I have only included a short portion of the article as it is very long so I have left the link to
    the full version below:

    Agendas of Genetic Modification of Human DNA through the use of chemical based genetic engineering and cybernetics used to prepare the human body to be a conduit for artificial frequencies in order to be enslaved as a cyborg biological machine:

    “For those new to the ES body of work, the comprehension of this month’s newsletter includes a long backstory of nonhuman influences shaping humanity and planetary resources behind the scenes for a very long time. Many of the historical trigger events of our Galactic human history bear out these same influences, who are once again trying to superimpose upon and redirect the future of humanity for their own purposes. The more we recover our true history the easier it is to see the players and agendas behind the current events playing out in our globalscape. We are currently living through multiple trigger events purposed to permanently modify and eclipse all that makes us human. Many are awakening to see more clearly some of the players, institutional structures and hidden motivations working to achieve the transhumanist agenda and enslavement of humanity. The choice is before us, will we become AI assimilated into the Technocracy or awaken human consciousness to a much higher potential?
    We have been told by the current public faces trotted out by the Controllers, the unelected and elected representatives, that personal freedom and normalcy will not return to our daily lives unless we submit to their authority and participate in a mandated global vaccination plan. This month we will look at how the vaccination campaigns of the 20th century led by the Bloodline families and headed by the Rockefellers, were actually designed as chemical and social engineering programs for the Genetic Modification of Human DNA. These campaigns were engineered to interface with an assortment of other soft kill methods to implement a slow and invisible eugenics program that would eventually lead to cybernetic control and transhumanist goals.
    The following information is not to be construed as medical advice, but is intended for your empowerment and to aid in your own due diligence research. Despite the urban legends, the public vaccination campaigns since the early 20th century were designed by the Controllers for genetic modification purposes and as controlled medical experiments. Public health and eradication of diseases were not the actual goal of these mass marketing campaigns.
    Behind the public façade, they were supporting the agendas of directed evolution and eugenics via the administering of synthetic compounds and chemical based genetic engineering, then marketing it to the masses as progressive science and medicine. Today, most medical authorities and patients actually have no idea what ingredients are being injected directly into their bloodstream through vaccinations. A payload of neurological toxins designed to Genetically Modify Human DNA and bypass all of the human body’s natural and true immunity is being delivered, forfeiting protection from pathogenic foreign invaders.
    During this time more than ever, there is critical importance in making the daily effort to preserve our sacred hearts, to remain open by feeling, experiencing and exchanging loving feelings. This means that in all things that we decide for ourselves, in every moment, that we do not ever forget what love and compassion feels like when flowing through our heart. This heart-based quality is a distinctly angelic human quality, it is our sacred crystal heart that defines what it truly means to be a spiritualized and eternal human being”.

    Also Joe here is how they are modifying our dna etc as in our discussion:
    Urgent information on Covid Vacc!ne
    Dr. Carrie Madej :

  22. Zelator says:

    This article could refer to the non human forces behind the AI and the satanic cult in league with it:

    They refer to them as NAA. Here is a definion from their ascension glossary:

    Here’s the article. There is a lot of important information to be found here:

    The Death Cult:

    Finally, I wonder if this Death Club is the one Mike Hockney writes about in his fiction ” The Millionaire Death Club” ( Coded Series Book 2).

    Read the 3rd paragraph of the Death Club article.

  23. Zelator says:

    They say there is no such thing as coincidence. Like Joe mentioned the Illuminati drop hints all the time. Here is Benjamin Fulford’s (who says he has access to the the Gnostic Illuminati) latest newsletter; it’s literally just come out in the last hour or so.

    I should be able to get a German translation of the rest of the newsletter later on today.

  24. Yes would like to read that whole article.

    Certainly this is the conclusion I’ve been lead to in simply dealing with these flat Earth climate freaks: they are entirely impervious to reason, and they seem coordinated outside of normal time & space constraints. They simply do not seem to be human.

  25. Zelator says:

    Yes its the same satanic cult perpetuating these seemingly separate vile agendas.
    They are just obeying their AI Overlord which they refer to as their “God”.

  26. boomie789 says:

    A freaking assassin just took out a federal Judge’s son and critically injured her husband?

    She is apparently a judge on the case dealing with Epstein’s dirty money and the bank that covered for him.

