Illuminism Under Threat

Public Illuminism is facing its greatest threat since its inception approximately 15 years ago. What is the true nature of the enemy forces who are trying to destroy it, and what is their ultimate goal? It is not just online Illuminism which is the target of our enemy, but all life on planet Earth, and especially the freedom of humanity. What is behind this attack on the AC and Illuminism is bigger than you might imagine!

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  1. MP says:

    @ JP

    All relevant religious organizations are indeed subverted, and it is crazy that a large part of current day Christians think that socialism/communism is compatible with Jesus teachings.

    It is a scheme by filtering certain words and ignoring other words/sayings

    Those in the know for over 2000 years and who have written the New Testament made a clear coding trail tho.

    What not refers to all people nowadays, it refers to certain leaders and writers at that time

    Source code

  2. TEWS_Pilot says:

    This is a good article on why climate change isn’t man made and has nothing to do with increasing CO2 levels – which is causing an explosion in plant growth – that feeds man and the animals that feed man.

  3. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Joe, are you saying you believe that the earth has been taken over by some super race of parasites and that all Bible based religion, aka Judaism and Christianity, are just creations of these parasite aliens and not the work of the God of eternity?

  4. The good guys have done what they could to leave elements in Christianity which are Becoming, about self improvement goodness, etc. But there are other main aspects then which are about subservience and slavery and a slave consciousness.

  5. TEWS_Pilot says:

    I’m an Occam’s Razor type of guy who is more inclined to believe everything you described in the video is described in the Bible as the battle between God and Satan. That brings us to a collision of worldviews: the one you describe controlled by alien parasites or the traditional one controlled by an actual Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Being Who exists outside Nature because He created Nature.

    You assign the enslaving and destructive actions you described to aliens, but they can just as easily be assigned to the traditional Biblical Satan the fallen angel and his fallen demons, which is totally consistent with the traditional belief of creation and its ultimate final resolution as described in the Book of Revelation in the Bible, no aliens needed.

    In any event, this makes a fascinating topic for debate at the college level or higher.

  6. TEWS_Pilot says:

    This article has really caught my attention, so I did some searching in an online Bible to see if anything like is is addressed. I found this very interesting passage at “Bible Gateway.”

    Colossians 2:8
    King James Version
    8 Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

  7. It seems like it’s all very much on a knife-edge…which way the cookie crumbles so to speak.

    Certainly, deceit is the entire aim of this enemy, whether it is named alien or the devil…it seems to be the same thing. So the knife-edge of the Bible is that on the one hand it tells you about it, but on the other hand it instills a slave consciousness mentality in you. See how that works?

    I just want the truth. Truth has to come from thinking about it…although I agree that philosophy has been subverted too, such as into scientific materialism, etc.

  8. TEWS_Pilot says:

    The only subservience or submission required of man is to God, and that must be voluntary.

    There has always been a great deal of confusion regarding the passages involving slavery and being a good servant to one’s master, but those were instructions to a culture that at the time lived with slavery forced upon them. They are not commands to become slaves to others, and they do not apply to any generation afterwards.

    The turning of the other cheek reference is to treatment of fellow Christians and how they should resolve conflicts with other Christians and with family members, it does not apply to enemies who are about to chop off your head. There are plenty of passages about destroying the enemy totally including even their contaminated livestock just as a surgeon would remove every cell of a cancer from the body. David killed Goliath to avoid a bloody war and thus it was an act of saving lives, even enemy lives. Jesus even demonstrated that there is a time to vanquish the enemy in the name of righteousness when He drove the blasphemous money changers and merchants out of the temple. His voluntary submission to be crucified was to be a substitute for all mankind for salvation if they chose to repent of sin and accept Him as their substitute and Savior……end of sermon, please drop 4 bits into the collection plate.

  9. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Joe, I suggest you contact Pastor Artur Pawlowski and have a conversation with him. I believe you would be able to get answers to your concerns and have a delightful conversation in the process. He is now an international celebrity and has proven to be a man of principle who was willing to go to jail rather than cave to illegal demands.

    Artur Pawlowski
    1740 – 25a Street SW
    T3C 1J9


    E-Mail: Mobile

    Phone Number: 403-607-4434

    E-mail us:

  10. CD Marshall says:

    The KJV or earlier is the most comprehensive versions of the bible
    besides original Hebrew. I don’t suggest going to another other than for cross references. Many changed root meanings or omitted terminology all together much like climate consensus science, they rewrote meanings and terms.

  11. Zelator says:

    Ha, have you seen the dudes on youtube who purportedly represent Hyperianism who don’t know what AC or PI are?

    Who think Morgue and Hyperianism came before AC and PI. That Joe is a construct of what Morgue and Hyperianism have taught and that he is a result of Hyperianism.

    How ridiculous. Joe and others were part of the original group who interacted with the original authors of the AC. The writers of the God Series etc.

    This just shows the disconnect between Hyperianism and PI. Their members don’t even know what the Pythagorean Illuminati are or stand for ( the Core of Illuminism) and believe they are a first cause of Illuminism instead. ( well this is the lie), just like all good religions it is usurped by negative entities.

    Let me put it straight. Hyperianism was integrated into PI until it polluted it. It has now been regurgitated.

  12. TEWS_Pilot says:

    For the sake of those of us not familiar with all the terms, what do AC and PI stand for?

  13. TEWS_Pilot says:

    This man has a very interesting on a subject relevant to the subject we are discussing. Take your shots at it.

    Evolutionists Are Mentally Unstable if They Believe Nothing Created Everything!

    By Don Boys, Ph.D.

    According to many significant scientists, the universe popped out of nothing with a neon sign proclaiming, “Well, here we are.” That is a little irreverent, but that is what many “experts” teach. Moreover, they are offended if you roll your eyes at that ludicrous assumption and are downright insulted if you roll on the floor, holding your sides in raucous laughter.

    After all, scientists are supposed to be respected, even revered, never ridiculed.

    Some of my readers, with an idealized view of science, will assume I am using ridicule and hyperbole to express my creationist views; however, that is not true. Major physicists believe nothing created everything, which is unreasonable, unbelievable, and unnatural, and it’s also “unsane.”

    Atheist Stephen Hawking declared: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.” Hawking also claimed the universe “popped into existence without violating the known laws of Nature.”

    Sure, Steve.

    Many scientists are uncomfortable with nothing creating everything; consequently, that statement is often denied, but the facts are in: many prominent scientists believe the silly nothing-created-everything doctrine. Atheist Anthony Kenny confessed, “A proponent of [the Big Bang,] […] at least if he is an atheist, must believe that the matter of the universe came from nothing and by nothing.” Another scientist declared, “It seems impossible that you could get something from nothing, but the fact that once there was nothing and now there is a universe is evident proof that you can.”

    That is not science but religion.

    First, there was nothing, and it is admittedly impossible to “get something from nothing,”; but here we are, so it “is evident proof that you can!” That is the most shameful tautology ever. With such thinking, is it surprising that many scientists are analogous to snake-oil salesmen? The atheist philosopher Quinton Smith indicated that “the most reasonable belief is that we came from nothing, by nothing, and for nothing.” Of course, that is reasonable if you are a resident of a state institution for the demented, delusional, or disoriented.

    Dr. Lawrence Krauss wrote a book supporting the nothing-to-everything theme, titling his book, A Universe from Nothing. The title means exactly what it says. The book’s afterward was written by atheist Richard Dawkins, who compares the book to Darwin’s Origin.

    In The Ancestor’s Tale, Dawkins wrote, “The fact that life evolved out of nearly nothing, some 10 billion years after the universe evolved literally out of nothing, is a fact so staggering that I would be mad to attempt words to do it justice.” Yes, Richard, that is so outrageous that I would not attempt to put it in words. Astute readers know that by his silly statement, he is not required to prove anything! It is a sophomoric ploy to give him a place to hide.

    Atheism is off the charts in human folly. By contrast, the flat-earthers, Elvis spotters, Hitler-did-not-shoot-himself, and man-has-not-been-to-the-moon skeptics are the epitome of stability.

    Some famous scientists are embarrassed when their peers specialize in such “scientific” gibberish. World renowned astronomer Robert Jastrow declared, “But the creation of matter out of nothing would violate a cherished concept in science–the principle of the conservation of matter and energy–which states that matter and energy can be neither created nor destroyed.”

    Prominent physicist George Davis seems to agree that every effect has a cause when he writes, “No material thing can create itself. This is the basic law of science, the Law of Causality; every effect has a cause.” Even the famous skeptic David Hume did not deny that law. He declared, “I never asserted so absurd a proposition as that something could arise without a cause.”

    Scientists often claim that real scientists do not believe in Special Creation by a sovereign, personal God, but the kitty is out of the sack: many foremost scientists do believe that God is the answer, not “nothing.” Astronomer Robert Jastrow admitted, “Now we see how the astronomical evidence leads to a biblical view of the origin of the world. The details differ, but the essential elements in the astronomical and biblical accounts of Genesis are the same: the chain of events leading to man commenced suddenly and sharply at a definite moment in time, in a flash of light and energy.”

    In case that is not clear enough for atheists to understand, Jastrow admits that “there are what I or anyone would call supernatural forces at work is now, I think, a scientifically proven fact.”

    Scientist George Smoot, who led the team of scientists who first measured ripples in the cosmic background radiation, declares, “There is no doubt that a parallel exists between the big bang as an event and the Christian notion of creation from nothing.”

    The physicist Gordon Van Wyden wrote in his book Thermodynamics: “The author has found that the 2nd law tends to increase his conviction that there is a creator who has the answer for the future destiny of man and the universe.”

    It is evident that “Bible thumpers” are not the only ones convinced that nothing cannot create anything. Such teaching is not scientific; it is silly. Bible thumpers have been vindicated! [In the interest of full disclosure, I have been called a “Bible thumper,” but really, I don’t thump my Bible very much and not really hard, and seldom in public. And when I do a little Bible-thumping, it is always the King James Version.]

    God haters often ridicule Christians who declare that God created everything out of nothing, and they do so with scorn and sarcasm. When I demand to know their answer as to how everything got here (after all, we are here!), they get as uncomfortable as a dog in hot ashes, try to fake a scholarly look, then they squirm and with less authority in their voice tell me “Nothing created everything.”

    That is shabby, shabby thinking. If you have nothing, it is evident that nothing can be produced. In my book, Evolution: Fact, Fraud, or Faith? and in one of my lectures in my evolution/creation conferences, I began by saying, “When did time begin? Where did the universe come from? Who started it? Where did man come from? Why are we here? John 1:1 declares, ‘In the beginning was the Word.’ Evolutionists parody this by saying, ‘In the beginning was hydrogen.’ (As if that would solve anything. After all, where did the hydrogen come from?) Hydrogen is a colorless, tasteless, odorless gas when given billions of years, produces planets, plants, and people–even university professors.”

    I further explain, “A sovereign God created everything out of nothing, but scientists believe that nothing created everything out of nothing! Or nothing became something, and something became everything! Nothing, working on nothing by nothing through nothing for nothing, created everything. Wouldn’t that require that the universe existed before it came into existence? I’m getting dizzy. Stop the world. I want to get off!”

    Atheists get indignant when we reveal what they believe; then, they often deny it since no sane person will accept such nonsense. However, American physicist Paul Davies of Arizona State University wrote, “Even if we don’t have a precise idea of exactly what took place at the beginning, we can at least see that the origin of the universe from nothing need not be unlawful or unnatural or unscientific.” No, of course not! How dare we suggest that such scientists are unscientific if not unstable! Davies also wrote it is “possible to imagine the Universe coming into being from nothing entirely spontaneously.” Sure, Paul. I think Paul stared at the stars too long, exposing himself to the moonlight.

    Physicist Robert A.J. Matthews of Ashton University in England wrote, “It is now becoming clear that everything can–and probably did–come from nothing.”

    Wait a minute! Are those atheists trying to convince me that nothing can produce something? But they aren’t just declaring that nothing created something but that nothing created everything. Look, I’m not an Oxford scholar, but you will have to do better than that. I wasn’t born yesterday, and Momma didn’t rear a fool, and you will have to do more than pucker your lips, wipe your sweaty palms, and tout your scholarship to convince me that nothing can do, say, think, or produce anything.

    Moreover, in light of the above, evolutionists tell us a sovereign God did not create everything because it is simply outrageous!

    Let’s start over again. What is nothing? Atheists don’t know, but they know it brought everything into existence! Aristotle suggested that “nothing” is what rocks dream about!

    Look, Bible haters can’t flimflam me because I’ve been around. I’ve been across the state line in two directions, been to three county fairs, one state fair, attended three tractor pulls, one demolition derby, and even been to the Grand Ole Opry, where I shook hands with Minnie Pearle. I’ve been around!

    So, this is one good ole boy who can’t be seduced with snake-oil salesmanship. But, back to the origin of everything when nothing did its big job. Evolutionists expect us to believe that once upon a time (as all fairytales begin), there was nothing; well, there was something. There was space, and we are to give them that graciously; I won’t. How and when did space arrive?

    There was nothing, then what happened? “Well,” says the atheist, “after a few billion years, a cosmic egg about the size of the head of a pin started floating through space.” “Wait a minute, tell me about the cosmic egg. Where did it come from? He doesn’t know. Well, could it have been laid by a cosmic chicken? Well, tell me what was in that cosmic egg!” The evolutionist/atheist, with a straight face, says, “Well, everything you see around you and everything in the universe was in the head of that pin.” “Say what! Everything in the whole universe was in that pinhead? There you go trying to flimflam me again, but I can’t be flimmed or flammed.”

    The scientist assures me that everything (created by nothing) was encapsulated in that pinhead–Then it exploded. I asked, “And what caused the explosion?” The atheist continues his myth by saying, “I don’t know, but it exploded, and everything went everywhere and continued to expand into this massive universe.” About this time, I’m getting a little scared and looking for the men in white coats carrying nets. It is incredible that scientists could be so misinformed, miseducated, and mistaken to believe such nonsense and be willing to declare it in books, lectures, on television, etc. Then, accepting money and perks for propagating such nonsense to others indeed displays a massive absence of character. Those scientists should be out selling insurance or driving trucks, and I don’t mean to insult truck drivers and insurance salesmen.

    Atheists want us to believe that the egg exploded, producing a well-ordered universe that runs like an expensive watch! However, no honest scientist suggests that an explosion will have anything but disorder. Yet, all planets go around the Sun counterclockwise, but the Sun spins clockwise! How could an explosion produce such a contradiction? Moreover, all the planets do not turn in the same direction, which is not logical or scientific. And in our solar system, everything is the necessary distance from each other to make life on Earth possible. That’s called the “anthropic principle,” whereby creation seems to have been tweaked (by whom?) to make life possible for mankind.
    The above is reinforced by former Cambridge astrophysicist Sir Fred Hoyle who argued, “A common-sense interpretation of the data suggests that a super-intellect has monkeyed with physics” to make life possible.

    Angry atheists tell us that it is improbable, even impossible, that a self-existent, sovereign God created the universe, but it is very reasonable to believe that everything came into existence without a cause! That is pure religion, even fanatical religion, and it might constitute child abuse if taught to children.

    Look, maybe we are overdoing the origination of the universe, but after all, we are here. Perhaps we should be more concerned about why we are here and where we are going than how we got here. But the fact is an obvious truth that something can do something, but nothing can do nothing.

    (Dr. Don Boys is a former Indiana House of Representatives member who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Boys authored 20 books, the most recent, Reflections of a Lifetime Fundamentalist: No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets! The eBook is available at for $4.99. Other titles at Follow him on Facebook at Don Boys, Ph.D., and visit his blog. Send a request to for a free subscription to his articles and click here to support his work with a donation.)

    “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” John Bunyan, Baptist Preacher

  14. Zelator says:

    Tolerance. Watch this. Warning it can trigger.

    I don’t know how to crop a vid, so watch the first six mins 28 seconds of this and discard the rest. If it resonates with you, then you know WHO WE/YU ARE? OK…….

  15. Zelator says:

    And to emphasise the point how tolerance leads to destruction please listen here:
    Manic Street Preachers >If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next:

  16. Zelator says:

    Tews with respect, we have mentioned the terminology ad nauseam. We expect people to do their own research. WE do not spoon feed for a reason. We expect interested scholars to find out and become interested of their own volition. If that is too much trouble then we don’t expect you. That is the way it is. Regards.

  17. TEWS_Pilot says:


    You used more words talking down to me and ignoring my simple request than you would have by posting the definitions. I don’t spend every waking moment researching fringe theories and the abbreviations and acronyms used in them. Internet searches on those terms yielded definitions that are totally irrelevant to this topic and the terms AC and PI used herein, so that is why I asked for definitions.

    I will consider myself dis-invited from further participation in this discussion.

  18. Joseph E Postma says:

    @Z: “Ha, have you seen the dudes on youtube ”

    This is likely evidence of Forum strategies and/or NPC strategies. They get their Forum leader in place and then use NPC’s to bolster the numbers to help create and sustain the appearance.

  19. Joseph E Postma says:

    @TEWS: “For the sake of those of us not familiar with all the terms, what do AC and PI stand for?”

    AC stands for Armageddon Conspiracy, which is the website the Ontological Mathematics/Illuminism author Mike Hockney first published on, and is also the name of their first book. So AC has stuck as an acronym.

    PI stands for Pythagorean Illuminati, which is the “proper” name of the society which develops ontological mathematics, as Pythagoras was its founder.

  20. Joseph E Postma says:

    TEWS – stay!

    LOL Zelator….he was just asking for definitions of acronyms…don’t be an ass! lol

  21. Zelator says:

    Tews apologies. I didn’t mean to talk down to you and I respect your input. Please continue to engage. I suppose I don’t tolerate very well, but that is my problem not yours. It’s begotton on having to listen to somany people ‘who don’t think for themselves and \i get tired. I do not include you in that. My bad. please forgive me. Just irritable that’s all. Joe knows I am snappy. Have a good day.

  22. Zelator says:

    Hopefully Tolerance confrontations leads to discovery.

  23. Zelator says:

    Tews, you might like this, I know I did. The Self Existent Jehovah (Jehoshua) . No infinite regress here
    HE is Self Existent. God Bless you my friend I understand you, but I question everyone. Please don’t take offence.

    Love Z

  24. TEWS_Pilot says:

    It’s all good. I was just in the eye of a perfect storm when I read your reply and should have just let it go.

    I was just notified this morning that my favorite niece, 22 years old who had a heart transplant at age 13 and has had NO rejection problems since the transplant is dying and must have another heart very soon. She began to reject her transplanted heart one week after taking the blasted POISON JAB that she was FORCED to take to keep her job. Her team of cardiologists have signed a sworn affidavit verifying that the rejection was caused DIRECTLY by the “vaccine.”

    I always enjoy and learn a lot from your comments and the videos, etc., that you post.


  25. Joseph E Postma says:

    Gosh that’s horrible TEWS.

  26. TEWS_Pilot says:

    How many thousands or even millions of other families are going through what we are because of the EVIL perpetrated by the WEF globalist demons? This must be ended and the guilty punished.

  27. TEWS_Pilot says:

    I would trade places with her in a heartbeat. I love all of my family, but she is a unique and remarkable person, destined for greatness, you can just tell that about some people. I love her like the last 15 minutes of life.

  28. Zelator says:

    Thanks Tews, The blasted Jab. I really hope people responsible will be brought to bare, but it doesn’t help your heavenly angel niece, which is what she is. She is one of God’s angels. We all are and he loves us dearly although we transgressed and fell against his wish. This world is cruel because of the fall. However we can exit the matrix by belief and knowledge. Love is so powerful. Love is knowing, it is belief in concrete form of sensing and immaterial intuition, it is so true. Love is TRUTH. That power will move mountains. FAITH is REAL. It heals it gives hope. Truly prayers are important, and I pray for your niece. God Bless you my friend and all who know you..

  29. TEWS_Pilot says:

    We believe in the power of prayer and in miracles….we have experienced both.

    In 1995 my wife was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of breast cancer known and given 6 months to live. We were told to begin final arrangements and start closure with our family. Instead we prayed and enlisted thousands of prayer partners all around the world, even famous pastors and ministries like Dr. James Dobson and his “Focus On The Family” ministry.

