Ontological Mathematics on Climate Science

The most explosive video on ontological mathematics to date! This one’s good. Are you prepared for applied ontological mathematics? Can ontological mathematics be applied to the climate crisis? Is it possible to solve climate change with ontological mathematics? Does its findings extend to the rest of science, or have anything to say about scientific materialism?

I was told that an Illuminist/Ontological Mathematician would neither understand, nor care to learn about, my findings on this.

Watch and learn – you decide!

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  1. MP says:

    Impressive amount of 6’s you threw at them JP

    Think both the ones who don’t know but need a harsh awakening and opponent insiders who do know feel the heat when seeing it

  2. MP says:

    Not the average heat, the full intensity

  3. Jopo says:

    Hi Guys,

    Not sure where to post this but I need some advice from peeps.
    I apologise if this is already common knowledge amongst you and boring… I have never come across it and it is a discovery for me that I am unable to extrapolate on. Hoping someone can help out.

    The table below shows the Quaternary root of TSI between the planets and Earth.
    Now I find that the orbital velocity of planets with reference to Earth does not require the Quaternary root applied and pretty well nails the correlation. So what is this the link?.
    This all come about from the the Joe and J.Cuttance comments on orbital velocity and the Speed of Light

  4. MP says:

    Nice find Jopo. That is a mind boggling “coincidence”

  5. MP says:

    Fighting back is the new normal

  6. Nepal says:


    Your discovery is a result of the inverse square law for irradiance, and Kepler’s law for orbital velocity.

    TSI ~ r^-2, TSI^(1/4) ~ r^(-1/2)

    Kepler’s law (for circular orbit): T ~ r^(3/2)
    v ~ 2 pi r/T ~ r^(-1/2)

    So orbital velocity and TSI scale the same, which means their ratios between planets will be same. Pretty cool!

  7. Nepal says:

    I meant “orbital velocity and TSI^(1/4) scale the same

  8. Adam Cahill says:

    G’day Joe. I’m a couple of years into the literature of Mike Hockney and related authors. In recent months I have been exploring information regarding the climate narrative and was relieved to find your perspective not only aligns with my initial conclusions but has also been investigated and presented via an experienced Illuminist. You have my attention. Looking forward to Planet Wars. Other comments from within your community of Authors suggest that humanity is not yet ready for this information and the…. “Inevitable Paradigm Shift.” Do you think that the nature of the current “Climate narrative agenda” and the events that are being implemented require an acceleration of the delivery of this information? ……Do I have time to complete the integration of the PI literature?

  9. Jopo says:

    Yes indeed that is the observation Nepal.
    I am seeking the reasoning for the correlation though or be put in the right direction to explain the correlation.

    At this stage all I have is the correlation. Not the electrical / mechanical reasoning behind it.
    I have some thoughts on possible scenarios but that is all they are at this stage.
    Something that comes to mind is that the EMR itself is the source for the motor’s (Earth) orthogonal motion.. Yeah sounds out there. But I am awaiting for an informed explanation hopefully from anyone.

  10. Nepal’s explanation was complete Jopo…fully explains it.

  11. Jopo says:

    Nepal’s comments confirm the correlation and provides the different formulas. I know they are correlated but that is not what I looking for so I need to be a little clearer. Apologies for not being the first time.

    I am looking for the common factor. The cause. the reason. There has to be one.

    i.e. Does EMR determine the orbital velocity? Does orbital velocity determine TSI. Is there something else altogether? etc etc.
    Hopefully that makes it a little clearer from my end.

    Thank you for putting me onto Keplers stuff Nepal.
    I found Kepler’s Third Law: T2 = (4π2/GM).r3 which returns the period.

    If Nepal’s comments explain the mechanism I am unable to see it.

  12. Nepal says:

    I would say explanation is both TSI and orbital velocity are determined by a single number, which is the orbital radius. Inverse square law says TSI is determined by r, and Kepler’s third law say orbital velocity is determined by r.

    What this means is a planet with small r will large TSI and large orbital velocity. And a planet with large r will small TSI and small orbital velocity. But you can see that either way, the ratio of TSI to velocity will be the same.