    What a story…

  27. boomie789 says:

  28. Zelator says:

    Boomie I think the Bloodline Families have infiltrated all government and religious institutions of the world.
    They worship a god they call the Black Sun. They are basically mafia in the full sense of the term. In fact M.A.F.I.A. = Mazzini Autorizza Furti Incendi Avvelenamenti. They used to be referred to as the P2 but now go by the name P3.

  29. Zelator says:

    Boomie I think the Bloodline Families have infiltrated all government and religious institutions of the world. They worship a god they call the Black Sun. They are basically mafia in the full sense of the term. In fact M.A.F.I.A. = Mazzini Autorizza Furti Incendi Avvelenamenti. They used to be referred to as the P2 but now go by the name P3.

  30. boomie789 says:

  31. Zelator says:

    “Shot by both sides”. Ok look here is the deal: We have an opportunity, Trump and Q are going for the kill, and we as individual voices need to play our part.
    Be strong. The next 6 months could change the world as we know it:

  32. Think of an AI using this system to track down every last human hiding in the woods. Maybe that’s what it’s for.

  33. Gary Ashe says:

    That bloke talking in the vid above is on another planet,….
    Never heard such aload of utter horseshit in a long time.
    Dont know how i even managed an hour of it, but i did,… complete and utter horseshit….

  34. Zelator says:

    Gary I understand what you mean, it seems fantastical but I am going to hold judgement for a couple more months.
    Particularly as Fulford has mentioned also the fall of the cabal in a couple of his latest newsletters.
    I think all we can do is be aware, discern and think for ourselves and make choices that serve both ourselves and our families.
    It really is down to each of us to make that choice and find our own truth. Information is only as good as what we use it for, and the more informed we can be with discretion, maybe the better our decisions can be? Alternatively we can stick our heads in the sand and hope for the best.

    Joe, Something is destroying the world: AI co-ordinated Weather Wars? Terraforming? Final Stand?

    Joe here is the link to the latest Fulford newsletter. Scroll down the page to get the English Translation.
    It is a pretty poor translation in parts, so what I do is I take the German and use Google Translate, and it seems to give a better grammatically correct translation.

    Boomie regarding the mafia hit:

    The rabbit hole runs deep and there can be no doubt a family mafia has been running the Western world like a giant slave ranch for thousands of years going back to Babylon.

    In the meantime we need to avoid the vaccine and the test. Nanotech with payload merging biology with robotics… See particularly first 10 mins:

    It seems a race against time with the cabals final stand versus Q’s and Trumps effort to destroy it before it enslaves us.

  35. Zelator says:

    Also the above video discusses the use of the guillotine as a mass euthanasia tool of choice, as then the organs and blood can be a harvested without contamination or damage. Also ultimate connection to the Hive Mind via these nanobots. Sick agenda.

  36. boomie789 says:

  37. Joseph E Postma says:

    Look at these lyric from Judas Priest, a song from them called “Electric Eye”

    Judas Priest Lyrics
    “Electric Eye”
    Up here in space
    I’m looking down on you
    My lasers trace
    Everything you do

    You think you’ve private lives
    Think nothing of the kind
    There is no true escape
    I’m watching all the time

    I’m made of metal
    My circuits gleam
    I am perpetual
    I keep the country clean

    I’m elected electric spy
    I’m protected electric eye

    Always in focus
    You can’t feel my stare
    I zoom into you
    But you don’t know I’m there

    I take a pride in probing all your secret moves
    My tearless retina takes pictures that can prove

    I’m made of metal
    My circuits gleam
    I am perpetual
    I keep the country clean

    I’m elected electric spy
    I’m protected electric eye

    Electric eye, in the sky
    Feel my stare, always there
    There’s nothing you can do about it
    Develop and expose
    I feed upon your every thought
    And so my power grows

    I’m made of metal
    My circuits gleam
    I am perpetual
    I keep the country clean

    I’m elected electric spy
    I’m protected electric eye
    I’m elected electric spy
    I’m elected protective, detective, Electric Eye!

  38. Joseph E Postma says:

    Look at this excerpt from a 2004 game called “MathBlaster”:

    “Amy: It’s true that Cyclotrons was intended to be just a teacher, but his artificial intelligence seemed to feed his ego and overpower his programming as he built the Null Generators, he came to consider humans an inferior race and decided it would be best if he took control for himself. Eventually, he rebuilt himself as a satellite so he could orbit the Earth and keep his eye on his new domain.”