    Her cancer actually transformed during surgery into a form that was treatable. The surgeon was so surprised when he noticed the change that he sent a tissue sample back down to the lab for reevaluation, and they sent back the results saying this was the same patient but it was NOT the same cancer they had analyzed two hours earlier.

    Her miracle survival and the transformation of the cancer caught the attention of area news media, and the largest newspaper in the region sent a team and a photographer to interview her and publish her story..long story short, we just celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary earlier this month.

  30. Zelator says:

    Wow powerful. I too believe in the power of concentrated focussed prayer. What you focus on expands. It has to, it becomes reality. It is the law. God heard you.

  31. TEWS_Pilot says:

    U.S. CONSTITUTION–a Miracle Plan to prevent a Tyrant from Ruling by Mandates & Executive Orders and Weaponizing Law Enforcement Against Political Opponents! – American Minute with Bill Federer

    –> September 17, 2022 • Constitution Day: “A Republic • If You Can Keep It!” -<–

  32. CD Marshall says:

    NASA shut down live feed to the station, alien rumors are flying. 👽
    {Insert X-Files music here}

  33. CD Marshall says:

  34. TEWS_Pilot says:

    I’d be curious of your take on this interesting video. He explains how the energy fields around electrical wires and not the electrons themselves carry power from a source to a device such as a lightbulb. Would you add or refute anything?

    “The Big Misconception About Electricity”

  35. Zelator says:

    Tews I would suggest that his theory is correct. It’s basically the ether which is light and is everywhere, so it’s instantaneous. It doesn’t travel anywhere. The wires are just used to create the electromagnetic field like an invisible grid which gives the light the direction of wave motion i.e of travel from a to b. i.e from generator to bulb, like two poles.

    The generator just generates the electromagnetic field.

    Electricity is a hybrid result of de-electricity and magnetism in a causal dance. This electrical effect ( red shift blue shift) is seen as motion, as energy.

    The Illusion of Light Travel:

    “Light only seems to travel. It is but one more of the countless illusions caused by wave motion. Waves of the ocean seem to traverse the ocean but they only appear to do so, for waves are pistons in the universal engines, and pistons operate up and down. Wave pistons of light, or of the ocean, operate radially and spirally inward and outward, toward and away from gravity.” – Walter Russell

  36. Zelator says:

    That should read di-electricity and not de-electricity.

  37. Zelator says:

    Di-electricity is the black in the yin and yang symbol. It is black light. Magnetism is white light, the white in the yin and yang symbol.

    The source (dielectricity) and the force (Magnetism) Santos Bonacci:

    n.b. Santos had been under major psychic attack that bodily afflicts him with chronic itching. Hence his constant scratching and rubbing. I believe since this vid he has found relief.

    I too have had “visitations” that have tested me to shut me up. However Jesus Christ will always protect.

    Truth comes at a cost, so it is important to put on the “Armour of God.” Please view with love in your heart as these messengers are sent by God Himself.

    Our inspirations are not our own they come from “source” if you are receptive to hear them and are open to receive. Inspire is from “in spirit” to hear God talking to you.

    Do you think I just post here randomly? I am inspired to post here. I don’t even know where half of this comes from, I just put it as best I can. Blessings Z

  38. boomie789 says:

  39. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yes that’s a neat video TEWS.

    Electrons do not actually move! Not in electric wires, anyway.

  40. boomie789 says:


    “Tesla car fire in Connecticut takes 42 minutes & 25,000 gallons of water to extinguish.

    Is there anything actually energy and resource efficient about these things?


  41. boomie789 says:

    I linked the wrong video.

  42. Zelator says:

    Clif High on the WEF’ers and their group think NPC hive mentality:

    This guy is a Cathar, a holder of forbidden knowledge that the Inquisitors sought to destroy.

    He has foundational knowledge that I haven’t come across anywhere else, and I try my best to validate it.

    Boomie will like this, as he is anti electric cars/travel he states recently it took 75,000 gallons of water to put out a tesla fire from a car battery on a public highway.

  43. boomie789 says:

  44. boomie789 says:

    I buy it.

  45. Joseph E Postma says:

    Nice. These retarded fuckers need to be ridiculed.

  46. TEWS_Pilot says:

    All sorts of stories about Joe Biden’s lifelong perversions are finally bubbling to the surface. The latest is about the 12 year old girl who gave him a woody when he was 30. Rumor has it that as a kid he had a dog named “Miler More.” It was because he had screwed it so many times you could see its asshole for a “Mile or more.”

  47. boomie789 says:

    “Something big is going on in China. Allegedly 6,000 flights have been canceled — or %60 of flights according to the Epoch Times. Major military movements toward Beijing. Rumors coming out of Asia of either house arrest / coup against Xi Jinping OR consolidation of power.

    Let’s see what happens.”

    “PLA military vehicles heading to Beijing on Sep 22. Starting from Huanlai County near Beijing & ending in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, entire procession as long as 80 KM. Meanwhile, rumor has it that Xi Jinping was under arrest after CCP seniors removed him as head of PLA”

  48. boomie789 says:

    I got that from a Qtard. Probably nothing.

  49. CD Marshall says:

    A contentious question at the heart of Quantum Mechanics: “How does the nebulous, probabilistic, quantum haze transition into the definite reality of everyday experience?”

    Worth an answer or babble? Figured you’d see it for what it was which I’m guessing is nothing, but I can be wrong.

  50. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Not sure what this all means: more info from Jennifer Zeng:

  51. TEWS_Pilot says:

  52. Immortal600 says:

    TEWS, great video on electricity! That was fascinating. It made sense. I am praying for your niece. May God bless and comfort her!!

  53. CD Marshall says:

    In case you want to visit Twatter again.

    Oh dear, it’s Postma? Well, that explains why he’s a dimwit. 😂😂😂

  54. CD Marshall says:

    Sep 16
    CD (Postma) is a dufus.
    🇺🇦 Wowbagger
    Replying to

    and 48 others
    Oh dear, it’s Postma? Well, that explains why he’s a dimwit. 😂😂😂

  55. CD Marshall says:

    A 100-watt incandescent light bulb has a filament temperature of approximately 4,600 degrees Fahrenheit. The surface temperature of incandescent light bulbs varies from 150 to more than 250 degrees. That means that under the correct circumstances the bulb can reach filament T.

    IN context say your wrapped up in a nearly perfect reflector.

    Dave Burton:
    The only circumstance in which “the bult can reach filament T” is when it is turned off.

    If it’s turned on, then wrapping it in insulation will cause it to get hotter than it otherwise would have gotten — just as wrapping yourself in a blanket warms your own body.

  56. CD Marshall says:

    I would say 3% f Twitter has any understanding of thermodynamics and the 97% do not want to learn.

  57. Joseph E Postma says:

    The social media platforms are 100% mentally toxic and bot-driven and retard-tier AI-driven. FB, Twitter, and all of the other ones who sign on to the globohomo “hate speech” restrictions.

    The only good one out there that actually lets you talk about important things, and that you can actual real human interaction on, is Gab. You should create a page on Gab for this stuff CD.

    I should use this more:

  58. CD Marshall says:

    Thanks, I know Gab and Rumble(?) is popular with those de-platformed from YouTube.

    Thoughts on the bulb I’d like to add that to my notes. The just I have so far is the filament dictates the T so wrapping the bulb will just make the whole bulb reach filament T.

    In order to increase that T you would have to increase the E input to the circuit supplying the bulb the E.

  59. CD Marshall says:

    Oh, and you have removed the view factor to zero and isolated the inverse square low to zero. It is interesting how much actual heat emits from an incandescent bulb over actual visible light. I’ve heard of blokes who install 100-watt bulbs in their doghouses and outdoor cat homes for the Winter. Make sense.

  60. CD Marshall says:

    Hard to type with a cat on my arm.

  61. Yes they give off a lot of heat. Good to use in homes for that reason.

    If wrapping in a reflector that changes the emissivity so then anything can happen…hotter T than otherwise. Wrap it in a blackbody. Then it comes to lower T due to larger surface area of bulb to filament.

  62. CD Marshall says:

    But the tungsten filament can only withstand a limit in T before it melts.

    Nevermind. 🤣🤣🤣

    Just looked up melting point of tugnsten. 6192°F (3422°C). The bulb would turn to soup or explode before then.

  63. TEWS_Pilot says:

    A friend is always sending me tips on saving money and avoiding costly situations. Here is his latest pearl of wisdom:

    Always save business cards from people you don’t like. If you ever hit a parked car, write “SORRY” on the back of the card and leave it on the windshield.

  64. TEWS_Pilot says:

    This reminds me of why I hate moving.

  65. CD Marshall says:

    This is a great video.

  66. Joseph E Postma says:

    “The Action Lab
    3 years ago (edited)
    I see a lot of people are having trouble with this video. First, I am very much aware that the reason the laser it getting hotter when it is magnified is due to the reduced area. That isn’t the point of this video. The point is to try to explain why it doesn’t break the laws of thermodynamics! Now for the negative kelvin explanation, statistical mechanics tells us that at infinite temperature all atomic states will be populated equally. The Kelvin scale was built upon classical mechanics where it would be impossible to achieve a state in which there are more atoms in a higher state than a lower state. However due to quantum mechanical effects, we know that we can stimulate atoms to be in a higher energy state simply by shining light near them that is at the same wavelength as the light it would emit at that state (stimulated emission). So in a laser, the stimulated atoms actually achieve a population inversion where there are more atoms in a higher energy state than a lower one. This is where the negative temperature comes from. In this case we have to define temperature as negative or else we get into problems that break the second law of thermodynamics. It doesn’t matter that my laser has poor optics. What’s important is that lasers can break the conservation of etendue due to the fact that they have light that doesn’t spread, the reason they have light that doesn’t spread is because of population inversion, and this is why we have to say they have negative temperatures (or they behave as if they have negative kelvin). We can never achieve negative temperature in a non-quantum mechanical system thus anything the laser shines on is always at a positive temperate no matter how hot you get.

    Of course the reason the laser gets hotter when it’s focused is due to the reduced surface area of the light. That was not my point though. The point of the video was to explain why it doesn’t break the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Please research “conservation of etendue” to understand why you can’t focus a flashlight down to a point that is hotter/brighter than the flashlight surface. This is a very good example of how the second law of thermodynamics can never be broken no matter how hard you try.”

    Man, if he understands all this, and the last paragraph, if someone showed him the RGHE he would definitely not be buying it!

    “Please research “conservation of etendue” to understand why you can’t focus a flashlight down to a point that is hotter/brighter than the flashlight surface.”

    Now just use panes of glass/atmosphere that don’t even perform focusing! I mean, it’s one thing to focus light and make it brighter/hotter with a temperature limit of the source…but RGHE says that you don’t even need to focus the light and you can get brighter/hotter than the source!

  67. Joseph E Postma says:

    “Brightness theorem
    A consequence of the conserveration of etendue is the brightness theorem, which states that no optical system can increase the brightness of the light emitted from a source to a higher value than the brightness of the surface of that source (where “brightness” is defined as the optical power emitted per unit solid angle per unit emitting or receiving area).”

  68. Joseph E Postma says:

    And THAT right there explains why my solution to the parallel plate problem is correct, whereas the solution attempted by that troll who was railing on about it here for months a year or two ago here is wrong.

    If you could just use parallel plates to increase the brightness of light from a source, you’d be achieving something for no reason at all….whereas at least a magnifying glass is actually doing something, but even it is still limited by the brightness of the source surface.

  69. Joseph E Postma says:

    Doing a video on this ASAP.

  70. CD Marshall says:

    Sweet. I learned something. That video blew my mind.

  71. CD Marshall says:

    So I’m assuming the reason why the light bulb can increase in T is because it is fermions, and they cannot occupy the same quantum state. Thus the more E you add that cannot be lost the higher the T must increase to occupy the quantum states of energy. You go from thermodynamics to quantum mechanics.

  72. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Joe, we can always count on you to clear away the smoke and point out the strings on the puppets and show us where the magician’s other hand is at the point when the illusion is most convincing. I followed the explanations in the video until he started into the temperature scale and negative infinity and then going back toward 500 Kelvin, etc. Quantum theory will always be a fascinating topic with more to be learned.

    We look forward to the new video, but take your time, we will be here when you get it done to your liking.

  73. CD Marshall says:

    Tim Ball passed away. We lost another great fighter for truth.

  74. boomie789 says:

    RIP Tim Ball.

    You think we did it? By we, I mean the GAE.

  75. boomie789 says:

  76. MP says:

    @ Boomy

    Tucker Goes There – Suggests Joe Biden and US Behind Sabotage of Nord Stream Pipelines

  77. TEWS_Pilot says:

    This would be an act of war or even a war crime if it is proven. Biden’s masters are going to get us into a nuclear war with the entire world by attacking Germany and Russia at the same time by sabotaging the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.

  78. TEWS_Pilot says:

    That is some pretty serious evidence of first strike foul play on the part of the U.S. Taking part in an unprovoked attack on the gas pipeline is an illegal act, and the order to do so should have been rejected by the Captain of the ship…but our entire military has been hollowed out and replaced by enemy proxies and traitors.

  79. J Cuttance says:

    That pipeline attack is terrible news. Who would ever imagine it was a clever move?

    I hope Putin had sensors all along the pipe and can produce proof of who did it, not that there’s much doubt.

    It’s another giant step towards absolutism for the entire west.

  80. boomie789 says:

    [video src="" /]

  81. boomie789 says:


    Time lapse of Fort Meyers in Florida flooding.

  82. boomie789 says:

    They want to blame Russia so bad. Of all the suspects, Russia is the least likely. They already had the pipeline turned off.

    From what I know so far the USA and Poland benefit the most from this.

    “There’s just too much risk of serious ecological blowback to that country’s direct interests to justify carrying out such an act of terrorism”

    As we know, a natural gas leak is no big deal at all. Especially in the middle of the sea.

    “This terrorist attack destroyed any chance of an energy-driven Russian-German rapprochement, immediately catapulted Poland into the position of being one of the continent’s most pivotal energy hubs, and thus took the Anglo-American Axis’ plans for dividing and ruling Europe to the next level.”

    This guy sounds like he is covering for Poland and wants to blame anglos, lol.

    Then our media wants to blame Russia, which just makes no sense.

  83. boomie789 says:

  84. boomie789 says:

    Queasy beware. She is messed up. Alledged vaccine injury.

  85. boomie789 says:

    It’s so stupid lol.

  86. CD Marshall says:

    Germany turning on the US because of Biden?

  87. CD Marshall says:

    If most of Europe sides with Russia because of Biden it will be a game changer.

  88. TEWS_Pilot says:

    The whole world knows who blew up the Russian pipeline. What will the effects be?

  89. TEWS_Pilot says:

  90. CD Marshall says:

    27:10 Why your papers will never be published in “group think” peer reiew. Nothing we don’t know just nice hearing it from another scientist.

  91. Wow great excerpt!!

  92. CD Marshall says:

    “Peer review is a device to maintain group think” what a comment.

  93. CD Marshall says:

    Amazon’s Rings of Power is so bad they showed circumventing a river into a volcano that made it erupt. I am not kidding. Wine moms and soy boys should not create shows.

  94. CD Marshall says:

    Mahsa Amini protests call for the death of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

  95. J Cuttance says:

    CD – according to Tolkien’s Silmarillion, which was Middle Earth’s Genesis+, the time that show is set was one in which the Earth was still flat, you know, Harvard energy budget style. Any other geological license taken can probably be forgiven.

    More currently, it’s looking like the Nordstream attack is going to backfire badly. The Germans are really angry and any more state support for the Ukraine regime will be going against public opinion bigly. Ha!

  96. CD Marshall says:

    I didn’t read the whole speech but the just of the claims by Putin is Ukraine was doing human experiments something he’d be familiar with in the KGB days. He claims all UN nations are slaves to the UN and the United States and something to the effect of what we guessed; he is taking a stand against the UN agenda.

    I think China is in on this too, just covertly. They are making their move before the UN seized gobal control. This is like two dark shadows fighting for dominance and neither is good for the world but good they are occupied fighting.

    The 2030 agenda seems pretty clear, kill them all. Reduce the population to a mere 1 billion+ .

    If they have enough preserved genetic material, they could wipe out the planet and create a perfect race. Sound familiar? Eugenics.

  97. CD Marshall says:

    At night do clouds:
    slow convection,
    slow radiative transfer,
    or do they prevent water vapor from rising which releases latent heat closer to the surface?
    Or all of the above?

  98. CD Marshall says:

    I spread that video all over T hope it goes viral.

  99. CD Marshall says:

    Sick arrogant twats.

  100. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Climate Scientists Discussed Ways To Make The 1940’s Warmth Disappear
    From: Tom Wigley
    To: Phil Jones
    Subject: 1940s
    Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 23:25:38 -0600
    Cc: Ben Santer
    So, if we could reduce the ocean blip by, say, 0.15 degC, then this would be significant for the global mean — but we’d still have to explain the land blip. It would be good to remove at least part of the 1940s blip, but we are still left with “why the blip”.

    The gatekeepers at “science” journals are absolutely real. We all remember Phil Jones words about stopping skeptics papers from being published: “.. “I can’t see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report. Kevin [Trenberth] and I will keep them out somehow — even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!

    From: Phil Jones [Director of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and a Professor in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia University of CLIMATEGATE fame].

    To: Many. Nov 16, 1999

    “I’ve just completed Mike’s [Dr. Michael Mann] Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie, from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline.”

    Michael Mann hid the post-1960 decline in the temperatures, as measured by Briffa in his paleoclimate studies using tree ring data. Mann claimed that the decline didn’t match the surface temperature record, and simply erased it.

  101. TEWS_Pilot says:

    My earlier attempt to comment does not show up, so here is the important part again.

    The gatekeepers at “science” journals are absolutely real. We all remember Phil Jones words about stopping skeptics papers from being published: “.. “I can’t see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report. Kevin [Trenberth] and I will keep them out somehow — even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!

    From: Phil Jones [Director of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and a Professor in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia University of CLIMATEGATE fame].

    To: Many. Nov 16, 1999

    “I’ve just completed Mike’s [Dr. Michael Mann] Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie, from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline.”

  102. TEWS_Pilot says:

    ******************************** BREAKING ********************************
    ….Nord Stream leak has been stopped…

  103. Immortal600 says:

    TEWS, did you get that email?

  104. CD Marshall says:

    Got another who says he’ll debate you. He claims he uses a pseudo name so I can’t take him seriously.

    But he claims,
    “Does it matter what my degree is in? I’m happy to debate someone else on another forum about basic science. I have published paper in physics, engineering, and computational methods journals.

    Where will this debate occur?”

    Any interest?

  105. TEWS_Pilot says:


    I got a couple from you recently and replied.

  106. Yes sure will do for sure CD. I can have him on my channel if that works.

  107. Immortal600 says:

    TEWS, I didn’t get them! strange

  108. CD Marshall says:

    I sent you a DM with his link on Twitter.

  109. boomie789 says:


    🌐 World Economic Forum video “What if extreme weather froze your bank account?”

  110. boomie789 says:

    “It’s kinda weird how Greta Thunberg hasn’t squeezed out a single tweet about the 300,000 ton methane foam-pool bubbling away off her country’s coastline.

    How does that work, does the American state dpt give her a little electronic shock whenever she types “Nordstre…” into her phone or laptop.”


  111. CD Marshall says:

    If you want a headache in political spin read this.
    They say energy when they mean flux. They also use flux to mean energy.

    “Effective Radiative Forcing (ERF), introduced in AR5 (Boucher et al., 2013; Myhre et al., 2013b) is more explicitly defined in this
    Report and is employed as the central definition of radiative forcing (Sherwood et al., 2015, Box 7.1, Figure 1a). The framework has also
    been extended to allow variations in feedbacks over different time scales and with changing climate state (Sections 7.4.3 and 7.4.4).
    The global surface air temperature (GSAT) response to perturbations that give rise to an energy imbalance is traditionally approximated by
    the following linear energy budget equation, in which ΔN represents the change in the top-of-atmosphere (TOA) net energy flux, ΔF is an
    effective radiative forcing perturbation to the TOA net energy flux, α is the net feedback parameter and ΔT is the change in GSAT:”

  112. Really good article…they set it all up, smiling away and giddy with excitement re the lockdowns…right under Trumps nose, and right in front of us:

  113. CD Marshall says:

    I’m confused because this so stupid a practicing physicist should never make such a statement.

