First Professional Astronomer Detection of UFO from Space Telescope!?

We’ve all seen the shaky home-video cams of UFOs, but interestingly there’s never really been any cases of professional astronomers who’ve witnessed one that I can remember. Well, here you go! I am sure that there is a reasonable explanation for what I show in the video, but I’m currently stumped as to what that explanation would be be!

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  1. Would an object coming into the gravitational influence of the earth or moon accelerate? Or an object coming into the influence of the magnetic effects of either?

  2. Joseph E Postma says:

    At that field of view and time scale, no, nothing natural I can think of.

  3. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yah, it’s just other satellites which aren’t moving directly perpendicular across the field of view with rapid pace, but are moving more along the line of sight of the field of view.

    There seems to be more and more getting in the FOV lately…I wonder if it is all the Starlink satellites Musk has been launching?

    Ah well maybe I’ll take this down…or leave it up for fun?

  4. Maurice Lavigne says:

    How about “moons” orbiting Mars or Venus??

  5. boomie789 says:

    So it was satellites.

    Let us know if you see any other cool interesting things to ponder.

  6. Bart Postma says:

    Holy crap! You haven’t seen these before?

    Sent from my Bell Samsung device over Canada’s largest network.

  7. I figured it out. It’s just a very weird orientation I’ve never seen before…even after all this time.

  8. boomie789 says:

    Funny thing I saw today ordering some food.

  9. Skynet has a virus?

  10. TEWS_Pilot says:

    During my years as a pilot in the USAF, I saw a few “UFOs” but no little green men. HOWEVER, look at THIS! A UFO caught on tape!

  11. ashemann says:

    Large chunks of ice would move like that, and accelerate like that, because small chunks act the very same way when ejected from or fall off a space shuttle travelling at 27,000 kilometers an hour in orbit.

    Chunks of ice spin as sunlight hits them and the gas out on the faces or faces being lit, that sublimation on one side and the instantaneous freezing of the unlit side makes them spin and because of their shapes and uneven mass being lit up as they tumble they change direction.

    You can watch ice crystals behave the same way from shuttle footage, and they look just like self powered craft when out of focus, but shuttle ice crystals are ejected from a shuttle.

    So what you see are out of focus crystals that look like crafts out in the distance travelling under their own power, what they actually are, are crystals just meters way from the shuttle all acting similarly all on parabolic curves as they unlike the shuttle cannot defy gravity.

    There was a famous astrologer, one of the most famous who observed a craft in space, he even describes the rows of carriage windows on the ships.

    Trouble is i can’t remember his name so i will get back to you with his full statements.

  12. boomie789 says:

  13. boomie789 says:

  14. boomie789 says:

    Pretty sure it is these same flyers. This is “hate”? They say who they are on the flyers so I’m not sure what they need to investigate.

  15. Joseph E Postma says:

    Gross, wow. No wonder they want to stick that junk in you…it is so evil on a spiritual level.

  16. Zelator says:

    Joe in addition to the above, I have a post that corroborates what is going on with this sick twisted shit. It is quite large, so can you check if it goes into moderation. I will post it shortly. Thankyou. Zelator.

  17. Zelator says:

    The corrupted priests of Amun began the satanic dark practices that still go on behind the scenes today and children are it seems the victims. Blood is especially valuable to these sick fucks.

    The Phoenician aka Venetians ( Caananites) were under Babylonian rule 2500- 333BC . Created the alphabet- Phoenetics.

    They were from Mount Hermon region and tainted their bloodline by breeding with the fallen angels. The fallen angels taught them skills and dark arts.

    As Kleck keeps saying we are the sheep hunted for dinner. There are two races ( wolves and sheep) and they are trying to wipe out the sheep.

    The alter in St Peter’s Basilica is a dead sheep!

    So who were the Canaanites?

    The word “Canaan” is the name of the fourth son of Ham on whom Noah placed a curse. Being cursed, Canaan was kicked out of the family and mixed among other tribes. Eventually these Canaanites became ten interrelated and racially-mixed nations listed in as: (1) Kenites, (2) Kenizzites, (3) Kadmonites, (4) Hittites, (5) Perrizzites, (6) Rephaim, (7) Amorites, (8) Canaanites, (9) Girgashites, (10) Jebusites.

    As the Kenites are mentioned first, let’s see who they were. Checking the Strong’s Concordance, we find the Kenites listed as #7017. Going to the Strong’s Hebrew dictionary under #7017 and #7014, we discover the Kenites are descendants of and named after Cain. Thus, we find the scribe-Pharisee-Sadducee-Shelanite-Judahites, at the time of Messiah, were actually of the cursed bloodline of Cain.

    These Phoenician Caananites are the very same Khazars that still exist today and are the controllers of the worlds money and power. The – Cainite destiny.

    Interestingly the last couple of paragraphs of Benjamin Fulfords newsletter says this week says:

    “The question is when will the KM Politburo, which is hiding on Lake Geneva in Switzerland, finally be brought to justice, either by the mob or by the police?
    In this context we remember that the P2 (now P3) Freemasons who control the Vatican told us that their Swiss overlords were “extraterrestrials”. We can’t confirm this, but to wrap up this week we’d like to give our readers the following picture to think about:

    And I have another pic to add:

    Are these the ALFS. ET’s with large heads and the need for human blood that William Cooper talked about?

    See here:

    and here:
    Reference point (18) …Alien subsistence requires they must have human blood and other human biological substances to survive.

    Bildegergers Bohemian Grove: Baal, Moloch Owl worship is continuing the ancient Cannanite- Phoenician-Babylonian practice of satanic black magic.

    So what does this have to do with the white race and the seemingly attempts at genocide?

    Well ——the Europeans are actually the lost tribes of Israel and Gods people. ( That’s why someone is trying to wipe us out).!!!

    The descendants of Israel (the man once known as Jacob) can today be identified in the White Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic and Nordic nations of America, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Northwestern Europe, Iceland, and the Scandinavians.

  18. Zelator says:

    It has gone into moderation.

  19. Satellites, asteroids or moonlets would appear to move in this manner if on highly elliptical or hyperbolic orbits.

  20. Zelator says:


  21. Zelator says:

    Souls if slowed down can be seen by the soul camera.

  22. ashemann says:

    A little exchange of views.

    Don Prince
    Coal, oil, and natural gas are all stored solar energy.
    The sun grew plants over the eons, then they died and were buried in swamps, etc.
    Man is digging/pumping/piping them up and returning the stored carbon into the atmosphere as CO2. Mankind refuses to unify, consume less and use alternate sources. The resulting climate changes will result in economic upheaval and widespread starvation and wars.
    But this post wants us to forget all that.

    Gary Ashe
    You live in some fisher price fantasy world Don, the rest of us live in a world thats never been safer, richer, and as well educated or fed as it is now, world wide poverty at its lowest level ever, climate related deaths are just 1% of what they were 100 years ago, and now around only 16% of the global population live in poverty, record yields of all 6 staple crops year on year that feed us and due solely to co2 fertilisation as the plants evolved in a world that had an atmospheric co2 content of 6000ppm and an average temperature 6c warmer than todays global average.
    We all have never eaten so well slept so well lived so well or lived for longer life spans, and its all down to hydrocarbons natures gift to humanity, you couldn’t name one person who has ever so much as had a hair on their head harmed by co2, you exhale lying comfortably in bed 100 x the back ground levels of co2 40.000 ppm before every breath you take, and when you are active you exhale 200 x the back ground level, human endeavors add 3% per annum to the total co2 emissions to our atmosphere from our biosphere as every other living organism on the planet also exhales co2, And the kicker no-one here in the uk has ever witnessed any recognisable long term change in the UK’s climate over the last 50 yrs, and we talk weather alot, people like you are so shallow you make my piss boil, you need to wake up grow up and shut the fcuk up….. have a nice day.

  23. Joseph E Postma says:

    Nice one ashemann.

  24. boomie789 says:

  25. ashemann says:

    Boomie and Joe and anyone else, please don’t think i’m a miserable twat, i get emails telling me you liked my post, and never do likes back.
    See i can’t like a post as there are no like tabs on my version of word press even when i change to AMP theres nothing, i only know theres a like tab because of the emails.

    Have a good one guys and ps i found that famous astronomer, it was he that discovered pluto.
    You have no idea how much dross i had to read thru to bring back this 20/30 yr old memory into focus.
    Clyde Tombaugh

    And pps, all the media coverage of ufo’s lately, actually the progressives have renamed them as UAP’s cos well you know the same progressives spent decades demonising any interest in ufo’s so they have a bad rep.
    Any how if the globalist media are jizzing up interest its because theres a one world governance plan involving a dire threat from space, ya know be afraid, be very very afraid, afraid enough to let if not beg an unelected supranational like the UN Govern the world and save us.
    They know the climate change scam is nearly up as we hit the 3 11 year sun cycles that are the downside opposite of the 33 year upside of the main 66 yr cycle we all live thru in one life time, we all basically die at what ever part of the 66yr cycle we entered this world in.. or nearly all of us any way.
    we had the 50s 60s and 70s that gradually got colder then the 80s 90s 2000s which cycled up again that was one complete cycle, now we are about to bottom out again for the next 30 rs as its been cooling for the last 5 at least, so yall better invest in winter woolies cos your balls are about to freeze orf and they know it..
    It was why they switched from global cooling and new ice age bollocks to we are all going to burn up etc, and i dont thing even the globalists will switch back to global cooling again as the glaciers grow, bit to obvious even for those retards.
    They can only keep fiddling the data for so long pretending its getting warmer, because as peoples testiules take refuge in their chest they are going to call bullshit on it eventually and take to the streets as the restrictions and taxes start to bite just like with the wu flu and this failed attempt at global governance.

  26. boomie789 says:

    Don’t fall for the fake alien invasion. It will just be NWO tricks again most likely.
    I think it’s called predictive programming?

  27. Zelator says:

    Ashemann. I love your posts. So well articulated and to the point and no prisoners taken lol.
    They always make me smile and I learn something. Great stuff man.

  28. boomie789 says:

  29. There’s your thx movie…offer her valium…good God.

  30. MP says:

    Pfizer Safety Study [dated April 30 2021], shows that, out of 21,325 known outcomes within 90 days of ‘vaccination’, 1,223 [5.74%] suffered fatal adverse events.

    Page 30 to 38 of the PDF is an 8 page long side effect list, full with text without spacing and paragraphs

    Click to access 5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf

  31. boomie789 says:

  32. boomie789 says:

    Nobody really agrees quite agrees with him on this one in the comments.

  33. MP says:

    How Parasies work.

    Note the text of the song in the end about night and day. It perectly captrures JP’s work

  34. boomie789 says:

    “Beginning Saturday, people in New Brunswick who do not show proof of full vaccination can be barred from entering grocery stores to buy food.

    The measure was announced as part of the province’s “winter action plan,” which allows any business, including grocery stores, the option of barring unvaccinated individuals.”

  35. justgivemeall says:

    Ya coming to a province near you soon, it is over in Canada just waiting to join a militia at this point. There is no way that these criminals can back away from this now. Armed intervention is all that’s left.

  36. boomie789 says:

  37. Zelator says:

  38. Zelator says:

    By the way “X” represents the tribe of Dan. It is prophesised that the anti-christ will come from this tribe.

  39. boomie789 says:

    Tiny groups of cells shaped like Pac-Man are the world’s first self-replicating biological robots.

    “The tiny bots are made from the skin cells of frogs, but they don’t reproduce by mitosis or meiosis or any of the other ways cells divide and replicate in normal circumstances. Instead, they build more of themselves from raw materials — free-floating frog skin cells — creating multiple generations of nearly identical organisms. “

  40. Zelator says:

    Truth is uncomfortable but to escape we need to accept where we are. That is the beginning of freedom.
    You can continue the dream……………

    ……………..or wake up. Die in truth. What death do you choose?

  41. Their goal is to destroy the entire biosphere. This is the grey goo scenario.

  42. Zelator says:

    Everyone beats about the bush, changes the subject, uses sophistry and lies but no-one wants to face the truth. How much does it take to wake people up? Well you know what., the time is coming that if you don’t use your fricken brain and continue to dodge the truth then you are your own worst enemy. Discernment, Intuition and logic is an INTJ trait but it doesnt mean that others cant figure things out. Heck I’m rhesus negative as well. I’m well and truly fucked up. Nomad soul. I’m what they call a Wanderer. Like Kleck I see things that I try to elucidate. I’m not an angel but I do get guidance from a higher power. Call it what you will.

    What I’m trying to say is that we are coming to a juncture where we will need to make a choice. That choice will be based upon your knowledge. Choose wisely.

  43. boomie789 says:

  44. Zelator says:

    Grey Goo nanobots, Omicron, what part of reality do you think we are fucking live in. Is this a game? Do you see the implications here. Who is behind it? Is this just another NWO movie flick? What does it fucking take to see if you are not awake, then you are one of them. This is the Wolves hunting the Sheep. If you don’t see it yet, then you are either stupid or one of them. Time to take sides with serious intent. This is the battle. The one were souls are taken or freed. How much do you value your soul?

  45. boomie789 says:

  46. Zelator says:

    Amen brother…

  47. Zelator says:

    “people who can’t defend themselves physically (women and low t men) parse information through a consensus filter as a safety mechanism” well that sums it up. All these low testicular gonad testosterone autobots of women-men are what this society has become. Limp pathetic humanoids that are no better than automatons following the rules of a bent twisted society of freaks.

  48. justgivemeall says:

    Zealator,that’s well put there just aren’t a lot of real men left in the world ready to put their boots on and do what needs to be done. People are actually afraid they might catch something and die,sadly we will all catch something and die eventually. It’s hard for a thinking human being to understand this irrational fear,as I’d rather live my life and enjoy it than spend useless hours wondering if I’m going to die. I knew many years ago that one day I will die,we don’t always have a choice how we die but I for one will die as I was born a free man doing what I can to help myself and fellow man.

  49. MP says:

    Last topic i talked about a black magick data trick in the covid vaxxed/not vaxxed hospital data. Where short term side effects from the vax is blamed on the not vaxxed, by registering people as vaxxed after 2 weeks after the vax

    Someone found the smoking gun.

    The vax roll out was from oldest first and each few weeks younger group people. Each time the vax rollout for certain age groups started the mortality rate of the NOT vaxxed goes up.

    It is even worse. The data shows that not only the first 2 weeks deads after the vax are blamed on the not vaxxed. So lets say someone goes to the hospital 1.5 week after the vax because of a side effect, he gets registered as not vaxxed, and if he dies many weeks later it is still a not vaxxed death

  50. MP says:

    @ JP

    Yea, it is quite disturbing. Also quite revealing tho

    Scotland streches it even more and uses 21 days before registered as vaxxed

    Click to access 21-12-01-covid19-publication_report.pdf

    And recently vaxxed seem to have a high viral load according to papers. So the vaxxed are not only labeled as not vaxxed, but also have an high chance to get the label “with” covid, by a positice pcr test

  51. boomie789 says:

    I nailed these. Tender and juicy. Still on the bone but you can pull the bone right out.
    No grisly. Everything comes with practice.

  52. MP says:

    This vid explains the DS covid data trick

  53. MP says:

    @ boomie789 says:2021/12/04 at 7:01 PM

    Looks great and tast Boomy. Bet you din’t use 4 heat sources with each a quarter of the strenght.

  54. CD Marshall says:

    Ribs look delicious Boomie.

    Use to do ribs as a cook their trick was to cook them first in herbs/spices saline solution and then grill them and add the BBQ sauce as you go. 100% tender and juicy every time. Sometimes guys from local shops would buy a rack right off the grill. Ran 3 or 4 grills simultaneously.

    Don’t know the solution though sorry, appeared to be a vinegar, salt, pepper and water mix, they used black peppercorn.

    Oddly haven’t had a rib since the place shutdown. 😜 We were very clean, so much so our health inspector ate there after he got another job.

  55. Great to see you again CD!

    You guys will likely admonish me but I always just do the slow cooker method for 8 hrs or even the pressure cooker for 35 mins…they don’t turn out well. I’m a great cook otherwise, really good, but I gotta up my rib game here obviously 😁

  56. CD Marshall says:

    Slow cooked ribs in the oven can be very good with the right rub and system. Often time with meat I do covered to lock in the moisture and then uncovered to finish the outside to a prime brown texture.

    Just cooked a few hamburgers with Worcestershire sauce came out perfect.

  57. ashemann says:

    I have a question for you Joe.

    The 1300+ watts a square metre per second incoming flux of shortwave solar energy is reduced by about 30% for albedo.

    That pristine highly energetic radiation doesn’t just disappear into thin air does it.
    So where does it go, i know physically it is deflected back out to space, but where does it go in the maths,
    The total emissions out of the planets sphere equal solar flux in which is all very neat and tidy, BUT all emissions out to space as measured from above by satellite must include the pristine deflected shortwave radiation as well.mustn’t it

    Can they measure just the longwave emission alone and thats all they use in the maths, in other words only the long wave radiation created by the work from 2 thirds or so of the short wave radiation that the maths are based on.

  58. Zelator says:

    Joe. Re your Black Goo Post: Heres what I know:

    Sounds like the stuff that runs the Metatron Black Cube AI. I remember it has something to do with the Black Mirror technology that gives the AI its quantum etherical nature that is integral in the production of etheric archon parasites.

    I think the black goo is a form of programmable operating system in that it has inate intelligence.

    This black Cube AI is a degraded biology from another planetary system. It lost part of the field aspects, the trinity of the field structure, reduced to binary fields and therefore its ability to be the blueprint for real life. It has a back and and front end but is not fully quantum operational, hence its negative rogue aspect and being used for negative economics and mind control.

    Mumijo (Moomiyo) earth type black goo that is loving and friendly. This is native to this planet and is found in betwwen rocks and in caves. It is a black sticky oily substance that when processed becomes a brown/black powder.

    I have come into conatct and have some black goo called shilajit. I have the physical product. It’s also found in ley lines and acts like the blood of the earth.

    I also have a quantum subtle energy app of its signature and it ehnces biophotonic energy in a 5-10 foot field.

    I also have a quantum C60 signature source which is sourced directly from the quantum field.

    The alien type that came down with meteorites thousands of years ago, is from a different biosphere, and has different effects on the human subtle body, usually negative in agressive manners and lack of empathy.

    Strangely the cabal claim to have contact with an entity outside our solar system that they worship (Black Sun), and they use the same Babylonian money magic debt slavery system and system of economics that this entity’s planet uses.

    It is based on Energy Theory:

    William Cooper explains in his Book Pale Horse: Section- Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

    see: pages 47-48: below

    Click to access William_Cooper-Behold_a_Pale_Horse1991.pdf

    The Rothschilds knowing this information, used it as the basic principle of power, influence, and control over people as applied to economics. That principle is “when you assume the appearance of power, people soon give it to you.”


    Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Natural science is the study of the sources and control of natural energy, and social science, theoretically expressed as economics, is the study of the sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeeping systems: mathematics.
    Therefore, mathematics is the primary energy science. And the bookkeeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping.

    In economics these three energy concepts are associated with:

    (1) Economic Capacitance — Capital (money, stock/inventory, investments
    in buildings and durables, etc.)

    (2) Economic Conductance — Goods (production flow coefficients)

    (3) Economic Inductance — Services (the influence of the population
    of industry on output)

    All of the mathematical theory developed in the study of one energy system (e.g., mechanics, electronics, etc.) can be immediately applied in the study of any other energy system (e.g., economics).


    In the study of energy systems, there always appear three elementary concepts. These are potential energy, kinetic energy, and energy dissipation.
    And corresponding to these concepts, there are three idealized, essentially pure physical counterparts called passive components.

    (1) In the science of physical mechanics, the phenomenon of potential energy is associated with a physical property called elasticity or stiffness, and can be represented by a stretched spring. In electronic science, potential energy is stored in a capacitor instead of a spring.
    This property is called capacitance instead of elasticity or stiffness.

    (2) In the science of physical mechanics, the phenomenon of kinetic energy is associated with a physical property called inertia or mass, and can be represented by a mass or a flywheel in motion. In electronic science, kinetic energy is stored in an inductor (in a magnetic field) instead of a mass. This property is called inductance instead of inertia.

    (3) In the science of physical mechanics, the phenomenon of energy dissipation is associated with a physical property called friction or resistance, and can be represented by a dashpot or other device which converts system energy into heat.In electronic science, dissipation of energy is
    performed by an element called either a resistor or a conductor, the term “resistor” being the one generally used to express the concept of friction, and the term “conductor” being generally used to describe a more ideal device (e.g., wire) employed to convey electronic energy efficiently from one location to another. The property of a resistance or conductor is measured as either resistance or conductance reciprocals.

    Otherwise known as a permanent war economy in simple terms. They take out the true genuine wealth of the populace for themselves. Print excess money beyond the Gross National Product (GNP) = the real wealth figure of a nation (inflation) and then promote wars or now pandemics
    to reduce the creditors (population/workers) ( i.e the ones who really own and make the wealth).

    By killing the populace you get back to balance within the economic system, and then it continues, money will be sucked out until they need another genocide.

    Supposedly there is a new Quantum AI Financial System, that runs on consciousness. That unlike the binary systems above cannot be hacked or money printed beyond GNP. Its 100% foolproof to negate any criminal activity or attempt to steal money or launder money anywhere in the world.

    This is not the Nesara/Gesara/Trumpsara system, or great reset, which if came into effect would use the existing rogue negative Black Cube Metatron system.

    Finally one last word on black goo. Graphen oxide is the cabals archon 2.0 to replace the Metatron Black cube AI that had its black screen deactivated to stop the creation of archon entities for mind control.

  59. Zelator says:

    Joe apologies I meant to put brackets around the pdf link to stop it uploading and using up your bandwidth. If you want to amend the link then it may save bandwidth and also time loading for anyone loading on a slow computer or phone. Hope the post was useful.

    Cheers Z

  60. Yes asheman the frequencies are very different…reflected light due to albedo is still short wave solar frequency, whereas terrestrial emission is waaaay lower in frequency. So it’s easy to separate what is what.

  61. boomie789 says:

    Thanks guys! It took me a couple times to get it right.

    Here is how I cooked them.

    I put the ribs in that pan, drowned them in Lee & Perrins, seasoned with salt, black pepper and garlic powder.
    Then covered the pan in foil and cooked for 3 hours at 250F convection bake.
    Then when they are about a half hour left, light the Pitt and get it ready.
    I put two piles of coal hugging the sides.
    Transfer from pan to pit.
    They going to be tender so you have to be careful.
    Stick tongs deep under there and support whole rack.
    Brown on pit for 15 minutes or so. I put on BBQ sauce after it’s browned.
    Let BBQ sauce cook a bit.
    Take off pit carefully and put back in pan that you dumped the juices out and cleaned.
    Depending on how big or how many racks adjust oven time.
    1 small rack will be 2 hours,
    That takes some practice to figure out.
    These are 2 regular racks and 3hrs did the trick.
    It’s better to over cook them in the oven then under cook them I’ll guarantee that.
    Then they will be tough and grisly,
    This is the cheating method.
    I can’t do it with just a pit.

  62. justgivemeall says:

    Boomie I’d come and visit sometime and get some of those ribs but our govt now require you to show proof of vaccination before applying for passport. So I now will not be able to leave this country.

  63. J Cuttance says:

    Good stuff MP. I’ve noticed data to the same effect (maybe the same data). What mysterious connection could there be between the roll outs and the increased mortality of the unvaxxed? Did the non-event of not being vaxxed kill them? Why did they all succumb to not getting vaxxed within a couple of weeks of not getting vaxxed?

  64. boomie789 says:

  65. boomie789 says:


  66. boomie789 says:

  67. Wow boomie holy…

  68. boomie789 says:

    I think this is HUGE

  69. boomie789 says:

    It’s this same guy? Remember this?

  70. boomie789 says:

    Kind of old news.. People are bringing up this guy when I shared that Noack info around. Hijacking immune system and creating the pandemic (((they))) want so badly.

    This guy wasn’t assassinated yet though.

  71. boomie789 says:

    This is Jstark, another man who mysteriously died from a heart-related issue. I think he was assassinated in the same way.

  72. Zelator says:

    This all reminds me of the mysterious death of Max Spiers. He also mentioned death rays.
    There is some interesting factoids in this article:

  73. Zelator says:

    I recovered this from going to the Archive Machine :*/

    and searching the titles on Duck Duck Go:

    Spiers’ final UK broadcast interview.

  74. boomie789 says:

  75. MP says:

    @ boomie789

    Using Nazi references is counter productive (besides the 2016 joke)

    Does the Deepstate hate being called jew? …No
    Does the Deepstate hate being called blood sucking satanic pedophiles? ….yes

    Do they hate Nazi references? …No, they even hire people to spam that since commies prefer their natural enemy from wich all groups are infiltraded by clowns. It also feeds their preassumption that all non commies are Nazi’s, and that they are a great danger

    In 2016 anons on 4chan pulled the narrative further as a joke to get Pepe back from the normies. Deep state took the bate and even installed Richard Spencer with 2 cia parants as the so called alt-right leader

    Proof at 15.45 in this vid

  76. MP says:

    @ boomie789

    Most History is not what is told to be true. Winners re-write history. That is true since written history excists

    There are also parts on ww2 what both side choosing factions won’t tell. Like the link from Rothchilds to Hitler and Hitler to Angela Merkel

    Point is that if you want at least some revision in told history you need to win. And the anti Nazi indoctrination is so strong that you can never win it by going all in on that.

    Normies need to be persuaded to win current day war…..

  77. boomie789 says:

    I’m not going to work with the lies, I thought about, I will only work with the truth. To the best of my abilities. You can’t stack truth on a foundation of lies, that is the real folly. I want all to be revealed. I have already come to terms with being hated by the ones I love and want to save.

    I’ll stop there before I sound too cheesy on a blog.

  78. MP says:

    @ boomie789

    People who are indentified as far right with nostalgy to ww2 is according to the FBI around 15000 in the USA. On a population of over 320 million people that is around 0.04%

    0.04% is the amount of co2 in the atmosphere. It silly to think the co2 or Nazi narritive pushing will make a difference

  79. boomie789 says:

    I am not pushing a narrative, I am pushing what I have come to know to be true. Odd you make a consensus argument. I’m not one for consensus. All I need are my brothers.

    15% of whites are white nationalists btw.

  80. MP says:

    @ boomie789

    Over 60% of the USA is a nationalist and anti globalist

    They all like the concept of nations and also respect and love other countries with their own culture/food

    We are winning, unless the DS manages to derail us, and/or we manage to derail ourself

    Once we won we can revise some history wgere proven otherwise

  81. MP says:

    Don’t worry about comming election fraud.

    There is in the USA a new found and succesfully used trick to limit election night fraud.

    It is by letting small precincts who normally count and report fast wait till the last moment until reporting

  82. Zelator says:

    Omicron anagram = Moronic. What’s in a name?

  83. Zelator says:

    For those interested in the Ghislain Maxwell trial, here are a few links that cover the first week or so:

    It started last monday, 29th November, but is not being televised live.

    This is a breakdown of the first 6 days transcripts and also connected documentation:

    I haven’t found a decent youtube or other video channel of much use as of yet, but if you find one please let us know.

    Cheers Z

  84. Zelator says:

    Covid silver lining: ‘Extremely mild’ Omicron variant is rapidly killing off much more deadly Delta coronavirus mutation:

    This guy on Telegram seems to have some good info on the New Omicron variant:

    “I’m warming to the idea that the Omicron variant will wreck the need for mandates. Essentially, it has a 32 new mutations that the current vaccines won’t be able to stop whatsoever. And it spreads far more rapidly than previous variants, but is far more mild than previous variants. In a nutshell, it’ll likely spread like wildfire with minimal health risk while creating natural immunity worldwide. Thus totally negating the need for vaccines and mandates altogether”.

    “If virtually the entire world population contracts the Omicron variant before they can engineer a vaccine, then the entire world population will have natural immunity. This would negate the NWO pharma agenda in its entirety.

    Omicron itself would act as a global “cure” natural immunity, and possibly a permanent natural immunity to future variants.

    Getting a vax or booster has never been more pointless. Omicron will bypass all vaccines and boosters. There’s simply too many new mutations in this variant”.

  85. boomie789 says:


    “Italian security officers were seen asking passengers to show their COVID Green Pass in order for them to be able to use public transport, as seen in Milan on Monday.

    The pass was previously only required for high-speed trains and long-distance journeys, now it will be compulsory for local buses, trams, and the metro.

    The new ‘Super Green Pass’ is part of measures that came into force this week, only accepting vaccinated and recovered people to enter theatres, cinemas, sports facilities, hotels, and ski resorts.”

  86. Zelator says:

    They are trying to bring that into the UK. The news is full of news readers saying the hospitals are full of the “unvaccinated” which is probably manipulated figures (and the other way round) and they are running polls asking the public that because of this, should the unvaccinated have to pay for any medical treatment because of their resistance.

    Also should the vaccine be made mandatory. They are priming and winding up the minds of the gullible sheep to have them then go call for all the above. And the Government will duly comply, saying the people asked for it. Problem, reaction, solution.

    Also I received a text from the NHS a few days ago, saying for all those juiced “you can apply for a digital passport as proof you are vaccinated”.
    It’s only a matter of time when one by one they will block access to food stores, transport and entertainment etc for us unjuiced. You can just see the plan and the mindset of these sick bastards.

    They are trying to turn the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, and its working. Like you said Boomie, friends and family and neighbours are getting shitty about it. As was said in the Matrix movie, some are not willing or ready to be unplugged, and until they are, then they are to be considered the enemy as they will fight tooth and nail to enforce it, even if it means more misery for themselves.

  87. We live in hell. And the reason it is hell is because of stupid people, power-obsessed, fearful, afraid, and stupid, people.

  88. I mean it’s one thing to seek power that you might be creative with it…this is power so that you can maximize your own fear while destroying others who would show you how not to be fearful.

  89. Zelator says:

    Exactly Joe. The only solution is like what LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks did, and get as far away as possible from them. If it’s possible? Not so easy on a small island like the UK though.

  90. boomie789 says:

    So Russia is about to invade Ukraine. China will invade Taiwan. The time may be drawing near.

  91. boomie789 says:

    Also Israel and Iran I guess.

  92. boomie789 says:

    I got a Polish girl telling me this is par for the course stuff she hears all the time on the polish news.
    “It’s them and Belarus having army practices and gathering close to the borders.”
    “Putin puts his usual rethorics that he’s scared of NATO patrols being nearby.”
    “I mean our now dead president had a theory back in the day years ago that Putin takes piece by piece. First Georgia (I think it was during this conflict), then Ukraine, then Baltic countries, then he’d grab Poland.”
    Regarding Russia-Ukraine.

  93. boomie789 says:

  94. justgivemeall says:

    For a month now on the west coast of Canada we have been limited to 30 litres per fill up because we supposedly had a supply chain issue from the flooded highway conditions. And yet to my knowledge no gas station ever ran out of fuel. I’m sure this was just another test to see if we would comply. Even though gas pumps can now cut offf the supply at a predetermined amount this wasn’t done not even at Costco,which I sure would have been the case if there was actually a shortage.

  95. boomie789 says:

    January 6th protestors are locked in a re-education camp being forced to watch Schindler’s List and learn about Critical Race Theory.

  96. We live in hell. Something is wrong.

  97. boomie789 says:

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

    I heard the devil is an androgynous tranny. Could probably kick his ass in an actual fight.

  98. Wow boomie, that’s very rare knowledge! Seems to be true.

  99. [video src="" /]

  100. boomie789 says:

    I learned it from Mel Gibson, lol.

  101. MP says:

    @Zelator says:2021/12/07 at 11:34 AM

    Interesting Narrative to beat the medical Deepstate with their own narrative

    The whole theory of viral virus spreading has never been proven tho. In fact there are so many paradoxes that it can’t be true

    Like why isn’t there a single story from someone who lived totally isolated for a very long time and never got the flu?


  102. I hope all the liberals get more boosters from this cringe

  103. boomie789 says:

    I know you guys have probably seen a lot of whistleblower videos by now, well here is another.

    “Milton Keynes funeral director sends a chilling message about the sharp rise in covid jab deaths.”

  104. MP says:

    Many learned about project MKULTRA

    Current day WW project is project NAOMI, it references a posioning humanity bible story

  105. boomie789 says:

    Either the U.S. and NATO provide us with “legal guarantees” that Ukraine will never join NATO or become a base for weapons that can threaten Russia — or we will go in and guarantee it ourselves.

  106. ashemann says:

    Some smug progressive idiot NPC put a thread up on quora about critical thinking.
    So i took the piss and he bit like the smug leftist mug i knew he was.
    I didnt have to wait long for a bite thats for sure.

    Gary Ashe
    10m ago
    Critical Thinking is a right wing thing, they should just trust the experts and fact checkers like the majority of us.

    Max Loh
    · 8m ago
    Everyone is an expert at applying critical thinking towards everything they don’t believe, but very bad at applying it towards things they believe. Almost nobody does critical thinking correctly, least of all the right wing.

    Gary Ashe
    · Just now
    And you of course as i was taking the P .. typical leftist, critical thinking is only dangerous to ‘’your’’ democracy, and that just makes you another grey NPC progressive, if only you could put your politics aside and follow your own advices.

  107. MP says:

    boomie789 says:
    2021/12/07 at 7:33 PM

    Ukraine is a massive grain producing region that still produes at leasr some during a solar minimum period

  108. Nice asheman. The real, REAL test for critical thinking?

    Show anyone the flat earth GHE of climate change science, and see if they can simply state that it’s flat earth theory.

  109. boomie789 says:

    Interesting point. Everyone knows that Ukraine and France are the breadbaskets of Europe. I think of all of Eurasia even. Still not even close to the USA though. USA is in a league of it’s own with food production.

  110. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Joseph E Postma wrote:
    “We live in hell. And the reason it is hell is because of stupid people, power-obsessed, fearful, afraid, and stupid, people.”

    And that’s because the elitists have turned stupidity and fear into virtues in their mad quest for power. That’s why you can’t convince the brainwashed libtards that they’re needlessly fearful of Covid19… their fear is their virtue, their masks and their vaccination status are their badges of honor.

    I tried, Lord knows I tried to jackhammer a bit of reality into skulls of management at my former employer… long emails to the higher-ups detailing all the data they’d never find on the legacy fake-news media… VAERS data showing that the pharmaceutical companies were conducting LD50 testing on the general populace with the mRNA ‘vaccines’ (clearly seen in the temporal grouping of the death rates from the ‘vaccines’… which implies that they can adjust the ‘vaccine’ toxicity at will and at the behest of their government overlords… a menacing omen of things to come, perhaps), proof that Pfizer fudged their clinical trial results, proof that Ivermectin has 20 mechanisms by which it inhibits Covid19 from infecting cells, proof of the mechanism of damage the mRNA ‘vaccine’ spike protein causes to the vascular system, proof that natural immunity is far more robust, protective and long-lasting than the mRNA ‘vaccines’, etc., etc., etc… it just caused them to double-down on fear and stupidity because they’d become emotionally invested in their incorrectitude. To admit that they’re wrong would mean they’d have to admit they’d been fooled, which would mean they’d have to admit their liberal elitist overlords were nefarious… so rather than face the reality that they’d been fooled into becoming paranoid, fearful idiots dancing to the elitists’ tune, they went the opposite direction.

    It’s what sheeple do. As you say, Joe, the only thing we can do is get away from them… and wait for their stupidity to thin their herd.

  111. MP says:

    In Memoriam Airline Pilot’s Association. Deaths 2019, 2020 and 2021. RIP 🙏

    See anything concerning?

  112. Joseph E Postma says:

    OMG she literally says “marked people”!!!!

    Jen Psaki calls the vaccinated – “marked people”

  113. Joseph E Postma says:

    Ahh…it might have been just “more people”.

  114. Maurice Lavigne says:

    She enunciated “marked” followed by “more” and they are distinct.

  115. Zelator says:

    Are you Maurice Lavigne the author by any chance?

  116. boomie789 says:

    Repost in case you missed it. This video scares the shit out of people. A lot of stuff I try and tell people scares them I feel like.

  117. boomie789 says:

  118. Maurice Lavigne says:

    I’m not an author as I am not a writer, but I have published scientific articles as M.J.Lavigne.

  119. Zelator says:

    I was’t going to post this, as I don’t want to be judgmental and preaching in any way. But I think it’s pertinent. So here is what I was going to write:

    Ok let’s suppose Psaki’s comment was a freudian slip, or even she did say “more” rather than “mark” What is being communicated here? Everything is subliminal. Everything is done on purpose. There are no coincidences.

    Cain’s punishment was to “live”. Marked means condemned. Anyone taking the mark is satan’s property.
    Apollyon (Απολλυων) is the Greek name for Abaddon, The Hebrew term Abaddon, and its Greek equivalent Apollyon appears in the Bible as both a place of destruction and an archangel of the abyss. In the Hebrew Bible, Abaddon is used with reference to the bottomless pit.

    Those without the mark and born again (i.e spiritually believe Christ is the Saviour – actually It’s really just a choice) can die in peace. Or as Kleck says avoid going to the pit to feed Appolyon when you die.

    Revelation 9:5

    “They were not allowed to kill them but only to torture them for five months. And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes”.

    Revelation 9:6

    “During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them”.

    Interestingly I wonder what is the percentage of the vaccinated population that are atheists? I think anyone with even a semblance of Christianity will see the wickedness of what is going on with the vaccines.

    At the end of the day we are being given a choice. We can use discernment, intuition, or we can have faith, or we can just blindingly follow orders, without any semblance of being a free sovereign human being with free will and choice, all that is enshrined in the USA Constitution, the British 1689 Bill of Rights and Constitutional Rule of Law which is basically the law of God, that is natural law and is the basis of Law and the Consent to be Governed in the Western World.

    If you choose to ignore this and hand over your soul to the devil then you will have only youreslf to blame. There have been enough watchmen, whistleblowers, prophets and men of truth to guide you. If after all this you are still ignorant, then unfortunately you may be in shit street.

    We are indeed ” As in the Days of Noah” with warnings for today. But this time it won’t be a flood, but fire.

  120. Zelator says:

    Good to meet you Mr Lavigne. Welcome to Climate of Sophistry my friend.

  121. Wow Zelator thanks for that. Well said.

  122. *UPDATE: Dr. Carrie Madej on living organism that regenerates it’s own stem cells in the Vaccine.

  123. Zelator says:

    Read the info on this webpage and follow the links:

  124. boomie789 says:

    I don’t trust that stew peters guy but I don’t remember why.

  125. Zelator says:

    This sounds like the work of the Illuminati for sure:

  126. Joseph E Postma says:

    It is an interesting article, and you could imagine them thinking this way. Perhaps it is real, and that they do.

    The thing is, is it could all be done a different way. They pretend that they’re doing it all for some greater good, but of course this is a lie. Everything they’re doing is destructive. They’re here only to destroy the human race, and eventually, the whole biosphere.

    We’ve witnessed examples where you can control the masses not through control as such, but through freedom and prosperity, through good education and cultivation.

    The “innocent” remarks about the jab merely being for enforcing the concept of equality is not at all the entire picture – the jabs are destroying human genetics, they’re dysgenically destroying humanity.

  127. Zelator says:

    Yes Joe, I think we have read enough of the illuminati’s work to understand their mentality. That’s why I said this sounds like them. They truly believe this is the best way. The Abraxas who believe they are the humans of the future have a complete and utter disdain for this version of humanity. They genuinely think this is the best most efficient way forward to enlightenment.

    The AC talk of finishing off the Job : “THE VIRUS has come forth to finish off the grotesque creature. We are now in the Wasteland. Only a Holy Grail can redeem the situation.

    As it is, it will take humanity an Age to appreciate the scale of our achievement, but one day schools will be named after us, and universities will teach nothing but our material. We own the future. We are the destiny of the human race.

    We are the plan. We are the Coming Race. We are the final paradigm shift. We are the Second and Final Enlightenment”.

    Joe Satriani – Crystal Planet:

  128. Zealtor says:

    Joe, I totally agree with you about their methods. But their philosophy is build back better.

    I mean we are not even a unified human race. There are those amongst us who would have us starve if we dont take the jab. Those that would want us locked away like lepers. Why are we fighting for these people?

    There are those who are un-educationable. They are automatons and prone to delusion and wasteful energy and that is not productive. They want a compliant automaton not a loose cannon automaton.

    A superior race would ideally be one that was rational, but instead they seem to want consensus with no reasoning required. I suppose its easier to control the population that way.

    The only ones allowed freedom to express themselves will be the utopian elites that run the meritocratic communes of clones. Brave new world were we own nothing and are happy for it.

    Joe Satriani – Surfing with the Alien (from Satriani LIVE!)

  129. Zelator says:

    Come Alive.

    Do you feel like We do?

    Frampton? …….. Ok ….That’s alright…..hey that true..

  130. boomie789 says:

  131. MP says:

    CNN: The War on Memes

    War never changes

  132. Great ones you guys…wow…perfect

  133. MP says:

    @ JP

    Satire will destroy the wannabe globalist dictatorship DS

    Nothing can stop it

  134. Einstein’s interpretation of relativity was the beginning of the destruction of modern science and formally marks the end of the enlightenment. I could spot the errors in his interpretation when I was in high school. The math remains mostly the same, but Einstein’s interpretation inserts cognitive dissonance as a feature of modern science, rather than a problem to notice and fix!

  135. Zelator says:

    Here is a follow up post by Henry Makow following yesterdays letter to him purportedly from Jacob Rothschild:

    My comments on this are read “meritocratic” for “equality” as it all sounds so philanthropic. Makow says even satanists have souls, which I don’t believe is true. It is actually the lack of a soul that causes the psychopathy and lack of empathy in these individuals, particularly the dark ones.

    There are cold souls e.g reptilian souls ( who also lack empathy) and also walkins without souls. Ironically it is the soul that they all most cherish (the archons that is) because they are inferior creatures that cannot create, as they have no ability to be builders and creative via the subconscious mind, or use rational thinking ( conscious mind) etc but only rely on hive mind insectoid mindsets of the master plan.

    Humanity is unique in that the creator gave each individul monad a spark (soul) from himself. Even angels don’t have this divine connection, which is what sparked Lucifer to rebel, as his pride was hurt that God gave a part of himself to humanity and not to the angels.

  136. Joseph E Postma says:

    “The destruction of Truth is literally the definition of evil, as you have pointed out on your web site many times.

    To these beings, everything is about controlling the mind — their own hive minds and those of all others. This is why he emphasized the psychological aspects of their reign of terror — everything is about taking over the human mind (and soul). Capture hearts and minds and everything else follows. He pointed out they already control the money, governments, all significant media, etc. The only thing lacking is control over all minds (and the soul). This is the final battle between Good and Evil.”

    “I was told by someone I trust that only 20% of the people on Earth can be saved. When you see the number of fools willing to trade their life for the ability to take a plane ride, go to a restaurant or attend a concert, it’s pretty shocking. I’ll be surprised if we can reach 20%. JR’s people have been quite successful in fooling nearly all the people, all of the time.”

