Watch “The Unanimous Redeclaration of We The People” on YouTube

The video below is pretty decent except for one major problem and another significant one. The first problem is that any constitution or declaration which begins with the statement to the effect that “all men are created equal” is a lie, and thus since you are beginning your request with a lie, there is no reason for anyone with agency to have any respect towards your demands.

There is no evidence, that has ever existed, anywhere or at any time, that all people are equal.

This is simply not true and to base an entire philosophy upon that is such an egregious lie that it is no wonder that those with agency and power treat those who state such things as chattel property and slaves. One simply cannot be a sovereign self-aware and autonomous person of agency if you state such a ludicrous lie as this. The truth is that *almost nobody* is equal to anyone else, and further, *almost nobody* is equal even to themselves from one day, week, or year, to the next.

And thus to preamble with such a statement is, to anyone with agency and listening to this, a direct admission that the petitioner is resorting to lies, to obfuscation, to moralizing, to rallying, to gossiping, to slander, etc.. Yes, to slander, because those with agency with take it as personal slander the petition that other people with no agency are equal to them.

This statement and its sentiment is the most egregious lie that has ever been foisted into the mind of mass society.

What should be said instead is: All men wish to be equal before the Law of Reciprocity. Then we have something that makes sense, and isn’t an outright lie, and is a demonstrable truth. THEN we can legitimately put forth a set of statement and/or demands, etc. And of course we use the term “reciprocity” as Propertarianism has defined it.

Then, everything that is stated afterwards in this video follows, listing the accounts of how “Our Rulers” are violating reciprocity.

That brings us to the second problem: the violators of reciprocity should not be referred to as “Our Rulers” over and over again as is done in the video. Nor should they be referred to as “Elites”.

They should simply be referred to as “Our Parasites.”

Every time the narrator says “Our Rulers”, we should say “Our Parasites.”

And of course, what is a parasite? A parasite is any entity that violates the definition of reciprocity. That simple.

Now enjoy the video:

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14 Responses to Watch “The Unanimous Redeclaration of We The People” on YouTube

  1. I haven’t watched the video, but I have to say that I agree with the sentiment that the idea, “all men are created equal”, is absurd.

    “All men” should be replaced with “all humans” or “all aspiring humans”.

    Thus, all humans are created unequal, and they must strive to harmonize their inequalities in such a way that the talents of one complement the talents of others in a cooperative of mutual benefit.

    Men are not equal to women. Women are not equal to men. Somebody who runs fast is not equal to somebody who runs less fast. Someone with an IQ of 150 is not equal to someone with an IQ of 120. A champion mathematician is not equal to a champion swimmer. … I could go on.

    Forcing everyone to believe that they are equal is unethical. Few have the guts to even come close to discussing this reality. But it needs to be discussed more openly and less pretentiously than I have heard it discussed for all my years.

  2. Exactly. What we actually want is reciprocity.

  3. CD Marshall says:

    All people aren’t even born free, the only thing we were born with is free will and you aren’t even born with the understanding of free will so what good does it do you at birth? Many people mistake that with freedom, it is not and by the time the herd is old enough to know they have free will academia has convinced them they do not. The Left has already schooled them to be segregated according to sex, skin color, ethnicity, social privilege, monetary status, religion and bloodlines.

  4. CD Marshall says:

    My brother said in the 80s segregation was almost ended in many places, people in the USA were coming together as Americans, referred to as Americans not nationality (they dressed pretty much like humans). Then the Left triggered the racial tensions, “culture” became a popular key phrase, African American, Native American…segregation of skin color returned with a different form of expression. “proud of my heritage” replaced “proud to be an American” which then resorted in “bling”, “butt cracks” and “killing cops”.

    Yes the Left has vowed to destroy humanity for centuries, what are they, what they represent, what sick ideologies are they secretly upholding? Who cares, silence destroys the voice of insanity.

    In the old world if someone didn’t learn to shut up it was done for them by removing the tongue, the very instrument of the sedition or opposition.

    Social media is the new tongue of expression and look how the Left ha used it to remove “our tongues”, any tongue that speaks out against them.

  5. Gary Ashe says:

    The strong let the weak believe they are equal, as long as the inferior behave themselves.
    The Left are going to re-learn that lesson the hard and bloody way again, they have no respect, so they will get some beaten into them the worthless bastards…

  6. CD Marshall says:

    Joseph more from Naomi on the subject you touched on recently. Disgusting. If that ever happened to my kid well…a father would do what a father would do.

    Rapists in logging towns were handled properly back in the day, they’d nail them to a log and float them down the river. Yes nail them and yes you know where.

  7. CD Marshall says:

  8. CD Marshall says:

    Joseph, if you or someone or all of you have the time can you give me your insight on this comment. I’m still not getting the “conclusion” at all.


