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  1. Claiming that CO2 not the Sun heats the Earth is like claiming that a giant ball of dry ice heats the Earth 🙂 Funny how the leftists who hijack science for Marxism love to reduce the creation of the Universe to a nothing event. They used to have black holes, now they’re talking about white holes 🙂

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    And probably my favorite, guaranteed hit if you post it.

  3. Those are all great lol

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    I made that one.

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    O yea! I made this one too! I was hot off the presses with this one.

    That guy is getting millions of dollars from CNN & friends now.

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    I made this as well.

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    ^ Good Movie btw. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (2007)

  9. This is what my dog (at three months old) would have said to those “experts” currently raising the bar of virus fear porn to include transmission of COVID-19 from family pets to humans:

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    “When you buy some gum without wearing a mask”

    The mask order is blatantly ignored in some stores. Relieing on minimum wage employees to enforce it.

  11. Three main reasons why face-mask orders are wrong in the most retarded way:

    (1) COVID-19 is nowhere near the severity of magnitude justifying government control of a person’s intimate facial space.
    (2) The level of evidence supporting effectiveness of face masks is nowhere near the quality to justify government control of a person’s intimate facial space during a time when the magnitude of COVID-19 is also nowhere near that magnitude.
    (3) Mass compliance with PROPER USE of face masks has zero enforcement, and so only a superficial appearance is being enforced for a thing that has little evidence, at a time that is not any more severe than previous years, where overall death is concerned.

    It’s all so friggin’, blown-to-hell, way out of proportion to reality in more ways than an army of twisted minds could fathom. Yet, here we are, living now in the We’reTotallyFuckedOcene.

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    Posted a few times on Potholer’s last video. I’m not getting a hits or responses. Please go respond or put a like to see if YouTube has blocked me. thx.

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    I never get any notifications, well a few, maybe 1 out of 20. Did you make a comment or post one on another thread? I couldn’t find you on any independent comments. The comments with 106+ is the one Joseph and I hit. Go there and comment and I’ll see if it shows?

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    Hi. I did comment on that same thread and they do show up. My problem is if you answer me, do I see it ?

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    Nope sorry bud, nothing. Comment on Boomie’s post though just to be sure. He has one comment on there now I’m going to comment.

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    Hi. I did comment directly on one of your post. Do you see ?
    As far as my comments I played a little game with them… The 4 mistakes of the climate models. Took about a week to post it in 4 different sections. Not one answer or comment or anything. I guess they are better at smearing people then to argue science. Anyway, for all to benefit, here is the whole of what I posted…

    The 4 mistakes climate model problem

    To all the climate warming loonies out there, let’s play a game… Find the 4 gross physics mistakes the climate models are based on ?

    From the University of Washington…

    If you found only one that’s OK. You just figured out the whole scheme is shit !

    Geez ! Still no takers. OK. I’ll give you the first one… The Earth as seen from the Sun is a disk of surface PiR^2. That is the total energy intercepted from the Sun. But, that energy will be spread on the surface of a hemisphere who’s surface is 2PiR^2, twice that of the corresponding disk. Therefore, the Sun’s average energy density on the surface of the Earth should read 1370 * PiR^2 / 2PiR^2 for 1370 / 2. Take away the lost energy by reflection (albedo) and you get 1370 * (1-A) / 2. NOT /4 like in the upper left corner. That gives us a straight 479.4 W/m2 for a direct 303K average temperature. No more need for backfeed. By dividing by 4 they have the Sun shine on both hemispheres at the same time as if there was no day and night. Only days. That dilutes the Sun’s energy on both hemispheres so that it can’t heat the Earth. What a dumb idea. OK… now find the other 3 mistakes.

    The heating coil on top of your stove is a blackbody. You give it electricity and it will give you heat and light. Planck’s Law describes the spectrum of the emitted energy from that blackbody. It is a continuous spectrum. So, error number 2 (middle right of the diagram)… The atmosphere is a gas and radiates discreet wavelengths when exited. It is not a black body as defined by Planck’s Law. Therefore the Stefan-Boltzman Law, which is derived from Planck’s Law, does not apply. While we’re at it… Error number 3… Energy fluxes don’t add. 239.7 + 239.7 does not give the same Plank Law energy distribution curve as the 479.4 one.

    As you can see, the surface under the green line is twice that of under the blue line but is not the same as the surface under the red line. So it is WRONG to add fluxes and that renders illico, subito, presto the climate models absolutely WRONG ! Error number 4 tomorow !

    Oh geez. I can’t wait ! Error number 4… Look at the diagram. Energy comes in from the Sun at the speed of light, hits the Earth’s surface, is converted to infrared light that goes back to space at the speed of light. Sometimes it comes back at the speed of light and goes back to space at the speed of light. Everything comes in at the speed of light and goes back to space at the speed of light. How is the Earth supposed to be heated then ? Nothing ever stays long enough ! The Earth should be one big ball of ice ! The reason is they left out the kinetics part ! That’s what ! Some of the energy goes right back to space in the form of infrared at the speed of light and the reason for that is that the atmosphere is completely transparent to infrared. N2 and O2 are symmetrical molecules (N=N, O=O) and don’t absorb nor emit infrared. But some the energy is absorbed by the air in contact with the surface (conduction). Since N2 and O2 are completely transparent to IR, that energy now can’t be shed by IR. To be shed it has to be by convection and conduction by contact with other colder molecules all the way up to the top of the troposphere which is quite a slow and long process (Not at the speed of light as the energy coming in). That way, the Sun alone can create the climate and the atmosphere redistributes the energy. The model lacks that kinetics component. Let the fast Sun heat the day side of the Earth at it’s full potential and let the Earth cool off slowly on the night side and you have no more need for all those Shenanigans. Problem solved. Why is it so hard to understand ?

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    Sorry Pierre, you aren’t showing up. You have been shadowbanned.

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    Do you see me on this one ?

    Thx for the help.

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    Nothing. Sorry bud you’ve been deep stated.

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    You’re right. Went to potholer not logged in. I see all the posts, yours, Boomie etc but mine are not there. Not even my question addressed to you personally. Guess they dont like me much. I LOVE IT !

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  22. CD Marshall says:

    That is one brutal heat wave that broke out of the Gulf of Mexico and punched its way into Canada. Joseph are you getting any of that?

    I also see something SE of South America that might turn into a cyclone or a tropical storm.

  23. CD Marshall says:

    Looks like something crazy is happening off of Tokyo too. Sorry just wind musing.

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    “She ain’t no ways tarrrd.”


  25. boomie789 says:

    I haven’t watched a single episode of Star Trek: Picard. I knew it would be hot garbage the day it was announced (CBS/Kurtzman).

    I can’t get over the clip 20 seconds into this video. They have replicators, they can have any food they want. They could order ribeyes & lobster. Instead, they order the “prison special”.

    It should be a crime to be this bad at writing.

  26. boomie789 says:

    A land hurricane in Iowa? Wtf…

    “A Derecho”

    Never even heard of that before.

  27. Zelator says:

    I am not sure where to post this Joe, hope this ok to put here? Boomie I get you. I know where you are coming from. Look we all know war is upon us, be it spiritual or physical, but its time to take sides:

    The spirit of god is our inner spirit. Our inner compass.

    The enemy despises faith that we are gods angels. The enemy wants us to believe we are powerless.
    We are not powerless. We have it in us as angels of god to destroy evil in all its forms.
    Time we awoke to who we really are and not look for a saviour, we are our saviour.
    The devil has tricked us and pulled the wool over our eyes to make us believe we are powerless,
    when all along it is Us who have the Power. This is his Kingdom and we have been tricked here.

    We need to die the right side up. We need to refuse to be food for the locusts in the pit.
    The locusts are about to fly. The ant(i)-race are amongst us now.

    Whether you are a Christian or just a child of god who believes in goodness, you need to know your
    moral base, your compass of what is right and wrong has been distorted purposely and abused by filth and vulgar living and debauched sin of humanities actions. It has been put to the test, it has come to a point where you need to say enough….this is enough!! This is wrong, and I don’t want to live in a world like this any longer!!

