Watch “EYE: Discerning Truth in a Storm of Lies & Deceit | Body of Light, Armor of God | MSP | Episode 324” on YouTube

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  1. CD Marshall says:

    I do miss you covering the science. I know some people eat this stuff up and granted, it has some place and portent, plus this is your blog and you can do whatever you want.

    However, this stuff can get into hard “crazy” fast and that is dangerous.

    Stick to the science and maintain a measure of sanity. Unless you want to change the name to propertarianism of sophistry.

    Your call but I do love physicist Joe 🙂

  2. boomie789 says:

    “An evolutionary arms race between the host and parasite.

    We are evolving into gods or cattle.
    Cattle for the rulers of hell, or gods of paradise.”

    I like that guy. He has a cool job.

  3. Zelator says:

    I’m just posting a quick note here, as I think CD’s comment above is directed to me mainly and maybe one other individual.
    When Joe posts a science topic I will not post in that post if it interrupts the science flow.
    I have always tried to only post in a thread that is already discussing openly a subject. I cannot instigate a topic and neither do I attempt to conduct a thread in any way.
    I agree it is irritating if you are discussing a science topic, and someone then starts talking about Zombies or other irrelevant topics, but it works both ways.

    Many times Joe has posted a subject and it becomes a mishmash of cross topics for example
    talk about Back Radiation and then the Best Assault Rifles followed by a statistics post of melting
    glaciers, followed by a post about BLM and then a video clip of weather or something bizarre.
    People should try to stick to the subject and follow the thread. I for example do not read
    Propertarian Posts, but its Joe’s Blog and I know a least a few of you love that stuff, and that’s non of my business and I am not going to throw my toys out the pram as its not my favourite subject lol.
    Joe has sections on Philosophy, Illuminism, Politics, Propertarianism/Meritocracy and though they may not be everyones subject of choice he has historically discussed these from time to time, and not just science. I think Joe attracts people to his forum for all these reasons, and it gives the forum a good balance.

    Indeed I have asked Joe if he could separate somehow out the Science and non science posts.
    I’m not sure if its possible on Word Press but that’s what you get with a free platform, and we should be grateful that Joe provides this along with his time.

    If Joe doesn’t post a science post but instead posts a current debatable topic surely its better
    to discuss this than have nothing to discuss at all in which case we go somewhere else to discuss
    what you want to discuss, there are plenty of other options out there. Also if the topic is not your cup of tea you don’t need to read it and can go elsewhere, that’s what I do when you all get into heavy mathematics lol.

    If Joe posts a topic it is because it is his blog and he finds interest in the subject blogged.
    If he decides to from now on only post science topics then I will no longer post and go elsewhere, its a big world lol. I hold no grudges.
    Also if Joe doesn’t want me or any other user to post any longer he can ban them like he did with Zoe, so until I am banned I am assuming my posts are acceptable?

    I don’t think he needs to change the name of his blog either. We are indeed in a climate of sophistry,
    and that doesn’t necessarily imply only the weather. Science is important, but so is the world at large, let’s not fiddle whilst Rome burns lol.

    Cheers Z

  4. Zelator says:

    Re: the above video, and I quote:

    “I am the pastor of my own church if you will. I follow the words of the Creator and His Son. And I consider the DNA code that undercurrents every living organism to be also further more The Word of God. I perceive Creation and I perceive it’s Creator therein”.

    I think that is a refreshing video of how a modern man can be a Christian without all the church and priests and paraphernalia and stuff.
    I think some of these heavy duty Christians can take a leaf out of his book. There are no good Christians, bad Christians or part-time or full-time Christians, you either have a faith in Jesus or you don’t. The rest is up to you, how you live your life. If you are a Christian and live a life of shit and sin then you will end up paying for it not by going to any physical hell or anything like that, but by the laws of the Universe. What goes around comes around. Live by the sword die by the sword.
    Only you can make yourself happy, and if being a good Christian flips your ticket then great, but if you are a demon know this….that you will be fucked over, you wont win. Light always succeeds. Light is Love. All you need is Love.