    The math behind this is that TSI and orbital velocity happen to depend on r with the same equation form. That comes from two separate physical laws, they just happen to have same mathematical form.

  13. Zelator says:

    Jopo I know what you mean. I “See” what you mean. Problem with scientists is they don’t see the bigger picture, which is what you are alluding too. There is a reason why 1+1 = 2 is theorem in Peano Arithmetic, as it is a true statement which can be proved logically from the axioms. But when there is a “hidden” denominator which gives meaning to a simple mathematical realism then it is good to see the steps why this realism exists,and what are its foundations.

    I don’t see anything wrong with your question but admire it. Why is the golden proportion unique and what are its foundations? Is easy just to say its 1:1.618 but why is it so, just like you question why the orbital velocity of planets with reference to Earth does not require the quaternary root of TSI applied to it to give the velocity ratio to Earth, is what you are asking and that in itself has meaning. We know the math, but you are asking what is the ontological reasoning behind it. Why so?

    I have some ideas but I don’t think my ideas are valid or welcome on this forum.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.
    Cheers Z

  14. Zelator says:

    So to understand the context of what this video is about, then who was it that said that “an Illuminist/Ontological Mathematician would neither understand, nor care to learn about, how or why ontological mathematics can be applied to the climate crisis”?

    Would be useful to know, so that we know “who” we are dealing with. It’s an important consideration to setting the scene as to why this was said in the first place!

    Is this a general conception of this person/group? Why is that so?

    I ask as adjunct to my post above, as why ontological mathematics is not applied and addressed equally to all subjects discussed on this forum?

  15. boomie789 says:


    “SpinLaunch is a giant vacuum centrifuge for launching satellites weighing 200 kg into orbit at a speed of 3000 km per hour

    It uses 4 times less fuel and 10 times cheaper!”

  16. Zelator says:

    Wow Boomie, its like a giant discus thrower. The Olympians would be proud lol.

  17. MP says:

    Jordan Peterson’s message to the Globalists

  18. CD Marshall says:

    I show a graph indicating that “Net Solar Radiation” has increased since 1990 to 2022. Indicating solar forcing has increased to the surface. We are in a terrestrial brightening, all of those clean air acts (I guess) and cloud decrease.

    HIs reply: “This is not solar forcing. It is the net surface shortwave flux.”

    Me: “Not sure that deserves a reply.”

  19. Hah, wow. They want to deny the very concept of solar forcing altogether.

  20. CD Marshall says:

    He called TOA radiative forcing “solar forcing”.

    One thing Kooks mentioned that the lapse rate is anchored at the TOA. If that is true, explain that please as I would assume it is anchored at the point of highest gravity. I never got a change to ask him to clarify that one.

    This obsession with TOA radiative forcing is getting to the point of being a cult. Every single “peer reviewed paper” is radiative forcing at the TOA as if the surface didn’t even exist.

  21. CD Marshall says:

    Did you do a post on radiative forcing a while ago? Anyone recall where it is?

  22. Three years ago, I posted this, but it seems relevant to post it again here:

  23. Very good Robert.

  24. CD Marshall says:

    Great work indeed!! I’m posting that on Twitter. Can’t wait for the arrogant replies. Derp.

  25. I wouldn’t call Spencer’s explanation “double speak”. Rather, it is ignorant speak, in the sense that it illustrates exactly what Joseph discusses (i.e., NOT understanding what math actually means in the physical, tangible world). Spencer is so caught up in the mathematical definition of an average that he completely fails to see what his “average” actually translates into. He doesn’t understand how to connect the numbers to the substrate of reality.

    A meaningful average might be averaging sunlight over time and location where/when the sun actually shines, say from sunrise to sunset in London, which would give you the average daily flux, for a given day in London.

    Think about it: You divide the flux by a figure that includes hours when there IS NO FLUX (i.e., when flux is NOT even physically possible). Why would you do that? What does that mean? No sun is shining then. Why would you include those hours in the divisor? — that’s absurd. It implies a physical impossibility. THAT’s what this MEANS.