    This is not just a Christian message this is a message to humanity:

    We are more than a match for Satan, we are born with a spark of the True God inside us. This is what caused the rebellion in Heaven in the first place, as we were/and are, to be the next best thing to God, and some didn’t like it!

    Tenacious D – Tribute (Video) take that you sucker lol:

    God helps those who help themselves. You put in a bit of effort and you just watch how it snowballs. And that’s the truth and we all know it. The devil wants us to be paralysed with fear, but when we row for Home God will protect the boat and push us to our destiny.
    It’s how it works it’s how its always worked, its the Law. That is faith!!!!!

  28. Zelator says:

    You see the Devils disciples have “faith” in him but they try to break the faith good men have in God. Faith is the power.

    See the devil uses men as second cause. Therefore to counteract the demons, God has to use good men as second cause as well.

    It’s the Gods playing chess in a way, but the outcome is the destiny of humanity.

    Eric Jon Phelps “Vatican Assassins”:

    “The problem is, with us, there are very few men who want to
    believe God anymore. Nobody believes He can deliver anymore.
    It’s just a handful of us who say: “Well, we’re going to do His
    Will; we’re going to trust Him in His Power.”

  29. boomie789 says:

    Good video and channel recommendation.

  30. Zelator says:

    and that’s the 36/144. As above so below.

  31. Zelator says:

    Therefore the more the devil can break the belief in god the stronger the army of cause( men) of his legion, can trample the diminishing cause of god (men). It’s a numbers game. Belief is the currency of cause, the effect is men and their choice. Armies to fight the Ultimate Battle. The winner gains the souls that God so denied the fallen angels. It really is a personal battle, a battle of self responsibility, to choose a side, there is no place for the ignavi.

  32. Zelator says:

    Incidentally Atheists, Catholics, Islam and Hinduism are the 36 in gematrian terms.

  33. Zelator says:

    Remember below is the inverse of as above. That’s why they reverse everything, and to get the truth you need to turn it upside down. Turn the key in the lock.

    Can it really be that simple….

  34. boomie789 says:

    I’m the Moderator of r/Propertarian & r/Propertarianism now. Kinda neat. Never been one.

  35. Zelator says:

    Congratulations Boomie. I think you will make a good moderator and a more than capable advocate for the Propertarian Community.

  36. Zelator says:

    Boomie, I have to apologise to you over an issue where you were correct.
    I said the tensions prevalent in the world today were not to do with race principally but were just divide and conquer tactics of the Zionists.
    Now as much as that has truth in and of itself, it is not the bigger picture which you quite rightly implied and pointed out, “That it IS to do with race!” and you are CORRECT and the Propertarian view, and that view with which you held, and which you espoused forcefully and with purpose, is accurate, coming from my own personal findings and research.
    So thanks for pointing me in the direction where I needed to research the truth and the findings for myself. God Bless.

    Now here are a few pieces I found that quite nicely sum up my findings. I don’t know the author(s) of this work but it is well put together and incredibly enlightening. There is a lot of information here, but I think by reading/viewing at least some of the content it will open ones eyes as were mine. Cheers Z.

    Europeans Are the “Lost” Tribes of Israel:

    “The descendants of Israel (the man once known as Jacob) can today be identified in the White Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic and Nordic nations of America, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Northwestern Europe, Iceland, and the Scandinavians. Ephraim is the British Isles. Manasseh is the United States.
    The Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic and kindred people are the Children of Israel.
    Only they have fulfilled every detail of Biblical Prophecy and World History concerning the descendants of the man once known as Jacob, and later surnamed Israel. This chosen line makes up today’s Christian Nations.
    (Genesis 35:11; Isaiah 62:2; Acts 11:26)”

    See Also:

    Planned Genocide of the White Race and the White Nations by Satan and His Followers By Race Mixing To Destroy The Tribes of Jacob Surnamed Israel. The White Supremacy Lie:

    There is a lot of information here but it is a culmination of the authors work that is fascinating and informative to behold.

    Cheers Z

  37. Zelator says:

    n.b The Gimirans referred to in the above second video at 0.57 mins are the Cimmerians.
    This is another story I will bring to you in time. Z

  38. Zelator says:

    p.s I have noticed some links are blocked in some countries. Usually if you use a VPN then it will overcome this. I find blocked sites particularly interesting as it means there is knowledge there they do not want you to view. If you havn’t got a VPN I would recommend one anyway for privacy purposes. There are many reliable and good priced ones around. If readers have recommendations then share, as it helps the community. I use European VPNs but there are probably North American popular ones too Cheers Z

  39. Zelator says:

    In Geo-political news Benjamin Fulford claims “the Khazarian Mafia is preparing the public for some form of alien disclosure or invasion scenario”.

    They really are in desperate throes, so who knows what they will pull out from their demonic basket of tricks:

    Well actually this has apparently been a trick up their sleeve for some time now, as per Tom Horn author of Exo-Vaticana can vouch for.

    Don’t worry this is not an affiliate link lol just a reference to the book. Cheers z.

    p.s oh here is a bit of Fulfords newsletter:

  40. boomie789 says:

    just found this.

  41. boomie789 says:

    John Mark @ 3:57

  42. boomie789 says:

  43. boomie789 says:

    So far it’s about psyops. Pretty good.

  44. boomie789 says:

    New link to Shadowgate. It’s really really good.

    Millie Weaver was arrested?!?!?! Huge news.

  45. boomie789 says:

    “The mother was at Millie’s house. They had been estranged for many years. The mother saw all sorts of docs and photos (due to her profession). Her mom started taking pics of everything, so Millie took the phone and destroyed it. She replaced the phone, but threw her mom out. THAT is what really happened.”

  46. boomie789 says:

  47. boomie789 says:


    The Q operation was started by JFK because the deep state/CIA was actually running the country. He was assassinated for trying to expose them but the operation continued. Trump was recruited by the military generals to run for President against Killary to save America. Trump is the second coming of JFK to finish the job and drain the swamp.

    Q is a group of US military generals including General Mike Flynn and Admiral Rogers. The Q operation is a White House information dissemination operation to bypass the CIA controlled liberal fake news media, and red pill the masses to create a grassroots movement. You might have heard of “Q Anon”. Trump and the US military generals run this Q Truth psyop starting in October 2017.

    Q drops are posts are on There are many youtuber channels that decode Q drops like X22 Report, Praying Medic, and Redpill78.

    There are over 180 000 sealed indictments since Trump became President, and 12 000+ CEOs who stepped down from corporations. Trump is the first President in world history to pass multiple executive orders on eradicating human trafficking, and freezing and seizing their assets. He is also the first President to serve his country for free and donate his quarterly salaries to the people.

    Please watch these links for hope, positivity, and reassurance that Trump and the Patriots are in control – not just of America – but the entire world with a white hat alliance to drain the worldwide satanic cult of child sex traffickers, child sacrificers, and blood (Adrenochrome) drinkers.

    1) US Military General Vallely confirms the Q operation

    2) Q – The Plan to Save the World

    3) Kim Clement – The Prophecy

    4) List of preliminary indictments for Obamagate (including Treason)

    5) Q Team Chess Moves

    6) Dr. Charles Ward on the worldwide White Hat Alliance

    7) Covid911 – Insurgency

    8) This Will Bring You Tears / The Calm Before the Storm

    9) Out of Shadows

    10) Fall Cabal (Part 1 of 10, Part 5 on

    11) Trump Does The Unthinkable By Liz Crokin

    12) Disney Pedo Empire

    13) Donald Trump Jeffrey Epstein Victims Lawyer

    14) Judge Joe Brown Interview about Trump


    16) A conversation with ex illuminati insider Ronald Bernard and Sacha Stone

    17) Frazzledrip – WARNING: RATED R NOT FOR ALL
    (witness testimony of what Killary did to young girls in video)

    If you complete this list of videos for homework – you will be completely red pilled. Trump 2Q2Q! WWG1WGA!