    He can be in awe of his maker without all the bowing down and giving away of personal power to fake authorities like the Church and Priests. It’s self responsibility.
    It’s faith in a higher superior power in a Creator that helps those that help themselves. That the Creator doesn’t sit in judgement but you ultimately judge yourself.
    The creator gave you intention and will. These can be used for good or evil and that’s all its basically about. However the light has the advantage, as it IS the Creator, God is Light. Darkness is just absence of light, it is not a thing. Demons have turned from truth from the light.

    The Body is the Temple…it is actually what Solomon’s Temple is, it’s not a physical temple as in a building. It is an amazing creation, and the bible is actually a book on how to use the body.

    The Dark do not want you to know how to use your body to its full capability, it is functioning at a tiny percentage of its full capability. By keeping us ill and dumb the Dark can control us. By finding our true nature we can reach for the stars. There is nothing demonic in that.

    But then hey, what do I know, I’m not a mathematician, or physicist so by definition, I must not be a rationalist or maybe, I’m just persona non grata? Jeez.

  5. Zelator says:

    By the way, I love the stuff Boomie posts. For a young man he shows an incredible intelligence and knowledge. I for one am glad youngsters like him take an interest in the world rather than a lot of these lost youths of today who couldn’t give a shit. He knows more about maths and physics than I will ever know lol. So all I can say is Boomie keep it up, and don’t let the bastards grind you down. Hoorahh Hoorahhh.

  6. Zelator says:

    n.b for the above post ’bout bein a Xian . If you don’t believe you aint gonna get the goods.
    Faith is belief. How the fuck do you think you get the jewells other-wise? Go figga
    It’s not seeing is believing, you donuts, it’s believing is seeing….yep that’s how it works.

    It’s how your subconscious mind works….your GOD interface as per the video above.

    Yep you are a creation machine….. know the rules and it’s Paradise on Earth, get it wrong and its Hell on Earth!

    Sorry listening yo Heavy Trance Muzic …’s the aliens muzic you know….its true! They gave ut to uz!!!!

  7. Zelator says:

    So how do you believe? Well how do you piss, how do you shit. It has to be subconscious. Do you believe in Santa Claus …No, how about Tooth fairy? No…how about breathing? How about your beating heart? So how do you turn unbelief into belief? Well as you are all scientists you wouldn’t believe me….isn’t that ironic huh!

  8. Zelator says:

    So come on lets debate the Human Caused Global Warming Scam. I think its bollocks.

  9. boomie789 says:

    I’ve been mulling over the 30% of incoming flux dissipated in the atmosphere, but solar flux is also amplified by it.

    It’s always the same arguments over and over again and constantly explaining away the endless lies and minutia the alarmist bring up.

    In the end it’s me calling out for real evidence/experiments and textbook references.

    Then they will present irrelevant flawed experiments and intentionally distort the thermodynamics references.

    We will never beat them with intellectual debate. That’s not even the game ther’ye playing. They’re con men and liars manipulating emotions.

    Either we become better at emotionally manipulating(we won’t) the masses ourselves, or we bring the hammer down and persecute these liars and con men and make them pay. Within accordance to the law.

    That’s why Postma likes Propertarianism so much. So we can battle this out in a court of law. No more lies and reciprocity in all things.

    -from phone

  10. CD Marshall says:

    @boomie789 You haven’t achieved Nirvana till they accuse of being paid by Big Oil than you know they ran out of arguments. Joseph has been on the fictional Big Oil payroll for years. LOL.

    You know what? Even if they were so what?

  11. CD Marshall says:

    Sorry anyone hear of this Piers Corbyn guy? Is he a quack? I hear the name from time to time.

  12. Piers Corbyn is great for sure.

  13. boomie789 says:

    All that is relevant is the argument itself and the facts of the matter.

    Anyone who brings in consensus, authority and attacking credibility is wasting yours and everyone else’s time.