    The equation for radiative transfer is commonly known, (in differential form) as Schwarzschild’s Equation. It relies on fundamental physics.

    To solve the equation requires some maths.

    To solve the equation in practical terms the plane parallel assumption is used. This relies on the fact that variations in temperature and pressure (and therefore density) are negligible in the horizontal direction compared with the vertical direction.

    The equation could be solved without this plane parallel assumption, but the variations horizontally in pressure and temperature are so slight that the same result would be obtained, unless extremely high quality data on temperature, pressure, density and concentration of absorbers was available.

    To solve the equation in practical terms we need to know:

    the temperature (vs height) in the atmosphere
    the concentration of each absorber vs height
    the absorption characteristics of each absorber vs wavelength

    In any practical field, the “proof of the pudding is in the eating”, and so take a look at Theory and Experiment – Atmospheric Radiation – where theoretical and practical results are compared.

    And lastly, the Stefan-Boltzmann equation, correct and accurate though it is (check out Planck, Stefan-Boltzmann, Kirchhoff and LTE) is not used in the actual equations of radiative transfer in the atmosphere. Nor is any assumption of “unrealistic blackbodies”.

    I only note these last points due to the high quantity (but not high quality), of blog articles and comments demonstrating the writers haven’t actually read a textbook on the subject, but still feel qualified to pass judgement on this field of scientific endeavor.

    Other articles:

    Part One – a bit of a re-introduction to the subject

    Part Two – introducing a simple model, with molecules pH2O and pCO2 to demonstrate some basic effects in the atmosphere. This part – absorption only

    Part Three – the simple model extended to emission and absorption, showing what a difference an emitting atmosphere makes. Also very easy to see that the “IPCC logarithmic graph” is not at odds with the Beer-Lambert law.

    Part Four – the effect of changing lapse rates (atmospheric temperature profile) and of overlapping the pH2O and pCO2 bands. Why surface radiation is not a mirror image of top of atmosphere radiation.

    Part Five – a bit of a wrap up so far as well as an explanation of how the stratospheric temperature profile can affect “saturation”

    Part Seven – changing the shape of the pCO2 band to see how it affects “saturation” – the wings of the band pick up the slack, in a manner of speaking

    And Also –

    Theory and Experiment – Atmospheric Radiation – real values of total flux and spectra compared with the theory.

    Note 1: There are many formulations of the Beer-Lambert law and even much dispute about who exactly the law should be attributed to.

    Other formulations include using the density of the gas and a matching coefficient for the effectiveness of the gas at absorbing.

    Note 2: When considering solar radiation (shortwave), scattering is important. When considering terrestrial radiation (longwave), scattering can be neglected. In this article, we will ignore scattering, so the results will be appropriate for longwave but not correct for shortwave.

  9. boomie789 says:

    “”Health Department spokeswoman Aly Neel said the agency revoked the food permit for Firehouse BBQ after repeated efforts to get the business to comply with mask and social distancing rules in recent days.

    LDH sent a sanitarian to inspect the restaurant after the state received multiple complaints. After handing the owner a report — which included violations of masking for employees and customers, as well as tables not spaced out properly — the owner refused to make changes.”

    “In another Facebook post on Saturday, the business wrote that “despite the attempted enforcement of an illegal mandate, we are conducting business as usual,” with an image of a cartoon character and the words “yes, we’re open.” The post encouraged patrons to “show your support” by patronizing the restaurant to help pay for an attorney “that will be fighting for your rights and ours as citizens.”

    “The move represents the first time the Edwards administration has taken serious action against a restaurant in violation of coronavirus rules, which require businesses to have employees and customers wear masks.

    Edwards’ administration has taken a lax approach to enforcing its restrictions so far, hesitating to penalize businesses.

    Instead, the fire marshal and Health Department have given businesses several opportunities to comply, operating on a “three-strike” rule.””

  10. boomie789 says:

    More people are dying from suicide than covid.

  11. CD Marshall says:

    Potholer gets it wrong again, dividing by 4 starts at 18:52 he says the other guy gets it wrong (and he does) but PH follows up by also getting it wrong.


  12. boomie789 says:


    The FBI visited John Mark.

    “No animal is morally obligated to risk its own life and the lives of its own offspring to protect a dumb, slow animal from being eaten by a predator”

    He’s right though. In the end the blame falls on us for being so stupid. He isn’t quitting, but waiting till after the election to re-evaluate.

    People will still say he is a honeypot. Prepare for the worst my friends.

  13. tom0mason says:

    Maybe the line should be …
    “We understand that although we are not all born equal, all humans have the potential to effect equality through striving for our mutual benefit.”

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