  26. I’m confident that this paper is well known by many who delve into this subject, but it seems appropriate to this topic to post a reference to it here:

    Christopher Essex, Ross McKitrick, and Bjarne Andresen (2007). “Does a Global Temperature Exist?”, JOURNAL OF NON-EQUILIBRIUM THERMODYNAMICS, Volume 32, Number 1, Pages 1-27.

    “… the concept of averaging is so routine.
    In fact it is so pervasive that it may even seem implausible to mount a critique. But it
    should only be routine where it makes sense. Personal income and height are meaningful at the individual level, and no conceptual problems emerge when adding or averaging over a population. But there are certainly examples where averaging or adding destroys the meaning of a variable. In economics, for example, an exchange rate is meaningful when comparing two currencies, but the ideas of a “global exchange rate” or a sum over exchange rates are both nonsensical. Regardless of the fact that enough data exist to compute something analogous to a “global temperature” for the money markets, neither the level nor the trend in such
    a statistic would provide any meaningful information about the global economy. Another example: Individual telephone numbers are both meaningful and useful, while the sum or average over telephone numbers in a directory have no meaning.”

    All averages are NOT created equal in their meanings.

  27. Beautiful. They deal in concepts that don’t exist.

  28. MP says:

    @ Robert G. Kernodle

    Think that the not nonsensical averaging is the strongest argument against the climate science paradigm what needs repeating

    The heatflow argument not so much since it gives back counter arguments, what results in endless back and forward arguing

    @ JP and inner young man NG

    Shall i stop posting the framework about where the septenary coding originated, that the Hebrews stole it and, and twisted in a way that it is prophecy now to kill all who originated from North West Europe, according to the “holy bible coding” ?

    I made a Deepstate song about the rivers of Babylon pure again, both with text and septenary coding behind it

    Not a single interest by you and NG

    I know some parts deviate from your alien perception. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch. Also for me because i never read in to alien shit

    It is ok tho, just say stop posting that shit, it deviates to much from certain readings you want to promote

  29. MP says:

    Some things may mean 50 things but some things are very carefully chosen words

    Like these by Hillary in 2016

    It is the freaking bible code and Queen witch Hillary wouldn’t use the words in a septenary way against us, making the holy people of the 7’s bad who need to be ignored/killed?

    Feel free to look up the coding of Gog and Maggog and see who the corrupting Hebrews meant by making that name evil

  30. MP says:

    A short part of what keywords she said then and what an audience guy “coincidentally ” said is short after minute 21:25 in this vid

  31. MP says:

    Last post on this subject matter here. Since it seems not appreciated …what is ok

  32. MP says:

    Last post on the subject matter and i made a spelling error lol. Maggog with double g instead of 1

    Last one since the correct numbers show more meaning

  33. CD Marshall says:

    Above my pay grade. My brother is part Jewish he studies Hebrew. I am not part Jewish; I do not study Hebrew.

    Gog is Russia. He was explaining the children of Noah are the founders of these countries in Asia and Europe as well. Which since lifespans were far greater before the flood (if I got that right) Melchizedek could have been an actual pre-flood descendent as one of Noah’s sons or something like that.

  34. CD Marshall says:

    If anyone cares, he also said the “giant” gene was probably carried over from the women of Noah’s sons. King Og was claimed to be a giant well over ten feet tall. Canaan was a land full of giants or something. IDK.

  35. MP says:

    @ MP

    Yea. Wild stories if you read the literal version

    That is why i prefer to read the numbers behind it, and can go wrong with that, but sometimes things are pretty clear

    Fibonacci sequence stands for life on earth, golden ratio stands for human life on earth, Pi stands for the circling that makes it all happen

    So the numbers say human kind needs to be wiped out every 2000 years, specifically the people of the 7 or T or cross or Christian nation descendants

    That would explain the Jesus story, who took the blame for all so all could be saved for 2000 years

    It would also explain the crazy times we live in. Seems some want to make a self fulfilling prophecy happening

    Further confirmation is when you count the 7’s. Can get to 13 x 7 = 98 and after that to 14 x 7 = 105

    The first 98 is the total of the septenery code on the alphabet what is counted with the fingers. The second number 105 = amount of bones in the human hand

  36. Back to the topic at hand.

    The basis of what JP talks about is in-your-face simple. It’s so simple that, apparently, many people cannot see it. For those who might not see it, here’s a picture of the way elementary climate science is taught, with a red, labelled arrow indicating the not-so-obvious obvious:

    The thick solid line on the bottom represents the WHOLE Earth surface, while the textured thick line above it represents the WHOLE Earth atmosphere.