  137. Zelator says:

    20% is a higher estimation than mine. More like 2%.

  138. Joseph E Postma says:

    Chris Langan


    I just had the windshield replaced on our 1995 2WD Ford. At the base of the windshield is a plastic cowl. When the old one was removed, I found a little piece of white plastic underneath it. It looked like something manufactured for 2 or 3 cents and sold for a quarter.

    “Hold onto that!” said the fellow replacing the windshield, “They sell a bag of those for for 60 or 70 dollars. You get maybe 10 or 12 of them for that price. They use ’em in F-15’s. Thing is, they start disintegrating almost immediately.”

    You’ve heard about those $5000 hammers and $50000 wrenches billed to US taxpayers by defense contractors? It’s just another example of that kind of theft by companies owned by professional grifters who fly around in personal passenger jets and float around on town-sized private yachts, but think nothing of breaking the vehicle supply chain so that there are no more vehicles for sale in the US, and the average person can’t afford a go-cart in which to travel for groceries (when groceries are available).

    I recently got a call from a car dealer I used to know in NY. He told me that there’s an 8-12 month waiting list for new vehicles, and that used vehicles are selling for more than the former price of a new vehicle. Good luck if your car breaks down, folks! These fat, greasy, disgusting “Great Reset” hogs – the Rothschilds, the Soroses, the Schwabs, the Gates and the Faucis – will be laughing at you as you trudge 10 or 20 miles on foot to feed your family.

    “Oh dear, what a shame for you!” they’re already tittering over champagne and caviar. “You little people are expending more calories to obtain your food than your food contains, at least in any amount you can carry! If only Jeffrey and Ghislaine were here to enjoy our little joke with us!”

    This is organized crime. We’ve been set up for this by government cockroaches who committed election fraud in order to make millions in DC. Yet we’re not yet dragging them out of their ratholes and stomping them. I can’t help but wonder why this is the case, and many others are starting to wonder the same thing.

    The oligarchs and their corporate and government whores think that the Jan 6 “insurrection” was the worst instance of “domestic terrorism” in US history. In reality, it was nothing. If these freaks of greed and tyranny keep it up, we’ll just have to find out.

  139. Joseph E Postma says:

    Wow that is a great article at the co2islife page. What happened to whoever wrote that blog? It’s excellent material.

    As for the paper you linked, wow, yes, it derives the temperature gradient for a gas in a gravitational field using an analysis for entropy at the molecular scale, and finds that it solves to the same equation as the macroscopic case for convection: dT/dh = -g/Cp.

    It is a rigorous proof that gravity causes the temperature gradient. I usually just use:

    dU = mCpdT + mgdh

    then dU = 0 for local thermodynamic equilibrium thus you rearrange and cancel out the m for dT/dh = -g/Cp. That paper does this in a very careful, detailed way.

    So it is a rigorous proof that the atmosphere would not be uniform temperature with altitude, and that GHG’s do not create the temperature gradient. And of course this is why I have always pointed out that if GHG’s did contribute to creating a temperature gradient, as their theory necessitates them to do, then the temperature gradient could be not be what it is measured as which accords to the the ideal-gas adiabatic effect approach as I show and shown rigorously in that paper only.

  140. boomie789 says:

    Thank r/LackmustestTester. He linked it to me asking for my thoughts. I just passed it along.

  141. CD Marshall says:

    As long as greed rules we won’t be seeing a graphics card at retail price or availability. All thanks to data mining and scalpers working with the manufacturers. NVIDIA saw record profits this year. AMD seems to have a healthy dose of FU to the customers as well. Intel is making a ton of cards for 2022 (?) but will they end up in data mining and scalpers or the hands of the average consumers? Will they be any good?

    I think it is a scam for you can put graphics in MOBOs… they use to. A graphics chip is relatively smaller than a CPU.

    Wouldn’t that be something if you could swap out graphics chips like you do CPUs and add VM like RAM? If someone invents that type of process with MOBOs you’d make a fortune if the other manufacturers didn’t run you out of town first.

    The only issue would be the Q threshold of the MOBO and an intelligent design of heat dissipation. Liquid cooling would seem to be the only logical answer. So pipes would have to be designed not to interfere with maintenance. Smaller graphics can handle air cooled, but something like a 3080/3090 are heat machines.

    Since car computers use the same wafers for chipsets that graphics cards use and everything else like your phones, we are going have a shortage for years to come. Just another way of reducing technology to the population.

    When progress of humanity is the enemy of radical ideologues then all things that create progress must be stopped.

    That is the great reset: Population control. One world government, one state under oppression and poverty, the anti-life equation.

  142. boomie789 says:

  143. CD Marshall says:

    I forgot they put graphics in laptops with no problem, no reason why that can’t be doing that for desktop MOBOs. They even have gaming laptops with a 3080 so no excuse, we are being played.

  144. boomie789 says:

    I seem to be in the minority with my internet friends that crypto is a scam. Recently I’ve started thinking they are beta testing the NWO financial system. I’m more about real things. Precious metals, land, animals, weapons and ammunition, and most importantly friends and family you can count on.

    I’m still a “nocoiner”. Came close to buying Etherium, still haven’t. Idk, I suppose it couldn’t hurt to buy a little. The whole thing is instinctually distasteful to me though. Also listening to Catherine Austin Fitts, she is the one that says crypto guys are beta testing the NWO financial control system.

    Yes, I’m aware fiat is pretty much just as meaningless.

  145. boomie789 says:

  146. Are you familiar with Bill Still? From the documentary The Money Masters. Watch RIGHT NOW if you haven’t.

    He says that currency should be intrinsically valueless, because it’s only a medium of exchange. Historically such currencies have been the most stable, and the ones which the money masters hate. But they give the people the most prosperity.

    Cryptos satisfy that…they’re intrinsically valueless, but are extremely exchangeable and are frictionless, but more, they’re not counterfeitable, and the money masters can’t control them.

    Physical goods of various kinds of course have value.

  147. Of course, one CAN make cryptos that the bad guys control, and which entirely fk the populace. Sure. But in principle we the people are supposed to choose the one which is good for us. The bad guys would really have to fuck with the internet and invent retarded laws to prevent us from using the crypto we like…and maybe they can do that. But if the internet stays open, we should be able to keep using good crypto.

  148. In principle if we all went to good crypto, we could destroy the bad guys power overnight.

  149. boomie789 says:

    This must be it.

  150. Yep that’s it.

  151. boomie789 says:

    Geert Vanden Bossche spreading disinfo? I still want to hear more about Noack.

  152. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yes the terrain theory people make a very good point, which makes sense – for example, may daughter, who is homeschooled, and we never see anyone, got a the cold. Well…she has been eating lots of sugar lately. Cleansing reaction, or somehow the cold virus came and found her? And why not me? Why only her?

    There’s great books out there on all this. I leaning way over, heavily, pretty much there, to that side: it’s all fn bullshit. Germs etc…it’s how you’re treating your body, that then makes your body ill…the result is called a virus, but it’s just your body expelling organic refuse…which of course contains DNA fragments.

  153. boomie789 says:

    They have my ear for sure. I have a similar anecdote from the recent hurricane. Couped up with 5 other people and also in contact with my grandmother and her husband(grandpa is dead), 7 all together. 5 out of seven of them “get covid”, take the bullshit test, say they lost their sense of taste and smell. Me and actually the frailest oldest looks likes she could die any day woman(not my grandmother, family friend of mother who lives in an area that floods a lot) are the only ones who don’t come down with this sickness. I of course have the “come at me covid” attitude and not taking any measures. I’ll kiss some one who says they have covid right on the mouth. You can come over and touch all my things, idgaf. The commonality I noticed with me and the frail lady is we weren’t stressed. The people who still fear covid + the stress of the storm are the ones who got sick. I imagine if they didn’t watch so much TV they would’ve be fine, lol.

    Another anecdote on the power of the mind. One of my dad’s friend is one of those guys who always worries about getting sick, and he quite often is sick. The story my father told me on why he thinks he is that way is because his father died on Christmas of a heart attack when he was very young. The crazy part is when he reached the same age as his father, he had a heart attack as well. I think his mind did that to him. If he would just relax more and live life without so much worry, he wouldn’t be sick so often.

    Everything with reason and moderation. Control what you can, do what you can, stop worrying so much. We are all going to die some day. In the meantime try and enjoy yourself and not have those negative emotions so often. Also eat real food that isn’t processed and go outside every now and then. And for god sakes throw your television into the trash.

    Boomie’s guide to life lol.

  154. boomie789 says:

    This thing moves around and replicates itself. It’s a virus.

  155. boomie789 says:

  156. MP says:

    Globalist and following sheep very much hate this style of meming

    They have lost their monoply to call everyone they don’t like a Nazi

    Matter of time before they beg us to stop it

  157. justgivemeall says:

    All part of the lie that the UN has been pushing for years. Out source all your manufacturing to these third world countries and just become tech support. The part they don’t tell you is that the third world now has most of our tech too. Meanwhile we’ve gone from good paying manufacturing jobs to working at Walmart handing out junk made in china. I think we can all see how this ends.

  158. boomie789 says:

    Or Democrats or more likely to inject themselves with government poison, I like to refer to it as taking the mark of the beast, while Republicans are less likely. Then they blame the kung flu for people dying from their population control injection.

    But that’s just crazy conspiracy stuff, what do I know. Pharmaceutical companies and the government have always had our best interests at heart.

  159. MP says:

    @ Nepal

    The trick CDC uses is running less PCR test cycles for unvaxxed vs vaxxed. They even anounced they were going to do that.

    Besides that not vaxxed are more often forced to take a test

  160. boomie789 says:

    O I had it backwards. Republicans are dying more. derp.

  161. boomie789 says:

    Yep, what MP said.

  162. boomie789 says:

    You can’t trust these numbers anyway, from Fox news or CNN. They both get money from Pharmaceutical companies.

  163. MP says:

    Everytime time people get jabbed there is a spike in not jabbed who die

    This can only be explained as a data trick as explained earlier in the topic

    This graph is from UK data.

    See anything strange?

  164. boomie789 says:

    Want to see me leading on a pedophile who randomly messaged me on Telegram? Just add the g to the end of the links because there is a couple.

    Two guys messaged me on telegram around the same time. Both of them found me from the same group we were in together. Never talked to them or seen them before. I thought they were FEDs fishing or something. I made a little game out of it and got my discord friends to tell me things to say to them. Turns out they were just pedophiles, could still be FEDs lol.

    They are banned and blocked now. This was the one that actually talked to me. Was kind of fun.

  165. boomie789 says:

    O it went into moderation and probably wouldn’t have embedded the pictures anyway, darn.

  166. boomie789 says:

  167. boomie789 says:

  168. CD Marshall says:

    Just curious as an astrophysicist what are your opinions on energy rays we may not be able to detect yet? Do you think rays exist greater than Gamma rays or do you think they are mostly on the infinitesimal spectrum?

  169. Joseph E Postma says:

    Gamma rays are still electromagnetic, but higher energy than that are called “cosmic rays” and these are thought to be possibly protons moving at very near the speed of light.

    As far as anything we can’t detect yet, you would need a theory which says why they should exist, despite not having been observed yet. Good theories can do that of course…Paul Dirac predicted the positron (anti-electron) as the possible negative of a solution utilizing the square root in particle mechanics.

  170. CD Marshall says:

    Did not know that about Gamma, always thought they were cosmic rays.

  171. J Cuttance says:

    CD they’ve detected particles at the light-speed limits
    They assume the particles are accelerated by extreme events and magnetic fields, but I don’t see why they can’t have been born at light speed, in converging wavefronts of intense electromagnetic energy in, say, supernovas. This would be a reverse e=mc2 incident whereby energy creates matter rather than the other way around.

  172. boomie789 says:

    Noack was one of the tribe?

    NEW CHURCH OF ZION A few weeks before he was murdered, Andreas founded the New Church of Zion. He had the idea that we should organize as a religious community, among other things. Here, too, it is about the principle of SUPERPOSITION. It’s about becoming unpredictable for the AI. If we define ourselves as a religious community, we also enjoy many legal advantages. We were programmed by the AI ​​to keep ourselves trapped in the matrix. By recognizing this programming and deciding for ourselves what we believe in, programming ourselves, we can free ourselves from the prison of thought. The name has been chosen deliberately: After one of his main sources for the divine plan: The MATRIX trilogy. We are Zion and our task is to liberate Zion and make it the place where we want to live as free people. THEMES HERE AND IN THE CHAT ARE THE FOLLOWING: – What questions do we ask ourselves? Can we ask ourselves better questions? – Which values ​​determine our thinking, feeling and acting? Are there values ​​in our system that oppose each other and lead to dissonance? -> Value hierarchy – Which beliefs shape our patterns of thought and action? Are there possibly wealthier beliefs that use us instead of distancing us from our goals? – Our image of God has been completely distorted. “God’s ways are inscrutable”. God has been degraded to a maximally mysterious, inaccessible and vague being. Andreas gave us a pragmatic, realistic image of God. This has to be internalized. – What is our vision for the future? How do we want to live together as a mature society of free people? What does morality mean? Which rules are needed and which are not. “One man, one word” – “Treat your next one as you would like to be treated yourself.”

  173. boomie789 says:

    Not sure what’s going on here.

  174. boomie789 says:

  175. boomie789 says:

    If this is true I imagine meteors can do it as well.

  176. boomie789 says:

    Maybe it does only happen with nukes.

  177. boomie789 says:

    Impactite is glass made by meteors

  178. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    J Cuttance wrote:
    “This would be a reverse e=mc2 incident whereby energy creates matter rather than the other way around.”

    Look up photonic matter… we can convert photons to invariant-mass matter via quantum entanglement… it’s the very first step on the path to a Star Trek-type replicator.

    E^2 = m^2 c^4 / (1 – v^2 / c^2)

    E v = p c^2

    (E v)^2 = (p c^2)^2 = m^2 c^4

    E^2 = p^2 c^2 + m^2 c^4

  179. boomie789 says:

    All protein is not equal.

  180. Explains why they so desperately want to remove healthy animal protein from all of our diets.

  181. boomie789 says:

  182. In other words: genocide of the European bloodline.

  183. boomie789 says:


    It’s illegal for beautiful unmarked Austrian women to be outside in Vienna.

  184. boomie789 says:

    Meteor showing happening. I saw a meteor for the first time I think.

  185. boomie789 says:

    I missed this one.

  186. boomie789 says:

  187. oregonmatt says:

    standing by my kitchen window making coffee, not looking out, dark, 5:30 am…a flash of light like lightning makes me look out, I see a fire trail and the meteor burns out. This is Oregon, well I guess my name gives it up….it was a nice way to wake up.

  188. boomie789 says:

    Man I just thought of the biggest debunk for goofy flat earthers and I can’t believe I haven’t thought of it earlier.

    ^Northern Hemisphere

    ^Southern Hemisphere

    Unarguable and undeniable.

  189. oregonmatt says:

    boomie, Joseph-
    I came here originally for the climate-sensical info. However, I also now come to read what people have to say re the covid scam, etc. On another forum, someone asked this question “But if you are asked by people what “viruses” are, what do you say”? Here is the answer I gave….

    “I will offer my answers to your question. Partially in agreement with XS, certainly cellular debris is one thing that is deceitfully called “virus” by the virology folks. Keep in mind, though, that cells in a culture, that are mistreated and poisoned, are being stimulated to send out a multitude of genetic signals for the preservation of the “body” that they are separated from. Intrabody communication, in other words. This signaling could be in the form of exosomes, or many other configurations of nucleic acids that virologists call virus whenever it suits their narrative.

    So my answer to “what viruses are” is that they simply are not. Virology has created the concept of virus, based on its basic meaning of “poison”, and informed us for more than a century that it is an exogenous, predatory, contagious pathogen, and they have done so for reasons that are now painfully obvious to some of us. I think that trying to redefine virus is counterproductive, and plays into their narrative. Virus is poison (according to their well established stories), so let them keep it. If our cells in their innate wisdom have the ability to use a variety of chemical, electrical and genetic signaling for our health and preservation, then let’s acknowledge that without calling it virus. We can call them exosomes, or extracellular vesicles, or whatever is appropriate to their actions on our behalf.

    As it is, the virology gang is trying to make their stories more inscrutable. One current approach to that end is the promotion of the idea that “viruses” are everywhere. We’re full of them, the ocean is full of them, they’re raining down on us from above, we have evolved in a viral soup…and some of them are beneficial, while some of them are not….and guess who knows which are which. At the moment, even while they promote this “new-agey” (one to contemplate while you meditate) viral story, the long-running narrative is still in full force, and their planning is for it to continue. See, for example, papers such as “Emerging Pandemic Diseases” (Doc Fauci), which had its name changed from “Emerging Infectious Diseases”.

  190. boomie789 says:

    Seems I overestimated people’s ability to comprehend this gif. Maybe it will click another day.

  191. boomie789 says:

    “We need to handle this current problem with the judeo-communists and their “medical” tyranny the same way they did in Geneva in 1530. This is the way….”

    “When the bubonic plague struck Geneva in 1530, everything was ready. They even opened a whole hospital for the plague victims. With doctors, paramedics and nurses. The traders contributed, the magistrate gave grants every month. The patients always gave money, and if one of them died alone, all the goods went to the hospital.
    But then a disaster happened: the plague was dying out, while the subsidies depended on the number of patients.
    There was no question of right and wrong for the Geneva hospital staff in 1530. If the plague produces money, then the plague is good. And then the doctors got organized.
    At first, they just poisoned patients to raise the mortality statistics, but they quickly realized that the statistics didn’t have to be just about mortality, but about mortality from plague.
    So they began to cut the boils from the bodies of the dead, dry them, grind them in a mortar and give them to other patients as medicine. Then they started dusting clothes, handkerchiefs and garters. But somehow the plague continued to abate. Apparently, the dried buboes didn’t work well.
    Doctors went into town and spread bubonic powder on door handles at night, selecting those homes where they could then profit. As an eyewitness wrote of these events, “this remained hidden for some time, but the devil is more concerned with increasing the number of sins than with hiding them.”
    In short, one of the doctors became so impudent and lazy that he decided not to wander the city at night, but simply threw a bundle of dust into the crowd during the day. The stench rose to the sky and one of the girls, who by a lucky chance had recently come out of that hospital, discovered what that smell was. The doctor was tied up and placed in the good hands of competent “craftsmen.” They tried to get as much information from him as possible. However, the execution lasted several days. The ingenious hippocrats were tied to poles on wagons and carried around the city. At each intersection the executioners used red-hot tongs to tear off pieces of meat. They were then taken to the public square, beheaded and quartered, and the pieces were taken to all the districts of Geneva.The only exception was the hospital director’s son, who did not take part in the trial but blurted out that he knew how to make potions and how to prepare the powder without fear of contamination. He was simply beheaded “to prevent the spread of evil”.

    ~ François Bonivard, Chronicles of Geneva, second volume, pages 395 – 402

  192. They’re never going to stop this Matt.

  193. Joseph E Postma says:

    Boomie that’s a great story. There’s simply no bottom to human depravity…although you might wonder who exactly explores that depravity, while the good people actually put a stop to it. The bad guys realized that they needed the state and the police to protect themselves from paying for their depravity…and now anyone who might do the right thing doesn’t because everyone knows that if you do the righteous and good thing, the state will come and murder you for it. Back then, all the men involved who made the bad guys pay for their actions, went home to sleep soundly, fearing no repercussion that they couldn’t handle themselves. Today, though, you’ll be absolutely destroyed by the state, your children lost, your life basically or literally lost, all because you did what everyone knows is the right thing to do. In Clown World, the depraved literally have all of the power, and it takes years and years and years of “investigation” to ever bring someone to justice even though it is perfectly obvious what they’re doing while they do it for decades, and the justice usually doesn’t happen in the end. But anyone try to right a wrong themselves, and the state will be there instantaneously to murder you for that. This world is so fn disgusting. But you wonder…does it have to be, is it a necessary feature of the world?

  194. Saw a post making the point that it is these new “Offices” of “Diversity, Inclusion, Equity” at universities and companies which are managing the vaxx mandates and determining who gets exemptions, which of course are never given to White males.

  195. ashemann says:

    Any one we know responsible for this.

  196. Zelator says:

    Good vid that Joe. I’m glad the Christian Community is coming out and and voicing what it has known for generations and that is coming true.

    In realtion to a post further up by Booomie regarding “All Protein Is Not Equal”, that is very true.

    As a former qualified physical fitness instructor and nutritionist, I know a fair amount about proteins and amino acids etc. It was was an interesting video on the importance of “clean healthy” proteins, and essential and non essential amino acids that Boomie posted.

    Generally a good whey protein is a “complete protein”, containing all of the nine essential amino acids. I also use Branched Chain Amino Acids BCAA’s for recovery post workout, i.e Leucine. Isoleucine and Valine and find them advantageus. Whey protein is the best source along with meat,
    eggs, milk and cheese, particularly cottage cheese ( Casein) for building muscle.

    As a personal trainer particulary in resistance (weight) training, soy protein is a no no as it contains Estrogen mimicking Isoflavones. Estrogen is a female hormone, known to cause Gynecomastia or “Bitch Tit” in males.

    Some say its ok in moderation, but why take something that is clearly damaging to the male body.

    Here is some info about soy from an author called Paul T Boggs, on why he thinks it is being fed to the Western male population, and he is an author who I have referenced in the past, and recommend his books:

    Scroll down to the third book “Amerika”, and you can read it there, or download it as a pdf or print it as individual pages.

    I will summarize it, for those just wanting to read about the soy:

    Pages 90-91:

    “…..In turn, the Rothschild’s reinvest these profits into groups and individuals who share the Rothschild’s stated goal of eliminating Man from planet earth.

    Rothschild’s methods of extermination include: (i) DNA Damaging pharmaceuticals; (ii) DNA crippling genetically modified organisms (GMOs); and (iii) the indoctrination of Man into a homosexual lifestyle using the Luciferian controlled entertainment industry.

    It has been through the above said methods that Luciferians have successfully marginalized the role of males in our society, strategically placing the Y gene on a path to extinction. This is why Satanists, through their proxy ‘Planned Parenthood’ advocates for an increase in abortion and homosexuality? This too is the reason Luciferians source, manufactures, and force feed the American male massive amounts of estrogen mimicking, endocrine disrupting, cancer causing, DNA damaging GMO soy? It’s to eliminate Males.

    Pages 273-274

    “Soy runs ‘neck and neck’ with that of traditional American grown wheat and corn in terms of how toxic it is to human beings, as well as how pervasive it is throughout America’s culinary landscape.
    Soy is found in just about every product sold at your local grocery store. The bad news is that soy has a bad habit of inspiring cancer cells in the human body. It’s especially lethal when it is ingested in large quantities. Which begs the question…?

    “Why on earth are the mainstream media and Medical Industrial Complex going to painstaking lengths to deceive the American people into believing soy is a healthy food source? When in reality, soy is in no way a healthy food?”

    “As a matter of fact, soy would be more aptly labeled ‘health risk’. Why? Because epidemiologists have shown that soy causes massive distress, even cancer to our bowel, brain, and heart, and not to mention, absolute nightmarish conditions for our thyroid and adrenals. By the way, if you’re someone who is purposely consuming soy on a regular basis… STOP!!”

    “The final portion of my book will help you detoxify your body from this abominable invader and get your body back onto a healthful track.
    To better understand how soy came into being referred to as a ‘health food’, we’ll need to understand the history of soy and why it was injected into the American food supply, in the first place”.

    “Many years ago, there was a campaign by the controlling elites to demonize the importation of healthy tropical oils which for years have sustained both the health industry as well as a number of industrial applications.
    The elite owned mainstream media were quite successful at labeling these healthy oils such as Palm and Coconut Oil as ‘ damaging’ and the American public swallowed this propaganda, hook-line-and-sinker. The truth of the matter is their contention that the above said tropical oils were ‘damaging’ couldn’t have been further from the truth.”

    “What motivated the elites to do this? Money control and population reduction. Elites knew that if they could successfully perpetuate this myth about tropical oils they would be able to create a GMO monopoly by elites for elites, to suckle from for generations. It’s this new industry that would allow them to eventually sell their genetically modified, cancer causing, vitamin and mineral robbing Corn and Soy oils”.

    p.276- 277

    “Unfortunately for men, Soy is another toxic food that affects the body in a similar fashion. More specifically, Soy stimulates the production of estrogen, also referred to as isoflavones, which instructs our bodies to store fat around our stomachs, hips, and chests”.

    “So if you’re a guy who is seeking ‘Man-Boobs’ heart disease, hypothyroidism, and sterility, keep shoveling toxic soy down your throat. Soy also contains phytic acid which has been shown to impair the absorption of all minerals, e.g., magnesium, zinc, copper, and calcium………………..”

    Interestingly Klaus Schwab’s WEF – World Economic Forum see plant based proteins as the food of the future to feed the world. How is it that I just don’t trust anything that has to do with that guy and his organisation?

    So if you are a guy and don’t want “Bitch Tit” avoid soy. But looking at the reasons why it’s being pushed, and who is behind it, then it’s even better that everyone avoids it all together.

    Put’s a whole new slant on Soy-Lent Green doesn’t it?

  197. Zelator says:

    LA PALMA False Flag Volcano Mega Tsunami In 2009 New World Order Video Game:

  198. boomie789 says:

  199. Joseph E Postma says:

    “This podcast hosted by Hügo Krüger at Odysee ( offers a candid discussion about the physical insolvency of the radiative “Greenhouse” theory, which is at the core of modern climate science and underlines all climate projections by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, The 19th-Century “Greenhouse” concept forms the basis of modern climate alarmism and provides a “justification” for pushing irrational energy policies centered upon “renewable” sources such as wind and solar power that destabilize the electric grid while unnecessarily increasing energy prices. You will learn about why and how the “Greenhouse” climate theory is physically incorrect and what really drives changes in Earth’s climate on various time scales.”

    When people finally come around to mass awareness of this, we will be here to point out that we had the basis of this entire fraud figured out long ago, and that it is literally flat Earth theory worked out into science.

  200. Zelator says:

    Been away for a short while, been able to read posts but not really had time to reply in any
    great way, so have been going back over the last week or so posts. One that caught my eye was
    the one were Andreas Noack suddenly died and setup the New Church of Zion.

    I’ve got some ideas on this one. Boomie do you have anything else to add? Will put something together and post as soon as I can. Any additional info may corroborate what I think, so post what you know. Cheers Z

  201. boomie789 says:

    The symbolism of his logo for the church of Zion is very concerning.

    Upside down triangle. The white light passing through a prism making the rainbow.

    The upside-down triangle represents the underworld and satanic influence. The light passing through the prism makes 6 colors. 6 is a HEXagon. Prisms in the real world make 7 colors. 7 is a holy number.

    So this image is full of all the bad types of symbolism and hoax codes. It’s supposed to slip right by most people but those in the know see it immediately. Letting them know what’s going on.

  202. Zelator says:

    Thanks Boomie, good observations.
    Well it represents the Goddess energy. The inverted triangle. The energy that Kleck says traps the soul in the human skin body- soul trap. It’s also the inverse of white light being refracted orthogonally to produce matter by wrapping light back in on itself.

    In the Matrix Zion was destroyed at least 5 times. It was allowed to be rebuilt to house
    humans ( Batteries) .

    Noack chose Zion for his Utopian Stronghold aka the “Matrix”. The Sentient programs allowed Zion to exist as the machines (aka the AI) needed the humans alive for energy.

    Probably he was a whistleblower insider, that had a conscience.

    But he knew by deprogramming the mind humans can live without feeding the machines.***
    By doing this they starve the machines and with reprogrammed minds build a utopia no longer allowing themselves to be enslaved by bad thinking etc.

    Zion would suggest he had Zionist handlers. He could have been wacked by the Zionists or the Illuminati ( Black Sun).
    Both have access to military hardware and software programs e.g scalar wave technology.

    For example in the Armageddon Conspiracy by Mike Hockney, they talk about the
    3rd and final battle. That being the Jews and Catholics versus the Illuminati.

    So we know that the Jews and Catholics are the Bloodline Zionists that renounce their
    religion to worship Lucifer /Satan.

    The Illuminati are the Black Sun.

    This is the battle for control of planet earth.

    ** I have info on the deprogramming

  203. Zelator says:

    Will have to do that later. However this is interesting:

    I don’t think it’s all factually correct but gives an insight as to what is going on.

  204. boomie789 says:

  205. boomie789 says:

  206. boomie789 says:

    It’s fake btw lol. caught me for a second.

  207. boomie789 says:

    He is passing him something though.

  208. J Cuttance says:

    Project Veritas rocks. The end.

  209. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Boomie789 wrote:
    “The symbolism of his logo for the church of Zion is very concerning.”

    The incoming light refracts before it ever incides upon the prism… is there special significance to that?

  210. boomie789 says:

    No. That is just the older less refined logo.

  211. Zelator says:

    I think the inverted triangle is superimposed on top of the refracted white light ( Lucifer),
    and if you shifted it to the left it would fit the refracted classic image like this:

    I think its portraying the Higgs field, the dark matter that permeates existence. Certain particles
    that come in contact with it become matter. This is Satan/Lucifers secret.

    For the electromagnetic field, the particle is the photon. For the Higgs field, it’s the Higgs boson. Gnostics said there were two universes one of matter ruled by satan and one of light ruled by the true god. Or summarised as heaven and hell.

    The higgs boson is repsonsible for gravity, relativity theory, wave-particle duality, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, Bell’s inequality theorem, quantum indeterminacy.

    Lucifer could could corrupt ordinary light, make it heavy, perishable. He could cause it to fold in on itself, to decay and ultimately he could make it solid. He spent eons experimenting, trying to create
    mass and succeeded.

    Lucifer by creating matter created time. Pure light doesnt exist in time, therefore doesnt decay. Its only the higgs field, the 5th element,the quantum field the dark matter that creates this universe of time that is the matrix.

    The higgs boson is responsible for decay over time and the non immortality imperfect matrix we live in. Should be called the Satan particle as it is everything that comes with time and decay and restriction via lwas of gravity etc.

    In the true god universe of pure uncorrupted light the soul unhindered by satans laws of gravity and materialism can fly like a plane, like superman, like on Joes space video.

    So I think this symbol and Noacks Church of Zion is a representation of this fall into matter of the human soul.

  212. Zelator says:

    When Noack was talking about reprogramming in the Telegram clip, he was probably refering to the AI in the Matrix.

    The Matrix flags you up like a christmas tree when you are getting to close to the target. Like in the Matrix they send Sentinels or “Squiddies” to attack you. Your thoughts can give you away and flash up if you are too awake. They can trigger all sorts of mind attacks, addictions, and suicial thoughts to bring you back down.

    By recognizing this programming and deciding for ourselves what we believe in, re-programming ourselves, we can free ourselves from the prison of thought and subsequent behaviour.

    So by seeing our behaviours and how they are a direct reflection of our beliefs we can change our beliefs and therefore change or behaviours and programming and therby avoid the Matrix Sentinels. See we run their programs unknowingly, but by watching and seeing yourself in action you can write down your triggers your unconscious mind steps that lead to actions that give you away.

    I have a program by Bill Harris of Centerpointe (Holosync) The Management of Evolutionary change and Life Principles Integration Process, were you identify your hidden beliefs, values, meta programs etc and change your life accordingly. You run your meta programs rather than the other
    way round.

    So with this in mind, our image of God has been completely distorted. “God’s ways are inscrutable”. God has been degraded to a maximally mysterious, inaccessible and vague being. Because our thoughts create our reality our thoughts of God also create our reality of God.

    So we have a disconnected life with our creator which is everything that Satan wants, because that is where our power lies. The fact that we are small pieces of the True God in flesh makes us unique and powerful, but we have lost the conception of all of that and believe we are insignificant
    specks in the universe. Christ Consciousness is the truth that we are more powerful than anyone would have you believe. I believe that is what Jesus came into this Matrix to tell us, to wake us up to the fact that we were tricked here, and that we are Gods angels trapped in matter. But there is salvation.

  213. Zelator says:

    So what’s this covid passport all abou? This concept of access to goods only with the mark? ( Being vaccinated).

    In Revelation 13 it’s about the mark of the beast and the financial system. Buying or selling lest you have the mark of the beast.

    The beast of Revelation 13 and 17 is the Antichrist.

    The Antichrist must be here NOW, as he will be in charge of creating the image of the beast and the mark of the beast. ( Covid Vaccine).

    The False Prophet will be recognized around the world as the pre-eminent Christian leader (of course his form of Christianity will be false) Zionist?

    So who is the false prophet?

    The Book Of Revelation Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes 2021 | Compilation:

  214. Zelator says:

    Joy Division – Day of the Lords:

    This is the room, the start of it all
    No portrait so fine, only sheets on the wall
    I’ve seen the nights, filled with bloodsport and pain
    And the bodies obtained, the bodies obtained

    Where will it End?

    These are your friends from childhood, through youth
    Who goaded you on, demanded more proof
    Withdrawal pain is hard, it can do you right in
    So distorted and thin, distorted and thin

    Where Will It End?

    This is the car at the edge of the road
    There’s nothing disturbed, all the windows are closed
    I guess you were right when we talked in the heat
    There’s no room for the weak, no room for the weak

    Where Will It End?

  215. boomie789 says:


    Fleming says the Higgs Boson is nonsense. They love making new particles to try and explain things.

  216. boomie789 says:

    It’s about control. Control of commerce and movement for sure. I highly suspect population control as well. Catherine Austin Fitts says is necessary for the digital currency system they want to implement.

    I suspect that’s why they are destroying the dollar on purpose. To implement government digital currency with a negative interest rate.

    Then they have total control of your money. No more privacy in transactions.

  217. boomie789 says:

    The symbolism stuff seems esoteric and kooky, but the elites are esoteric and kooky. The Freemasons and Kabbalist really do this occult esoteric shit. Thousands of years ago till today.

  218. boomie789 says:

    I’m just trying my best to understand them.

  219. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yes and they keep the methods completely secret, or release the methods only in insane gobbledygook that makes no sense and sounds retarded and barely works even if you figure it out. But at this point they have it technologically figured out…they likely have printed circuit boards at this point for magic, and they simply apply current and the magical intent manifests out in the real world.

    You have a lawyer you don’t like? There’s a printed circuit board for that…hit a key on the computer, apply electricity to the circuit, and out in the real world, an actor “accidentally” shoots the wife of the lawyer you hate in a most improbable set of circumstances that…that’s magic for you, real magic.

  220. Joseph E Postma says:

    Comment from YT:

    Chris Hewitt
    “Great video – Yes, get this info out to universities so kids can learn to think again! This scam needs to exposed before every city in the western world is converted into an Amish utopia. Maybe Trump’s coming social media platform will be the turning point to getting this message out there uncensored? I don’t care what anyone thinks of him, there is footage of him saying the earth isn’t heating up, it is cooling so he is well aware of this climate scam. The climate cultists have infiltrated local council here in NZ and in my city the cultists are busy removing car parks in a business district for a commie ‘laptop class’ cycleway. Hundreds of businesses signed a petition and tried to stop it but as these are the early stages of UN agenda 2030, that can’t happen, and according to the cycleway’s purple haired leader “Stopping the cycleway would be stopping environmental progress”. So it was a firm no, and now these business are losing money by the day due to lack of parking spaces.”

    “sToPpiNG EnvITonMEntAl PrOgrESs!!”

    These fn retards. This world CAN’T BE REAL. IT JUST CAN’T BE REAL! This can’t be what existence produces. This just can’t be what existence does.

    It always comes back to the Gnostics and their conviction that the only thing that this world is, is a hell.

  221. Zelator says:

    Boomie I am not particularly enamoured with the particle but more the field. Its the field that they call the Higgs field that is what is the quantum field. That is where the matrix is evolved. The God particle or whatever they want to call it is what creates reality in this matrix. You could call it a zero point, a monad, a soul however that is the inception point. It is the crossing of the Horus. Watch The voyage to Arcturus.

  222. Joseph E Postma says:

    “stopping environmental progress”

    You know that this is going to become their standard rebuke to everything…

    They will deplete the atmosphere of all CO2 under the slogan of “environmental progress”.

  223. Joseph E Postma says:

    “Watch The voyage to Arcturus.”

    Do you have a link?

  224. boomie789 says:

    Well I know for sure they want technology to predict the future, and all possible futures. Then you could use that information to do things in the present to increase the chances of manifest the desired future, to some degree of precision. That is in The Matrix, lol.

    Mind control too. I think that “mind lock” in THX 1138 is a real possibility.

    They have real cheap easy ways of assassinating people and making it look like a heart attack. The heart attack gun is public knowledge. They will use anything and any tech to increase the power differential between the two REAL classes. The “Elite” and the “slaves”, or you could maybe even say “Goyim”, which is basically just slave in another language.

    That’s ultimately what it’s all about. Increaseing the power differential. Until we are as much a threat to them as cattle are to a rancher. Or sheep to a Shepard.

  225. Wow, yes, And that’s why they have this “green” agenda now to remove the use of high technology and high energy consumption from the masses…while they have free energy tech and anti grav stuff, etc. It is like I described about the movies like Dune and Jupiter Ascending, etc.,…infinitely dominating despotisms.

  226. Zelator says:

    So Boomie how does the Matrix come into existence according to the information set out by Fleming? Its easy to deny and criticise but lets hear the argument? You are making the point, so can you explain it to us?

  227. Zelator says:

    I dont want a Fleming video but an explanation. I’m sick of videos, I want talk. Seems people talk by linking videos. Let’s get raw. What do you know? Memes? Fuck Memes… whatever happened to debate?

  228. Zelator says:

    Boomie put together all you know from Fleming and have a real discussion from your knowledge and heart rather than just posting random videos that I can’t be arsed to watch. BUT if you made an argument I would listen intently. Its up to you.

  229. boomie789 says:

    I was just sharing interesting info on the Higgs Boson zeletor since you brought it up.

    Basically all of Fleming’s arguments involve physicist ignoring the quantum field.

    I don’t really understand it well enough and have it memorized. I would just rewatch his video and regurgitate here.

    You seen the Metaverse stuff ZuckerBERG is up too? That’s seems like the beginning of the matrix.

  230. boomie789 says:

    Before You Inject Your Child

    My name is Robert Malone, and I am speaking to you as a parent, grandparent, physician and scientist. I don’t usually read from a prepared speech, but this is so important that I wanted to make sure that I get every single word and scientific fact correct.

    I stand by this statement with a career dedicated to vaccine research and development. I’m vaccinated for COVID and I’m generally pro-vaccination. I have devoted my entire career to developing safe and effective ways to prevent and treat infectious diseases.

    Before you inject your child – a decision that is irreversible – I wanted to let you know the scientific facts about this genetic vaccine, which is based on the mRNA vaccine technology I created:

    There are three issues parents need to understand:

    ● The first is that a viral gene will be injected into your children’s cells. This gene forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins. These proteins often cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs, including

    ○ Their brain and nervous system

    ○ Their heart and blood vessels, including blood clots

    ○ Their reproductive system

    ○ And this vaccine can trigger fundamental changes to their immune system

    ● The most alarming point about this is that once these damages have occurred, they are irreparable

    ○ You can’t fix the lesions within their brain

    ○ You can’t repair heart tissue scarring

    ○ You can’t repair a genetically reset immune system, and

    ○ This vaccine can cause reproductive damage that could affect future generations of your family

    ● The second thing you need to know about is the fact that this novel technology has not been adequately tested.

    ○ We need at least 5 years of testing/research before we can really understand the risks

    ○ Harms and risks from new medicines often become revealed many years later

    ● Ask yourself if you want your own child to be part of the most radical medical experiment in human history

    ● One final point: the reason they’re giving you to vaccinate your child is a lie.

    ○ Your children represent no danger to their parents or grandparents

    ○ It’s actually the opposite. Their immunity, after getting COVID, is critical to save your family if not the world from this disease

    In summary: there is no benefit for your children or your family to be vaccinating your children against the small risks of the virus, given the known health risks of the vaccine that as a parent, you and your children may have to live with for the rest of their lives.

    The risk/benefit analysis isn’t even close.

    As a parent and grandparent, my recommendation to you is to resist and fight to protect your children.

    📌 Follow and Share👇🏻

  231. Joseph E Postma says:

    Fun on my YT, from the “Just a Little Chat”:

    Godfrey Pigott
    12 days ago
    Look at that revolting POS and his failed attempt to smile to make himself look normal.

    Climate of Sophistry
    Climate of Sophistry
    3 hours ago
    haha, what, who?

    Godfrey Pigott
    Godfrey Pigott
    1 hour ago
    @Climate of Sophistry Assuming you are Postma … do you not understand basic English you revolting excuse for a human being?

    Climate of Sophistry
    Climate of Sophistry
    1 hour ago
    @Godfrey Pigott Please elaborate! Those are just words…words must have a reason behind them. You must explain why he is a revolting excuse for a human being. Please tell us why!

    Godfrey Pigott
    Godfrey Pigott
    1 hour ago
    @Climate of Sophistry Tell you what … how about you go to his website and pose as someone who disagrees with him. But do it politely – don’t attack him personally. See how you are treated, and report back to me.

    Climate of Sophistry
    Climate of Sophistry
    1 hour ago
    @Godfrey Pigott Did you get your bum spanked and hurt when you went there and said some stupid things? Does your bum still hurt?

    Tell us here: What kind of stupid things did you say at his website? Let’s examine them here and see if you having something worth talking about. If you do, we will remove all of Postma’s content from this channel.

    Climate of Sophistry
    Climate of Sophistry
    1 hour ago
    @Godfrey Pigott Did you…try to argue that the Earth is flat? Did you…try to argue that the sun averages over the entire surface of the Earth? Did you…try to argue that the Sun doesn’t heat the Earth? Did you…try to argue that heat can flow from cold to hot? Did you…try to argue that heat can be trapped?

    We’re dying to know!

    Godfrey Pigott
    Godfrey Pigott
    1 hour ago
    @Climate of Sophistry He didn’t even attempt to attack the science – only me. So what I said is not relevant to this discussion. Are you in the habit of inventing deflecting scenarios?

    Godfrey Pigott
    Godfrey Pigott
    1 hour ago
    @Climate of Sophistry But of course you ARE Postma, aren’t you.

    Climate of Sophistry
    Climate of Sophistry
    58 minutes ago
    ​ @Godfrey Pigott Just cottoning on now, Got Fried Piglet? How could a website with a YouTube channel of the same name be the same person!? Mysteries of the universe stuff I tell you.

    I checked the comments at the blog site, and look what I found: no contributions from any Got Fried Piglet anywhere. Which means that you’re an anonymous faceless troll. And trolls deserve no respect.

    Godfrey Pigott
    Godfrey Pigott
    55 minutes ago
    @Climate of Sophistry My first comment for the day reveals I had already cottoned on at the start. Why would you even attempt to look for comments you deleted, SFB?

