Watch “What It’s Like Getting Censored on YouTube” on YouTube

Watch before its removed!

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8 Responses to Watch “What It’s Like Getting Censored on YouTube” on YouTube

  1. Philip Mulholland says:

    Use to record videos for long term safe keeping.

  2. boomie789 says:

    Jared Taylor, Stefan Molyneux & Vincent James.

  3. Marshall Rosenthal says:



  4. boomie789 says:

    @ 2:50, I thought you guys were anarchist? lololol

    Reminds me of this scene

  5. Zelator says:

    Lololol “Hollow Men” …….. As T.S. Eliot would say : “This is cactus land… ….this is the
    way the world ends,…. not with a bang but with a whimper.” Jeez.

  6. Gary Ashe says:

    progressive wankers, its the double standard which they rub your nose in that makes it so unfair, the worthless bastards.

    if i could press a button and every leftist alive would just disappear i would press it in a heart beat, i hate them with a vengeance you can only guess at.

  7. Gary Ashe says:

    Gary Ashe September 3, 2020 at 2:37 pm
    You are a mug Eric just as bigger mug as heir Cook,
    All you luke warmers are just gate-keepers of the none existent RGHE and you should be ashamed you cowardly bastar ds.

    I’m really surprised they let this post appear on the john cook article over at fat anthonys…

  8. kerrwp says:

    I watched it despite the missing apostrophe in its introduction. I must be evolving.

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