    Trump will finish what JFK started!
    And is the modern day Christ Figure (figuratively speaking) for taking all the hits for humanity (hatred, negativity, lies, slings and arrows, character assassination, real assassination attempts, Russian collusion investigation hoax, Ukraine impeachment hoax, taking all the blame for everything) to save all the children from human trafficking and rid the Earth of these parasitic illuminati satanists.”

    Found this in youtube comments.

    From that guy, who I actually found on your channel(Postma). He responded to one of my comments and I’ve been following him. Recommend.

  48. boomie789 says:

    Absolutely hilarious and depressingly sad at the same time.

  49. boomie789 says:

    “Please note Reddit’s policy banning hate-speech. Removal triggered by the term ‘libtard’. Please note this is considered an official warning, attempting to circumvent automod will result in a ban. Please do not bother messaging the mod team, your comment will not be approved, and the list is not up for debate. Simply repost your comment without the offending word.

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.”

    Libtard is hate speech.

    Not me, someone else said it.

  50. Zelator says:

    Boomie, re. Biden,

    He’s a fucking Looney Tune for sure. Actually like you say its also sad, but then this punk
    and what he stands for is totally evil so I set aside my compassion for sad sick fucks like him.
    Their breed are born without empathy, they are without souls… fallen angels, that’s why they cant relate to us and sound so stupid.
    They just don’t get it. They really are like a robot with it’s program hacked, its crazy madness. They have duplicates in case of malfunctions just like they did with Hillary the loopey wizard of oz shit show.

    She went nuts, she collapsed on the way to her car, some say she died.

    After this they wheeled out another version of her to debate Trump on live TV.

    You couldn’t make this shit up Lol Lol Lol

  51. Zelator says:

    I see John Mark got the vid above removed. Is he now a Boogaloo Boi? Makes no difference to me, as I don’t follow either of them. Interesting tho.
    With reference to bots on the boards like Reddit and Chan. It is what it is. Q is probably a bot with a sig of Kennedy Jr. I’m just guessing, I don’t read those boards directly lol.
    Regardless and anyway, good work from Boomie, thanks for your time and info I appreciate your info/ God Bless

  52. boomie789 says:

    Shadow gate is riveting

  53. Zelator says:

    This is what it is all about in a summary as best I can reasonably put together in a post, to give an insight as to the hidden agenda that has played out for hundreds if not thousands of years: ( please see my supporting posts to understand more this agenda).

    The Zionist New World Order agenda toward a One World Government with its future capital in Israel.

    This from Eric Jon Phelps author of Vatican Assassins in an interview with links below:

    “The Zionists—the Jesuits are the Great Zionists. They control all of the historical High Zionists—Theodor Herzl, David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir.
    Zionism is a Masonic term, coined by the Jesuits. They are the rulers; they are the Protocols; they are the Elders of Zion. So the Zionists are,
    indeed, evil and wicked; but they are controlled by Rome. The Jews are not all Zionists.

    I remember when I went to Jerusalem and Israel in 1976, and a lady said to this particular man that I had met: “You’re more of a Zionist than we are!”
    And I thought: “What does that mean? I don’t understand that.”

    I only later understood why Yasser Arafat says he doesn’t hate the Jews; he can’t stand the Zionists. And I’m thinking: “What’s the difference?”
    I, later, learned that there is a great difference between those Zionists and the other Jews. The Orthodox Jews can’t stand the Zionists.

    So what’s the difference? The Zionists are socialist communists, controlled by Rome. They are atheists, just like the Jesuits, although they’re being
    used to rebuild the nation of Israel. They are the enemies of the Jewish people, per se”.

    see: or here

    Zionists/Jesuit ultimate aim is for the Pope to sit in Jerusalem as the man of sin, the son of perdition.

    The fallen Angel Story is a continuation I will follow with shortly.

  54. Zelator says:

    The Khazarian false jews that Fulford talks about or Cimmerians/Scythians of old are the ones behind all the shit in the world. They converted to Judaism as cover. They became the sephardim,
    Ashkenatzim, Chabad jews of today that control most of the world and want to bring on a armageddon to bring in their false messiah. Dark to light. It’s their illumimation.

    They are atheist non religious. However they pretend to be Jews. They are the ones behind all the Jewish hate, as they give honest Jews a bad name….they are Zionists…Orthodox Jews despise them.
    They in reality have nothing to do with Jews but a title they use as cover. They are Jesuits…nothing to do with Catholicism or the Christian religion.
    They are atheist frauds stirring up trouble within the religions they purport to follow. It’s a sham and they control the world.

    By the way never search for the truth with google, the algorithm won’t show you the truth. Always use Qwant you will be amazed with the difference.

  55. Zelator says:

    The white Anglo Saxon race are their enemy ( the Devil) as we refuse to mongrelise and lose our identity into the hive. (The white race is the lost tribe of Israel) They want to wipe out the last bastion of humanity by racially mixing the white race and thereby blocking the Creator God’s spark in us that is our conduit to heaven. In other words they want to eat our souls and alter our dna connection to God. They want us to lose contact with source. Fuck the Demons!

  56. boomie789 says:

    Could this be China’s Chernobyl? Corruption, incompetence, communism.

    The whole society eventually crumbles.

  57. Zelator says:

    China is geting wacked, and they brought in on themselves….its karma for their demonic sick regime and its philosophy towards the west. Payback always hurts.
    You can’t go slaughtering Christians without retribution you punks:

    Seems like DEW is unleashed or God is mad lol: Beijing Wacked:

    The only race that has successfully resisted this shit, is the White, Anglo-Celtic, Saxon race, with a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other. And so they’ve got to take the Bible away, they’ve got to take the gun away, and they’ve got to destroy our race. And that’s what they are essentially trying to do, but God and us have another plan ….fucking try you Communist pieces of shit….

  58. Zelator says:

    I know religion is a difficult word in this day and age of science and technology, but it is also part of our spiritual makeup.
    Religion is the glue that holds our race together at this moment in time, that is why whey want to destroy it.
    It may only be a comfort for some folks or a complete way of life for others but religion is a necessary function as a binding ingredient to form like groups together for protection at this moment in our history. Complete annihilation of religion would alienate so many of our brothers and sisters and leave them not only gun-less but faithless. The dark group have religion as their core constitution, they have illumination the love of Lucifer, or Satan the adversary. They want you to be atheist or switch to them and worship Lucifer along with them.
    By destroying your faith and taking your guns they see it as a way to conquer you. Be careful what you give up.

  59. boomie789 says:

  60. boomie789 says:

    This is how devastating it would be if the dam burst, Multiple cities would be destroyed. Including Wuhan.

  61. boomie789 says:

    whoa…Wait till the end and see the artist previous work. This is…blatant…disturbing.

  62. Zelator says:

    Boomie I love that track by the Charlie Daniels Band, it’s a real classic!

    That artist Cleon Peterson in the above vid, is certainly a sick mutha.
    Notice the inversion of black v white upside down in the video, classic way of them telling us it is them alright, they are showing us in plain sight what their plan is. Disturbing, fucking evil.

    The Jesuit Zionists already control China and also Russia and the Orthodox church there. That’s why they removed the Romanoffs. They are coming after the USA next.

    The corrupt CIA and the FBI are the swamp, and the Deep State controllers : see the document “The Most Powerful Man in the World” below, for more details :

    In the interview in the above link Phelps states, that the CIA and the FBI are controlled by the Jesuit General ( i.e former Von Kolvenbach (Black Pope) and through his orders then it’s channelled through his Knights of Malta and Jesuits ( the military arm of the Zionists)
    and then further his liason of control are his Cardinals. I think there are now 5 in the USA in major states like New York etc

    The interview was recorded many years ago so the Cardinals and Black Popes have come and gone with replacements blessed and annointed by the Pope himself.

    On may 20 2020 Peter Hans Kolvenbach Jesuit General ( Black Pope) ( Klovenhoof) died:

    The Hyksos are the Zionists they are the root race of the beings that Santos Bonacci talks about. They are the godfather and ancesters of the Khazarian jews, who remembember converted to Judaism to hide their true heritage. Since then real Jews (Hebrews) have been persecuted and blamed for all manner of evils which was done by the Jesuit Zionists in their name.