    These are FLAT depictions of spherical realities. Earth is more a SPHERE. A flat surface is NOT an average of a spherical surface — the geometries of the two surface types are different. The math for these geometries are different. Using flat-surface math to model spherical-surface reality is a misrepresentation of reality.

  37. If I didn’t have you guys, if the world didn’t, it would all be over.

    Thanks to RGK, Boomie, Z, CDM, etc., for actually comprehending ontological mathematics.

  38. MP says:

    @ JP

    So you invited people to make songs and stories

    And gave as example beautiful songs with the septenary coding in the notes and the title

    So someone goes freestyling with that, trying to undersand the DS mindset with it, and now it is retarded? Everything needs to be ontological now except aliens?

  39. MP says:

    And sure. Heat flow only from hot to cold is in itself a ontological argument. But it won’t win an argument directly, it is part of a bigger framework of arguments

    The nonsensical averaging of heat intensity is a single argument without needing a bigger frameworks. So it is a stronger argument what needs repeating

  40. MP said: “Heat flow only from hot to cold is in itself a ontological argument. But it won’t win an argument directly, it is part of a bigger framework of arguments.”

    RGK: The reason it won’t win an argument, unfortunately, seems to be that those who argue against it do NOT understand heat flow — they do NOT understand (cannot comprehend, seemingly) the basic, correct mathematical representation of this reality.

    HEAT flow, however, is a critical part of the “bigger framework of arguments”, which might look something like this (to start):
    * The Earth is a sphere, represented as a sphere, NOT as a flat plane.
    * Heat is NOT the same as energy — proponents of the “Greenhouse Effect” are incorrect to add/subtract flux the popular way.
    * An average global temperature is NOT a mathematically viable concept to describe what exists — it is a mathematical fiction that does NOT apply to any real physical body.
    * Temperature-station data is fatally flawed, to say nothing of the fact that it feeds the fatally flawed uses of it in the context of the previous arguments.

    Please feel free to add to or critique what I have attempted to say here.

  41. MP says:

    @ Robert G. Kernodle

    All true point but don’t think it will convince climate science indoctrinated

    They believe that slowed cooling by back radiation is 1 on 1 with wm2 heat input

    And they believe that there are no other factors that will effect the cooling ratio besides the radiative causes

    So to win that argument only need to prove that the relation of slowed cooling is not 1 on 1 (no need to prove or say they are wrong by saying that there is no slowed cooling by back radiation). The not 1 on one argument wins the case

    Other pathway is showing them other mechanics in nature what causes cooling, preferably exponentially when it gets hotter

  42. MP says:

    For the other mechanics in nature can think of heater matter itself

    Every degree temperature increase you need more wm2 input than the degree raise before, so the higher the temperature an exponential higher wm2 input is needed (don’t say heat to an alarmist, just saying wm2 wins the argument). Because the matter exponentially increases its radiating output at higher temperatures

    Or of the convection, heat moving up in the column of air

    Or of something the conolly brothers discovered with balloon data, some of the heat gets released by raising /stretching the whole column of air .

  43. MP says:

    The last 2 points are single expeditionary points. Very true and needs repeating. As single points tho, mixing it will give the alarmist a chance to pick the argument they want to counter, and drop the argument they were loosing

  44. MP says:

    ….explanatory …typo

  45. CD Marshall says:

    it makes no sense that they are stuck in TOA radiative forcing is the only means of changing T. I hate even calling it radiative forcing it’s as disingenuous as greenhouse effect.

    Radiative temperature stability might be a better term. GHGs influence atmopsheric T they do not increase surface T.

  46. “Radiative forcing” has always been an obscure concept to me. I still have trouble making those words correspond to a CLEAR definition of any process. I’m one of those people who needs each word of the phrase related to the phenomenon being talked about. … What radiation? From where? Forcing of what? How does radiation produce “force”/ “forcing”? On what exactly?