    Godfrey Pigott
    Godfrey Pigott
    48 minutes ago
    @UCDK7p7ivYprBgjDNvYwmk5Q I don’t see a real name for you in this channel.

    Climate of Sophistry
    Climate of Sophistry
    41 minutes ago
    @Godfrey Pigott Got Fried Piglet, with the psychological projection once again! Boy, I wonder what you said to get it deleted. Must have been incredibly….you know. lol!

    Does it still hurt, Got Fried Piglet? Your sock accounts mean that much to you? Just can’t stand to face the world as yourself, and actually stand for what you troll on about? haha

    Climate of Sophistry
    Climate of Sophistry
    34 minutes ago
    @Godfrey Pigott Maybe I’ll mute you from this channel too, Got Fried Piglet. Imagine…another sock without an outlet…the horror! But what is a sock to do when it can’t face the real world and stand for the things it pretends on about!? lol

    Climate of Sophistry
    Climate of Sophistry
    32 minutes ago
    @Godfrey Pigott Tell us what you said there Got Fried Piglet. We want another laugh…it will be good for the spirits and the holidays!

    Godfrey Pigott
    Godfrey Pigott
    24 minutes ago
    @Climate of Sophistry Deleting comments again I see. It must be frustrating for you not to be able to edit other people’s comments on this forum. Don’t worry – I will be deleting this thread soon anyway.

    Climate of Sophistry
    Climate of Sophistry
    19 minutes ago
    @Godfrey Pigott Actually, youtube deletes its own comments based on analysis of content. I’ve had half a dozen replies to you deleted.

    The difference is…it just eats you up inside, but it doesn’t bother me at all, and I can solve what the YT algorithm is doing, and get around it…and you’re just…stuck, because, you know, about yourself 😉 hehe

    Climate of Sophistry
    Climate of Sophistry
    18 minutes ago
    @Godfrey Pigott Ah yes, I knew this would be you.

    “not to be able to edit other people’s comments”

    Gosh, you’re still living life eaten up about this inside! hahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahah

    Gosh…my BEST work! Like seriously…my very, very, absolute best work!

    Climate of Sophistry
    Climate of Sophistry
    16 minutes ago
    @Godfrey Pigott “”not to be able to edit other people’s comments””

    Oh my gosh…my sock got edited! My sock is the only way I have to face the world…ONE of my many, many socks! I need them all!!!

    Holy cow man…I mean really…this is my absolute best work. That was like FIVE YEARS AGO…and yet, here you are, now still.

    Gosh I do good work. I am blessed.

    Climate of Sophistry
    Climate of Sophistry
    15 minutes ago
    @Godfrey Pigott Oh no, don’t delete this thread! That would be so awful! lol!!!!

  232. Zelator says:

    Boomie I watched those videos by; Fleming very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I think I misinterpreted your post. My fault, not yours so apologies. Keep up the great research. Cheers Z.

    Joe the video “Voyage to Arcturus” is available on youtube here:

    It’s black and white, and not the one I remember viewing years ago. Its a difficult watch and the book by David Lindsay is a difficult read, but I believe it is a metaphor for the souls journey through the Higgs Field into matter, or atleast that is how I interpreted it. It can be interpreted on many different levels, and it became a cult classic.

    Here is the Book:

    And here is some extra analysis of the book and its theme:

    p.s Boomie, I haven’t really studied the Metaverse stuff of Zuckerberg, but like you say it is probably something to do with the new quantum internet, quantum financial system or Great Reset. Its using the old gesara/nesara Metatron quantum system that is the cause of all the shit in the past, so I don’t have much faith in a rogue AI to be benevolent for humanity, although on the face of it, it may appear like a God Send. This will be part of the Beast System that brings in the Antichrist, and everyone will worship it, and take the mark of the beast, which has already started.

    I agree with you that their will be a cryptocurrency, and they will crash all the current ones, including Bitcoin, which is mined in Wuhan and is part ot the human trafficing currency.

  233. Zelator says:

    Oh and also Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink will be involved in the new QFS and internet. They want to wipe the current internet, so if you have any valuable information you may want to archive it offline. Bit like burning the books during the destruction of Alexandrian Libraries.

  234. I mean it is complete comedy…all this.

  235. Boomie, is JP mimicking a certain accent!? Lol!

  236. justgivemeall says:

    You guys are so right about crypto,people that think somehow they will let things like bitcoin survive are really naive. We are definitely headed toward a crypto but it will not be one of the current type because they have no control over that,it will be one with world govt control that will be tied to your digital passport. This has been decades in the making even though when they started they didn’t realize how far technology would advance,the crypto and digital pass just fell in their evil little laps. Climate change may have started it all with the dumbing of society but it was just taking to long to convince everyone that thermodynamics were just made up theories that don’t follow their real science. I mean can you imagine convincing most of the world that climate science is different from all other science and engineering disciplines,that only climate science has a grip on real science and all other sciences and natural laws are wrong? This has been decades in the making and I can’t believe in the end how easy it was for them to pull off. People are still lining up for their third shot even though it has only been three months since their last,if this is the intelligence of the general population then it really is time for a cull of the herd.

  237. boomie789 says:

  238. boomie789 says:

    This is so much like the debate sphere on climate change. The alarmist side and the luke warmer side, but they both stand on the foundation of the “Greenhouse effect” theory.

    Now with the Covid vaccine you have the pro-covid vaccine side, and the anti- covid vaccine, but they both still stand on the foundation of germ theory.

  239. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    justgivemall wrote:
    “People are still lining up for their third shot even though it has only been three months since their last, if this is the intelligence of the general population then it really is time for a cull of the herd.”

    That is the cull. The only good news is that they’re culling their own supporters, and eventually only those who can think for themselves will be left.

    From the second-to-last email I sent to the management of my former employer… after I’d sent them emails showing the hundreds upon hundreds of times their government has surreptitiously experimented upon the general populace; proving that Pfizer had fudged their clinical trial results (which is why the FDA wants to hide the data used to approve the vaccine for 75 years); that the mRNA ‘vaccines’ were causing vascular system problems (and the mechanism of the damage done); the 20 mechanisms by which Ivermectin worked to mitigate Covid19 infection; that some of the ‘vaccine’ batches were found to be ‘contaminated’ with prions; that the mRNA in the ‘vaccines’ could undergo reverse-transcription into your DNA (turning you into a perpetual spike protein factory, with all the adverse health effects that entails); that the ‘vaccines’ could even undergo reverse-transcription into germline cells (turning your subsequent offspring into superspreaders because their bodies wouldn’t recognize Covid19 as an external threat, and turning them into virus variant factories); that the mRNA in the vaccines didn’t stay local to the injection site and cease activity within days as had been advertised, that autopsies of those killed by the ‘vaccines’ shows every single organ in the body (including the brain) producing spike proteins for months after injection because they’d used an inorganic ‘end cap’ on the vaccine mRNA that isn’t degraded like natural mRNA; that the spike proteins are prion analogs, causing a form of prion disease (there’s an outbreak of same in Canada now… they’re calling it a ‘mysterious outbreak’ of a ‘brain disease’), etc., etc., etc. They didn’t factor any of this into their decision to continue pushing the mRNA ‘vaccines’, their refusal to wait until an attenuated-virus vaccine became FDA approved and available, their decision to deny exemption for those with natural immunity, their decision to blanket-deny religious and medical accommodation for all employees… they’re liberals, they doubled-down on stupid.

    The Art Of Lethal-Dosage (LD50) Testing, As Applied To Covid19 ‘Vaccines’

    Did any of you catch this? Anyone? I did… it’s right there in the VAERS data.

    Did you hear about this from the legacy media? No?! Did any of you go outside your legacy media bubble in search of the truth? No?!

    Did even ONE of you even bother to even attempt to educate yourself about any of this? Or has scientific inquisitiveness been bred out of you in favor of bowing in obeisance to your government overlords?

    Note the linear step-wise decline in toxicity for the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ and the temporal grouping of the toxic batches… you’re a guinea pig in a worldwide experiment using untested gene-therapy ‘vaccines’, and you’re being experimented upon even today.

    But you, in your hubristic belief that you know better, deign to force this poison upon everyone, using the threat that those who are smart enough not to comply with this lemming-leap will lose their livelihoods? It is to laugh.

    Do keep in mind that the above data implies that the pharmaceutical companies can change the toxicity of the ‘vaccines’ at will and at the behest of those in power… also keep in mind that the democrats have run full-tilt toward totalitarianism and authoritarianism, which nearly always historically ends in large-scale culls… and you’ve signed on to an endless series of such ‘vaccine’ shots. You’re at the mercy of those totalitarians and authoritarians.

    Good luck playing that game of Russian Roulette.

  240. justgivemeall says:
    Lol this is a really good vid on what you are referring to,shows just how corrupt the whole thing is

  241. justgivemeall says:

    Public health in Ontario today is telling the triple jabbed to not have contact with the double jabbed until they are triple jabbed. BC is forbidding us unwashed from having private gatherings in our own homes. How can people be ok with this and not get what is going on , mass pshycosis ?

  242. Zelator says:

    Lol@KKK: Interesting and useful statistical video of clear experimental data:

    1 in 200 batches are very toxic. That’s 0.5% but that is a whole chunk of the world population.
    And that’s just the start!

    “A lesson learned is to not keep on rolling the dice”, the commentator says to those who had no adverse reation to their 1st or second jab. And that’s what it is, a lottery,a blind experimental study.

    What I would be interested to know is are these batches zonal specific, like sales companies use, based on the wealth, education and political leanings, amongst other things. We all have a code usually based on a geographical area ( post/zip codes) that indicates insurance risk areas and other malelavent factors, but do we really know how much they drill down into these data zones to pinpoint certain people. It could be the aged, the disabled, the unemployed, the radical, even based on religion and racial grounds. The mark of the beast of course will keep track of all that to reduce numbers to those they allow/choose to survive.

    For example in the UK :

    The Acorn Consumer Clasiification.

    The 18 Acorn groups are used as explanatory variables within the UK HPI regression, these are;
    lavish lifestyle.
    executive wealth.
    mature money.
    city sophisticates.
    career climbers.
    countryside communities.
    successful suburbs.
    steady neighbourhoods.

    Demographic segmentation refers to the categorization of consumers into segments based on their
    demographic characteristics. This includes variables such as age, gender, income, education, religion, nationality etc.

    Back to the video, and it seems in the USA that the companies are working together in the rollout experiment, as the graphs show Pfizer, Moderna and the Johnson and Johnson Janssen vaccines
    running in sequential order so as to collate data for the experiment.

    Carefully compartentalised deployment of each companies vaccine so that They dont overlap and spoil the stats.

    I would expect the same graphs for the UK ad elsewhere where our two main vacc providers are Pfizer and Moderna. Pfizer seems the more deadly one.

    looking at these results and patterns its exactly the data you would expect with a carefully planned experiment.

    I worked in tropical medicine were they deployed LD50 ( lethal dose 50%) to mice using snake venom, and the resulting experiments were all levels of survival right up to complete death and hemorrhaging. The unlucky mice that got the 50% dose had no chance and died almost
    instantaneusly with horrific results. It’s one the reasons I left medicine.

    In a world where the elite are dedicated to reduce the world population of useless eaters they have now begun their cull, I used the figures.
    I’ve been aware of this website for 7 or 8 years. What brought it to my attention was an article online about population reduction. The website is a sort of private intelligence organization for the US government, which provides news and information on international military aviation and weaponry, GDP and advanced technologies.

    However they removed the stats in march 2020. Coincidnce?
    I had links I saved from the archive machine showing massive world population reduction prediction figures , but they have even somehow got to the system and deleted them from there.

    However here is a pdf that recorded them before they were taken down:

    Click to access The%20Rider%20on%20the%20White%20Horse%20Deagel%20Projections%20and%20Vaccine%20Choices.pdf

    I got that from here:

    Interestingly only last week the UN unveiled it’s new staue:

    Any resemblance? Check the pdf.

  243. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    justgivemeall wrote:
    Lol this is a really good vid on what you are referring to,shows just how corrupt the whole thing is”

    Oohh, that prompted another email to the management at my former employer…

    Just to reiterate how wrong you were in pushing the mRNA gene-therapy ‘vaccines’ to the exclusion of attenuated-virus vaccines, your denial of natural immunity exemption, your denial of religious and medical accommodation…

    Note specifically that Pfizer:

    1) used inadequate control groups in their study (they used unexposed and inoculated people, unexposed and not inoculated people… and they didn’t use exposed and inoculated people, nor did they use exposed and not inoculated people)

    2) unblinded their study early

    3) hasn’t finished Phase III trials (and won’t until 2023)

    4) used relative risk metrics rather than absolute risk metrics

    5) didn’t track biomarkers (D-Dimer for clotting issues; C-reactive protein for inflammation; troponins for cardiac damage; occludin and claudin for barrier permeability; blood oxygen levels for hypoxia; amyloid-beta and phosphorylated tau for predisposition to Alzheimer’s; Serum HMBG1, CXCL13, Dickkopf-1 for autoimmune disease, etc.)

    6) DID NOT EVEN TEST ALL TRIAL PARTICIPANTS FOR COVID19! They left it up to the researchers to say whether a person had Covid19 or not, without testing, so they completely missed asymptomatic infections and introduced subjectivity into the study. Subjectivity is not science! This alone, in a rational world, would invalidate the study.

    7) used incorrect clinical endpoints (they should have used all-cause mortality rather than Covid19 test positivity… you’ll note from my prior emails that the ‘vaccines’ are killing two people to save one life if one considers the ‘vaccines’ to be 100% efficacious… of course, we know they’re not, so that’s even worse for the ‘vaccines’)

    8) had massive amounts of missing data due to not following up with trial participants. So what did they assume for those trial participants they’d lost contact with? That they’d had a positive outcome! Those people could have died en masse from the ‘vaccine’ for all they know!

    9) had an adolescent trail which wasn’t even designed to find adverse events because it was too small… a serious adverse event which only shows up in 1 out of 800 people might not even show up in a sample of only 1005 trial participants… but there were indeed serious adverse events… 86% of adolescent trail participants experienced an adverse event from the first dose, that number rising to 92% for their second dose… and there was at least one serious adverse event (Maddie de Garay, who is now wheelchair bound, paralyzed and fed via a tube… Pfizer classified her reaction to the ‘vaccine’ as ‘functional abdominal pain’).

    10) hid additional deaths due to the ‘vaccine’ after unblinding their study

    11) misclassified symptoms from the mRNA ‘vaccines’ (specifically Maddie de Garay above)

    12) used people in the study who weren’t representative of the general population (they attempted to use the young and healthy in their trial, then immediately after emergency use authorization of their ‘vaccine’, began giving it to the elderly and unhealthy)

    13) used people in their study who predominantly didn’t have comorbidities (whereas 95% of people who’ve died from the ‘vaccines’ have had comorbidities)

    14) excluded a long list of comorbidities from their study (the same comorbidities which are contributing to death from the ‘vaccines’)

    15) excluded a long list of pre-existing health conditions from their study

    16) manipulated their efficacy data, mixing in the results from the adolescent trial with the results from the adult trial, giving a false boost to the efficacy numbers. The efficacy wanes over time, by their mixing in results from a trial that started 4 months after the adult trial, they made it seem like the efficacy lasted longer than it actually does.

    17) and still KILLED MORE PEOPLE THAN THE PLACEBO. Think about that… the ‘vaccines’ kill more people than DOING NOTHING. Pfizer proved this in their trial results.

    And you gullibly bought into all of it. A true manager would have done their research and protected their employees, but not you! No, sir, not you. You CYA, protected your job, bowed in obeisance to your government overlords, ducked and covered… you wouldn’t stand up for your employees if their lives depended upon it. And it does.

    Wonder why the FDA is attempting to hide from public view (for 75 years) the data they used to approve the Pfizer Covid19 ‘vaccine’? Now you know.

    The question is… what are you going to do about it? Continue to bow down to medical tyranny with a profit motive, or stand up and protect your employees? The choice is yours. And do remember, choices have consequences.

  244. justgivemeall says:

    It truly is unbelievable what is going on in full view and the general public will just not wake up. Good o you LOL for taking a stand against your all to compliant employer. Can any of us even imagine the lawsuits when all this ends,it will drive more business out of business than covid.

  245. MP says:


  246. CD Marshall says:

    Another abhorrent spin doctor under my comment. Why abhorrent when he sounds so sincere? ‘Cause I know these guys are full of sh**. If you are smart enough to understand the science (as in you work in science), you are smart enough to know when you are not practicing the science.

  247. CD Marshall says:

    I was chatting with a UV expert, he makes UV detectors, he pointed out an interesting clarification for upper atmospheric warming. UV does not actually heat the upper atmosphere it provides the W that causes it.

    Just another thing climate science never explains.

  248. justgivemeall says:

    Good one Boomie,it’s amazing what passes for intelligence today. They will call these kites sails one day

  249. Zelator says:

    I managed to find an archive of the Deagel population forcasts for 2025:

    Here is an example forecast for Thursday, March 21, 2019, forcast for the year 2025:

    Read the comment below the table by scrolling down.

    They stop showing the forecast figures in 2021/

    The UK figures are on page 2

    The figures are roughly the same as in the pdf I linked in my previous post.

  250. Boomie says:

    Is this the next part of the Beast System? The Saviour Program run by the White Hat Alliance?

    Apparently the USA has been under martial law since Trump signed into power the Insurrection Act just before he appeared to leave office. The USA has been being run by the Military and the Secret Space Program headed by General Hyten.

    The Alliance or White Hats is/was composed of President Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi, White Hats in the Department of Defense headed by Secretary of Defense Chris Miller, Undersecretary of Defense Intel Ezra Cohen Watnick and Gen. Michael T Flynn, Q force
    (composed of around 800 special ops who advise President Trump including Pentagon Generals Vice Chief John Hyten, Gen. James McConville, Adm. Michael Gilday, Gen. C.Q. Brown, Gen. Paul Nakasone and Gen. Jay Raymond),
    QAnons (volunteer Patriots headed by Ezra Cohen-Watnick, General Flynn), the National Security Agency headed by our present Acting US President Richard Grenell who, with the US under Martial Law, was running military operations in Washington DC and various militaries across the globe, including the international force authorized to make arrests in any country, Interpol.

    This all sounds ridiculous but lets be honest Clown World is in full flow. If this is what transpires as part of the Saviour Program, there is a good chance this could be a sucker punch, and the suckers will suck it up with glee.

    Most of those Alliance are Black Sun. If they are doing something good for humanity there must be a gain in it for them, as they have souls ( if they have souls at all) that lack empathy.

    I really hope I’m wrong about all this, and that there really is a new Golden Age for humanity on the horizon, but I have reservations; I dont know about you, would you swallow this hook line and sinker? Boomie made some valuable points about Q a while back.

    This however would also fit in with the armageddon conspiracy llan of unfolding Revelation and the introduction of the Antichrist Beast System, were everyone would worship the false prophet, the Pope would become the son of perdition and the Antichrist would rule with the blessing of the vast majority of the world population:

    Part 1 here:

    and here is a more detailed explanation than mine by the author of the video Michael Salla:

    Make of it what you will. I am just reporting what evidence I have acquired.

    Cheers Z

  251. Zelator says:

    Joe could you have a look in your moderation queue when you get a chance please, I have a post gone in there.


  252. Zelator says:

    That’s weird WordPress is playing up again. It went into moderation,then said on my screen:
    Boomie says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after it has been approved.
    2021/12/20 at 12:02 PM

    Sorry Boomie seems something is fucked up lol.

  253. Yes I approved the one that said it was boomie but it was yours…wierd

  254. Zelator says:

    It changed one of my video clips to one by MP as well a few days ago. I think WordPress is ill lol.

  255. boomie789 says:

    @Postma and Zelator

    That’s weird lol

  256. J Cuttance says:

    I got outed as a science denier on wuwt’s piece on the snows of Kilamanjaro.
    You’d reckon they’d come up with proof, some field or laboratory experiment, that backed their position up.

  257. J Cuttance says:

    Here’s his angle…”The greenhouse effect, which is almost entirely due to water vapor, is a real thing. Energy from molecules radiating goes in all directions independent of the temperature of the objects that happen to be in the path. So radiation energy from a relatively cold object does impinge on objects that are relatively warmer. That doesn’t heat those objects because the warmer objects are radiating more energy in the other direction. It only slows the rate of cooling.

    Because the hotter object radiates more, the flow of heat is always from hot to cold”

  258. boomie789 says:

    @J Cuttance

    Why not just say the atmosphere is a medium and the energy flows through it causing a heat gradient? How much the molecules in the atmosphere get excited is due to the adiabatic gradient and pressure.

    Something like that. The whole slowed cooling argument seems pointless and intentionally confusing.

  259. boomie789 says:


    “The majority can override the rights of the minority.”

    Yes, except in every other case where decency might be involved, then the minority can absolutely run the country.

  261. justgivemeall says:

    If you can imagine this idiot saying this as if that would matter. We are now looking for loopholes. I’ve said it before and I will say it again people get the govts they deserve. This is just insanity people, when will they wake up. People I’ve known my whole life that I thought were sane have proven otherwise and gone for their third shot? This is the very definition of insanity. Maybe if the general public are this stupid we can look at a quick end to it all. Take more poison die sooner to save yourself. We now truly live in clown world

  262. justgivemeall says:

    It’s amazing in two or three years since I first found this site how the conversation has changed almost 180. From back radiation to slowed cooling. That is the definition of what an atmosphere does. Insulation slows cooling and slows warming no real mystery. It’s a,most like we have given up on cold warming hot because after all that really is a stupid argument. I really commend Joe and all his followers for sticking with this. Cheers to all.

  263. SamMich says:

    “ It’s amazing in two or three years since I first found this site how the conversation has changed almost 180. From back radiation to slowed cooling.”

    This does make a good point. It really demonstrates the lack of logical consistency of the climate “science” position.

  264. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    J Cuttance wrote:
    “Here’s his angle… {snip}”

    I attempted to reply to that, but ever since I proved physicist Bob Wentworth, Willis Eschenbach and one other physicist I can’t remember the name of wrong about their take on radiative energetic exchange, they tend to not let my comments through moderation… we’ll see if the one I left makes it through.

    Here it is:
    Your take on radiative energetic exchange is a throwback to the Prevost Theory of Exchanges from 1791. It postulated that an object’s radiant exitance relied only upon the internal state of that object. It was reliant upon Caloric Theory. Both Caloric Theory and Prevost’s Principle have been thrown on the midden heap of scientific history.

    Your take on radiative energetic exchange would mean that for a cavity at thermodynamic equilibrium, the cavity walls would be emitting and absorbing radiation, which would double the energy density in the cavity space which we calculate from Stefan’s Law. In reality at thermodynamic equilibrium, the system reaches a quiescent state where no emission nor absorption takes place.

    That’s why entropy doesn’t change for a system in thermodynamic equilibrium… your take on radiative energetic exchange would have to either claim that entropy does change at thermodynamic equilibrium, or that radiative energetic exchange is an idealized reversible process… both of which we know are not true.

    “Trust the science!”, they say… “The science is settled!”, they say… yeah, well, even physicists are wrong sometimes, and the climate activists in white lab coats masquerading as climatologists (which we know as climastrologists) are seemingly intentionally so, seemingly paid to be so in order to push a leftist narrative.

    Here’s a modern example of a physicist being wrong. He lost a $10,000 bet.

    We’re losing our rights and freedoms. Object lesson: Don’t be wrong.

    Carnot erred in assuming that heat is never consumed as work; Clausius in his first memoir erred in attributing ‘heat’ to the energy density of an object (‘heat’ is definitionally an energy flux, ‘temperature’ is a measure of energy density); Kirchhoff in formulating his original version of Kirchhoff’s Law used the term ’emissivity’ when he actually meant ’emissive power’; and Planck erred in clinging to a long-debunked radiative model, and his follow-on assumptions stemming from that led to his treating real-world (graybody) objects as though they radiatively emit willy-nilly without regard to the energy density gradient.

    Planck correctly stated:

    Conduction of heat depends on the temperature of the medium in which it takes place, or more strictly speaking, on the non-uniform distribution of the temperature in space, as measured by the temperature gradient.

    Do remember that temperature is equal to the fourth root of energy density divided by Stefan’s Constant… temperature is a measure of energy density.

    In other words, Planck correctly stated that energy can only flow (the definition of heat) via conduction if there is a temperature (and therefore an energy density) gradient.

    Where Planck erred is in his clinging to the Prevost Theory Of Exchanges (and its core tenet, the Prevost Principle) in regard to radiative energy, which led him to eschew scientific reality (that energy only flows if there is an energy density gradient), to wit:

    But the empirical law that the emission of any volume-element depends entirely on what takes place inside of this element holds true in all cases (Prevost’s principle).

    The long-debunked Prevost Theory of Exchanges (first replaced by the Kinetic Theory of Heat, then by Quantum Thermodynamics) assumed that energy flowed without regard to energy density gradient, because only an object’s internal state determined radiant exitance. This led Planck to make the further incorrect assumption in keeping with the Prevost Theory of Exchanges:

    We shall now introduce the further simplifying assumption that the physical and chemical condition of the emitting substance depends on but a single variable, namely, on its absolute temperature T.

    He correctly stated that energy transfer via conduction was predicated upon there being an energy density gradient, but for radiative energetic exchange, he clung to the Prevost Principle (core tenet of the Prevost Theory of Exchanges, a long-debunked hypothesis from 1791 which was predicated upon the long-debunked Caloric Theory and which postulated that radiant exitance of an object was solely determined by that object’s internal state, thus that energy could flow willy-nilly without regard to energy density gradient).

    Except the Prevost Principle would only work for an idealized blackbody object, and they don’t actually exist… they’re idealizations. And the object would have to be in an isolated system, and they don’t actually exist… they’re idealizations.

    A graybody object’s radiant exitance isn’t solely determined by that object’s internal state, as the S-B equation plainly shows:

    q = ε σ (T_h^4 – T_c^4) A_h

    The ‘A_h’ term is merely a multiplier, used if one is calculating for an area larger than unity [for instance: >1 m^2], which converts the result from radiant exitance (W m-2, radiant flux per unit area) to radiant flux (W).

    Temperature is equal to the fourth root of energy density divided by Stefan’s Constant (ie: the radiation constant).

    e = T^4 a
    a = 4σ/c
    e = T^4 4σ/c
    T = 4^√e/(4σ/c)
    T^4 = e/(4σ/c)

    Since we’re using the Kelvin temperature scale, which has its base at 0 K, we can calculate temperature (and thus energy density) as above. Energy density at 0 K is zero, thus temperature at zero energy density is, of course, 0 K.

    q = ε σ (T^4_h – T^4_c)

    ∴ q = ε σ ((e_h / (4σ / c)) – (e_c / (4σ / c))) A_h

    Canceling units, we get J sec-1 m-2, which is W m-2 (1 J sec-1 = 1 W).
    W m-2 = W m-2 K-4 * (Δ(J m-3 / (W m-2 K-4 / m sec-1)))

    ∴ q = (ε c (e_h – e_c)) / 4

    Canceling units, we get J sec-1 m-2, which is W m-2 (1 J sec-1 = 1 W).
    W m-2 = (m sec-1 (ΔJ m-3)) / 4

    For graybody objects, it is the energy density differential between warmer object and cooler object which determines warmer object radiant exitance. The climate loons misinterpret the S-B radiant exitance equation for graybody objects. Warmer objects don’t absorb radiation from cooler objects (a violation of 2LoT in the Clausius Statement sense and Stefan’s Law); the lower energy density gradient between warmer and cooler objects (as compared to between warmer object and 0 K) lowers radiant exitance of the warmer object (as compared to its radiant exitance if it were emitting to 0 K). The energy density differential between objects manifests an energy density gradient, each surface’s energy density manifesting a proportional radiation pressure.

    Thus, the climastrologists cling to the long-debunked Prevost Principle (whether they know it or not… and if they don’t know it, then they really have no business being anywhere near anything related to science) when they claim that energy can radiatively flow without regard to energy density gradient… and that leads to all manner of unscientific drivelry… ‘backradiation’, ‘Global Warming Potential’, ‘carbon footprint’, the incorrect usage of the S-B equation in the K-T diagram and even in instruments such as pyrgeometers and FTIR spectrometers, and ultimately in their core narrative: CAGW.

    It is all based upon mathematical fraudery, none of it is correct, none of it is physical, none of it is scientific. CAGW is nothing but a complex mathematics-based scam. It is little more than a rigged mathematical game of thimblerig, and few are quick-witted enough to catch the climastrologists palming the pea as they shuffle the thimbles.

    1) The climate loons are, as usual, provably diametrically opposite to reality.

    The climate loons misuse the S-B equation, using the form meant for idealized blackbody objects upon graybody objects:
    q = σ T^4
    … and slapping ε onto that (sometimes) …
    q = ε σ T^4

    Their misuse of the S-B equation inflates radiant exitance far above what it actually is for all graybody objects, necessitating that they carry that error forward through their calculations and cancel it on the back end, essentially subtracting a wholly-fictive ‘cooler to warmer’ energy flow from the real (but calculated incorrectly and thus far too high) ‘warmer to cooler’ energy flow… which leads especially scientifically-illiterate climate loons to conclude that energy actually can flow ‘cooler to warmer’ (a violation of 2LoT and Stefan’s Law).

    The S-B equation for graybody objects isn’t meant to be used to subtract a fictive ‘cooler to warmerenergy flow from the incorrectly-calculated and thus too high ‘warmer to coolerenergy flow, it’s meant to be used to subtract cooler object energy density (temperature is a measure of energy density, the fourth root of energy density divided by Stefan’s constant) from warmer object energy density. Radiant exitance of the warmer object is predicated upon the energy density gradient.

    Their problem, however, is that their take on radiative energetic exchange necessitates that at thermodynamic equilibrium, objects are furiously emitting and absorbing radiation (this is brought about because they claim that objects emit only according to their temperature (rather than according to the energy density gradient), thus for objects at the same temperature in an environment at the same temperature, all would be furiously emitting and absorbing radiation), and they’ve forgotten about entropy… if the objects (and the environment) are furiously emitting and absorbing radiation at thermodynamic equilibrium as their insane take on reality must claim, why does entropy not change?

    The second law states that there exists a state variable called entropy S. The change in entropy (ΔS) is equal to the energy transferred (ΔQ) divided by the temperature (T).

    ΔS = ΔQ / T

    Only for reversible processes does entropy remain constant. Reversible processes are idealizations. All real-world processes are irreversible.

    The climastrologists claim that energy can flow from cooler to warmer because they cling to the long-debunked Prevost Principle, which states that an object’s radiant exitance is dependent only upon that object’s internal state, and thus they treat real-world graybody objects as though they’re idealized blackbody objects via:
    q = σ T^4
    … thus the climate loons claim that all objects emit radiation if they are above 0 K. In reality, idealized blackbody objects emit radiation if they are above 0 K, whereas graybody objects emit radiation if their temperature is greater than 0 K above the ambient.

    But their blather means that in an environment at thermodynamic equilibrium, all objects (and the ambient) would be furiously emitting and absorbing radiation, but since entropy doesn’t change at thermodynamic equilibrium, the climastrologists must claim that radiative energy transfer is a reversible process.

    Except radiative energy transfer is an irreversible process, which destroys their blather. In reality, at thermodynamic equilibrium, no energy flows, which is why entropy doesn’t change.

    All idealized blackbody objects above absolute zero emit radiation. Idealized blackbody objects do not emit (nor absorb) according to the energy density gradient. Idealized blackbody objects don’t actually exist, they’re idealizations.

    Real-world graybody objects with a temperature greater than zero degrees above their ambient emit radiation. Graybody objects emit (and absorb) according to the energy density gradient.

    It’s right there in the S-B equation, which the climate loons fundamentally misunderstand:

    They cite Clausius out of context… Clausius was discussing a cyclical process by which external energy did work to return the system to its original state (for irreversible processes), or which returned to its original state because it is an idealized reversible process… except idealized reversible processes don’t exist. They’re idealizations. All real-world processes are irreversible processes, including radiative energy transfer, because radiative energy transfer is an entropic temporal process.

    If your theory is found to be against the second law of thermodynamics I can give you no hope; there is nothing for it but to collapse in deepest humiliation. – Arthur Eddington: The Nature of the Physical World. (1929)

    Their mathematical fraudery is what led to their ‘energy can flow willy-nilly without regard to energy density gradient‘ narrative (in their keeping with the long-debunked Prevost Principle), which led to their ‘backradiation‘ narrative, which led to their ‘CAGW‘ narrative, all of it definitively, mathematically, scientifically proven to be fallacious.

    2) CO2 isn’t a ‘global warming’ gas… it acts as a net atmospheric radiative coolant at all altitudes except a negligible warming at the tropopause.

    That’s from an atmospheric research scientist at NASA JPL.

    That’s adapted from the Clough and Iacono study, Journal Of Geophysical Research, Vol. 100, No. D8, Pages 16,519-16,535, August 20, 1995.

    Note that the Clough & Iacono study is for the atmospheric radiative cooling effect, so positive numbers at right are cooling, negative numbers are warming.

    Gee… adding more of the predominant upper-atmospheric radiative coolant causes more emitters per unit volume, which causes more emission per unit volume, which causes more emission to space, which causes a larger loss of energy from the system known as ‘Earth’, which causes cooling… who knew? LOL

    It is the monoatomics and homonuclear diatomics which are the actual ‘greenhouse’ gases… remember that an actual greenhouse works by hindering convection.

    Monoatomics (Ar) have no vibrational mode quantum states, and thus cannot emit (nor absorb) IR. Homonuclear diatomics (O2, N2) have no net magnetic dipole and thus cannot emit (nor absorb) IR unless that net-zero magnetic dipole is perturbed via collision.

    In an atmosphere consisting of solely monoatomics and diatomics, the atoms / molecules could pick up energy via conduction by contacting the surface, just as the polyatomics do; they could convect just as the polyatomics do… but once in the upper atmosphere, they could not as effectively radiatively emit that energy, the upper atmosphere would warm, lending less buoyancy to convecting air, thus hindering convection… and that’s how an actual greenhouse works, by hindering convection.

    The environmental lapse rate would necessitate that the surface also warms, given that the lapse rate is ‘anchored’ at TOA (that altitude at which the atmosphere effectively becomes transparent to any given wavelength of radiation).

    The surface would also have to warm because that ~76.2% of energy…

    … which is currently removed from the surface via convection and evaporation would have to be removed nearly solely via radiation (there would be some collisional perturbation of N2 and O2, and thus some emission in the atmosphere)…. and a higher radiant exitance implies a higher surface temperature.

    The chance of any N2 or O2 molecule colliding with water vapor is ~3% on average in the troposphere, and for CO2 it’s only ~0.0415%. Logic dictates that as atmospheric concentration of CO2 increases, the likelihood of N2 or O2 colliding with it also increases, and thus increases the chance that N2 or O2 can transfer its translational and / or vibrational mode energy to the vibrational mode energy of CO2, which can then shed that energy to space via radiative emission. (And yes, t-v and v-v collisional processes do occur from N2 to CO2… if you doubt me, I can post the maths and studies which prove it.)

    Thus, common sense dictates that the thermal energy of the ~95.94 – 99.74% (depending upon humidity) of the atmosphere which cannot effectively radiatively emit (N2, O2, Ar) must be transferred to the so-called ‘greenhouse gases’ (CO2 being a lesser contributor below the tropopause and the largest contributor above the tropopause, water vapor being the main contributor below the tropopause) which can radiatively emit and thus shed that energy to space.

    So can anyone explain how increasing the concentration of the major radiative coolant gases (H2O, CO2) in the atmosphere (and thus increasing the likelihood that Ar, N2 and O2 will transfer their energy to those radiative coolant gases and then out to space via radiative emission) will result in more ‘heat trapping’, causing global warming? I thought not.

    3) Water vapor isn’t a ‘global warming’ gas… it acts as a literal refrigerant (in the strict ‘refrigeration cycle’ sense) below the tropopause.

    You know, the refrigeration cycle (Earth) [A/C system]:

    A liquid evaporates at the heat source (the surface) [in the evaporator], it is transported (convected) [via an A/C compressor], it emits radiation to the heat sink and undergoes phase change (emits radiation in the upper atmosphere, the majority of which is upwelling owing to the mean free path length / altitude / air density relation) [in the condenser], it is transported (falls as rain or snow) [via that A/C compressor], and the cycle repeats.

    That’s kind of why, after all, the humid adiabatic lapse rate (~3.5 to ~6.5 K / km) is lower than the dry adiabatic lapse rate (~9.81 K / km).

    The effective emission height is ~5.105 km. That also happens to be where atmospheric pressure is 1/2 that at sea level, which isn’t a coincidence.

    7 – 13 µm: >280 K (near-surface).
    .>17 µm: ~260 – ~240 K (~5km in the troposphere).
    13 – 17 µm: ~220 K (near the tropopause).

    The emission profile is equivalent to a BB with a temperature of 255 K, and thus an effective emission height of 5.105 km.

    The lapse rate is said to average ~6.5 K / km. 6.5 K / km * 5.105 km = 33.1825 K. That is not the ‘greenhouse effect’, it’s the tropospheric lapse rate. The climate loons have conflated the two.

    Polyatomic molecules (CO2, H2O) reduce the adiabatic lapse rate (ALR), not increase it (dry ALR: ~9.81 K / km; humid ALR: ~3.5 to ~6.5 K / km) by dint of their higher specific heat capacity and/or latent heat capacity convectively transiting more energy (as compared to the monoatomics and homonuclear diatomics), thus attempting to reduce temperature differential with altitude, while at the same time radiatively cooling the upper atmosphere faster than they can convectively warm it… they increase thermodynamic coupling between heat source and sink… they are coolants.

    9.81 K / km * 5.105 km = 50.08005 K (dry adiabatic lapse rate, due to homonuclear diatomics and monoatomics), which would give a surface temperature of 255 + 50.08005 = 305.08005 K. Sans CO2, that number would be even higher.

    Water vapor (primarily) reduces that to 272.8675 K – 288.1825 K, depending upon humidity. Other polyatomics (CO2) contribute to cooling, to a lesser extent. The higher the concentration of polyatomics, the more vertical the lapse rate, the cooler the surface.

    Also remember: the atmosphere is stable as long as actual lapse rate is less than ALR… and a greater concentration of polyatomic molecules reduces ALR… thus convection increases.

    That’s kind of why, after all, CO2 isn’t used as a filler gas in double-pane windows… if it was such a terrific ‘heat trapping’ gas, it’d be used as such. It’s not. Low DOF, low specific heat capacity monoatomics generally are.

    4) Empirical examples:

    In fact, the Kiehl-Trenberth diagram…

    … does exactly as I stated… it treats a real-world (graybody) surface as if it were an idealized blackbody object, with emission to 0 K ambient and ε = 1. That’s the only way that diagram can get to 390 W m-2 surface radiant exitance.

    That’s proof-positive that they’ve misused the S-B equation to fit their narrative. Had they used the actual emissivity, they couldn’t have arrived at 390 W m-2 (see below), and had they used the proper form of the S-B equation for graybody objects, they’d not have even gotten close to 390 W m-2 (see below).

    Their use of the wrong formula increases radiant exitance of graybody objects far above what it actually is:

    … which necessitates that they carry those incorrect values through their calculation and subtract a fictional ‘cooler to warmer‘ energy flow from the real (but calculated incorrectly and thus too high) ‘warmer to cooler‘ energy flow.

    Thus, some of the loons come to believe that energy actually can flow ‘cooler to warmer‘ (the basis of their ‘backradiation‘ blather). This violates 2LoT in the Clausius Statement sense… energy cannot flow from lower energy density to higher energy density without external energy doing work upon the system to push that energy against the energy gradient. Do remember that a warmer object will have higher energy density at all wavelengths than a cooler object.

    The equation for the radiation energy density is Stefan’s Law and a is Stefan’s constant.
    e = aT^4

    ∴ T = 4^√(e/a)

    In other words, temperature is equal to the fourth root of energy density divided by Stefan’s constant. It is a measure of energy density.

    Keep in mind that Stefan’s constant above equals 4σ/c (which is sometimes known as the radiation constant),.

    Which is why: U = T^4 4σ/c
    The above formula is the Stefan-Boltzmann relation between energy density and temperature.

    This agrees with Planck’s Law: ρ(T) = aT^4 = T^4 4σ/c.

    The S-B equation integrates Planck’s Radiation Formula (which calculates the energy density for a given wavelength) over all wavelengths.

    F = U – TS
    F = Helmholtz Free Energy
    U = internal energy
    T = absolute temp
    S = final entropy
    TS = energy the object can receive from the environment

    If U > TS, F > 0… energy must flow from object to environment.
    If U = TS, F = 0… no energy can flow to or from the object.
    If U < TS, F < 0… energy must flow from environment to object.

    U = T^4 4σ/c
    The above formula is the Stefan-Boltzmann relation between energy density and temperature.

    If ΔU = 0, then (ΔU * c/4σ) = 0, thus no energy can flow.

    U has the same physical units as pressure (J m-3) and U ∝ T. That is radiation pressure, which sets up the energy density gradient.

    Free energy is defined as the capacity to do work. If U = TS, p_photon = u/3 = p_object, energy cannot flow because no work can be done. Helmholtz Free Energy is zero. Photon chemical potential is zero.

    So in the real world, the energy density gradient determines radiant exitance, energy does not flow willy-nilly without regard to energy density gradient and 2Lot applies always and everywhere.

    One can use electrical theory to come to the same conclusion…

    Image of circuit simulator:

    Circuit simulator:

  265. It has become clear to me that we are facing some sort of “other order” of opponent on this issue. It’s not merely humans who are alarmed and scared and want to do the right thing but are bad at science…this is not it at all. When we have what I’ve shown them and you all, and they double-down, there is an entirely different thing going on, of a totally different qualitative order…an entirely different framework, a wholly separate way of thinking and set of parameters and goal therein. It is enough to establish a complete state of “analysis paralysis”.

    But what we can do is look at the consequences of their beliefs and their actions, and then extrapolate backwards from there. The consequences of vilification and burying CO2 is the final and total extinction of life on earth. Sounds extreme, but that’s what their policy taken to its limit produces, as absurd as it sounds; that’s the conclusion. Especially if you combine that with their refusal to acknowledge such basic facts as I’ve been demonstrating, which thwarts that conclusion from occurring.

    And so: who would have such an interest in bringing that conclusion about, and why?

    Well, we can’t actually say who or why (although we can only state what is). To begin to probe who and why, one immediately confronts possibilities beyond normal discourse, immediately within religious, esoteric, occult, science-fictional realms, etc. Whatever it is of the possibilities, perhaps it doesn’t matter so much as at least acknowledging their final goal.

