How to Become a Mathematikoi – You can do it!

In this video we discuss what you can do to become a Mathematikoi. Being a Mathematikoi is not restricted only to those who can solve math equations or recite long passages of philosophy – it is open to anyone who can demonstrate merit and achievement in any number of areas, which contribute to the development and improvement of our culture and our people: art, music, architecture, landscaping, sporting events, software – you name it! Do you have any talents? How can you direct them to expressing the Form of the Good in the overall context of Illuminism?

Plus: we discuss a case example of how music in the form of “Church hymnals” could be used to unify our people and establish a psychological framework of conditioning to reinforce the principles of Illuminism, and we showcase a contribution from a member!

More example hymns to listen to for fun, referenced in the video. Remember, the idea here is re-creating and hijacking this frequency control system for the purpose of Becoming, Merit, Ontological Mathematics, Illuminism, the Form of the Good, etc.:

Best listening version:


Very lovely song melody:


Classical Illuminism on Facebook:

Here is goddamnwrath’s piece!


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134 Responses to How to Become a Mathematikoi – You can do it!

  1. MP says:

    Great Hymn NG!

    I may look if there is hidden esoteric meaning in the number of letters/words of the phrase and by looking at the ancient septenary coding

    Can you provide the notes? Someone could look at the mathematical sequence of the notes, maybe a hidden gem there

  2. MP says:

    @ JP

    You just want the hymns to be classical church style?

    Or also wider spectrum like folklore?

  3. Well the lyrics are typically psychologically manipulative, repetitive, and reinforcing, so there’s that, and classical style makes it a bit more refined and Apollonian; folk music would be more for festivals and the like. Buy yes, we’ll need music for festivals too! Folk music would fit there…although in thus case without, or with, lyrics it isn’t really as effective as regular “Church” like music and attendance.

  4. MP says:

    @ JP

    Fair enough, it is strong and has an aspect of beauty, and it is community binding

    Asked on the chans/kuns if anyone got experience with classic music for a new counter Deepstate project

    Within 30 secs i got 2 responses, these 2 pics

  5. MP says:

    And this vid

  6. Joseph E Postma says:

    Cool MP.

    Good lord though…want nothing to do with Protestant churches…or singing about what we should worship, be saved by, etc.

  7. MP says:

    @ JP

    Yea there is a void of people who are not directly attracted with certain concepts of Christianity but share the collective spirit against the Deepstate state of mind

    Christians collective spirit are a strong force versus modern day neo liberalism and satanism

    Maybe Jesus can use a little help from Apollo, what in my opinion still makes Christians strong allies in a common quest

  8. NG says:

    @MP thank you! I can provide the notes, its extremely basic (not a bad thing, it simply is what it is)

    With the idea of “uplifting church hymns to reason” in mind, I sung the lyric in my head. After typing it out, I was pleased to see the key of C major. The melody starts on G (the) and climaxes at G (spheres) an octave higher. The melodic response to that starts on that higher G (u) and falls down to C (one).

    There is one variation (that third repetition that sounds different than the others) which starts on the high G, moves up to A and falls down to E.

    the mu-sic of the spheres, u – nites us all as one.
    G C D E F G. G E F E D E C

    G and C have a very powerful harmonic relationship. G is a perfect 5th of C. I hope you find something interesting!

    On account of analyzing hymns to understand what is happening psychologically in order to create effective works of art for an enlightened high culture, that sounds like an outstanding, meritorious sacred cause for me. Thank you @JP for your amazing video, feedback and pointing me in a worthy direction. Off to study and create!

  9. NG: “There is one variation (that third repetition that sounds different than the others) which starts on the high G, moves up to A and falls down to E.”

    I LOVED that. It was exquisite! That’s the part that sinks me in. Right at the 15 second mark this other organ sound comes in. It’s delicate, and wonderful, like a beautiful virginal woman.

    I may seem too easy to impress…but I’m not, really…I just really like quality and its expression.

    NG…the last paragraph of your last comment…my heart swells at the possibility 🙂 Go forth young man and conquer!

  10. Zelator says:

    When I was young I used to purchase audio courses by Nightingale Conant, as a set of tapes.
    One such course was by Colin Rose, called “Accelerated Learning.” In it he discussed the role music plays and and it can be used for accelerated learning. Bulgarian educator, Dr Georgi Lozanov, in his pioneering work with accelerated learning techniques carried out extensive studies that demonstrated how Baroque music’s steady tempo of 60 beats per minute parallels the brains wavelength when in a state of relaxed alertness, called Alpha, and is conducive to learning and retention.