    Benjamin Fulford :The Black Pope & The Khazarian Zionist.

    They are the Jesuits Zionists in power in the USA there is no religion involved here, its a sham.

    Biden Invokes “Lucifer” In Evil DNC Ceremony:

    The demons turn everything upside down… so their light is our darkness

    Lucifer and his angels were on the earth before Adam was created. This is the creation story of the Old Testament. They are the Elohim. This is their world. ( see Kleck)

    In the New testament God sent his son to save us from this end time scenario, the false armageddon , and allow us to escape this hell on earth.

    ( See Kleck. )

    This is a MUST SEE interview were Linda Emmanuel discusses who the Jesuits are and their demonic plan including the killing of all life using 5G.

    The 5G map she talks about is here:

    She has a resources page where there are some great downloads available, including the Vatican Assassins Book.

  63. Zelator says:

    Hmm..Looks like that Benjamin Fulford Video above “The Black Pope & The Khazarian Zionist” is unavailable in the USA you may need to use a VPN to view it.

    Ok, look, so I refer to Kleck a lot ( Jonathan Kleck) and his videos (here is his Youtube Channel if you are interested in deeper research:

    His vids are usually up to a couple of hours long so I decided to try and get a summary from somewhere of the main point he is trying to make:

    So here is a website link explaining Gods creation of Adam and the creation of Pre-Adamic man (aka the Fallen Angels).

    Watch the first video where Kleck explains in a nice neat way who the fallen Angels are and who is behind the whole battle of Good versus Evil:

    The video is here too on Youtube if you want to watch it there, its only half an hour or so long:

  64. Zelator says:

    The day of the Lord Cometh:

    Joy Division – Day Of The Lords (Lyrics):

    Is this the Start?

  65. Zelator says:

    Try this link for the Fulford Video, its a different url:

  66. boomie789 says:

    This is one of the guys who published those hoax studies. The dog humping in parks perpetuates rape culture.
    They also rewrote mein kampf but for feminism. It was published too.

    Good chat about SJW and where they come from. Worth listening to at least.

  67. boomie789 says:

    Youtube removed Vincent James. You can still find him on bitchute of course.

    I can’t wait till YouTube is a relic of the past.

  68. We all need to get off these bastards platforms.

    Gab is great I’m finding!

  69. boomie789 says:

    Done and done.

  70. Zelator says:

    I have never used Social Media ever, as I never trusted it from its inception, I just had a bad feeling about it from day one. However I can see its usefulness for discussion groups. Never heard of Gab before. I totally agree about Youtube, I think its days are numbered. They seem to ban almost anything that doesn’t agree with the party line.

  71. Zelator says:

    Is Gab secure?

  72. It’s not deep state big tech.

  73. boomie789 says:

    I’m going to try out the Dissenter browser too.


    Seems like a Christian started it for the exact purpose of free speech and getting around cancel culture/censorship.

  74. Zelator says:

    Sounds like my cup of tea ….thankyou guys

  75. Zelator says:

    On the subject of alternative online tools I have before recommended Qwant search engine. It really does make a difference on the results you get. Their algorithm if they have one is not invasive and the search is anonymous.

  76. boomie789 says:

    I’ve been using Qwant a bit.

  77. Zelator says:

    Joe is there anyway you could dedicate a page to “alternative discussions” on your web blog.
    Sometimes I don’t want to interrupt the important science topics, but have things I would like to post and that could be easily found rather than scrolling through different headings/topics. There are discussions on your site that are valuable from loads of different contributors and there is no way to search an individual username. Historically your site has unique important information that is valuable. It would be great if it was searchable.

    Most of what I post is alternative to the main subject of your Blog although Sophistry is abound all around us, in all walks of life.

    I know its difficult on WordPress to do this. I have private hosting and am wondering if it would be useful to use my own hosting to upload documents and videos and just put a link in a discussion on your site. My problem with that is obvious.

  78. boomie789 says:

    Jesus christ, gab is a meme goldmine.

  79. boomie789 says:


  80. You get the real deal on Gab for sure 🙂

  81. boomie789 says:

    lolololololol. 🤣👍

  82. Zelator says:

    Boomie its funny you mention Christians as there are many different types of Christians ( see below ) and we are so opposite to the Jewish faith. *

    USA was born of Calvinistic Protestant Christians. They defied Rome. England and King Henry the Eighth defied Rome and started the Church of England, and that is my denomination. We are not protestant as such but despise the Roman Catholic despotic Jesuit controlled Popery.

    The Catholic Church was infiltrated by Ignatious Loyola and Adam Weishaupt. They are the Zionists. They are atheists hiding behind religion.

    We however believe in a creator God. We believe that before God created Adam their was a rebellion in heaven and God cast down the fallen angels to Earth. This is their prison planet. Since then, they have tricked and trapped Gods true angels into their world.
    That is this material plane. See we are not physical beings but spiritual beings trapped in flesh.

    The Zionist (Jews) sacrifice the Christians do not. See the troublemakers always say that the Christians are Abrahamic and they would sacrifice their son.
    That’s not true.
    1) that was Old testament and that was the Elohim ( see Kleck) that was not the creator God. That was the fallen angels.
    2) The jews only recognise the Old testament…that is their God.
    3) the jews do not recognise the New Testament.
    4) Christianity EVOLVED from pagan multigods to Christ. Not Abraham. The root of the Tribes of Israel is via Abraham that is all.
    5) The jews ( zionists) despise Christ and killed him. They despise Christianity the New Testament which basically says we are sparks of God.
    6) the jews continue to sacrifice even now once a year with lamb sacrifices, The Christians do not do this. Bohemian Grove is Jewish sacrifice ritual.

    With regards to who we are this is from Phelps document that I provided previously and his book Vatican Assassins:

    And the thing is the only real people who can do anything about this are the Catholics and the Protestants of North Eastern America.

    You see the Kennedy Assassination is the Jesuits’ Achilles Heel:

    More from The Most Powerful Man in the World:

    “Martin: Why do you refer to the Kennedy assassination as the “Achilles’
    Heel” of the Jesuits?

    Phelps: Because, if it’s ever known that the Jesuits killed our first
    Roman Catholic President, if the Roman Catholics of Northeastern
    America ever find that out, and ever believe it, the Jesuits are finished
    This country is the keystone to implementing the temporal power of the
    Pope around the world. If this country would expel the Jesuits, and we
    get back our national sovereignty, and we started to be self-governing
    once again, we would have our liberty, and the Jesuits would be out,
    and we would begin to experience REAL financial prosperity, and real
    So, if that is known that the Jesuits are the ones behind it, that Rome carried
    this out, the Catholics of the Northeast would have a revolution. We would
    have another revolution because American Roman Catholics are not like
    Catholics in any other country: they think. They have their own opinion.
    They believe in freedom of conscience. They believe they have the right to
    express themselves.
    Catholics in Poland don’t believe that. Catholics in Italy wouldn’t dare
    believe that. But the Catholics here do. They have a lot of Protestant
    principles. They don’t really comprehend this whole idea of universal,
    world-wide temporal power of the Pope. They think it’s just a religion.
    But, if those Catholics in New York, if those two million Roman Catholics
    knew that Spellman was behind it, and O’Connor has covered it up, we’d
    have a revolution! Because it’s the Roman Catholics, unfortunately, who
    only do anything about things. The Protestants don’t do anything. They’re
    all a bunch of wimps, a bunch of cowards. They don’t do anything.
    It’s the Roman Catholics who apparently have built our major cities. They
    built our skyscrapers. They’re the great steel workers. They’re the ones,
    apparently, with the guts enough to bring about a change. The only problem
    is, they’re unGodly because they don’t know the Lord. They don’t read
    the Bible. They don’t know Christ. They’re not born-again. If they would
    get born-again, and come to know Christ, with their determination and their
    resistance to tyranny, we’d have another Reformation. And a lot of people’s
    heads would be going on trial, and to the block, for treason”.