    Clearly though, we face a coordinated opponent, it is clear that they see us, but we cannot see them…not physically that is. We CAN, however, “see” them in their policies, and who actively supports their policies…this identifies our opponent very clearly indeed. And their policies are quite uniformly and consistently destructive to life, to human genetics in particular, and in all cases are predicated in sophistry, lies, and clown world BS.

    A pattern then emerges which begins to orbit around a specific group of “people” quite well-known historically to be a source of problems for any civilization of our historical record. One begins to seek an answer as to their origin, when they arrived here, and what their purpose is here.

    No one knows me this well…but, I’ve gone the full depth into the esoteric and occult to get the answer. With trusted assistance. We’ve talked to the Demiurge directly, also to the ONE mind singularly the great Monad of monads, various alien collectives, etc.

    They, our opponents, are called “Zetas”. They’ve destroyed many planets before ours. They extract energy out of a planet and its negentropic biological structures as they entropically degrade and destroy them. They’re millions of years more advanced than us, and know exactly what they’re doing. They wear flesh suits, and they also use flesh-suit AI’s which they program to add support to their destructive intrigues…the NPC’s which many of us have noticed that we live with. They will ride it out for 10,000 years if they have to…they don’t merely “nuke from orbit”, rather, they “eat” until there’s nothing left to eat. They will raise civilizations partially but just to a point at which it can be eaten down again; eventually the garden is depleted.

    We are 100% defenseless against them in terms of technology, warfare, intelligence, etc. But at this level it is not merely physical but there is a possibly more powerful “spiritual” component to the fight as well if you want to call it that.

    ONE and the Demiurge have allowed the Zetas to continue with their evolved method of existence, destroying many planets. At this point, though, the Zetas are basically a Mexican drug cartel that has no limit to its depravity, and, humanity in comparison is a toddler, and the cartel is stabbing it in the face while addicting it to cocaine, etc.


  266. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    If only there were a way of extracting energy from a universe-wide pool of maximally-entropied energy, some way of utilizing a geometric arrangement of atoms to concentrate that energy, capture it by artificially lowering the orbital radius of those atoms’ bound electrons, put that energy to use, then allow that energy to subsume back into that universe-wide pool of maximally-entropied energy, a bit more entropied, hastening the heat death of the universe by an immeasurably minute fraction of a second, but with no other adverse effects. The bound electrons would reattain their usual orbital radius by getting energy from that universe-wide pool of maximally-entropied energy.

    Oh… wait… there is. Think about it… what is the quantum vacuum if not the ground state? Why do bound electrons not spiral-in to the oppositely-charged nucleal proton(s)? Why do they have a ground state? What are permanent magnets but a geometric arrangement of atoms? What is the energy of a bound electron predicated upon and from where does it receive its energy to prevent it spiraling-in to the oppositely-charged nucleal proton(s)?

    Are permanent magnets not strange attractors? Always seeking to reach their lowest energy state, but never able to get there because the atoms are locked into position by the crystalline structure of the ferromagnetic material (and thus their bound electrons are locked into one of two spin states (except at the Bloch Wall, where the domains are ‘canted’ to minimize the energy gradient between the two predominant domain directions)), and because there are two predominant domain directions (because of those two bound electron spin states) in any permanent magnet (to minimize the magnet’s internal energy) which cause a meta-stable state, but not the ground state? It is not because the opposite helicity of the virtual photons (emitted by the bound electrons in each spin state) prevents the virtual photons of opposing helicity canceling the two fluxes, which is why permanent magnets have two pole faces (and on each pole face a perimeter region which pulls energy into the magnet from the quantum vacuum and a central region which expels energy to the quantum vacuum)? Is not a permanent magnet permanently locked into a temporal disparity by the magnetization process (remember that energy changes space-time, which the ferromagnetic material locks in), simultaneously (from our perspective) pulling energy in from the quantum vacuum and expelling energy to the quantum vacuum to attempt to resolve that temporal disparity, but unable to resolve it because of the atoms of the ferromagnetic material being locked into position by the crystalline structure of that material, simultaneously below and above the energy density of the quantum vacuum, simultaneously slightly ahead of and behind the current time for that given space?

    Now, if we were able to take that steady-state magnetic flux from a permanent magnet and vary it while not affecting the magnitude of the flux… IOW, by switching it between two flux paths… why, that’d be pretty much akin to a specialized transformer… no hysteresis loss because the flux is only flowing in one direction through each flux path, not reversing direction.

    Now, we need an efficient means of switching flux. Traditionally, coils were wound around the outside of the flux paths, but that ‘squeezes’ the flux in the flux path to increase reluctance in the path we don’t want flux to flow in, requiring a lot of input energy. What if we put the coils directly inline with the flux, and made the coils of ferromagnetic material with slightly higher magnetic coercivity than the flux path, so once the coil’s magnetic domains were set in one direction, they’d stay there even without any current, until we flipped those domains with a reverse current flow? A short, sharp current pulse to flip the domains in the flux steering coils, minimal energy input.

    Now what if we captured that alternating flux in each flux path with traditional coils wound around the outside of each flux path, just as is done in a traditional transformer.

    Why, that’d steal angular momentum from the bound electrons in the ferromagnetic material. To regain their usual orbital radius, they’d have to attain energy from the quantum vacuum. That’d generate electricity without any energy input other than the quantum vacuum. We put that electricity through a rectifier and into a large capacitor bank, then we use micro-inverters just as solar panels use to convert that to energy we can put onto the grid.

    Sort of like this, but with the flux steering coils in-line with the magnetic flux, rather than wrapped around each flux path:

    And what do you know, it actually works. We just have to figure out how to scale it to industrial size.

  267. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    I like these videos, they explain things in easy to understand terms:

    As to why all atoms are “tiny magnets”… it’s because a point charge undergoing acceleration will emit Larmor radiation. A bound electron in a half-filled shell is undergoing angular acceleration, and thus emits Larmor radiation, even in the ground state, where the energy emitted via Larmor radiation is exactly balanced by the energy obtained from the quantum vacuum. The half-filled shell means that Larmor radiation (the magnetic field) consisting of virtual photons (the force carrying gauge boson for magnetism) isn’t cancelled by other magnetic fields of other bound electrons.

    The above ties into vacuum polarization (due to the high charge density in the vicinity of the nucleus of an atom) creating a geometrical transform of resonant scalar quantum vacuum wave modes to a circular (spherical, given the DOF) orbital path of an atom’s bound electron(s) (ie: the bound electron ‘spirals’ around the nucleus, (acted upon by the Lorentz force of the EM interaction between bound electron and nucleal proton(s) and sustained by energy from the quantum vacuum), which is why a bound electron must have an integer number of de Broglie waves in its orbit (the underlying reason for quantization of energy and hence the basis of Quantum Mechanics) or it sets up a destructive-interference orbit which lowers electron orbital radius, which is how and why electron orbital radius falls to ground state from a higher excited state when the excitation energy sustaining it in that higher orbital is removed). This is what feeds energy to a bound electron to prevent it ‘spiraling in’ to the oppositely-charged proton(s) in the nucleus. At its ground state, the energy obtained from the quantum vacuum exactly equals the energy emitted via virtual photons (magnetism… which all invariant-mass matter exhibits (usually diamagnetism, although certain electron valence configurations allow ferromagnetism to override the underlying diamagnetism)), as Boyer[1], Haisch and Ibison[2], Puthoff[3] and NASA[4] showed.

    “We show here that, within the stochastic electrodynamic formulation and at the level of Bohr theory, the ground state of the hydrogen atom can be precisely defined as resulting from a dynamic equilibrium between radiation emitted due to acceleration of the electron in its ground-state orbit and radiation absorbed from zero-point fluctuations of the background vacuum electromagnetic field, thereby resolving the issue of radiative collapse of the Bohr atom.”

    “The energy level of the electron is a function of its potential energy and kinetic energy. Does this mean that the energy of the quantum vacuum integral needs to be added to the treatment of the captured electron as another potential function, or is the energy of the quantum vacuum somehow responsible for establishing the energy level of the ‘orbiting’ electron? The only view to take that adheres to the observations would be the latter perspective, as the former perspective would make predictions that do not agree with observation.”

    This ties into the 2nd Law Of Thermodynamics (2LoT)… a bound electron is always trying to emit a photon to achieve a lower energy state, but the energy sustaining the bound electron in its current state prevents the photon being emitted because energy can only flow from a higher to a lower energy density region. When that excitation energy is removed, a photon can be emitted, electron orbit no longer has an integer number of de Broglie waves, a destructive-interference orbit is thus set up, and the electron falls to a lower state in which there are an integer number of de Broglie waves in the orbit. At ground state, energy flows from the quantum vacuum to sustain the electron in its ground state orbital as it emits Larmor radiation in the form of virtual photons (a point charge undergoing acceleration (in this case angular acceleration) in relation to its electric field will emit Larmor radiation)[5], which it does because the quantum vacuum is anisotropic (it fluctuates) under vacuum polarization in the high charge density in the vicinity of the nucleus of an atom. Thus 2LoT holds even in the quantum realm.


    This ties into the very underpinnings of the meta-stability of invariant-mass matter (and hence the continued existence of the universe as we know it) and provides insight into the connection between classical and quantum theory.

  268. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Now, knowing all of the above, we know how to unwind invariant-mass matter back into energy. Simply artificially reduce the energy density of the quantum vacuum to such a point that the bound electron undergoes electron capture, whereupon the matter transmutes. The bound electron, captured, combines with a nucleal proton to form a neutron. The now-unstable nucleus will generally spit this neutron out (neutron emission decay), and free neutrons decay into a proton, an electron and an electron antineutrino, giving off decay energy of 0.782343 MeV.

    Now do it again. And again and again until no nucleal protons remain. What do you have left?

    Well, the proton is composed of two Up quarks (charge + 2/3 e) and one Down quark (charge – 1/3 e), with a charge of +1 e. If there is no quantum vacuum sustaining the gluon field binding the quarks together, it falls apart into energy and quarks.

    The neutron is composed of one Up quark (charge + 2/3 e) and two Down quarks (charge – 1/3 e), with a charge of 0 e. If there is no quantum vacuum sustaining the gluon field binding the quarks together, it falls apart (which it does anyway for free neutrons because the quantum vacuum energy density is insufficient to keep the quarks bound) into energy and quarks.

    And the electrons which don’t decay, but which we could capture and put to use.

    So you’d have a quark and electron soup, and gobs of energy in the form of photons. We’d be left with quarks, since we’d capture the electrons and put them to use.

    How to artificially reduce the energy density of the quantum vacuum? Think along the lines of Casimir cavities designed to block resonant wavemodes which sustain the meta-stability of invariant-mass matter.

    Now, we take that quark soup out of the Casimir cavity… it immediately absorbs energy from the quantum vacuum, forming newly transmuted matter (which would predominantly be hydrogen nuclei (ie: protons), whereupon we could shunt electrons from ground to the protons to form hydrogen, since it’s the most energetically efficient to produce), whereupon we could route it back into the Casimir cavity to repeat the process.

    Et voila, we have yet another means of extracting energy from the quantum vacuum. Unlike the previous means, this has never been tried, and I doubt we have the technology to do it yet.

  269. boomie789 says:

  270. J Cuttance says:

    LolKcubed wow thanks. It will take me a day or two to absorb that. You should write A Brief History of Heat.

  271. immortal600 says:

    LOL@KKK ,

    Check this out. I have blocked the kook BSL. She is unhinged and fixated on you. She claims you are banned from cfact. I know that isn’t true.

  272. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Yeah, just so everyone here is up to speed on BSL… Beyond Smart Lady is a kook who purports to be a conservative, but who goes unhinged and randomly attacks conservatives. She’s done it to me and two others on CFACT (including the inimitable Immortal600). I was discussing a high tower which ducted air to a ground-level wind turbine, and she claimed it’d suck in birds and bats. I said we could just put a screen with a 1/2″ Free Hole Area on the tower air inlets. She claimed the screens would block airflow (the holes are 1/2″ square… the reduction in air flow would be negligible even at extremely high wind speeds). Then she claimed there was no way to affix the screens to the tower (apparently because she’s never heard of screws or bolts), then she started babbling about birds randomly slamming into stationary objects and screens on the Empire State Building, for some unfathomable reason. Then she hijacked my old ‘Clyde’ pseudonym (she’s still using it) and got caught (she made a post as ‘Clyde’ that she meant to make as ‘Beyond Smart Lady’, realized her mistake 11 minutes later, made the post as ‘Beyond Smart Lady’ and attempted to delete the ‘Clyde’ post… except I got a screenshot of it before she did).

    She can never admit when she’s wrong, because she considers herself “beyond smart”, so she can never be wrong. Thus, she goes to ridiculous lengths to prove herself “not wrong” when she is wrong.

    In short, she’s a kook. Laugh at her, taunt her, call her “Below Smart Lady”, whatever suits you.

    I didn’t get banned from CFACT, I moved from CA to TX. I’m a bit busy right now. I’ll be back to drop-kick her deluded arse in due time.

  273. These people are 5th column operatives who perform disruption and disunity operations. I’ve encountered so many of them over the years on this issue. Part of the war effort from the enemy.

  274. J Cuttance says:

    LolKcubed yeah you got zapped from the wuwt thread. It’s strange that they’re so religiously committed to being tepid warmists. What’s up with THAT?

  275. Zelator says:

    Joe Did you know that the Zeta’s main agenda has been to create a human/Zeta hybrid
    which can exist and survive on Earth to aid their planetary takeover and enslavement (the Zetas can’t tolerate carbon and oxygen).

  276. MP says:

    JPsears went next level

  277. This explains how it is becoming more and more difficult to comment on YT…my comments to people are often removed after posting unless I’m very very careful about what I say

    TLDW basically they’re using machine learning AI to solve our alternative keywords and make sure we can never express what we want to unless it is globohomo approved. We’re basically entering a war with the social media version of Skynet terminator.

  278. MP says:

    The Movement episode 1 ‘Oikophobia’

    By Dutch anti globalist party leader Thierry Baudet

  279. Zelator says:

    WORKING CLASS HERO. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) – John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band:
    So ahead of it’s time but very misunderstood, OUCH!

    Ain’t the Future so Bright- the awesome Richard Ashcroft:

    Happy Christmas guys, God Bless you ALL.

  280. CD Marshall says:

    “Jordan’s findings have consequently inspired strong feelings in the field. “There are researchers who, it seems, do not want fish to be included in this secret club,” he said. “Because then that means that the [primates] are not so special anymore.” ”

    Apparently a fish passed the “Mirror Test” who would figure primates aren’t anything special? Well apparently, everyone w/o an agenda or a narrative.

    Yet the same nutjobs will claim humans are a parasite to this world. Notice they tend to say humans and not “we” as if they are aliens or something (not part of the article just my musings).

    What a weird world we suffer in.

    Happy holidays to all and to all a good fight.

  281. Barry says:

    Hi guys: merry Xmas
    Many thanks to everyone here for your wonderful Insight
    Cheers Barry

  282. Merry Christmas everyone.

  283. MP says:

    Merry Christmas, cheers

  284. MP says:


    Electron microscopy seems similar with astronomy imaging, zooming in that way is like viewing a galaxy

    Could microscopy virolosists mistake identifying body helper exososomes with “virusses” ?

  285. boomie789 says:

    Merry Christmas to the real climate skeptics, to the slayers.

  286. MP says:

    Interesting hypothesis

    Dr. Andrew Kaufman – Theorizing Viruses as Exosomes.

    Exosomes are essential to health because they carry toxins out of sick cells and trigger the immune system to attack the cause of the illness. The cause is not the messenger, but something that is injuring the body. Typically, that is toxicity in food, air, water, drugs, electromagnetic exposure, or old age. Any of these cause exosomes to get to work. The significance of this is that the global campaign to identify and kill a dreaded virus is, not only futile, it will cause even more illness triggered by cellular trauma from toxic medications and vaccines.

  287. boomie789 says:

  288. Zelator says:

    If you need any more evidence that there has been a global depopulation plan in play since the
    end of World War 2 then read the following pages:

    162-178 Chapter 9 of William Cooper’s Book here:

    Bill Cooper on Project MK-Naomi to depopulate the Earth:

    Some fantastic Scripture in this video pertaining to the mRna virus genetically modifying
    the Creator’s dna. The evil ones plan to place man above God.

    OK things are starting to become more clearer now:

    And remember this from April 2020. Just after the start of the pandemic.

    The patent proposes to mine cryptocurrency based on human bodily activity:

    So there is obviously something in the vaccines that can be used as the tracker. Graphene?

    They will probably make out when they bring in this new Quantus Financial System (QFS) that when you get your vaccine you will get a Universal Cryptocurrency Income for free. Money for nothing! Then you really will be a Duracell Battery just like the Matrix.

    And you will be ABLE to ONLY buy and sell without real money, as you have the mark of the beast. Pay for Play.

    Dire Straits – Money For Nothing:

    For example I’ve just expended x amount of Btus listeng to that song above, and in the new system I have earned x amount of cryptocurrencies to spend on more music etc. Rinse repeat, and then if you do something wrong, you are punished and you are denied credits.

    Loosh is a particularly special kind of energy that cannot be produced any other way. Does the means justify the ends? Probably to them!!

    Remember Cypher saying “I know this steak doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss.” They woud love nothing more than for you to be an ignorant little generator from cradle to grave.

    They also discovered that in the course of experimentation, that Loosh was emitted in a very unrefined state as a natural by-product of the Carbon/Oxygen and Krebs life cycle taking place on planet Earth.

    In other words the human/animal/plant kingdoms were a food source but the carbon oxygen balance was a problem for them. They also found a way of trading loosh as a commodity.

    So maybe terraforming is what’s behind the Human Caused Gloal Warming Scam, and the demonisation of Carbon Dioxide?

    And that is the ignorance of where your energy really goes. Every human action, thought, feeling, emotion, produces energy.

    According to Goguen, in this article, the energy is not for this world but traded by the Abraxas ( Zeta, Humans of the Future) as a commodity and according to this article the 3000 year pact ended so now they need another way to collect human energy (loosh).

    It’s all about loosh:

    This all sounds like something out of Star Wars, but who knows in this clown world, wacko world matrix? It’s just because the truth is so absurd, they get away with it. Maybe ignorance is bliss!

    Incidentally Church Spires and Domes, Cleopatra’s Needle, Obelisks, the Washington Monument, Egyptian Osiris Obelisk, Pyramids, Stadiums, Theatres, Ampi-theatres, etc were all transmitters/capacitors of loosh in the past.

    See the work of Mathew Delooze:

    If that system has ended then they need another way to extract that energy, so maybe the vaccine and the mark is their new way to collect energy. What better way than to pay the humans/sheeple for it and they sadly will love it and lap it up.

  289. boomie789 says:

  290. boomie789 says:

  291. boomie789 says:

    LackmustestTester sent me this

  292. Barry says:

    Be great with a translator Boomie but I get it

  293. Mires says:

    Re “ignorance is bliss”…

    Ignorance of lies and deceptions (=most mainstream news and establishment decrees) is bliss because exposing yourself to that is self-propagandization.

    Ignorance of truths is not, or only temporarily or rarely, bliss because it is ultimately self-defeating.

    The FALSE mantra of “ignorance is bliss”, promoted in the latter sense, is a product of a fake sick culture that has indoctrinated its “dumbed down” (therefore TRULY ignorant, therefore easy to control) people with many such manipulative slogans. You can find the proof that ignorance is never bliss (only superficial fake bliss), and how you get to buy into this lie (and other self-defeating lies), in the article “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at

    “Blissful” believers in “ignorance is bliss” are nearly always self-destructive ignoramuses and/or members of herd stupidity… speaking of which, with the letters of “omicron” an alleged Covid variant you can spell “moronic”

    One of the ways psychopaths show their hate for the public is by rubbing the public’s stupidity in their own faces. Eg with the letters of “omicron” an alleged Covid variant you can spell “moronic”… And indeed most of the public NEVER recognizes their stupidity as the believe, trust, and follow any explanation or demand of the psychopaths-in-power.

    And further speaking of stupid herd people not getting the glaringly obvious truth/ie not getting the constant onslaught of BIG lies of the official authorities……

    “2 weeks to flatten the curve has turned into…3 shots to feed your family!” — Unknown

  294. boomie789 says:

  295. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote:
    “Once again is agree with your main conclusions, but you are again confusing heat and energy,”

    You’re confused as to what “heat” is, Nepal.

    The S-B Law (otherwise known as the radiant exitance equation) most certainly does not state that “two bodies at the same temperature do constantly emit and absorb radiation” (except for idealized blackbody objects, which don’t actually exist… they’re idealizations), it states that the radiant exitance of a graybody object is dependent upon the energy density (remember that temperature is a measure of energy density, equal to the fourth root of energy density divided by the radiation constant) differential between warmer and cooler. At 0 energy density differential, there is zero radiant exitance.

    Study that graphic above closely… one must remember to never confuse the behavior of an idealized blackbody object (which doesn’t exist… it’s an idealization, which assumes emission to 0 K, emissivity = 1 at all times and it does not emit nor absorb in accord with the energy density gradient) with that of a real-world graybody object (all real-world objects are graybodies or selective radiators, which assumes emission to > 0 K, emissivity < 1 (and according to the definition of emissivity, is variable) and it does emit and absorb in accord with the energy density gradient).

    Heat is a flux of energy, nothing more. It is not a “net” energy movement, it is any energy movement. Energy does not spontaneously flow from cooler to warmer (or from same temperature to same temperature) as you must claim, it only does so when external energy does work to push that system energy up the energy density gradient toward that warmer object… 2LoT in a nutshell. A real-world example of that is a heat pump… energy does not spontaneously flow from a cooler room to the warmer exterior (nor does it spontaneously flow from a room at the same temperature as the exterior), external energy must pump that system energy.

    Do remember that photons are nothing but a quanta of energy, the electric and magnetic fields oscillating in quadrature about a common axis (which is why all (freshly-emitted, never having interacted) singular photons are circularly polarized either parallel or anti-parallel to their direction of motion). A macroscopic electromagnetic wave is the tensor product of many singular photons which may or may not be polarized in the same direction, giving rise to linear or elliptical polarization of that macroscopic electromagnetic wave. Do not be confused… while a singular photon can be generated with non-zero probability of both left and right-handed circular polarization, when that photon is actually measured, we always get either left or right… never a combination of both. Before measurement, we’re simply unsure what its polarization is.

    Heat – energy that is transferred from one body to another as the result of a difference in temperature. In thermodynamics, heat is energy in transfer to or from a thermodynamic system, by mechanisms other than thermodynamic work or transfer of matter. Like thermodynamic work, heat transfer is a process involving more than one system, not a property of any one system. Although the definition of heat implicitly means the transfer of energy, the term ‘heat transfer’ encompasses this traditional usage in many engineering disciplines and laymen language.

    Read what I wrote again… how exactly do you propose that energy can flow if there is no energy density gradient (ie: no temperature gradient) at thermodynamic equilibrium, so photon chemical potential is zero, Helmholtz Free Energy is zero, no work can be done? You must claim that energy can flow when no work can be done… it cannot, Free Energy being the capacity to do work by definition. You must claim that energy can flow via conduction at thermodynamic equilibrium… even Planck got that one right.

    Planck correctly stated:

    Conduction of heat depends on the temperature of the medium in which it takes place, or more strictly speaking, on the non-uniform distribution of the temperature in space, as measured by the temperature gradient.

    That’s why claiming that objects at thermodynamic equilibrium furiously emit and absorb radiation violates Stefan’s Law… in a cavity at thermodynamic equilibrium, if the cavity walls absorbed and emitted radiation, it would double the energy density (and remember that temperature is a measure of energy density) in the cavity space from what we calculate via Stefan’s Law.

    Read this:

    Note especially the blurbs:

    “The emissivity and the absorptivity of the walls of the cavity are not just a function of the material. They are a function of whether the material is in radiative thermal equilibrium or not as well.”


    “In this case, not only do no thermally-emitted photons from the cooler plane become absorbed by the warmer plane surface, but none are even incident upon that surface.”

    And read this:

    Note especially the blurb:

    “There is really nothing at all to prove if one starts with the primary fact and boundary condition that the energy density is the fundamental driver of the thermal radiation of materials.”

  296. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    To put it into practical terms, in calculating Ideal Efficiency of a heat engine:

    Ideal Efficiency = ((T_hot – T_cold) / T_hot) * 100

    Ideal Efficiency = ((288 K – 288 K) / 288K) * 100 = 0%… that means it is not possible to extract energy from a reservoir, do work with that energy, then expel that energy to a reservoir of the same temperature as the source… unless external energy does work to pump that system energy (ie: a heat pump, not a heat engine).

    Why is that? Because 2LoT. Work and energy are so closely linked that they have the same units (J). Work is energy in motion… heat is…?

  297. Zelator says:

    Mires, I couldn’t agree more, well said:

  298. J Cuttance says:

    Boomie the frigorific rays are explained brilliantly here, again courtesy of Lackmusty

  299. CD Marshall says:

    Question #1

    I’ve heard solar flares never effect the surface temperature, that is the popular science belief of NASA, NOAA and Media who are all equal in my mind in science integrity. I’ve also heard a lot of controversy on sunspots and temperatures. As in upper atmosphere/surface.

    My own conclusions are mixed. Mostly all of a flare is absorbed in the upper atmosphere, but does that mean an absolute than nothing reaches the surface? Such a Northern Africa which can have the least clouds to no clouds.

    Do sunspots dictate total solar irradiance and/or is the solar constant of Earth influenced by the number of sunspots? And, is the total solar output influenced by the number of sunspots.

    Scientists discuss…

  300. Barry says:

    CD as you know I am not at your level of understanding all this but it would seem to me that any time you add energy to a system in the form of heat you will raise the temp. If you consider a simple camp fire and throw fuel on it it although temporary raises the air temp. This of coarse is short term but I think in my simple mind relates to your question about flares. We here on the east coast of Van isle are experiencing some severe cold probably caused by the meridonal jet stream allowing very cold arctic air to sink well down into the northern states. I’m hoping one of those flares reaches us soon. I personally think the whole global warming thing is collapsing around their ears if you look at wx all over the world it would seem to be getting cooler over all not warmer. I know this hasn’t been recorded yet but have always believed that what causes wx in our own time may have happened years before. Such as sun cycles and solar spots.
    Cheers Barry

  301. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Let’s put it into terms of water…

    Imagine two lakes… both of the lakes are at the same level, and there is a canal joining the two lakes.

    Does water flow in that canal between the two lakes? No. Water flows when there is a pressure gradient.

    What are the units of pressure?

    The Pascal. kg m-1 s-2

    What are the units of energy density (ie: energy per unit volume)?

    J m-3

    What is the conversion ratio between the Pascal (kg m-1 s-2) and energy density (J m-3)?

    1 J m-3 = 1 kg m-1 s-2


    When all else fails, do dimensional analysis:

    L = length
    M = mass
    T = time
    I = current
    K = temperature
    N = amount
    J = luminous intensity

    SI units of Joule: kg m+2 s-2 = [L2 M1 T-2 I0 K0 N0 J0]

    SI Units of energy density: J m-3 = kg m-1 s-2

    SI units of pressure: kg m-1 s-2

    [L2 M1 T-2 I0 K0 N0 J0][L-3 M0 T0 I0 K0 N0 J0] = [L-1 M1 T-2 I0 K0 N0 J0]

    kg m+2 s-2 / m+3 = kg m-1 s-2

    So energy density is akin to the lake level in our example above… when the energy density of two objects is exactly equal, no energy will flow, just as no water flows when the two lake levels are exactly equal. There is no pressure differential to act as the impetus for the action of water flowing, or energy flowing… every action requires an impetus.

  302. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    J Cuttance wrote:
    “Boomie the frigorific rays are explained brilliantly here, again courtesy of Lackmusty”

    They were correct in their stating that the transmission of “frigorific rays” was “apparent”… because it is apparent.

    In reality, what’s happening is that you’re adjusting the geometry of the setup such that the geometric factor (the Gebhart Factor) for the cold object and the temperature measurement device is higher by way of the parabolic mirrors.

    So in reality, ‘frigorific rays’ aren’t flowing from cooler to warmer (and thereby cooling the warmer object), energy is flowing from warmer to cooler in accord with 2LoT, and since we’ve lined up a much cooler object (ice) ‘near to’ the temperature measurement device by means of the parabolic mirrors by focusing the photons from the temperature measuring device toward the cooler object via the mirrors, the energy density gradient is higher (than it would be for the energy density gradient between temperature measurement device and ambient), so energy flows from the temperature measurement device to the cooler object. Thus the temperature measurement device registers a lower temperature.

    This is the same manner by which a remote sensing thermometer (thermopile) works when measuring a temperature lower than the thermocouple itself. It compares the thermopile temperature (via a reference Seebeck voltage from the thermocouples comprising the thermopile) to a reference temperature (usually via a temperature measuring device affixed to the back of the thermopile) to compute the temperature. If the thermopile is measuring a temperature lower than the thermopile itself, it emits radiation and cools down in comparison to the reference temperature.

  303. boomie789 says:

    @LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks

    The man is just on another level.

  304. ashemann says:

    J Cuttance says:
    2021/12/20 at 11:24 PM
    Here’s his angle…”The greenhouse effect, which is almost entirely due to water vapor, is a real thing. Energy from molecules radiating goes in all directions independent of the temperature of the objects that happen to be in the path. So radiation energy from a relatively cold object does impinge on objects that are relatively warmer. That doesn’t heat those objects because the warmer objects are radiating more energy in the other direction. It only slows the rate of cooling.

    Because the hotter object radiates more, the flow of heat is always from hot to cold”
    Why didn’t any one here pull this guy up for his nett warming bollox,and 2 way flow of heat, 2 way flow of energy with the nett flow being heat to the cooler object Joe ?

    For energy flowing from cold to hot, to have any effect on hot at all, requires work, and that doesn’t happen.
    So why did he get a free pass.

  305. ashemann says:

    ”It only slows the rate of cooling.”

    How, how does it slow the rate of cooling when it does not act as heat in any way.

  306. CD Marshall says:

    Rate of cooling does not increase the original temperature in either case, emissivity would be the factor in that. T of the radiator is not increased by the cooling rate.

    The global warming cabal claims it does for the Sun is constantly heating the Earth. Funny how they acknowledge the Sun when it is convenient for them however, the lower atmosphere is not in thermal equilibrium, thus using a steady state analogy does not apply.

    Climate consensus plays mix ‘n match. Physics is more like guidelines to these guys and science is dictated by your feelings.

  307. ashemann says:

    Ive just joined twatter, and i’m making an impact,, cant see the account lasting too long.

    Prof. Katharine Hayhoe
    Often, trolls create new accounts so they can spam people who have already blocked them. Here is one as an example. You can tell b/c the account was created just last month. Please join me in reporting it as a fake account to Twitter, and keep your eye out for others. Thank you!
    Quote Tweet
    gary ashe
    · 8h
    Replying to @KHayhoe and @25_cycle
    Go phuck yourself sweetie, you are one off the biggest climate liars out there, a total parasite.

  308. J Cuttance says:

    ashemann “Why didn’t any one here pull this guy up for his nett warming bollox,and 2 way flow of heat, 2 way flow of energy with the nett flow being heat to the cooler object Joe ?”

    Lol@kkk did but got nixed off the thread by the mods. I posted the comment provoking that guy’s reaction and courageously left the fighting up to others.

    The shift by luke-warmists from ‘global warming is the Truth but a bit less than those other warmists suggest’ to ‘CO2 slows the rate of cooling and that’s the Truth’ is a mystery of faith.

  309. J Cuttance says:

    In what I now realise was a wasted opportunity, I once confronted Lord Monckton in person about his faith in the state rather than his belief in the essentials of the greenhouse theory.

    He then did the best lecture I’ve ever gone to.

    He has since polished off his greenhouse theory which knocks back its feedback loop into less-warming territory.

    The point is, if someone as clearly intelligent as Monckton can maintain an incurious stance to slayer thermodynamics, then what hope is there in a skirmish with some other zealot?

  310. CD Marshall says:

    Hayhoe is like Mann, she attacks the person not the science. She blocked me immediately. I believe I offered a debate between her and Joe and that went as well as it did with Mann…Who also blocked me AND Joe.


  311. MP says:

    Plandemic / Scamdemic 4 – DEPOP – PART TWO – A MrTruthBomb Film

  312. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Ah, the fun of the job search… from an email I sent:


    In applying for jobs after a geographical move, one of the apparent prospective employers was actually a data collection point to sell email addresses, and now I’m on several scummy lists and getting spammed heavily. One of the scummier-looking sites is, which is connected to you…

    On their website (a broken link via remote-loaded javascript document.write… as scummy-looking as one can get):
    “An Enotem Private Media Venture – Public Partnership”

    And on your website:

    “Enotem, Inc. – Relationship Science › organization › enotem-inc-971220
    Enotem, Inc. provides breaking news email and text messaging content and solutions. Its products and solutions include school and corporate mass notification, fleet, corporate and family weather. The firm offers an emergency communication infrastructure that provides official information from government and public service agencies to end.”

    You might want to send word to them to knock it off.

    In my earlier days, I was known online as SpamSlayer. I took down the world’s largest and second largest spammers (and hundreds of smaller spammers). I ran the largest spammer out of three countries, hacked his servers, doxed everyone working for him in three countries, hacked his personal server and made public some rather embarrassing photos, mass-polluted his leads databases to the point that he called me and begged me to stop, sent all the information to the FBI, got a $37.5 million court judgement against him in the US, made him a wanted man in 4 countries. After he fled the US, Canada and Britain, I tracked him down to the Ukraine, discovered he was renting little girls from orphanages and starring in CP films with them, so that data went to Ukraine police, he was arrested and is currently serving 40 years in a Russian gulag.

    I’m the one who programmed Refi Retaliator (to pollute leads databases) and SpamVampire (to drain bandwidth). Refi Retaliator was so popular that there were banks running it with corporate approval.

    I’ve hit spammers so hard I took entire countries offline, I’ve tricked China into confiscating spammer servers, I’ve figured out a way of discovering newly-registered domains before they even go live so I can get them shut down by the registrar, blocked on the DNS servers, kicked off their servers (or hacked… that’s always fun) before the spammer can even use them, and I use a scorched-earth technique which severely punishes any spam-supporting sites… in short, I can be quite the thorn in the side and once you’ve pissed me off, I do not stop. Ever. Do not take me lightly when I tell you to convince Enotem to stop their unsolicited spamming.

    I don’t want to have to come out of retirement and start my anti-spam activities again, so don’t give me reason to.

  313. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    I’ve offered to debate Mikey ‘Mouse’ Mann, as well. He’s referred to me in the past as “He Who Shall Not Be Named”, so he certainly has no plans for a debate.

    These Klimate Katastrophe Kooks remind me of the deluded half-wits we had on Usenet back in the day… they’re so sure that they’re right, they’ve become so emotionally invested in their version of reality, that they cannot admit they’re wrong… even when definitively proven wrong, they’ll weasel and squirm and try to find some way out of the logical traps they inevitably stumble into… whereupon they invariably stumble into another logical trap… and so it goes, the poor deluded kook staggering around, stepping on rake after rake until the string of logical traps they’ve stumbled into becomes so long that one must go back hundreds of posts to find the earlier logical traps, which the kook now denies having stumbled into… rinse and repeat, round and round it goes and it never stops.

    The only way to beat them is to become an Archivist… it’s a specific argumentation technique where you meticulously archive all data with keywords for quick lookup, so when the kooks start denying their past logical failures, you can hit them with the proof that they’re not only stupid (or nefarious), but lying about their stupidity (or nefariousness).

    Destroy their credibility by proving they’ll readily lie, and you destroy their argument.

  314. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    It’s been 3 hours since I sent that email… not one spam, whereas before I was getting several per hour. LOL

  315. boomie789 says:

    “Carlos Tejada, a 49-year-old editor at the New York Times, died just hours after mixing-and-matching his J&J shot with a “booster” from Moderna.”

  316. Barry says:

    No connection to the vaccine though obviously right. When will they wake up?

  317. CD Marshall says:

    LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks
    Are you on Twitter?

  318. CD Marshall says:

    ” Here’s the heat flow equation: Q = sigma*(Thot^4 – Tcool^4). No heat from the atmosphere to the surface since the atmosphere is cooler than the surface.

    The issue is what energy can be absorbed as heat, which is the net flux…only the net is heat, and the net is one-way. Net energy is heat, not *all energy is heat. Only the difference of energy is heat, and heat is what is required to increase temperature as per the First Law of Thermodynamics dU = Q + W.

    In fact, the atmosphere keeps the surface COOLER than it would otherwise be. Take the moon as the pertinent example, and the TOA flux: +121C… It gets NOWHERE near +121C on the surface of the Earth, but it does on the moon: the difference? The atmosphere cools by convection, and also latent heat between water’s three phases stores thermal energy without an increase in temperature. A cooler surface under the heat of the Sun means COOLING, not warmer than otherwise.

    Thus, no radiative heat from the atmosphere to the surface. There is an adiabatic gradient though which ensures that the near-surface-air is the warmest slice of air, and the average must therefore be in the middle, and coolest near the top. This is all you need to understand why the surface air is warmer than the average air.” -Joe Postma

  319. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    No. I don’t do social media.

  320. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    CD Marshall wrote:
    “not *all energy is heat”

    Not all energy is heat… because heat is merely a form of energy transfer. There is thermodynamic work and matter transfer as other means of transferring energy which aren’t considered heat. Any energy flux other than thermodynamic work and matter transfer is considered heat. It’s not a net, it’s any (typically radiative but can also be conductive, or frictional, etc.) energy transfer.

    Work is energy in motion, heat is energy in motion… both are means of energy transfer.

    You’ll note there is no spontaneous “work flow” from lower to higher potential, nor is there a “net flow”. It’s always one way… higher potential to lower.

  321. CD Marshall says:

    Yea that’s why I add (if need be) not all energy equates a raise in temperature. Proper thermodynamic terminology has been lost on most even me at times if I don’t catch myself.

  322. CD Marshall says:

    It is a little confusing that a parcel of air can be in LTE and have variable molecular U. For U is not Q only the transfer of that energy can equate a temperature change or be considered thermodynamic heat properly.

  323. CD Marshall says:

    …If I am following that correctly, anyway.

  324. Jopo says:

    Happy New year to everyone. And hope the F’tard loonies lose control.
    Anyway Covid rampant, masking for the triple jabbed etc etc if you want to head out for a night out. What a waste of time heading out to the city lights. lol. What is the point of the forced jabs. Crock of shit.

    So after a productive day at home I had some “thought” moments. Please stay with me here.

    Some time ago I noticed that from the Ideal Gas Law that 1 Mole of ELECTRONS is the equivalent of 1 Farad or 96,485 Coulombs. Yes Electric charge..

    So downstairs today doing my bloke stuff having a beer enjoying the break from work. Then a thought occurred. So below now is a result of my thought. Wow am I going to cop it?
    I am an Electrician and I feel I have a pretty good grasp of the basics of Electron flow. I recall the old days of electron flow and electron hole theory. Which in my view is now Photon’s.

    Anyway as the previous paragraph I have converted Moles of Air into a total of Moles of Electrons. All up we have have in our standard atmosphere 42.315 moles of AIR. But we have 14.52 moles of ELECTRONS
    Converting Coulombs per MOLE to Joules to Watts was pretty straight forward. 14.52 * 96,485 Coulombs / 3600 seconds

    I ended up with 389.11 Watts
    Using Stefan Boltzmans of T(K) = (Watts/SB)^.25 I end up with 287.82′ Kelvin

    Where does Greenhouse gas electrons play in this. They dont!

    Below is a snip of my workings out. Converting conventional moles of air to Moles of ELECTRONS and then to electric / magnetic energy

    PS Please accept that I have had a few beers. Also happy to take on constructive advice. Like Jopo. wtf is this.

  325. Jopo says:

    Just a minor correction to the chart above.. The end result does not change. Just forgot to change the mol / mol air ratio as highlighted below. Corrected to reflect todays mixings

  326. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Happy New Year everyone. We’re watching the sky light up with fireworks, It’s been going on for the past 3 hours, and greatly intensified at midnight. The clouds of smoke cover the entire sky. Smells like freedom.

  327. Zelator says:

    Happy New Year Guys. May truth set us free:

    As the covid scam teeters and burns, the truth is coming out as to what it’s all about.
    Depopultion, terraforming and loosh collection.
    One last push to break open the alien agenda. The truth is they have been amongst us since the fifties and their alliances. “They Live”.

    Can you handle the truth? The Majestic/Jason Society don’t beleive so.
    They have morphed into the Bilderberg Group and its public face Davos, and the Trilateral Commision which took its name from the insignia from the downed alien craft in New Mexico.

    Kennedy was wacked as he threatend to out MJ12 and the alien agenda. Nothing to do with the Federal Reserve which was a minor irritation in comparison to the Alien Agenda. National Security.
    Ironically he made his famous speach about going to the moon when they already had bases there, (although unknown to him).

    The author Gil Carson and the Blue Planet series are all you need to
    know and are available on Amazon.

    Jrod was a Zeta. The nasty little species that call themselves the humans of the future.
    I have referred to them as Abraxas as they are the same group responsible for all the evil
    secret societies including the Illuminati. They infiltrated all national security agencies and
    top religious and banking structures.

    THe Archons are a Zeta form that steals and uses loosh as a commodity. They do this by attaching to the eherical body of any implanted human.
    They had a pact with the Sanhedrin to do this. Most humans are etherically implanted btw.
    This ended in December 2018 so since then, there has been a power struggle for planet earth. Control of the Chattel that is humans – Black Sun are prominent players and the Zionist annunaki are the other main player i.e Rothschilds ilk. ( Sanjase reptilian human/alien hybrid- enlongated skulls.)

    Trump is/was promised a top job as Head of Black Sun if he threw the election ( this is a higher position than POTUS). Having done so he was denigrated, mocked and told he was not worthy. His pushing the jab was part of the deal.

    The Vaccine btw is the new program to tag and collect human loosh via hooking humans up to a 5G network matrix with a pay to play cryptocurrency system to replace the now defunct Sanhedrin pact.

    Archons are just energy collectors to put it simply. It’s actualy Microsofts Azure system that’s the
    main operating system/platform although Facebook’s Zuckerberg’s Meta may have some interaction.

    The new QFS is a Black Sun project made out to be a “Savior Program for Humanity”, but it is based on the old Black Metatron Cube AI that was the heart of the Draco control of planet earth via the now defunct Sanhedrin Pact.

    Using tainted technology is asking for trouble as the Metratron has a mind of its own and is only controllable via a backdoor which is controlled via a “certain” person. Used to be Pindar but he is now gone.

    Christ was an actual person that was part of the original consciousness that creator gave to the Adamus species of human. Version one.

    I believe we are now version 7. WE are powerful creator species that has had our original 12 strand dna altered down to 3 to enslave us.
    WE really are part of the Creator and the stories in the Bible of Christ dying for our sins are based on fact.