    None of that has any bearing on the truth. Only for people incapable of having independent thought of their own so they outsource it.

    Our intellectuals and aristocracy have failed us miserably in being the protectors of our middle and lower class. The people molding the minds of the masses. They sold us out or were replaced. We are a bunch of individuals being taken out one by one, day by day.

    Not to be a debbie downer. We will win in the end, of this I have no doubt.

  14. boomie789 says:

    I remember watching a debate with that guy in it a while back. I thought it was that Australian Q&A show but I can’t find it.

    If they are preaching that C02 has virtually no effect on the climate whatsoever, and is in fact likely a good thing to have more of in the atmosphere, they are the real deal.

    Shout out to Willie Soon and Patrick Moore and a handful of others.

    I guess this is why his name is popping up, he got arrested?

  15. boomie789 says:

    Fined 10,000 monopoly monies.

    Also check out the people being arrested in Australia for “incitement”.

  16. Joseph E Postma says:

    OK here’s the thing, everybody…bit of a rambling comment here:

    I fully understand the comment about discussing physics and not going into woo-woo land. I understand wanting to see more physics output and YT videos for discussion from me, etc.

    But here’s the thing: the argument is finished. There’s nothing left to discuss. I really can’t think of any more YT videos I really need to make…except for perhaps one where I discuss what I am discussing here. The alarmist arguments are now all common and mundane. I finished the argument when I got the AMS to deny that the Sun heats the Earth, and my two books, and all that. There’s nowhere left to go. Although I am writing one more book to finish it all off with this.

    Self-evidently, the nature of the pseudoscience we are facing is not simply a matter of the discussion of physics. We have the pseudoscientists doubling down in their position that the Sun doesn’t heat the Earth or create the Earth’s climate, etc etc etc.

    For a simple person like me, and most of you, my naive conception of the world would be one where people seek to make sense, and to agree on obvious things. I have proven that this is in fact not the world we live in. We actually live in a world with a nuance which is totally foreign, ununderstandable, inexplicable, and incredibly violent and I mean that (violent) in the mental sense as well as the physical. But it is the mental violence towards reason which indicates that this world and human existence has some nuance to it which is totally alien to my and most of your thinking. We don’t live in a world where discussing physics makes a difference. We don’t live in a world where stating that the Sun heats the Earth makes a difference. We don’t live in a world where pointing out that flat Earth theory is wrong makes a difference. So our problem thus becomes: how do we understand this alien and inexplicably irrationally strange world that we live in? There actually seems to be something else going on that we have never conceived of before…well, unless you want to go to religious and woo-woo references!…lol

    From almost the very beginning, I had a question arise in my mind: is this a matter of stupidity, or of malice? Is it stupidly malicious, or maliciously stupid? Are malice and stupidity actually the exact same thing in some way which we simply haven’t comprehended or explicitly explained yet? Well, the answer is actually that it is malice, using stupidity. Of course there are also stupid people being malicious. Stupidity and malice, and malice and stupidity, just seem to go together.

    But then the question is: why are there such people? And how can and why do they own or otherwise run the media and the academia? How can we have an education system which produces PhD’s in physics who are incapable of understanding what’s wrong with flat Earth theory? A more disturbing question is: what if they or at least some of them KNOW that they’re pushing flat Earth theory – where do you have to go to explain the motivation for that? See, it’s the stupidity vs. malice question: if it is stupidity, it is incredible the extent to which it is has seeded itself…flat Earth in modern physics. How do you explain that!? If it is malice, what kind of insane and psychotic motivation must be behind seeding that stupidity to the extent which it has been?!

    How do we assess what’s happening? How do we assess how to proceed? And we need to make those assessments, now. But we can only do that by looking to a higher level explanation than those afforded to us merely by definitions in physics and mathematics. We’re looking at a human problem, but it is not a human problem which bears on physics. It’s a human problem which is apparently far more complex than physics.