  47. CD Marshall says:

    In order to maintain an average T in a system not in thermal equilibrium the energy coming in will have to create a T much higher than the average T because of immediate cooling.

    Loved this comment from Joe,:
    Thermal emission of radiation is spontaneous…there is NO SCENARIO IN THE REAL WORLD where an object would simply not be able to emit. I mean why not just make up any random idea in the preface of our books and papers on physics, then!? “If the Earth rests on the back of a turtle, then it is turtles all the way down. Now let’s discuss gravity.”

  48. CD Marshall says:

    I’m having this conversation.

    Brandon Daly 🧊
    How can radiative forcing not exist??? The planet gains energy, and the planet loses energy. Radiative forcing is simply the difference between energy lost and energy gained.

    Are you sure you just don’t know what you’re talking about, and are not a the genius you think you are?

    TOA sparky. Solar radiative forcing exists. Hot to cold radiative forcing exists. An imbalance of a “flux” at the TOA which isn’t total energy it’s a flux for flux sake, is not determining the surface T. Energy in equals energy out. Flux in will NEVER equal flux out.

  49. CD Marshall says:

    …I think I broke him. 😁

  50. CD Marshall says:

    This is the state of education today:

    “Energy will always be entering the planet at a higher flux than it leaves.”

    Then how does the planet cool?

  51. J Cuttance says:

    If I’d had the resources these warmists have had…literal command of a quarter of the TV news, legacy media and other promotional outlets in an effort worth a trillion dollars…I could have convinced the plebs that the world is flat.

    But that’s what the warmists HAVE done at a basic scientific level, as JP has so ably pointed out.

  52. CD Marshall says:

    So Brandon blocked me. Typical reply:

    I already explained the greenhouse effect to you, and I am sorry that you don’t understand it. But since you are confident, you should honestly just get this published. If you’re not full of it, you would have (at the very least) tried.
    Brandon Daly 🧊

    Tell you what, Marshall. This seems like groundbreaking work, so instead of wasting your time talking to a clueless undergraduate on Twitter, get this (very important) work published in a reputable journal.

  53. Yes, we tried that, and they asked for proof that the Earth is round.

  54. CD Marshall says:

    Well knowing consensus climate science controls, the “reputable journals” as least he proved he is a shill.

  55. CD Marshall says:

    Then again, he will never graduate if they read any tweet that doesn’t conform to the religion.

  56. CD Marshall says:

    This was a good question by Brandon, he still doesn’t get the difference in energy and flux. The thing is it doesn’t decrease it redirects. A rock in a river doesn’t stop the flow of the river, it moves around the rock.

    Except it’s not an internal flux, because GHGs decrease OLR at the TOA. Remember: energy balance.

    …Then he blocked me.

  57. Jopo says:

    Hi peeps
    Am I being a little to creative. I am wondering if this happens in the real universe.

  58. Jopo says:

    test. . Last post did not go through. just checking?

  59. Jopo says:

    Sorry. It did go through. Apologies

  60. Zelator says:

    Consider this:

    Vortex Experiment based on Walter Russell Cosmogony:

  61. Zelator says:

    If that resonates with you – pun intended lol – then to put it simply, is that it comes down to the ether which we know is light ( Gods mind).

    This ether has a push pull, like a sea saw, a centripetal inward spiraling flow of ether that is gravity and the centrifugal outward spiraling
    flow of ether that is electromagnetic radiation, looking for balance. At balance there is no matter. This two opposing yet harmonious forces of the universe is the result of the golden ratio: The Yin and Yang.

    1:1.618 which results in all the spirals of nature and the universe, as above so below.

    It is also the Orphic Egg:

    Here is more on this :


    And here is a more detailed article explaining Walter Russell’s Cosmogeny:


  62. boomie789 says:

    “🇨🇦 🚛 Canadian province shuts down 39 trucking companies involved in Freedom Convoy protests

    Ontario Ministry of Transportation issued order to seize all license plates

    The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has effectively shut down 39 trucking businesses in the wake of a crackdown on so-called Freedom Convoy protesters. Responding to questions from trucknews.com, the ministry confirmed that 12 suspension and seizure orders were issued to Ontario-based large truck operators involved in the protests, suspending their operating authority throughout Canada, and issuing an order to seize all the plates registered to them.