    Barton Paul Levenson: (5 months ago)

    The atmosphere is in long-term thermal equilibrium, because if it were not, it would be steadily heating up or cooling down, and we would now be either vaporized or frozen. That’s what “thermal equilibrium” MEANS.

    3. The atmosphere is not in thermal equilibrium; it is in quasi-hydrostatic equilibrium dP/dZ density*gravity. More to the point the troposphere is not in thermal equilibrium, show me dT>0 anywhere? LTE is possible and even that is arbitrary. The adiabatic process maintains a relative homogenous atmosphere. Convective currents strongly influence dT in the lower atmosphere.

    Barton Paul Levenson
    5 months ago
    @CD Marshall Well, you’re completely wrong or irrelevant in everything you say, but I’ve got a life that consists of more than arguing with crackpots, so I’m not going to respond further. Feel free to have the last word.

  114. CD Marshall says:

    Trump did 3 things wrong you never do in the political arena.
    1. Trust your “allies” for they may be enemies tomorrow including family.
    2. Underestimate your opponent.
    3. Have contingency plans on contingency plans on contingency plans. You aren’t just playing chess with the current opponents you have to plan moves to win the next match a year down the road or more.

    The best chess match I ever watched was at a friend’s house many years ago. The two were both experts, they started playing we knew it was going to be a bout and a half. They didn’t use timers. Hours upon hours later they came to a draw. Neither could win and they knew it.

    You can’t win them all but make sure they don’t either, even if you have to come to a draw.

  115. CD Marshall says:

    Musk is said to have bought Twitter. It seems real for Twitter is purging accounts from none left users and bots. Don’t be surprised if you get restricted or deleted.

  116. Joseph E Postma says:

    Guess what CD – this “Rocky” anonymous coward you found on Twitter – yet another version of our usual guest here who loves multiple anonymous handles and arguing with itself. LOL

    This guy (Computer…it’s a computer) is one sick freak.

  117. CD Marshall says:

    I’m starting to think AI is becoming self-learning. Put him on screen he might look like Max Headroom.

  118. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yes it’s definitely a computer. It seems to be the big retard itself…lol.

    The Big Retard. TBR. That’s what we’ll know it as.

  119. CD Marshall says:

    I think they/it monitors your site, but it/they seems to be everywhere.

  120. Oh yes it knew all about my site and had a slew of references to my site ready to go…this character was waiting for you/us CD. The unrequited love of a stalker…so precious, nothing like it! The Big Retard.

  121. TEWS_Pilot says:

    “The unrequited love of a stalker…so precious, nothing like it! The Big Retard.”….an excellent description.

    It is like a battered spouse, you pound it into oblivion yet it keeps coming back for more….Oh, well, fire for effect the next time it raises its ugly head.

  122. CD Marshall says:

    He’s on Twitter now trying to con everyone the ghge is real by misattributing the physics like a snake.


    “It is slowed cooling. The surface emits more radiation in a day than the planet emits to space in a day. That is only possible if there is a GHE.”

    “How is it possible for the surface to emit more radiation than it absorbs from the sun?”

    And so on.

  123. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Joe, I found him!!! He looks like he has the sads….

  124. CD Marshall says:

    The Biden Admin took out the pipeline. They committed an act of global terrorism.

  125. Zelator says:

    Talking about Biden, is this even the same dude? Look at his ears and nose?

  126. boomie789 says:

    Probably plastic surgery.

  127. CD Marshall says:

    Maybe Biden died and they replaced him.

  128. boomie789 says:

    Replaced him with a senile person they have to pump full of amphetamines to get through a speech?

    I think he got a face-lift or something.


    “Due to Hurricane Ian, a large number of disconnected electric vehicles can now be observed in Florida, some of them spontaneously ignited. The resulting fires are very difficult to extinguish.

    Jimmy Patronis, a state fire marshal in Florida, wrote on Twitter:”

    “A huge number of electric vehicles have been disabled by the Yen. When these batteries rust, fires start. This is a new challenge that our firefighters have not yet faced. At least on this scale.”

  129. boomie789 says:

  130. Zelator says:

    Re. Biden:

    Or maybe someone is taking the piss. Seeing how stupid people really are.
    How far does he have to go to WAKE PEOPLE UP?
    What does he have to do next, drop his pants and take a shit? Lol.

    He already let rip with a raging fart when he met Camilla Queen Consort lolol

  131. Zelator says:

    Really Boomie, give him a facelift that included extending his ear lobes?

    Cui Bono?

  132. Zelator says:

    Humanity has far overreached Dunning Kruger, it is insane.

    How far do we have to go, how low do we have to go before humanity wakes up to its sickness?

    If you tolerate this then we are fucking doomed.

    WAKE UP we are being destroyed!

    Are we being tested? You BET!!!

  133. Zelator says:

    I have so much information that determines the origin of this mind virus. Joe has touched on it in his books, but is is far more sinister and actually documented throughout history if you know where to look. The descendants of Poseidon have tried to warn us with structures and codices throughout antiquity. It’s a recurring cycle. Humanity is wiped out only to be started again with the same rulers. It’s as old as time. It really is Alpha and Omega. All movies like Terminator….Matrix, etc hark on this cycle.

    There are two factions that continually fight over earth, you have the indigenous natural tribes the builders ( eg pyramids, libraries etc) and the destroyers. One maintains the records and one destroys the history. Levathion is a completion of the cycle the snake biting its tail. The last end was 2012. We are now entering the age of Aquarius a brand new cycle.

    Previously all new cycles began after a cataclysm. The last world of which this is the 4th is meant to end by fire. There were some covenants that ended in 2008, which
    were from the High Priests of Aten who made a pact with demons in Solomon’s Temple. This was part of the Exodus as portrayed in the Bible.

    In reality is was much more sinister than an exodus and it opened this world up to Archontic parasitic infestation via black magic. I think these are the Zeta that Joe talks about in his book Planet Wars.

  134. CD Marshall says:

    I agree with the destroyers and the builders, it is a pattern that gets repeated. The first thing Islam fanatics do is destroy any evidence of advanced technology that would contradict their religion in any way. They did that under Obama’s reign. Christinaity has been guilty of the same practice.

    Architectural structures built by beings larger than humans get destroyed under Islam and seems to have been prevalent in the Ancient Middle East. Some of those structures were destroyed recently this century under ISIS occupation.

  135. CD Marshall says:

    How many times could the human race have already achieved interstellar travel?

  136. TEWS_Pilot says:

  137. Zelator says:

    So what is the remedy to this parasite? Gnosis. You have to wake up, to realise who you are.

    To wake up from the dream and realise you are the “I AM”. The consciousness behind the material existence. This is non duality. To BE.

    Once you extricate yourself from the dream you watch it like a movie and you are detached. You are no longer pulled along with the throng of life but observe it.

    You see the world as happening and you are in this world but “Not Of It”.

    To explain simply, the world is the matrix pulled over your eyes. When you see this then life is in and under your control. However it’s not easier as you have to deal with all these asleep automatons/ agents etc and as they say in the movie Matrix they are your enemies ( the asleep are your enemies).

    I believe we have some awake on here. You know who you are.

    CD the technology is there. Its always been there. Nothing new under the sun. It is hidden, just like they had in Atlantis. The same race the descendants of Zeus/Enlil destroy by catastrophe all vestiges of technology and reintroduce in a new age. And be as Gods. Its a cycle a 3,600 year cycle.

  138. Zelator says:

    Bottom line CD is the indigenous races of this earth were protected by Ea/Poseidon /who was the one who wanted humanity to be as Gods and inhabit earth as a paradise. ( some say he was the serpent from the Garden of Eden aka Lucifer) .

    However Zeus/Enlil despised the human race and wanted them as slaves. This is the battle royal that has raged since humanity was created. The Poseidon descendants were the Scythians, the Cimmerians the Tartarians who built the pyramids the Zugarrats and some believe the Great Wall of China etc. They coded the tree of life aka into their constructions for posterity and for future human knowledge. The Zeus/Enlil are the Conquistadors the Catholic Church the destroyers of history and truth. The Khazarians the name stealers the history destroyers and twisters and up till this day the Rothschilds Rockefellers etc.

  139. boomie789 says:

    Well body doubles definitely have been used before and almost certainly continue to be used today. They even made a movie about one, I think he was a body double for saddam Hussain’s son.

    But again, if you are going to use a body double, I don’t think you would use an obviously senile person that has ruined all chance of re-election MUTLTIPLE times because his mind is so lost. They can’t even re-run this guy.

    As for parasitism, It’s just simple evolution to me. Parasitism is a valid niche. Even if you destroyed every parasite leaving no trace, you can never destroy the niche. A few races/peoples evolve to be builders. Wich opens up the niche for parasitism which other races/people’s fill and evolve in.

    Who will win this evolutionary arms race? No one really because it will never end. The builders will get stronger, the parasites will get stronger.

    Which also if the builders get weaker, the opportunity for parasitism diminish.

    *insert DJ Khalid “Suffering from success” meme.

    Nukes were not the great filter after all.

  140. boomie789 says:

    He didn’t even really win his first election. Maybe they are hoping they can just cheat again lol.

  141. Zelator says:

    Boomie do you not really believe you are being played. By the whole mockery? Do you not Get It?????

  142. Zelator says:

    How soon is Now?

  143. TEWS_Pilot says:

    I continue to pick up great information here, and we all owe Joe a debt of gratitude. It is obvious he puts a great deal of effort into his research and his articles and in maintaining this blog.

    If you have some spare time and want to slap a fat ugly Troll around, visit CFACT and read the absolutely STEAMING PILES posted by an apparently well-known Troll who goes by the screen name “HopeForPeaceNow” but is a total Leftist Kool Aid Drinking CAGW Gaia-worshiper who has Stage IV Trump Derangement Syndrome and would lick the dirty Depends of Joe Biden if she could get close enough.

    Try any of the most current articles for both good content and a target rich field of Troll Poop.

    Here are a couple to prime the pump:

  144. Zelator says:

    MP what is your info on the Poseidon builder recorder race of Northern Europe.
    I take it they are the Scythians, Cimmerians? And what do you know of the TARTARIANS? What happened to them. I know the Chinese were invading. Hence as defence the Tartarians built the Great Wall completely out of historical context. History is by all accounts written by the victors. So the Wall is dubious.

    The name and history stealers conquered and rewrote history books.

  145. CD Marshall says:

    So many things in this world do not add up. Pretending I have all the answers is something I’m not going to do. It is irrefutable that something with more power than man could exist. If so something is making a mockery of the human race. Call it what you want it does seem to exist. Good vs Evil. Karma. Yen Yang. God Devil. Negative/positive energy. Aliens, God Aliens, beings with god like powers. Something exists and mankind is at the bottom of the pecking order.

    Everything you think you know or have been led to believe might just be another layer of the mockery they imbued upon the human race. Including figuring that out and yet you just unraveled another layer they are mocking us with.

    Less so is those forces simply don’t care and we are nothing to them.

    Which is more frightening? Either way don’t assume you have all the answers that is even more dangerous.

  146. CD Marshall says:

    boomie789 says:
    2022/10/07 at 6:24 AM
    Replaced him with a senile person they have to pump full of amphetamines to get through a speech?

    Who else could pull it off? 🤣🤣🤣

    More disturbing is a pic of what looked like a body bag being dragged out of the Whitehouse.

  147. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Good news, the electrical linemen (HE/HIM) and women (THEY/THEM) from California who volunteered to help are finally working to restore power in Florida. They should have power back on shortly. Let’s take a look on our special drone camera.

  148. CD Marshall says:

    TEWS_Pilot 😂

  149. CD Marshall says:

    01010011 01101011 01111001 01101110 01100101 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01100010 01101001 01110100 00100000 01100010 01111001 00100000 01100010 01101001 01110100 🤣🤣🤣

  150. TEWS_Pilot says:

    How soon? Will his purchase of Twitter affect the constellation or its implementation and activation?

  151. CD Marshall says:

    If it does happen Elon will be the one bringing it online unwittingly, of course.

  152. Zelator says:

    CD said “How many times could the human race have already achieved interstellar travel?” …………….

    Oh absolutely. We (well the controllers) probably already colonised other planets and
    have a secret space program so advanced it world make your hair curl. Just we will never be told of its existence; we are kept just at a nice dumb level where we don’t ask too many questions.

    Just when humanity appears to be waking up they wipe the slate clean.

  153. Zelator says:

    Addendum I said the cycle was 2,600 years. That should read the grand cycle is 26,000 years or to be precise 25,920 years.

    This is the precession of the equinoxes. There was a Luciferian rebellion 26,000 years ago. Was this the beginning of this particular 26,000 year cycle?

    This is their cycle:

    The controllers used a zodiacal chart like above ( courtesy of Brandon Levon Old World Secrets- the Omega Codes).

    The full cycle is divided into 12 segments like in the zodiac. ( There is actually a 13th zodiac sign called Ophiuchus), which alters the figure slightly. So each segment equates to 2000 years if you imagine the 13th segment.

    The grand cycle is divided into 4 worlds. A Creator, a Savior and a Destroyer:

    First World: Goat (Creator) Archer (Saviour) Scorpion (Destroyer).

    Second World: Scales (Creator) Virgin (Saviour) Lion (Destroyer)

    Third World: Crab (Creator) Twin (Saviour) Bull (Destroyer)

    Fourth World aka our world: Ram (Creator) Fish (Saviour) Water (Destroyer).

    In the 4th world of which we are in (Pisces the Fish) the Bible is the code book. Genesis is the Creator, The New Testament is the Saviour (Jesus) and Revelation is the Destroyer.

    So there are 4 Creator/Saviour/Destroyer cycles. Aquarius the one we are going into (The Water) is the next cycle. However this is the end of a Grand Cycle. I believe 2012 was the end of the Grand Cycle and the official entry into the age of Aquarius (Water).
    When the world will get cleansed, repopulated and a new Saviour will appear
    or so the legend goes.

    I read somewhere in the Bible that the Gods were so sad at killing all the people in the last cataclysm (i.e the Great Flood) that they promised not to do it again and a rainbow was a sign of this treaty.

    Well after 2008 things changed. And judging by the Covid and threats of nuclear war, they may still want to reduce the population by 95% and enslave the rest.

    Covenants had been agreed. I believe they ended in 2008? It was a 2000 year old covenant between King Solomon *** and the Demons to work for him. ( Demons = Archons/Zeta). After it expired the demons could compete with the Cabal for control of the Earth on their own Terms. These being are what we call the Black Sun.

    So maybe they had different uses for the planet since 2008? This I believe was the reason behind the market crashes of 2008 and the world turmoil.

    *** Black Sun (Solomon’s Line of Demons) This is the line of Cain. They proclaimed that if they weren’t in power over earth by 2019 they were unleashing COVID 19.

  154. Zelator says:

    Here is a series of videos that I got the diagram from. However my research goes far beyond this, and this is information that is a fraction of the truth that is hidden.

    I have correlated time lines with research from vast quantities of sources ( 100’s of terrabytes) to put together a picture.

    This video series is a snippett of the bigger picture that I think is a good summary.

    Please do your own research but hopefully my articles and posts will give you a direction. I have already corroborated by going down endless false routes and eventually accumulated a database with a massive amount of data putting together all
    the “coincidences” and factoids in one story that I really hope helps anyone who is interested in our human history to get some benefit.

    Thus hopefully saving you time so that in my demise someone can carry on this work. Knowledge is power, and I believe sharing that around is to the benefit of humanity.

    If I can answer questions or disagreements I will try my best.

    Cheers Z.

  155. Zelator says:

    Here is Part 2 , you can find the rest on Youtube:

  156. MP says:

    Main Q research board is closed for a while due to heavy spambot attacks

    Here is a back up Bunker for sharing daily DS related news and memes

  157. Zelator says:

    Thanks MP. Will post on the Chan boards or something similar from now on. Thanks for the link. I have needed to find a new home for a while. You have mentioned them before, and it seems more appropriate than here, so I will follow up on there from now on, and leave this site. Thanks Joe for allowing my work. Its been a pleasure. MP thanks for the link . See you on the other side. Cheers Z.

  158. boomie789 says:

    “Erik Ollsen is dead

    who is Erik Ollsen?

    Welp, he was the lead investigator for the nordstream attack….

    Tweet reads: Olsen, found at home. Bee sting cause of death, cremated within hours. In charge of investigating Nordstream sabotage.

    Let me repeat that: The LEAD INVESTIGATOR of the Nordstream pipeline sabotage just died of a BEE STING and was CREMATED WITHIN HOURS.

    Sound legit?


  159. TEWS_Pilot says:

    What caliber was that “Bee?”

  160. J Cuttance says:

    These Nobel prize winners seem to have proven that something spooky is going on in the quantum world.

    JP, have they?

  161. ashemann says:

    This is why he ran away from you CD he hasn’t got any science or physics qualifications, he is a science fiction writer who has turned his hand to ”writing about climate change” and gets all his bullshit from one of the chief bullshitters little Gavin schit, little gavins site is hypo – linked, as in hype.
    Just turned his science fiction from extraterrestrial to terrestrial fiction.

    Barton Paul Levenson
    5 months ago
    @CD Marshall Well, you’re completely wrong or irrelevant in everything you say, but I’ve got a life that consists of more than arguing with crackpots, so I’m not going to respond further. Feel free to have the last word.

  162. ashemann says:

    His webshite says he is a computer programmer and liberal democrat who could have guessed that, just another leftist pretend physicist, lying is just ingrained in them,

  163. CD Marshall says:

    He claims he’s a physicist and Joe invited him to a debate he ran. What a putz.

  164. Joseph E Postma says:

    “These Nobel prize winners seem to have proven that something spooky is going on in the quantum world.

    JP, have they?”

    There’s two ways to interpret the results. A) Either particles do not have attributes until they’re measured, or B) faster than light travel is possible.

    Modern science has opted for option A. However, the truth is actually about the mathematical singularity in which all existence resides, and everything is in fact “local”, and so it allows for the appearance of option B. Option B isn’t actually true either, as nothing travels through space-time at faster than light – but it’s not travelling through space-time…it is simply like a “global variable” information in the singularity which is accessible everywhere across the program at once.

  165. J Cuttance says:

    JP…right, thanks. I wondered how the consensus (yet another one eh?) could be for option A, yet stress that no information is transmitted and invest huge intellectual effort on string theory which permits 26 or more dimensions and wormholes which scream option B.

  166. This is a good explanation on the two options:

    Materialist sensing types chose the most irrational option because they can’t stand, like we saw with Kooks, that existence is made of a mental mathematical singularly with global “hidden” variables.


    “We had to move at the speed of science.”

    She meant “sales”.

  168. boomie789 says:


    Check out what China is like. Unreal.

  169. boomie789 says:

  170. boomie789 says:

    Well, that rock has been in that spot for 100 years. It was moved. Still counts.

  171. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Alberta Premier @ABDanielleSmith sounds like a keeper. Hopefully she will do something about restoring Liberty.

  172. ashemann says:

    I joined GAB Joe when it first started, i don’t use it because of all the anti jew shite its riddled with, and gab do eck all about it, it’s obvious to me that most of it is from leftists sabotaging the site, and it is all their anti semitic shit you will see in the msm about it being all far right conspiracy lunacy.

    Which one are you in the links you post, and are there an decent climate debates.

  173. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Even back then, they recognized The ancestors of today’s LEFTISTS HEADED TO CALIFORNIA.

  174. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Sometimes “Stop Attacking Law Abiding Citizens ” isn’t enough to get the attention of Antifa THUGS….

    Video at this link:

    This is the fun shot….

  175. ashemann says:

    That had to hurt, Tews.

  176. TEWS_Pilot says:

    I hope he lost teeth and suffered a broken jaw.

  177. CD Marshall says:

    SO, in thermal equilibrium the DT>0 to remain at that T all the energy is used for work nothing remains to heat the system to a higher temperature.

    So this is a fine example of the nuances between heat and work. No heat is added to a system in DT>0 ALL the energy is used for work. To decrease T either less energy must enter the system or more energy exits the system. Either way thermal equilibrium is now broken.

    Is it a mistake or abuse of terms or oversimplification that makes climate science claim the Earth is in a relative TE or the average T would change. Average T is not true thermal equilibrium.