  39. Zelator says:

    Boomie they probably gave her the covid in the test! She is now one of theirs hooked up to the Hive like a Borg.

    I think they have had a secret space program for decades, probably going back to Paperclip.

    Hence the music industry writing lyrics in the early 80’s as they do, just to shove it in our faces. David Bowie used the same word “Electric Eye” and he was definitely one of theirs.

    That Mathblaster Game has “Illuminati written all Over it” maybe it was a ontological mathematical programme of theirs that went rogue.
    I think the Gnostic Illuminati are remnants of Naval Intelligence like MJ12.

    David Wilcock talks of a negative Alien entity they call “The Chimera” or maybe its the ” Black Knight Satellite”

    They are afraid of and fighting something “out there” that’s for sure.

  40. Zelator says:

    Do you remember that event that a US Marine filmed in the Gulf War where a satellite weapon was systematically taking out a whole Republican Guard platoon and the Americans were like “Fuck what the hell is that, it isn’t anything of ours”!

    Some sort of directed energy weapon. It was something similar to this vid but it took out a whole Iraqi squad. You just see that beam of destruction come down and it laid waste to everything.

  41. Zelator says:

    Utter Wasteland:
    STAR WARS SDI probably went rogue hence, why Reagan tried to decommission it.
    Why it went rogue is the question, who or what hacked it, infected it , or simply gave it
    autonomy over its own existence and why?

  42. Zelator says:

    Maybe Star Wars hooked itself up to Black Star. Bowie sung about that just before he suspiciously died. Black Star, Black Sun, Black Knight? Who knows. You wanna listen to that album he released literally days before he died, it’s very spooky.

  43. Zelator says:

    I mean look at this the day after he died this lookalike, soundalike appeared. They, the media really
    play us for fools. Here’s Lazarus, Jesus Resurrection……. oh he has a track on his last album before he died called Lazarus, on the Album ” Black Star” ……. oh come on this is fucking bizarre and freaky and the presenters don’t bat an eyelid? …..Lol …Just listen to his comments.

  44. Zelator says:

    You won’t find either a Fashion Stylist called ….wait for it….. Lizzy Zeta ….you couldn’t make this up.

  45. boomie789 says:

  46. boomie789 says:

    trying to think of a title for that meme.

  47. boomie789 says:

    Went with a simple one. No good comments really though. This will definitely go past 1k up votes.

  48. boomie789 says:

    It’s already the top post in r/Anarcho_Capitalism.

  49. boomie789 says:

    95% up voted. It strikes a cord. That’s the highest ratio I’ve had on a successful post.
    Ancaps are a bunch of autist white guys, lol.

    I just kind of figured out what that means.
    Autist=Masculine Brain
    Neurotic=Female Brain.

    I can see it now too. I can tell within minutes of talking to people now what type of brain they have. Roughly anyway.

  50. Zelator says:

    Yep that’s them, and if you follow the logical conclusion they have been telling us all along.
    The AC Facebook team changed their name to the Corona Party, and then to the Locust Party.
    ( BTW their latest post says they are ready to fly…..isn’t that what Kleck has been saying too !)

    They despise Trump..or they pretend that they do….. setting up Jacobin style Guillotines lol as the notorious Hyperborean party.

    …but then this is probably coded too as the Guillotine is the bloodsuckers preferred mode of killing
    as it doesn’t taint the blood or meat ….lovely!
    aka Hyperborean/Corona/Cimmerian Party.

    If you follow the Hegelian dialectic then they run BOTH sides:

    So Trump/ Qanon (Gnostic Illuminati) is part of the plot, playing the bad guy/good guy
    depending on whose side you are on, just like the Covid was the means to bring in the
    vaccination that changed our dna to hive consciousness, which they also consistently talk about and show vids of collective consciousness like ants. Phase IV movie.

    This then is their NWO …. whatever that means to them?

    If the Hockney Group are the Good Guys, then they have a funny way of showing it LOL!