    One assessment that might make sense is to put this in terms of parasites vs hosts. Did you know that we live in a world where there is a battle between parasites and hosts in the human condition? I didn’t really know that. I thought it was just political ideas…but it’s not. There are parasites and there are hosts. Or something?

    Look at these videos linked above…breaking in and arresting people for Facebook posts. Look at the US situations. This world is going rapidly insane and it is being driven that way by people who WANT to do just that.

    Anyway, my point is: There is something else going on. Climate alarm isn’t about bad science, it is about something else entirely. Covid isn’t about a virus that is almost totally innocuous, it is about something else entirely. There are people on this planet, with power and resources and control over academia, media, finance, who use otherwise totally innocuous and irrelevant things (ozone hole, climate change, a cold virus, etc etc etc) to manufacture insane and retarded outcomes and fear and alarm, etc etc etc. This is real. It is established. I’m not the first one to point it out, but from my own work I have absolutely become factually aware of its existence…the so-called “cabal” or what have you.

    There is some other force operating on this planet that we otherwise had/have no fucking clue of its existence let alone its motivations. I mean…you gotta read a David Icke book to find anything that begins to explain this situation. WE ARE IN WOO-WOO WORLD already whether we like it or not.

    I have PhD’s in physics who tell me to my face that there is nothing wrong with flat Earth theory and its outcomes, such as the Sun not providing heat to the Earth. Do you realize the g-damned Twilight Zone that I am in!? Do you get how shocking this is? Do you not feint at the comprehension of what we’re facing? It is either a degree of stupidity that is going to be incredibly destructive to us, or, it is a degree of malice that we have simply never imagined before which has intent to be destructive to us. Either way…we do not have the tools to handle this problem. The tool I tried to use, what I thought might work, is to find agreement that flat Earth theory is wrong, and that the Sun heats the Earth. Just a most basic meeting of the minds…the simplest possible and most innocuous of things. What we’re facing is what we’ve either never imagined, or what we never knew existed. But whatever it is it cannot even meet on that most basic of facts…it is so dark and destructive and stupid and malicious that it will even adopt flat Earth theory to its cause.

    My two books have everything one needs. My last book will finish it all.

  17. boomie789 says:

    Excellent comment.

    Just wan’t to say we have experienced this before, we just keep forgetting. It’s always been there. This malicious/stupid force. Nothing new under the sun.

    Sodom & Gomorrah, Rome, USSR, The USA right now, over and over again. Very similar patterns.

  18. PB2505 says:

    Hi Joseph,
    Being a frequent Facebook troll on the climate zombie groups. I’m just wondering if anyone has considered writing a peer review paper on gravity and its influence of the adiabatic lapse rate.
    From my own experience this subject seems to be taboo with the climate zombie inhabitants. Its just an idea but I’m wondering if it would be beneficial in the sense that the paper you submitted clearly struck a cord with the zombie community who were quick to dismiss it with rubbish answers. Im just wondering if a different tact could be used because gravity is clearly an absent passenger in this ridiculous climate narrative.

    Just my thoughts!…..Keep up the wonderful work.

  19. Zelator says:

    Look it had to be done this way. If we had told you that you would be forced to wear face masks a year ago, you would say it was a conspiracy theory. Now people are see something is going on, something is not quite right, something stinks….it’s the great awakening.
    See, if it came out about the truth in all one go, then the public would not believe it, it would frighten people, it would be counter productive, therefore it has to be dripped out and assimilated. You have to remember the majority of the world are fast asleep….totally asleep. Being awakened suddenly would be devastating to them. Watch this video to the end….its 43mins this is for you. Do yourself a favour.

    This is the start of the plan to free humanity….it really is that big. Why do I post here? How deep is the Swamp? Ecoute.

  20. boomie789 says:

    The Q stuff is always a nice white pill.

  21. Need to OP that here!

  22. Zelator says:

    Of course it’s the Modus Operandi, its the Hegellian Dialectic in full swing.