    Protesters from outside the province faced sanctions of their own. Twenty-seven seizure orders were issued to large truck operators from outside the province, banning them from operating any commercial motor vehicle in Ontario.


  63. boomie789 says:

  64. Zelator says:

    Knowing this information, it puts a new spin – pun intended lol, of hot air rising and why?

    The see-saw I used as an analogy for the aether’s two way cenrtifugal/centreptal dance to find balance is that it has has two cosmic electrodes:

    e.g an earth-sky cathode and an earth-ground anode:


  65. Zelator says:

    The Gel in the pic is the ether, the substrate, the zero point, the horus, the quintessence, the 5th element. Tesla knew this was the portal: He said ” Having come out of the ether once – so it will go back in to the ether” . We all return to the ether on death.

  66. boomie789 says:

  67. Zelator says:

    Phanes coming out of the ether: It’s always a vesica piscis. Hence why a lot of doors of churches and cathedrals are shaped like a female vulva. Why Jesus is seen coming from the same portal:

  68. boomie789,

    I hope you post a link to that video, when it’s available. I was recently hoping for this comparison, as I thought of the vast expanse of pre settlement beasts across the continent.

    I was also hoping that somebody might figure out a comparison with plant eating dinosaurs (sauropods), pre history.

  69. Zelator says:

    T.S Eliot had it right about you lot:

    The horror, the horror, that scientific materialism has been found out, and you
    all look stupid. The horror, the horror that minds (INTJ’s) can out think you, can see
    where your theories go wrong. The Horror the horror that you have spent your whole life following a lie, a lie that even paid your wages of sin, big wages at that. The horror the horror that your world is broken, that it’s all been a lie and you are left floundering like a shrimp out of water with your world a complete lie. The horror the horror that you all fell for it. The Horror the horror, that you knew there was
    something wrong with the world but you played along anyway. The horror the horror that now you are going to be found out, the horror the horror, that we will all laugh at you just like you laughed at reason and logic.

    Truth is you are Hollow men, Straw men and we despise you.

  70. Zelator says:

    It Is COMING and it will find you. This is the way the world ends………

  71. CD Marshall says:

    “I love how people say solar and wind power are “just around the corner*. No, they’re mature technologies that have peaked. Every technology follows a Weibull Distribution of development. Wind and Solar have been for decades at their peak – just like “aeroplanes” and zeppelins.”

    Never heard of “Weibull Distribution of development” it until now.

  72. MP says:

    @ Zelator

    Your impressive inputs on are very much appreciated here Zelator


    Recognize the shills there, and you will find beautiful people beneath

    It is a system with 751 post each topic, and the main topic is called Q research general

    Never fill in name or email fields there

    Just text and upload image or video, or embedding a youtube video when clicking for more options below the post field

  73. MP says:

    Oh, wait

    When wanting to reply to someone there click on the top right post number

  74. boomie789 says:

    California wants all EVs by 2035, lol.

  75. Zelator says:


  76. Nepal says:

    I guess I’m materialist maybe. I just can’t get interested in philosophy, or spirits, or very old books. If it’s impossible to get to definite, mathematical answers, I’m bored to tears. Just how I’m wired.

  77. Zelator says:

    Nepal, there is nothing wrong with that. We don’t choose how we are wired, and your obvious mathematical skills are important and impressive. It’s just the world has been run by materialists particularly in the physical sciences and they have stubbornly refused to use an idealistic approach. We need people like you and Kooks. Both smart and very capable people, but maybe its time for a change in the world. I believe that, that is what Joe has in mind. We need all psychological types or the world would be a true mess, and again I believe that is what the message of Joe is. It’s the ones who secretly undermine humanity and try to enslave us that we need to remove as they are currently the ones pulling the strings. They are the ones I detest not honest people like yourself Kooks etc. Hope I made that clear as you bring valuable tools to the table and I for one am impressed by your knowledge, honesty and clarity. Thanks for bringing that up. Cheers and All the Best Z.