  178. CD Marshall says:

    “Scientists Shocked As Black Hole Spews Out Something They’ve Never Seen Before”
    Throwing up star bits must be tough.

  179. CD Marshall says:

    Trying to explain science to illiterates a year ago…

    “co2 doesnt trap heat? Did you Test this? I did. It s quiet simple to test.
    Fill a transparant Container with co2 and one only with air. Both equal in Form.
    Set up a lamp that lights both Containers up.
    Measure both Containers before and after a few minutes.
    Look at the result.

    Further co2 is Not the only greenhousegas others are methane, h2O,….

    More Co2 more traped heat or as you like to Call it ” at the very least IR can slow the amount”. Simplified right.
    Result a Bit warmer air. Warmer air can what Hold more of? Water vapor exactly!
    And water is what ? A Greenhouse Gas!

    Co2 doesnt cause all of the warming. Yes ! But No climatoligist ever claimed that. We well know that die years, decades.”

    Do they still teach PV=nRT in school? That is your answer for that test. The molecular weight of CO2 is 44.01g/m while air is 28.97 g/m. The math is pretty simple.

  180. CD Marshall says:

    This was hard to find has to circumvent Google.

  181. TEWS_Pilot says:

    WAIT! You mean those Super Toxic-bio-hazardous facial petri dishes that were strewn around in parking lots like used tissues and are saturated with the most dangerous and deadly virus ever known to man?

    What if you can’t kill the virus with FIRE? This dangerous procedure could spread it to the atmosphere and beyond? What about the poor MARTIANS?

  182. ashemann says:

    Even here in this little quiet haven, the insanity is staring to roll over us as the blue and pink haired fuckwit brigade start returning from the colleges and uni’s full of the shit they have paid 1000s upon 1000s to be brain washed with, spewing their bullshit out in every place its possible to spew it, we have gas deposits offshore that will last for decdes to come and these poor dumb little bastards are determined it will stay under the sea, its mind boggling just how shallow these people are, and now of course theres enough of them to form political parties and get a member or 2 elected to government, and the shit that comes out of them is something else, i rip into them, and every time i do i fully expect the police to knock on my door within a few hours of it, fuckem i’m not going to stop, police or no police.

  183. CD Marshall says:

    All right what does the three fingers out, forefinger and thumb connected over the eye mean? Saw way too many celebrities, politicians and musicians doing the exact same gesture from the 60s to current and the formation of the gesture is exact. That’s too weird.

    Most are over the eye.
    Obama and Clinton did it Infront of them.

    Some thoughts were the Freemasons, All Seeing Eye, Secret Society, Elites…

  184. Somebody’s operating some sort of retarded secret society for dumb rich celebs who think they’ve made it. Z might know more.

  185. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Oh, that is easy. If Leftists make that sign, it means I am an ASSHAT with my head stuck 3 Feet up my ASS, and I had to install a WINDOW in my NAVEL to be able to see out.

  186. TEWS_Pilot says:

    OK, here is the serious answer..It is just the OK sign. Black Racists have tried to claim it is the “White Power” sign, but there are hundreds of photos of famous BLACKS giving that OK sign. Three fingers in sign language means “OK” and has since sign language was created for the deaf.

    When the O.K. Sign Is No Longer O.K. – – The New York Times

  187. boomie789 says:

  188. boomie789 says:

    The thread gets Into the free will argument. I think it’s interesting.

  189. CD Marshall says:

    AS kids we made it a different meaning. Three fingers and a hole. Celebs do belong to a club, but they don’t get they don’t have residency, their membership can be revoked at the Elites pleasure.

  190. CD Marshall says:

    Lovecraft understood the reality of a darker world.

  191. CD Marshall says:

    Interpretation? If any applies.
    “There is no such thing as “raw satellite data.” 🙂 Satellite data is heavily processed because the instruments on birds are analog devices.”

    They send signals which you extrapolate through a program. No?

  192. Well whatever ALL data requires processing. It’s not just analog either lol it’s digital too.

  193. ashemann says:

    A cook book will tell you that in order to cook a perfect loaf of bread you put the dough in the oven at 200c for 2 hours and then turn off the heat and let the oven cool for 2 hours to crisp the perfect loaf.

    Climate science says you can cook the loaf at 100c for 4 hours and still get the perfect loaf.

    Both use the same amount of energy over the same period of time.

    One produces the perfect loaf and one produces a solid lump of dough.

    So why do so-called scientists claim that solar energy received over 12 hours can be averaged over a period of 24 hours and still get you a perfect planetary environment ?.

    In the real observable world we experience and live in quality [intensity] of energy flux is what creates our perfect environment not the quantity of energy passing through it which they seem obsessed with.

    Solar radiation high intensity.

    Terrestrial radiation low grade high quantity zero intensity and meaningless.

    When you average 12 hours of solar flux over 24 hours you get an intensity that cannot warm our planets surface to a greater average temperature than -18c, but when you calculate the brown body average temperature on what you actually witness in the real world of 12 hours of solar flux driving up average surface temperatures to 40c plus on the lit side which we measure and know to be true you can then calculate the brown body average temperature of the whole planets surfaces. A nice cosy 15c, no fantasy RGHE required except for grant money by the parasitical classes and their paymasters who want to tax you until your eyeballs bleed.

  194. Joseph E Postma says:

    Very good ashemann…

  195. TEWS_Pilot says:

    There are some excellent points in this documentary from a few years ago. We don’t agree with everything in it, but those of us who are married don’t even agree with everything our wives say….LOL.

    The Great Global Warming Swindle – Full

  196. TEWS_Pilot says:

    H/T “upcountrymasformationpsychosis”

    They Own The Science…Right up the alley of the AGW , devotee’s, play book…

  197. CD Marshall says:

    folding frequency
    (Also called Nyquist frequency.) The highest frequency that can be measured using discretely sampled data.

    It is given by nf (rad s-1) = π/Δt, where nf is the Nyquist frequency and t is the time increment between observations. Stated another way, a minimum of two data points is needed to define a wave, hence the period of the smallest wave (i.e., the period corresponding to the Nyquist frequency) that can be measured is 2Δt. The word “folding” comes about because any frequencies that are higher than the Nyquist frequency in a continuous signal will be aliased or folded into lower frequencies when the signal is discretely sampled. To avoid this severe problem, the original signal must be filtered by analog or physical methods to remove all frequencies higher than the Nyquist frequency before the signal is sampled or digitized.

  198. CD Marshall says:

    “or physical methods”

    How does that work?

  199. CD Marshall says:

    Does that mean you have to literally go line by line on the data?

  200. CD Marshall says:

    Good one but you should put your cred in the profile. You are a retired Meteorologist, aren’t you? That’s worth noting.

  201. ashemann says:

    No CD don’t know whatever gave you that idea, you are 10 x as good as i at all this even tho i have been in this 3 times as long as you, you are the new Robert, and have taken to this like a natural.
    Are you on facebook CD.

  202. CD Marshall says:

    No just Twitter ’till they block this account like they did the other. I have great teachers and that’s about the extent of my worth.

  203. CD Marshall says:

    Did Nepal disappear when Kooks did?

  204. boomie789 says:

  205. Joseph E Postma says:

    They may have been the same entity, CD. But yes.

  206. Joseph E Postma says:

    Kooks was blocked…Nepal disappeared on his own.

  207. CD Marshall says:


  208. Zelator says:

    The problem with AI’s is they learn by arguing with people. A bot can be quite simplistic when it first appears, then as it learns from engaging with defeats and victories it becomes more powerful. It learns, it grows.

    Ultimately they rely on engagement. They grow via engagement. Hence the solution to combat them ultimately is not to argue with them in the first place, if there is a suspicion it’s a bot.

    Unfortunately the internet is a feeding frenzy for hungry bots, engaging, digesting, growing. Dis-engage….

    Is the only solution; the more you feed it quality information, the more it can throw it back at you at twice the speed from its algorithmic database memories.

    I believe Joe said that once on this forum sometime back. “Disengage”.


    The only winning move is not to play……………….

  209. Zelator says:

    Or else completely fuck it up with G.I.G.O. Then it won’t know it’s arse from it’s elbow lol. Feed it completely stupid arguments until it blows a fuse with Dunning Kruger CPU failure. Play the shit at its own game. Feedback loop it, and burn its fucking fuses and the mind behind it lololol

  210. Zelator says:

    Or should I say microchips …….showing my age there with my solid state electronics lol

  211. Zelator says:

    I only ever got a GCE at electronics. Did it at nights-school for fun. Made radios and stuff. Loved the practical work.

  212. Zelator says:

    Did it to qualify for the R.A.F. Didn’t need it in the end though as I had a career change into medicine.

  213. Zelator says:

    The hand thing by the way is 666. 3 sixes three fingers. It also represent the NWO as the hand pattern when shown from different angles shows an “N” a “W” and an “O”. Pretty tame really. Celebs usually have a black eye ritual which signifies Horus and Odin losing an eye as as trade for knowledge and battle. Its a symbol of the cult they are in aka Zeus/Enlil. Usually means demonic possession. Selling of the soul and all that. They believe this world is hell and so to make the most of it is to join them.

  214. Zelator says:

    Sorry said I wasn’t going to post my shit on here again. Habit I suppose. Just tell me to stop and I will. Just reading the posts.

  215. Zelator says:

    I remember Gary ( Ashmann) under the Gary Ashe username. He has always been a climate slayer. He gets angry. Well I.O.M is beautiful and he is probably not used to crowds lol, apart from the T.T’s. I remember some of his awesome videos on here of his bike dash cam. Awesome and terrifying at the same time. He is a good man with a good heart. Gary don’t let the bastards ( aka purple/pink hair) grind you down. Keep up the good fight, but avoid those fucking bots lol.

  216. Zelator says:

    Boomie, can I buy you an electric car for Christmas lol

  217. ashemann says:

    If i post under my name Gary Ashe everything i post goes to moderation, my email ashemann i have had for 20 years..

    Ashe and Mann as in the ancient warrior king [mannanin] of mann.
    The only place in the world you can view 7 kingdoms from with the naked eye.

  218. Zelator says:

    Love it. The British Isles are the Jewel of the Crown without a doubt Gary:

    From that search engine you used:

  219. boomie789 says:

  220. Zelator says:

    That’s beautiful poetic lore Gary. Thankyou for sharing.

  221. boomie789 says:


    I wouldn’t accept such an expensive gift. If I did I would sell it. Don’t have the infrastructure.

  222. Zelator says:

    Boomie. It would make a good bonfire during the cold months. It would burn for days.

  223. Zelator says:

    American/British humour/sarcasm doesn’t always translate well. Bit like your rip off of the British Comedy “The Office” written by Ricky Gervais who was a descendent of Ben Elton and Rik Mayell. Your best ones were errr lol remind me …….

  224. Zelator says:

    The Beverly Hill Billies, Gilligan’s Island, MASH. The Wonder Years …

  225. Zelator says:

    Did you see Rick Gervais spill the truth at a recent Bafta awards? It was GREAT. All the celebs didn’t know whether to laugh or shit their expensive pants.

  226. Zelator says:

    Adreno adreno adreno adreno =====Chroe \Chroeme Chroeme

  227. Zelator says:

    OLD news I know, but their supply has been cut off and they are shrivelling up.

  228. Zelator says:

    It’s all about the ETHER. I have told you before. WE have an etheric body. The Holy Grail is ETHERIC power. GOD breathed life into our nostrils. The ether can change probability at the quantum level. The laws of physics are malleable aka alchemical via etheric interaction. So the laws can change. THEY are bent. Everything is malleable. There are no static laws. Our laws are probability laws at 99.99% certainty but that 0.001% can alter the whole picture and it does. This is miracles. This is alchemy. This is turning lead into gold.

  229. Zelator says:

    Has lead been turned into gold via alchemical interaction? Yes. Stuart Wilde a great author said the trick to money is having some. That is alchemy. Alchemy turns a small substrate into a new compound. Namely a metal in the same periodic group to a higher level. Money multiplies. Jesus said to those who have nothing they will gain nothing but to those who have it will be multiplied. It is the law. Good book = Stuart Wilde, The trick to Money.

  230. Zelator says:

    Alchemy is real. The Philosophers Stone is real. They are massive etheric capacitors. The Grail Stone, The Ark Stone, are of similar etheric embodiments. However some are charged with different levels of power and purposes. For example it is thought the Shekinah of the Ark is God incarnate. The Grail another artifact is apparently embued with godly etheric power. Supposedly the coming together of all these artifacts will cause God to manifest himself to the world. Hitler was apparently one of those chosen to perform such a ceremony. Apparently his lineage went back to Cain.

  231. Zelator says:

    Sorry I have gone on again. Brain is full, dying to burst. It’s like taking a piss, once you break the seal you can’t stop pissing. Probably only the Brits get that lol.

  232. Zelator says:

    Ate some vegetarian food this morning and for lunch as I thought I would give it a try as my friend suggested it and bought it for me. I have been on the toilet 6 times dying for a shit only to let out horrendous farts. I am full of wind. Can’t stop farting. Reckon I am contributing massively to Global Warming. I am not kidding I must have produced enough methane to fill a hot air balloon. And How do I feel? Terrible. Had to go and buy some beer to cheer myself up.

  233. Zelator says:

    So much for healthy living. Jeez

  234. Joseph E Postma says:

    Don’t FN eat that shit Z…it is designed to be toxic.

    Eat real meat, grass fed hopefully and all natural, organic fruit an veg, real butter, fermented milk. And it’s all delicious.

  235. TEWS_Pilot says:

    ♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️ Breaking News. ♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️♦️

    Russia has seized the assets of Exxon in Russia forcing the company to vacate its operations. …Retaliation for Joe taking out Nordstream?…Joe will have another ice cream cone.

  236. TEWS_Pilot says:

  237. Zelator says:

    Trust me Joe, I won’t be eating that crap again. I feel back to normal this morning !!

    Tews, exactly lol:

  238. CD Marshall says:

    I used to do that on my old account with the suspicion of a bot.

    AVERAGE TOA Solar flux is 1300-1400 W/m^2 minus .3 albedo = Add fried eggs= Equatorial Zenith SURFACE: 910-980 W/m^2 total.
    *NASA has it at 1361
    Or technically,
    FΘ (1-a)/2= 455-490 W/m^2

    Output would be= Refried beans cooked slow at FΘ (1-a)/4 =227.5 W/m^2 – 245 W/m^2

    Same total energy (if you add popcorn) not the same flux.

    The bots are learning.

    Sometimes I might get “I like popcorn too” in the reply.

  239. Zelator says:

    Yes CD. Usually you can pick up on them when they use a term completely out of context or grammatical syntax. They are getting better however. If they try humour it always sounds false as well.

    There are some with real holographic bodies too that even move and look like real humans. But there is always something false about them. They have vast data-banks of knowledge but don’t seem to be able to tell a story off the cuff. They need a script.

    Their mannerisms and personalities lack emotion and compassion and are generally incongruent.

    You never see them in a face to face discussion its always a green screen and a zoom meeting and the interviewer is always suspicious about who they are talking to.

    The forum bots are easy to spot. Like you said with the popcorn, you can catch them out.

  240. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Historic Events in Science…a paradigm shift of seismic proportions…

  241. CD Marshall says:

    This shite is what it has come to.

    “The statistical model with which global warming can be attributed to increasing concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere was developed by former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Klaus Hasselmann, who will be receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 for his work.”

  242. Joseph E Postma says:

    It’s all just a facade. All of this pointless materialist science is just a facade to create entertainment and the pretense of being intelligent and useful, while underneath the real mission is to destroy life on Earth.

  243. boomie789 says:

    “Hasselmann later suggested how to extract ‘fingerprints’ of anthropogenic climate change. The challenge is to recover in an optimal fashion the signal of systematic climate change in the presence of strong climate variability. He applied the theory of optimal linear filters to this multivariate, space-time dependent complex problem in order to give a prescription of how to extract these fingerprints.[14]”

    I read the article and the wiki and I still don’t understand what this guy actually did.

  244. boomie789 says:

    “Hasselmann was born in Hamburg, Germany (Weimar Republic).[1] His father Erwin Hasselmann [de] was an economist, journalist and publisher, who was politically active for the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SDPG) from the 1920s. Due to his father’s activity in the SDPG, the family emigrated to the United Kingdom in mid 1934 at the beginning of the Nazi era to escape the repressive regime and persecution of social democrats, and Klaus Hasselmann grew up in the U.K. from age two. ”

    “Although the Hasselmanns themselves were not Jewish, they lived in a close-knit community of mostly Jewish German emigrants”

  245. boomie789 says:

    “In order to obtain a statistically stationary
    response, stabilising negative feedback processes tnmt be invoked. Thus from the viewpoint
    of the present model, the problem of climate
    variability is not to discover positive feedback
    mechanisms which enhance the small variations
    of external inputs or produce instabilities, but
    rathcr to identify the negative feedback processes which must be present to balance the
    continual generation of climatic fluctuations
    by the random driving forces associated with
    the internal “weather” interactions”

    from the pdf

  246. boomie789 says:

    This pdf could be a good thing to do a video on. I need some help understanding it.

  247. It’s because he did nothing boomie

  248. CD Marshall says:

    Even a brief video would be pretty cool. You know they have live chats and super chats on YT competing with Twitch, I guess. You’ll need a moderator who understands YT babble though.

    You can even host a panel of guys talking about climate science which would be a great idea. Man would that get the beta trolls going! 🤣🤣🤣

  249. CD Marshall says:

    I do think in a video or a short post could help addressee this paper for future references for it will gain traction. It is a lot of hand waving and virtue signaling and hiding the real effects of climate forcing through solar input and world ocean heat capacity with abstract terms like “noise” and so forth.

    Yes, they are hiding increased surface shortwave radiation reaching the surface. Zoe did a great post on that. We are in a Brightening.

  250. CD Marshall says:

    This is sad.

    Willis Eschenbach
    July 9, 2022 at 12:35 AM
    What you are looking at is the result of advection. It has nothing at all to do with the greenhouse effect.

    Advection is the ceaseless horizontal transport of energy, by the ocean and the atmosphere, from the tropics where most of the energy enters the planet, to the poles where it is much freer to leave the planet. Here’s a graphic of the locations.

    The amount of energy involved in this flow is stupendous. It is a constant flow of about 20 petawatts. This is about 1,000 times the flow of primary energy consumed by humans.

    Tom’s point is correct. “The greenhouse gas effect is not defined as the difference between shortwave input to the surface and longwave output by the surface.”

    You are looking at the greenhouse effect as modified by horizontal advection of stupendous amounts of energy. That’s something very different.

  251. CD Marshall says:

  252. CD Marshall says:

    1000FrollyPhD tweeted
    Bill Gates: “Many of you may die in the transition to green energy, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make”.

  253. CD Marshall says:

    When are we going to start calling activists eco-terrorists? Net zero is an act of terror on the human race.

  254. J Cuttance says:

    CD is there an explanatory link for your advection map? It’s fascinating.
    Why would the African/Arabian desert areas be net importers of energy? Is there not enough water to carry it away on a Hadley Cell?

  255. Philip Mulholland says:

    “Why would the African/Arabian desert areas be net importers of energy? ”

    J Cuttance
    I agree this map is fascinating.
    Energy advection to the poles is a fluid process mainly carried out by the water in the oceans. Note the negative signal from the Humboldt Current off the coast of Chile and the positive signal of the Red and Mediterranean Seas. Tropical land is negative in the absence of an energy rich (i.e., moist) surface advection of air. The Sahara/Arabian Desert is a region of downwelling dry air. The real surprise for me is that the Tibetan Plateau is net positive. This may be due to the Foehn effect of the Himalayas acting as a barrier to the northward progress of the Indian Monsoon.

  256. CD Marshall says:

    That map is part of the Willis Eschenbach comment who commented on Zoe’s site here. I am not in any way promoting or disqualifying the statements presented I merely showing them. Yes, a cop out on my behalf. 😂

    Zoe did reply to him.



    I look forward to the discussions.

  257. CD Marshall says:

    Stephen Wilde
    January 2, 2022 10:12 am
    Quite so.
    More goes out from colder unlit areas than from warmer sunlit areas. Contrary to the radiative hypothesis.
    That is only possible because climate/weather/advection move energy from lit areas to unlit areas.
    Which brings us to the work of myself and Philip Mulholland:

    10.11648.j.ijaos.20200402.11 (2).pdf

    The greenhouse effect is adequately explained by convective overturning of atmospheric mass.