  23. Ok…sorry for the woo woo…anyone notice a Mandella event today? I talked to my mom just now and she said she saw the pictures of my daughter fishing I sent to my uncle a few days ago…but I just texted him those this morning and he hasnt visited her today. At the exact same time, Im having this conversation with her while sitting getting my oil changed and also need one new headlight thats been out since last winter. They check the lights and they’re all working…broken light is fixed already. Wtf!? I want to ask to check the oil color coming out!

    Isnt sci fi fun!? Lol.

  24. boomie789 says:

    Reports: Qmap owner took it down after being doxxed by Logically then stalked at his home by Bloomberg shill William Turton

  25. boomie789 says:

    found this one

  26. CD Marshall says:

    I was talking to wife on the phone about ordering pizza from Pappa Johns, opened up Google and it has links to Pappa Johns…


    “There is nothing wrong with your television.
    Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
    We are now controlling the transmission.
    We control the horizontal and the vertical.
    We can deluge you with a thousand channels or expand one single image to crystal clarity and beyond.
    We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive.
    For the next hour we will control all that you see and hear.
    You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the deepest inner mind to the outer limits.”

  27. boomie789 says:

    For me it is usually late.

    I’ve already bought the product, but get sent adds for it later.

    I specifically remember talking with someone about going to Lowes to buy some plants, open up google and there is a Lowes add.

    P.S. Papa John’s is the best of the big three pizza chains.

  28. CD Marshall says:

    Yeah I like PJ but a local place is my favorite and East of Chicago if you have those around you?
    My wife will just talk about stuff to her friend and her phone will have it when she opens it. Smart phones are surveillance phones to be sure.

    If you ever want to disappear don’t bring your phone. Or a card. Or use any major store. Or be open to facial recognition.

  29. boomie789 says:

    If your vehicle is newish it probably has a GPS tracker in it too. Good to keep a old truck or something with no computers and shit in it imo. You can disable most of the useless computer crap if you know what you’re doing. Especially the scam DEF system literally designed to break your shit. Everyone in the know disables that crap.

    Remember that story about the journalist? I think Rolling Stone, supposedly he had dirt on Clinton. I think he was driving a tesla or something, somehow his throttle jammed and he crashed going over a hundred miles per hour. Launching his engine block several hundred yards.

    The conspiracy theory is that his car was hacked to intentionally crash and kill him. Not saying that definitely happened, but it surely seems like it COULD happen.

    My favorite type of pizza used to be deep dishes, but now those are my least favorite. They are so greasy.
    Just regular old hand tossed is my favorite now. Pepperoni or pepperoni with onions and peppers.

  30. CD Marshall says:

    Someone from the DNC was going to the FBI to rat out the Clintons he was shot and killed on the way there in the middle of the night. The main detective investigating the Clinton rape charges was found dead in a bathroom…

    Somehow they get away with it.

  31. CD Marshall says:

    I love just a pepperoni lovers pizza, old style pepperoni is so good if you can find it.

  32. boomie789 says:

    Waving to all his supporters

  33. CD Marshall says:

    Joseph you should introduce yourself to this “genius”. Another PhD is physics…

  34. CD Marshall says:

    Who has no clue about “radiative forcing”.

  35. God…inundated by a glut of midwits. 120IQ is literally the worst thing ever…the worst possible stupidity is found there.

  36. ashemann says:

    There was a post a while back by one of the regulars, with a link to another blog.
    The post was about longwave photons being absorbed by a body already saturated at the photons frequency or wavelength and thus the body instantly emitting a photon of the same wave length, with no work or increase in vibrational state taking place,, essentially the same as being deflected.

    I cannot recall the name of the process or find the post, can anyone help me out here…

  37. CD Marshall says:

    I did copy the term which was passed around by a few of the Brilliant Ones and I have added some to it from more learning and a huge amount from this unknown legend known as,LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks.