  78. Zelator says:

    MP, thanks for the link to 8kun. I will certainly take a look, as it looks interesting. Also thanks for your kind words of appreciation. You are a top man. All the Best Z.

  79. Zelator says:

    To underline my meaning of a new way, a new era, we need a new awakening:

    To awaken means to revolt against the whole earthly system: The whole stinking system goes back to the Fallen Angels of Old and the power structure has remained in place ever since.

    Descent into Matter:


    The Druid Connection:


    Archons Within


    Archons as world powers:


  80. Zelator says:

    Good Morning Joe my friend. When are you doing another video, I so get alot out of them. It would be cool if you did them more often. I realise you’re busy, and I’m probably just being greedy, but you really have the best understanding besides the authors themselves, on the internet. You really have it sown up, down to a tee. Please don’t be put off by detractors, it just means you are over the target. Keep it up, you are doing a great job. We are proud of you. All the Best Z

  81. Zelator says:

    By the way, I’m not hostile. I just don’t take no shit. I appreciate all peoples contributions. If I offend you, then its probably worth it. Lol Peace Z

  82. CD Marshall says:

    You can’t deny the spirit world if you’ve seen it. My childhood was full of nightmares when I was awake. Not as bad as some stories but when I watched “The Conjuring” it all came back to me, still creeps me out.

    I think every mythology is based on some small element of truth.

  83. CD Marshall says:

    NASA has finally admitted after denying for over a century that UFOs are real and they don’t know what they are. Still think they are lying but “less lying about it’ than they were before.

  84. Zelator says:

    I agree CD. Again a materialist would deny any such possibility, but the evidence is clear that there are things that exist outside of our visual/auditory range. When the bicameral mind was prominent, people would even talk to these ghostly apparitions. Children still see them as they haven’t been programmed out not to. I’ve had things bite me and scratch me during the night. drawing blood. I have felt things touch me like a spiders web and crawling. As you say the mythology of Djinns and demons in folklore is embedded in historical literature. Your brother studying Hebrew will be well aware of this. I haven’t seen that film “The Conjuring” but will watch it tonight; I like a good scary movie lol. Cheers CD.

  85. I once did a small ritual to invite a succubus to my bed while I slept…hoping I would remember the sex romp in the morning since my wife stopped giving it to me. Didn’t remember anything, but, I FUCKING WOKE UP WITH BLEEDING SCRATCHES ALL DOWN MY BACK…WITH THE WIDTH OF FINGERS BETWEEN THEM.

    Another time I was trying to OBE over night, and woke in the middle of the night with someone at the foot of my bed pulling and yanking on my ankles! Fell back asleep. When I woke in the morning I had bleeding, burning scabs around my ankles.

  86. So you see, Nepal…there’s more going on around here than our physics textbooks know.

  87. Zelator says:

    Joe that was the exact same with me, the scratches were finger width apart on my back. In a place that I couldn’t reach. I had a hard time explaining them to my girlfriend lol. The ankle ones the same again, I felt something grab my foot and bite it. This happened at least ten times in a short space of time. I first thought it may be the cat, but they continued after the cat died. And yes red welches like grip marks on my ankles and shins.

  88. Zelator says:

    The worst one was when I had something grabbing my privates. And yanking them. I swear they pulled me off the bed. It wasn’t pleasant lol but painful and scary.I had this for about a year. Even though I moved houses. I think I had something attach to me in a house i was renovating. The previous owner died by falling through a glass door! When I bought the place to renovate there was still a big blood stain on the carpet were he died and blood all up the wall and door frame. Took me ages to clean that place up. My cat would go beserk at night as if it saw something. I think it was protecting me as I slept there whilst I was renovating it. The cat one day was found dead at the bottom of the stairs. Vet was confused as he was a healthy cat.

  89. Zelator says:

    Whatever it was followed me to a brand new home. So no ghosts there. But the shit started again. Nothing for the last year though luckily.

  90. Beverly says you need to do some clearing exercises to detach these things.

  91. Zelator says:

    Yes I think you are right. I will speak to her. My ex girlfriend was a witch of some sort. She said I had pipes coming off me from attachments. LOL.