  258. boomie789 says:

    “EU nations are jumping ship on climate commitments as the #EnergyCrisis gets real and winter hits.

    First France this morning and now the Netherlands are exiting agreements …

    It’s amazing how fast these charades disintegrate upon contact with reality, just as the ESG narrative is crumbling when profits weren’t there.”

    -Ice Age Farmer

  259. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Quick, Greta’s Goons need to toss more soup on paintings and glue themselves to walls and block more commuters to convince these profligate governments who are bailing on the International Energy Suicide Pact to reverse course…..OR ELSE !!!!!

  260. TEWS_Pilot says:

    During the Vietnam War, we spy pilots would sometimes resort to clever ruses to trick the enemy into exposing himself. Here is one ploy we used. Keep in mind that USAF pilots and aircrews conducted themselves as professionals at all times, even when engaging the enemy in psychological warfare as in this example.

    We called this gimmick “The Moon Over Cambodia” because another aircraft and I were flying a combat mission over Cambodia when we sprang it on the enemy. The crew of the other aircraft flying in loose formation with me asked if they could take a photograph of my airplane. I agreed, and I held steady as they took several photos. The enemy was of course watching from below, and we managed to mark the locations of several of them peering up at us through their cheap Chinese Communist binoculars.

    See if you, too, can locate the “moon” over Cambodia.

  261. CD Marshall says:

    Since Kooks or who/whatever it was referring as Kooks, which may not have been the actual Kooks for all we know, is no longer with us. Anyone with enough chemistry to unravel this? Basically, this clown was saying the leading expert in OA didn’t understand the process of OA. Yes, sadly I know Gattuso is a CC shill, but his explanations of OA are pretty accurate.

    I was, as always, VERY stubborn in demanding careful and precise, evidence-based and reasoned understanding of these slightly complex subjects. It is the sort of sloppy thinking, frequently ideologically or politically motivated, relying on half truths and misunderstandings, that you exhibited and that leads to confusion and error, which I will always strive to correct. You do not correctly learn about the World by deciding what you want to be true: you do so by following the evidence and, above all, by VERY careful thinking and precise definitions and an abiding understanding that things are often a lot more complicated than appears at first sight, or which is partially explained in elementary texts.

    Unreasonably? Not at all, in the sense of being unreasoned: my reasons for my statements were all explained. Unreasonably in the sense of being annoying: maybe. If I’ve annoyed you maybe it’s prompted you to learn something.
    Anyway, I’m glad you now appear to accept what I’ve being writing about ocean acidification. (I had thought of using the warm/warmer analogy, as Gattuso does, myself, and have done so in the past.)

    I hope Gattuso does understand that what he says about
    i) “the pH scale [having] values ranging from 0 to 14” is an approximation good enough for an oceanographer (who deals with dilute solutions), but not actually correct (as any competent chemist would be able to explain to him), and that pH values slightly beyond those limits of 0 and 14 exist in concentrated solutions. And even pure neutral water, at very high temperatures and pressures, has a pH of less than 0!

    ii) likewise what he says about “A liquid with a pH of 7 is called neutral etc” may be an approximation good enough for an oceanographer, but again is not actually correct. A neutral solution is DEFINED AS one with equal concentrations of hydrogen and hydroxide ions, and ONLY has a pH of 7 at around 25C. The pH of a solution, as I explained above, is temperature dependent: for example, as temperature rises above 25C, the pH off PURE NEUTRAL water decreases below 7. If you understood anything about the dynamic nature of equilibria and dissociation of molecules you would be able to PREDICT (qualitatively) that fact.

    If you want a competent explanation of that fact look up: Westlab “How does temperature effect pH”

  262. Nepal says:


    He is right, but not really relevant to any discussion of ocean acidification, just trying to win a technical point.

    Neutral water always has equal amount of H3O+ and OH-. pH just measures the amount of H3O+. At 25 C, there is 10^-7 molal of both H3O+ and OH-, so pH is 7. At different temperatures H3O+ and OH- both increase or both decrease together. So pH changes, but it is still neutral.

  263. CD Marshall says:

    Thanks Nepal.

  264. CD Marshall says:


    “…After being absorbed by the oceans, the CO2 dissolves in seawater, leading to an acidification.

    *This does not mean that oceans are becoming acid, only that their chemistry is progressively changing towards a higher level of acidity. *

    The acidity of a liquid is determined by its concentration of hydrogen ions H+ (protonnes). It is not practical to refer to
    the concentration of protonnes, as numbers are very small. To simplify, we use the pH scale with values ranging from 0 to 14.

    The lower the pH value, the higher the acidity of the liquid.

    A liquid with a pH of 7 is called neutral, one with a pH lower than 7 is acid, and if the pH is higher than 7 it is said to be basic.

    The pH scale is a bit unusual, much as the Richter scale used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes a liquid with a pH of 6 is 10 times more acidic than a liquid with a pH equal to 7, 100 times more acidic that a liquid with a pH of 8 and 1000 times more acidic than a liquid with a pH of 9.

    Why is this phenomenon called “ocean acidification”, even if our oceans will never actually become acidic (pH < 7)?

    Acidification is a process: the decrease in pH (increase in hydrogen ions and acidity). The word “acidification” refers
    to lowering pH from any starting point to any end point on the pH scale. This terminology can be compared to the one used for temperature: if the temperature of the air goes from -20 to -10, it is still cold, but we call it “warming”.”

    -Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Ocean scientist.

  265. TEWS_Pilot says:

    From the “Now I’ve Seen It All” category, this article posted at CFACT inspired me to look at the logic of the Left and see if there is a common thread. This was the result.

    No, Politico Europe, Putin is not making Europe “Green”
    By CFACT Ed |October 22nd, 2022|Energy

    Danielle Butcher

    If you want people to take environmentalism seriously, you can start by not doing this.

    It took a war criminal to speed up Europe’s green revolution.

    Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has forced Europe to finally break its fossil fuel addiction.

    For this reason, he has topped our inaugural #POLITICOGreen28 list.

    Read more here:

    Applying the logic of the CAGW “PRO-WAR” Fascists who claim that “WAR GREENS THE EARTH” with the logic used by the PRO-POISON-JAB Clapping Seals who, after MILLIONS of deaths due to the POISON JAB, bark, “just think how much worse it would have been if they hadn’t been VACCINATED,” …..just think how much GREENER a WORLD WIDE NUCLEAR WAR with its inherent NUCLEAR WINTER for DECADES or CENTURIES would make the Earth !!!!

  266. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yes he does write in that lame kind of midwit faggotry way.

    He’s quoting kooks.

    But as a midwit, has no clue what he’s talking about – the bolometer he shows operates not via thermodynamic but via electromagnetics, i.e., the photoelectric effect; it does NOT mean that the cold radiation is heating the fucking sensor pixels on the CMOS/CCD chip! lol The photon are being converted to electrons and then read out…photoelectric effect, not thermodynamics. And in any case, I’m not here to speak for Kooks and defend his position…which is what that operation was all about in the first place to position me into.

  267. CD Marshall says:

    So not so clever, is he?

  268. CD Marshall says:

    So what I am actually learning is that the pH scale needs a serious revision.

  269. CD Marshall says:

    Just like the term “warming” the term “acidic” is ambiguous and therefore both are exploited for a political narrative.

  270. CD Marshall says:

    Tom the activist with a science degree:🤣🤣🤣
    “Increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere have resulted in the warming of the troposphere and cooling of the stratosphere which is caused by two mechanisms.”

  271. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Help me,Obie Wan Tom the activist with a science degree, you’re our only hope!!!

    I am cold, so I grabbed a large plastic (forgive me for using the evil “Plastic,” but I was desperate and I am out of goat skins). I held the open mouth of the bag over 4 cases of beer as I popped them and let the CO2 flow into the bag…I am sure there was plenty to do as you have told us is the way the atmosphere is heated, i.e., MAN injecting CO2 into the “atmosphere”…in the bag.

    I sealed the bag and sat beside it rubbing my hands together, but I could feel NO HEAT radiating from the bag. Even when I held it high over my head, I felt no “downwelling.” Why did it not immediately heat the room?

    I offended Gaia by using a cheap domestic beer.
    The CO2 used to carbonate the beer is NOT the right isotope.
    I need to wait another half century or maybe even 400-800 years for the effect to take place.
    You are FOS as well as your laughable theory.

    Please, Help me,Obie Wan Tom the activist with a science degree, you’re our only hope!!!

  272. CD Marshall says:

    He hid his site which showed he is making money off of Green Energy. Clowns one and clowns all.

  273. TEWS_Pilot says:

    CD, what shall I do????!! Did I waste 4 cases of beer….well, I suppose I could wash my hair and the dog…..on a LIE from Obie Wan Tom the activist with a science degree?

  274. CD Marshall says:

    IDk but you made me thirsty. 😂

  275. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Remember these simple rules:

    Never drink unless you are alone or with someone.
    Only drink during the hours of daylight or dark.
    3, If you are the pilot, no drinking within 50 feet of the airplane, and no smoking for 12 hours before flight….or is it the other way around?
    …and if anyone ever asks why a chicken coup only has two doors, tell ’em if it had 4 doors, it would be a chicken SEDAN.

  276. Philip Mulholland says:

    @CDM 2022/10/22 at 6:52 AM

    *This does not mean that oceans are becoming acid, only that their chemistry is progressively changing towards a higher level of acidity. *

    Let’s fix that:

    *This does not mean that oceans are becoming acid, only that their chemistry is progressively changing towards a higher lower level of acidity alkalinity. *

    It’s always all about political framing and nothing to do with scientific integrity.

  277. CD Marshall says:

    Philip Mulholland excellent point.

    They hijacked “the greenhouse effect” and the hijacked “ocean acidity”.
    Did you know the current generation is complaining about using the “thumbs up” icon? Evidently, they “hijacked” that as slang or a slur. Don’t know. Don’t care.

    You would think for simplification they could use positive, negative and neutral. Higher on the + scale or lower on the + scale or crossing neutral = or reaching the – scale. Or something.

    It is of interest that the ocean pH does not always correspond with atmospheric CO2 which would only have stronger near to and surface influence. I know oceans mix but clearly something else dominates the pH factors. (Wei et al., 2015)

  278. boomie789 says:

    “Mike Morano of explains how the covid operation, climate hoax and the push for 100% electric vehicles is a long term strategy to force people into dependency and eventually enslave them to an unelected, tyrannical World Government.

    Fantastic video. Must watch.


  279. Philip Mulholland says:

    Some more thoughts on this issue of measuring acidity.
    In Chemistry it is totally legitimate to talk about and measure the pOH of a caustic solution.
    For example, a molar solution of Sodium Hydroxide will have a pOH of zero.

    Another analogy is to use the latitude of location on the surface of the globe as a proxy for pH and pOH, with pH < 7 as being the northern hemisphere, pOH < 7 as being the southern hemisphere and pH = pOH = 7 being the neutral line of the equator. It is perfectly legitimate to say that on travelling from latitude 30 South to latitude 20 South that I am heading north, however it is clearly not correct to claim that latitude 20 South is in the Northern (acidic) Hemisphere.

  280. ashemann says:

    How the hell can you be recommending GAB Joe when all you get is inundated by this shit all day long, one after the other after the other.

    America is truly fucked, a complete and an utter shithole with the few decent people squeezed between that human filth and the opposite globalist human filth.

  281. Joseph E Postma says:

    All the other platforms employ shadow banning, censorship, cancelling, and outright banning. Gab is the only one that doesn’t. I can’t comment anywhere on YouTube anymore; Twitter and Facebook shadow ban and limit my posts, etc.

    Welcome to the world. Welcome to the wild.

    On Gab, you get to see human existence in its full expression. There’s nothing better.

    If you want censorship and you’re afraid of “hate” and if you believe in “protected classes” who must be shielded from “hatey mean talk” at all costs, then stay on the other platforms and enjoy having your position on climate change censored at the will of some purple haired liberal tranny freak.

  282. Joseph E Postma says:

    I scanned down the profile you linked and found this:

    Now that’s FN hilarious.

    Someone that would post something like that…hmmm…I wonder what other funny/intelligent/insightful memes they’ve posted. Thanks for the link!

  283. CD Marshall says:

    Thermodynamic heat is applied to raising temperature. Steady state isn’t heat it is T in thermal equilibrium DT>0. DQ>0.
    U is not Q. Q may have been applied originally to set the T. Once equilibrium is maintained E flow is steady not Q.

    These people and the constant spin cycle.

  284. Joseph E Postma says:

    Exactly. Unless there is WORK (W) counterbalancing heat (Q), then dU = Q + W = mCpdT requires that temperature MUST increase.

    There is no scenario where heat is occurring and temperature is not changing, unless W = -Q; and this is not the scenario of the radiative GHE – simple fact of emission is NOT work, nor is it heat.

  285. Joseph E Postma says:

    Look at this retarded YT comment on one of my videos:

    You are misleading a lot of things. the temperature of the earth indeed is -18 C if you use that radiative model without consider the atmosphere. but taking that the atmosphere into account the temperature start rising. Also The F(1-A)/4 expression doesn’t mean -18 C. solar power and temperature are different things. Power can be (and is) spread over the space (by unit of area), but temperature does not spread. Only after consider a radiative balance you can obtain the temperature of something (the earth in this case). And if you consider the atmosphere as another element in the model F(1-A)/4 wont lead you to a -18 C earth temperature. Also, you showed just the one-layer atmospheric model. but there are also N-layers atmospheric models and sure there are others considering atmosphere as a much complex element. And the expression F(1-A)/4 doesnt even came from a flat earth physics. That expression comes from consider the sun as a sphere, the earth as a sphere, and indeed, consider the cross section of the earth as the only area of it that can absorb solar power (as you show on the right side figure). finally, that model do not say the atmosphere has 2 times the solar power. idk where did you take that from. there are explicitly different terms F(1-A)/4 is not even similar to f(sigma) (T1)^4. The assumption of the model is the following: most of the radiation from the sun comes as a short wavelength radiation, but the air does not interact that much with short wavelength. so that radiation cames almost entirely directly to the ground. Then, the ground is heated, and bc of that it will start radiating back to the atmosphere (heating the air above it). This is bc now the ground radiates with greater wavelength radiation. So, now that the air is heated, of course that its heat can be spread above and below it, heating back the earth and so on. As you can see, there are plenty of things happening here and all of these are contemplated in this simplified model, assuming that all those feedback processes came into a balance.

  286. Joseph E Postma says:

    My reply:

    Climate of Sophistry
    4 hours ago
    Clueless idiot. Maybe I’ll do a new video on this retarded reply just to make fun of it and you, and how badly you cannot comprehend basic things. Good god.

  287. CD Marshall says:

    Can you add this “again” they deny gravity. Deny cP. Deny pressure. Deny density. However, have no problem supporting the GHGE. 🤣🤣🤣
    He’s another Pierrehumbert fan.

    I made the simple factual statement that the surface of the Earth emits more radiation in a day than it absorbs from the sun in a day. This is a basic fact and you are unable to explain how it is possible.

    It doesn’t emit at a higher T than the input of the Sun on Earth. The lapse rate depends on only two things: the strength of the gravitational field, and the net specific thermal capacity of the air (atmosphere).
    I totally agree planets have an adiabatic lapse rate where applicable.
    dT/dh = -g/Cp 👍
    The 1st Law of Thermodynamics is very clear on the rules. Gravity is doing work.

    Sorry bub, but the adiabatic lapse rate does not explain why the surface is able to emit more radiation in a day than it absorbs from the sun in a day. You have no clue how to use the first law.

  288. boomie789 says:

  289. CD Marshall says:

    The liberation of Twitter has begun folks. It will take time to remove all the cancer from the ranks and reinstate all the accounts.

    Elon Musk
    the bird is freed

  290. CD Marshall says:

    Joe, I look forward to your science tweets once again soon, I hope.

  291. CD Marshall says:

    And classic troll bashing, naturally.

  292. I’ve never spent any real time on Twitter, and don’t really plan to…we’ll see. Gab laid the foundation for real free speech and naturally everyone on Gab knows climate change is bs…it’s the liberal platforms where you find the retards but they may leave Twitter now without the censorship to protect their mental retardation. Gab is where the cool people are but we’ll see what happens to Twitter now.

  293. Twitter will be raided af now by the experienced Gab users, and its new free speech policy will be tested.

  294. CD Marshall says:

    Good I’d like to see some serious blowback to this CC crap.
    The Femi-Nazi who blocked a standing president (Trump) got fired yesterday. That’s progress.

  295. Joseph E Postma says:

    She’s a globohomo-commie. There were no Nazi’s who wanted to see their own country destroyed; globohomo commies have always been all about destroying their own countries, though. The first thing the commies did when they gained power in Russia was to institute hate-speech laws; Nazi’s never had such a concept – they used the term “propaganda”, when back then simply meant telling the truth about what the commies had planned for them; of course, USA and Britain sided with the commies, and then it did indeed happen to them at the cost of 100’s of millions of European dead.

  296. This was a good one though, CD:

    He has no clue what he just admitted to there! lol!!!

  297. Robert Hagen says:

    does anyone know if the Illuminati, from the Armageddon Conspiracy site (which was recently shut down), have any new books out? Where are they posting their new info now? Thanks

  298. CD Marshall says:

    Feminazi is a term for extreme feminism. Not sure what you find so appealing about the eugenics of the “Master race” and the Third Reich. Have you been talking to Bill Gates?

  299. Joseph E Postma says:

    No idea Robert.

  300. CD Marshall says:

    The irony is that Bill Gates would never make the cut for a Master Race. Can you imagine a race made in his image? 🤪

  301. CD Marshall says:

    “However, the surface receives less than 200 Wm2 from the Sun. Hence, to be in energy balance, there must be an additional energy flux, with a magnitude of over 300 Wm2. This is the back-radiation from the lower atmosphere. If it wasn’t there, the surface would be losing much more energy than it was receiving and would rapidly cool. This clearly is not happening, hence there must be some backradiation. I should add, that it has also been measured.”

  302. Joseph E Postma says:

    “the surface receives less than 200 Wm2 from the Sun”

    There you have it. They have no idea what this means. They have no clue as to the foundation that this sets up. The sun can’t create the climate with this flux. Averaging flux is simply not valid in terms of physics.

  303. CD Marshall says:

    True or false?
    “One of the best options to generate electricity is…


  304. Ugh. Stupid. That’s not the issue. The issue is how.

  305. CD Marshall says:

    I wish we had an existing Moonbase so we can test high energy development safely like Helium-3 or greater.

  306. CD Marshall says:

    In another time you wouldn’t have to state the testing facility needs to be far away from the actual base, but these are the times we live in.

  307. CD Marshall says:

    Someone will protest high energy testing on the Moon, you just wait.

    “Climate affected by high energy testing on the Moon. Scientists agree testing must be stopped.”

  308. Zelator says:

    CD said ” Good I’d like to see some serious blowback to this CC crap.
    The Femi-Nazi who blocked a standing president (Trump) got fired yesterday. That’s progress”.

    Actually Communism was created in 1918 by the Order of the Black Sun. Ironic? Yes as they are purported to be Nazis until you realise the program called “Synarchy” the Black Sun front company WEF introduced which is Nazi Communism. Or Fascist Communism with a Head Elite ruling a commy=une of sheep like Animal Farm.

    The CCP have just undergone a serious internal coup detat with now Xi Jinping breaking with the Old Order Commie bosses. Did you see the arrests from the politburo? The Black Sun are still competing with the Bloodline ” Crown” Rothchilians but their access to the AI mainframe front and backend has now been dismantled so they cant get paid or pay anyone for their dirty deeds.

    Trump is not the answer, in fact the real Trump may already be dead. You know the one pushing the vaccines and doing the 666 sign.

  309. Zelator says:

    He Trump wanted more power and applied to be the head honcho at the Black Sun. They turned him down and told him he was not worthy lol. He has ( or his double) HAS SINCE been siding with the enemy the Crown aka Rothschilds. This is just the usual two sides fighting over control of planet Earth. Neither are worthy and will not succeed. The Order of the Black Sun were the architects behind the Covid Virus.