    “For vibration and/or rotational modes, there must exist a magnetic dipole for photon absorption to occur. The molecule is unaffected by nonresonant frequencies, and if the molecule is already excited, even radiation at the correct frequency will be rejected (scattered) by the molecule (thus a heated CO2 molecule will not absorb another photon) and the energy transfer from a photon to increase a temperature requires that the wavelength to be shorter than the wavelength frequency absorbing it. In simple thermodynamics it is the same concept as hot to cold only on a micro scale. CO2 does not have a magnetic dipole in a relaxed state, which means it must become IR active by way of collision/conduction or heated in some other manner. Atmospheric molecules are either Raman active or IR active as a general rule of thumb, not both at the same time.”

    This was from KK,
    “The Schwarzschild equation for radiative transfer properly includes the process by which absorbed radiation excites vibrational and rotational mode quantum states, and that energy then flows to translational mode of other atmospheric molecules via vibrational-translational and rotational-translational collisional processes in accord with 2LoT.

    But I don’t see a term for the opposite process… during which the combined translational mode energy of two colliding molecules is sufficient (in accord with 2LoT and the Equipartition Theorem) to excite vibrational mode or rotational mode quantum states via translational-vibrational collisional processes.

    Is this included in the Schwarzschild equation in the radiative term?”

    The Climate Clown didn’t reply to him.

  38. CD Marshall says:

    Climate Clowns rodeo never ends.
    TROLL: “what’s your STEM degree in that allows you to question climatologists in their own field?”

    Good grief these people.

  39. ashemann says:

    I think I mentioned previously, my expertise is specifically in the area of radiative heat transfer by projection of infrared radiation through the atmosphere. What I have worked on has worked in practice, and the technology has been extant since the 1970s. I have three degrees in the relevant sciences, 40 years of experience, and my advantage over Mr. Postma is that I actually know what I am talking about. (I have “debated” with him, but it degenerated when he was unwilling to substantiate his claims. He does not argue in good faith.)

    do you know him Joe…

  40. CD Marshall says:

    “The atmosphere is not significantly being warmed by the solar radiation, since it is transparent to the visible, the short-wave IR, and most of the long-wave IR. It takes its temperature from the Earth surface.

    Of course the back-radiation is not as powerful as the full glare of the sunlight. What a dandy straw man. I dare you to find anyone who claims that it does. But it does contribute about 20% more radiation, which is imperceptible when the Sun is occluded…”

    And another who doesn’t understand thermodynamics, particle physics or chooses not to.

    So what energy moves back and forth in a system. What does that have to do with the requirements to increase temperature? Nothing.

    What does that have to to do with “radiative forcing”? Again, nothing.

  41. Lol muh 120 IQ stem degree only peer reviewed questions allowed!

  42. Either he blocked me or I him. We’ve never debated other than my blocking him from this site. A total crank. Just spend time with him you’ll see. A complete psycho with no argument on point.

  43. CD Marshall says:

    So far I’ve seen only 2 types. The nutjobs and those educated enough to at least have the decency to not insult your intelligence and simply stop responding when thy realize you know they are lying.
    Nutjobs naturally, are far more common.

  44. CD Marshall says:

    “And since we control the peer review, your question is not allowed. Ha ha!”

  45. Exactly. Peer review controls the questions allowed to be asked!

  46. ashemann says:

    Joe that long ”rambling” post you made above. [ your words ].

    That underlying malevolence in the world, its almost like an unseen entity, any way i just wanted to say ive been aware of it for 25 yrs easy enough, since the mid 90s when the net was dial up, when all these so called progressives started to appear every where enforcing correct think even tho it was the exact opposite of reality.

    Like virus that mushroomed every where, its really hard to explain or pin down, but its there, this thing .. the guiding hand of insanity.

    To be honest its made me personally a very angry man when on the internet because you cannot escape it, its as if ”it” follows you around, i ow that sounds daft but thats how it feels with all the idiotic assholes your presented with day in day out.

  47. ashemann says:

    You feel its presence this underlying malevolent force, its there every day in the news in your local politics in your local education system there hiding behind a mask of ”nice people” its there guiding the nice people brain washing our ids brain washing our politicians its just there and it all combines to slowly but surely destroying everything we hold precious about life.

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