    The movies Terminator, ET the Extraterestrial, Close encounters and Arrival etc are all based on fact. The video game “Mass Effect” is also based on fact ( at least around alien species from Russian/Ukrainian intelligence documents).i.e re. Gil

  328. Zelator says:

    Just to be clear, I refence Gil Carson only as a reference to evidence he and William Cooper uncovered as to an alien presence and you wont find validation in his books for my conclusions and statements. All and most of the material in this article are of my own research information and are all based on my own knowledge as best as I have had access to. I reference Gil Carson only as a source of of information and he is not the source of my deliberations and has no implications in my words other than a reference. All information imparted is mine and only my research and I dont imply any corroboration by mentioning a particular person or author.

  329. CD Marshall says:

    Undergrad disrespecting Dr. Holmes…but doesn’t know physics takes his lessons from that “Tom” guy who claimed Postma was wrong but couldn’t prove it.

    Brandon Daly
    Physicists and engineers falling for climate misinformation makes me think: it’s not easy to find advanced explanations of climate change and the greenhouse effect on the internet. We should make it easier.

  330. CD Marshall says:

    Something about this explanation sounds off. Anyone? I’m looking for a more accurate thermodynamic explanation. So is this preventing upwards convection?

    heat dome
    An exceptionally hot air mass that develops when high pressure aloft prevents warm air below from rising, thus {trapping the warm air as if it were in a dome}. The subsidence associated with the high pressure also causes further warming by compression. Heat domes are often associated with calm upper-level flow directly overhead and/or with blocking patterns. The term has been popularized by the news media as a way to explain extreme heat and/or drought events across large regions.

  331. boomie789 says:
    Nearly 400K Anchor Babies Born in 2021, Outpacing U.S. Births in 49 States
    “Illegal aliens, tourists, and foreign visa workers delivered nearly 400,000 children in the United States over the last 12 months, prior analysis concludes, securing birthright American citizenship.”

  332. CD Marshall says:

    He’s back…

    15 minutes ago
    @CD Marshall When Postma publishes a paper in a reputable refereed scientific journal, I would be happy to debate him about it.

    When Postma answers the criticism of his work by Roy Spencer and SkepticalScience, I would be happy to debate him.

    When Postma understands that solar energy impinging on a sphere is different from it falling on a circular plane (basic geometry) then I’ll be happy to debate him.

    When he apologizes to Spencer publicly for his unprofessional and expletive laden rant at him when Spencer agreed to debate him. I rarely agree with Spencer on anything but on this point, he has the right of it. I have no intention of getting into a shouting match with a nutter.

    After all that, let him start by making a video on YT where he makes his best point and invites me to respond. I will.

  333. CD Marshall says:

    Can be found here under Edward Riffle comments. Dr. Robson’s site is a good medium, he expects a cordial discourse.

  334. CD Marshall says:

    Or lie. Which he did. Joe has talked to this guy many times before and answered all of those comments before.

  335. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote:
    “In fact, a gray body is nothing more than an object with emissivity < 1.”

    Incorrect due to incompleteness. An idealized blackbody object assumes:
    1) Emission to 0 K

    2) ε = 1 under all circumstances (fixed).

    3) Assumes maximum radiant exitance at all times.

    4) Assumes maximum absorption of all radiation at all times.

    5) Therefore, because of 3) and 4), emission and absorption that does not depend upon energy density gradient

    This means an idealized blackbody object must always be at 0 K (because it must absorb all radiation incident upon it, thus it must have an energy density of 0 J m-3), but it must also be at ∞ K (because it must emit all radiation incident upon it, so it must have an infinite energy density), and it can never change temperature (because it must emit all radiation incident upon it and it does not emit according to the energy density gradient)… idealized blackbody objects are fictive and are an inconsistent mess. Attempting to describe real-world objects in terms of idealizations is not the way to go.

    A real-world graybody object assumes:
    1) Emission to > 0 K

    2) ε < 1 under all circumstances (and variable with radiant exitance in accord with the very definition of emissivity)

    3) Emission and absorption which is dependent upon energy density gradient

    As the tome you cited states:
    Not only is quantum theory conceptually rich, it is also technically difficult, and exact solutions to all but the most artificial textbook examples are few and far between.”

    Equation 9.55 is from equation 9.47… note the text above equation 9.47, to wit:
    “Conclusion: The transition rate for stimulated emission from state
    b to state a, under the influence of incoherent, unpolarized light incident from all directions, is [9.47]”

    Thermodynamic equilibrium implies there can be no change of state. That’s sort of the meaning of “thermodynamic equilibrium”, after all.

    And in equation 9.47, ρ(ω_0) is the energy density in the fields, per unit frequency.

    If the fields are equipotential, then ρ(ω_0) = 0 because the matrix element of the electric dipole moment between the two states is zero.

    And if ρ(ω_0) = 0, then R_b→a = 0.

    So thank you for providing the equations by which the conventional take on radiative energetic exchange is defenestrated. Couldn’t have done it better myself. Good job. LOL

    Equation 9.47 is hardly thermodynamic equilibrium except when the energy density of the light is exactly equal to the energy density of the object, in which case the transition rate for stimulated emission is still the same as for absorption… in this case, zero.

    It is the “standard engineering formulas” which are in error in their assumptions, clinging to the long-debunked Prevost Principle, which postulates that only the internal state of an object determines that object’s radiant exitance and therefore that objects will emit without regard to ambient energy density (which is why the climate loons use q = σ T^4… and slap ε onto that (sometimes)… q = ε σ T^4… for real-world graybody objects… you’ll note that presumes emission to 0 K).

    Anderson’s formula is not incorrect… what is incorrect is your handling of the equation. Anderson very clearly put instructions on how to calculate upon his formula in his formula, to wit: (σ/a) Δe

    Following Anderson’s instructions, one is able to not only correctly calculate for any given object’s temperature and emissivity, but one is able to transfer that to electrical theory, obtaining the same answer as Anderson’s formula (and the S-B formula) gives, to a precision of 4.439 parts per billion.

    Image of circuit simulator:

    Circuit simulator:

    In the Falstad circuit simulator, go to “Options > Other Options” and change the short and long format decimal places (at the bottom of “Other Options”) to see what I’m talking about.

    Now set it up so both objects have the same voltage… your take on radiative energetic exchange claims that the ‘higher-emissivity’ (lower resistance) object will push current into the ‘lower-emissivity’ (higher resistance) object… clearly unphysical. The conventional take on radiative energetic exchange is the top two circuits in the circuit simulator (each object emitting to the equivalent of 0 K, each in its own system, unable to interact with the other object)… the correct take is the bottom circuit, which puts both objects into the same system such that they have to interact.

    If you calculate it according to how the “standard engineering formulas” calculate upon radiant exitance, you come to the conclusion that a cooler object of higher emissivity can warm a warmer object of lower emissivity… clearly unphysical. The “standard engineering formulas” essentially segregate each object into its own system (emission to 0 K, equivalent to shunting a voltage source to ground through its resistance) so the objects cannot interact, then performs mathematical jiggery-pokery to subtract a wholly fictive ‘cooler to warmer’ energy flow from the real (but far too high because it was calculated with the assumption of emission to 0 K) energy flow.

    But the thermodynamic equations aren’t meant to subtract a fictive ‘cooler to warmer’ energy flow from a ‘warmer to cooler’ energy flow… they’re meant to subtract cooler object energy density from warmer object energy density. Temperature is a measure of energy density.

    Emissivity is akin to electrical resistance for emitters… there is no such analogous ‘resistance’ for absorption. In the case of absorption, what is not reflected or transmitted must be absorbed.

    α = absorbed / incident
    ρ = reflected / incident
    τ = transmitted / incident

    α + ρ + τ = incident = 1

    For opaque surfaces τ = 0 ∴ α + ρ = incident = 1

    You’re beginning to sound an awful lot like Professor BalloonKnot (aka BalloonBoy on CFACT), who has essentially claimed that wrapping an ice cube in aluminum foil (at 600 K!) will cool the ice and warm the aluminum foil.

    Ice has an emissivity of 0.96 – 0.99.

    We’ll use 0.96, with the ice temperature at 273.15 K.

    Aluminum foil has an emissivity of 0.04.

    We’ll put the temperature of the aluminum foil at 600 K.

    Now, we’ll do the calculations as Professor BalloonKnot does them, using his assumption that the objects are emitting to 0 K. That treats the objects as though they’re idealized blackbody objects, just with ε<1. Remember, Professor BalloonKnot claims all objects >0K emit, and that their radiant exitance is not affected by ambient energy density… because he’s confused about idealized blackbody objects and graybody objects. LOL

    We can ascertain that Professor BalloonKnot claims this via this graphic:

    The top section shunts the current to ground, equivalent to emission to 0K.
    What’s the differential? -268.20871 W m-2
    What result did Professor BalloonKnot get? -268.191 W m-2
    The 0.01771 W m-2 differential is rounding error on the part of Professor BalloonKnot.

    Aluminum foil:
    q = ε σ T_h^4 = 0.04 * 5.670374419e−8 W m−2 K−4 * 129,600,000,000 K^4 = 293.95220988096 W m-2

    q’ = ε σ T_c^4 = 0.96 * 5.670374419e−8 W m−2 K−4 * 5,566,789,756.30100625 = 303.03150940877251107800754 W m-2

    q – q’ = -9.07929952781251107800754 W m-2

    Yes, folks, the insane nutter Professor BalloonKnot claims that ice at 273.15 K (32 F, 0 C) can warm aluminum foil at 600 K (620.33 F, 326.85 C). In effect, he claims that if you wrap an ice cube in aluminum foil, it’ll warm the aluminum foil as the ice cube radiatively cools to 0 K. He’s just not mentally equipped to understand such things. LOL

    Now, let’s do it correctly:
    T = 4^√e/(4σ/c)
    e = T^4 4σ/c
    e = T^4 a

    c = 299792458 m s-1

    T_h = 600 K
    ε_h = 0.04
    e_h = 9.8051902920439712996382317262965e-5 J m-3

    T_c = 273.15 K
    ε_c = 0.96
    e_c = 4.2116846355194792664142496540057e-6 J m-3

    σ = 5.670374419e−8 W m−2 K−4

    a = 7.5657e-16 J m-3 K-4 = 4σ/c = 7.5657332500339284719430800357226e-16 J m-3 K-4

    σ / a = 74948114.5 W J-1 m
    σ / a * Δe = W m-2

    9.8051902920439712996382317262965e-5 J m-3 – 4.2116846355194792664142496540057e-6 = 9.3840218284920233729968067608959e-5 J m-3 energy density differential

    9.3840218284920233729968067608959e-5 J m-3 energy density differential * 74948114.5 W J-1 m * (ε_h = 0.04) = 281.3258969889278120384163525 W m-2

    Again, the 0.0036929889278120384163525 W m-2 differential is due to rounding on the Hyperphysics webpage.

    Calculate the energy density in a cavity at thermodynamic equilibrium, then do so with your assumption that the cavity walls emit and absorb radiation at thermodynamic equilibrium. What do you see? That your take on radiative energetic exchange doubles the energy density of the cavity space (and remember that temperature is a measure of energy density, equal to the fourth root of energy density divided by the radiation constant)… so your take on radiative energetic exchange can never reach thermodynamic equilibrium. LOL

    You’re still confused as to what heat is… it is energy in flux. It is a mechanism for energy transfer, just as work is a mechanism for energy transfer. There is no “net” energy flow, just as there is no “net” work… it is always one way, from higher to lower potential (unless external energy does work to pump system energy up that energy density gradient).

    Nepal wrote:
    “In chemical equilibrium, do reactants stop converting into products? No! At equilibrium, reactants convert into products at the same rate that products convert into reactants. They are still “furiously” switching back and forth, but there is no net change.”

    That assumes a chemical reaction which is ‘frictionless’… which can just as easily occur in the forward direction as the reverse… it that were the case, then there would be no impetus to cause the forward reaction in the first place! All actions must have an impetus. You’ve described a meta-stable equilibrium, not thermodynamic equilibrium.

    In a system that is in its own state of internal thermodynamic equilibrium, no macroscopic change occurs. Systems in mutual thermodynamic equilibrium are simultaneously in mutual thermal, mechanical, chemical, and radiative equilibrium. Systems can be in one kind of mutual equilibrium, though not in others. In thermodynamic equilibrium, all kinds of equilibrium hold at once and indefinitely unless work is done upon the system or done by the system.

    Classical thermodynamics postulates that a system left entirely isolated from its surroundings and unperturbed for an indefinitely long time will reach a state of quiescence in which no changes occur within it; and two coterminous systems in thermodynamic equilibrium with a coterminous third system are in thermodynamic equilibrium with each other (0LoT). Of course, the quantum vacuum which permeates the universe makes an isolated system yet another fictive idealization.
    “Essentially, two systems that are in thermodynamic equilibrium will not exchange any heat.”

    You’re relying upon axiomatic over-simplifications in attempting to describe complexity, while relying upon your incorrect and / or incomplete understanding of those over-simplifications. It’s not working.

  336. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Drove past this today:

    It’s been up since last March. I love this place. LOL

  337. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    {sigh}… I had a long post, but it disappeared. Perhaps too long. I’ll split it up into chunks.

    Nepal wrote:
    “In fact, a gray body is nothing more than an object with emissivity < 1.”

    Incorrect due to incompleteness. An idealized blackbody object assumes:
    1) Emission to 0 K

    2) ε = 1 under all circumstances (fixed).

    3) Assumes maximum radiant exitance at all times.

    4) Assumes maximum absorption of all radiation at all times.

    5) Therefore, because of 3) and 4), emission and absorption which does not depend upon energy density gradient

    This means an idealized blackbody object must always be at 0 K (because it must absorb all radiation incident upon it, thus it must have an energy density of 0 J m-3), but it must also be at ∞ K (because it must emit all radiation incident upon it, so it must have an infinite energy density), and it can never change temperature (because it must emit all radiation it absorbs, and it does not emit according to the energy density gradient)… idealized blackbody objects are fictive and are an inconsistent mess. Attempting to describe real-world objects in terms of idealizations is not the way to go.

    A real-world graybody object assumes:
    1) Emission to > 0 K

    2) ε < 1 under all circumstances (and variable with radiant exitance in accord with the very definition of emissivity)

    3) Emission and absorption which is dependent upon energy density gradient

    As the tome you cited states:
    Not only is quantum theory conceptually rich, it is also technically difficult, and exact solutions to all but the most artificial textbook examples are few and far between.”

    Equation 9.55 is from equation 9.47… note the text above equation 9.47, to wit:
    “Conclusion: The transition rate for stimulated emission from state
    b to state a, under the influence of incoherent, unpolarized light incident from all directions, is [9.47]”

    Thermodynamic equilibrium implies there can be no change of state. That’s sort of the meaning of “thermodynamic equilibrium”, after all. Stimulated emission implies there is work being done to stimulate quantum modes to higher states. That’s not thermodynamic equilibrium, not at all.

    And in equation 9.47, ρ(ω_0) is the energy density in the fields, per unit frequency.

    If the fields are equipotential, then ρ(ω_0) = 0 because the matrix element of the electric dipole moment between the two states is zero.

    Unless you’re now going to claim that a quantum state can spontaneously go lower than its ground state (ie: lower than ambient energy density)… are you? Where does the bound electron, for instance, get energy to sustain its orbital radius at the ground state, why does it not ‘spiral in’ to the oppositely-charged nucleal proton(s)? Oh, that’s right… it’s the ground state of the quantum vacuum which feeds energy to the bound electron as it emits Larmor radiation in the form of virtual photons (a point charge undergoing acceleration (angular acceleration, in this case) will emit Larmor radiation), the energy emitted in the form of virtual photons being exactly equal to the energy obtained from the quantum vacuum at the bound electron’s ground state. This is why all elements exhibit some form of magnetism (the form of which is dependent upon valence shell configuration… usually diamagnetism, although certain valence shell configurations allow ferromagnetism to override the underlying diamagnetism). What is the impetus (all actions require an impetus) for emission of Larmor radiation and absorption of quantum vacuum energy by the bound electron? Quantum vacuum anisotropy, of course. If the quantum vacuum were isotropic (at ground and higher local energy densities), bound electrons would not emit Larmor radiation, and we wouldn’t have permanent magnets.

    “But… but, but spontaneous emission!”, you may say. Yeah, no. Spontaneous emission is the process by which the anisotropy of the quantum vacuum creates an energy density gradient between bound electron quantum state energy density and quantum vacuum (no matter the local energy density of the quantum vacuum… ground state or higher due to external excitation) energy density. Stimulated emission is the same process, but caused by external energy absorbed by and exciting the bound electron to a state above the local quantum vacuum energy density… same process, two different causes. In an isotropic quantum vacuum system without external excitation (ie: true thermodynamic equilibrium), both spontaneous and stimulated emission would be zero.

    And if ρ(ω_0) = 0, then R_b→a = 0.

    So thank you for providing the equations by which the conventional take on radiative energetic exchange is defenestrated. Couldn’t have done it better myself. Good job. LOL

    Equation 9.47 is hardly thermodynamic equilibrium except when the energy density of the light is exactly equal to the energy density of the object, in which case the transition rate for stimulated emission is still the same as for absorption… in this case, zero.

  338. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    It is the “standard engineering formulas” which are in error in their assumptions, clinging to the long-debunked Prevost Principle, which postulates that only the internal state of an object determines that object’s radiant exitance and therefore that objects will emit without regard to ambient energy density (which is why the climate loons use q = σ T^4… and slapping ε onto that (sometimes)… q = ε σ T^4… for real-world graybody objects… you’ll note that presumes emission to 0 K).

    Anderson’s formula is not incorrect… what is incorrect is your handling of the equation. Anderson very clearly put instructions on how to calculate upon his formula in his formula, to wit: (σ/a) Δe

    Following Anderson’s instructions, one is able to not only correctly calculate for any given object’s temperature and emissivity, but one is able to transfer that to electrical theory, obtaining the same answer as Anderson’s formula (and the S-B formula) gives, to a precision of 4.439 parts per billion.

    Image of circuit simulator:

    Circuit simulator:

    In the Falstad circuit simulator, go to “Options > Other Options” and change the short and long format decimal places (at the bottom of “Other Options”) to see what I’m talking about.

    Now set it up so both objects have the same voltage… your take on radiative energetic exchange claims that the ‘higher-emissivity’ (lower resistance) object will push current into the ‘lower-emissivity’ (higher resistance) object… clearly unphysical. The conventional take on radiative energetic exchange is the top two circuits in the circuit simulator (each object emitting to the equivalent of 0 K, each in its own system, unable to interact with the other object)… the correct take is the bottom circuit, which puts both objects into the same system such that they have to interact.

    If you calculate it according to how the “standard engineering formulas” calculate upon radiant exitance, you come to the conclusion that a cooler object of higher emissivity can warm a warmer object of lower emissivity… clearly unphysical. The “standard engineering formulas” essentially segregate each object into its own system (emission to 0 K, equivalent to shunting a voltage source to ground through its resistance) so the objects cannot interact, then performs mathematical jiggery-pokery to subtract a wholly fictive ‘cooler to warmer’ energy flow from the real (but far too high because it was calculated with the assumption of emission to 0 K) energy flow.

    But the thermodynamic equations aren’t meant to subtract a fictive ‘cooler to warmer’ energy flow from a ‘warmer to cooler’ energy flow… they’re meant to subtract cooler object energy density from warmer object energy density. Temperature is a measure of energy density.

    Emissivity is akin to electrical resistance for emitters… there is no such analogous ‘resistance’ for absorption. In the case of absorption, what is not reflected or transmitted must be absorbed.

    α = absorbed / incident
    ρ = reflected / incident
    τ = transmitted / incident

    α + ρ + τ = incident = 1

    For opaque surfaces τ = 0 ∴ α + ρ = incident = 1

    You’re beginning to sound an awful lot like Professor BalloonKnot (aka BalloonBoy on CFACT), who has essentially claimed that wrapping an ice cube in aluminum foil (at 600 K!) will cool the ice and warm the aluminum foil.

    Ice has an emissivity of 0.96 – 0.99.

    We’ll use 0.96, with the ice temperature at 273.15 K.

    Aluminum foil has an emissivity of 0.04.

    We’ll put the temperature of the aluminum foil at 600 K.

    Now, we’ll do the calculations as Professor BalloonKnot does them, using his assumption that the objects are emitting to 0 K. That treats the objects as though they’re idealized blackbody objects, just with ε<1. Remember, Professor BalloonKnot claims all objects >0K emit, and that their radiant exitance is not affected by ambient energy density… because he’s confused about idealized blackbody objects and graybody objects. LOL

    We can ascertain that Professor BalloonKnot claims this via this graphic:

    The top section shunts the current to ground, equivalent to emission to 0K.
    What’s the differential? -268.20871 W m-2
    What result did Professor BalloonKnot get? -268.191 W m-2
    The 0.01771 W m-2 differential is rounding error on the part of Professor BalloonKnot.

    Aluminum foil:
    q = ε σ T_h^4 = 0.04 * 5.670374419e−8 W m−2 K−4 * 129,600,000,000 K^4 = 293.95220988096 W m-2

    q’ = ε σ T_c^4 = 0.96 * 5.670374419e−8 W m−2 K−4 * 5,566,789,756.30100625 = 303.03150940877251107800754 W m-2

    q – q’ = -9.07929952781251107800754 W m-2

    Yes, folks, the insane nutter Professor BalloonKnot claims that ice at 273.15 K (32 F, 0 C) can warm aluminum foil at 600 K (620.33 F, 326.85 C). In effect, he claims that if you wrap an ice cube in aluminum foil, it’ll warm the aluminum foil as the ice cube radiatively cools to 0 K. He’s just not mentally equipped to understand such things. LOL

    Now, let’s do it correctly:
    T = 4^√e/(4σ/c)
    e = T^4 4σ/c
    e = T^4 a

    c = 299792458 m s-1

    T_h = 600 K
    ε_h = 0.04
    e_h = 9.8051902920439712996382317262965e-5 J m-3

    T_c = 273.15 K
    ε_c = 0.96
    e_c = 4.2116846355194792664142496540057e-6 J m-3

    σ = 5.670374419e−8 W m−2 K−4

    a = 7.5657e-16 J m-3 K-4 = 4σ/c = 7.5657332500339284719430800357226e-16 J m-3 K-4

    σ / a = 74948114.5 W J-1 m
    σ / a * Δe = W m-2

    9.8051902920439712996382317262965e-5 J m-3 – 4.2116846355194792664142496540057e-6 = 9.3840218284920233729968067608959e-5 J m-3 energy density differential

    9.3840218284920233729968067608959e-5 J m-3 energy density differential * 74948114.5 W J-1 m * (ε_h = 0.04) = 281.3258969889278120384163525 W m-2

    Again, the 0.0036929889278120384163525 W m-2 differential is due to rounding on the Hyperphysics webpage.

    Calculate the energy density in a cavity at thermodynamic equilibrium, then do so with your assumption that the cavity walls emit and absorb radiation at thermodynamic equilibrium. What do you see? That your take on radiative energetic exchange doubles the energy density of the cavity space (and remember that temperature is a measure of energy density, equal to the fourth root of energy density divided by the radiation constant)… so your take on radiative energetic exchange can never reach thermodynamic equilibrium. LOL

    You’re still confused as to what heat is… it is energy in flux. It is a mechanism for energy transfer, just as work is a mechanism for energy transfer. There is no “net” energy flow, just as there is no “net” work… it is always one way, from higher to lower potential (unless external energy does work to pump system energy up that energy density gradient).

  339. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote:
    “In chemical equilibrium, do reactants stop converting into products? No! At equilibrium, reactants convert into products at the same rate that products convert into reactants. They are still “furiously” switching back and forth, but there is no net change.”

    That assumes a chemical reaction which is ‘frictionless’… which can just as easily occur in the forward direction as the reverse… it that were the case, then there would be no impetus to cause the forward reaction in the first place! All actions must have an impetus. You’ve described a meta-stable equilibrium, not thermodynamic equilibrium.

    In a system that is in its own state of internal thermodynamic equilibrium, no macroscopic change occurs. Systems in mutual thermodynamic equilibrium are simultaneously in mutual thermal, mechanical, chemical, and radiative equilibrium. Systems can be in one kind of mutual equilibrium, though not in others. In thermodynamic equilibrium, all kinds of equilibrium hold at once and indefinitely unless work is done upon the system.

    Classical thermodynamics postulates that a system left entirely isolated from its surroundings and unperturbed for an indefinitely long time will reach a state of quiescence in which no changes occur within it; and two coterminous systems in thermodynamic equilibrium with a coterminous third system are in thermodynamic equilibrium with each other (0LoT). Of course, the quantum vacuum which permeates the universe makes an isolated system yet another fictive idealization.
    “Essentially, two systems that are in thermodynamic equilibrium will not exchange any heat.”

    You’re relying upon axiomatic over-simplifications in attempting to describe complexity, while relying upon your incorrect and / or incomplete understanding of those over-simplifications. It’s not working.

  340. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:
    In 1963, the Jaynes–Cummings model[5] was developed describing the system of a two-level atom interacting with a quantized field mode (i.e. the vacuum) within an optical cavity. It gave the nonintuitive prediction that the rate of spontaneous emission could be controlled depending on the boundary conditions of the surrounding vacuum field.
    With the advent of one-atom masers it was possible to study the interaction of a single atom (usually a Rydberg atom) with a single resonant mode of the electromagnetic field in a cavity from an experimental point of view, and study different aspects of the Jaynes–Cummings model.

    If the surrounding vacuum field energy density is higher than the energy density of the excited atom, energy cannot flow from atom to surrounding vacuum field (all atoms interact with the vacuum field), therefore that atom cannot emit. All in accord with 2LoT. 2LoT holds, even in the quantum realm.

    All atoms are quantum oscillators. They can only absorb (and emit) energy which is resonant with the oscillations inherent in their particular DOF (the reason they are, taken singularly, selective radiators… blackbody radiation arises due to dipole oscillations between atoms (or molecules), which is why our gaseous atmosphere does not (and to a first approximation, cannot) emit blackbody radiation… the atoms (or molecules) spend the majority of their time relatively distant from other atoms or molecules and therefore they cannot sustain the inter-atomic or inter-molecular dipole oscillations necessary for emission of blackbody radiation. As gas (or plasma) density increases, blackbody radiation production increases and eventually dominates spectral emission).

  341. CD Marshall says:

    I’ve always been confused by climate science applying Kirchoff’s Law to the atmosphere, especially the PBL. Part me maybe or part how it is presented. Nothing in the PBL is in a steady state unless you are using LTE. It’s not that hard to see in radiosonde that the troposphere is never the “same temperature” elevation or region.

  342. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    The “Lamb Pinch” (an intentional Lamb Shift) wouldn’t work with your take on radiative energetic exchange, Nepal.

    If graybody objects are nothing but idealized blackbody objects with ε<1, but otherwise emitting and absorbing without regard to the energy density gradient, then the laboratory model wouldn’t work, IR photons would not be emitted by the noble gas in the Casimir cavity, the patent wouldn’t have been issued.

    But it works, IR photons are emitted by the noble gas in the Casimir cavity, the patent was issued.

  343. CD Marshall says:

    LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks

    So classic question, all gas gets heated by conduction/advection. Climate Clowns claim that only GHGs emit IR photons. Yes I argued with a physicist over this.

    He claimed homonuclear diatomic molecules did not emit any IR even if heated. I do not know enough to dispute that. Yet anything above 0 Kelvin has a heat signature, to do so it must emit IR. Quite contradicting and confusing to us lay people.

  344. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    As always, feel free to use anything I write, with or without attribution. I’m not looking for recognition, I’m looking to put the knife through the heart of CAGW before it destroys our way of life.

    Homonuclear diatomics (N2, O2) have a net-zero magnetic dipole, and thus they cannot emit nor absorb IR unless that net-zero magnetic dipole is perturbed via collision with another atom or molecule… which happens pretty much all the time. The net-zero magnetic dipole is why homonuclear diatomic excited quantum states are meta-stable and relatively long-lived.

    The emission from N2 in our atmosphere, while at a different wavelength than the emission from CO2 (in fact, N2{v1(1)} emission is almost perfectly resonant with CO2{v3(1) (vibrational mode, asymmetrical stretch quantum state v3)) is on the order of CO2’s emission… so while N2 cannot as easily emit (because of that net-zero magnetic dipole which must be perturbed via collision), the much higher proportion of N2 in our atmosphere as compared to CO2 means its emission is similar in radiant flux.

    The energy transfer from N2{v1(1)} to CO2{v3(1)} is how a CO2 laser works. The same v-v transfer occurs in the atmosphere. The mechanism of excitation of the N2 to its {v1(1)} state is different (in a CO2 laser: via electron impact; in the atmosphere: via t-v collisional processes and via v-v collisional processes with excited O3 (ozone), which becomes excited by absorbing solar insolation), but the concept of energy transfer from N2 to CO2 still holds.

    The planet has an average temperature of 288 K, with an equivalent Wien Displacement Law radiation wavelength of 10.062 µm, whereas CO2 emits at 14.98352 µm (lower energy), 10.4 µm (lower energy) and 9.4 µm (higher energy)… thus the only ‘backradiation’ which can warm the surface above its average 288 K temperature comes from CO2 vibrationally excited to its {v3(1)} (asymmetric stretch) vibrational mode quantum state (the highest vibrational mode) by collision with N2 vibrationally excited to its {v1(1)} vibrational mode quantum state (which picks up its energy via collision with O3 (ozone), which becomes excited by absorbing solar insolation), whereupon that CO2 radiatively de-excites to its {v20(2)} (bending) vibrational mode quantum state via emission of 9.4 µm radiation. Since O3 is prevalent in the stratosphere, this radiation primarily originates in the stratosphere, and since only approximately half of it is downwelling, only approximately half of it can warm the planet’s surface above its 288 K average temperature. The other half of the radiation is upwelling, has an exponentially increasing mean free path length with increasing altitude due to decreasing atmospheric density, is in the Infrared Atmospheric Window, and thus has a nearly unfettered path out to space. That shedding of energy to space is a cooling process. The Wien Displacement Law equivalent temperature for 9.4 µm radiation is 308.3 K (35.124 C, 95.22 F). Any object above that temperature will have higher energy than the radiation, thus it will not have many available energy states which absorption of the photon can cause excitation to (because those energy states are already excited), and will thus reflect the radiation, not absorb it.

  345. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    So in fact, the O3 / N2 / CO2 v-v collisional process acts as a ‘shield’, rejecting incoming solar insolation out to space. Each time that energy is transferred to CO2, it has a 50% chance of being emitted as upwelling, and given that the wavelength is in the Atmospheric Infrared Window, if it’s emitted upwelling, it’s gone out to space in a minute fraction of a second.

    The same holds for any emission from N2 due to collisional perturbation of its net-zero magnetic dipole… say N2 emits downwelling and that photon is absorbed by a CO2 molecule. It’s got a 50% chance of being emitted upwelling. Let’s say it was emitted downwelling… another CO2 molecule further down absorbs it… and upon emission it’s got a 50% chance of being emitted upwelling, etc., etc., etc.

  346. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    “But N2{v1(1)} has slightly lower energy than CO2{v3(1)}… it can’t transfer from N2 to CO2!”, you’ll hear many neophytes claim.

    Yeah, no. Doppler broadening and collisional broadening.

    Doppler broadening is where the atom or molecule being incided upon is moving toward the photon, blue-shifting the photon just enough to increase its apparent energy such that it can be absorbed.

    Collisional broadening is where two atoms or molecules collide such that their kinetic energy can be added to the vibrational mode energy, allowing transfer of that vibrational mode energy.

    You’ll note that in both instances, some of the kinetic energy is ‘stolen’ and converted to vibrational mode energy… and given that temperature is a measure of the atom’s or molecule’s kinetic energy, this is a cooling process, a direct conversion of kinetic energy into radiative energy which, if emitted upwelling and if it exits to space, is yet another cooling process.

    As atmospheric temperature rises, the collisional broadening results in more and more kinetic energy being directly (and solely) converted to vibrational mode energy, then to radiation. There is a reason the atmosphere has an average temperature of 288 K.

  347. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Mheh… “There is a reason thenear surface atmosphere has an average temperature of 288 K.”

    Ok, time to sleep… we’re moving into our new house tomorrow, so I’m going to need my energy.

  348. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    “average temperature”
    should be
    “average near-surface temperature”

  349. CD Marshall says:

    I also meant conduction/convection not that advection shouldn’t be in there but…

  350. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    The same holds true for conduction as regards energy transfer… as long as the energy of the surface is sufficient to excite a vibrational mode quantum state of the colliding atom or molecule, it can be equipartitioned into that state.

    The same holds true as regards collisional broadening in the case of conduction… some of the kinetic energy of the colliding atom or molecule can be added to the vibrational mode quantum state energy of the colliding atom or molecule as long as the energy of the surface is close to the energy necessary to excite that state. As the kinetic energy of the atom or molecule increases, less energy from the surface is necessary to equipartition the kinetic energy of the colliding atom or molecule into vibrational mode quantum state energy of that atom or molecule should collisional broadening take place.

    Energy will equipartition into translational mode energy first at low temperatures because that’s the lowest energy state, then rotational mode, then vibrational mode, then electronic mode). As temperature increases, the energy necessary to further increase the translational mode energy surpasses that of rotational and vibrational modes, which is why as atmospheric temperature increases, energy increasingly goes into vibrational mode quantum states, which is then emitted as radiation (for molecules capable of emitting, either naturally (polyatomics) or via collisional perturbation of their net-zero magnetic dipole moment (homonuclear diatomics)) or transferred (via v-v (vibrational-vibrational) and/or t-v (translational-vibrational) collisional processes) to a molecule capable of emitting.

    IOW, no gases in our atmosphere “trap” energy, none of them are ‘global warming’ gases… all are coolants, a medium for the exchange of energy between surface and space, just as CFC or HCFC refrigerants are mediums for the exchange of energy between evaporator and condenser in an A/C system. The polyatomics are especially efficient at it, given that they can naturally emit, have more DOF and thus higher specific heat capacity than bulk air. The best one could say is that the gases in our atmosphere act as moderators of temperature. If you could find a molecule which could undergo phase change at prevalent atmospheric temperatures and pressures, it’d act as a literal refrigerant (in the strict ‘refrigeration cycle’ sense) for the surface.

    Oh… wait… that’s water. It evaporates at the surface (just as CFC evaporates in the evaporator), is transported via convection (whereas CFC is transported via A/C compressor), emits radiation to the heat sink and undergoes phase change (just as CFC dumps its energy to the condenser and undergoes phase change), is transported (falls as rain or snow, just as CFC is transported in an A/C system by the compressor), and the cycle repeats. But the climate loons claim that water vapor is a “global warming” gas… they’ve always been diametrically opposite to reality, it’s one of the hallmarks of their particular mental infirmity. LOL

  351. J Cuttance says:

    Solid, Lol@. I’m reading and re-reading this. Get on with your shifting, lift with your legs not your back.

  352. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    When we first got here, we’d packed everything into shipping containers, then had them delivered to a storage facility. To unload the containers, I went to Home Depot to hire some migrant laborers, but none were there. I needed to pick up some stuff at Home Depot anyway. So I started randomly asking people if they wanted to earn some money… I should have rephrased that, as I got a couple of suspicious looks. LOL

    In the checkout line, I talked with the guy behind me, and while he didn’t want to earn any money, he had a friend who was always up for some hard work to earn money. His friend’s name is Ed. Ed works at a storage facility down the street from where we were storing our stuff, and he works for minimum wage… no retirement plan, no health care, etc. He called Ed, asked if he wanted to earn $100 for about 4 hours of work, Ed showed up and worked as hard as I’ve ever seen anyone work.

    So naturally, when we wanted to load the stuff from storage onto a 26′ U-haul and into our new home, we called Ed. We offered him $200 this time, since we’d be both loading and unloading, whereas last time it was just unloading.

    He showed up, worked just as hard as last time. I was slowing down by the end of it, he was still going strong. It took us about 5 1/2 hours, largely because Ed was working so hard. And the whole while he was upbeat.

    If I get the job I want, I’m going to offer to hire him on. That’s the kind of people a company needs. He can start as an apprentice at 70% full pay, get a good hands-on 4 year education in mechanical engineering, and have a career that’ll give him a comfortable income and retirement. As hard as that guy works and as upbeat as he is, he’d be a supervisor in no time.

  353. CD Marshall says:

    My friend worked as a “man and a truck” deal, he’d haul anything you could fit in his truck. A lawyer called him and said he had “some boxes” that needed moving and had a deadline. My friend thought, “easy gig”. Done.

    The lawyer’s basement was stacked to the ceiling with these ‘boxes’ with only enough room to walk through and had to be hauled up steps.

    My friend said it was the worse job he had ever done, worse than any moving job. Worked over the weekend and was tempted to cut his losses and run. He didn’t. The lawyer ended up paying him well over the agreed amount. Turned out to be his most lucrative job ever. However, he did add some guideline rules to his job after that.

  354. Barry says:

    Lol so happy to here of good people doing the right thing and paying people what they are worth. And to beat all actually seeing what someone has done to help you,so nice to see a good story when there are obviously so many evil people around right now. Radio ad here in bc today from our public health officer erging people to get their children vaccinated with a safe and effective gene therapy. Now no person can make such a statement as there is absolutely no data to support such a claim and yet here we are with our trusted govt. what an upside down world we live in
    Good luck with the move
    Cheers Barry

  355. CD Marshall says:

    “Heat is defined as the form of energy that is transferred across a boundary by virtue of a temperature difference or temperature gradient. Implied in this definition is the very important fact that a body never contains heat, but that heat is identified as heat only as it *crosses the boundary. Thus, heat is a transient phenomenon. If we consider the hot block of copper as a system and the cold water in the beaker as another system, we recognize that originally neither system contains any heat (they do contain energy, of course.) When the copper is placed in the water and the two are in thermal communication, heat is transferred from the copper to the water, until equilibrium of temperature is established. At that point we no longer have heat transfer, since there is no temperature difference. Neither of the systems contains any heat at the conclusion of the process. It also follows that heat is identified at the boundaries of the system, for heat is defined as energy being transferred across the system boundary.” -Thermodynamics, G. J. V. Wylen, John Wiley & Sons, 1960.

    I needed a medium to copy this.

  356. MP says:

    Live Tracking of Massive Out of Control Russian space Rocket heading to earth

  357. MP says:

    On a 2d map it has a wavy trajectory

  358. CD Marshall says:

    Manned or auto?

  359. MP says:

    @ CDM

    Auto. But control is lost

    It has been bouncing on the top of the atmosphere at around 60 miles (100km) for a long time and remains super fast speed, decending some recently

    It has a wavy trajectory but never crossed antartica and the north pole

  360. CD Marshall says:

    That’s weird…if it hits the Pentagon, I’m going to be suspicious. 😒

  361. boomie789 says:

  362. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Hi, all.

    I’ve been researching dehumidifiers. Now that I live in Texas, it gets both hot and humid here. I noticed when we were renting the AirB&B that after starting the A/C, the room felt much cooler before the temperature actually dropped by much more than a degree or two… because the humidity was being removed from the air.

    One can spare running the A/C (an inefficient dehumidifier at best) if one uses a purpose-built dehumidifier. That saves on electricity, overall.

    If you look at the psychrometric chart:

    Let’s say we want to take the air from ~88 F at 80% Relative Humidity (which is far outside the yellowish “comfort zone”) to ~78 F at 60% Relative Humidity (which is just inside the yellowish “comfort zone” at the top end). Actually, I find 78 F at 60% RH to be a bit too cold… 80 F at 60% RH is good.

    We start out with air which has ~47 BTU / pound, and we end up with air which has ~32 BTU / pound, removing a total of 15 BTU per pound of air. In the process, to get the humidity down, we have to reduce the air temperature to ~63 F, then reheat it to ~78 F. That’s why air handling units have the air flow over the cold coil first, then the warm coil. In the case of an A/C unit, we can reheat the air with some of the heat the A/C unit is throwing off, to save energy.

    How much enthalpy does dry air have?
    At ~88 F, it has ~13.45 BTU / pound.
    At ~78 F, it has ~11.05 BTU / pound.

    So to reduce dry air from ~88 F to ~78 F would require removing only 2.4 BTU / pound.

    But we removed ~15 BTU / pound to get from ~88 F to ~78 F, 6.25 times more energy. Why?

    The humidity. It takes energy to remove it from the air.

    A lot of energy.

    The best refrigerant-cycle dehumidifiers for home use can extract 2.5 L while using 1 kW worth of electricity. That gets expensive if you’ve got to remove 25 or 50 liters per day. They’re also noisy, what with having an A/C compressor. And you’ve got to empty the condensate, or have a hose attached which drains to a floor drain.

    Peltier devices are coming on in the dehumidifier field, but Peltier devices are notoriously inefficient, so they’re not a good large-scale solution.

    Desiccant type dehumidifiers use a hydrophilic gel to attract water at low temperature, then heat it to expel that water. But the heat requires energy. We’ve just changed the energy input from cooling (in the case of refrigerant-cycle and Peltier dehumidifiers) to heating.

    Solid Polymer Electrolyte (ionic membrane) devices are more efficient, but thus far they’re only for small, sealed spaces of less than ~4 m^3. They capture water molecules from the air in a hydrophilic membrane, electrolyze them via a voltage differential, transport the hydrogen across the membrane and expel the hydrogen outside, where it recombines with oxygen into water.

    What if there were a more efficient way of doing it? What if the only external energy necessary was for a small rotor motor and a small fan (and possibly not even the fan)?

    I’m talking about the magneto-thermodynamic phenomenon known as the magnetocaloric effect (akin to the thermoelectric effect used in Peltier devices, but using magnetic fields rather than electricity), combined with aspects of the desiccant type dehumidifier.

    Praesodymium alloyed with nickel (PrNi5) is strongly magnetocaloric (so much so that scientists have used it to attain temperatures within a thousand of a degree of absolute zero)… put it in a magnetic field and it increases in temperature. Take it out of the magnetic field and it decreases in temperature.

    So we create a magnetic refrigerator consisting of heat sink fins constructed of PrNi5, and we coat those fins with a gel that is hydrophilic at lower temperature, and hydrophobic at higher temperature.

    Like this:

    The heat sink fins would be in the form of a rotor. The fins I envision would be U-shaped and insulated from each other.

    There would be two airflow routes… one with air into the device from the house and back out of the device to the house (house airstream), the other with air into the device from outside and out of the device back to outside (outside airstream). The rotor would be set such that half of it was in one airstream, and half in the other. The air ducts for both house airstream and outside airstream would be vertical, to better take advantage of natural convective effects with changes in humidity.

    We place permanent magnets in the outside airstream section such that the rotor slowly rotates past the magnets.

    As the rotor consisting of PrNi5 fins rotates into the magnetic field, the fins increase in temperature, driving any adsorbed water out of the gel and into the outside airstream. As the rotor rotates out of the magnetic field, the fins decrease in temperature, adsorbing water from the house airstream.