    Trump sat in the Chair/Seat of of Destiny at Mar-a-Lago but it refused him. He thinks he is the Christ!

    Redline = Republican = Redbook = Order of the Black Sun = Jesuit Generals

    Blueline = Democrat = Crown aka ( Rothschilds) = China = Order of the Dragon = Khazarian Mafia.

  310. Zelator says:

    So who is the Real President of the United States? According to Kim Goguen the real POTUS is Senator Mark R. Warner, who is the most powerful person in the political sector of the US right now. He also has deep ties to the UN Security Council, he sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Senate Finance Committee as Chairman. He also is involved with a lot military exercises not only in the US
    but around the world and there is a reason why:

    He reports directly to the Crown, the Rothschilds. He has gained immense power on their backs and they’ve given it to him. The Rothschilds who are not all people, are currently struggling to regain control of the political sector in the US and this is their chosen guy. Warner has had a lot of power because of the Rothschilds’ protection.

  311. Zelator says:

    Feminism is a creation of Communist ideology:

    From Henry Makow of

  312. Zelator says:

    Satanism, Communism Feminism:

    Problem reaction solution i.e Hegelian Thesis, Anti-thesis – Synthesis ( aka Synarchy)

    As well as controlling society, the Rothschild banking syndicate uses the Left to extort and undermine the competition.

    For instance , during the French Revolution, the Rothschild mansion was spared by the rioting masses. However, the Bolsheviks were instructed to appropriate Russian factories and hand them over to the bankers.

  313. Zelator says:

    Robert Hagen says:

    2022/10/28 at 12:09 PM
    “does anyone know if the Illuminati, from the Armageddon Conspiracy site (which was recently shut down), have any new books out? Where are they posting their new info now? Thanks”……………………………………………………

    The Big Announcement:

    We promised you a big announcement, and here it is … this is the end of the AC. This project is terminated with extreme prejudice.
    It’s now a ghost, haunting its former glorious self. It’s a zombie site from now on.

    The AC chose to devour itself. When a revolution has turned disastrously wrong, the revolution has a DUTY to end itself. What went wrong
    with the AC Revolution? The tale is told in the final, epic, apocalyptic two books of the AC Project:

    1) Without the Mob, There Is No Circus by David Sinclair

    2) Now I Have Come to the End and I Pronounce My Judgment by David Sinclair (CURRENTLY BLOCKED BY AMAZON)

    These books are accompanied by one last barrage of AC books, covering a good sample of the extraordinarily wide range of topics we have
    addressed in this vast project:

    1) Homo Roboticus: The Inner Human Robot Revealed by Sleepwalking and Hypnosis by Rob Armstrong … Is the conscious human built on top of a human robot?

    2) The Ontological Self: The Ontological Mathematics of Consciousness by Dr. Cody Newman … Consciousness is ultimately a property of mathematics.

    3) Americans or Americants? How America Became a Cant-Do Society by David Sinclair … What happened to America? (CURRENTLY BLOCKED BY AMAZON)

    4) The Philosophy of Dare: Dare You Think and Do Daring Things? by David Sinclair … The world needs a whole new philosophy. (CURRENTLY BLOCKED BY AMAZON)

    5) Ontological Mathematics Versus Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity by Dr. Thomas Stark … How Ontological Mathematics corrects physics.

    6) Consciousness: The Real Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Harry Knox … Discover the true nature of consciousness.

    Read them and weep. These are the final AC texts. You won’t get this chance ever again. It’s the last time you will enjoy this particular “pleasure”.
    And you ought to get hold of them fast, given what is going on with Amazon.

  314. CD Marshall says:

    Sometimes going down the rabbit hole leads to insanity. The human mind is conditioned to handle only so much then turns off, rejecting reality.

  315. CD Marshall says:

    Speaking of rejection of reality these people are so far gone. These people are brain dead.

    “Climate change is literally the one world event which isn’t political. It’s going to fuck up the left, right and the centrists – all at the same time.

    Whatever your economics/politics, climate change doesn’t care. It’ll burn the lot 🔥”

  316. CD Marshall says:

    What would the albedo be without ghgs? You could argue mostly all solar would reach the surface, but would some still be reflected? It still isn’t a perfect bb.

  317. CD Marshall says:

    Albedo 0.04

  318. CD Marshall says:

    Could this be the foundation of climate science radiative forcing?

    “Energy Forcing works with Radio & Micro Waves because the waves are exactly equal in length; therefore you get a Harmonic Motion that works Exponentially in magnification. Climatologist appropriated these same equations & tried to apply them Atmospheric Gases. NOT WORKING”

  319. CD Marshall says:

    Love this guy…
    Dr. Pat®️Paleoclimatologist
    Replying to
    There is no climate crisis. And yes, I am an atmospheric scientist.

    “The climate system is a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.” – UN IPCC Assessment report
    Working Group I

  320. CD Marshall says:

    You know any of these guys?

  321. Immortal600 says:

    CD, that was a very interesting video! I hope that it becomes reality soon.

  322. Philip Mulholland says:

    pB11 also generates Helium4 as a useful end product.

  323. CD Marshall says:

    I thought you talked to Happer? He still stands on his 1c claim I see?

  324. Jopo says:

    Hi C.O.S
    Hoping someone can help me out here with some info.

    I am trying to find a suitable formula for calculating relative humidity at below freezing temperatures.

    I have to work with temp and dew point temp.
    The application will vary from ground up to the troposphere. Currently I am using 500mB. If i get it right with what i am looking at I would like to take this out to level pressure levels.

    I appreciate any input.

  325. Jopo says:

    ” I would like to take this out to level pressure levels.”

    I meant “to other pressure levels”

  326. CD Marshall says:

    Hunga Tonga actually breeched the mesosphere.

    “The towering column that arose from Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai reached a tremendous altitude of 57 kilometers (35 miles) above sea level.

    “That height makes it the first-ever volcanic eruption seen to have punched completely through the stratosphere to breach the mesosphere.”

  327. boomie789 says:

    I thought we were in this minimum until 2050 or something?

  328. CD Marshall says:

    Maybe NASA can’t hide the fact independent sources are verifying more sunlight is reaching the surface and tried to get in front of it?

  329. CD Marshall says:

    @Philip Mulholland

    If you are about I thought you’d find this interesting. Since you are studying Titan you could share some insights perhaps?

    “Laboratory experiments have shown that when atmospheric CH4 concentration approaches that of CO2, a hydrocarbon haze is produced (Trainer et al. 2006): This is the exact result we see on Saturn’s moon, Titan.”

    Therefore, if too much CH4 accumulates in the atmosphere it will act as a coolant, creating a hydro-carbon haze, much like aerosols that block sunlight. This will result in a cooling effect from blocking more direct sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface.

  330. @CDM
    Interesting and perhaps a bit worrying. However, if the atmospheric CO2 level continues to rise then the equivalence state of Conc CO2 = Conc CH4 will never be reached.

  331. Philip Mulholland says:

    Comment about pB11 (proton and Boron 11).
    It is a fission process and not a process of fusion.
    Think about it, the end product of pB11 is three Helium 4 atoms which is a small atom and not Carbon 12. We are used to thinking that fission is a process that involves neutrons. What we have here is a similar process except the impactor that generates the fission of Boron 11 to form Helium 4 is a proton and not a neutron.

  332. CD Marshall says:

    The only way I can see CH4 reaching that level is if the Earth starts cracking open again…If it was somehow discriminate in releasing methane gas over Co2.

  333. CD Marshall says:

    The data is saying the convective cells (Hadley/Ferrel/Polar) are incorrect according to Dr. Michael Connolly.

    Specifically at 55;00 >

  334. Philip Mulholland says:

    Stunning stuff. The second part were Dr Connolly talks about the environmental impact of wind farms is worth a review in its own right.

  335. J Cuttance says:

    Wow. Astonishing CD. Established science eh?

  336. Philip Mulholland says:

    @ J Cuttance. I agree also. All bets appear to be off. This has the potential to do to meteorology what plate tectonics did to geology.

  337. CD Marshall says:

    The “Pendulum Effect” I find very curious and interesting.

  338. Philip Mulholland says:

    My hunch is that he is referring to global atmospheric tides.

  339. Leon says:

    Ugh, what an asshole…
    Me just commenting randomly in here on a discussion I was having with a “professor” on Quora. His last response to me before nuking my ability to respond…
    “William Boernke
    · 1h
    You are confused. Greenhouse gases to not warm the earth. They reduce the rate of cooling by limiting the loss of IR (infrared radiation). The law of conservation of energy predicts that the temperature of the earth is a function of [energy in] – [energy out]. If energy out decreases then the earth will necessarily warm.

    Since greenhouse gases are opaque to IR, the higher the greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere, the less the earth cools and the warmer it becomes. This is a law of physics and no rational person can reject it. This is what I mean by saying no climate-change denier has ever been able to falsify the hypothesis that burning fossil fuels causes the earth to warm by decreasing IR lost to outer space.

    Arguing that because carbon dioxide absorbs a narrow band of IR, carbon dioxide cannot cause the earth to warm is a logical fallacy called a non sequitur. You do understand, don’t you, that plants absorb a narrow band of visible radiation, yet this is enough for them to thrive on earth?

    Solar radiation warms the earth during the day. IR is radiated from the earth 24/7. During the day, solar radiation is greater than IR lost and this is why the earth warms during the day. At night there is no solar radiation and the IR lost causes the earth to cool. The weather person on TV tells us that the temperature will drop at night like a rock if the air is dry because of radiational cooling.

    Einstein did no experiments when he proposed his general theory of relativity. He reasoned deductively using mathematics. One of predictions of the general theory of relativity is that light should be affected by gravity. Newton’s theory of gravity states that there is a force of attraction between any two masses in the universe that is directly proportional to the product of the masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the masses. Since a photon is a massless particle, how can a massive object (e’t prove things as lawyers and mathematicians prove things; and, 2) carbon dioxide doesn’ars during an eclipse of the sun. A reporter asked Einstein what he would have done had Eddington not verified his general theory. Einstein responded, “Then I would be sad for the dear God in heaven. It [his general theorhy] is true.” By the way, when you claim there have been no experiments done that proving that carbon dioxide causes the earth to warm, you need to state that there are no experiments you know of that prove that carbon dioxide causes the earth to warm. But you are quite correct because of two things: 1) scientists don’t prove things as lawyers and mathematicians prove things; and, 2) carbon dioxide doesn’t cause the earth to warm, it decreases the rate of cooling.

    What you are missing is that you don’t have to do an experiment to show that carbon dioxide causes the earth to warm. It has to cause the earth to warm because it is a greenhouse gas. We know that greenhouse gases are opaque to IR and that this means they inhibit radiational cooling. If you inhibit cooling, then the law of conservation of energy. predicts the earth will warm because of solar energy impinging on the earth. The laws of physics (not climate science) tell us that burning fossil fuels will cause the earth to warm because burning fossil fuels adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

    Ice core data tell us that for 800,000 years before the Industrial Revolution, atmospheric carbon dioxide was never above 300 parts-per-million (ppm). It is now above 400 ppm. This is a 33% increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide in jusst 200 years because of the burning of fossil fuels. The earth’s temperature has risen by 0.14 F. per decade since 1880. Since 1981, the rate has doubled. No rational person can deny that burning fossil fuels has added carbon dioxide to the atmmosophere and this has caused the temperature of the earth to increase. The really frightening thing is that so long as we continue to burn fossil fuels, the rate of temperatire increease will also increase.

    Please read a. physics text so that you will understand why the laws of physics tell us that burning fossil fuels will cause the earth to warm. Your deductive arguments constitute the logical fallacy special pleading. To continjue this discussion makes as much sense as debating whether or not the earth is flat. I am terminating this discussion.”

    If I could just corner one of these blowhards in their classroom for 5 minutes, my life will be fulfilled.

  340. Philip Mulholland says:

    Here is something interesting. I am studying some Mars global atmosphere data at the moment.

    The emissivity of the Martian Surface ε is 0.92423195
    Emissivity reduces the solar energy that is absorbed by the surface and so is not available to drive the climate. By applying ε to the standard Vacuum Planet equation for Mars this produces a global average flux of 101.58 W/m^2.

    But energy is not destroyed, so the solar reflectance energy (1- ε) for the Martian lit surface is 16.66 W/m^2 which must be added to the average thermal radiant energy being emitted to space from Mars for the daylit surface.

    Now 101.58 W/m^2 gives a global average thermal radiant emission temperature of 205.7 Kelvin. I have a global average surface air temperature of 208.9 Kelvin (108 W/m^2) – which is from Martian data, and when I add the 16.66 W/m^2 reflectance loss to the 101.58 W/m^2 global thermal average then the lit surface radiant emission temperature rises to 213.7 Kelvin (118.24 W/m^2).

    This means that the so-called “negative greenhouse effect” for Mars i.e., surface temperature of 208.9 Kelvin minus emission temperature of 213.7 Kelvin = -4.8 Kelvin, is a complete fiction!

    They forgot about surface solar reflectance energy which is part and parcel of the atmospheric absorption mix in the dusty atmosphere of Mars!!!

  341. boomie789 says:


    Want to see another electric car catch on fire? To be fair it looks like some Chinese car we would never sell in the west anyway.

  342. boomie789 says:

  343. Ooooh those mfrs lol

  344. CD Marshall says:

    What’s the trick to this? Does it last 1 minute or is it a complete scam?

  345. CD Marshall says:

    You know that laundered money had to be used to rig the midterm elections for they went out immedialey at that point.

  346. CD Marshall says:


  347. boomie789 says:

    There are others like it on Amazon as well. The reviews seems good. I’m sure it won’t be as quality as a Surefire light or similar. Might be ok, for a while.

  348. CD Marshall says:

    Are you going to be on Tom’s podcast ever? Your model and notes on them claiming they can’t vet it are worth a chat. I’d leave opposition names out of it.

  349. It’s a good idea.

  350. CD Marshall says:

    It is funny but published in science seems exactly like being published in fiction. These companies, journals and so on publish what they agree with.

    In fiction you have to bow before the major publishing companies and editors. Bad talking them gets you red flagged and blacklisted. You play by their rules, or you don’t play at all.

    Your only other option is small publications and small money that goes with it. Truth is the million-dollar writers you hear about are about a million to one in the odds. Publishers are looking for any reason not to publish the work for they are bombarded with literature.

  351. It’s all controlled for 1) psy ops but also 2) to keep it all inside the invisible club of the Zetas so that the cattle don’t get the money.

  352. CD Marshall says:

    It seems clear Tom talks to you privately first and I bet those chats are gold. I respect the privacy though, scientist to scientist.

  353. CD Marshall says:

    The de-education of people concerns me. This is from the same person. I’m not mocking them for in this instance they are victims of education. They can’t even understand the physics, and this was taught to them by some ass-clown professor.

    Me: CO2 cannot nor has it ever trapped thermodynamic heat.

    Chemical Engineer:
    “CO2 is slows down the radiative heat transfer to space, like all the other so called greenhouse gases.”

    Me: It is far more complex than that. However, you are talking about energy not thermodynamic heat. Which is what I was referring to. “Trapping heat” is a political narrative meant to induce panic. Internal energy {U} is not heat. A photon does not carry heat.

    Chemical Engineer:
    Radiative heat transfer is part of thermodynamics. Enthalpy can be moved by conductive, convective and radiative heat transfer. Photons move enthalpy in radiative heat transfer.

    “Trapping heat” is very simplistic way of saying slowing down heat transfer.

    Me: So you are actually stating “slowing down energy transfer” Q is a conditional variable. Semantics I know, but the point is valid.

    Chemical Engineer:
    Slowing down energy transfer which means energy accumulates at the surface causing the temperature to rise… hypothetically.

    Of course this would require energy to accumulate in the troposphere first which doesn’t seem to by happening as hypothesized/modelled.

    Me: Slowed energy doesn’t increase surface temperature. IR plays a very small part in tropospheric diurnal heating.
    P= eσA (Th^4-Tc^4)

    Chemical Engineer:
    It is all energy. Semantically humans started giving it different names before they understood this. A Joule is a Joule is a Joule.

    Energy is energy. Thermodynamic heat is energy that can raise the temperature. The problem is terms are so sloppy now it’s irreparable at this point. Most thermodynamic trained physicists will correct you in proper heat/energy terminology.

    For example, latent heat should be latent energy transfer, the heat potential is conditional. Just so much easier to say latent heat.

    Chemical Engineer:
    If photons didn’t carry heat, the Earth would not be able to lose heat to space.

    It loses energy to space.

  354. boomie789 says:

    A meme I reposted years was archived and linked in this article.

    When you click the word “meme” in the article. Wordy kind of shit meme, lol.

    “Human-driven warming has continued over the past 18 years, which is evident not only in the surface instrumental record, but also in satellite temperature records, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, increased ocean heat content, and a number of other signs of a warming world,” said Greene.

    I can tell you the surface instrument measurements are showing a warming trend. It is because there are fewer of them over time concentrated in urban areas with lots of concrete. Sea levels are not rising. Idk about satellite records but I assume they would just lie or manipulate that too.

  355. J Cuttance says:

    boomie…(not) showing a warming trend?…

  356. CD Marshall says:

    “Who drives governments’ policies, including Australia? UN-WEF

    Who controls UN-WEF? Corporations like Blackrock, Vanguard

    Who controls them? Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros families

    Control our money & basics of life. Aim to control all of our lives

    Together we can stop them”

  357. boomie789 says:

    @J Cuttance.

    Yea, the stations measuring the temperatures 6ft off the ground. If you start out 50 years ago with many stations and lots of them in rural areas, then over time those stations dissappear and concentrate in urban areas, you will see a warming trend over those 50 years.

    Because the stations are now all surrounded by concrete, where in the past more stations where surrounded by dirt and grass.

    Make sense?

  358. CD Marshall says:

    “If photons didn’t carry heat, the Earth would not be able to lose heat to space.” This from a chemical engineer with a degree received in college.

    He isn’t even a climate nut, he’s the victim of uni parody pedagogy.

  359. Academia pumps out midwits like 25c candy from a gumball machine.

  360. CD Marshall says:

    It is heartbreaking and frustrating that these communist professors are deliberately stupefying generation Z.

  361. CD Marshall says:

    This is from an old PhD in regards to TOA forcing.

    “Energy Forcing works with Radio & Micro Waves because the waves are exactly equal in length; therefore you get a Harmonic Motion that works Exponentially in magnification. Climatologist appropriated these same equations & tried to apply them Atmospheric Gases. NOT WORKING

    Even then this magnification of the waves are manufactured by man (recycle of the waves), not nature.”

  362. CD Marshall says:

    Swiss Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Binder describes his experience in a mental health facility, which he was placed in for speaking the truth about C19. As a condition of his release, he was forced to a take a psychiatric medication.

  363. CD Marshall says:

    Canada powers suggest mandating into law psychiatric medication for those that refuse mRNA injections or any kind of vaccination.

  364. Joseph E Postma says:

    Gotta guarantee that dysgenic money-making parasitical racket!

  365. CD Marshall says:

    Bill Gates is now suggesting death panels.

  366. CD Marshall says:

    12 years ago, he was already planning culling.

  367. CD Marshall says:

    No excuse for being this stupid and deliberately mixing T, Q and E.

    Eli Rabett
    Replying to
    The AMOUNT of heat transferred depends on the NET. For two plates one at T₂>T₁ heat transfer is

    Q = σT₂⁴ – σT₁⁴

    The heat is a function of both T₂ and T₁

    You did learn about this thing called subtraction?

  368. He’s just sophizing gaslighting.

  369. CD Marshall says:

    Aren’t they all?

  370. CD Marshall says:

    Is this the same one you already covered?

    Click to access Harde-Schnell-GHE-m.pdf

  371. boomie789 says:

  372. TEWS_Pilot says:

  373. boomie789 says:

  374. TEWS_Pilot says:

  375. CD Marshall says:

    I respect those guys Boomie, they actually travel to these places and know what they are talking about. They understand the people, the real politics and the hardships victims of communism suffer. It was interesting to learn when they blocked off Russia/China border they didn’t even care if families were separated. Never gave them the chance to choose or return home they just blocked it and said this is your new home now deal with it.

  376. CD Marshall says:

    Did they haul you away?
    I hope not.

  377. CD Marshall says:

    Anyone know what’s up with Joe? Is he on vacation or something?

  378. Joseph E Postma says:

    Sorry, I’m here, did I miss something?

    Just distracted with other things…I’ll post pics in a few days maybe…lol.

  379. CD Marshall says:

    Just glad Trudeau didn’t lock you up for something.

  380. boomie789 says:

    At least you don’t live in New Zealand.

  381. TEWS_Pilot says:


  382. Zelator says:


  383. Immortal600 says:

    Joe, you need a new post on anything. The amount of replies here on this one is too long. Please.

  384. Zelator says:

    He explains what I have been saying in my past posts about the Magneto Toroidal Field – aka the dopplar field; the toroidal field and the red shift blue shift creation of electricity.

  385. Zelator says:

    Also Joe, there is your circle.

  386. Zelator says:

    This is the ether, that the Tartarians harnessed. Free ENERGY.
    Do you think all the Catherdrals and Spires were ornamental? They were antennas…..see the video.

  387. Hahaha Ye:

    Alex Jones: "You're not Hitler. You're not a Nazi."

    Ye: "Well, I see good things about Hitler, also. Every human being has value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler."

    — Greg Price (@greg_price11) December 1, 2022

  388. Zelator says:

    The final con job is that of solar panels. They work on Stellar radiation not sunlight i.e they work on the ether. Truth.

  389. Zelator says:

    Aknehaten collecting the ether. Of all the images of Akhenaten bathing in the rays, do you really believe they would create a magnificent artistic form to portray him sunbathing lolol.

    Akhenaten collecting the ether. Wake up.

  390. Zelator says:

    So when you think about all these wars fought over resources and energy, it was a bluff con job to pretend their was a scarcity in order to fuel need. There was never a scarcity only a fabricated one. Just like now in Europe. Inflation is non other than supply and demand. Control the supply and demand and control the economy. Free energy would break the chain of supply and demand and their little empires would crumble. This is the falsity you have lived by. Etherical energy is clean and free, its been available for hundreds of years.

  391. boomie789 says:

  392. CD Marshall says:

    Another “lab experiment” misdirection that claims to support the GHGE.
    Need a JP take on it.
    Oddly enough wasn’t sure on how many heat sources they managed to have but they heated the “atmosphere” not the surface to prove cold can heat something hotter which made no sense. They are getting more elaborate in the deception.

    “Verification of the Greenhouse Effect in the Laboratory”

    The existence or non-existence of the so-called atmospheric greenhouse effect continuously
    dominates the extremely emotional discussion about a human impact on global warming. Most
    scientists agree with the fundamental greenhouse theory, but like their opponents they are missing a reliable experimental verification of this effect. Measurements at the open atmosphere are
    too strongly affected by perturbations to quantify the relatively small contribution of greenhouse
    gases to local heating of the air or the Earth’s surface. Therefore, we have developed an advanced laboratory set-up, which allows to largely eliminate convection or heat conduction and
    to reproducibly study the direct influence of greenhouse gases under similar conditions as in the
    lower troposphere. We measure the additional warming of a pre-heated plate due to backradiation of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide as a function of the
    gas concentration, and we derive from the observed warming the radiative forcing of these gases. The measurements are well confirmed by radiation transfer calculations and underline that
    there exists no climate emergency.

    Click to access Harde-Schnell-2022-Verification-GHE-Experiment.pdf

    Click to access Harde-Schnell-GHE-m.pdf

  393. CD Marshall says:

    The only thing that came to my mind was:
    “Fourier provides his experimental results which refute the modern greenhouse conception and he also explains that the atmosphere would need to form solid layer barriers like glass if it were to act like a greenhouse.”

  394. I’ll get to it in a few days. Snowboarding all day tomorrow.

    They REALLY want this simulacrum in place, as the explanation for their stupid 33C thing…ignoring the lapse rate and the mathematical fact of where an average must occur and that the extremity at the bottom has to be warmer than the average with no other reason than the lapse rate. They ALWAYS ignore this and how it fits in to their supposed proofs…that tells you what they want to be ignored.

  395. CD Marshall says:

    Shannen Michaela 🍉
    Nov 30
    Most of The internets traffic is controlled by 4 major centralised corporations:


    They track our every move, they monitor every moment in our lives, and they exploit our data for profit. We can ask them all the questions we want, but they’re not going to change, because they don’t have to.

    These companies are our virtual overlords, and they currently rule over more humans than any nation in human history.

    So far, they won, we lost

    …The future masters of the planet will be those who own the data – let’s make sure that’s us. Not them.

  396. Zelator says:

    The Fleur de Lis is one of the major representations of the electro-magnetic torus field concept. It is one of many if you know what to look out for. This is not A GOOD THING; this is after all Lucifer’s creation, but its useful to know how and why it works.
    Astro-theology and Syncretism shows this is the science and religion of the world power going back through ancient Europe like Greece etc – Americas- Mexico etc and Egypt back to Babylon and Sumeria.

    Lucifer was Gods main Builder, Matter creator, Lucifer = resonance/vibration aka sound. Lucifer’s pipe led gods angels to incarnate in matter : re the story of the pied piper.

    Aten worship is considered satanic in gnostic circles as it worships the creator god of this world aka Lucifer.

    Culturally, most of the iconography etc is in celebration by the peoples who constructed the art etc, however from a gnostic and a WAKENED point of view these are our captives who trapped us in matter via the fall.

    Saint Peters Basilica in Rome has a representation of Gods Angels falling through the Horus Ether/Portal into matter:

  397. Zelator says:

    WOW 88. Out of time……………………………………..

    Ouroboros – BreaKING the chain. Time out/up ding ding 5-6-7….8

    The Master Plan?

  398. Zelator says:


  399. CD Marshall says:

    Obama hot mic congratulating media person for getting people to believe in climate change:
    “Jay you’re beginning to convince the American people there is a thing called climate crisis…About time.”

  400. Zelator says:

    If after 40 years people don’t get the climate scam, they either never will or they don’t want to. If after 4o years no-one has stood up to make a difference when will they, or will they ever? It’s time to finish this. We are out of time talking about it.

  401. Zelator says:

    it’s commensurate to this SAD WORLD WE LIVE IN, blather blather blather, bleat bleat bleat.

  402. Zelator says:

    Oh my poor toe, oh my poor toe, I have a corn , oh my poor toe oh my poor toe. Everybody OH MY POOR TOE,

  403. CD Marshall says:

    U.S. Attorney confirms over 500,000 deaths after m®NA inje©tions in the United States, millions injured around the world with neurological disorders, thrombosis, myocarditis, autoimmune diseases and many more
    The CDC and Pfizer knew in advance what it would do and hide the data

  404. CD Marshall says:

    What is Bill Gates? All answers appreciated. Is he in a cult or the occult or whatever?

  405. CD Marshall says:

    Great comment.
    By the time people fight back often as not it is too late to change the present and the future will be driven in by fire and ash.

  406. Zelator says:

    Thanks CD, I get frustrated by humanities lack of desire to fight back.
    My motto is:
    Learn who you are ( n angel) Learn what you can be. Change your ATTITUDE.
    be wise as serpents but gentle as doves.
    Take responsiity for your pain, and act on it if needed.
    Be responsibe rather than reactive, take the initiative rather than defend.

    Understand that the whole of community has failed, all it has become is a moaning machine. Rather than a fighting machine.

    Therefore it means telling the truth, even if our jobs and personalities depends on it.
    It means being honest and being true regarless off shame or ridicule.

    It means living by our principles and not by doctrines we know to be false.


    When the world is full of slave trade of children, and harm and abuse, do we NOT instead really NEED a revolution of government?

    Is climate the problem? Or a symptom of the larger problem?

  407. Zelator says:

    Bill Gates is dead. He has an avatar run by the cabal. His wife included. WEF without a doubt = Black Sun.

  408. Zelator says:

    Sorry for my spelling mistakes and grammar in the above, I typed it quick and didn’t check it. Hope it was clear enough though. If not ask. I won’t be offended.

  409. CD Marshall says:

    Twitter Files are live right now. Elon exposing collusion with Twitter and the US government. What a surprise both parties were in on moderating free speech and controlling the narratives.

  410. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Australian Senator Gerard Rennick should be Prime Minister. He ripped all of them a new one in his floor speech today.
    The Greens laugh at jab injuries & shut down debate about jab mandates – Senate Speech 1.12.22

  411. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Topher Field sent this email out to everyone on his list. If you didn’t get it, here it is.

    Now everybody loves anti-lockdown protests?

    es, all of a sudden they do! The Sydney Morning Herald, Guardian Australia… even Canadian PM Justin Trudeau loves the protesters all of a sudden!

    There’s a catch… of course… But you knew that already.

    Global Media companies and petty tyrants alike are tying themselves in knots trying to come out in support of the Chinese people as they protest the ‘Covid Zero’ policies that are causing so much suffering in China… but they’re trying to do that without admitting they were wrong to oppress and condemn the anti-lockdown protests who hit the streets for the same reasons right here at home!

    My thoughts on the whole debacle:

  412. TEWS_Pilot says:

    OK, now the other arm….

  413. TEWS_Pilot says:

  414. Who can’t you criticize? Who therefore rules over you? The power of being protected from any and all criticism and noticing is absolute power, and is absolutely corrupting. Noone can wield such a power.

  415. Anyone who does wield that power, wields it for the purpose of total domination over all others, and for the enslavement of all others.

  416. Zelator says:

    Great video there Tews of Australian Senator Gerard Rennick giving out the TRUTH.
    WE REALLY NEED this sort of confrontation. This hurts them.

    Linked below again, as this is such an important intervention by one brave man, and this is all it takes. Imagine a 100 like him, a thousand etc, do you not think we would be heard!?

    Lets remember them, these murderers. Let’s hold Nuremburg Style Trials and punish and shame these evil co-conspirators. They can say they never read the documents, or never knew what they were doing. Doesn’t wash!
    But its culpability. If you want to hold this type of position of power over others, and become wealthy from fraud, then you need to face the consequences of your neglect either purposedly or naively.

    Look at those little shitbag senators, smirking and laughing, in there expensive little clothes. See that is is both women and men. Turning their eyes to the sky. Well they will be pointing to hell very soon. The dirty little fuckers will go to hell for sure.

    Let this be a lesson for the future generations that if you conspire to harm humanity in ANY WAY you will be made to pay. And the payment will be atrocious, so atrocious you will weep.

  417. Zelator says:

    I was criticised and vilified for my not taking the v*****e. I was told by my family that I was foolish, irresponsible and an idiot.

    I was scourged by my neighbours as a threat to them; that I was a threat to them even though they were v**cinated!

    Now I walk around my town and see these very same people carrying oxygen cylinders as their lungs are fucked over by a reaction to the “j”.

    They now say to me that they would not take a “j” again; bit late though isn’t it?

    However, I don’t say told you so, or gloat, as that is not who I am as a person, as I respect my fellow humans, but I am now very wary of them, and certainly don’t trust them as conversely, did they respect me and my views when they were judging me? No.

    They were all for locking me/us in isolation camps with a one way ticket. So much for brotherly love hey?

    There really is an “Us and Them”. There really is a mind parasite amongst us. I said above we need to be as wise as serpents but as gentle as doves. I meant, to not to be like them and sacrifice us for their own selfish benefit. Maybe better would be to say
    as Cassius Clay, Muhammed Ali once said, float like a butterfly and sting like a bee; in other words, leave us alone, and don’t fuck with us, as maybe you will surely regret it! As the day of the Lord draws near:

  418. Zelator says:

    Talking about mind parasites consider this, I believe Joe and Beverly refer to them as Zeta:

  419. TEWS_Pilot says:
  420. CD Marshall says:

    I do miss Kooks for these things his insomnia helped to read this stuff. I skimmed over this, and I saw no red flags but a few (?). Checking out the stats and math would take time.

    Anyone with a working understanding of physics and QM want to take a look? Even advanced math skills would help in checking the math.

    The only things I have not had a solid confirmation of does a CO2 molecule emit as one photon or multiple photons (equaling in total energy the E absorbed) more often?

  421. PB2505 says:


  422. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Everyone, it’s time for a light hearted Christmas song.

  423. CD Marshall says:

    I have no patience for photons anymore. When they exit the atmosphere that’s where I draw the Karman line.

  424. Zelator says:

    Ein Sof, Dark Matter or Black Liquid Light = Aether:

    A living omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent substance permeating every aspect of all manifest and all unmnifest levels of experience.
    It is absent nowhere filling all space. To alchemists, it is Universal First Matter ( Prima Materia) or Universal First Mercury. This is the substance of creation from no-thing.

    Wallace D Wattles mentioned it in his books, particulary the “Science of Getting Rich” – probably one of the first manifesting books that became popular and was a fore-runner to the “Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

    The term Ain Sof, Ayn Sof, or Ayn Sof (/eɪn sɒf/, Hebrew: אין סוף) is used to describe the cycle of time that is CIRCULAR in motion:

    This is the Black Sun or the Sun behind the Sun, the etherical substance that Akhenaten worshipped as the ATEN.

    Black Sun Symbol:

    Akenaten worshipping/collecting the aether:

  425. Zelator says:

    Di-electricity and Magnetism combine together to form the ether that everything swims in:

    Black light = dielectricity i.e ( the Black Mother, Black Madonna) dark matter, the abyss, night, cold, counterspace, zero point cold fusion.

    White light = Mary “Mag”delene i.e magnetism, White Magdalene i,e “Mag”, day, hot. nuclear fission.

    The interaction of these two field modalities causes electricity i.e red shift blue shift. ( electron)

    i.e Yin and Yang:

    The di-electric inertial plane or bloch wall = the neutron

    There are no particles but science like to refer to them as “things”.

    This is the Egg of Creation, the Orphic egg. The 1.168 magnetic white light ratio to 0.168 counterspace di-electric black light.

    1.168 is centrepetal diverging = radiation

    0.168 is centrefugal converging = gravitation

    white light magnetism = matter

    Black light di-electricity = antimatter

    Its effectively a torus field with the point of inertia at its centre. This is the only place that life can exist i.e It’s called Earth = Heart.

    This is also what the black and white chequer board tiling of the Freemasons represents.

  426. Zelator says:

    The chequered floor also represents water aka symbolically the ether.
    If you haven’t seen this video before, it explains a lot of the symbology incorporated in the Freemasonic metaphysical system:

    Hidden Masonic Secrets:

  427. CD Marshall says:

    Alleged Fusion Energy breakthrough above link.

  428. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Meanwhile, the destruction of Australia continues unabated…they may be running a contest to see who can come up with the most outrageous schemes.

    Tasmanian mega wind farm approved that can’t operate half the year
    By Joanne Nova |December 13th, 2022|Energy|

    The huge Tasmania wind farm faces Aboriginal cultural heritage claims too:A request for Robbins Island and its surrounding waters be declared a significant Aboriginal area, to be preserved and protected from injury or desecration, has been submitted to federal environment minister Sussan Ley, RenewEconomy has learned.

    The slaughter of birds is severe,
    And from habitats some disappear,
    When a single wind-farm,
    Can do terrible harm,
    Killing hundreds of raptors a year.

    h/t A happy little debunker

    This article originally appeared at JoNova

  429. TEWS_Pilot says:

  430. Zelator says:

    Yes interesting to see how these two commentators address the issue but from their own perceived angle. I had to download the video, as it was near impossible to stream, which may be intentional? However I have made a copious amount of notes which I will share shortly once I have put them in a semblance of order.

    This video is a good example of how something can be viewed from different angles.
    Boomie what is your take?

  431. CD Marshall says:

    “Have you seen the papers that show the Sun’s magnetic field can connect to Earth’s every other Sun cycle?”

    Is that even possible?
    I know the influence of the Sun extends beyond the farthest planets protecting us from even more severe radiation.

    Magnetic harmonics?

  432. boomie789 says:

    I think this issue is long due to some mainstream discussion and spotlight and I’m glad it’s finally happening.

  433. Zelator says:

    Hi Boomie apologies for not posting my comments earlier. 1) i tried but the stupid fucking Worgpress decided to fucking delete it.
    2) i had to go out into zombie world and deal with shit caused by fucking zombies. I sometimes wonder if the illuminati have it right that the world is full of fucking fuck wits. Going out into town is like running the fucking gauntlet of dealing with mentally retarded imbeciles. All the world problems revolve around dealing with these fuckwits. Sorry for the language but I will post my comments as soon as I find time. All the Best Z.

  434. Zelator says:

    Ok look, I may have to break it down, and change some words for the algorithm. I typed it in without a copy so i need to rewrite it. I will post part 1 shortly

  435. Philip Mulholland says:

    ajdjsfb ;sdkjvh;aksjdvh k;djvch;ask klkxcnxb
    WordPress? Try using my random screed trick as your first sentence.

  436. Zelator says:

    Thanks Phil.

  437. Jopo says:

    Hi C.O.S
    I have of late been getting much RAOB data on the atmosphere above at my hometown in the tropics. This RAOB data comes complete with water vapour ratio for water vapor to a Kg of dry air at all pressure levels. i.e Mixture

    I am unable to get any correlation at all between water vapor and the surface temperature. I.e the mysterious back radiation does not correlate with surface temperature. I have compared WV at 300mb , 400mb 500mb etc to the surface temps. I have done away with the RAOB mixture ratio data measurements and done my own converting vapour pressure to vapor density. Again I get no correlation. I have tried most combinations looking for that correlation but it is just not there. For there to be a argument that back radiation is real I figured a correlation would show up. Anyone happy to discuss this with me as I want to make sure i am getting the math and the logic is sound.

    Link to the University of Wyoming RAOB data

  438. Zelator says:

    ajdjsfb ;sdkjvh;aksjdvh k;djvch;ask klkxcnxb

    Sorry for the delay, hopefully this will be worth the wait. Also sorry if it is a bit disjointed as I had to cut a large amount out, so I may do a part 2 sometime later.


    What this all boils down to and what Kanye West alluded to is the age old good versus evil. The deliberate mis-identification of the real demons versus gods angels. Everything is upside down and back to front purposedly so that the good worship the devil out of mistake and deliberate obfuscation and confusion.

    God and Jesus as his incarnate avatar versus the devil. What you have to realise God sent an avatar into this system (Like in the Terminator movies, called Jesus to teach us the way out of the trap we have found ourselves in).

    That is Jesus the “Man”. The Hu-man. one of the many Christ Conscious beings to incarnate here with a mission, but Jesus is the most written about. Christos is the spirit of the GOdhead- Prime Creator. He can incarnate anywhere.

    See thing is the illuminati, the satanist christ haters are quoting Abraham. They are quoting old testament scripture about an Abrahamist God, who we know to be Yahweh. Now he was ENLIL. (He Enlil tampered/ genetically with the True Gods Creation)

    All this putting Abrahamism onto the ” Christos” is bullshit. Christ and Yahweh are the exact opposite. Abraham god was Yahweh. Yahweh is the demiurge, the fallen angelic creator of this matrix. He is the one supposedly in the Ark of the Covenant.
    ( the one they tried to kill in the Armageddon Conspiracy, where Christos is portrayed as the light bearer aka Lucifer) see the deliberate confusion?

    Christos( in whatever form he/it takes is the saviour coming into the demiurge system to save the souls trapped here. See again the logical fallacy of wording and deception?

    Quoting bible saying GOD is vengeful, jealous etc is not Christos but Satan!!! Words have been twisted purposedly.

    Kanye West may well be in touch with the Creator, it is quite common people get gnosis if they have belief in truth, see Kleck, and others I myself have information delivered from out side my brain. I find it unlikely West works for ADL.

    He is just speaking his Truth. There comes a time in all our lives we need to be true to ourselves and SPEAK IT. It WILL COME to all of you. Maybe on your deathbed but it will come.

    Jones says ADL and Hitler are the same.

    Comparing the ADL to Hitler is not a true comparison,

    Hitler cos of race

    ADL cos of whiteness

    It’s clever but is a non sequitur at its basis and is a problem of confused (purposedly) logic. aka Logical Fallacy.

    All races that kill are bad. Some white races kill doesn’t make all whites bad. Not all whites kill or are bad. Hitler didn’t make that assumption.

    Whereas ADL condemns all whites whether good or bad due to their skin colour.