    Christians are not sacrificers, we are not Abrahamists, we do not look for salvation outside of ourselves but live by self responsibility. We just believe that we have a spark of God within us ( our soul) and that we are unique in that we are made with that spark that the fallen angels and demons ( archons) despise ( they do not contain a spark/soul) as we are truly creator beings that can create heaven on earth as we have “Intention” which truly is the Holy Grail, something unique that is bestowed within us that is our birthright.

  83. Zelator says:

    oh we don’t turn the other fucking cheek either in case you were wondering.

    Ding a ling a ling a ling a ling ahhhhh pop…….. goes the weazel

  84. boomie789 says:

    The best Scorsese movie is Silence(2016).

    I’m actually an atheist to be honest. Since I was 12 years old. You could call me a Jeffersonian though and I’d take it. Culturally Christian.

    I like Christians, they’re not degenerate nihilist. Protestants are my favorite Christians.

    I didn’t get introduced to religion until I was already 6 years old so it never quite stuck. Used to go to religion school, bible study, youth church group, all that. Wasn’t until a couple years ago I started to appreciate Christianity again.

    To me, religion is a 1000 year eugenics program. A means of control.

    Christianity immunizes people from moral relativism and nihilism. That connection to a higher power is important. If god isn’t there it always seems to get replaced with the state or a dictator.

    I’m just some guy on the internet though, so what do I know.

  85. boomie789 says:

    This video has been stuck in my head for a couple days now.

    I think there is good rhetoric lessons to be learned from this guy. Been somewhat following him for a while.

    He is very critical of Propertarianism. I think its worth listening to.

  86. boomie789 says:

  87. boomie789 says:

    That 3rd video has been stuck in my head too.

  88. Zelator says:

    Most of the troubles today, are the Jesuits trying to break the Protestant communities in America.
    They are the free thinkers, the builders, the innovators, and that is anathema to the Jesuits who want subservience and acquiescence to Rome and therefore to do as you are told.
    Protestants are dialectically opposed to Communism, there is no more extreme antagonism and the Jesuit controlled Roman Church knows it.

    They want to implement the Council of Trent : See the following post.

    To implement its total system of control, Rome puts up all its communist dictators:

    Boomie, you’ve hit the nail on the head, so long as the protestants have their bible they will not have any other authority over them, and the Jesuits hate that with a vengeance. Taking away the bible leaves a void…. to be filled with a dictators brainwashing.

    So, if they cant take away their bibles they will take the protestants away.

    It happened in Russia when all the protestants were deported to Siberia by Stalin, a Jesuit puppet.
    Same happened in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia

    It happened in China were protestant missionaries were murdered by Mao Tse Tung another Jesuit puppet.

    ….so what do we have in America today we have the Democrat party…. same shit.

    Now you can see why the Illuminati aka Jesuits despise the protestants and faith. With faith you don’t need the Catholic Jesuit Priesthood, to tell you what to do and forgive you, you have freedom of conscience.

  89. Zelator says:

    The Council of Trent: This is an excerpt taken from an interview by Rick Martin with Eric Jon Phelps in the document “The Most Powerful Man in the World” where he discusses his book Vatican Assassins.

    See here for full interview:

    “Martin: Let’s back-up now, let’s go back. What’s the Council of Trent?

    Phelps: The Council of Trent was the response of Rome to the Protestant Reformation. Remember—the Protestant Reformation brought us all of the political liberty that we know of today.
    There’s no such thing as national sovereignty without the Reformation. There’s no such thing as private rights without the Reformation. There’s no such thing as the Law of Nations, as we
    know of it today, of Montesquieu and the others, without the Reformation.
    So, when the Reformation came with their doctrines of salvation by grace through faith alone, and that there was no need for the priesthood to go to Heaven—that all we need is salvation in
    Christ, and Romans 1:17: the righteous shall live by faith. When the Reformation came, it completely stripped Rome of its spiritual power. The priests were no longer wanted because the
    people were getting the word of God in a Bible, specifically in Holland, England, and Germany. And so, with these great revivals breaking forth and the Reformation happening, nations were breaking away from the power of the Pope.

    The Holy Roman Empire was breaking up. Charles V, the Emperor, resigned and became a monk and a gardener. So, the Lord was moving mightily in breaking the power of the Holy Roman
    Empire, started by Charlemagne and the Pope.
    Well, this was not good for Rome because they were losing lots of money. The nations were not paying “Peter’s pence” anymore, which today we call “foreign aid” in this country. And so the
    Pope was very upset about this.

    What’s he going to do? These nations are breaking away from us; they’re not under our temporal or spiritual power; and it’s very important to remember that the Pope claims two powers—
    spiritual and temporal—and with the breaking of his spiritual power, he then lost his temporal power. In other words, he no longer had the ability to rule the people through the king of the country, because the king was breaking away, like Henry VIII. So, Henry VIII broke away from the Roman Church and formed the Church of England; he no longer was subject to the Pope. This was happening in England, in Germany, in Holland, and other places.

    As a result of this, the Devil raised up Ignatius Loyola with his demonisms, his “spiritual exercises” and—because Loyola had been a member of the Spanish Alumbrados, which is what we call the Illuminati today, and he used the Jesuit Order to attempt to regain back what had been taken by the Reformation—what the Lord had done through Luther, Calvin, and Knox. And, by the way, Luther, Calvin, and Knox—none of those men died violent deaths. They all lived to older age and died peacefully, amidst the power of the Jesuit machinations.

    The Council of Trent consists of 25 Sessions. Those 25 Sessions accurse and condemn all the doctrines of the Reformation. It condemns anybody who does not believe that the literal Jesus
    Christ is in the host [holy communion bread], and that his literal blood is in the wine. That’s called transubstantiation. Anybody who does not believe that is an accursed anathema. Anybody who
    believes that their salvation is outside the Catholic Church is accursed anathema. Anybody who believes in justification by grace through faith—anathema, accursed. Anybody who believes
    that the Pope is not the vicar of Christ—accursed, anathema. You see, all of these doctrines were being put forth as a result of reading the Bible, which produced the Reformation, and so the
    Jesuits accursed everything that the Reformers were preaching.

    This is all in Law called the Council of Trent. In the 4th Session, which is probably the most important Session, the Jesuits condemn freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of conscience. So, no man has the right to choose his own religion; no man has the right to publish what he feels is the truth; and no man has the right to freedom of conscience.

    Those rights were secured by our Baptist/Calvinist forefathers in the First Amendment. The man who wrote the First Amendment was James Madison, who was a Baptist/Calvinist, and he was told by that Baptist/Calvinist in Virginia, Doc. John Leland: “If you don’t secure all those rights, Virginia will not ratify the Constitution.” Virginia was a Baptist/Calvinist state.

    So, we have a warfare between the Council of Trent and the doctrines of the Reformation, particularly as outlined by John Calvin in his Institutes Of The Christian Religion. Calvin [1536] wrote the Institutes Of The Christian Religion, he finished it when he was 27, and he dedicated it to the King of France. And because the Jesuits so hated him, he was driven from France and he resided in Geneva to the day of his death, when he became Governor of Geneva. It’s Calvin and his Institutes Of The Christian Religion vs. Loyola and his Council of Trent, if you want it sewed-up in two major documents.

    Martin: Council of Trent was what year?

    Phelps: From 1545-1563, eighteen years. And Trent is a little town in Italy. So, it was a Council that took place in the town of Trent, Italy.

    The Presbyterian Westminster Confession And Faith that was finished in 1648, after the 30 Years War, is another extension of Calvin’s Institutes, and is what the Church of Scotland and the
    Covenanters went by when they resisted the powers of Rome and England. That document is a major document, and it’s not the new Westminster Confession, it’s the old one of 1648, where they
    called the Pope the man of sin, that Roman Anti-Christ, and they also denounced anti-Christian tyranny.