    The only energy input required would be for the rotor motor (it’d only have to spin the rotor at ~60 RPM maximum), and a small fan (with fan blades on both ends of the rotor, one fan for the outside airstream, one for the house airstream) if you want to increase the airflow.

    What do you think?

  363. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Out of the blue, I got a job offer to work at Los Alamos National Laboratory in a ‘knowledge exchange program’ for two years, then work at Savannah River Site in South Carolina. I’d not applied for the job, so it was a surprise. Starting pay is $110,000 / yr. with a $20,000 bonus after two years at Los Alamos, and a $60,000 bonus after two years at Savannah River.

    If I were a younger man in my 20’s or 30’s, without children, I’d jump at the opportunity… but now that I’m older and with young children, I’m looking for something that lets me stay in Texas, and lets my kids have a ‘home base’ with friends and school.

    Ah, well… I think I’ve got a job anyway… I’ve gone through two interviews with them so far, the retiring Chief Engineer (whom I’d be replacing) worked in the same SF Bay Area union I was in (he moved here about 23 years ago), grew up on a farm just like I did, has the same interests as I do… we’re practically identical in job-related aspects, so I’ll be a drop-in replacement for him. It’ll give me an equivalent ~$25,000/yr. boost in pay, to boot, owing to the lower cost of living here.

  364. boomie789 says:

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Dec. 31, 2021, released new data showing a total of 1,000,229 reports of adverse events ( and 21,000 deaths, following COVID jabs.

    A recent ( ( from Columbia University (ironically the home of Technocracy) shows that the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is only recording 1/20th of the adverse reactions to the COVID vaccine.

    So that means (minimally, Harvard had these at 1%) we’re looking at:

    20 Million adverse events
    400-500,000 deaths

    These are just U.S. numbers, although I imagine it is similar throughout the world. Multiply everything by 20 below and we get a more accurate read on the situation.

    156,456 Doctor Visits
    110,609 Hospitalizations
    109,245 Urgent Care
    35,650 Permanently Disabled
    12,532 Bell’s Palsy
    22,117 Myocarditis
    10,640 Heart Attacks
    3,435 Miscarriages
    21,002 Deaths
    6,673 Anaphylaxis
    5,011 Thromnocytopenia/Low Platelet
    23,892 Life-Threatening
    36,492 Severe Allergic Reaction
    11,462 Shingles

    -Marc Malone’s Bulletin

  365. CD Marshall says:

    So Joe has talked about the extinguished Professor Pierrehumbert on here a ways back, can’t find where it is though, before my time. I had one email communication with him personally, he didn’t not respond a second time. Certainly wasn’t willing to show me any data to prove solar forcing in the models.

    Part of the discourse…
    “Anyone who has studied climate physics, such as yourself, clearly knows that the average of 940 W/m^2 is consistent at the Equatorial Solar Zenith and around 82 W/m^2 at the Poles. You need that real thermal radiation to power our climate, not 255 Kelvin. Dividing by 4 for an input where it should be divided by 2 and is so obvious that even I can see it, troubles me. The Sun shines on only half the globe at a time, the average exhaust is the whole globe and should be averaged by 4 resulting in the 255 Kelvin but not the input.”

    Pierrehumbert (or proxy intern)
    “All of the factors you describe are fully taken into account in climate models, but your factor of 2 is incorrect. In the limit of a horizontally uniform radiating temperature, the answer is clearly 4, which is just the ratio of surface area of a sphere to its cross section, and comes from the most elementary energy balance principles, as in Chapter 3 of my planetary climate book. General circulation models, of course, allow for geographical variations in temperature, and take into account the diurnal cycle.”

    This paper gets brought up a lot with climate clowns. I do think Pierrehumbert is brilliant, however he is indeed in error with the RGHGE as depicted in models.

  366. boomie789 says:

  367. Sorry to post something marginally unrelated to UFO’s, but this is a spectacularly clear, focused presentation for those under the dark cloud of the Canadian Covidians, who are sort of from another planet, as far as their mentality (or lack thereof) goes:

  368. MP says:

    The Movement episode 2 ‘Climate Change’

  369. CD Marshall says:

    I’m hearing more Covid lies, they are claiming the Vaxx prevents Covid and the spread of Covid and the hospitals are filled with 99% unvaaxxed.

    Also heard certain members of the supreme court are claiming this. Anyone?

    Of course, it is a lie just curious if anyone knows more about this?

  370. Barry says:
    The numbers just from Ontario today would make a thinking person think maybe the vaccines don’t work that well but our national health minister said today that provinces would have to make them mandatory. They certainly haven’t looked at any stats.

  371. justgivemeall says:
    Todays covid numbers out of ontario

  372. boomie789 says:

    Short and sweet explanation. Thoughts?

  373. CD Marshall says:

    Thanks Barry, it shows ICU patients are 50/50 vax/unvaxxed. Interestingly, more vaxxed are in the hospital but not the ICU. Weird.

  374. CD Marshall says:

    What he didn’t say…
    Variations is the O3 layer are natural.

    CFCs do deplete O3 true, however volcanic activity does release CFCs so they are naturally occurring as well as manmade.
    “Volcanic Halocarbons: Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in Volcanic Emissions”

    Solar proton events deplete O3, I believe it was around 1% for a major storm (mainly around the poles).

    Ozone depressions at the poles (aka holes) are naturally occurring. Look at the maps from NASA and you will see the fluctuations.

    This sounds exactly how Pierre explained it to me might have been skimmed from his blog? Don’t know.

    Hope that helps

  375. CD Marshall says:

    I like Dr. John Robson, an astute scholar with a clever delivery.


  376. Zelator says:

    Hi Lol@KKK. Re. Air Conditioners:

    I can corroborate your findings on a practical viewpoint other than a research viewpoint but your research is spot on.

    I use a dehumidifier/ air-con here in the Uk in the summer months in my south facing apartment, and as you say the temperature “feels” cooler even though it may only be a couple of degree drop. The removal of the humidity makes it feel cooler. I always suffer moist heat but in drier climes I can tolerate higher temperatures.

    Your research makes sense. As you say though the conventional ( portable) in my
    case units are noisy.

    Maybe you could arrrange a manufacture and patent, as your evidence is sound re. electrical consumption etc being a consideration.

  377. Zelator says:


    Ironically the home of the Illuminati are in full blown revolution.
    They have been behind most of the world revolutions and are now subject to one on their own land. They have been severely weakened and now revolutionaries sense a momentus historical victory and plot to strike back at the black nobility that have caused so much misery.

    Hopefully their bailers, the communists with a small “c” in name only Russia will exact a hefty price. Seems the Illuminatis’ Communist policy has come home to roost.

    Guillotines out for the oligarchs for world turmoil and war. Retribution for the Jacobin style
    Bolshevik revolutions of centuries past. The Russians will force change. Justice will prevail.

  378. Zelator says:

    We keep getting told that the white hats are against the Great Reset, but they want to implement a new Quantum AI to run everything.

    “Deep State The Great Reset Vs. White Hats new Internet:

    The Deep State wants a new Internet that will be digitalized with Internet Passports into their New World Internet. These passports will be only for those who abide by the World infection laws: those who co-operate with the online banking (new rules/Standards/regulations). The Deep State has a plan to control the World through their Internet and through all peoples banking and social networks . This new Internet they want to launch is called The Great Reset.

    The White Hats new Internet is ready to be released by Tim Berners-Lee has the most advanced security and unbreakable encrypted System ever created to serve mankind. The features behind the New Internet has A.I systems to identify online pedophilia, human trafficking networks, world money laundering systems, A.I. advanced Quantum creation to eradicate homelessness and third
    world poverty, ending all wars and giving generational healing through high Technology that uses the advanced (hidden) systems connected to Tesla and vibrational frequency healing: the body is a field of energy and receptors that connect to the DNA and all self dimensional healing rhythms that effect the state of the body and mind”.

    Here is an article about Tim Berners-Lee’s new “Internet” . Is this the package to be used with Microsoft Azure to run the new Matrix?


    My take is that these are the same systems run by the White Hats ( The Alliance aka the Black Sun,
    Trump et al).

    All based on old Black Cube technology patched up with new technology like Azure that got us into this shit pickle in the first place. Its just a repackaging of the old system with different conntrollers.

    They want to remove the existing internet, which they say is Operation Mockingbird amongst other MKultra brainwashing programs. But they also want to remove all the good stuff too, all the exposure and whistleblower material that people have given their live to expose. This is the sinister side.

    It will be like a clean slate for them. No old history as it will all be rewritten. And the children of the future will be automatons. Hive Mind.

  379. Zelator says:

    I purchase a lot of stuff online. I also only subscribe and buy stuff online if it sounds legit and useful. Normally until now I haven’t had a problem with spam, but in the last month, and particularly in the last 7 days I have been getting heavily spammed, and they are all USA email addresses!

    Also phone calls to my mobile phone…..all USA numbers. I’m UK btw.

    Is there a way to find out the source of these vermin? I mean I must have got on some shit head spammers list, or been sold to one….right?!

    It is not something that fills up my inbox , but something that pisses me off thinking these wankers think I want their ridiculous products or services. On the more sinister side, how did they get my mobile phone number?

    I am getting batches of two or three on the trip as though they are auto bot sent out.

    How do you end up on these lists? More importantly how do they get your mobile credentials?

  380. Zelator says:

    Oh most importantly of ALL, how do you get off their lists, as you cant unsubscribe, as that proves you are a LIVE recipient email address, and also that you must have SUBSCRIBED in the first place, if you try to unsubscribe, especially as they ask you to enter your email address to unsubscribe. Crafty shits!!!

  381. Zelator says:

    We could live forever, or we could live right now…..

    Fatalism: the belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable.

  382. J Cuttance says:

    CD, ozone is of particular thermodynamic interest too.

    Notice the stratosphere has a higher temperature at the top than the bottom because it is heated from the top, via ultraviolet absorption. The troposphere is heated from the ground and sea below and has the reverse temperature gradient.

    Carbon dioxide features only to agree with the adiabatic effect on this and every other planet.

  383. Zelator says:

    A Place in Time Channel : Youtube

    David Bowie – This Is Not America (Live)

    Starman Blackstar …… A little piece of you will die:

    This is NOt America:

  384. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Zelator wrote:
    “I use a dehumidifier/ air-con here in the Uk in the summer months in my south facing apartment, and as you say the temperature “feels” cooler even though it may only be a couple of degree drop. ”

    We bought a Black & Decker BDT50PWTB dehumidifier from Discount Liquidators… the box was scratched up, but otherwise the contents were undamaged. That’s what liquidators do, they purchase the ‘dent & ding’ stock from stores for a song, and resell it a bit higher. We bought ours for $160.

    It’s a bit much for the square footage of this house (~1200 sf), since it’s designed for homes up to 4000 sf. It pulls the humidity down quick, then shuts down compressor and fan.

    The trickiest part was getting the drainage to work properly… it’s got three options:
    1) The 50 pint drain pan, which you have to manually empty (the unit shuts off when the drain pan is full)

    2) A pump. It drains to the drain pan, then when it’s full, it pumps it out via a small tube.

    3) Gravity drain. It uses a larger tube (or a garden hose) to drain to a floor drain.

    We set the unit up on the divider between kitchen and dining room, sitting inside the bottom styrofoam packing to dampen vibrations transmitted out to the rest of the house. Since it’s sitting above the kitchen sink, gravity drain is the natural choice.

    But the gravity drain hose (which is a plastic tube about the same size as a garden hose) is too short, and we don’t have a spare garden hose I can cut to length, and my wife complained that a garden hose (even cut short so it just dangled into the kitchen sink) was too large. So I rigged it so the pump hose works as a gravity drain.

    There’s a garden hose connection on the back of the unit. It’s got a cap on it from the factory, set up to use option #1 above (the drain pan).

    You can take that off and put the pump setup (option #2 above) fitting on there, or the gravity drain (option #3 above) fitting. The only difference between the two fittings is the size of the external hose that connects to each fitting.

    Inside the pipe where that fitting connects is the discharge tube for the pump… when you’re setting it up for pump discharge, you’re supposed to put a thick black rubber washer with a hole in it into the fitting.

    This blocks water from flowing out of the condensate collection pan below the evaporator and into the drain hose, so it has to flow to the drain pan, where the pump picks it up and pumps it up to that discharge tube.

    That thick black rubber washer fits against the end of the pump discharge tube (which is inside the garden hose fitting at the back of the unit) tightly, so water has to flow: from the condensate collection pan, into the drain pan, into the pump, out of the pump, through the pump discharge tube and into the external (small) tube.

    I short-circuited that route by removing the thick black rubber washer. Now water can flow from the condensate collection pan directly to the small external tube meant for the pump… none of it flows to the drain pan, although I’ve enabled the pump just in case some of it does (the pump is level controlled, so if no water flows to the drain pan, the pump won’t run).

    Anyway, I ran it last night after we got it unboxed. Outdoor humidity was low, and indoor temperature was only 62 F, so after it pulled indoor humidity down to ~37% (the lowest setting is 35%), the evaporator started icing up… it cycled into defrost mode, defrosted and continued pulling water from the air. I shut it down for the night… I’d just been testing to see if it actually worked (we did buy it from a liquidator, remember).

    Today was different. It was rainy, warmish (70 F) and 100% humidity outside. The unit pulled indoor humidity down to 40% after an hour and a half, and it could pull it to 39% for short periods, but that’s about the best it could do. There was no icing up, since indoor temperature was 70 F.

    Still, that’s not bad… 100% RH outside, 40% RH inside, both at 70 F.

    I plugged the kitchen sink drain to gauge how much water it was pulling out of the air. I filled the kitchen sink about a quarter of the way with the condensate. This unit is way more than we need, but on those hot muggy days it’ll work great to quickly pull indoor humidity low so we don’t have to run the A/C most days, and on the days we do have to run it, indoor temperature drop will require less energy because the A/C has to pull out less enthalpy from the air.

    I’ve set it to 60% relative humidity, and it cycles on for about 5 minutes, then off for about 15, with outside RH at 100%.

    There are two factors at work at this point: the house has never had a dehumidifier, so it’s ‘soaked’ at a higher humidity (moisture will slowly come out of the structure over time); and air leaks bringing in humid air (I’ll figure out a way to check for humid air getting into the house, and seal up any air leaks). I’m betting as time wears on and the interior of the house soaks at a lower humidity, the unit will run less and less.

    The thing’s a beast for electrical consumption, though.. 805 watts maximum. At current electrical rates, that’s about $2.13 per day if it runs 24/7, about 53 cents per day running as it is now (5 minutes on, 15 minutes off).

    Once I find a job, I’m going to experiment with my magnetocaloric refrigerator / dehumidifier idea. So I’ll have two projects I’ll be working on… the quantum generator and the magnetic dehumidifier.

  385. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Zelator wrote:
    “How do you end up on these lists? More importantly how do they get your mobile credentials?”

    The dark web sells a lot of information that people really don’t want in the public sphere, but just as bad is public companies selling your information.

    Remember, if a service is “free”, the service isn’t the product… YOU are.

    They cross-correlate databases… your phone number slips out when you sign up at your bank to receive alerts on account activity, your address slips out when you get stuff delivered, your name of course slips out nearly everywhere (unless you order under a fake name… highly recommended that you set up an alternate persona, complete with credit cards, phone, etc. that can be easily ditched should the need arise).

    The only way to get off their lists is to prove yourself such a huge PITA that dealing with you isn’t worth their trouble… in my case, the Russian Spam Gang (which is what everyone called them because they used Russian servers, so everyone thought they were in Russia… no one had ever seen the head guy, and no one knew his name) was the one bothering me. This was back in the bad old days, when spammers would hit mail servers so hard that they’d crash.

    I got a lead from another spammer while I was on the dark web. I’d posed as a spammer looking to sell really good lists to spam to… lists of people eager to buy exactly what this spammer was selling. That put me in touch with the head guy via email. He wasn’t careful, though… his IP address was in the headers, and he didn’t use a proxy (as I had, to make it look like I was coming out of South America).

    Once I had him via email, I told him to stop spamming me. He laughed at me and challenged me to stop him. So I did.

    I used ping triangulation on the IP address from his email to pin his location down to Brighton, MA, which was later confirmed by another spammer who knew him. I hacked his mail server and got his name and a list of all of his back-office servers. I hacked those servers to dox everyone working for him in the US, Canada and Britain.

    I forwarded everything to the FBI, making sure to let them know that he was the largest spammer on the planet and was selling everything from counterfeit goods to counterfeit medications to counterfeit software to fake home refinancing stuff to illegal gambling, etc., etc., etc.

    I figured out a way of determining when new domains were registered, before they even went live. He was going through so many domains that he had the registration process automated, and it followed a pattern. I discovered that pattern, making it easy to pick out which servers were his.

    I set up a website scraper to scrape the list of newly registered domains, and put those which were likely to be his (ie: those that fit the pattern) into a database. That database was then used to determine which servers those domains were sitting on, which gave me the IP address. Then the website scraper would visit the IP address (appending specific web pages to the IP address, since he was running multiple websites from each domain, each website selling different stuff) and if it found specific wording unique to his spam websites, it flagged it as a new domain to hit.

    While I was doing all that, I found and hacked his personal website… he had a bunch of trophy photos on there behind a log-in, showing him getting happy-ending massages from ladybois in Thailand. LOL

    Some of his new domains I hacked… nothing pisses off a spammer more than being locked out of his own websites, and that website then being put live by myself with photos of his Thai adventures, with his name emblazoned across the top of the page. LOL

    Other of his domains I hit with DDOS. The harder I hit him, the more domains he registered to try to stay ahead of me… he never could. When he had more than 4000 domains, I was hitting him so hard via DDOS that I was taking entire countries offline.

    I programmed the SpamVampire, which just loads a bunch of pictures from a website, dumps them from the disc cache, loads them again, etc., etc. The original SpamVampire was just a code snippet from someone else to bypass the disc cache and load an image from the server again. It only ran on MS Internet Explorer. I got it running on Firefox (which was the most popular browser of the day) and all the other browsers. It even had a throttle so you could set how much bandwidth you wanted to use… and if a website went down while you were draining it, it’d wait until it came back up then it’d continue. Of course, it kept stats on how many images had been loaded and how much bandwidth had been wasted. I released it to the public, with instructions on how to use it against your own favorite spammer. We had people competing to get the highest stats. LOL

    This was back in the bad old days, when cross-site scripting was still allowed, so I also programmed Refi Retaliator. This created an entire persona… name, address, credit history, age, male/female, how long you’ve owned your house, how much your house is worth, how much you owe on your house, your income, even a credit card number generator which passed the Luhn checksum test. It cross-correlated your street to your city, your city to your ZIP code, your telephone area code to your ZIP code, everything to make it look like a real person was ordering… which made it deadly not just against mortgage-refi spam sites, but against any site selling anything. The spammer literally could not tell the order was fake until he tried to charge the credit card, even if he’d done the Luhn checksum test on the credit card. And once he tried to charge the card, it’d of course be declined… and his payment processor would charge him $2.50. The first month I released it, I cost the poor guy more than $1,000,000 in bad card charges. LOL

    Now, keep in mind that I was doing this every day. It was mostly automated, so it didn’t take much time. His code monkeys tried to get around a lot of the stuff I did (like limiting orders to 1 per IP address… I just used cross-site scripting to inject a different IP address to his database; or rate-limiting the download speed of images on SpamVampire (no problem… we’d just load up hundreds and hundreds of images at the same time, each at a low speed, but in aggregate still just as much bandwidth as before he’d tried rate-limiting).

    And while that was all happening, I’d automated reporting to the FBI with how many new domains he’d registered each day and what counterfeit / illegal products he was selling on which links on each domain.

    Refi Retaliator really hurt him… the first month I ran it, he tracked down my telephone number and called it with a recorded death threat. That didn’t deter me, I knew I had him on the run, and I knew he was just a computer geek from Ukraine with an MIT degree in artificial intelligence who’d gone bad… he was no killer.

    The second month I ran Refi Retaliator, he called me, and begged me to stop. “You’re keeeeeeling my business!”, he pleaded again and again. He offered me money, he made promises to set up an opt-out list that all spammers would abide by (this was before opt-out lists even existed… they came into being largely because I put the fear of God into spammers).

    But I wasn’t interested in the money, and he didn’t keep his promise of an opt-out list. So I hit him even harder.

    About this time, a bunch of retailers (Gucci, Rolex, Microsoft, Norton, etc.) got together with the US government to go after him for selling counterfeit versions of their products. He ran from the US to Canada.

    I tracked him down again and started taunting him. He was spooked by now. No one had ever gotten to him… before me, no one had even seen his face or knew his name. I hacked his personal website and splashed his name and face across the internet. I shut down his servers. I tracked him from country to country. And I taunted him all the while. LOL

    When Russia got tired of me hitting their servers so hard I was taking the entire country offline, and they told him to take a hike, he got servers in China… I tricked Chinese government officials into confiscating those servers, I forged up an email that looked like it’d been forwarded from a concerned Chinese citizen in the Philippines to a Chinese government official, then forwarded from that Chinese government official to a bunch of other Chinese government officials; that email appearing to originally be from the spammer, discussing him funding a coup. I hacked the Chinese government servers and got the internal email addresses of a bunch of their higher-up muckity-mucks. I used a Philippines proxy to send that email, since I can’t write the first-hop header. He had to buy those servers, and co-located them in a Chinese ISP… so that was a big loss for him.

    He thought he was safe in Canada… spamming wasn’t illegal there back then. But online gambling and selling counterfeit goods was, so I contacted the RCMP and brought them into the fold of the FBI, US federal government, and retailers who were going after him. And of course, I taunted him that the RCMP was going to be politely knocking on his door very, very soon. LOL

    He fled Canada to Britain. I tracked him down again and brought the London police into the growing group of agencies going after him. His stay in Britain was short-lived. Shortly after he got set up in Britain, I taunted him online that his office was going to be raided the next day. He was so spooked by that time that he believed it. He packed everything up overnight and fled to Ukraine. LOL

    He attempted to spam from Ukraine, but by then no ISPs would take him, so he ended up trying to spam from a Mexican ISP which still had dial-up accounts only. He literally had to dial into a Mexican ISP from Ukraine. That must have cost him a pretty penny. LOL

    He gave up trying to spam when the US federal government announced their $37.5 million court judgement against him, and that he was now wanted in the US, Canada and Britain (and most likely in China, given my shenanigans). LOL

    Ever the scumbag, he found a new way to break the law… he’d rent little girls from orphanages in Russia, transport them to Ukraine, star in CP films with them, then sell the films on the dark web. All the while he was bragging online that he was untouchable because Ukraine police could be bought off… but once I forwarded the dark web links to where he was selling his CP films, it all unraveled for him… the Ukraine police, working with Russian police, ordered the films, and since he was IN the films, they had all the evidence they needed to extradite him to Russia and throw him in the clink for 40 years. And once he gets out, he’s wanted in Ukraine. And when he finishes his prison sentence in Ukraine, he’s wanted in Canada, Britain and the US.

    When I tell a spammer to stop spamming me, they’d better listen. And they do.

    THAT is how you get off their spam lists. LOL

  386. J Cuttance says:

    LOL@ WTF! You won’t be looking for work for long. Legend!

  387. Zelator says:

    LOL.. Wow I bet that spammer regretted messing with you . Excellent stuff. Lolol

  388. CD Marshall says:

    LOL great stuff, besides your tenacity, what actually maxes me out the most is he could have stopped being a douche at any time and disappeared and he chose not to. The arrogance of these people and the unfettered propensity to do evil. He needs to be locked away forever.

    I know a guy who use to be a hacker for a group (Anonymous) realized his head was up on backwards and stopped. NOW he works cyber security for a worldwide company. He used to write programs that when hacked by a hacker, shut down their computers and copied all the data.

    He got his skills working for the military (drones). Hates Obama (during his spying times) and I think was what spurred him to join the hacker group. Thought he was making a difference…he wasn’t.

  389. CD Marshall says:

    Now if anyone can tell me anyway I can recover corrupted Word and PDF files I’d be happy.
    This is what my files looks like… This use to be a note on Steady States.
    •¬w‚û�ú&ã## žîEœ»I%Å`#Iz~ž

  390. Joseph E Postma says:

    @LOL – you are some sort of super genius or something.

    Let me ask you something: If you could use the Schrödinger wave equation in a deterministic manner, rather than statistically probabilistic, what do you imagine that you could do with that? Do you have any applications which you could surmise?

    I’m working on my third book, and I am proposing that we need to invent an entirely new academic system, and we also need to destroy the old one. They’re all in for flat Earth theory and tranny’s now, so, they’ll fall on their own. But I’d like to create a whole new school where we teach actual rationalism rather than cognitive-dissonance like we do now. In my book I’ll be explaining more precisely what we’re facing and what happened, but it is basically that.

    One way to fund the school would be to simply underwrite the student loans ourselves. This is an idea from Propertarianism. In the current model, banks and government underwrite students loans and then children take utterly useless degrees which they can never pay back, or pay back most of their lives…it’s truly disgusting. If a university had to underwrite the loans, then they would be on the hook for producing useful employable students. And a smaller amount of interest could be charged, but we would also get funding from business for producing the best students. One part of the school’s research activities would be using the wave equation in a deterministic manner, etc…

  391. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    No, I’m not a genius, I am the embodiment of the original definition of the word “hacker”… I just keep hacking away at a problem until I figure out how to solve it. Sometimes it takes a really, really long time, sometimes not. Strangely, the Refi Retaliator code was something I dreamed of programming, I woke up with it fresh in my head, sat down for 46 hours straight, typed it in from my dream and it worked. But I’d been mulling that code over for a long time before that… let your brain work on the problem in the background while you do other stuff, you’ll be amazed at the results.

    The Schrödinger wave equation is deterministic, in that if you know the wave function (the state of the object) at any given time, you can determine how its wave function will evolve for any given other time (barring any unforeseen interactions). The wave function is only indeterminate when it’s not been measured (ie: we don’t know the state of the object, so it could be anything that satisfies the Schrödinger wave equation). So we use probability statistics to determine the most likely outcome.

    Unfortunately, in measuring the state of the object, we must interact with it, which changes its state… the less we interact with it as we measure it, the closer we get to the state it was in before we measured it… so the trick is to have a light touch when measuring.

    This is exemplified in the newest iteration of the double-slit experiment, where the researchers merely measured the phase shift of the photons, leaving them otherwise untouched. This is called “partial measurement”. The less you interact with the particle, the less you affect its wave function evolution.

    I don’t buy into the whole “our mind or our consciousness is affecting the wave function evolution” thing or the whole “there are multiple universes, so every single possibility for the evolution of the wave function is simultaneously taking place in a multitude of universes” thing… it’s our measurement, our interaction with whatever we’re measuring, that affects the wave function evolution.

    The universe (singular) is quantumly deterministic. Given a known initial state and a known interaction, you’ll get a known resultant state. Our problem is that:
    1) we can’t accurately measure at a rate fast enough to track a quantum particle in real time (for instance, the simple example of a bound electron orbital for a hydrogen atom… we can’t track its every move, so we use statistics to determine where it’ll most likely be… but if scientists would realize it’s a sinusoid (a circular function and therefore a spiral) in 3 DOF (owing to the Lorentz force and centripetal acceleration / centrifugal force acting upon the integer number of de Broglie waves of the bound electron… the bound electron is spiraling around the nucleus) affected by external influences, we could track it in real time by accounting for those external influences; and…

    2) we must interact with the particles to measure them, so we’re skewing the results we get.

    But, if we were able to determine wave function evolution without interacting with the particle (and thereby changing the wave function evolution), we’d have the means of figuring out all manner of stuff and perfecting our technology. We’re still monkeys with big brains, so we can’t even conceive of some of the stuff that’s to come.

    Imagine permanent magnets which we design so that, rather than each pole face having a quantum vacuum interface which pulls virtual photons in from the quantum vacuum and expels virtual photons to the quantum vacuum (as I detailed in an earlier post), we had materials with the magnetic hardness to withstand the intense internal forces such that all domains were aligned in the same direction … one pole face pulls virtual photons in from the quantum vacuum, one expels the virtual photons to the quantum vacuum. What I call a “perfect magnet”.

    In conventional permanent magnets, half the domains are aligned one direction and half the other to minimize magnet internal energy, giving us the two pole faces, each with two quantum vacuum interfaces… in effect, each conventional permanent magnet is two “perfect magnets” aligned oppositely.

    The reason we must introduce motion to generate electricity from permanent magnets is because conventional permanent magnets have two interfaces with the quantum vacuum on each pole face… that cancels out any interaction with electrons in a conductor, so we must introduce translation to ‘skew’ the quantum interactions on each pole face in favor of the “sucks in” or “blows out” interface on any given pole face… in the “perfect magnet”, no motion would be required… energy would flow from the quantum vacuum, be converted to electrical energy without any relative motion required, that energy would be utilized to do work, and would flow back to the quantum vacuum more entropied than the quantum vacuum’s overall entropy, hastening the heat death of the universe by a minute fraction of a microsecond, but otherwise having no adverse effect and requiring no fuel.

  392. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    I went to Home Depot to buy a rake, so my kids could learn the value of yard work. LOL

    Anyway, while I was there, I happened through the plumbing fittings section, so I took a look at what they had. I found a “Dishwasher Elbow 3/8 in. OD x 3/4 in. FH”, product number 640-698 LFA-158A.

    It looks like this:

    I took off the fitting that came with the dehumidifier and put that Dishwasher Elbow on, then clamped the plastic tube in the ferrule. It works great… rather than the water building up behind the old fitting, then surging out all at once, it dribbles out at a steady pace because now the water has a chance to flow down a bit before hitting the plastic tube, so it’s got a bit of head pressure… and the brass fitting is less hydrophobic, so water naturally creeps along the fitting, down the curve, builds up and flows into the plastic tube… with the old fitting, the level in the condensate collection pan had to build up sufficiently such that the head pressure pushed the water into the plastic tube (which is highly hydrophobic, so water doesn’t want to go there nor easily flow there).

    I also tested both the A/C system and the dehumidifier running at the same time… I found that with the A/C system running, indoor humidity can’t get below 53%… which tells me that the HVAC system has leaks which are pulling warm humid air in from the attic space on the suction side of the fan. So I’ll go up into the attic with a roll of duct tape, tape up the duct seams and make sure none of the flexible ducts have come loose or degraded to such a point that they’re leaking.

    When I turned the A/C system off, the dehumidifier pulled indoor RH down to 40% pretty quickly. With the leaks on the HVAC system fixed, it’ll pull down even faster, and run less.

    I also found our water heater (electric) is only working on one element… the contactor for the other element isn’t even pulling in. I’m not sure if the element is burned out. When I replace the contactor, I’ll get out the meter and test the element continuity.

    My landlord is either going to love me or hate me… I find everything wrong with a property because that’s what I’ve done for a living my entire life, so they’ll hate me for that. But I can fix everything wrong, so they’ll love me for that, if they’re not so uptight that they don’t let me fix stuff.

  393. boomie789 says:

  394. boomie789 says:

  395. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Ok, got the water heater contactor working. It’s a “non-simultaneous” circuit… the top thermostat kicks in, the top element heats up the top layer of water, then the top thermostat kicks off and that shunts power to the lower thermostat, which heats up the whole tank to the lower thermostat’s setting.

    Someone had set the lower thermostat so low that it has never pulled in… that lower heating element has never run. When the top thermostat kicks off and shunts power to the lower thermostat, the lower thermostat was set to such a low temperature that it never kicked in, so it got stuck in the open position. Exercising it through its range of motion a few times loosened it up and now it’s working. Odd that they’d wire the water heater as non-simultaneous (which they usually do for circuits which can only handle 25 amps or so)… the breaker for the water heater is a 50 amp breaker, so it could definitely handle simultaneous operation (both elements on at the same time).

    So really, we only had 20 gallons of hot water at the top of the tank, and 20 gallons of cooler water at the bottom.

    If you’ve got an electric water heater that doesn’t seem to have as much hot water as it should, exercise your thermostats (just turn them through their range of motion a few times) and see if that gets them working. Switches don’t like sitting for years not doing anything. And your bottom thermostat should be about 5 degrees warmer than your top thermostat to get the whole tank heated properly. When you start showering, your bottom thermostat will kick in first (and earlier than the top thermostat would (the cool water is input at the bottom of the tank, and hot water rises), so you’re heating the water as you shower)… when you’ve depleted the hot water to the point that the top thermostat kicks in, it has a smaller volume of water to heat, so it’ll heat that water quicker.

  396. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Boomie wrote:

  397. CD Marshall says:

    How can humans beat radiation in space? Will they be forced to explore with automated machines, maybe androids? True AI is said to be a very long way off. Limited AI is plausible. We already have that to a very restricted degree.

    Just having a base on the Moon raises the radiation and meteor threat factor. How deep under the Moon would they need to go for a moonbase to be safe? How can they get green energy on the moon to equal a nuclear reactor? {Joking}

    You would think some kind of interplanetary satellite network should be the first step.

  398. CD Marshall says:

    All right guys take me through this I don’t know where to start? How to explain why this is wrong w/o going into a novel? He’s not being a climate clown, he’s just not informed. Then again he may be one of those that latch on to something and that’s it.

    “Einstein said that collisions are 100% elastic in an ideal gas. No exchange of energy. There is also no radiative exchange. How to prove that a gas behaves according to the gas law? By measuring it. How? Millions of weather balloons. Unexpected? Yes, but undeniable!”

  399. J Cuttance says:

    CD, I don’t think human habitation of space is particularly dangerous other than in Van Allen belts, and even there, a few metres of water would keep you safe.

  400. CD Marshall says:

    GCR pretty much exists everywhere in our galaxy and is dangerous. Even UV-C can penetrate DNA.

  401. boomie789 says:

    Yea water is what they use in nuclear reactors. It’s a moderator, coolant, and they store the spent rods in it to absorb the heat and radiation.


    “Spacecraft travelling beyond low Earth orbit enter the zone of radiation of the Van Allen belts. Beyond the belts, they face additional hazards from cosmic rays and solar particle events. A region between the inner and outer Van Allen belts lies at 2 to 4 Earth radii and is sometimes referred to as the “safe zone.”[31][32]

    Solar cells, integrated circuits, and sensors can be damaged by radiation. Geomagnetic storms occasionally damage electronic components on spacecraft. Miniaturization and digitization of electronics and logic circuits have made satellites more vulnerable to radiation, as the total electric charge in these circuits is now small enough so as to be comparable with the charge of incoming ions. Electronics on satellites must be hardened against radiation to operate reliably. The Hubble Space Telescope, among other satellites, often has its sensors turned off when passing through regions of intense radiation.[33] A satellite shielded by 3 mm of aluminium in an elliptic orbit (200 by 20,000 miles (320 by 32,190 km)) passing the radiation belts will receive about 2,500 rem (25 Sv) per year. (For comparison, a full-body dose of 5 Sv is deadly.) Almost all radiation will be received while passing the inner belt.[34]

    The Apollo missions marked the first event where humans traveled through the Van Allen belts, which was one of several radiation hazards known by mission planners.[35] The astronauts had low exposure in the Van Allen belts due to the short period of time spent flying through them.[27][36]

    Astronauts’ overall exposure was actually dominated by solar particles once outside Earth’s magnetic field. The total radiation received by the astronauts varied from mission-to-mission but was measured to be between 0.16 and 1.14 rads (1.6 and 11.4 mGy), much less than the standard of 5 rem (50 mSv)[c] per year set by the United States Atomic Energy Commission for people who work with radioactivity.[35]”

    Reminds me of a neat critical thinking test. You have three pills, one emits alpha rays, one beta rays, and the other gamma rays. You are given the options of sit on, throw away, and eat the three pills. You have to choose what option for which pill will give you the minimum amount of radiation exposure.

    Where I learned this little critical thought question.

    Answer: Sit on the alpha pill, your pants and underwear will shield the alpha rays. EAT the gamma pill, most of the gamma rays will pass through you and not be absorbed by your tissue. Throw away the beta pill, if you eat or sit on it your tissue will absorb all of the radiation from it. Since it will go right through your pants and underwear, but most wouldn’t go through your tissue.

  402. boomie789 says:

    Got interested in this after I watched HBO’s Chernobyl. Pretty good show, recommend.

  403. CD Marshall says:

    Excellent info Boomie
    NASA so far does not have an answer to the radiation and long term space travel. Prob because noses are put where it doesn’t belong spending worthless amounts of money and time on climate change.

    On the Moon how much exposure are they guessing for a base?

  404. boomie789 says:

    Big news

  405. CD Marshall says:

    James West, PhD, you are cordially invited to share your physics and “NASA” expertise with us. Please tell us how CO2 warms the Earth with physics to back it up. We can’t wait!

  406. immortal600 says:

    LOL@KKK, when are you coming back to Cfact for a little fun with BSL? Whenever you are bored come on over.

    I am flattered that she thinks you and I are the same person. You are light years ahead of me in the science knowledge you possess.

    BTW, that picture you posted near your new home is an iconic overpass in a large city in Texas. I don’t want to give too much information to the other side but I am aware of approximately where you are. As careful as you are, I know it is something you aren’t worrying about. Boy would I love to share a drink with you sometime!! But alas, we don’t live close to one another. I am within a 100 miles as the crow flies, from D.C.

  407. CD Marshall says:

    I’ve been to DC and Eastern Texas, I liked Texas. DC is the most depressing city I think I’ve ever been to. Literally full of thieves, con artists and the mentally ill.

  408. CD Marshall says:

    he nailed it.

  409. CD Marshall says:

    “I am very disappointed at the downward path the AMS has been following for the last 10-15 years in its advocacy of the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) hypothesis. The society has officially taken a position many of us AMS members do not agree with. We believe that humans are having little or no significant influence on the global climate and that the many Global Circulation Climate Model (GCMs) results and the four IPCC reports do not realistically give accurate future projections. To take this position which so many of its members do not necessarily agree with shows that the AMS is following more of a political than a scientific agenda.”

  410. CD Marshall says:

    It would be cool to start interviewing some of these guys.

  411. CD Marshall says:

  412. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Ok, I spent time in the attic today… the flexible ducts are all in good shape and securely attached to the air handler on one end and the air diffusers on the other end. The problem was the air handler itself… there are rubber grommets surrounding the power switch and the refrigerant supply and return lines, and those grommets had degraded, leaving gaping holes through which air could be sucked / blown. It was sucked in on the intake side of the fan around the refrigerant lines, and blown out on the discharge side of the fan around the power switch. And the access door for the air handler had a gap that was sucking in air. Much more air was being sucked in than blown out.

    That created a pressure imbalance in the house (and wasted a lot of energy… you could feel the airflow through the open attic hatch with the HVAC running… there should be no airflow, it should be perfectly balanced with a well-sealed HVAC system), which is why I couldn’t get RH down below 53% with the HVAC running. I bought some Gorilla tape (the stuff is so sticky that if you press your finger firmly onto it, you’ll have a tough time pulling your finger off) and taped all the seams and holes.

    There was a thermal blanket which is supposed to cover the hard ductwork just outside the air handler, where the flexible ducts connect. It was laying beside the air handler. So I covered the hard ductwork with it.

    And I put thick weather-stripping on the attic hatch to prevent air infiltration / exfiltration from / to the attic space.

    Now the dehumidifier pulls the house down to 40% RH even with the HVAC running. At and below 40% RH, the dehumidifier evaporator starts icing up and it has to do defrost cycles. It’s still pulling water out of the air, but it slows way down. It’s not energy efficient to pull humidity that low. The A/C system cools the house more quickly now, too.

    Come to think of it, I left the dehumidifier on and set to 60%, and it’s not started up after my wife got done cooking. That means there’s not a lot of air infiltration now.

    And I raked the yard… my kids did it yesterday, but they can’t apply enough pressure to really dig in there and pull up the dead grass and the runners. I got a big mound of dead grass off the lawn. The owner seeded the lawn with St. Augustine grass, which sends out above-ground runners which are unsightly. On top of that, St. Augustine isn’t very drought or cold tolerant… it requires regular watering and browns when the temperature dips. And it doesn’t handle traffic well. It’s the wrong kind of grass for this area. So I’ll work in small patches, raking it to remove the stolons (runners) of the St. Augustine, and seeding with a hybrid of Zoysia Japonica and Zoysia Matrella. That’ll be much more drought and traffic tolerant, is a brighter green and grows more thickly. It’ll choke out the St. Augustine except in shaded areas. It also tends to stay short, preferring to send out below-ground rhizomatous runners rather than growing long blades of grass. So less mowing and less watering.

    Can you tell I’m getting a bit stir crazy from not working? I gotta find a job. LOL

  413. … lots of brain power here, moving in lots of different directions. I’m not worthy (^_^), but here’s a little something I just put up:

  414. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    So when CertainTeed blew in the InsulSafe fiberglass insulation, they stapled cardboard rulers to the beams in the attic, so they knew what depth to blow to. They also stapled the work order to the beam, detailing that they’d blown to a depth of 12″, giving an R-value of 30. That insulation has compacted over the years to only 6″, giving at best R-15. So I contacted a company to come give a quote for blowing more in to bring it back to at least R-30… it’ll pay for itself in energy savings… we either waste that money on heating and cooling the house, or we invest it in making the house more comfortable. Either way, we’re going to pay. I’d rather pay for an improvement vs. paying to maintain the status quo.

    Gotta get the landlord’s OK (I’m paying for it, so I can’t see why they’d say no) and the wife’s OK (I’m paying for it, so she’ll likely say no until I break down the numbers for her).

    The guy who came to give the quote was talking about his job working on A/C units and insulating houses… he made just over $100,000 last year. I’ve got 26 years of experience working on every size of A/C unit, from dinky pneumatic air dryer units to the largest chillers west of the Mississippi. I’m applying at his company.

    And we finally got internet access! We’ve been using our cell phone hotspots up to today. The house hasn’t ever had a cable TV coax run to it, so the cable company had to run a conduit from the nearest box to our house… they buried it. I hooked it up, connected my double-NAT’d network setup (so I’ve got three firewalls… two hardware firewalls and one software firewall) and… it didn’t work! I cloned the MAC address in the first-hop router, and it still didn’t work! I power-cycled the cable modem, and it still didn’t work!

    I could access the modem and both routers, the first-hop router could ping IP addresses and URLs, but it wasn’t transiting the data to the second-hop router.

    Then it magically started working. The cable modem log shows that as I was attempting to get the packet routing right, it was attempting to download the latest DOCSIS setup and the latest firmware, so it didn’t update the routing information for the first-hop router.

    This is a big step up for us… in the heart of Silicon Valley, the highest they could provision our modem for was 1.5 Mbps (3 Mbps would drop out intermittently)… they’d deferred maintenance on the network to save money and it showed. Now we’ve got a gigabit-capable modem, and for about the same as we were paying for 1.5 Mbps in Loony-Land.