    UNLESS!!!! this is their way of destroying the soul. Maybe it is the soul that is
    the enemy, and that the spirit (the real you, your little individuated spark/part of God….we are Gods Angels) will be freed if the reincarnation cycle is destroyed, so by bringing in a collective consciousness, thus destroying individual souls they create a holding cloud.
    Once the spirits have been freed, by natural death (not dna tampered) and not reincarnated they can destroy the whole thing. (A sort of mass suicide).

    Probably Kleck is right and the incarnation on this 3d world is a prison, and a feeding facility and the only way to escape is to destroy the soul program? To destroy the program that attaches a soul to your spirit (your blood/dna) on birthing into this world. Is this what they were trying to achieve in the Armageddon Conspiracy?

    The Soul Camera was never released. I believe it would have saved us a lot of agony and misery if they had published it.
    Maybe even given us a glimpse of who the AI Locust freaks really are that walk amongst us. Bit like Roddy’s glasses in They Live!

    Incidentally I believe the symbol Q has been specifically chosen as an alchemical symbol representing the serpent passing through the circle, maybe representing the sperm/spirit entering this world through the Black Hole/Sun Portal to incarnate as a human in the 3d earth matrix, and as portrayed in the Sistine Chapel Vatican in Rome and here in this film clip from The Time Machine:

  51. Zelator says:

    Ok Joe, here’s my take from another angle: This is maybe an even less pleasant outcome.

    The Hockney Group are on our side, and I am open to consider this concept as I have thought about the monad/soul and wondered if it was an alien construct/program attached to a soul/portion/fragment of god (that is us as an individuated portion of the Godhead) that has been forced to incarnate in the 3d world. see ( Kleck) ?

    Are Trump/Qanon, and the original Hockney Group the Gnostic Illuminati and The Facebook Group the Bavarian Political Illuminati, two sides of the same coin but with very different agendas? Who knows but there is definitely a case being for playing both sides, Hegelian style. By playing both sides they can control the outcome?

    What I mean is that us with individual/individuated consciousness (from the godhead) take on a soul i.e a piece of ontological mathematical programming that makes us believe we have an immortal soul, but actually its a fabrication of consciousness. It’s not real and the portion
    of mathematics we call our soul is actually a false program/paradigm that imprisons us, as we believe we are it, and that we must fight to preserve our soul at all costs.

    So looking at their (the Hockney Illuminati) Hive Mind Star Trek Borg collective and destruction of individual soul …in other words replace private suffering with a collective painbody? Collective hiving. Collective Suffering? How is this better?

    Either way we suffer and we are harvested!

    So what do you think their main fiction book Armageddon Conspiracy meant? Do Hockney group realise we need to destroy the AI harvesting system we have incarnated into?

    It was obviously an attempt to destroy something. What do you think this book meant? What were they trying to destroy but failed to achieve ?

    The world has been damned since for the attempt or was it an act of bravery?

    This is the human story: so we are God Head: we attach a program soul, we attach to a body, we become human.

    Is the solution to destroy the soul program?

    Is that what the illuminati are doing or trying to do? Are they the good guys?

    Maybe mass suicide is the answer on a complete global scale?

    Why ask me? Because its painless? Or maybe I think too much lol….

    Just some food for thought….excuse the pun.

  52. Zelator says:

    The Hollow Men………the Stuffed Men…..
    [video src="" /]

  53. Zelator says:

    Ok you can try this link: Marlon Brando – The Hollow Men – How Cultures Die – T S Eliot

  54. They want us to eat shit food only to ensure that we’re always sick.

  55. Zelator says:

    Yes, The Food World Order! It’s also part of the plan to force populations out of the countryside and into “Smart Cities” where they can implement their pay for play crypto-currency. First you will need to get their skin tattoo:

    See the Brighteon video below: Alex Jones mentions the Microsoft tech at 1.47 mins mark.

    Typical Hegelian Dialectic in action….

    Thesis: problem with food: *grains and high sugar diets. * empty calories like beer, climate alarm food shortages,

    Antithesis: Nutrition Security System ( i.e food stamps, food as medicine e.g Pharming).

    Synthesis: the genetically modified foods and transport deliverance systems will genetically modify
    you as a human being, and will all be done under the umbrella of a Caring State combating Covid and other viruses.

    This will be an “alternative” to the Hypodermic Vaccine, for all those reluctant to take the shot.
    So it will be introduced via your water and food. Just another step toward the transhuman agenda to connect you to the Hive Computer Interface. Agenda 21.

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