    Here is a copy of the book named after the course, and see particularly chapter 7: “What Is The Role Of The Music”? on pages 67-76 below:

    Click to access Colin%20Rose%20-%20Accelerated%20Learning.pdf

    I also have a book by Jocelyn Godwin called “Music Mysticism and Magic”, and is quite an in depth study and includes amongst other stuff as Cicero’s account of the Music of the Spheres and Fourier’s use of music in a recipe for ritual magic. This may be of interest to MP and our new Blog Guest NP who produced a very interesting piece of music above.

    This is a historical study of music contending that it is a powerful agent for self transformation, for the healing of body and soul and for awakening the spirit within. The collection reflects the view that from whatever age music emanates there is a close link between music, mysticism and magic and as illustration the author includes the spiritual and philosophical dimensions of the work of Plato, Plutarch, Kepler, Balzac, Gurdjieff, Schopenhauer and Stockhausen, Wagner and Schumann – none of these names may appear related but the common ground is shared through music

    Jocelyn Godwin, Music Mysticism and Magic:

    Finally I have a book called “The Mozart Effect by Don Campbell:

    “The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit”. Campbell shows how modern science has begun to confirm this ancient wisdom, finding evidence that listening to certain types of music can improve the quality of life in almost every respect. Here are dramatic accounts of how music is used to deal with
    everything from anxiety to cancer, high blood pressure, chronic pain, dyslexia, and even mental illness.

    Always clear and compelling, Campbell recommends more than two dozen specific, easy-to-follow exercises to raise your spatial IQ, “sound away” pain, boost creativity, and make the spirit sing!

    All of these books give a valuable insight into the power of music and its effect on the mind and body.

    Hope you find these interesting?

    Cheers Z

  11. MP says:

    @ NG

    Septenary decode of the hymn text translates to “the music of the Pi and Mirrored Pi”

    Total number value reduces back to 1

    Also the notes sequences are full with both Pi and mirrored Pi references

    I wonder if there is an old historical source of this hymn phrase

  12. MP says:

    Found some extra coding in the music notes

    G C D E F G.

    Starts with G = 7 = Pi, and ends with G

    G E F E D E C

    Starts with G (Pi) and ends with 3, total is 10, what reduces to one, like the hymn song says

  13. MP says:


    The notes in between the first and last notes are

    C D E F, what represents 3, 4, 5, 6. Total is 18 what reduces to 9

    E F E D E, what represents 5, 6, 5, 4, 5. Total is 25 what reduces to 7 (Pi)

    And the 9 from the first part and the 7 from the second part ad up to 16, what reduces to 7 (Pi)

    So much Pi related coding is way more than outside a few standard deviations from the randomly expected median

  14. NG says:

    @MP and @Z thank you for all the resources. I’m unable to get ahold of Music, Mysticism and Magic but I have found other texts by the same author, through a friend. “The Harmony of the spheres a sourcebook of the Pythagorean tradition in music” being one of them. I have my work CLEARLY cut out for me. Thanks again for all the resources. I am keen on the Don Campbell because I’ve just discovered Mozart’s immaculate operas. As far as the Septenary stuff, it is honestly over my head. So feel free to decode anything I make but I am going to stick to reading, lucid dreaming and composing. There is enough on my plate. But I’ll be here! Thanks everyone!

  15. MP says:

    @ NG

    Interesting. Didn’t find that book but did stumble upon works from Franchinus Gaffurius

    Franchinus Gaffurius (Franchino Gaffurio; 14 January 1451 – 25 June 1522) was an Italian music theorist and composer of the Renaissance. He was an almost exact contemporary of Josquin des Prez and Leonardo da Vinci, both of whom were his personal friends. He was one of the most famous musicians in Italy in the late 15th and early 16th centuries.

    His work is around 100 years older than the King James bible. From some illustrations i saw he applied numbers to notes/tones. One illustration (see picture) was a gold nugget in my quest to find older than the King James Bible references to Pi and the numbers 26, 7 (and 17, 33, 42)

  16. CD Marshall says:

    Putting this here to make sure you see it. If James West speaks, he is likely lying. I want to get the facts correct on this one from an astrophysicist. Which I’m having a lot of doubts he’s a physicist.
    James West
    The solar corona is about a million degrees and receives its energy from the sun’s surface at 5700K. Yet according to GHE deniers that would violate the laws of thermodynamics.

  17. Joseph E Postma says:

    That’s just fn retarded. What tf does that statement even mean? That the corona is 1MK because the 5700K photosphere heated it to that temperature!!??

    Any actual astrophysicist would know that it has been a long standing problem as to why the corona is so high of temperature. This has been outstanding for, what, a century? It was still a problem at least when I did undergrad. Clearly, no one ever thought that the corona could be so hot from heat from the surface.

    The corona is negligibly thin, like Earth’s thermosphere. Non-ideal gas and plasma physics is going on, etc.

    That’s just such a fn stupid statement.

  18. CD Marshall says:

    Claiming it’s receiving its energy from the Sun’s surface is the misnomer here. No evidence that is true. The Sun’s core is 27 million degrees.

    A gas is not hot, oil is not hot, only the chemical reaction creates the heat.

  19. MP says:

    The sun corona gasses have extreme low density, hence the extreme high temperature

    Classical teaching will say that the density is so low because of the high temperature

    In it lies the chicken and egg what was first paradigm

    Why not also the other way around?

    Like the gasses being far enough from the sun core, releasing it from the bulk of the gravitational pull, resulting in less density and higher temperature

    Temperature as a result of the fight between pressure and density is basically the core of the 1000Frolly teachings

  20. MP says:

    Found an older source with the same coding

    The Chigi codex is a music manuscript originating in Flanders. According to Herbert Kellman, it was created sometime between 1498 and 1503. It is currently housed in the Vatican Library

    The coding (Pi, 7, 8, 17, 26, 33, 42) can be found in the title of the music manuscript. And in the title of the first music play

    The coding is now found as also being used in the Latin language. It makes sense that a 7 based coding would be popular amongst musicians since creates the ability to combine notes, letters, and numbers

  21. MP says:

    The kyrie of = 10 letters what reduces to 1

    Total coding value = 46 what reduces to 10 and then to 1

    So the first 3 words of the music play title basically means the “one”

  22. boomie789 says:

  23. Zelator says:

    Ha Boomie, you little rascal, I can see what you are doing here lol. LOL? Ha ha. it’s so funny. IQ sees lololol

  24. Zelator says:

    1-2-3-4 Bingo. Wait for it …………………………..

  25. Joseph E Postma says:

    Z…did you not get why Boomie posted that video?

    What’s the refrigerant.

  26. boomie789 says:

    I just posted it cause I thought it was a good concise explanation.

  27. Zelator says:

    Yes I know the science behind the video but I question why he posted it? It is nothing new, just a reason to start up an old argument with you know who. That why I said 1-2-3 waiting for a rant from an expert that we have heard from recently with the same old, same old shit, and its boring and doesn’t need rehashing. Next you will have Nepal contributing, denying everything that K said and it goes back to square one. Boomie knew what he was doing.

  28. I will mod here Z, thanks though.

    Oh no kooks is auto trashing for the time being. Raving about his theory that I’m trying to turn you all Islamic…lol!

  29. It was good Boomie…thanks!

  30. Zelaor says:

    Maybe if you put it on topic rather than off topic Boomie, Just dumping a vid in the middle of a music decode thread without any commentary as to why you post a video may help. It is distracting when something is dumped like that. It can quite easily become a way to break a thread. Trolls do it all the time.

  31. Zelator says:


  32. Little touch of the ’tism today Z? 🙂

  33. CD Marshall says:

    I’m a lifelong troll, I guess? I should get an award or something. Z are you have’n a sh*t day, bud, you’re usually not this irate. I’m sorry man, I hope it gets better.

    Anyway, Joe this does not sound right.
    “And when the atmosphere cools and thus contracts that work is not lost.”
    Unless he is referring to potential energy so would that be “the potential to do work is not lost” or am I just overthinking a simplification comment.

    The question he replied to was, “if the mass of the atmosphere stays the same but the atmosphere expands, has work been done.”

    I’m still blocked on Twitter too by the way, got a feeling we’ll both be until and/or/if Elon takes it over and frees everyone as a good will gesture (after he fires nearly the entire Twitter staff).

  34. CD Marshall says:

    I love Kooks but he does have a heck of a time letting things go. If this is a super high IQ thing, I’m glad I’m stupid and sane.

    Just an FYI,
    physicists have gone insane. 😂

    Kooks, please let it go.

  35. boomie789 says:


    Aussie and Canadian pissed at Healthcare providers who jabbed their loved ones.

  36. boomie789 says:

    Well I’m assuming Canadian because he sounds like Jordan Peterson.

  37. MP says:

    @ Boomie

    They will not be able to walk the streets (Q quote)

    A week ago a new law was signed in Germany. Giving people the ability to change both their name and gender every year, by just filling in a paper

    That new law seems to be created to give the ones who ordered and followed the vax giving orders a chance to escape, by keep changing identity

  38. Jopo says:

    Hi guys
    Little confusion at my end now as to where I can post questions that generally kooks would help me out with when the question is off topic relevant to the ongoing thread. Which generally happens. Can i still post these queries Joe?
    Perhaps even the preceding threads so as not to distract from the current topic??

    Kooks cant wait to see you back here. Enjoy your comments as sometimes I actually get it and it is helping me forward in understanding my adventure slowly. You seemed to grasp it slow at the start but then took off with it and I now want to keep in tune with your thoughts. Yesterday I was able to transform the Stefan Boltzman law by removing Plancks Constant and inserting the electron volt and still get the same temperatures (very close) 287.98K to 288.23K . But cannot get the units to match.. This all come about after reading yesterday a variation to plancks constant. of
    h=R.C.eV/Na or kB.C.eV

  39. Immortal600 says:

    Joe, the clown ‘evenminded’ has taken to using your name over on Cfact. He is enjoying the conflict between you and LOL@KKK. That’s why I don’t like seeing conflict on our side between two people that essentially agree on AGW being a farce. Check it out:

  40. MP says:

    So the Chigi Codex with clearly the coding (Pi, 7, 8, 17, 33, 42) in it was from Flanders, an area what is nowadays partly in Belgium and partly in the Netherlands

    That made me look more into Franchinus Gaffurius, who was influenced by the Dutch composer Gaspar van Weerbeke.

    I wonder if his works also contain the coding, that would rewrite history in terms of who influenced who, and where the cradle of the coding originated

  41. Zelator says:

    Good work MP !

  42. MP says:

    Ty Z!

  43. ashemann says:

    I’m pretty sure i used to read alot of kook’s early stuff, his name was richard then i think, but not remembering the blog name is pissing me off.

  44. MP says:

    First music piece from van Weerbeke is a Bingo

    So Gaffurius (born in 1451) was close friends with Leonardo da Vinci (Born in 1452) and van Weerbeke (born in 1445) was an somewhat older mentor who knew the coding and teached it to Leonardo da Vinci and Gaffurius

    And that solves the mystery of “The Da Vinci Code”

  45. MP says:

    The other music play title from van Weerbeke has the same coding

  46. CD Marshall says:

    Yeah, we’re all missing Kooks. Since he apparently never slept, he had time to take time.

  47. ashemann says:

    The impersonator is over on psi again posing as a character called rocky.

    Talking about the solved ”steel greenhouse problem” debunks O’Sullivan and Olsen.

    Here he is posing as you Joseph,

    “A cooler atmosphere doesn’t further warm a warmer surface.”

    The two-plate problem shows you are wrong. I even convinced Claes Johnson of that solution. He admitted his error.

  48. MP says:

    @ ashemann

    The impersonator seems like someone with a lot of time

  49. Like I said earlier a few days ago: can you imagine that this is what someone thinks to do in life? They should livestream their suicide just to give their life a final meaning in our bemused entertainment. But even that would be more than their life is worth.

  50. CD Marshall says:

    It does make me wonder if rogue self-learning bot AI are real and among us. Welcome to the X-files.

  51. MP says:

    The ancient septenary code trains the mind in a playful way in both using deduction and induction

    From the bigger picture reducing to specifics and the other way around

    It seems that the bulk of people is only capable of induction.

    Just using deduction may lead to superstition but when the data is corrupt induction leads to corruptions without checks and balances based on deduction

    Big recent examples in the NOW are both the climate change and corona/vax debates

  52. MP says:

    Short example in the vax covid realm

    inductionists ….we added all the covid numbers and it is horrible

    Reductionists …Yea but there was no flu, so the total reduces to near to zero

  53. MP says:

    In the covid and many other subjects the MSM are inductionists

    And it is quite funny how they react to bigger picture seeing deductionits

    Statements like, how dare you to use dectuction for logic, you biggot, nazi, and scum

    Only “our” indiction is allowed

  54. MP says:

    Found an older manuscript with the same coding (7, 8, 17, 26, 33, 42)

    This brings the coding back to around the year 800

    More interesting is where it was made and what library it was originally in. First Lorsch and later on in Heidelberg, will dive into that

  55. NG says:

    Greetings. I just wanted to share another small piece. I won’t make a habit of it. I still need to delve into poetry and hymnals. It has been a busy week. I found solace in writing this and just wanted to share it. I won’t share more until I have a proper small body of work. One doesn’t share their book chapter by chapter, I shan’t either.

    It MAY brighten your day. I hope it does.

    I really enjoyed the latest video. It is also cathartic to see Ontological Mathematics explained. It’s like a mental bath when things make so much sense.

    Thanks for your work.

  56. Joseph E Postma says:

    Very nice NG – nice and chill, relaxed, and therefore certainly appropriate for this week.

    I noticed when looking at that hymn book that either the music, or the lyrics, would actually come first. Sometimes it seems people would write a poem, then many years later someone would put music to it, or vise versa.

    Thank you, yes, it did brighten the day around here 🙂

    I love that you’re working on this!

  57. Joseph E Postma says:

    And so, if anyone can write poetry about Illuminism, that would also be an excellent way to contribute! And then, who knows, your poetry may one day have beautiful music put to it!

  58. NG says:

    A way for me to learn the ropes of hymnal lyric/poem will be to study existing hymns and simply “swap out” all of the demeaning submission to Jehovah with veneration for Reason or Truth.

    At least as a starting point. Will attempt this soon.


  59. Joseph E Postma says:


  60. MP says:

    Very nice music play NG!

    And the title of the composition is lets say magnificent

    Much to be found, and more in the primes/not primes, and even more when removing vowels

  61. MP says:

    Made an error

    Both letters of the word “to” are primes so that gives the purple line connection leading to 33

  62. MP says:

    And forget about total NP lol

    Should triple check before posting

  63. MP says:

    Abbot Adelung compiled the Codex in 830, the content could be much older

    And his name contains the same coding

    The Codex was also called ” Evangelium scriptum cum auro pictum habens tabulas eburneas”. I wonder if there is coding in that sentence

    Heidelberg and the area around it seems of Great importance related to the septenary coding.

    And the name “Palatina” Keeps popping up. There is the mystical Hortus Palatinus garden with the coding. The Bibliotheca Palatina, with very old manuscripts containing the coding

    And the Electorate of the Palatinate, was a state that around Heidelberg that was part of the Holy Roman Empire.Where 12 Counts palatine of the Rhine served as prince-electors, and decided who would be become the new Emperor

  64. Zelator says:

    Notice Phanes coming from the water aka the ether: It is also shown in art and architecture as the female birth canal or vagina, as a metaphor to bringing forth into this world from the other side i.e the vesica piscis.

    Phanes was the Protogenos — the primeval god– of procreation in the Orphic cosmogony. He was the primal generator of life, the driving force behind reproduction in the early cosmos. Phanes was hatched from the world egg (the primordial mixture of elements) when it was split into its constituent parts by the ancient gods Khronos (Time) and Ananke (Inevitability)

    Here is the Orphic Hymnal to Phanes:

    Here is an Orphic Hymn to Dionysos

  65. Zelator says:

    MP there is obviously lost knowledge here. More recently than we think. When you consider full records were probably only kept since the last 200 years. When you consider the Tartarians, who many believe Tesla was one, they had massive intelligence and technology that has been lost in RECENT history. Massive cover ups. It’s difficult to get ancestry records past the late 1800’s. Seems history is not what we believe it to be?

  66. Zelator says:

    MP what is you take on this use of the septenary code? Its obviously coded, but why? I am playing devils advocate here, as its obviously coded but for who and why? Just your take please. This information should be out. Thanks Z

  67. Zelator says:

    I should have said who were they hiding it from? Is it like the Cathars? I have a ton of info on those guys; they were the illuminated ones. I will put an article together, if anyone interested??? Probably not lol, but those guys go back to the Elohim, and the Garden of Eden, and a Dome structure called a Gan. There were many of them, and they were able to produce fully coherent light, which the body responds to ( incoherence causes dis-ease) thus enabling those within the Gans to live thousands of years.

  68. MP says:

    @ Zelator

    Right. Just look at how fake the news is, that would assume much of history is fake also

    Winners (re) write history, or steal other people history books and implement it themselves

    That is why i use the coding, it is like a finger print. If i can trace the coding back to before the oldest bible writings in Hebrew it would change history

    Not sure if that is possible, would be cool tho

    Shortly looked at Catharism, and Manichaeism + Marcionism what was before that. But haven’t found clear coding knowledge from those groups yet

  69. MP says:

    Bibliotheca Palatina has an interesting manuscript, codex Manesse

    It is a compilation of very old Rhine river area poem songs/myths, along with an illustration for each poem song

  70. MP says:

    The used Codex Manesse poem song illustration is shown in this link

  71. MP says:

    Yesterday i gave away a hint in the now main topic. So lets build upon it

    The same number magic is in the consonants, and in the vowels

    Note that in Dutch, German, and Danish language the important words have the same consonants. So even tho the vowel dialect is different, the root is often the same

  72. Zelator says:

    Thanks MP . Fascinating work. I’m structuring an article of how this is part of a higher mind like you indicated with the inductional reason versus deductional reason.

    See this from Base Reality by Dr Thomas Stark:

  73. MP says:

    Now we discovered the true origins of the garden of Eden story (Don’t worry, i will build an undeniable case)

    i have a proposal for new song lyrics on the rivers of Babylon by Bony M sound track. Just adjusting the refrain will do the trick. Am open for improvement suggestions

  74. MP says:

    Here is the original, with babylon singing crap text

  75. MP says:

    Can change “the Lords song” in “The Pi song”. That would make it more perfect

  76. MP says:

    The opening is singing without text

    Follow the vowels e-ie-i-o in that part

  77. MP says:

    I can sing the new adjusted song text without vowels, it just naturally fits in, feel free to try it

  78. MP says:

    It is probably more difficult when schooled English instead of Dutch.

    There is a distinction in how saying the alphabet what makes no vowel reading/singing more difficultt

  79. Zelator says:

    There is definitely a correlation between the German and Dutch language. I don’t know enough
    conversational Dutch or German, but their nouns etc are similar in sound and expression e.g the word “Science” in German is Wissenschaft, and in Dutch it’s Wetenschap. Its aural composition is so similar to believe it comes from the same root. That is just one example but there is a definite connection.

    Etymology of words is fascinating and says a lot about culture and historical ways the mind
    uses sound as vocabulary as a tool to express thought. Remember all is frequency and mathematics, so it only obvious these “SOUND” similar as an expression in the human conscious field map a sort of Akashic record.

  80. MP says:

    @ Zelator

    Both in English and Dutch the root of the word “river” is shared. It is called “rivier” in the Netherlands. Both words have RVR as consonants

    All the countries around us, including wales and Ireland have a completely different word for it

    And the words “River Thames” has deeply layered septenary coding in it

    The image shows 3 Cities along the Thames. Feel free to do decoding on it. London has no coding but “condon” has a very special Pi related coding, so i presume that was the ancient name

  81. MP says:

    Total prime numbers in THMS = 7
    Total prime numbers in RVS = 6

    Again the struggle of 7 and 6, what adds to 13

  82. MP says:

    Correction. Total prime in RVR = 15 = 6

    And there is a hidden easter egg in the word THAMES as well

    Total primes = 12, what reduces to 3
    Total not primes is 14
    And 314 are the first 3 digits of Pi

  83. MP says:

    The word “jester” is only used in England and in the Old Frisian language, an old North Dutch dialect what is still spoken

    The septenary code on the consonants of the Frisian “court jester” tells 2 things.

    The word originated from Frisian language
    The ancient Frisians who were first seen by the Romans around 50 BC were masters in the Septenary coding on the consonants. Telling whole stories and myths with it

  84. MP says:

    JSTR = 22, and the two words have 7 consonants. So that gives a 22/7 Pi relation

  85. MP says:

    ehhh 7 primes lol, not 7 consonants

  86. MP says:

    And same in the story. Primes/Not primes, not vowels/consonants

    Messed up bigtime lol

  87. MP says:

    The septenary coding is hidden in how the English and the Dutch call each other

    That solves a mystery question that is asked a lot, but until now never solved

    It goes way deeper but that is for a part 2. They sure liked each other in ancient times tho

  88. MP says:

    Don’t worry

    This coding story won’t end in the Hyksos who were kicked out of Egypt and went to north Europe and introduced the coding based on the 7’s there

    They were kicked out tho

  89. MP says:

    Reality can beat the building frenzy in Minecraft, in 1997, in a forest two hours south of Paris, a team of mainly UK master-builders and enthusiasts began building a medieval castle using only the technology and local materials of the Middle Ages.

    This is what around 25 people build in 28 years, while devoting most of their time guiding tourists

  90. MP says:

    Oh, wait. 25 years ago they started building

  91. MP says:

    Can deduct probable original ancient words/names by deducting with the septenary code. By mainly looking at the consonants, but sometimes also the vowels

  92. MP says:

    Second one on the right would be britense language, not britse.

    In English grammar words that describe more than 1 get an extra “s”, in Dutch grammar most times the letters “en” get added. So the grammar is correct

  93. MP says:

    Bottom left NHTRS has not primes value 1 and prime value 24

    1, 2, 4

    If that is a sequence the next 2 would be 8, 16

    And 1+2+4+8+16 = 31, the first 2 digits of Pi

  94. MP says:

    Bottom right brtnlnd has prime value 16 = 7

  95. MP says:

    Once the consonants are figured out we can rearrange the used vowels to know how we really called each other

  96. MP says:

    Total not primes of “Neither-land” also adds up to 13. The first 2 digiits of Pi mirrored

    The digit 13 tells there is swearing/negativity going on.

    The first word in both rows is in itself a swear word.. So the numbers say with the word huil-landers “Cry Pi 7 people”. And with the word Bruut “Brutal holy 26 Pi people”

  97. MP says:

    Note the two 6’s in the Dutch swear word bruut.

    English people have taken that to the next level

    This is further proof that the large parts of the language from North west Europe countries is structured based on the septenary coding

  98. MP says:

    Septenary code Easter eggs can be found sometimes in English, sometimes in Dutch, sometimes in German around the Rhine, sometimes in Danish, and sometimes in Norse/old Norse. Also sometimes in a local dialect

    It seems like North west Europe in ancient times spoke a common language. And something made them separated with different babbling as a result, but the language structure coding in important words/names/cities/rivers/myths stayed

  99. Zelator says:

    Joe applied mathematics (Ontological) would also be in such things as construction aka masonic and ancient measurement techniques.

    Architecture and Sacred Geometric Design. Nature as in Fibonacci, Krebs cycle, and in humanity as in Leonardo da Vinci’s portrayal of human anatomy of man as above so below, and man being the measure of the Universe. The heavens, and Orion as
    seen in the Vatican, and the Great pyramids, and other stone monuments that are star aligned and ley-line aligned structures and energetic vortices of the world matrix.

    It would also be encoded into places like Rennes le Chateau, Roslyn Chapel and encoded in sound, music and art, modern cymatics and in frequency and vibration as used in new healing modalities and scalar, subtle energy and radionic works and techniques.

    So yes obviously the weather and climate based on the laws of Gaia and its structure are but one example of applied ontological mathematics. The Cathars knew this relationship very very well, but were murdered by the Catholic Church to wipe out this sacred knowledge.

    MP has done some great work on the codices behind some of this hidden ontological structure around language and culture.

  100. Zelator says:

    Sorry Joe, posted in wrong thread. Should have been in your new one.

  101. Zelator says:

    Joe didn’t Pythagoras say something like ontological mathematics was used to calculate the angles of the Great Pyramid. Obviously they were too massive to measure with tools. This was where the term came from?

  102. Zelator says:

    So they used the natural physical true laws of nature (Ontology) to come to a precise
    measurement rather than an arbitrary mythical assumptional man made measurement.

  103. Zelator says:

    aka Ontological Mathematics versus Climate Science Mathematics

  104. Zelator says:

    I’m working on deciphering the mystery of the Ark of the Covenant, Solomon’s Temple, King Arthur’s Round Table and His Legend and the Romances, the Ark of Noah, and other mysteries, with the same knowledge. It’s in the math, it’s in the codices. Its been broken. I mentioned it in a post a while back about the Cathars.

    The illuminati said once they told the secret but nobody bothered. Too busy with bread and circuses.

  105. MP says:

    Part 2

  106. Zelator says:

    See you need an intuitive mind to see the code. To a materialist it’s just a bunch of numbers, letters, paintings, sculptures, constructions, churches, monuments, sounds, sequences etc but to an intuitive there is a meaning, a message an order a beauty,
    a poetical artistic feature.

    Ok So Intuitive types v Sensing Types measuring of reality:

    So here is the bit sensing materialists don’t get that intuitives can:

    So I thought about it, and actually I realise now, that you need to use your minds eye aka your intuition to visualise these concepts. Ontological mathematics is using mathematical realisms to measure something concrete but we can see it in our
    minds eye. See patterns, combinations etc this is the basis of the IQ test.

    Materialists cannot get their head around the concept of intuitively using mathematics (ontologically) TO COME to a conclusion without physical interaction e.g physical measurement. Even though there exists an ontological truth and it is intuitive and open to everyone.

    This is the subconscious mind field of Carl Jung, the Akashic records that are open to anyone to tap into.

    WE can do it intuitively and it is true, as its ontological. i.e based on reality as existence is. Existence is, existence exists, Existence will always exist.

  107. MP says:

    Great writings Zelator!

    And would love to see your work on decoding Ark of the Covenant, Solomon’s Temple, King Arthur’s Round Table and His Legend and the Romances, the Ark of Noah, and other mysteries

  108. Zelator says:

    Thanks MP. When I have it done I will email it to you. I know you will appreciate it.

  109. MP says:

    Yesterday i completed a huge discovery. By reconstructing the color system language based on a mixture of North West Europe languages, in a way that makes perfectly sense in a septenary code math way. It is both perfect in the full words, the consonants, and the vowels for colors and color mixtures all the way up to orange green and brown

    Anyhow. Before revealing i must first figure out how long back that perfect language went, so i start at the furthest possible and work my way back

  110. Zelator says:

    Ogham language some believe go back about a century BC. But that could be a derivation of a Germanic rune forebear.

    Have you ever looked at the language of the Birds? aka Language of the Angels
    ( Angles)?

  111. Zelator says:

    By the way MP, the Dutch and English have a shared naval history. Both The Dutch and English East India Companies ( EIC) were formidable organizations that were gifted with expansive powers that allowed them to conduct diplomacy, wage war
    and seize territorial possessions. They were the pirates of the sea that went under the flags of their national flag, but flew the crossbones on unofficial business, like slaves and opium trade, but were brutal seafarers and conquerors. They forged history in the 19th century, particularly the early 1800’s. They were the hidden hand behind the scenes. i.e the Illuminati that merged into the Trilateral Commission, in the USA, the Council of 300 and the Bilderburgs and obviously Skull and Bones – 322. In England they became the Round Table, The Fabians and Chatham House.

    They still exist to this day, called Fratres Lucis. You probably know the Dutch counterparts in the Netherlands.

  112. Zelator says:

    Beauty and Knowledge:

  113. MP says:

    @ Z

    Yea we got great History.

    Studied the committee of 300 and their structure and history since they are behind the lunatic agenda 2030 agenda

    Not sure what happened, they sure do their best to destroy their once good reputation tho

    Anyhow. I am looking much further back than a few hundred years BC

  114. Zelator says:

    Wow further back than hundreds BC……..awesome! You must have some serious research?

  115. Zelator says:

    MP didn’t Dutch King William the 3rd of England ( of Orange ) rule Britain from 1689 -1702?

    He brought an end to the Civil War which was a mastermind of Oliver Cromwell the Khazarian name stealer, at a time that Mazzini and his henchmen and other shit stirrer Khazars were creating civil war and revolution in Europe and about to move it to America.

    During William’s reign, however, the conflict was settled in Parliament’s favour by the Bill of Rights 1689, and the Triennial Act 1694 and the Act of Settlement 1701 so he was an important fight against the cabal even in those days.

    I think he thwarted the French and Spanish Khazars also on our behalf, so we have a lot to be thankful to our only Dutch King ruler.

  116. Zelator says:

    I think you can safely say they probably terminated his reign and successors.

  117. Zelator says:

    Joseph, what do you make of MP’s work? Isn’t it awesome?

  118. MP says:

    It is estimated that first us like human (homo sapien) was 300k to 800k years ago.

    So 125k year ago climate optimum could have been when the creation story originated, from a tribe that was very successful in North west Europe at those nice hot times

    They could have had an empire as large as the blue t shaped box, with the garden of Eden along the Rhine in the middle

    That area would match where we find the septenary coding so much

    Soon they could have had a sizable population and migrated both north and crossing the alps to the south and then further south, as shown with the blue and red migration lines

  119. Zelator says:

    Yes MP, as Britain would have been connected to Europe in those days and incorporated instead of seeing the English Channel and Irish Sea as above.

    It’s interesting, as it is the South Eastern corner where London Lies, and Anglian North East Of England also. The very right south tip being Cornwall which is very Galic ( French) I think.

  120. MP says:

    @ Z

    The last inter-glacial 125k years ago temperatures were comparable with now, little bit warmer

    So there would be an ocean in between Netherlands and the UK, little bit higher sealevel then now. What would bring the hypothesized Garden of Eden closer to the ocean

    After that was the ice age what peaked around 20 thousand years ago. Picture shows the extend of the ice wall back then

    Then the UK, Norway, and the Netherlands were connected

  121. MP says:

    When the people back then went below the waters from below, given by the alps.

    Then they would find huge fires below that.

  122. Zelator says:

    Amazing. Exceptional work MP. You have blown me away. You should copyright your work, the name stealers and work stealers like Einstein and his ilk are still around to this day. Very much closer than you probably know; so be careful, or your work will end up in someone else’s book.

  123. Zelator says:

    MP I am assuming you are very young with your faith in humanity that you allow your work so open like this? I admire you for it, but maybe you should be careful with your excellent knowledge, especially considering you get little to no feedback from people on here. I might be hard nosed to the world, but I hate to see young people, or then any people in fact, who only endeavour to educate to be exploited. I may be completely wrong and I hope I am. I admire your tenacity. God bless Z

  124. MP says:

    @ Z

    This by freestyling evolving story line proofs that ancient Hebrew leaders stole at least the North west Europe creation story, made it their history, and corrupted it

    Not sure if it is allowed to publish that

  125. MP says:

    The true origin story with the spider like migration flow would explain why descendants from the Bohemian region who formed the Bohemian secret society hate the true Pi 7 people (Edonites) so much

    Their story line begins at 6000 BC or so. And proven first influence (bad) on Christianity around the year 400

    Envy, to a point that they want to mass kill other people and erase their history

  126. MP says:

    If the Pi-7 people had a “thy shall not kill” rule. Then one of the options to do with evil criminals was to cast them away. Furthest casting away would be to the 4 corners of the known world

  127. MP says:

    In the mid to late ice age there must have been a mass migration to the south from Countries above like Norway and Sweden

    This is another confirmation that the Bible stories are very old. Just not from in or around the middle East

  128. MP says:

    Most practical way of moving through the snow and ice when migrating from above in the ice age would be with a wooden wing sled

  129. MP says:

    If those people from the far North were besides beautiful smart. Then they would put a layer of bird feathers on the wooden wing sled sitting area.

    That would provide comfy sitting, and the strong but bending feather bones would give a shock breaker effect

  130. MP says:

    The North sea and Artic region has besides the white Dove and white chicken lots of white feathered birds

    When going more inland or the east you will find mainly brown or black feathered birds

  131. MP says:

    Some may ask how they survived in North West Europe during the ice age

    Found an answer for that question

    Anyone can help me figure out what the heat flux was in that area including ice wall reflection?

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