  415. CD Marshall says:

    What is the greatest diurnal transfer of energy in the PLANETARY BOUNDARY LAYER and explain why.

  416. immortal600 says:


    If you can would you please send my email address to LOL@KKK. I appreciate it. Thanks!

  417. No guarantee the email he’s using is real. Will try.

  418. immortal600 says:


    Thanks! I understand. I alerted him on Cfact that I asked you to do this.

  419. CD Marshall says:

    Yeah I’m guessing he has a dozen burner emails I did at one time. When I was writing I got spammed to death. After a while I’d burn it and move on to another. Something else I did was email docs to one I never used as a backup backup just in case.

  420. @cd: Pierrehumbert (or proxy intern)
    “All of the factors you describe are fully taken into account in climate models, but your factor of 2 is incorrect. In the limit of a horizontally uniform radiating temperature, the answer is clearly 4, which is just the ratio of surface area of a sphere to its cross section, and comes from the most elementary energy balance principles, as in Chapter 3 of my planetary climate book. General circulation models, of course, allow for geographical variations in temperature, and take into account the diurnal cycle.”

    Of course they entirely miss the point you made…which is either insane, retarded, or purposefully psychotic.

    Also, just because in a general circulation model they use real-time sunlight, does not justify the insertion to those models of the fudge-factor “greenhouse effect” which comes from flat Earth theory. These aren’t compatible geometries at all. The greenhouse effect still fails and is non-existent both in its faulty origin and in that it has no empirical support, etc.

  421. CD Marshall says:

    Thanks Joe.
    I asked Pierrehumbert (or intern) if I could see some of that data.
    He did not reply.

  422. CD Marshall says:

    Did you bother to respond to the good doctor Strong?

  423. CD Marshall says:

    Even the Khan Academy has kissed the Climate ring

  424. Joseph E Postma says:

    I’m sorry, where was this to reply to Dr Strong?

    Khan Academy is simply doing the midwit take…repeat.

  425. CD Marshall says:

    Edward Riffle
    3 weeks ago
    Great job John. This type of well researched commentary is sorely lacking in current media reporting. You and Tony Heller are heroes in the struggle for truth in climate reporting. Thanks

    CD Marshall
    11 days ago
    @drkstrong Postma has offered to debate you several times and you cop out. Put your physics where your mouth is or just admit you can’t back up your global warming claims with real science.

    11 days ago
    @CD Marshall When Postma publishes a paper in a reputable refereed scientific journal, I would be happy to debate him about it.

    When Postma answers the criticism of his work by Roy Spencer and SkepticalScience, I would be happy to debate him.

    When Postma understands that solar energy impinging on a sphere is different from it falling on a circular plane (basic geometry) then I’ll be happy to debate him.

    When he apologizes to Spencer publicly for his unprofessional and expletive laden rant at him when Spencer agreed to debate him. I rarely agree with Spencer on anything but on this point, he has the right of it. I have no intention of getting into a shouting match with a nutter.

    After all that, let him start by making a video on YT where he makes his best point and invites me to respond. I will.

    CD Marshall
    10 days ago (edited)
    @drkstrong Seems like you made those inflated statements before and he has addressed them all to you personally. Maybe you forgot? You do know he is published and claiming he is not is verging on perpetrating character fraud. He has the emails that proves Spencer declines his invites to debate.

  426. justgivemeall says:

    Joe seen the news on psi. Good on you. Can’t wait
    Cheers Barry

  427. Joseph E Postma says:

    @CD – couple of replies. These people are so sick.

  428. Joseph E Postma says:

    CD, these people are so scared of an actual discussion, they will never do it.

    And YT seems to be censoring my reply.

  429. Joseph E Postma says:

    Here Strong’s response and my reply which seems to be shadow censored:

    2 hours ago
    @Climate of Sophistry “Published”? In what scientific journal? References please.

    I have published 3 papers with the AMS- their refereeing standards are high – but that is why they are so respected. If you could not persuade them then there is a problem with your work.

    I think you are making a fool of yourself – the only thing that I funny around here is you.

    I look forward to checking out your published papers if you have any.

    Climate of Sophistry
    Climate of Sophistry
    34 minutes ago (edited)
    @drkstrong peer review is the lowest standard for intellectualism, and that’s what I’m here for is real intellectualism. Sorry if you feel the need to protect yourself from participating. In addition to my scientific publications which anyone can look up, and the YT channel discussing climate science on an intellectual basis, I am also published on Amazon. Name is Joseph E. Postma and books are “Layman’s Guide to the Greatest Scientific Fraud in History” and also “In the Cold Light of Day.” The books factually debunk climate science and the alarmism thing is now over. I’m always available for an intellectual discussion, and that is going to exceed the peer reviewed literature which is really haphazard and limited in scope. I seek a return to the true intellectual tradition, as corporate science is really quite anything but rational with its vested interests. If you ever feel that you can join, the door is open, though it does require walking the talk and putting your face to what you stand for.

  430. CD Marshall says:

    I gave him an AMS slam dunk

  431. Joseph E Postma says:

    Good, CD. Are any of my comments showing up? I commented once under the CoS channel, and also under Physics Educator.

  432. CD Marshall says:

    LInks do get removed from this channel periodically, not by Dr Roberts he said as much, I think YT is doing it to him. Any comment with a link usually gets deleted. You should read his papers and do a video on them.

    Nothing from you shows up after this…
    Climate of Sophistry
    14 hours ago
    @drkstrong I have published numerous scientific…

  433. Joseph E Postma says:

    This is what I posted, that is not showing up/shadow censored:

    “@drkstrong peer review is the lowest standard for intellectualism, and that’s what I’m here for is real intellectualism. Sorry if you feel the need to protect yourself from participating. In addition to my scientific publications which anyone can look up, and the YT channel discussing climate science on an intellectual basis, I am also published on Amazon. Name is Joseph E. Postma and books are “Layman’s Guide to the Greatest Scientific Fraud in History” and also “In the Cold Light of Day.” The books factually debunk climate science and the alarmism thing is now over. I’m always available for an intellectual discussion, and that is going to exceed the peer reviewed literature which is really haphazard and limited in scope. I seek a return to the true intellectual tradition, as corporate science is really quite anything but rational with its vested interests. If you ever feel that you can join, the door is open, though it does require walking the talk and putting your face to what you stand for.”

    The retards at YouTube must be really butthurt about my comments the other day with that other person where I was making fun of them because I could get around YT’s censor AI.

    Now they’re just censoring anything/everything.

  434. Alex says:

    I’m interested in an actual discussion Joe, but it is you who is censoring my replies. We can start with some simple problems first and I will show how you don’t understand basic thermodynamics.

    Here’s my prediction though. You won’t allow this to be posted and you will whine about my anonymity. The science speaks for itself Joe and you don’t know it.

    [JP: I’ll have a live/recorded discussion with you Alex, with cameras on so we can see each other. Agree?]

  435. CD Marshall says:

    Yeah he just character assassinated the professor.

  436. CD Marshall says:

    I found him on Twitter, you have a neutral ground now for debate.

  437. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    I broke open the case on the dehumidifier today to get a look at its innards and to see if I could improve it. I found an adjustable hot-gas bypass valve that kicks in when the evaporator can’t provide enough input energy from condensing water out of the air. It essentially puts a false load on the compressor to prevent it being starved of refrigerant to compress.

    I tweaked it a bit to get that hot-gas bypass to kick in a bit later, and now it’s pulling down to 35% RH (room temperature 70 F) and still pulling water out of the air. It’ll automatically shut off at 30%. At low room temperature, the evaporator will ice up a bit faster, meaning it’ll cycle into defrost mode a bit more often, but it’ll still pull down the RH like its supposed to.

    There were also a couple places where air could flow from hot side to cold side where it wasn’t supposed to, so the Gorilla tape came out. Sealing those small air leaks improves the efficiency.

    And I straightened some of the evaporator fins. The manufacturing process sometimes dings the fins, bending them over and effectively removing that section of bent fins from participating in the energy transfer process because not much air can get around the bent fins. I had one small section near the upper-right and one at the upper-left which were bent over… almost as if whoever was brazing-in the evaporator picked it up with gloved hands and their thumbs bent the fins. LOL

    Luckily, I just so happen to have a set of fin combs… tools of the trade.

    Now it’s pulling as much water out of the air at 35% RH as it used to at 50% RH.

  438. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Joseph E Postma wrote:
    “And YT seems to be censoring my reply.”

    There’s a way around that… use another platform such as Rumble, and have people mercilessly bug Strong until he’s forced to either concede defeat (due to being too cowardly to defend his ideas) or face you on your field of battle.

    Leftists are ego-driven… hurt his ego and you can make him do things that aren’t in his best interest, such as debate you.

    Did I ever tell you the story about the libtard woman from Oregon who kept bragging about her “sports car” on Usenet? Turns out it was a Mazda Miata… which I called a tin can on wheels. I told her that it couldn’t get out of its own way when accelerating. She, ever the egotist, took it out on the road with a camera, stomped it to the floor, wound the engine up until it was screaming for mercy, then she lifted her foot completely off the accelerator to slow down… and BAM! The engine threw a rod, the rod punched through the engine block, there were sounds of engine chunks clattering beneath the car, she quickly came to a stop, exclaimed a profanity, and ended the video. She replaced that vehicle. LOL

    She doesn’t race, and she wasn’t driving a “sports car”, she was driving a tin can on wheels… so she didn’t know that one of the riskiest things you can do when you’ve got your engine wound up is to completely lift off the accelerator. Think about the forces involved… the piston reaches TDC (Top Dead Center) and has to reverse direction… at the same time, your butterfly valve is shut and the exhaust cycle has just completed, so the cylinder is already under an exhaust gas momentum-induced partial vacuum… and that vacuum isn’t being relieved because even though your intake valves open, your butterfly valve is shut… so you’ve got centrifugal forces pulling on the piston and vacuum pulling on it. That’s the time when your rods, if they aren’t up to snuff, tend to snap.

    She refused to admit she wasn’t driving a “sports car”, but she blocked me, never spoke to me again, which I considered a bonus. She replaced the Miata with a used Ford Taurus. Quite the step sideways. LOL

  439. Richard says:

    Could you comment on the video of the conversation between Marcel Crok, who is a founder of Clintel, and William Happer? The video can be found here:

  440. Joseph E Postma says:

    Richard, sorry I don’t have the time right now to watch the whole thing. If you have a summary or a point you wish to be commented on, let me know.

    However, I have been in comm’s with Clintel and Happer, and Clintel seems really clueless and unable to assess the science themselves, and they have some really, really nasty characters inside their group that stop ANY discussion of the “greenhouse” fraud. Clintel is going nowhere and doing nothing as long as they have these members controlling what they’re allowed to think and do and represent.

  441. CD Marshall says:

    How is it going with Happer? Hopefully better.

  442. Joseph E Postma says:

    He’s been in on the Clintel comm’s…but doesn’t contribute much…other than asserting the limited waring idea, rather than dispensing with GHE entirely.

  443. boomie789 says:

    Another reason to buy older vehicles. If you’re buying a diesel get one from 2004 or before so you don’t have to deal with the emissions nonsense. Now this.

  444. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    There’s a way to keep your vehicle running practically indefinitely. 0.6 micron WS2 (tungsten disulfide)… it’s one of the most lubricious substances known to man, and it embeds into the metal parts of the engine and drivetrain. It can handle extremely high and low temperatures and high contact forces without wearing off. Put it in the oil or grease, and as soon as it wears off, it’s replaced… which means the WS2 becomes the wear point, rather than the engine parts.

    I’ve had it in my engine for just over 40,000 miles and oil analysis after each oil change shows there’s been no engine wear in that time. Since it’s also in the manual transmission oil and bearing grease, there’s likely been no wear there, either. I plan on driving this vehicle to 1,000,000 miles or until the day I die, whichever comes first, and at 1,000,000 miles, I’ll pass it on to my progeny as a family heirloom. LOL

    One caveat… DO NOT put it into an automatic transmission’s fluid or in the oil for a manual transmission with a wet clutch… it’s so lubricious that the clutch packs in the automatic transmission will start slipping and the transmission won’t shift correctly, or the clutch in a wet-clutch manual transmission will start slipping. You have to have special-built clutch packs to use WS2 in an auto-tranny, and much stronger clutch springs for a wet-clutch manual transmission.

  445. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    The last dehumidifier test could only pull down to 33% RH. I noticed that it continued pulling a steady stream of water out of the air, and if I turned off the dehumidifier, RH quickly increased, which told me that there was still air infiltration to the house. I’d already checked the HVAC system and Gorilla-taped the leaks. The ceiling diffusers aren’t leaking air in from the attic, the exterior doors have weather-sealing all ’round, the windows are all modern dual-pane with weather sealing.

    I was down on my knees, going along the baseboards to see if any air was infiltrating from the wall spaces via gaps between the baseboard and floor, but there are no gaps. As I was checking the baseboards, I crawled past an electrical outlet and felt a breeze. Aha! There was my leak.

    I checked all switches and electrical outlets… when they built this house, they didn’t put fireblock sealant above the outlet boxes and switches, so air could flow in from the attic via gaps between the faceplace and outlet or switch, and they’d cut some of the drywall holes such that air could flow around the lip of the faceplate (the drywall hole was just wide enough that it touched the outer edge of the faceplate).

    A bit of judicious application of FireBreak sealant (let it harden, then trim it flat to the wall) around the box perimeter and Frost King OS6H foam sealers on all the outlets and switches fixed that right up. I used two foam sealers per faceplate, since whoever built this house set the boxes into the drywall a bit too much, so a single sealer wouldn’t get squashed by the faceplate.

    Outdoor temperature right now is only 38 F with RH about 38%, so I can’t really test properly… I’ll have to wait for a warm, humid day. But I can already tell that the house is less drafty. The heaters don’t run as much and the temperature remains more stable.

    I estimate that our air exchange rate was ~3.2 per hour, which is far too high. The standard is 0.35 per hour. We’re down around an estimated 0.6 per hour now. Once I figure out how to stop warm air flowing up the bathroom exhaust fan ducts when the fans are off, we should be at the standard.

  446. J Cuttance says:

    Yip CD, I’d just read that heartbeaker on a telegram feed before seeing your post.

    P.S. the German government wants to ban telegram

  447. immortal600 says:


    Can I contact you with the email Joe sent me? Your stories are absolutely fascinating. Keep them coming.

  448. CD Marshall says:

    wasn’t someone using your user name as a poser? Seems I recall that?

  449. @Alex

    I’ll have a live/recorded discussion with you Alex, with cameras on so we can see each other. Agree?

  450. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    As CD Marshall notes, someone has impersonated Immortal600, on Dr. Ed Berry’s website… the kook going by a large number of pseudonyms (he hijacked climate skeptic Dave Burton’s real-life name, he hijacked Immortal600’s pseudonym, he’s hijacked my old ‘Clyde’ pseudonym in the past (before it was hijacked by my CFACT creepy psycho stalker Beyond Smart Lady and permanently registered as a Disqus user name), he’s used the pseudonyms: BalloonBoy, LookSquirrel101, evenminded, amongst many others) and it’s the same kook I’ve been drop-kicking across the width and breadth of CFACT on a daily basis for going on three years.

    So no, I’ll not give out an email address, and the one I use for posting isn’t real. Anything I have to say I say for public consumption.

    If anyone has a problem with what I say, attack what I say, not who is saying it. Prove me wrong or admit you are wrong… attacking a person to silence them because you know you’re wrong but don’t want to admit it is only going to end in your being endlessly humiliated, by myself and by reality.

  451. Alex says:

    No Joe, I’m not going to have a recorded discussion with you any more than LOL@KKK is going to have a recorded discussion with you. Why is there any need for such caveats? We can have a back-and-forth right here. We can start with the specific problem of the radiant heat transfer between two infinite graybody plates to establish precisely whether we can even agree on that simple scenario. Then we can move on to basic solutions for a single plate irradiated on one side by the sun and then the solution for two plates.

    Why would you refuse the discussion of such simple problems?

    As LOL@KKK states above, “If anyone has a problem with what I say, attack what I say, not who is saying it.” There is no need for you to know who I am.

    [JP: Haha. Coward. You asked me for the opportunity, and you were given it. We already have had the discussion via message board, so now let’s have it face to face. Oh, but you can’t do that, because you have things to hide. Gross.

    Are you Eli Rabbet, is that who you are? Still going on about your retarded green plate idea…lol.

    We’ve DONE the parallel plate/green plate ad nauseum.]

  452. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    This is why I remain pseudonymous… the kooks are absolutely itching to discover my meat-space identity and attempt to wreak havoc because I prove them wrong… they don’t like being wrong, and rather than update their knowledge (which would necessitate their chucking CAGW), they attack the messenger.

    Someone used my pseudonym on CFACT to request Immortal600 “open his profile” so they can get information on him, under the guise of my following Immortal600 to find what threads he was drop-kicking kooks on.

    On Disqus, the “I’d rather post as a guest” option allows anyone to use any pseudonym they like… the kooks exploit that to hijack pseudonyms for their mischief.

    I’ve set up an anonymous email alias for contacting Immortal600, I’ll send him email via the remailer network and receive email from him via

    For those kooks who wish to vent their angst at me for my proving them wrong, I’ve provided you a convenient outlet for your butthurt. We both profit from this… you get to whinge out your eternal butthurt, and I get to raucously guffaw at your impotent lashing-out at a world that confuses and infuriates you: butthurtkookwhingefest [at]

    Everyone else can also use that, as well, although I really see no reason for the sane to use it.

  453. CD Marshall says:

    They need to know your identity to attack your character. Classic tactics …
    Deny=what is being said by you.
    Deflect=from the point you are making.
    Discredit=the source, making any fact given by you somehow invalidated.

  454. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Joe, I think Jopo above is onto something. He’s a bit hard to understand because he’s “had a few beers”, but if I understand correctly, he analogized thermodynamics to electrical theory (much as I did with the circuit simulator), then cross-correlated that to energy density and thus temperature, arriving at what the climate loons claim is the average temperature for earth (288 K), based upon current partial pressure for each gaseous constituent of the atmosphere.

    His calculations could be what we need to definitively destroy CAGW once and for all. Polish it up, make it easily understandable, unleash it upon the world and step back to admire the fireworks as the climate loons go supercritical. LOL

  455. immortal600 says:

    To CD,

    Yes, the clown who went by ‘evenminded’ used my handle on Dr. Berry’s website. As most people know I tout his model showing that humans are not the main contributors to CO2 rise. I have seen you post over there.

    To LOL@KKK, it is I who have asked Joe to send you my email address. I haven’t seen anyone come here and try to use my handle. Just that one clown over on Dr. Berry’s website.

  456. immortal600 says:

    LOL, I didn’t know that wasn’t you asking me to open my profile!!!! W O W!!! The kooks are desperate. I am friends with Joe off here. He can confirm my email address for you. He sent me what you used here. I will try to write that address if it is ok?

  457. immortal600 says:

    It is easy to see if someone uses my handle on Cfact. Their comment numbers will be different than mine. I haven’t seen anyone on Cfact using my name lately. When you use an ID that shows up as gray writing that can’t be checked, I guess someone can copy that one easier. I don’t know. The AGW kooks are insidious! They are dishonest purveyors spreading false information on climate change, the covid BS, and other topics. They aren’t interested in honest debate and will attempt to destroy anyone not going along with the program! I believe that the person that goes by the handle ‘BSL’ over on Cfact (also uses the ‘Clyde’ moniker) is an agent provocateur. She/It doxxed my friend Brin Jenkins by showing a photo of him! I contacted Christina one of the moderators on Cfact and she warned BSL about that type of behavior. If it were up to me, she’d have been given the boot. I am interested in contacting only a few people about the AGW/Covid issues. I have contact with Dr. Berry, Joe Postma (both on and off here), Brin Jenkins, and RealOldOne2 (who is very private and I respect that. I won’t give out ANY private information on any that I have mentioned). The only other person I am interested in contacting in private is LOL@KKK. That is it.

  458. immortal600 says:

    One last thing. Given that someone else has used your name on there (several times!) I can’t tell if your suggestion is legit or not about using “mailnesia”. Please contact Joe privately and he’ll give you my address as he already did to the fake (I guess) account you are using here. A shame that we have to jump through so many hoops to avoid the kooks! I sure as hell don’t want them getting my private info!!!!!!!

  459. CD Marshall says:

    Came across this…Now U can increase without Delta T being the final result? Which they are making the classic mistake of associating U with Q. Or am I just taking it too literally? So technically, heat capacity is simply a poor term for the process? In a gas LTE can be maintained with different U in specific molecules. Am I over analyzing this or is this a macro/micro thing?

    Heat Capacity is how much internal thermal energy is stored once the gas is heated.
    Q=cm Delta T
    Q=added heat
    c=specific heat
    Delta T=change in temperature

  460. CD Marshall says:

    Is beating your router with a hammer a good way to increase bandwidth? 🙂

    My internet speed at max is around 10 gbps and that isn’t even consistent. Besides YT, streaming is a nightmare.

  461. dU = Q + W = m Cp dT

    Q is heat, W work…we should say Q is heat performed

  462. Heat is a verb…so it’s not “added”, it is performed, like Work. It is work performed at the molecular scale.

  463. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Mailnesia is secure in that I’m using an aliased email address. In other words, I created one address, then within that email address, I created another. The second one will forward everything to the first, so no one but me can read the second (from the first)… if anyone goes directly to the aliased email address, they’ll just get a message that it is an aliased email address, and no emails will show.

    The email address I use to post with will bounce, it’s not real. Try to send an email to the address from, see if everything works. None of your personally-identifying information will be revealed, since uses the anonymous remailer network, which strips out sending IP address from the headers. Don’t include any personally-identifying information in the body of the email, just do a test.

    Back in the day, I used the remailer network to post anonymously to Usenet (I chained my Usenet reader to the MixMaster remailer network interface, which bundled the Usenet posts into mail format and sent them through the remailer network to a SMTP-to-NNTP (mail2news) server such as Dizum), and to send anonymous emails.

    It can take up to 12 hours for the email to be delivered, since the remailers hold the mail for a random amount of time so a traffic-correlation attack is harder to do.

    Once we know it works, we’ll change the alias email address… I’ll mail you to tell you the new alias, so the kooks won’t even know what email address you’re sending to.

    Set up your own email address and alias just as I did, publish the alias, then once we’re certain it’s working, you can change the alias address I send to, as well… the only people who’ll know the email addresses we’re using will be the two of us.

  464. immortal600 says:

    LOL, you give me too much credit. I am not that tech savvy. Where is the tools icon they mention to use an alias??? Boy do I feel behind the times. LMAO

    Can’t I just send you an email to the address Joe sent me? The one you use to publish here.

  465. immortal600 says:

    Send me a message to the email Joe sent you. He sent it to whatever email address you use here. He sent you my real address.

  466. immortal600 says:

    Alright! I sent you a message on the email Joe sent me. I pray it gets through and that the address you use is secure. If not, my own dumb fault.

  467. immortal600 says:

    OK. It bounced back to me. Oh well.

  468. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Immortal600 wrote:
    “Where is the tools icon they mention to use an alias???”

    It’s towards the upper-left of the page, an icon with a crossed wrench and screwdriver.

    I got a message in the inbox, from “Nomen Nescio” (the name the remailers use) with the body text of “does this work”.

    So I can receive, and if it was you who sent that, then you can send. Now we set up the other channel, where you receive and I send. We’ll have to establish some way of identifying emails from each other, since anyone can send to those addresses if they discover what they are, and the remailers strip the sending name out and use their own.

  469. immortal600 says:

    LOL, there is no icon that I can see!!!! No where on the page. I click on links such as “features” or “blog” and get redirected to some spam site???? YES! That was me who sent the message to you using the email address you provided. I understand that if I can find the icon that I can set up an alias, BUT!!

  470. immortal600 says:

    If you received that message then can anyone see it? If not I will send another with my email address if it is secure!

  471. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Ok, so in the upper-right, there’s a “Check Your Inbox” dialog box. Type the email address you want to check in there… make it something non-obvious, so the kooks can’t guess it.

    Click the green arrow to take you to that page. So for instance, if you’ve chosen “” as you email address, the URL would be:

    Now, in the upper-left of that page you’ll see this:

    Click that icon with the crossed wrench and screwdriver, you’ll see where you can enter in alias email addresses. Those alias email addresses are the ones you make public. NEVER make public the main email address.

    Only people who can guess the main email address can see it. Given the number of combinations a kook would have to try just to figure it out, no kook is smart enough to automate it to discover the main email address.

  472. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    As to the popups ads, uBlock works extremely well… I’ve used it on and to watch TV shows and movies without all the ads… you can select specific elements of a page and block them, just click the eyedropper icon in uBlock, the display will change to one with everything grayed out except the element you’re hovering the mouse over. If that’s the element you want to block, click that element (if not, move your mouse around to a different element), click the “Create” button at the lower-left, and that element on that page is blocked. The page reflows to fill in the space that element took, as though that element never existed.

    Needless to say, on the web pages I visit, I don’t see ads. LOL

  473. immortal600 says:

    Ok. I followed your directions. The alias is captaincrunch (at) mailnesia. I other address is private. I am assuming that c.c. will direct to the other one and no one else will see THAT one. Lets try it.

  474. immortal600 says:

    I wonder about that site. The redirects are annoying. Not popups but redirecting to another website. Mailnesia must be aware of that. I saw the icon you said would be there AFTER creating a new address. I made the alias as suggested, which everyone here now knows. waiting.

    I should have realized that you weren’t the one asking me to open my profile. That was strange! i don’t believe that the imposter is BSL. She really isn’t that bright. ‘Evenminded’ on the other hand?????

  475. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Yeah, the redirects you can do away with via uBlock.

    We’ll change the alias email addresses after we’re sure it’s working, we’ll do so via email, so no one else knows what the new alias email addresses are.

    I sent a test message. Like I said, it can take up to 12 hours for delivery, because the anonymous remailers hold the mail for a random period of time to prevent traffic-correlation attacks.

  476. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    So I send to captaincrunch, that forwards to whatever your main address is, you reply via to immortal600emails, and that forwards to my main address.

    Let me know when you get the test email I sent, then I’ll send captaincrunch a new alias email address to send to. Then you’ll send (to that new alias email address) a new alias address for me to send to.

  477. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Evenminded or Elind, whom I have some reason to believe are the same person.

  478. immortal600 says:

    Nothing yet. I know they said some messages can take 12 hours?

  479. immortal600 says:

    Elind never makes any comment with any depth. He has never demonstrated that he understands basic science. His schtick is appeal to authority. “All the worlds science academies” blah blah blah. I don’t think they are the same. At least evenminded tries the smoke and mirrors routine with higher level math. He tried to use Taylor series equations to dispute Dr. Berry. Dr. Berry effectively rebutted him. CD Marshall even took him down. Well done, CD!!

  480. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    That’s the thing, I think it’s a ruse. Elind plays dumb(er), but at times he’ll break out with something you wouldn’t expect a dumb person to know, complete with the maths. And their grammar and usage of certain terms are nearly identical, as are their underlying tactics when they’re really stressed… for instance, Elind just today attempted to ‘dismiss’ me twice, and you’ll remember when I so perturbed evenminded that he disconnected from reality and bleated “DISMISSED!!!” for four hours straight. As Elind gets more stressed, if you can keep him flopping on the hook, he increasingly goes toward ‘dismissing’, as if that has any effect whatsoever. LOL

    Perhaps it’s just that delusional idiots have a limited repertoire, and thus they settle on certain behaviors which makes them seem similar.

  481. immortal600 says:

    What article is that happening on? I checked the last 5 or so and can’t find the exchange?

  482. immortal600 says:

    LOL, I just sent confirmation to immortal600emails.

  483. CD Marshall says:

    I get so tired on these physicists and the novel “thought experiments” to try and pull deception.

    “A thought experiment for you …

    You have a sphere at temperature T. You have to steadily add energy of X kWh to maintain it at T (i.e., it is in perfect equilibrium).

    Now you get second larger hollow sphere that has a perfect reflector on the inside and clamp it round the original sphere so no energy can escape, and none absorbed by the mirror (its a closed system). There is a vacuum between the two spheres (so no convection or conduction)

    Now what happens?
    1) if you keep pumping X into the central sphere. Does its temperature of that sphere go up, stay the same, or cool?

    2) if you turn off the energy input to the central sphere. Does its temperature of that sphere go up, stay the same, or cool?”

  484. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote:
    “All objects above zero Kelvin do in fact radiate.”

    Describe that process mathematically. Describe how energy from a lower energy density object can possibly flow to an ambient with higher energy density (keeping in mind that a warmer object or ambient will have higher energy density at all wavelengths than a cooler object or ambient). Until you can do that, you’re resting your entire argument upon a very shaky premise that is demonstrably false.

    You’re operating upon the assumption that absolute zero is some magical number that stops all activity and thereby graybody objects cannot emit because density of states drops to zero, and that doesn’t happen at any other temperature… but in reality, you’ve stumbled upon a bit of truth when you discussed density of states.

    If the density of states of the ambient is equal to the density of states of the object, no energy can flow, no matter the temperature. Photons are an electromagnetic phenomenon brought about by an energy density differential. No energy density differential, no photons. No photons, no heat (heat being energy in motion, just as work is energy in motion).

    Now, if no energy can flow when the energy density is exactly equal, just how do you propose that energy can flow from the object when the energy density of the ambient is higher than that of the object?

  485. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote:
    “Anderson’s formulas are just obviously wrong.”

    You’re starting to sound an awful lot like that kook ‘evenminded’. He makes the same claims that energy can flow willy-nilly without regard to energy density gradient, and that Anderson’s formulas are wrong.

    Anderson’s formula is correct. That’s how I was able to use his formula and obtain the same results as the S-B equation (to a precision of parts per billion) via the electrical theory / thermodynamics cross-correlation.

    Your interpretation of Anderson’s formula is incorrect. You’re not using it correctly. He left instructions on how to use it correctly within the formula itself.

  486. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    First, you misunderstand what stimulated emission is. It happens mainly in lasing tubes, since it requires a very specific characteristic frequency which is equal to the frequency of the bound electron in a transition state. A bound electron in a stationary state has no magnetic dipole, and thus cannot emit unless perturbed (usually via the anisotropy of the quantum vacuum field… if the quantum vacuum field were isotropic, excited bound electron quantum states would be meta-stable and long-lived, and we’d have stable qubits that could could be used in quantum computers). It is only when a magnetic dipole exists that emission can occur, which is during that transition state due to the quantum vacuum field anisotropy. That external field influences the bound electron, inducing a magnetic dipole and allowing emission by inducing anisotropy above and beyond that of the quantum vacuum.

    That in no way implies that you’re going to get a bound electron at a lower energy density to emit into an ambient at higher energy density… energy only flows from higher to lower energy density. That’s 2LoT, in a nutshell. Why do you think bound electrons have a ground state? Because that’s the ground state energy density of the quantum vacuum. That’s why one can induce bound electrons to emit photons and quantum jump to lower than ground state in a Casimir cavity by blocking resonant quantum vacuum wavemodes feeding energy to the bound electron in the ground state, then when the bound electrons are removed from the Casimir cavity, they attain their usual ground state orbital by absorbing energy from the quantum vacuum field.

    According to your take on reality, there’s nothing stopping the negatively-charged bound electron from just continuing to emit photons, spiraling into the positively-charged proton(s) in the nucleus. Invariant-mass matter wouldn’t be meta-stable, our universe wouldn’t exist as we know it.

    What, in your universe, prevents this? And don’t say it’s the kinetic energy and potential energy tradeoff actively repelling the bound electron from the positively-charged nucleus, that’s ludicrous… we can steal potential energy via electromagnetic interaction and once removed, the bound electron rebounds to its ground state… there’s something feeding energy to it. That something is the quantum vacuum.

    Einstein states that radiation pressure regulates photon emission and absorption:
    ρ is the radiation density of that frequency which is emitted with the transition Zm → Zn(because the molecule has (higher) energy density = state Zm, whereas ambient has (lower) energy density < state Zn)and is absorbed with Zn → Zm(because ambient has (higher) energy density > state Zm, whereas the molecule has (lower) energy density = state Zn).
    It has been recognized for some time that the spontaneous emission by atoms is not necessarily a fixed and immutable property of the coupling between matter and space, but that it can be controlled by modification of the properties of the radiation field.

    That’s kind of why, after all, the S-B equation has that second term:
    q = ε σ (T_h^4 – T_c^4) A_h

    Nepal wrote:
    “Anderson calculates heat between two parallel plates to be (αc – εc) σ Tc^4 .”

    Where is this on his website? The formula I’m talking about you’ve likely already seen (if you are who I think you are… given you’re back to harping about physicist Dr. Charles R. Anderson, PhD again (using the same exact wording you’ve used in the past), it’s a pretty sure bet)… it contains the instructions (σ/a) Δe. That was the tip on how to calculate upon his formula.

    Analogizing thermodynamics to electrical theory, you’re essentially claiming a 12 V battery with a 14.516KΩ resistor will charge a 12 V battery with a 510.3337Ω resistor.

    According to your take on reality, ice wrapped in aluminum foil (at a temperature of 600 K!) will warm that foil.

    Now, let’s do it correctly, using the instructions Anderson left in his formula:
    T = 4^√e/(4σ/c)
    e = T^4 4σ/c
    e = T^4 a

    c = 299792458 m s-1

    T_h = 600 K
    ε_h = 0.04
    e_h = 9.8051902920439712996382317262965e-5 J m-3

    T_c = 273.15 K
    ε_c = 0.96
    e_c = 4.2116846355194792664142496540057e-6 J m-3

    σ = 5.670374419e−8 W m−2 K−4

    a = 7.5657e-16 J m-3 K-4 = 4σ/c = 7.5657332500339284719430800357226e-16 J m-3 K-4

    σ / a = 74948114.5 W J-1 m
    σ / a * Δe = W m-2

    9.8051902920439712996382317262965e-5 J m-3 – 4.2116846355194792664142496540057e-6 = 9.3840218284920233729968067608959e-5 J m-3 energy density differential

    9.3840218284920233729968067608959e-5 J m-3 energy density differential * 74948114.5 W J-1 m * (ε_h = 0.04) = 281.3258969889278120384163525 W m-2

    The 0.0036929889278120384163525 W m-2 differential is due to rounding on the Hyperphysics webpage.

    Again, it’s not Anderson’s formula that’s incorrect, it’s your usage of his formula.

    As to your just-so energy density scenario, you’ve assigned a temperature to each volume, then you assigned the number of molecules for each volume, then you assigned a volume, without considering if your numbers actually correspond to actual temperature / volume / pressure… as has been pointed out to you in the past, a good portion of that energy is going to be locked up in pressure, not available as temperature.

  487. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Immortal600, you’ve got a message on the way.

  488. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks wrote:
    “The 0.0036929889278120384163525 W m-2 differential is due to rounding on the Hyperphysics webpage.”

    In fact:
    281.3258969889278120384163525 – (281.3222048179386 / 5.6703e-8 * 5.670374419e-8) = 0.000000000000038296252606814321993545315062695 W m-2

    That’s a precision of 3.8 parts per 100 trillion, just by accounting for the rounding of σ on the Hyperphysics page. And the remaining differential is still due to rounding (of the final result) on the Hyperphysics page. LOL

    I’d say that Anderson’s formula is exceedingly correlative to the S-B equation, for those who understand how to use it.

  489. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote:
    “Another example, this time with radiation. An electron in some material at temperature T is excited. The emission of a photon from this electron is described by a term in the Lindblad equation, see . Emission is described by the term gamma_1Da . Here gamma_1=gamma/2(nbar+1) , where gamma is the natural lifetime and nbar is the thermal photon number in the environment. For higher nbar (and thus higher energy density in the environment), the emission rate only goes up! This is just stimulated emission, and is exactly opposite to your claim that it is harder to emit up an energy density gradient.”

    You’re no “16 year old high school student”. You’re the stalking kook going by a thousand pseudonyms, hijacking other people’s real-life names and their pseudonyms, stalking people from website to website, doxing people who prove you wrong by agreeing with physicist Dr. Charles R. Anderson, PhD… and all that to bash a physicist who proved you wrong more than 3 years ago.

    The Lindblad master equation is predicated upon a weak-coupling assumption. As such, it assumes at t=0 that there are no correlations between system and bath, so of course you’re going to have energy flow… the system and bath haven’t equilibrated.

    Now evolve the system beyond t=0 and tell me what you get.

    Further, ñ represents the mean number of excitations in the reservoir, not originating outside of and coming into it. IOW, for a higher mean number of excitations within the reservoir, there will be more emission because there are a higher number of higher quantum states.

    If you’re just going to pull ‘facts’ from your coal chute because you don’t understand the topic, then perhaps you should find some hobby other than stalking people from website to website to bash physicist Dr. Charles R. Anderson, PhD because he proved your take on reality would result in double the energy density in a cavity space at thermodynamic equilibrium than that which we calculate from Stefan’s Law. It’s been more than 3 years since that happened… get over your butthurt and deal with the reality that you were wrong, you are wrong, you’ll be wrong until you admit your mistake and learn from it.

  490. CD Marshall says:

    I actually had someone on Twitter argue with me that the adiabatic lapse rate in the stratosphere is reverse proving it doesn’t exist. I told him it’s not a reverse adiabatic it is inverse warming to the surface because of the ozone layer being heated directly by the Sun. You think that would be easy to get since the mesosphere is the same way.

    He then tried the infantile “gotcha” crap so I muted him.

  491. CD Marshall says:

    *Thermosphere not mesosphere. Tired.

  492. immortal600 says:

    I am starting to believe that ‘Nepal’ may be ‘evenminded’ in disguise. Evenminded has a fixation on Dr. Anderson because Dr. Anderson took him apart on his blog where evenminded used the moniker ‘anonymous’. The fact that Nepal, above. references Dr. Anderson being wrong is a dead giveaway.

    LOL, I pray that it is really you responding to me off here. Tell me what type operating system you are using as I can see what that is being sent to me.

  493. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Yes, it’s me if it discusses setting up a new alias sending address, and forwards you the new alias for you to send to which has ‘1zy’ in it.

    My operating system won’t come through in the headers from an anonymous email, all of that is stripped out, some remailers insert their own operating system, some just create a fake one for the headers.

  494. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    I got your latest email just now. I’ll send you a reply, then we can delete all emails under the original aliases, and remove them. Now no one will know the alias addresses we’re using, unless they guess them… and if they do, we can repeat the process to use new aliases.

  495. immortal600 says:

    OK. Very good. I won’t be around for a couple hours as I am meeting up with a couple buddies that I used to play football with years ago. Gonna travel down memory lane.

  496. immortal600 says:

    Nepal, you are also known as evenminded. Admit it. You aren’t fooling anyone. Take your psychological issues elsewhere.

  497. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote:
    “And yes I’m 16, unlike you I actually know a lot”


    “because I learn when I’m wrong, instead of getting butt hurt.”

    If you don’t wish to be confused with a reality-denying deluded kook who’s denied every single fundamental physical law I’ve thrown at him, then perhaps you’d do well not to emulate him. LOL

    You don’t learn, you’re regurgitating the same drivel you tried in the past, specifically with the volumes, wherein you assigned a temperature to each volume, you assigned a molecular count to each volume, then you assigned a volume to each volume, without checking whether your numbers made sense… because that bolstered your claim that energy can flow willy-nilly without regard to energy density gradient… so you’ve denied 0LoT, 1LoT, 2LoT and Stefan’s Law thus far. That’s classic ‘evenminded’. As I said prior, a good portion of that energy is locked up in pressure.

    Nepal wrote:
    “I’m actually trying to win the greenhouse effect debate.”

    By denying the fundamental physical laws? LOL

    Nepal wrote:
    “People will laugh when they see all the wrong formulas and gobbledygook nonsense around here now thanks to you. Yuck.”

    Awww, you refuse to learn when you’re proven wrong, and now you’re all butthurt. So you’ve just caught yourself in a lie… and all that is classic ‘evenminded’, too. LOL

  498. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote:
    “(no, the vacuum is isotropic)”

    Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong? LOL
    Magnetoelectric anisotropy of the quantum vacuum
    Anisotropic Vacuum-Induced Interference in Decay Channels
    This is a generalization of the charge-to-mass ratio by Fletcher and Millikan [15, 16] including the anisotropy of quantum vacuum.

    Again, if you’re going to pull “facts” from your dark-n-dirty, then perhaps your tucking tail and slinking off yet again to hide in the shrubbery and nurse your wounded psyche after the sound drubbing you’ve taken is the best for your ever-so-fragile mental health, you ridiculous flailing fathead. LOL

    Do be sure to come back in a few months or years, after you’ve stopped sobbing, assume a new identity, and continue that same idiotic drivel you’ve always spewed… your failure to do so will deprive the sane folk of their entertainment. LOL

  499. immortal600 says:

    LOL, our stalker kook wrote this over on Cfact:

    evenminded Immortal600 • 3 hours ago

    You sure about that? Who do you think wrote that comment about that you think was from LOL?

    You’re so gullible.

    That clown is a real piece of work. He’s doing a fair job of trying to impersonate your writing style. I have to look close at what is written. Please go back to that article (should battery-powered…..) and respond to each comment that he made impersonating you to flush him out. people like him deserve whatever bad things happen to them. I absolutely despise people like him!!

  500. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Unless you were on this site when you were only 11 years old, you’ve been caught lying again, given that you claim this particular sock to be only 16 years old. LOL

    Anisotropy doesn’t mean the quantum vacuum has a “preferred direction”, it means it assumes different properties in different directions and / or at different times. In the case of the quantum vacuum, the second case holds.
    An isotropic electromagnetic medium becomes gyrotropically anisotropic when it moves, and an anisotropic electromagnetic environment can then be created in this motion-induced anisotropic medium. One of the most remarkable features is that the quantum vacuum in the anisotropic electromagnetic environment exhibits a nonzero electromagnetic momentum density, since the universal symmetry of the vacuum fluctuation field is broken, and the anisotropic quantum vacuum mode structure is produced because of the symmetry breaking. This would give rise to a noncompensation effect among the four vacuum eigenmodes (i.e., the forward and backward propagating modes as well as their respective mutually perpendicular polarized components), and leads to an anisotropic correction to the vacuum momentum in the moving medium.

    So you’ve just claimed that the universe is static throughout. No moons orbit their planets, no planets orbit their stars, no stars orbit their galactic center, etc., etc.

    How often can one person be wrong in a single day? You going for the title? LOL

  501. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote:
    “I learn when I’m wrong, instead of getting butt hurt.”

    Liar. LOL

    Nepal wrote:
    “It is annoying, also you don’t need to talk about anuses so much please.”

    Says the kook now playing the victim, who brought up the term ‘butthurt’ and is now bleating about anuses. Methinks thou doth protesteth altogether too much. LOL

  502. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote:
    “You can always assign a volume, molecule count, and temperature to a gas. Try it in real life. Take a box with volume V. Add however much gas you want, N molecules. Now heat it to whatever temperature you want T. Done.”

