INTJ vs. ISTJ Battle Royale

An INTJ would demand that their math always be ontological, whereas an ISTJ can’t define anything about reality at all and believes that mathematics is an inexplicable miraculous coincidence which has no justification to correspond with reality (LOL!!).

Thus, who’s usage of mathematics would freely permit any absurdity including that of flat Earth theory in modern physics, and who’s usage of mathematics would necessitate correspondence with both empirical and rational reality?

An ISTJ uses mathematics about energy all day long, but has absolutely 100% no concept nor justification nor explanation of what energy is, whereas an INTJ can perfectly define energy and the definition 100% explains why it should be mathematical in the first place, and why it is therefore no miracle at all as to why empirical existence behaves mathematically and follows mathematical prescriptions.

Enjoy the rant!

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2 Responses to INTJ vs. ISTJ Battle Royale

  1. becomingabraxas says:

    I was the first to like and comment on the video. I hope it reaches more people. Sent you an email btw.

  2. Zelator says:

    Actually Joe, this is one of your best vids. Not because of who the comments are from, as he doesn’t “see” it, but your explanation of these points is worth a book in itself. The breakdown of the commentary really does give the listener with an “intuitive mind” a picture that explains a thousand words. Good stuff.

    I love the parts about the photon. The unextended frequency domain of counter spatial imaginary numbers and the massless frequencies that become extended via fourier transforms.

    They exist as net nothing i.e -1 + 1 = 0 sine/cosine

    Zero and net zero are two expressions of nothing but net zero with properties netting to zero.

    -2 + 2 = 0 is different than -1 +1 = 0

    Science doesn’t believe that imaginary numbers like negative numbers can exist as they cant measure them.

    Yet they do exist in counter space in un-extended mind. They are “something” as net nothing.

    See the imaginary numbers on the co-sine? That’s the other side of the ether i.e the un-extended frequency domain.

    There’s your six dimensional universe right there!

    Kooks is trying to dis Michael Faust’s book “The Illuminati’s 6 Dimensional Universe” here:

    He also slags off Ken Wheeler, who I have never found anything wrong about, but Kooks would obviously find him wrong with a materialist mind. Wheeler is in fact a Pythagorean scholar.

    Now to watch your second vid. Great work Joe. Cheers Z

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