  92. Zelator says:

    She said I was annunaki. She was a crank though lol.

  93. CD Marshall says:

    As a kid similar experience, no scratches. I woke up caressing her…and then she disappeared as I gained full conciseness. To this day can’t tell you if it were real or not. My hands were in the exact position as if though.

    My friend would see the evil spirits (demons) and they would choke her. She had the choking marks to prove it and her dad was accused of abusing her. They separated because of it and it STILL happened to her. Not sure what happened after that.

    Another guy I knew as a kid would watch them come out of the TV and walk around the house, sometimes enter in his dad. After a while they’d jump back in the TV. Now that’s creepy. He had (not sure what you call it anymore) but he could see you on the phone when he talked to you. They tested him and he passed every time could describe what was on the other side of the phone perfectly.

    Just things in the world that cannot be explained away with a textbook.

    My aunt was a full-blown witch, bad things happened, and she snapped out of it and became a Christian. Still is.

  94. CD Marshall says:

    I think we replaced technology with some things the mind could do better.

  95. Zelator says:

    She said I was Annunaki. She was a crank though, although she has a big presence on the internet. My Rh-ve blood seems to attract weird things.

  96. CD Marshall says:


  97. Zelator says:

    CD you are absolutely right. There is nothing to learn just everything to remember. There is nothing new under the sun.

  98. Oh God don’t get him started CD…

  99. Back to climate fraud and ont math.

  100. Zelator says:

    Yeh Annunaki. The builders. The nasty humanoids that Sitchin talks about. The ones in Prometheus. I wasn’t impressed but I had a soul reading and apparently I am a Wanderer.

  101. Zelator says:

    Lol. Hey Joe Lolol ……cheeky ……

    Here’s a song for ya:

  102. Zelator says:

    Joe can you send me Beverly’s email address please. My username has it for this forum. Thankyou.

  103. Zelator says:

    Joe got you emails:

    Joe can you send me Beverly’s email address please. My username has my email address for this forum. Thankyou.

  104. Zelator says:

    ugh how did that appear twice?

  105. Zelator says:

    Please don’t try and trick me. I am not here to harm anyone. Please don’t try and catch me. I will jus disappear.

  106. Zelator says:

    Why did you forward my email from my account to this forum? I could have given information not relevant to here? I knew it already what you were doing but you still did it anyway. Do you think I am stupid? My trust has gone down.

  107. Zelator says:

    I am one step ahead of you Joe. I know your moves. Why do you plan like this lol?

  108. Whaaaa? Not following here. Just got back from a bike ride for groceries. What happened?

  109. Zelator says:

    Wtf are my emails linked here for? So I have to talk to you via here?

  110. Zelator says:

    Sent an email to explain.

  111. Zelator Antericus says:

    I think I over reacted. I thought you were trying to out my persona. I realise I am nervy when people try  to identify me. I apologise. I probably seem like a dick. I have nothing to hide but truth. That is dangerous in the wrong hands. I do respect you and want to help. Sorry if I come across as stupid. I hope the people on your forum dont think I am stupid lol. I want to help. I know it sounds mad but I just figured out how to use this fucking email lol


    Sent: Friday, August 26, 2022 at 6:06 PM

  112. Zelator says:

    All sorted. My misunderstanding not Joe’s. Apologies for wasting forum time. Please forgive my trepidations.

  113. Nepal says:

    The difference between me and Kook is I don’t attack philosophy and philosophers just because I don’t understand it… I think it is valuable, just not my cup of tea.

    Actually there are a lot of difference between me and Kook. At some point I called him the most dishonest person I’ve ever met lol. He is not to be trusted, even his physics lectures are totally made up, he does sell it well though.

  114. Zelator says:

    I hear you Nepal. Good points.

  115. Zelator says:

    See the difference between here, this blog, and anywhere else is Joe sees what is going on, and will not put up with it. Up till now Kooks thought he could blather and impress, and some people will fall for it, but some people are just smarter than him LOL.

    Don’t underestimate the PI.

  116. Nepal says:

    Right on

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