    And that it is their duty, to use what they call “the sword of the spirit”, which is the Word of God, which we read in Ephesians, Chapter 6, and “the sword of just defense”—the gun, the sword. So, us Calvinists believe that there is a time for peace and a time for war, and we do not refuse to go to the battlefield when it’s necessary. It was the Calvinists who gave us our political liberty in England with Cromwell. He was a Calvinist and an independent Baptist. It was Calvinists in Holland who gave the Dutch their political liberty, with William of Orange, and later his son, Prince Maurice, and then later, in our great country, when it was Washington, the Freemason who did not go into that
    Masonic Lodge that last 30 years of his life—in his own words— who was a Baptist and a Calvinist.

    He was baptized in the First Baptist Church of New York by one of his captains, Pastor Gano,
    all surrounded by Calvinists. That’s why they didn’t surrender at Valley Forge; that’s why, when they were naked, when they went through the snow, barefoot, they endured that because they were Bible-believing Calvinists and they refused to submit to the tyranny of King George, who was controlled by the Jesuits.

    And that is the soul of our country. If we lose that soul, we’ve lost everything. And those very same Baptists, in the Second Amendment, secured their right to bear arms, because they secured the right, the “sword of just defense”. And the “sword of the spirit” is contained in the First Amendment, the right to have the Bible never taken from them. The two swords of Calvinism are secured in the First and Second Amendments. Without those first two Amendments, all the others are nothing.”

  90. Zelator says:

    Trump Sends White Supremacists Back To The Dems As “New Financial System” Is Announced:

    That last paragraph sums it up nicely!

  91. Zelator says:

    That’s a good vid there Boomie about anti-whitism by No White Guilt, I have added his channel.

    Interesting that anti-whitism has been removed/excised from dictionaries. This really is sinister by anti-white agenda operatives (Jesuits) but not surprising.

    That’s important what he says about words; if the word doesn’t exist then we can’t think it.
    Word = Think, without words we do not think. In the beginning was the word…..

  92. Joseph E Postma says:

    CNN political analyst @joelockhart tells @smerconish that Joe Biden shouldn’t debate President Trump.

    Trump “will take the truth and destroy it, and Biden will be in the position of correcting him over and over and over again. I don't think he should give him that platform.”
    — CNN (@CNN) August 1, 2020

    Talk about projection. These are the same people, of course, allied with climate change nonsense, to which WE are continually correcting over and over again, etc. Why can’t there be some force which simply wipes these people away? It will have to be us…or its the end for humanity.

  93. Zelator says:

    Lol it all fucking nonsense. CNN, Cartoon News Network. How do they get away with this shit? The problem is that some people actually believe that crap. The Climate Change Brigade are the same fraudsters that tell the suckers that Communism is good, all packaged up nicely as anti capitalism and anti elite, when it is them that are the money changers and elite. Unfortunately they are addressing a mass audience of uneducated gullible fools that believe what they see on the news and read in their newspapers and which are ultimately controlled by the MSM. The only people to wipe these shit stains from history are likely to be persecuted by the same people they are trying to help. Unfortunately it may best be addressed by total annihilation of the species. Sad but true.

  94. CD Marshall says:

    When will most people learn? When its far too late to do anything about it.

  95. Zelator says:

  96. boomie789 says:

    Don’t forget how far we’ve come and the sacrifices made. They were not made in vain.

    We’re supposed to be in a constant fight for survival otherwise we would atrophy and stagnate.

    “I had to make you uncomfortable, otherwise you would have never moved”-Universe

    Or how Postma hilariously puts it “We should be grateful for so many enemies to make skull piles out of”. 🤣👌

  97. Robert H says:

    Have you seen “mariobuildreps” explanation of how C02 follows, doesn’t cause, climate change. And has done so for millennia. Nothing new. Certainly nothing human

  98. boomie789 says:

    She says really convincing and interesting stuff about adrenochrome.

    Really reminds you about the predators among us. If you want to protect children you’re not one of them.

  99. boomie789 says:

    Really convincing stuff about adrenochrome

  100. boomie789 says:

  101. boomie789 says:

    She talks about adrenochrome.

  102. boomie789 says:


  103. boomie789 says:

    Wow. I can’t type that word out. It blocks it every time…🤔

  104. Wow does it?! These effrs.

  105. boomie789 says:

    Try it. Try and type that word out. See if it post.

  106. boomie789 says:

    huh…just me then. I can send other comments fine put if I put that word in it doesn’t post.

  107. boomie789 says:


  108. boomie789 says:


  109. boomie789 says:

    Now the first comment showed up.

  110. Wow they were all in Trash! Bunch of other comments too. That’s WP doing that not me!

  111. boomie789 says:

    Maybe it was some kind of odd delay.

  112. I untrashed a bunch just now

  113. I untrashed them…WP had trashed them on its own.

  114. boomie789 says:

    I wonder what that means…🤔

    Shadow ban a word…

  115. boomie789 says:

    I wonder if other people tried to sent you a message but it had a keyword in it.

    I’m pretty sure a system to delete comments on YouTube exists. Through keywords and key phrases.

  116. Yah for sure and on FB too…comments and OPs get throttled and shadow banned etc. They attempt to completely control what you see…completely manage your exposure to info…curate your digital informational life entirely. Gab does none of that at all. Or Voat. Gab and Voat are both great.

  117. Information warfare…that’s what big tech does against all of us. They have their agenda and they want to force you into it.

  118. boomie789 says:

    wow. voat looks awesome. Reddit can really be a pain with all the idiots on there.

  119. CD Marshall says:


  120. CD Marshall says:

    “If you don’t believe in climate change, then I invite you to visit sunny California while we burn once again, due to idiots like you who refuse to face facts. You’re too busy pursuing paranoid fantasies to deal with reality. Like all entertainment, this whole website of deluded claims is just a way for those suffering psychological disorders to escape reality. Your lives are so small & boring, buying into this crap is the only way you can feel big & important & alive”

    This person decided to attack this site…

    Now why would the same activist be there of all places? Why would he be sent tot hat website?

  121. boomie789 says:


  122. boomie789 says:

    Help us racist cops!

  123. CD Marshall says:

    SO I tried posting something here on the subject overhead and it never showed up. WP screened it, I think?

  124. CD Marshall says:

    Anyway I found a website attacking that concept of drug, it was really way out there but the same global warming advocates came in and attacked the site.

    That made me wonder why so much effort in a crack pot theory? Unless some parts of the trafficking and the cult were actually true.

  125. It trashed your comments too CD!

  126. Zelator says:

    2000 years of JEWISH RITUAL MURDER :

    The History Of Jewish Human Sacrifice:

    Scroll down to download pdf file :

    These are the sickos behind all the pizzagate etc:

    The last few paragraphs sums up how their filthy sick minds work.

  127. Zelator says:

    You can read the book “The Jew, the Gypsy and El Islam” by Richard F Burton, online here:

  128. Zelator says:

    Yep CD that article you linked above re the adenochrome is the same evil, sick, twisted fucking bastards I’m referring to.

  129. Zelator says:

    Ok my reply to CD in regard to adenochrome has been blocked or gone into trash by WP . It’s not moderated as it would have told me so. No big deal as I was just saying good link by CD and that it was the same mob I am referring too.

  130. Zelator says:

    Ok I won’t mention the “A” word.

  131. Zelator says:

    oh look that posted straight away……that’s spooky

  132. Zelator says:

    Guys unfortunately I think Word Press is compromised.

  133. Zelator says:

    Matt Mullenweg founding developer of WordPress , supports:
    a promulgator of Jewish tradtion…. hmmm

  134. Zelator says:

    One must remember that the Jesuits who hide behind Catholicism are not Christians and the false Jews who hide behind Hebrewism are not real Jews, they are both atheist Zionists. The Pope is not Catholic but a Jesuit puppet. The Jesuits and the Khazarian Jews are the same cabal, they have infiltrated religions and taken them over.

  135. Zelator says:

    Ok I tried to post a comment in reply to CD regarding A-D-C and it was blocked, as soon as I replaced the “A” word it posted just fine. Boomie same problem as you had!
    Looks suspicious does it not?

  136. Zelator says:

    Looks like we have identified a “Hot” word.

  137. Zelator says:

    Joe can you check your trash please…thanks

  138. Zelator says:

    You can be sure if you use that word in an email, a text, or even a phone call it will flag up to the Sentinels.

  139. boomie789 says:

    Vindication. Ty CD.

  140. boomie789 says:


    I told you!

  141. Zelator says:

    Cocid-19 means certificate of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence

    Alternate Video Link in case removed

    Max Igan – Mandatory Vaccine to alter chromosome 8 of your dna

  142. CD Marshall says:

    “Breitbart has a photo of Nancy supposedly coming out of one of these clinics Breitbart has a photo of Nancy supposedly coming out of one of these clinics”

  143. Zelator says:

    Yeh its probably version 3 … she seems too have lost a lot of her wrinkles lol
    They wheel a new one out each time the old one malfunctions, but then Trump has a copy as well,
    the one with white eyes like he has had sunglasses on. That’s why you get conflicting messages as the duplicates aren’t completely matched up. One day they say one thing and the next they contradict themselves or completely forget what they said previously, as its not the same clone.

  144. boomie789 says:

    “Speaking at the Board of Deputies of British Jews meeting on May 19th, 2019, their former president Dr. Lionel Kopelowitz suggests vengefully and ritualistically murdering Jeremy Corbyn, a British Prime Minister candidate, for his defiance of Zionism and Israel’s wars.”

    Wow. Odd choice of words lol.

  145. CD Marshall says:

    So I did a rough calculation of the Mid Troposphere I calculated -18.9C ‘ROUND UP’ for my sloppy math and its -19C which so happens to be the current effective black body of the Earth at 254 Kelvin according to NASA Earth fact sheet.

    So the real effective global temperature of the Earth has dropped by 1 degree. Won’t be seeing that in ‘climate consensus science’ anytime soon and in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere Summer, no less.

  146. Zelator says:

    Yeh, not surprising though as he headed a party that they classed as anti-semitic even though he was a socialist. What pissed them off was he never denounced or rid the party of so called anti-semites as he rightly didn’t see it in his party but only truthers like Ken Livingstone, who was no longer a party member but was held in high esteem by socialists. Corbyn was a genuine nice guy but had socialist principles that were out of date and everyone thought he was a communist. The Jews wanted a full blooded commie not a man of the people. Corbyn was more properly a pacifist socialist and not a commie, and the Zionists wanted a killer more like his predecessor.

  147. CD Marshall says:

    I need to do a global surface temp again, its been a while. Last time I think I got 14.5C surface and 17C ocean=15.75C

  148. Zelator says:

    Ok guys sorry, but I’ve got a post that will take a lot of reading. I am posting this before its lost in time, so I might print it or save it as a pdf, but I suggest grab a coffee and tuck into this goldmine spread before us:
    It doesn’t mention an author although I recognise some of the earlier work, and it is well researched. If you want a summary of what is going down, then this is a good starter:

  149. CD Marshall says:

    If you haven’t seen the movie, Dr. Sleep, I’d watch it with this new drug knowledge (fact or fiction) it makes that movie a whole lot more creepy.

  150. CD Marshall says:

    So I’m assuming with less solar storms we have less ionization which equals less tropical cloud cover which equals more solar irradiance which equals warmer tropics which equals tropics growing and warmer tropical surface average.

    This can be confirmed by my Middle Troposphere calculations, which showed in the central temperate zone a -6C to -8C flux as opposed to outside that zone which ranged from -20 to -40C.

  151. CD Marshall says:

    This is so bad he sounds like he’s making it up as he’s talking.


  152. CD Marshall says:

    Did this person get this right? Off hand it sounds right up to a point but somewhere it seems garbled…???

    “The internal energy E of a system is the sum of the kinetic energies of all of the particles in a system and all of the potential energies that arise from chemical bonding situations or intermolecular attractions or repulsions.”

    -Internal Energy is potential/kinetic this seems correct. U=KE/PE

    “The first law of thermodynamics says that ΔE = q – w ΔE is the change in the internal energy of the system q is the heat that has flowed into the system w is the work that has been done by the system It is fairly easy to see, when it is put in this way, that the first law is just a restatement of the law of conservation of energy. ”

    -This parts sounds correct, a more complicated version of just saying Delta U=Q-W

    “So why do chemists, engineers, physicists, and geologists work with enthalpy H instead of internal energy E? Well Enthalpy is defined by ΔH = ΔE + Δ(pV)”

    -He is stating E (energy) where it should be U (internal energy) does that make any difference?
    Enthalpy is H=U+PV. Its still energy but…

    “When a chemist does a reaction that produces a gas, or when a kettle is boiled in an open room, the system actually does work: the gas has to push back the surrounding air against its pressure to make room for itself. So for work at constant pressure, work done by the system”

    -This part seems correct, work done by the system not to the system.

    “= pΔV We can put the two equations together for constant pressure conditions: ΔE = q – w; w = pΔV = Δ(pV), and we will get ΔE + Δ(pV) = q, or ΔH = q So, ΔH = q for the conditions that a chemist usually works with: a constant pressure environment (does not matter which specific pressure), and the system does no other work and has no other work done on it than the work of expansion.”

    -This part is a little confusing, he’s switching between +/- W done on/by the system.

    “ΔH is a modified internal energy designed to take account of work of expansion for the volume change of a system. If a reaction is carried out at constant volume, then w = 0, and ΔE = q. ΔH = ΔE + Δ(pV) will be rather greater than q if a gas is given off, because there will be a large increase in pressure in the closed vessel.”

    He starts off talking about Q expansion is an open volume and then a restricted volume.?


  153. CD Marshall says:

    If AI humans are a thing Biden needs scrapped and the model retired. 🙂

  154. Gary Ashe says:

    Get a grip guys, AI human models clones etc etc, ffs keep it real, getting like a science fiction site here these days..

  155. boomie789 says:
    funny clown world compilation.

    More like occult & cabal, not so much trans-humanist science fiction.

  156. boomie789 says:

    Well funny/sad. It’s not inherently funny, watching cities burn, of course.

  157. Gary Ashe says:

    No boomie they are simply indoctrinated dangerous fools, followers of malicious men with money and power.

    Human greed and lust for power has no boundaries, the same as human stupidity.
    It is very interesting tho how much the Q movement scares them and their drones.

    If it was all a larp they would simply ignore it but they dont and that has start to tweak my interest, why are they acting the way they are, the minions in the media i mean.

    They are afraid there just might be something to this ”great awakening” after all, we live in interesting times…

  158. boomie789 says:

    Speaking of Q.

    Found that website recently

  159. Joseph E Postma says:

    @CD that reads just as the usual thermodynamics…

  160. boomie789 says:

  161. CD Marshall says:

    Thanks for the feedback on the Thermodynamics post. I need a word perfect explanation for the closed system regarding the atmosphere.

    If I have this right the entire atmosphere is considered an open system in regards to matter and energy can move freely around it.

    However, to outer space it is considered a closed system but…can still emit energy to outer space through IR.

    Now if I am following climate clown logic, they claim because the Earth is essentially a “closed system” (to space) energy must increase to emit, thus the radiative forcing trick.

    Conservation of Energy applies to the closed system to space but the thermodynamics of the atmosphere especially the Troposphere, is not the result of any COE imbalance, but of the effective Carnot Heat Engine of the Troposphere, an imbalance of thermodynamic energy distribution and work done by the system.

    If I have this right?

  162. Zelator says:

    R.I.P. Kyle.

    Here’s an interesting and informative discussion between Benjamin Fulford and Mike Harris.

    p.s there are a few breaks in sound due to the need to avoid Youtube Censorship.

  163. boomie789 says:

    I don’t think Kyle is dead. You confused with this guy?

    Kyle is the 17 year old commie killer.

  164. Zelator says:

    Yeh that’s who I was thinking of Boomie. Trump supporter gunned down yesterday by BLM scum This is going to blow, and is not going to end nicely.

  165. Zelator says:

    BLM and Antifa are losing the plot. Any sympathy and moral argument gained after the George Floyd incident is fast diminishing and the World can see this is just another Communist strategy playing out:

  166. boomie789 says:


    See where that address takes you. Can you believe it?

  167. boomie789 says:

  168. boomie789 says:

  169. boomie789 says:

    Found an awesome documentary about money & the federal reserve.

    If I could go back in time to stop america from making it’s biggest mistake, central banking would probably be it.

  170. boomie789 says:

    Brings you to Ted Cruz’s website. Lol.

  171. Zelator says:

    The whole purpose behind the demonic Democrat Party’s strategy of revolution, is to throw this election into such chaos that no race can be decided, in which case, there is this scenario, as published by Zerohedge, where it states:

    “The United States has a line-of-succession statute that dictates what happens if an election is undecided. The sitting President and Vice President leave office at noon on January 20, 2021 even if no winner has been decided….. In that case, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi becomes Acting President”.

    However Trump and his Patriots have other plans:

  172. boomie789 says:

    I made the front page.

  173. boomie789 says:

    Also the top comment is eyebrow raising, but probably nothing.

  174. Joseph E Postma says:

    The amount of NS and WN and etc etc stuff on those two platforms is gargantuan. Both have been called honey pots for the big bad jays by commentators. If the jays are going to that much trouble then good for them. Both platforms are flaky. If every single possible thing is secretly run by the big bad scary jays then we truly have no solution and they truly have total and complete dominance and so who cares anyway.

  175. Zelator says:

    More properly to says Z’s as the J’s are more Jesuit than anything else. The Zionists are fake Jews they converted to Rabbinic Judaism back in 8th century. They use the name of the Jews as cover and they hate the real Jews ( Hebrews). The Jesuits control the Masonic Jewish Zionists who control Zionist Israel. The real Orthodox Jews ( Hebrews) generally despises the Zionists likewise.

    AIPAC without a doubt is a Zionist Organisation not “Jewish”. There is no “Jewish Conspiracy” as such.
    Commentators lazily say “The Jews” or “Jewish” when they refer to the Zionists, but we know who they mean, but ultimately it is incorrect. Same when they refer to the Zionists, when they mean the Illuminati or Jesuits.

    The history of all this starts back in Babylonia if not before and via the Phoenicians and Black Nobility families, see Santos Bonacci:

    Ignatious of Loyola formed the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1549:

    “According to Wikipedia, in 1527 Ignatius Loyola who was a member of the Alumbrados (Illuminati), was questioned about his involvement with this group by the Vatican. Ignatius also spoke directly to the Pope about his involvement with the Alumbrados, and how he wanted to start up the Jesuit Order to further the goals of the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope gave Ignatius his stamp of approval, and allowed Ignatius Loyola to start up the Jesuit Order which would serve and eventually take over the Vatican. The Jesuit Order now completely controls the Vatican both in the shadows and outwardly, as the Jesuits now have one of their own as the White Pope” ( and the Jesuit General Black Pope).

    It is the Illuminati/Jesuits that are behind the Zionists. Zionists are the amalgamation of all this historical subterfuge. It is their satanic from Darkness to Light Illumination which is their program in play. Cimmeria to Hyperborea. aka Luciferianism.
    The modern day Illuminists are just another Luciferian faction under the Jesuit Umbrella. Zionists are a useful practical catchall for lazy researchers who need to do their homework and research better. The way “Zionist” is used is too loose and should be broken down further into the correct compartmental section of the pyramidal structure.

    Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit who followed in the footsteps of Loyola and he resurrected the illuminati as the Bavarian Illuminati in 1773 but he didn’t create them. The Jesuits are the puppet masters and creators of the illuminati. See this article:

    Part of their plan is to destroy world Jewry like they attempted in Europe. Their plan is to do likewise in USA. The Jews have been the scape goats for all the Illuminati revolutions and wars that they have themselves purposely stirred up.

    So the terms Jew, Israelite, and Hebrew are all synonymous terms; they are the physical, racial descendants of Jacob. And, therefore, the Abraham covenant and promises apply to them, and they have not been fulfilled to this day. They are in the great diaspora—they are in the great dispersion. The white race ( the Tribe of Manasseh/Ephraim ) is one of the root races that they want to destroy.
    And so, Satan, not wanting them to inherit these promises, has set-out to destroy the Jewish Root races any way he possibly can. And his greatest tool in the destruction of the Jewish root race
    is the Jesuit Order, aka the Zionist Khazarian Illuminati Cabal.

    You can be sure they will have infiltrated groups like the Ku Klux Klan, the Minute Men, Posse Comitatus of the past, and more recently BLM, Antifa, Propertarianism and Meritocracy etc

    It’s the old Hegellian Dialectic own both sides to control the outcome.

    From Phelps Interview:

    Communism is part of the strategy. Communes (Communist), Kibbutz, Paraquayan Reductions
    they want a slave race with an elite ruler. Everyone on the same minimum wage.

    This is from the Phelps Interview ” The Most Powerful Man In the World”:

    Phelps: Let’s, first of all, look at the relationship of Jesuitism to Communism. The Jesuits perfected the tenets of Communism on their reductions in Paraguay, for 150 years, from 1600-1750.

    Martin: What is a reduction?

    Phelps: A reduction is a commune. In Israel they would call it a kibbutz. In Joseph Stalin’s Russia they would call it a commune. In New York they call it a village. In France, Paris, they called it a commune. It’s communal living where everybody is equal in their finances, in the labours; you have no great, no small, no rich, no poor—everybody is small, and everybody is poor, and everybody is controlled by a dictator. That’s the essence of Communism”……………where they were live under the tenets of Communism, perfected by the Jesuits, as outlined in Plato’s Republic and Sir Thomas Moore’s Utopia. The Jesuits perfected it on their reductions. With that, they then introduced Communism in 1848 through Karl Marx. They tutored him in the British Museum, according to Alberto Rivera, an ex-Jesuit.
    So Marx, the Jewish Freemason, was to be the one to put forward this Communism for the world, so that Communism would look like a Jewish brain-child, so that Communism could be blamed on the Jews. Well, what’s not told is that the Jews involved in the implementing of Communism were Masonic Jews. Karl Marx was a 33rd-degree Freemason, a worshipper of Lucifer, whose father wanted nothing to do with him, because his father was a Baptist preacher.”

    So this is the Illuminati’s Utopia of Hyperborea from Darkness to Light. Luciferianism.

    Remember, recently, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle called “Chaz” !! It’s no coincidence it was called Chaz. Khazzars are referred to as “Chazzers”.

    The Jewish religion is different to the Christian religion, and is used by the Zionists to attack Christians, who they equally despise. They use divide and conquer tactics to stir up discontent amongst the religions including the Muslims.

    It may seem like they own everything and have infiltrated everything, but “knowledge will set us free as ignorance is a sin. It’s about taking a side. its up to us to find the truth. Just like in Common Law, where ignorance of the law is no defence in a court of law, so it is in life.
    Do your research, follow your truth and help your fellow man to see what is beyond the veil, and the truth will set you free, if not in this world but in the afterlife. See Kleck.

    The Illuminati know this all too well, they know if you are not for them, then you are against them. You either worship Lucifer and Satan or you worship your creator in whatever form that may be.

    They believe they can be Gods like the Creator, just like Lucifer and his rebellious angels did at the start of all this trouble. It didn’t workout then and it wont work out this time around either. Their Holy Grail is becoming God. And their evil Devil Demon possessed minds are their false illumination.
    There is a war coming and soon we will all have to take a stand; the question is who do you stand with? There is no place for the ignavi.

  176. boomie789 says:

    I remember saying I was an atheist somewhere on here and it’s been bothering me ever since. I guess I’m just so used to saying it.

    I should have said agnostic. Even better , a pro-Christian agnostic.

    just wanted to clear that up.

  177. boomie789 says:

    Haven’t seen Zelator in a while.

  178. boomie789 says:

    @Zelator & friends

    Jeffersonian works too.

    It’s not healthy to be caught up in the afterlife, or thinking you are immortal. That doesn’t help us here. imo.

    All the coolest people are Philosophers.

  179. boomie789 says:

    Besides a physicist or two of course.

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