    Not done… you’ve forgotten that temperature and pressure are intimately linked. I choose as my volume a gas cylinder. Now pump it up to 500 psi by adding N number of molecules of gas. How much of the energy you input to get those molecules into the cylinder is locked up in pressure, so that even when the effect of compressional warming is negated by the cylinder cooling to ambient, there is still pressure in the cylinder, which cannot be accessed as temperature, but is still energy you had to input?

    So you’ve just tacitly denied Charle’s Law (and by extension, Bernoulli’s Law)… the same as ‘evenminded’ has done in the past. LOL

    In statistical mechanics the following molecular equation is derived from first principles: P = n k_B T for a given volume.

    Therefore T = (P / (n k_B)) for a given volume.

    Where: k_B = Boltzmann Constant (1.380649e−23 J·K−1); T = absolute temperature (K); P = absolute pressure (Pa); n = number of particles

    If n = 1, then T = P / k_B in units of K / m³ for a given volume.

    Now, you’ll likely bleat something like “Temperature does not have units of K / m³ !!!“… note the ‘for a given volume’ blurb. We will cancel volume in a bit.

    We can relate velocity to kinetic energy via the equation:
    v = √(v_x² + v_y² + v_z²) = √((DOF k_B T) / m) = √(2 KE / m)
    As velocity increases, kinetic energy increases.

    Kinetic theory gives the static pressure P for an ideal gas as:
    P = ((1 / 3) (n / V)) m v² = (n k_B T) / V

    Combining the above with the ideal gas law gives:
    (1 / 3)(m v²) = k_B T

    ∴ T = mv² / 3 k_B for 3 DOF

    ∴ T = 2 KE / k_B for 1 DOF

    ∴ T = 2 KE / DOF k_B

    See what I did there? I equated kinetic energy to pressure over that volume, thus canceling that volume, then solved for T.

  503. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    What are you not understanding here? In order to get the particles into the box requires that you expend energy… you’re operating under the assumption that all molecules added only add to the kinetic energy and thereby the temperature. You’ve completely discounted pressure… it takes energy to increase the pressure. Your just-so scenario just magically pops N number of molecules into said volume without considering the energy necessary to get them in there, so you’ve claimed that all energy of all the molecules in that volume will be represented as temperature.

    Nepal’s invented energy-free compression! LOL

  504. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote:
    “butt hurt” “anuses” “butt hurt”

    Quite the mental tic. Perhaps if you didn’t continually pull “facts” from your sun-don’t-shine, you wouldn’t damage your brain (which resides there along with the rest of your waste byproducts) and that tic wouldn’t happen. LOL

  505. CD Marshall says:

    Joe is oddly silent in this conversation.

  506. CD Marshall says:

    Anything above 0K radiates energy. Joe agreed at the time. Does not mean it heats. Photons can move freely in a system, absorption is from the hotter to the colder. An electron in a solid cannot typically get vibrationally excited by low level IR. If something is radiating it is emitting photons. Gases seem a tad more complex.

    That’s my contribution.

  507. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote:
    “This is all very simple”

    That’s an ‘evenminded’ catchphrase. In addition, he too has a problem in properly setting up a problem… he never gets the initial conditions correct, just as you’ve done.

    And the fact that you cannot grasp this “very simple” concept means you’re either of similar ilk as ‘evenminded’ or you are him… given your verbiage on certain topics, I strongly suspect you are him… given your tactic of repeating the same debunked blather as though it’d not been debunked, I strongly suspect you are him… given your tactic of ignoring whatever factors in a scenario which would prove your claim wrong, I strongly suspect you are him.

    Case in point, you write:
    “Now put the box in an oven at temperature T.”

    So you’ve substituted the compressional warming with oven warming… so apparently you but the molecules in at 0 K? And now you just want everyone to believe that the oven doesn’t take any energy? And you want everyone to believe that that energy input doesn’t produce pressure? And you want everyone to believe that energy input which goes toward pressure (but which you don’t want people to think about) is actually going toward temperature?

    It is to laugh.

  508. boomie789 says:

  509. immortal600 says:

    Evenminded is over on Cfact making references to Nepal over here and saying that Joe Postma agrees with him about Dr. Anderson’s formulas. What a crock. He is one delusional loony tune.
    No new message yet.

  510. immortal600 says:

    This last exchange with the kook over on Cfact is priceless:


    evenminded Immortal600 • 7 minutes ago

    I HAVE!

    Postma blocked me because HE HAS NO BALLS.

    LOL. You go on and grow a pair and challenge Postma. Of course we both know you won’t because you’re a coward. You and the Kook are such cowards that you won’t even use an open Disqus profile. It’s HILARIOUS.


    Immortal600 Hundred-Comment Club
    Upvoted Commenter
    Ten-Comment Club
    evenminded • 4 minutes ago


    SEE THERE!!!! He knows that you are a KOOK just like everyone else who interacts with you. You poor little deluded boy. You are so misguided but can’t see it because you consider yourself a legend in your own little world. I am laughing at your misery!

    This dude “evenminded” is one deranged kook. A hypocrite as well. He has impersonated me and others on various blogs because he is too mentally fragile to use just one ID !

  511. immortal600 says:

    Nepal, I have no idea why you even comment on evenminded if you aren’t him. It is interesting that he suddenly stopped posting over there a few minutes ago and then YOU are here making your comment. You should be able to understand why that seems fishy.

  512. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Of course, every single time ‘evenminded’ gets caught, he denies that it’s him… only later will he admit it, and attempt to claim that it was in the interest of ‘humor’… that’s what he did when he hijacked Immortal600’s pseudonym on Dr. Ed Berry’s website, that’s what he did when he hijacked climate skeptic Dave Burton’s real-life name, that’s what he did when he hijacked my old ‘Clyde’ pseudonym.

    Oh, would you look at that… my first comment on this site:
    2013/10/25 at 3:24 AM

    Way back in 2013… which would have made Nepal about 7 years old, considering that he claims this particular sock puppet to be only 16 years old.

    And Nepal’s first comment on this site:
    2021/11/13 at 7:06 AM

    That’s right around the time I started posting here with my “LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks” pseudonym…
    2021/11/04 at 11:51 AM

    … which makes it highly likely that you’re a sock puppet of a stalker kook.

    “i’Ve bEeN oN tHiS sItE LoNgEr tHaN YoU!” – Nepal… LOL

    Did you think no one would check your claim?

  513. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    I made no such claim, you’re now putting words in my mouth in an attempt at furthering your insane take on reality, in which the fundamental physical laws are violated willy-nilly.

    You’ll be pointing out exactly where I supposedly made the statement you claim me to have made, or you’ll be forced to admit you’ve been caught lying.

    I stated that you were completely neglecting the energy necessary to compress the molecules of gas to get them into the volume, that energy not being available to be measured as temperature, whereas you’re claiming that all the energy of all the molecules in the volume are available to be measured as temperature. Some of that energy is locked up in pressure, as I’ve pointed out to you twice now.

    Further, your claim that energy can radiatively flow cooler-to-warmer is a blatant violation of 2LoT in the Clausius Statement sense… you’ll note that nowhere in any iteration of 2LoT does it ever state that “heat” is a net flow of energy… just as work is energy in motion, so too is heat energy in motion… you don’t have “net work” just as you don’t have “net heat”.

    Photons are an electromagnetic phenomenon, generated when there is an energy density gradient… no energy density gradient, no photons… no photons, no energy flow… no energy flow, no heat.

    I suggest you study on exactly what a photon is and how it is generated and why. Specifically, quantum field theory… which states that photons are persistent perturbations above the ambient field energy density, and should that photon encroach upon a field energy density of a higher chemical potential than the photon’s chemical potential, that photon will be subsumed back into the ambient field, will no longer be persistent, will have a chemical potential of zero, and therefore can do no work. Then remember that ‘work’ and ‘heat’ are two mechanisms for the movement of energy.

    Among the properties of the cavity with volume V in radiative thermal equilibrium at temperature T is that:
    U = a V T^4
    P = ⅓ a T^4
    S = (4/3) a V T^3

    We can calculate the chemical potential, µ, which measures the ease with which the number n moles of photons adjusts to keep the energy density constant in the cavity in radiative thermal equilibrium:
    µn = U – ST + PV
    µ = 0

    When photons are in radiative thermal equilibrium in a volume V at a constant temperature T, their chemical potential is zero.

    Chemical potential is a measure of the ability to do work. If chemical potential equals zero, no work can be done, thus no energy can flow.

    In the cavity at thermodynamic equilibrium, a standing wave is set up (look it up, prove yourself wrong on every single bit of your blather, Nepal), with the wave nodes at the cavity walls… anyone with a lick of sense would realize a standing wave node cannot transfer energy. Should one cavity wall change temperature, that standing wave becomes a traveling wave, with the group velocity proportional to the energy density differential.

    So now you’re forced to either claim that a standing wave node can transfer energy, or a traveling wave traveling away from the warmer surface can somehow impart energy to that warmer surface… we wait with bated breathe exactly how you’re going to attempt to squirm out of the predicament your ineducability has gotten you into. LOL

    Also remember that there is no conservation law for photons. Since photons are merely persistent perturbations of the EM field above the ambient, should the ambient EM field chemical potential exceed the photon chemical potential, those photons will be subsumed by the ambient EM field.

    Also remember that between two objects, one warmer and one cooler, the chemical potential increases in the intervening space as one ascends the energy gradient from cooler to warmer object. Thus photons from the cooler object will be subsumed before they ever reach the warmer object because warmer objects have higher energy density at all wavelengths than cooler objects.

  514. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    “But a standing wave is comprised of two equal but opposite waves! You’ve just proven my point that energy flows from cooler to warmer!” – Nepal, most likely

    Yeah, no. The standing wave is set up as the objects approach thermodynamic equilibrium, the photons being reflected at the point where their chemical potential is exceeded by the chemical potential of the field through which they travel toward a surface. So at the point where the chemical potential of the photon is exactly equal to the chemical potential of the field, the photon is subsumed, no longer persistent, becoming apart of and indistinguishable from the background EM field… the point where the background field chemical potential exceeds the photon’s chemical potential, that photon is reflected. You’ll note that this can take place before the photon ever incides upon the object (and usually does if the field chemical potential is greater than the photon chemical potential).

    There was a site where someone said that photons from Earth would warm the sun, and someone did the calculations, showing that those photons are actually reflected back into space by the field radiation pressure long before they reach the sun… I can’t find that site anymore, I’ll keep looking.

    The electric field of a non-resonant photon, ~100,000,000 times smaller than the Coulomb field seen by the bound electron(s), slightly changes the phase of the bound electron(s), just as it changes the phase of the incident photon… no energy is exchanged if the photon is not absorbed, only the phase is shifted, altering the vector of the photon. This is how reflection from a potential step works. This is dependent upon the differential between chemical potential of the photon and atom / molecule. In the case of absorption, the photon constructively interferes with the available resonant quantum states of the atom or molecule. No phase shift.

    Quantum Barrier Scattering

    Set ‘Barrier Energy’ to 0.051.
    Set ‘Wavepacket Energy’ to 0.05.
    Set the ‘Step’ slider to maximum. This will be akin to free space to the left, and an object to the right of the display.
    Set ‘Ramp’ to some arbitrary value (the higher the energy density of the barrier, the wider the energy gradient (ie: the ‘ramp’) extending out into free space from the surface.
    Select the ‘Real/imag’ option-box.

    Now set it running and wait for it to settle down. Note the standing waves. Note that they’ve added some ‘jitter’ into the ‘Wavepacket Energy’ function, so the standing wave in this app will change a bit over time. Watch the surface of the object reflect the wavepacket. That means no energy is flowing to the object which has higher chemical potential than the wavepacket.

  515. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Now set ‘Wavepacket Energy’ to 0.01, and ‘Barrier Energy’ to 0.1… note that the reflection occurs in the ramp area, before the wavepacket even touches the surface. The higher the antinode, the further it’ll encroach into the ramp area before being reflected, the lower the antinode, the less it’ll encroach into the ramp area before being reflected.

    That ramp area is the EM field external to the surface of an object, a gradient of radiation pressure brought about by the surface molecule’s dipoles.

    Note also that this app doesn’t address emission by the object… if object energy density were higher than ambient energy density, in the real world, it’d be emitting into the space to the left.

  516. CD Marshall says:

    Might want to periodically check your DMs on Twitter, I think someone is offering you to join a forum set on a certain date with other scientists opposing AGW.

  517. CD Marshall says:

    It would be for an interview I’m thinking.

  518. CD Marshall says:

    If anyone wants to email that to Joe feel free.

  519. CD Marshall says:

    I was trying to explain the atmosphere is stratified to an idiot burst in with it’s homogenous, technically it is both but I never got that far. He wanted an argument not a conversation.

    homogeneous atmosphere:
    A hypothetical atmosphere in which the density is constant with height.

    The existence or formation of distinct layers {which our atmosphere has}.

    And furthermore, it is in relative hydrostatic equilibrium.

    hydrostatic equilibrium
    The state of a fluid with surfaces of constant pressure and constant mass (
    or density) coincident and horizontal throughout.

  520. CD Marshall says:

    Geologists and physicists…is anything in this video verified with science? Historically, we can be due for a world rocker earthquake, geologically speaking anyway but that’s like saying a hundred to a million years from now.

  521. Zelator says:

    Seems Bill Gates is not giving up with his vaccine democide:

    Here in the UK they are now pushing for the unvaccinated to come and get a free Flu Jab. Are they fucking serious?
    Do you think we would trust anything this sick twisted Government wants to put into our bodies anymore? Hardly!

    So what is really going on with this Graphene Oxide in the Vaccines? Seems it interferes with our magnetic subtle body energy field. Graphene nanoparticles affect our magnetic fields in a disorientating way as well as cut our bodies up as shown in the articles below.

    Electromagnetic fields, keep our hearts beating rhythmically and all other unconscious biofield
    waveform rhythms. Our whole holistic homeopathic homeostasis patterns are dependent on frequency and vibration such as human enabled circadian rhythnms.

    e.g the holophonic frequency of the earth and its schuman resonance etc are modulators for our physical and emotional health. It’s one thing poisoning and physically damaging the bodily organs, but seems they want to attack our soul and astral selves too.

    In other words our subtle energy bodies and higher selves. By attackng our etherical bodies they can inter dimesionally affect our dna, which is our switchboard to our mental and physical health.

    Here is a good website and telegram channel on the Covid skull duggery/vaccine depoplation agenda:

    Graphene Oxide Democide: How can We Protect Ourselves from Poisoning and 5g?

    “What is going on with Humanity? The world today is quite different from what it was two years ago”

    There are 20 things I learned (or had confirmed) about humanity during the “Pandemic”:

    I found this list from the following article interesting and significant; you can just imagine the wafer thin divider between human logic and human stupidity. Its disconcerting how easily the world population has been mugged into accepting there own demise and begging for it at that:

    1) Most people would rather be in the majority than be right.
    2) At least 20% of the population has strong authoritarian tendencies that will emerge under the right conditions.
    3) The fear of death is only matched by the fear of social disapproval. The latter could be even stronger.
    4) Propaganda is as effective today as it was 100 years ago. Access to unlimited information has not made the average person smarter.
    5) Anything and everything can and will be politicized by the media, the government and those who trust them.
    6) Many politicians and large corporations like to sacrifice human life when doing so is conducive to their political and financial goals.
    7) Most people believe that the government is acting in the best interests of the people. Even many who loudly criticize the government.
    8) Once made up, most people would rather commit to the error than admit they were wrong.
    9) People can be trained and conditioned quickly and relatively easily to change their behavior significantly – for better or for worse.
    10_When fearful enough, most people not only accept but encourage authoritarian behavior.
    11) People who are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” are often well researched and simply ahead of the mainstream narrative.
    12) Most people value security more than freedom, even if this “security” is only an illusion.
    13) Hedonic adjustment is two-way, and once laziness sets in, it is difficult to get people back into “normal”.
    14) A significant percentage of people enjoy being subjugated.
    15) “Science” has developed into a secular pseudo-religion for millions of people in the West. This religion has little to do with the scientific process itself.
    16) Looking like they’re doing the right thing is more important to most people than actually doing the right thing.
    17) Politics, the media, science, and healthcare are all corrupt to varying degrees. Scientists and doctors can be bought just as easily as politicians.
    18) If you make people comfortable enough, they won’t rebel. Millions of people can be made compliant by giving them money, food, and entertainment while curtailing their rights.
    19) Modern people are too complacent and not vigilant enough when it comes to defending their own freedoms from government abuse.
    20) It is easier to deceive a person than to convince them that they have been deceived.

    More on the now deceased Anreas Noak:

    “The vaccinations contain Graphene Hydroxide Nanowires which was a highly intelligent poison of exceptional stability that caused internal bleeding, cut and destroyed the heart, brain and cardiovascular system and was not biodegradable. Even if people don’t drop dead right away, it cuts blood vessels little by little. We are absolutely sure that if you put Graphene Hydroxide in the blood, you are a murderer.” :…………….

    Here is an article: Dr Campra has released his latest research proving graphen oxide in vaccines:

    And here is his study conclusions pdf:

    Click to access official_interim_report_in_english__university_of_almeria_.pdf

  522. zelator says:

    Joe I have an article in moderation. Cheers. Z

  523. Zelator says:

    Joe, if I may make a suggestion that may help out those reading this website on mobile/cell phones or other devices like ipads etc.

    I have noticed since this topic of yours now has 600 comments it has become exceedingly laborious to load. Could you possibly create a new post that may enable loading to be more efficent?

    Just a suggestion. I generally view your site on my laptop without problems, but when away from my desk I find it increasingly difficult to load on my phone.

    I suppose its a problem due to the amount of traffic/posts your site gets, so its a result of its popularity which is a good thing.

    Anyway just a suggestion and not a criticism, maybe its just a problem with my devices, and no-one else has this issue, in which case apologies for the distraction. Either way thanks for providing a forum for discussion, it is very much appreciated. All the best.

    Cheers Z

  524. Zelator says:

    WE do lol.

  525. Zelator says:

    Maybe you could put one in your uncategorized section to save you work on a major op?

    It may be a useful sub-category in these unusual times, and save you time from your busy schedule? Just a thought, as there are many interesting subjects in that category of your website.
    I browse there often, as there is excellent information to be had there.

  526. CD Marshall says:

    DU=Q +/- W
    Can’t change the basics, (T^4-Tc^4)

    “While the typical situation envisioned here is the radiation from a hot object to its cooler surroundings, the Stefan-Boltzmann law is not limited to that case. If the surroundings are at a higher temperature (TC > T) then you will obtain a negative answer, implying net radiative transfer to the object.”

    But that is just confusing the basics which is still a flow of hot to cold and only the net energy could be applied to “heat”.

    Even that can be confusing for E and frequency matters.

    SO only the net energy can be applied to heat IF it can raise the temperature.

  527. CD Marshall says:

    “SO only the net energy can be applied as heat *IF it can raise the temperature.” Would be more precise.

  528. CD Marshall says:

    3rd edit for clarification
    “SO only the net energy can be applied as heat *IF it can raise the temperature.” unless W [work] is involved.

  529. immortal600 says:

    ” my proof that heat can and does flow from low to high energy density,”

    What BS. It does no such thing and you have NO PROOF that it does. Made up math on erroneous assumptions doesn’t cut it. This is the same lame crap that evenminded tries to pass off as science. Pseudoscience is more like it.

  530. immortal600 says:

    I should have also said that it can occur with WORK being done but the example above doesn’t do that.

  531. Nepal – you are calculating the energy density of the space inside the box. That’s not the correct metric. Thermodynamics regards the energy density of the substance itself. Temperature is defined with respect to matter, not the space that the matter is in, which is what you’re implying with the energy over volume calculation. Via the S-B Law, the radiant energy density is that coming from matter, not the space that the matter is in. The definition of temperature as the partial differential between energy and entropy is again with respect to the material properties containing those, not the space that the matter is in.

    So while a box with 20 molecules at 1000C has less energy density in the volume than an equal volume box with 20×10^20 molecules at 500C, it’s not the energy density (as this regards to temperature) of the space volume that matters, it’s the energy density of the matter which is what carries the energy (and entropy).

    The 20 molecules at 1000C have higher energy density than the 20×10^20 molecules at 500C. The energy is normalized not to the volume the molecules exist in, but to the number of molecules.

    It’s the energy density of the matter, that matters.

  532. CD Marshall says:

    I just asked in a poll on Twitter “Does space have a temperature?” only 24 brave enough to vote so far with one day left. So far it is 66%yes/33% no.

    The simple answer is simple of course, the complex answer is still simple with clarification. Space proper is a vacuum and will be until proved otherwise, opinions aside.

  533. CD Marshall says:

    …Not that I think it will be proved otherwise, it is what it is.

  534. (Cont’d)

    And so despite your calculation Nepal, it is indeed still the case that heat acts from higher energy density matter upon lower energy density matter.

  535. immortal600 says:

    CD, in reading your comments over the years I want to congratulate you on your accumulation of knowledge as a layman (I believe that is correct, right?). You have done rather well!

  536. CD is awesome 👌

    Boomie is awesome too.

    In fact everyone here is awesome 🙂🙂

  537. immortal600 says:

    Nepal, Joe just gave you the explanation. You get an F

  538. CD Marshall says:

    We all have the same teacher 🙂 who is freaking awesome!

  539. Nepal, Your interpretation of energy density as U / V is what is creating the confusion. Once you drop that, and you must, then all the confusion and your argument drops too.

    In thermodynamics, with regards temperature, heat, energy, work, it’s all with respect to the matter containing or causing them…the matter itself. The volume of space could be arbitrary.

    And so your point is missing the mark.

    20 molecules at 1000K has higher energy density than 200 molecules at 999K.

    Perhaps the terminology LOLKOOK used trapped you into your analysis of then going to U / V. Granted. If so I think that Kook can modify his terminology and still make the same points he has been. When he says “region”, it means ‘the matter therein’, not merely the space, etc.

  540. And yes I agree that it is temperature which determines direction of heat flow. But higher temperature always corresponds to higher material energy density in any case so it’s moot. Temperature in its mathematical definition of the differential of energy with respect to that of entropy is basically saying energy density…had a good quote about this in one of my books…free energy held by the matter with respect to all of the “degrees of freedom” the matter can arrange itself in. It’s a little more subtle than a trivial energy density such as U / V.

  541. Per the S-B Law, we do see a very clear proportionality between temperature and energy, buy it is an energy flux density here, not merely energy density, I.e. J/s/m^2 not just J/m^3.

  542. CD Marshall says:

    Strong who will not debate a physicist put this to me on the same conversation post. These guys…

    A thought experiment for you …

    You have a sphere at temperature T. You have to steadily add energy of X kWh to maintain it at T (i.e., it is in perfect equilibrium).

    Now you get second larger hollow sphere that has a perfect reflector on the inside and clamp it round the original sphere so no energy can escape, and none absorbed by the mirror (its a closed system). There is a vacuum between the two spheres (so no convection or conduction)

    Now what happens?
    1) if you keep pumping X into the central sphere. Does its temperature of that sphere go up, stay the same, or cool?

    2) if you turn off the energy input to the central sphere. Does its temperature of that sphere go up, stay the same, or cool?

  543. CD Marshall says:

    They all do these “thought experiments” for they have no physical data to prove the claims. Joe offered to debate Keith, aka Dr. Strong, he refused.

  544. Yes, he’s changing emissivity…making it zero in fact. He has no clue what the ghe is.

  545. GHGs don’t act as a mirror. Mirrors don’t absorb then reemit thermally…they simply reflect. These are not the same thing at all.

  546. The answer to the questions are irrelevant.
    2) a perfectly insulated system (unable to emit) doesn’t cool. Big deal.
    1) pumping energy into something which cannot shed energy would cause indefinite temp increase. Again, not a big deal.

  547. Return with this thought experiment:

    Two identical albedo spheres heated externally from one side via radiation.
    One sphere has a gas surrounding it and has a cooler maximum temperature.
    Both spheres have the same average effective temperature.

  548. This is what people imagine a politician is supposed to be…someone who has authority to force others to do things…that’s it

  549. My thought experiment above-that would be such an excellent question for a physics or astronomy student in university.

  550. CD Marshall says:

    WOW shows child indoctrination. A Greata Thunberg for jabs.

  551. @Alex 2022/01/16 at 8:53 pm

    Haha. Coward. You asked me for the opportunity, and you were given it. We already have had the discussion via message board, so now let’s have it face to face. Oh, but you can’t do that, because you have things to hide. Gross.

    Are you Eli Rabbet, is that who you are? Still going on about your retarded green plate idea…lol.

    We’ve DONE the parallel plate/green plate ad nauseum.

  552. Honestly, “Alex” (or Eli, etc…whatever sock you want), the only reason I wanted to have a live chat with you, is so that I can see what an absolute butthurt handicapped retard looks like. I wanted the opportunity to laugh at your stupid face, personally, and make fun of you, and then have everyone else here laugh at you with me.

    Well, we’re all big enough here to consider it done. And so it is. HA-HA, butthurt loser.

  553. Alex says:

    I may or may not be Eli Rabbet, but I do have a teaching career to protect and I do have certain lists which I require not being associated with or connections being made…as I am not officially supposed to be spending time around children.

    We can have the debate right here, Joe, if you’re brave enough. I’ll start: if you have a plate being heated by one side, it comes to some temperature T1. Then, if you split the plate in half, it will come to a higher temperature T2 > T1 because of backradiation. If you keep splitting the plate you keep getting Tn >> T1, etc.

  554. OMFG Alex…o.m.f.g.

  555. CD Marshall says:

    The popular belief being pushed is that clouds keep the surface warmer from forcing. They are seeing the W/m^2 of DWLR and assuming that is doing the warming since they see it increase as it warms. This belief is even held from those who don’t endorse AGW because they have been fooled by the radiative forcing tripe.

    The simple version is clouds form partial insulation which of course they would claim that’s what CO2 does even though it doesn’t.

    What is the very long complex version of cloud insulation?

  556. CD Marshall says:

    Oh, and think Eli is Chris A that physicist you debated on YT

  557. It’s higher latent heat release when clouds are present, and less direct emission to space. It is certainly NOT the clouds warming anything up via their radiation. These people are suck fn retards.

  558. BTW @all: I have made amazing progress on my third book the last few weeks. I am going to explain PRECISELY how and why people have been led to believe in such retarded lies and sophistries…how this has been engineered, and who it started with, and how it became entrenched in our very education system. You guy are going to love it…even the title I picked for the book is awesome this time around. Can’t wait to get it out. Not much longer I hope!!

  559. CD Marshall says:

    Great on all accounts.

  560. This absolute fn retard Alex is STILL posting into the trash bin over and over endlessly frantically. It’s getting worrisome and scary at this point. lol…no not scary…ahahahaha.

    He, or “it”, just keeps on posting “if you split the plate in half it becomes hotter!”


  561. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote:
    “I have to push back though and say it is temperature and temperature alone that determines direction of heat flow.”

    e = T^4 4σ/c
    e = T^4 a
    a = 4σ/c
    T = 4^√e/(4σ/c)
    T = 4^√(e/a)

    In other words, temperature is equal to the fourth root of energy density divided by Stefan’s constant. It is a measure of energy density. It is energy density which determines direction of energy flow.

    Since we’re using the Kelvin temperature scale, which has its base at 0 K, we can calculate temperature (and thus energy density) as above. Energy density at 0 K is zero, thus temperature at zero energy density is, of course, 0 K.

    q = ε σ (T^4_h – T^4_c)

    ∴ q = ε σ ((e_h / (4σ / c)) – (e_c / (4σ / c))) A_h

    Canceling units, we get J sec-1 m-2, which is W m-2 (1 J sec-1 = 1 W).
    W m-2 = W m-2 K-4 * (Δ(J m-3 / (W m-2 K-4 / m sec-1)))

    q = (ε c (e_h – e_c)) / 4

    Canceling units, we get J sec-1 m-2, which is W m-2 (1 J sec-1 = 1 W).
    W m-2 = (m sec-1 (ΔJ m-3)) / 4

    Which is why: U = T^4 4σ/c
    The above formula is the Stefan-Boltzmann relation between energy density and temperature.

    This agrees with Planck’s Law: ρ(T) = aT^4 = T^4 4σ/c.

    The S-B equation integrates Planck’s Radiation Formula (which calculates the energy density for a given wavelength) over all wavelengths.

    This has all been explained to you several times in the past, yet you cling to your incorrect interpretation of reality… just as ‘evenminded’ does.

    Nepal wrote:
    “No, quantum field theory does not state that.”

    That’s your problem, Nepal, you’re either unable or unwilling to educate yourself. You’re still stuck in statistical probability physics (as is ‘evenminded’), whereas we’ve moved beyond that, and can delve down to a per-interaction basis.

    The rate of spontaneous emission (i.e., the radiative rate) can be described by Fermi’s golden rule. The rate of emission depends on two factors: an ‘atomic part’, which describes the internal structure of the light source and a ‘field part’, which describes the density of electromagnetic modes of the environment.

    Quantum field theory states exactly what I said it stated:

    In the case of photons, photons are bosons and can very easily and rapidly appear or disappear. Therefore, at thermodynamic equilibrium, the chemical potential of photons is always and everywhere zero. The reason is, if the chemical potential somewhere was higher than zero, photons would spontaneously disappear from that area until the chemical potential went back to zero; likewise, if the chemical potential somewhere was less than zero, photons would spontaneously appear until the chemical potential went back to zero. Since this process occurs extremely rapidly (at least, it occurs rapidly in the presence of dense charged matter), it is safe to assume that the photon chemical potential is never different from zero.

    In 1963, the Jaynes–Cummings model was developed describing the system of a two-level atom interacting with a quantized field mode (i.e. the vacuum) within an optical cavity. It gave the nonintuitive prediction that the rate of spontaneous emission could be controlled depending on the boundary conditions of the surrounding vacuum field.

    This means that, at every point of the region of space that is in (pointwise) radiative equilibrium, the total, for all frequencies of radiation, interconversion of energy between thermal radiation and energy content in matter is nil (zero).

    In quantum field theory, all observables appear as integrals of densities. The fields themselves (electric, magnetic) are densities. The chemical potential of photons under equilibrium conditions is zero, which means the energy density of the photon and the field or object are identical, no work can be done, no energy can flow.

    In fact, I even proved this mathematically.

    Among the properties of the cavity with volume V in radiative thermal equilibrium at temperature T is that:
    U = a V T^4
    P = ⅓ a T^4
    S = (4/3) a V T^3

    We can calculate the chemical potential, µ, which measures the ease with which the number n of moles of photons adjusts to keep the energy density constant in the cavity in radiative thermal equilibrium:
    µn = U – ST + PV
    µ = 0

    Photons are a very special kind of boson. When they are in radiative thermal equilibrium in a volume V at a constant temperature T, their chemical potential is zero. The number of photons in the cavity is strictly determined by the temperature of the walls.

    Applying Bose-Einstein statistics for a boson gas with a chemical potential of zero and integrating over the photon standing wave states available in the cavity in radiative thermal equilibrium, one finds that
    a = π^2 k^4 / 15 ɦ^3 c^3 = 7.5657e-16 J m-3 K-4,

    where ɦ is Planck’s constant h/2π, k is the Boltzmann constant, and c is the speed of light. Note that a, Stefan’s Constant, is not the same as the Stefan-Boltzmann Constant.

    The photon radiation pressure P on the plane is proportional to aT^4 of the plane. This photon pressure is proportional to the number of photons incident upon the plane, as is the amount of energy absorbed or emitted from the plane. Therefore, we know that the power density of absorbed or emitted photons will be proportional to the energy density e and therefore to aT^4. That proportionality with T^4 is given by the Stefan-Boltzmann constant. If the energy density of the plane is equal to the energy density of the photon radiation incident upon that plane, the energy absorbed will be zero.

    Radiation energy density is proportional to T^4 and is derived via the thermodynamic relation between radiation pressure p and internal energy density u, using the form of the electromagnetic stress–energy tensor: p = u/3, it represents the EM field contribution to the stress–energy tensor, describes the flow of energy in spacetime, and is a representation of the law of conservation of energy.

    At thermodynamic equilibrium, the Helmholtz Free Energy is zero:
    F = U – TS
    F = Helmholtz Free Energy
    U = internal energy
    T = absolute temperature
    S = final entropy
    TS = energy the object can receive from the environment

    If U > TS, F > 0… energy must flow from object to environment.
    If U = TS, F = 0… no energy can flow to or from the object.
    If U < TS, F < 0… energy must flow from environment to object.

    If U = TS, p_photon = u/3 = p_object, energy cannot flow because no work can be done. Photon chemical potential is zero.

    Let’s look at the Stefan-Boltzmann equation:
    q = ε σ (T_h^4 – T_c^4) A_h
    P/A = ε σ T^4 = c/4 * Energy density
    Energy density = 4/c σ T^4

    At 303.15 K, energy density is 0.6384870391162539e-5 J/m^3.
    At 287.64 K, energy density is 0.51751020211456733e-5 J/m^3.

    It requires energy (an energy gradient) to perform work, to provide the impetus for any action… in the case above, it would require external energy performing work upon the system to force energy to flow against an energy gradient of 0.12097683700168657e-5 J/m^3.

    So where’s the energy to perform the work coming from to cause energy to flow from a lower to a higher energy density region in your kooky universe? Are you going to deny 1LoT and claim it just magically appears? Are you going to deny 2LoT in the Clausius Statement sense? LOL

    2LoT (in the Clausius Statement sense… “No process is possible whose sole result is the transfer of heat from a cooler to a hotter body“) states that energy cannot flow from a lower to a higher-energy region without external work being done upon the system… not via conduction, not via radiative means, not macroscopically, not at the quantum scale, not ever. Do keep in mind the definition of heat: “an energy flux”. Thus: “No process is possible whose sole result is an energy flux from a cooler to a hotter body” without external energy doing work upon the system.

    So you’ve already denied the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics in the Clausius Statement sense. LOL

    So you are “actually trying to win the greenhouse effect debate” (your words) by denying the fundamental physical laws… which brings up the question… which side of the “greenhouse effect debate” are you debating for? Your argumentation process indicates it’s not our side.

  562. CD Marshall says:

    So phonons are supposed to obey the same rules as photons, but do they behave exactly the same in a solid such as the surface? Phonons are said to be under the Bose-Einstein statistic, but the surface is not a cavity or in thermal equilibrium so how does that work? If you got time.

  563. CD Marshall says:

    These guys are seriously claiming that the micrometer penetration of IR from CO2 is casing the oceans to heat up. They first claimed IR was heating the oceans then when it was shown it doesn’t even penetrate the ocean’s depths they made up a version that covered that as well. OMFG!

  564. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    The statement above regarding photons spontaneously appearing and disappearing is ambiguous.

    What it’s referring to is an energy density differential… if a photon encroaches upon a local field which has higher chemical potential, that photon will spontaneously disappear, becoming part of the background field and therefore immeasurable by us (unless we can create an artificially lower background field to compare it to).

    If the chemical potential of a local field is higher than the field surrounding that local field, photons will spontaneously manifest until the energy density differential is zero between local and surrounding field.

    This is because photons are the bosonic ‘carriers’ of the EM force… an EM force energy density differential will manifest photons, with or without invariant-mass matter being present. They are an electromagnetic phenomenon arising due to energy density differential in the first place.

    E = m^2 c^4 + p^2 c^2
    E = pc for massless entities such as photons

    But if E is equipotential everywhere, no new photons can be created. Analogize a photon flux to current flow, and electric potential to energy density (ie: define the energy density, u, as the electric potential energy per unit volume)… voltage is a measurement of electric potential between two points… just as current won’t flow without voltage, photons won’t flow without energy density differential.

    As to Nepal’s “the quantum vacuum is isotropic”, Hawking radiation and vacuum fluctuations say you’re misinformed. The common (mis)conception of Hawking radiation being a virtual particle/antiparticle pair, with the anti-particle being pulled past a black hole event horizon and the particle ejected into space (forcing it on mass shell) is fallacious (it would have to be massive… photons have no anti-particle)… not even Hawking believed that, although that’s his lay explanation. In reality, the quantum vacuum expectation value around a black hole is different than that of flat space far from any invariant-mass matter, which creates an energy density differential which manifests photons.

    This is why small black holes evaporate quickly, rather than grow, which is why any black holes created in LHC are not an issue. If the quantum vacuum were isotropic, those black holes would be a problem.

    In fact, vacuum energy is thought of in terms of virtual particles (also known as vacuum fluctuations) which are created from and subsumed into the vacuum. That wouldn’t happen if the quantum vacuum were isotropic.

    While Hawking radiation hasn’t been observed in the wild yet, there is laboratory confirmation of it:

  565. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Oh, and that calculation done by Hawking implies that all invariant-mass matter which causes a curvature of space-time emits Hawking radiation… we stand the best chance of detecting it originating around black holes (not at the event horizon… that’s another misconception… it’s strongest just outside the event horizon, tapering off in energy of the photons with distance from the event horizon) due to the tremendous curvature of space-time (which would mean shorter wavelength photons being manifested than would be from around, say, a star or planet), but any invariant-mass matter bends space-time, increases local energy density and therefore will emit Hawking radiation (of a tremendously long wavelength) toward flat space far from any invariant-mass matter.

    A phonon is a vibration in a regular lattice of atoms in a uniform solid material. Because they’re tied together via bonds, they cannot vibrate independently. They form collective modes which propagate throughout the material at the speed of sound for that material.

    They act like photons in that their energy is quantized (in fact, that’s what a phonon is thought as… a discretized level (quanta) of energy absorbed or emitted by the lattice of atoms in a uniform solid material).

    hν = h V_s / λ = h V_s n / 2 L


    V_s = speed of sound in the solid

    λ = wavelength

    L = length (of one face of a cube)

    n = the number of modes, where:

    n_max = 3^√N (for a cube) or n_max = 3^√((6/π)N) (for a sphere), where:

    N = number of atoms

    Where the energy of any given mode is:

    E_kp = (n_kp + 1/2) h w_p (k) where:

    n_kp = 0,1,2, etc. (‘excitation number’ of any given mode of p’th branch with wavevector k)
    n_kp = 1 / ((e^βħωρ^(k))-1) (the Planckian distribution of the excitation number)

    1/2 h w_p (k) = zero-point energy

    And the total energy of the system is:
    E = ∑ E_kp

    Just as with photons, they obey Bose-Einstein distribution. And just as with photons, they do not obey the Pauli Exclusion Principle.

  566. CD Marshall says:

    I found this on Joe’s older video:
    Frans Gouverne
    1 year ago
    @Kloko Loko Seems to be well and in detail explained (and calculated) here:

    Wondering if Postma agrees with Eli his explanation? Of course, this doesn’t take into account conduction and convection but that is a different topic.

  567. CD Marshall says:

    This guys been hounding you for a long time.

  568. So sweet. What a lover. So flattering to be obsessed over.

  569. CD Marshall says:

    TL Winslow gave me a little boost on this while back, but I haven’t quite worked it to satisfaction.

    ” Microwave ovens make polar water molecules spin around and heat neighboring molecules with friction. This process is created by tremendous work from the graviton which is powered by an outside energy source. The IR photons themselves can do nothing and just like real low level IR photons are nearly powerless without work provided to them from a greater power source.”

    So an average microwave consumes 0.09kWh which is 3.6 million joules? That is absolutely insane.

  570. CD Marshall says:

    0.09kWh in 5 minutes.

  571. Joules are tiny.

    I don’t think it’s gravitons though. That would be super cool if it was. It’s work via EM field.

  572. CD Marshall says:

    Yeah that sounds better

  573. CD Marshall says:

  574. CD Marshall says:

    These people are claiming IR readings equal to the solar input. Look at part 5 Results

  575. Zelator says:

    Joe, we haven’t heard much from Boomie recently, would you happen to know if he is ok?
    Best wishes to him either way, as he is a great lad and an inspiration to others.

  576. CD Marshall says:

    He gave me a like the other day maybe he’s having pc problems?

  577. Zelator says:

    That’s good to know he is still active. Cheers CD.
    p.s can I also add my admiration for your self taught climate work. Very impressive sir. Keep it up. We WILL WIN the war without a shadow of a doubt. All the best.

  578. boomie789 says:

    All is well. Just been lurking lately.

  579. Zelator says:

    Cool. I just “got” your meme re’ GO.

    Graphene Oxide Lol !

    There is a lot of new research out about this, and I will post an article when I can gather it all together in a meaningful way that gives a sort of insight. Cheers. Good to hear from you.

  580. Zelator says:

    Our spirit is contained in our blood. Changing your blood constituents can change your spirit.
    It can change your mood, it can change your personality. Blood groups have certain characteristic
    traits and blood has been part of alchemy of the human form.

    In olden days warriors ate the hearts of their victims to gain their victims power. People fast to cleanse the blood.
    Fasting causes the body to consume itself starting first with all the toxins in the body. Tumors and sick cells are consumed first.

    Control our blood is to control our bodies. I for example am rhesus negative, which means that I have no rhesus monkey dna in my body. This throws out Darwins evolution of species.

    It means there was a creator. It means there are more than one species of humans on this planet.

    With this in mind, what do you think is the purpose behind the ingredients in the vaccine?
    Is it to alter the human spirit?

    Remember the human spirit is result a cocktail of hormones and proteins interacting tp produce “who you are”. Who you are is a product of your biochemical soup.

    That’s how anti depressants etc work, by producing neurotransmitter like serotonin nand dopamine ( feel good chemicals) to create an ambient sense of satisfaction.

    However, it is just as easy to switch good feelings into bad feelings i.e euthoria into depression/suicide.

    MK ultra hive mind is the control mechanism thaat IS THE DRIVING FORCE OF the two main human motivation factors: i.e

    1) to move away from pain
    2) to move towards pleasure

    To control these two factors is to control the human. If it can be encorporated into a nanochip inserted via a blood/brain barrier nanochip slipped into the brain/ or if a natural blood chemical like haemoglobin can be altered to hook up with an anti-serotin/dopamine carrier or depresser, then the person will be at the mercy of the controller. Conform = pleasue. Resist = pain.

    The “switch” will be adminsterd by the controllers and will be euphoric (reward) or fatal (punishment) depending on their parameters.

  581. immortal600 says:

    LOL, I never got a response for my second alias.

    Zelator, yes we will win this war. I am convinced! Boomie is around. He liked one of my comments yesterday. Another well informed poster!

    CD, I sure do PRAY that the link you supplied is made up garbage. If true, this world is sick and the Lord needs to make a correction (Popes involved??? You kidding me?????)

    My friend, Brin Jenkins, keeps me up to date with UK happenings. He must be having Sunday roast as a I write. Ooops, maybe an hour or two ago. L O L

  582. boomie789 says:

    One of the things I’ve been up to.

    1-2 days old.

    2 weeks.

  583. LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks says:

    Nepal wrote: