Ptolemy’s Epicycles solve Climate Change

In this video we will learn how the ancient Greek astronomer Ptolemy can be used to solve climate change, by demonstrating that modern climate theory is based on a completely false conception of reality with the Sun NOT at the center of the solar system or the climate. This solves climate change because it means that our modern conception and science of the climate is based on completely false principles, and thus, the prognostications of climate change from climate science’s non-existent greenhouse effect are entirely erroneous. Climate science’s “greenhouse effect” is nothing more than a Ptolemaic epicycle!

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  1. CD Marshall says:

    Every video you make increases my IQ.

  2. CD Marshall says:

    I’m curious, on the regards of models and as an astrophysicist, what do you think of the Sun having a “surface”?

  3. That guy is a sophist. This is the end result of science’s self destruction through flat earth theory…is all manner of quackery will spring up until any truth is completely gone.

  4. CD Marshall says:

    Yeah but he’s so educated any normal person couldn’t dispute him, the trick to sophistry.

  5. Joseph E Postma says:

    Hah, from the 2nd link:

    “Interpreting atmospheric IR (infrared) back radiation as an external heating energy flux to the surface is like viewing the observed apparent rotation of celestial bodies “around” Earth as a “proof” that Earth was at the center of the Universe, a mistake made for 1000 years!” — Dr. Ned Nikolov

    I think they would understand exactly what I am saying.

    “Dr. Nikolov points out that the greenhouse gas theory violates the Energy-Conservation Law in trying to explain the atmospheric thermal effect exclusively through radiation.”

    Somehow we face an enemy where none of this matters. It is an enemy using sophistry to defeat us, in some way. The nature of the war is not totally clear. It is clear that it has potential to end in the destruction of life on Earth, if the enemy gets their way.

  6. CD Marshall says:

    He is basically saying what you’ve been saying but doesn’t see the obvious connection yet in the flat Earth diagrams. If he saw your latest video maybe he’d say, “oh that’s what he’s been trying to say all along, well yeah that does make sense.”

  7. Marshall Rosenthal says:

    The “mistake” today is amplified by the “climate alarmists”.

  8. Barry says:

    Ya the problem isn’t convincing academia,they already know it’s a lie they invented. The problem is convincing the sheep that the sun heats the earth not co2. About a year ago I started following this blog and now have a decent lay persons grasp of this stupidity called the ghe. Joseph is a great teacher and brings it down to a level that anyone should be able to understand but academics and the msm don’t want to be informed they want to be fear mongers. There is simply too much money in this scam to let it go. I now argue the point that the sun heats the earth and just about everyone agrees but then they like to go on about how co2 makes it hotter,when asked how they are dumbfounded and get into the THEY SAY SCIENCE as if hearing it on tv makes it right. I fear that unless we can convince the sheep that this is all a lie we are doomed to building windmills back to the dark ages.

  9. boomie789 says:

    Incoming “Election Denier” to be pumped into the zeitgeist. Just like “climate change denier”.

    “I don’t deny elections, I deny fraudulent elections!”

    It’s perfect.

    Maybe something will happen between now and the 20th, if not, then so be it.
    Like you said we are going to win in the end.

  10. CD Marshall says:

    Joseph, this guy is clearly being beaten over the head with sophists, I can tell by the confusion (been there done that). His mind is tired and that’s when these vultures try and pluck out your eyes.
    I’m letting you handle this one, I don’t want to tell him something incorrect or could cause confusion.
    Same guy on your latest post.

    “Stefan Pijanowski
    3 hours ago
    @CD Marshall From the replies, am I correct that if I take an instant in time, the side of the Earth facing the Sun will radiate away more energy in that instant than the side facing away from the Sun? A hot body radiates more than a cooler body and apart from the small area that the Sun occupies, the Earth sees Space in the same way on both sides, so radiates based on sTfromboth sides. Space has no temperature. This seems counter intuitive. I would expect more energy to flow from the side that is not facing a heat source, which is increasing its temperature. This is the case in conduction. A surface loses heat from anywhere it is not receiving heat. It does not lose heat from where it is gaining heat; if it did it would make it hard to argue against back radiation.”

    If a side has less energy it would flow less, a cold side would have less energy? What people don’t realize about thermodynamics is actually “cold” is the normal of the universe, it is the default. Heat must always be introduced and if you’re introducing higher energy then that higher energy by default should flow more.

    Is this not a reasonable deduction?

  11. boomie789 says:

    along with Trump

    Also, Steve Bannon’s war room was removed from YouTube.

  12. Joseph E Postma says:

    Is it not clear that some form of war is on?

  13. CD Marshall says:

    All over Twitter is not antifa posing as Trump protesters, but just “Trump protesters” total set up, the corrupt deep state of Obama is now here to stay. No more free elections in the US.

    R.I.P American freedom.
    Welcome the banana Republic.

  14. CD Marshall says:

    …and Biden running on the beach in a Speedo chasing teenage girls.

  15. CD Marshall says:

    Boomie and any…New gun laws rammed down the pipe…

  16. CD Marshall says:

    Joseph please delete that link asap I’m brain dead.

    Real link below…

  17. boomie789 says:

    All gun laws are unconstitutional

  18. CD Marshall says:

    Classic socialism 101 disarm the people and then control them, which is why we were given gun rites in the first place and why the revolution was fought in the first place.

    A sheep surrounded by wolves has no say in the outcome.
    A sheep armed to the teeth, well they can contest that outcome.

  19. CD Marshall says:

    This doesn’t even make sense? Anyone?

  20. boomie789 says:

    “Strategies to prevent the formation of tropospheric ozone are primarily based on methane reductions.”

    Stop eating so much meat and generating abundant cheap energy, you silly westerner. Don’t you care about the environment?

  21. CD Marshall says:

    I see a ‘gas tax’ irony in the future. Will they have methane detecting drones ‘sniffing’ the populace for over excessive methane flatulent production?

  22. CD Marshall says:

    SkepticalScience is claiming you are not blocked from them:

    “He said he was blocked and those defending him said they were blocked as well.”
    I have contacted SkepticalScience and asked them about this. They say Joseph Postma was NOT blocked.”

    Can you provide any evidence that he was?

  23. CD Marshall says:

    I thought you were blocked, so if the misinformation is mine, I’ll own up to it and correct the mistake on my end. Not the first time I’ve been wrong and will not be the last time either.

  24. Who knows. Not relevant. They’re frauds and admit they like flat earth theory.

    Likely, many years ago when they published that article, they may have blocked me from commenting. Might recall that. Irrelevant anyway….don’t let them pretend to win via irrelevant minutiae.

  25. CD Marshall says:

    POST your video reply to them on their site and see if they let it stand.

  26. Do you have a link?

  27. I thought that they got rid of comments section.

  28. CD Marshall says:

    The question is where to link?
    This is the home page, but where do you want to comment? The article you rebutted recently would be the ideal place but where is it is the question?

  29. That was actually a really old article from years ago. It comes up with a search.

  30. CD Marshall says:
  31. Posting comment.

  32. Looks like they went up

  33. CD Marshall says:

    Look at this reply against Rosco,

    “Response: [Sph] Readers should note that Rosco’s initial statement statement concerning observations is either incorrect or at best so vague as to imply an untruth.

    The surface of the earth is clearly not 255K, as supported by observation, but the observed temperature of the earth as viewed from space is 255K.

    More correctly, as well, the IR output of the surface of the earth is about 396 W/m2 (as supported by observations), and the output of the earth to space is in fact ~240 W/m2 as supported by observation.

    All of these numbers are well established, supported by observation, and also supported by theoretical models and calculations. They all match.

    It falls to the Galileos among us not only to disprove the theory, but also to provide an alternative theory that so well fits the actual observations.

    Claims that the observations don’t exist, or even worse misrepresentations of the actual observations, should be a warming sign to any reader as to the intent and veracity of further claims by the commenter.”

  34. CD Marshall says:

    LOL they already discredited you without one lick of science backing it up. Typical of SS. Invite them for an open debate.

  35. That’s why they’re pointless lying sophists.

  36. Do me a favor and post the AMS video to showcase the peer review fraud…

  37. CD Marshall says:

    SS to Postma
    “[DB] Science does not advance via Youtube video. As such, your efforts lend you little credibility.

    NASA has ruled out orbital effects as significant factor in the observed warming of the past 100 years, here and here.

    Please stay on-topic.”

    NASA posts of YouTube. MIT Posts on YouTube. Fermilab Posts on YouTube.

  38. Joseph E Postma says:

    By that logic they shouldn’t bother with their own website either.

  39. CD Marshall says:

    That’s been the new troll comment “you tube doesn’t validate science” even though they all post on it and as a matter of a a fact, SS just posted a video from Climate Adam from wait for it, yes You Tube!

  40. Haha these retards…lol!!

  41. CD Marshall says:

    So they snipped your invite lol you should go to Climate Adam and invite him personally…

    Or Simon…

  42. Haha no I just posted a link to the AMS video saying that it was on topic discussing climate science peer review…lol. They didn’t want that up there! The sick losers….haha.

    Climate Adam? Where? Simon?

  43. Note how they always say “reputable journal” too so even if you do publish something they can just say the journal doesn’t count…lol. Sick retards!

  44. Come on everybody-pile in there and tell them how it is!

  45. boomie789 says:

    I can’t find your guys comments in those vids if you left one.

    Pretty sure this guy isn’t with the left.

  46. boomie789 says:

    nvm I found one of CD Marshall’s.

  47. CD Marshall says:

    Boomie over at Simon…

    “When the world finally gets serious about climate change this political voodoo nonsense will be stopped. We know that’s not going to happen for people will fall for anything pushed through politics and media hype no matter how archaic and absurd. Academia has chosen a political crusade over sound based science for a long time.”

    JP has not invited them for a debate yet. Like someone suggested on another site, we should call them out for live debates and then create a list of those who don’t show up/refuse and spread it around as charlatans afraid of open debate.

  48. Joseph E Postma says:

    Do that!

    I still don’t know who these people are or where to find them…

    But yes…DO THAT!

  49. John OSullivan says:
  50. CD Marshall says:

    One thing you should do (I know it would be time consuming, very time consuming) but you should go through the entire SS article, 1 and 2 and make a video on them correcting their pseudo science line by line if need be.

    This one comment really sticks out that they claimed the /4 is justified because of the speed of the planet spinning!

    Just the common sense factor, not the physics factor that’s your domain, but the tropical ocean is the main receiver of mostly all solar thermal energy, so spinning is completely invalidated. The ocean is still absorbing at the equator 24 hours and that constant absorption is powering the Hadley cells and our climate.

  51. CD Marshall says:

    A little on the physics is its 940 watts per meter per second. Per second, not /4 second and not /4 meter.

    That is how much actual joules covering a meter is receiving in a second. As you said it’s a flux. DO they even have scientists there? Who checked the paper and what was their physics degree?

  52. CD Marshall says:

    Boomie I thought you’d like this but its for all naturally, one of my brother’s sources he looks at as I said he is a former special ops and intelligence gatherer and now I’m sure red flagged by the NWO.

  53. Did they remove the DNS service for Gab now too?

    Holy f war is on.

  54. CD Marshall says:


  55. CD Marshall says:

    Parler is gone, I can’t link to it.

  56. boomie789 says:


    I think it could be from new users piling in. Might be overloaded or something. Parler is definitely down. They took down, they will be back up soon for sure though.

  57. Zelator says:

    Simon Parkes,

    I think the affidavit that Simon is talking about that Youtube deleted is this:

    There was a discussion yesterday between Simon Parkes, Danielle Stotidj and Charlie Ward that provided additional information and I will provide it here:

    They said there will be a media blackout in the coming days? And Project Odin will come online.

    Enjoy and Peace.

  58. Zelator says:

    Apologies to Danielle I misspelled her name it’s Danielle Stotijn. She is a very informed Dutch lady who can be found at There is an English version available. She is a healer.

  59. CD Marshall says:

    Unfortunately the Left has covered all their bases and neutered Trump “illegally” but when they all oppose the Will of the People it is officially the Deep State vs Freedom and we are now powerless legislatively to defend ourselves.

    By executive order Trump placed an election safe hold before the election, that if any foreign powers were shown to interfere in the election the current process would be invalidated and had to be redone.

    Evidence did show interference on all levels BUT when the FBI, CIA, President elect, Mainstream Media, Congress and the Senate are all controlled by the perpetrators AND the Pentagon says they are not supporting Trump, you are a King who has no throne and we are now in the US a nation without any leaders. We have been invaded and our conquerors have taken by force what we did not give up by will.

    Note almost all mainstream Left are card carrying communists under the radar or not so much these days.This infection of communism sparked over the democrats right around the time Obama was born.

    During the Cold War many in the Left were in direct communication with the Kremlin. How do you think all those Russian spies were allowed to infiltrate all manner of government, they had help from the inside. The NY Times is a communist organization, in WW 2 they were the ones claiming Death Camps didn’t exist and the Germans weren’t that bad.

    If my memory serves me right.

    China is the communist child of Mother Russia.

  60. CD Marshall says:

    Under Climate Adam link above, under Climate Adam in the posts:

    Nicholas Palmer
    3 hours ago
    @CD Marshall Joseph Postma? There would be no point in a debate by Zoom or otherwise. He is a very good example of the type of scientist I mentioned previously who wrongly pontificates outside his sphere of expertise, which is astronomy. Postma has never published any peer reviewed papers on climate science in a reputable journal (not even in a low credibility one). He writes books and pamphlets that sell to the scientifically illiterate and gullible. Postma is a crackpot whose ideas, that he clearly thinks reveal huge holes at the heart of greenhouse theory, have been debunked a thousand times. I think he is sincere in his delusions, which he has clung onto for a very long time, but he has some problem with his thinking which prevents him from being able to absorb it when his battalions of strawmen arguments are knocked down. It may actually be a memory problem instead of a perceptual one, because the fallacious foundations of his arguments have been demolished in front of his eyes many times.

    He is associated with the pseudoscientific PSI blog which also features those fellow Skydragon Slayer crackpots John O’ Sullivan and Tim Ball. He has been informed, basically, that he’s nuts by just about all of the famous skeptic/contrarian/deniers. Here’s a little excerpt of Postma bitching about them:

    J E P “Instead we found that the biggest names in skepticism – Nova, Monckton, Watts, Spencer, Curry etc – all started calling us names, questioning our motives and our intelligence, campaigning together to ruin our reputation, and using their media-presence to silence us. And it still continues. Look at Monckton’s meltdown yesterday, and look at Spencer’s outright fraudulent sophistry above”

    CD Marshall – if even the best known ‘sceptics’ disavow the likes of Postma it should be a big red flag to you – the man is unstable and verging on insane (try delving into his books on the lluminati…) and his mind is entirely closed to reason.

  61. Zelator says:

    CD, that is why he has apparently empowered the Insurrection Act ( 1807) were he as Commander in Chief can deploy all military forces who he controls as commander. He can then issue Martial Law and decommission National Media and go to Emergency BROADCAST. i.e PROJECT ODIN.

  62. CD Marshall says:

    The only chance he has of doing that is if mid level officers arrest all the brass who are part of the Deep State. Marines would back Trump up to Hades and back, the rest of the military? Those who have seen war yes I think they would, they have seen both sides and know reality especially those who fought under Obama and seen their brothers and sisters killed and tortured for politics and remember Benghazi.

    The National Guard? I’m guessing would follow the Deep State. The Army? as whole Deep State. Whoever controls the Air Force controls the outcome as long as they have boots on the ground (marines) and maybe a good backing of the Navy.

    Hypothetically speaking of course, we are just discussing war game scenarios. The Left wants Civil War, they are pushing for it, and Obama has contingencies all over the country for that event, he militarized FEMA and has caches of weapons, ammo and military supplies all over the country.

    That’s just my opinion, I am no military expert my brother is and experts never divulge strategy that’s how you win wars and Trump knows that. Personally I see no avenue left for Trump they will impeach him to make sure he never runs for office again.

  63. Zelator says:

    LOL CD. Your brother knows about Trump …………… what’s more important to you sir, Global Warming or Global slavery?

  64. CD Marshall says:

    LOL they are both the same. Without Trump NWO has nothing holding it back and as witht he Deep State, nothing is ever as it seems, for all we really know Trump could be on it.

    Slaves don’t question the masters.

  65. Zelator says:

    CD get your brother on here and tell us how it is. We need insiders. Honestly it would be a great help.

  66. CD Marshall says:

    He would never do it, he does give me links that’s about it, everything else is face to face. All I know is if it all ends up South I follow his lead.

  67. CD Marshall says:

    The Republican purge has started, we are at war.

  68. CD Marshall says:

    I think this guy sums it up…

  69. Sorry where is this climate Adam link?

  70. CD Marshall says:

    I restrained from replying, he irked me so I needed to chill out. Then I figured you might want to take this yourself first, since he portrayed a classic duck and cover all the pretending he took the moral high ground.

    His comments are under the first comment, pinned by Climate Adam.

  71. “Actually it’s climate science which pontificates outside of its knowledge base. Astrophysics is a core science field where Thermodynamics and planetary physics are studied and researched at the very highest levels available, whereas one may attain a degree in meteorology with only a first year undergrad course in physics and no formal Thermodynamics training whatsoever. And it shows. Climate science is flat earth theory and is the quackest science ever produced by amateurs. See my channel for videos hilariously exposing the flat earth quack science of “climate change”.”

  72. CD Marshall says:

    This is my reply I’m reserving for now…

    “You do realize you just portrayed the Straw Man alibi and circled the wagons of consensus science without actually using one shred of science to back yourself up?

    Neat trick did you learn that at climate (parties) conferences?

    Last time I checked in thermodynamics a radiative body cannot increase its own temperature in nature without some form of work. Yes quantum mechanics covers that as well, E=hv: Radiation is quantized into photons whose energy is proportional to frequency.

    So yes the Greenhouse Gas Effect cannot hold up to real science or physics, yet you guys still cling to an outdated archaic form of science and claim its reality.

    Yes I have discussed this with PhDs and they did not make a case for it at all. Peer Pal review endorsing each other over a fictitious science they all adhere to is not science by the way, its politics.

    I get it you are afraid to debate Postma, I would to if I was holding up pseudo science and didn’t want people to see through me but the unwillingness to debate is making the case he is right and you guys wrong.

    His religious beliefs or his psychology are his own as are everyone else’s, but science is science.

    An honest debate on climate science for some reason seems impossible for your side to do. Why is that? Because the science is only settled when you refuse to debate those ideas outside your peer group? How sad is that?”

  73. CD Marshall says:

    That is very well done and diplomatic.

  74. CD Marshall says:

  75. That retard replied over there CD. Check it. The climate Adam comment…

  76. boomie789 says:

    More perspective on Simon Parkes. Make of this what you will. I’ve linked him as well and he has my attention too. He does kind of remind me of Bob Lazar though who I know for sure is a fraud. Not saying Simon is one. He caught a lot of flak recently for saying he spoke with Q. The video Zelator linked he clarified who he spoke with.

    “His religious beliefs or his psychology are his own as are everyone else’s, but science is science.”

    That whole response is a really good CD Marshall, well done.

  77. CD Marshall says:

    So Joseph I laid out a series of question/assertions based on the AGW “science” let’s see some trolls spin!

  78. I commented twice with the CoS account and once with my name account on the yt thread this morning. Do they show up?? Some of my comments were shadow banned yesterday it seemed. I used a VPN from Spain to check and couldn’t see a couple.

    Note how this random internet freak has the total rundown on me even including a note about the Hockney/Illuminism books? They give themselves and their coordination away! Losers.

  79. boomie789 says:

    I see them.

  80. Joseph E Postma says:

    OK thx.

  81. CD Marshall says:

    It would be easy (relatively for a physicist or even advanced math skills) to figure out the average energy CO2 re-emits by a parcel of air using the proper laws and rules and basing it on the global average.

    You only have to calculate per second in joules.

    The problem is the spectrum that CO2 absorbs from the planet is pretty basic, the emissions of the CO2 is based on temperature of the parcel after kinetic energy has increased its state.

    So according to a spectral calculator, peak emissions would be around 10.06 micron/0.12324 eV
    and then calculate the particle velocity.

    According to Avogadro’s number, the amount of CO2 per parcel is pretty set in the lower troposphere.

    So someone has figured this out already (I’m sure), and using the amount of CO2 and increase percent, it is easy to calculate the amount of energy increased per parcel.

    The results would be interesting.

    Did I miss anything?

  82. Haha sound familiar!?

    Talk about a description of the tactics of the left, and climate alarmists…lol.

  83. Jyoti Schon says:

    Joe, I am not as hopeful as you appear to be. Just look at what all the so called scientists have done to germ theory and Koch’s Postulates in order to create a Corona panic. Nobody seems to be able to put a stop to their madness either. So that makes it two giant monsters to do battle with for one entire generation at least. I am afraid it might be easier to round up all the crazies into reeducation camps rather than rebuilding an entire educational system.

  84. We live in the stupidest period of human history. Stupidity is dangerous. These people plan to leave the earth a barren rock.

  85. CD Marshall says:

    Interesting post from 2015

    Hardly anyone even knows what the Maxwell gravito-thermal theory is or that it ever existed. I bet most think the ghge and that is the same thing.

  86. CD Marshall says:

    You’re on that list by the way.

  87. CD Marshall says:

    I like this comment…
    CO2 does indeed absorb and emit as much 15 micron IR “as it can,” but CO2 is a mere passive IR radiator that merely delays passage of radiative heat loss to space by a few milliseconds, easily reversed and erased at night.

    In addition, increased CO2 increased Cp, which is inversely related to temperature change by the lapse rate equation

    dT/dh = -g/Cp

    thus increased GHGs decrease the lapse rate, increase convective cooling of the surface.

    Please read why Maxwell, the most famous physicist in history on the topics of heat and radiation knew way back in 1872 why the Poisson relation and gravito-thermal effect alone explains the atmosphere, and also see the Poisson relation also perfectly describes 2 additional planets not in the paper discussed in this post.

  88. J Cuttance says:

    Mr Postma, I’ve read ‘In the Cold Light of Day’ and am waiting for my workmate to finish it and give it back so I can go over the maths. I’m not sure about the hidden variable stuff, but I’m only a B.Sc(chem) so don’t expect much. I’m also a reasonable journalist and I know good logo when I see one.

    Whatever movement or group you want to convene, your hemispheric model, perhaps minus the sun which is unnecessary for the purpose, is the go. It draws immediate attention to the thermodynamic truth of the matter at hand. It’s also plenty yellow and black, ancap-py if you will.

    We do need to get on the strategic defensive. Dissident thought itself is clearly going to be targeted.

  89. Hi J Cuttance,

    Is this model pared down enough:

    Certainly I can easily pare that down to the basics, just leaving the colors and remove almost everything, and then yah that would turn it into a symbol which has reams to say behind it IF you know what it stands for. That’s a neat idea.

    Here’s the basic thing for example:

    But yah…that’s a wonderful idea. Start a movement with a logo something like this. Behind it, it stands for the complete destruction of lies, sophistry, pseudoscience, political hijacking of science, exposes flaws with the scientific method and academia, etc. A simple symbol that wouldn’t be recognizable for what it stands for to the average person…but to those who know, it means almost everything possible…! It represents resistance, revolution, intelligence, forthrightness, intellectual righteousness, etc.

  90. Also, if you haven’t watched this yet:

  91. Maybe if I took this one and blurred it and digitized it a bit. I know someone, Robert Kernodle, who has graphics skills…he did the front cover of my “light of day” book.

  92. Joseph E Postma says:

    I could form a group of berserker ragers whose mission it is to destroy flat Earth theory. It sounds funny. We could wear horns, and crazy animal bone masks, and metal armor, and carry maces. All quite hilarious. Until you realize who it targets…and then you need to think about what it’s all on about. Uh oh…tricked people into thinking via spectacle. This is good!

  93. I mean literally, at this point, all we have to do is say that we don’t believe flat earth theory. That is really the only statement we need to make on any YT vid, any website, etc. It’s flat earth theory; we don’t believe in flat earth theory. QED. We don’t even need to provide any details…except maybe just a book reference. Like this:

    It’s flat earth theory; we don’t believe in flat earth theory.

  94. Joseph E Postma says:

    More with that crazy commenter:

    [edit – meant to link to comment…I guess it just pulls up the video embed instead…go check the pinned comment at the vid]

  95. boomie789 says:

    The Propertarian guys scored a really good interview. Must watch.

  96. CD Marshall says:

    I am amazed how far gone these people are. They have convinced themselves that emotional convictions is now scientific verification.

    “If I feel the science is right well then it is right!”

  97. CD Marshall says:

    This troll I’m dealing with is an idiot who claims he’s a biochemist but can’t grasp the simplest of terms between thermodynamics and conservation of energy. He doesn’t learn anything he just twists and contorts anything said, deliberately misinterprets it and claims I said something I didn’t to lure me into claiming I made a mistake.

    Of course he says you are wrong. He has asked why the surface is 288K and not 255K. I explained over and over and over again, he twists my replies and claims I never answered the question. I call him ‘Jen the Troll.’ he’s an activist often pops up with ‘friend of science’ or real friend of science or something like that, who has frequented your posts, could be the same guy under different pseudos. Both are dumb as nails at times.

    You can find the chat under here…

    The comments are under yet another activist troll, @Lorne Vaasjo

  98. CD Marshall says:

    His original attack on you,
    “You’re one to talk about scientific training. You never completed any degree in physics.

    Postma by the way has no PhD, and never published in peer-reviewed journals, yet yiu regard him an authority, even though above mentioned papers by NASA prove you wrong, and NASA is critical of their own models (as scientists should).”

  99. CD Marshall says:

    Reading this,”The surface temperature, calculated by assuming a perfect blackbody radiating the same amount of energy per unit area as the star, is known as the effective temperature of the star.”

    Is why they are getting away with claiming conservation of energy and thermal equilibrium justify the ghge.

    The effective bb temperature is not the surface, its the global temperature. Thus they are claiming like Jensun the Troll, the effective bb of 254K should be the average surface temperature.

    Just wow

  100. Jopo says:

    Love it CD
    They have convinced themselves that emotional convictions is now scientific verification.

    Please allow me to quote this.

  101. CD Marshall says:

    Go ahead, no quotes needed in my case never needed. Anything to help the cause against stupid science.

  102. boomie789 says:

  103. CD Marshall says:

    After spelling this out to Jen the Troll, a scientist in biochemistry…

    Gravity/adiabatic/compression the closer to the center of mass you get the warmer the air becomes, the farther away the cooler. In physics its called the Maxwell gravito-thermal theory it has also been coined the Maxwell gravito-thermal greenhouse effect theory. Richard Feynman mentioned the mechanics of the process a few times.

    6 basic processes determine a change in troposphere air temperature and of those processes only one does it without the addition of energy. Not one of these processes is the ghge or even supports the theory of the ghge.

    5 are a diabatic process, “A thermodynamic change of state of a system in which the system exchanges energy with its surroundings by virtue of a temperature difference between them”.


    Solar irradiance heats the Earth’s surface and by contact the lower troposphere.


    That hot air rises.


    Horizontal movement of air.


    Exchanging thermal energy to space. Radiation is thermal energy transferred away from Earth by the emissions of electromagnetic waves to space and the only means of emissions of energy off the planet.

    80% of the EM radiation escapes to space through the open atmospheric window between 8-13 micron.

    The 20% that is intercepted by greenhouse gases has created an entire branch of incorrect climate science.

    Latent Heat:

    The water phase which transfers en masse thermal energy from the surface to the atmosphere and powers our climate via the Hadley cells.

    Adiabatic Process: “A process in which there is no exchange of heat or mass with the environment. In an adiabatic process, a change in internal energy is solely a consequence of work. For an ideal gas and most atmospheric conditions, compression results in warming, whereas expansion results in cooling.”

    Without work from the outside only this process remains, air expands as it rises and compresses as that air descends. Thus the troposphere functions as a Carnot cycle (as atmospheric science teaches):

    Reversible isothermal expansion
    Reversible adiabatic expansion
    Reversible isothermal compression
    Reversible adiabatic compression

    Now the lapse rate, “The decrease of an atmospheric variable with height, the variable being temperature, unless otherwise specified.” Is reversible, meaning: “Thus the same parcel of air at the surface is warmer than it is as it rises in the atmosphere, just as the potential energy of that parcel of air declines as it moves back towards the earth’s surface. The lapse rate cools the hotter air as it rises and warms it as it lowers.”

    Kinetic energy/potential energy.

  104. CD Marshall says:

    This was Jen the Troll’s reply…

    “And finally, you still haven’t provided proof of gravity or geothermal energy causing this magical generation of energy.

    EDIT: Ughhhh, “so you think the GHGE warms the earth more than the actual sun”?

    Simple math. Is 254 K more, or less than 33K? I attribute 33K to the greenhouse effect, and 254K to the sun. Critical thinking definitely is not your strongest suit…

    It’s very simple, it’s the greenhouse effect. If 200 scientific institutes with credentials, expertise and intelligence higher than yours say it is, have proof it is, and all around the world agree, and you, without any scientific understanding thinks it’s not, claims different reasons, which do not hold up to the laws of physics, maybe you are just…. wrong.”

  105. CD Marshall says:

    So I responded with…
    Learn some physics and get back to me.

    Then challenge me on the science that I can back up even though I am not a scientist.

    Go figure.


    Because anyone can debunk something that doesn’t exist.

    …and by all means show Postma how smart you think you are lol lol lol comment too while you are they’re.

    What is Heat? Using the Laws of Physics for Climate Rationalism (something you have still not proven you understand.)

    What is Heat Transfer? (And what happened to Academics?)

    Which is why you don’t understand what you are talking about in climate science to the point you actually think you are smarter than Feynman.

  106. J Cuttance says:

    Joseph, re logo…Yes that’s what I had in mind. For simplicity’s sake the blue, I presume, atmospheric bit could be pared off. In my mind’s eye the whole earth was rotating within the inner circle.

  107. CD Marshall says:

    Jensen the Troll, like all of these activists, is losing it. NOW he claims you aren’t a scientist. I think you should invite him for a debate and tutor him on what an actual effective blackbody represents.
    Which I’d enjoy that too, actually.

    The Moon’s surface average doesn’t even add up to its effective bb. Obviously (I’m assuming) because even the lunar surface can hold some thermal energy.

    Again, go here…

    Yes your pal Spency is on the thumbnail.

    Under Lorne Vaasjo +45 comments

  108. CD Marshall @ 2021/01/15 at 5:28 PM
    Great list. I have booked marked this.
    Suggest that you add:
    It is impossible to radiate potential energy, so when held at elevation in a convection cell the former kinetic energy of the rising air mass is now locked into the air parcel by virtue of its position. This stored energy can only be released when the air descends and it losses potential energy but regains kinetic energy.

  109. CD Marshall says:

    Thank you Philip 🙂

  110. Joseph E Postma says:

    Wow you’ve been going at it there CD. Yes that troll started commenting at my YT too…

  111. CD Marshall says:

    Any discreteness I should know about it? Errors I need correcting?

  112. Joseph E Postma says:

    All good afaik 🙂

  113. CD Marshall says:

    Can you give me a better explanation for an effective blackbody temperature. I’m going to look at one of your older videos again as refresher, but in studying the mainstream explanation they say it is the surface temperature of a star or a planet without an atmosphere.

    However the Moon’s average temperature is not the effective bb temperature. The average is warmer (well still freezing) but not the same thing as the surface average.

  114. CD Marshall says:

    Oh and all comments increase algorithms even troll comments, so if you want more circulation you need more comments but just like Heller, I’m sure you are throttled anyway.

  115. CD Marshall says:

    So the effective bb temperature is the average output of energy out to space from the surface, not the actual surface temperature or the surface average temperature.

    Which is why the Moon’s average is higher than the effective bb, even the Moon holds some thermal energy on the surface of the side facing the Sun.

    An atmosphere will help slow convection and/or the overall emissivity of the surface in determining total thermal energy absorbed and the rate of cooling back to space.

    How’s that?

  116. CD Marshall says:

    …and an atmosphere can reduce overall incoming solar radiation.

  117. Trying to find time for a better reply. The claim that it’s the surface temperature without an atmosphere is asinine and retarded and fn braindead.

    The EFFECTIVE bb temperature is the temperature that a blackbody would be, that the smooth Planck curve would be emitting, if the less-smooth jagged measured spectral emission would be if its total energy were emitting like a smooth Planck curve. Stars emitting similarly to a bb but not perfectly, and so the idea is, IF they emitted perfectly like a smooth bb Planck curve, what would that temperature effectively be given the total emission of its measured output? You integrate the bb Planck curve over all wavelengths to get the total emission, the resulting equation being the S-B Law. F = sigmaT^4.

    It doesn’t require a surface or imply one at all. Stars don’t have surfaces.

  118. CD Marshall says:

    This is from Oxford…
    “The temperature that the surface of a body (such as a planet, like the Earth) would be if it were not warmed by its own atmosphere. It can be calculated using the Stefan–Boltzmann equation. The black body temperature of the Earth is -23°C, but the actual surface temperature is about 15°C. The difference (38°C) is the amount by which the planet is warmed by the absorption of radiation within its atmosphere, by the natural greenhouse effect.”

    Complete nonsense.

  119. That is entirely a corruption of what it means.

    Of course they want to conflate things, and mix up the ground surface with something else that has nothing to do with it.

    It’s like saying that the ground surface is where the average of the atmosphere is.

  120. CD Marshall says:

    Maybe a short video?

    …or a long one.

    Or just a post.

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