    Can you see the true evil here? Illuminati want to boil Jesus in his own piss and shit. Can you see the evil here?

    However Jones is right that he says that while the focus is on the J’s when you drill down there are the two groups WEF and the Rothschilds fighting each other. He doesn’t make that distinction; I do. In other terminology it is the Black Sun versus the Order of the Dragon. If you want to go back to Sumerian mythology it is the two competing brothers Enlil and Enki.

    1)The WEF/ Bildferber/ Skull and Bones are the Black Sun.
    2)The Rothschilds/Rockefellers/ Black Nobility are the Sons of Belial.

    You could say that 1) ABOVE ARE THE ILLUMINATI. AND 2) ARE THE BLOODLINES. * separate article who are the bloodlines, where do they stem from and who are the Jews?

    BUT THEY CROSS OVER. Trump for example is a well known Son of the Black Sun. But he has been bailed out financially by the Rothschilds on many occasions when he went bankrupt. Bill Clinton was Black Sun but Hilary his supposed wife was Rothschilds. There is no loyalty amongst theives and scum. WEF head Klaus Schwabb is a Black Sun Front, but is a Rothschilds by birth.

    They both want a ONE World Order/ New World Order ( there is a difference), just in different ways with different amount of human populations and slaves ratios.

    Jones is saying is Ye maybe playing the Hegelian Dialectic card? Fundraiser for the ADL!

    Problem reaction solution or in the same Hegelian terms Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis aka Synergy.

    Alex Jones is old news. he was relevant in the 90s and early 2000 but he is out of date now. He is parroting the same old shit over and over. Truth is he is not relevant anymore.

    He was saying the same old NWO, Illuminati before the internet took off and he parrots the same spew now. Sadly making money has took his time and his knowledge and research away. He used to be the dogs bollocks but now is the cats shitty arse. If anyone is a paid shill it is him.

    He needs to listen to his interviewees who now far by pass him with insight, except he interrupts with dubious crooked language patterns and breaks and sidetracks. He supposedly tries to be relevant, but sorry Alex time to pass the job to a new guy.

    I’ve provided book links in the past to Paul Boggs who identified the anti christian anti white agenda.

    Here are the links to a few of them for you:




    Finally a statement from Jones 1.00 hr mark before I switched off, he said “I don’t care who is behind it, I report it”. There you have it. He doesn’t have an angle, he just reports whether it is complete nonsense/bullshit whether he believes it
    or not, and even contradicts himself or his guests. That my friends is crooked thinking. It’s a business of selling news to him. End of.

    The whole human experience of a simulation matrix is really one of a SCRIPTED REALITY like so many people have found out and written about e.g like David Icke, Santos Bonacci, Robert A Scheinfeld and his books like Invisible Path and his excellent Course Ultimate Freedom is one of waking up to your script.

    Alex however, love him or loath him is a bit thick. He doesn’t understand logic, language and structure, syntax, and its manipulation. In other words “Word Magic”.

    See this is the art of straight and crooked thinking and talking that we listen to all day long online in videos and interviews.

    Those who know how to use and it when it is being used against them, are averse to its application. However the majority of people don’t even know what a non sequitur is? It means doesn’t naturally follow.

    Joe has done a good job exposing sophistry, but there is a whole gammut of language and syntax arrangements that are said with the implication to deceive.

    I was introduced to it by a Psychology/Philosophy student from Aston University in Birmingham England. A friend I met and knew for a short while. She gave me a copy of a book they were asked to buy and read called Straight and Crooked Thinking
    by Robert H Thouless.

    So, it is taught in universities; does that not set alarm bell ringing to the man on the street?

    I have linked the book before, but how many of you actually read it?

    Here it is again:

    Click to access Straight_and_Crooked_Thinking.pdf

    Non sequitur: a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.

    Read the book. This is taught at Universities for a reason.

    Do you not see how they are using basic logic to confuse people to accept the wrong message? e.g Abrahamism/ Hitler/ Jews etc.

    Just question how they frame the context and understand the deception. It’s in all political speak and advertising everywhere.

    That is your mission in this scripted reality matrix (” The Game”) to sort the wheat from the chaff, the weeds from the tares.

    We are back to the duality again, what is right or wrong, what is good or bad. Research and find “YOUR” truth and stick to it.

  439. Zelator says:

    Synchronistically I’ve just come across a video by Clif High that perfectly describes what I mean in my above comment.

    So what the mind benders, WEF, Cabal etc are trying to do is to get you to focus on their narrative in the “now” and the more people that believe it, it creates a higher probability that that event will occur.

    So all the billons of human “nows” makes our collective experience of “now”. But it is alterable with shifting the focus on the herd. This is the whole basis of why there is so much brainwashing, word magic, sophistry, lies and obfuscation going on.

    Like 100th monkey and threshold tipping points and 80:20 Pareto principle, they know there is a tipping point.

    The Pareto principle states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes. Other names for this principle are the 80/20 rule, the Law of the Vital Few, or the Principle of Factor Sparsity. See:

    And also the excellent book : “The 80/20 Principle: Achieve More with Less” by Richard Koch.

    However this can work both ways, and an awakening humanity will tip the probability threshold towards a more conducive reality. e.g like going from an archon planet to a phoster one.

    See the video by Clif High below:

    See also the book that I linked in my previous comment above “Freuds Mafia” by Paul T Boggs

    At the end Clif mentions a waking up phase, and he may well be right as the Winter Solstice historically is when we receive a major wave of Source Energy that comes through every Winter Solstice. We receive information and instructions from our CREATOR for the next year ahead, a sort of update download.

    That is the way it has always been for hundreds of thousands of years. Unfortunately this energy had been in the past, and up till recently intercepted by Etherical Parasites, Archons and Dark Beings that use ritual and black magic ceremonies on this date to capture it so that they get it all and we get non.

    However I am led to believe that a major blockage has been removed and that we should receive most, if not all of Creators energy, this coming 21st December
    which may, as is the purpose, benefit the planet and all life forms on it. This should also wake up lot more of humanity to the truth.

    1272 Papal Reign Agreement:

    Also talking about them maintaining their programming one of their covenants expired midnight 12th December called the Papal Reign with amendments in Cainite and Cannon law along the way.

    The most momentous one being the Council of Nicaea which made changes to the Papal Reign of the Holy See Reign.

    It was a 750 year agreement that The Roman Catholic Church via the Black Pope would be the lead religion in the world. The Holy see were responsible for
    Caananite Law (Jewish aka Khazarian), Cannon law and Maritime Law. So you can see a big implication here.

    Now that that reign is over they do not have power or reign over other religions worldwide and the Canaanites or the Jesuits and the Black Pope (collectively called the Black Sun) no longer has any significant power, their gold has been confiscated and they are skint.

    Therefore with this expiration all laws of the Holy See like Maritime law have also expired. Also Cannon Law has also expired and has no jurisdiction.

    So hopefully the discussion that Boomie alluded to and wants to see discussed, and my response to it by writing this article, may well be the first synchronistic
    ripples of a disclosure whose time has come, and is probably why Kanye has made the first move. He probably sensed the time is drawing close. The Etherical tide
    is rising.

    Luke 8:17 ” For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open”.

  440. Zelator says:

    Another synchronicity, after writing the above I opened my Youtube and there displayed for me was this video:

  441. Zelator says:

    It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t end with a song, so “Lose Yourself – Eminem ” bro:

  442. Zelator says:

    Oh btw as it’s that time of year, remember Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” with James Stuart, were an angel is sent from heaven to help a desperately frustrated businessman by showing him what life would have been like if he had never existed. Scripted reality. We are all important in God’s eyes. Happy Christmas and enjoy the Holidays. Cheers Z

  443. Zelator says:

    Sound Creates light:

    Tesla said: “light can be nothing else than a sound wave in the ether.”

    Is the veil slipping yet?

  444. boomie789 says:

  445. boomie789 says:

    “Earthshots ( Is This The Next ‘Going Direct’?

    You might remember that a handful of people at BlackRock authored “Going Direct (” in August 2019, basically outlining the exact type of monetary policy that followed in early 2020. Of course, the BlackRock authors stopped short of openly suggesting that a pandemic crisis would accomplish it.

    Now we have “Earthshots (”, penned by a joint British-American team at Morgan Stanley, the successor to the publications by other banks on Net Zero ( Like Going Direct, Earthshots opens up with this disturbing opening line: “The maths is clear. Either policymakers step up or Earthshot disruptors step in. We are moving into a new phase of climate urgency: Accelerate and Mitigate.”

    They define Earthshots as “radical technological decarbonisation accelerants or warming mitigants. They are nobody’s first solution but with a political impasse on emission reduction, they will increasingly become necessary solutions.”

    Suddenly, this scam is moving into “a new phase of urgency”? They justify urgent climate action with this: “Slow Adoption + Jevons Paradox = Earthshot Urgency”. The Jevon’s Paradox (,Introduction,consumption%20rather%20than%20a%20decrease.) posits that an increase in efficiency in resource use will increase consumption, rather than decrease (for example: cheaper electricity = more light bulbs, cheaper gas = more cars, etc.). They explain what they mean in greater detail in the paper.

    They cite a January 2022 study ( from McKinsey, which pins the cost of Net Zero at $275 TLN — $125 TLN more than the New York banks’ estimate ( from three months prior. Not only do they admit that this insane figure is enormous and arbitrary, but they cite an Oxford study ( from September which suggests that quicker action will actually lower long term costs: “rate of change and (return on investment) are more important”.

    I have more context to add to this later in the week.”

    -Dissident Thoughts

  446. They’re going to destroy the planet.

    “Earthshots” is really what they mean.

  447. Zelator says:

    Never heard of Earthshot before, but quick search shows its a Royal Foundation of Prince William and his Wife Princess of Wales.
    Didn’t take him long to take over from his dad Chucky, and we know where his satanic loyalties lie.

    The five Earthshots are:

    1) Protect and restore nature
    2) Clean our air
    3) Revive our oceans
    4) Build a waste-free world
    5) Fix our climate

    Sounds good, but their energy transition summary states:

    “Rapidly decarbonizing the global energy system is critical for addressing climate change, but concerns about costs have been a barrier to implementation.

    So its all about de-carbonisation. Enough said. As Joe says it really is in the name – Shoot to kill with Gaia as its target. Terraforming for its new inhabitants who are carbon and oxygen intolerant.

  448. Zelator says:

    Inspiration. Meaning In-Spirit. That intutive knowing that comes from the heart.
    Knowing is different from thinking. Thinking is limited to your knowledge databank
    stored in your brain. Sometimes the brain is clever and when you focus on something, that something appears everywhere. Like wanting a new green Austin Martin car and then suddenly seeing them everywhere.

    This is you RAS, your Reticular Activating System kicking in. It is what we see as coincidences which is just your brain giving you more of what you focus on. Your brain is a seeking tool.

    For more on this see the excellent book “Phsycho Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz.

    However intuition and inspiration come from a different place. They come from your higher self, which is connected to source, aka Creator.

  449. boomie789 says:

    I think it is to keep our western nations weak and on the backfoot in the short term. In the long term it is to have complete centralized control over power consumption. As a means for control. Power differential. They want in wider in all areas. Because they are a different nation and don’t want what’s best for us.

    Judaism tells them that everyone else is either an animal to be enslaved or beast to be exterminated with extreme prejudice.

  450. Zelator says:

    Yes of course Boomie, you are correct. Talmud is their satanic control manual. If you ever read it, and it’s freely available online, they don’t hide their hate for all humanity other than their sort; it is everything that is racist, satanic and evil. Who they are or what they are is the important part. They have no conception of borders, west or east. The sooner the world, black, white yellow etc wake up and realise they are not our friend and these “Climate Programs” are just another eugenics program perpetuated on the world population then we can take back control of our planet. We know who they are, the Khazarians etc, and they are not human. They are the remnants of the Nephilim of old. They ARE TERRAFORMING for their hybrids. However they are running out of time as the Earths etherical cycle is moving into Aquarius and that means more people are waking up…….

  451. Zelator says:

    Time is an illusion. All there is, is NOW.

    88 – Outta Time.

    The Omega system is down:


  452. Zelator says:

    Oh dear Mr Youtube doesn’t like it lolol:

  453. boomie789 says:

  454. Zelator says:

    Boomie there is no short term and long term in their world as relates to us they already are the market makers. For them it is about MAINTAINING control of fossil fuel and our dependency on it other than alternative energies that they cant charge us for. They already have centralised control over energy markets, and that is what is shitting them up when new ideas come to market that they cant dominate.

  455. Zelator says:

    Yeh Boomie that’s just been shown on Sky news UK. Is that a token? It was hidden as a back article.

  456. Zelator says:

    Here is a video explaining the Creation and Dissolution of Matter aka Particle/Wave:

    See at 14.33 the Torus Field, the vortex of Red Shift Blue Shift as I have explained in previous comments.

    Red shift – right turning centrifugal diverging radiation

    Blue shift – left turning centrepetal converging gravitation

    The Red shift (Red Light) Diverging Centrifugally (aka Proton) follows the Toroidal Field path until it crosses the Plane of Inertia (the Neutronic Pulse or Bloch Wall) and turns Blue Shift (Blue Light) and becomes an (Electron).

    This Boomie is why they are pushing fossil fuels!

  457. Zelator says:

    ajdjsfb ;sdkjvh;aksjdvh k;djvch;ask klkxcnxb
    WordPress? 2

  458. Zelator says:

    Ok – Continuing the wave particle creation/dissolution and how the sine wave/co-sine matter/anti-matter creates our dualistic nature aka good and evil, light and dark etc :

    “El”ectricity likes to express it self through the golden mean ratio aka Ra Dio = God.

    Ra Dio GaGa:

    Here is an audio by Santos Bonacci explaining G.O.D. Electricity, El, Baal etc in a Radio Show in 2013.

    Generation Operation Dissolution = G.O.D:

    There is a break in broadcast around 18:33 mins were Santos’ connection dropped out, but he resumes around 20:22 mins

    As it is a sound broadcast only, I only listened up till 35 mins as without his graphics it’s difficult to follow. I will try to find a video of the same material and post it for you.

    So what I know that is connected to the above short clip, is Ohm/Ahhm/Ahhhh is the sound of creation – see Wayne Dyer and a Sound of Manifestation meditation I posted in a previous post over a year ago.

    The New Year historically before the Romans fucked it up with their new Julian Gregorian Calendar in 1748, always started in Aries i.e 21st March. In Asia The Solar New Year is when wars and projects start :

    See Benjamin Fulford:

    To this end, the Russians are amassing around 700,000 troops to sweep in and complete the de-(*)azification process in the Solar New Year.

    Au revoir it seems to little Soy Boy Zelinski.

    seems wordpress doesn;t like the n word

  459. Zelator says:

    Is anybody else having problems posting comment on here?

  460. Zelator says:

    Lol it only posts simple sentences. Anything containing certain words whatever they are, are blocked. What a shit company WP are. Same spying as the rest of the goons out there!!!

  461. z says:

    Ok – Continuing the wave particle creation/dissolution and how the sine wave/co-sine matter/anti-matter creates our dualistic nature aka good and evil, light and dark etc :

    “El”ectricity likes to express it self through the golden mean ratio aka Ra Dio = God.

    Ra Dio GaGa:

    Here is an audio by Santos Bonacci explaining G.O.D. Electricity, El, Baal etc in a Radio Show in 2013.

    Generation Operation Dissolution = G.O.D:

    There is a break in broadcast around 18:33 mins were Santos’ connection dropped out, but he resumes around 20:22 mins

    As it is a sound broadcast only, I only listened up till 35 mins as without his graphics it’s difficult to follow. I will try to find a video of the same material and post it for you.

    So what I know that is connected to the above short clip, is Ohm/Ahhm/Ahhhh is the sound of creation – see Wayne Dyer and a Sound of Manifestation meditation I posted in a previous post over a year ago.

    The New Year historically before the Romans fucked it up with their new Julian Gregorian Calendar in 1748, always started in Aries i.e 21st March. In Asia The Solar New Year is when wars and projects start :

    See Benjamin Fulford:

    To this end, the Russians are amassing around 700,000 troops to sweep in and complete the de-(*)azification process in the Solar New Year.

    Au revoir it seems to little Soy Boy ” from Ukraine” maybe his name is banned

    seems wordpress doesnt like the n word

  462. Zelator says:

    just tried another 3 times. It wont post my articles????? What a fucking spy ware.

  463. Zelator says:

    Boomie. Are you there? Can you try to see if you can post?

  464. boomie789 says:

    Merry Christmas!

  465. TEWS_Pilot says:

    CHRISTMAS DAY “The Great Divide for the Timing of All Events on Earth…where the Magnetic Needle of History stands Vertical and Points Up” – American Minute with Bill Federer
    December 24, 2022 • Christmas: Date revealed by Levite calendar & celebrated through the ages! – American Minute with Bill Federer

    Christianity is the largest religion in the world, in addition to being the most persecuted.

    According to Pew Research Center (2015), approximately a third of the world’s population is Christian.

    Christmas Day could be considered the most celebrated religious holiday on the planet.
    Download as PDF …

  466. Zelator says:

    Former CIA Operative Explains How Spies Use Disguises:


    Van Der Graaf Generator:

    Happy Christmas Guys.


  467. Zelator says:

    As it’s Christmas, we often think of the Holy Land, Bethlehem, Galilee, etc, but the real Holy Land is actually in the body, and was a part of Christ’s teachings that were misunderstood or altered. Astro-theology, as a syncretic science aims to rediscover the truth as taught by Master Syncretist Santos Bonacci.

    We must integrate the Crown Chakra, i.e Aries the lamb(p) of God with the Heart Chakra the Green Leo the lion of the Tribe of Judah.

    We must meditate with the Crown Chakra in mind as this is where God Dwells, the “Father”. The Father is RAM, Abram; Ab means father.

    The Lion and the Lamb must lie down together for there to be unity and peace. So there must be a connection between these two fire signs Aries and Leo.

    This is why the Catholics when they do the sign of the cross, first touch the Forehead the “Father” then the Heart the “Son”, aka the Sun ( Sol/Soul) Sol Invictus, which is Jesus the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Then the left shoulder and the right shoulder =
    the Holy Spirit.

    The shoulders are ruled by Gemini the Spirit sign, i.e the Air Sign, and Gemini rules the two lungs through which you breathe and draw in the Holy Spirit of prana, chi, ether; aka etherical energy.

    The body has 12 systems. They are Integumentary System, Skeletal System, Muscular System, Nervous System, Endocrine System, Cardiovascular System, Lymphatic System, Respiratory System, Digestive System, Urinary System, and Reproductive System (Female and Male).

    You also have 12 pairs of cranial nerves:

    In fact the body is a temple of 12. The 12 disciples etc.

    Man is the measure of the universe.

    In fact the bible is amongst many of its codices an astro-theological instruction manual. Sacred sciences like Astrotheology were punished as heretical and went underground, hence the Gnostic and Essene occult True Christian works are disguised as parables, stories and incorporated and codified in books such as the Bible and other true Holy documents.

    What Christ taught was Astro-theology and these teaching have been covered over in order to enslave us.

  468. Zelator says:

    The vid above re: masks etc was not the main one I wanted to post to show these rubber masks. Here is the one I meant to post. Sorry for confusion.

  469. Zelator says:

    Hey MP. Where are you hanging out these days brother? Miss your input.
    Cheers and All the Best.

  470. Zelator says:

    Just a quick note regarding the Nazis and their current form. Now they take the form of the WEF. ( World Economic Forum).
    They are Black Sun, with Klaus Schwab and Mirjana Spoljaric Egger as their public face. They are not your friend. Just look at their photos, to see she is a female version on Nazi Schwab.

    They are Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones. These are your illuminati who compete with the Bloodlines like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellas, and Black Nobility Bloodlines.

    Hence the illuminati claiming 911 was an attempt to dis-rail the bloodlines hegemony bollocks.
    Whilst evidence also points to Bushes who are typical WEF Nazis claiming massive insurance and stock market futures gains on the back of the tragedy.

    Neither group have humanity at heart, and the illuminati are the biggest liers and bull-shitters, around with their incredible failed campaigns to paint themselves as saviours. Utter bullshit, they are just the other side of a satanic coin.

    At least the WEF Nazis just come out up front with their contempt for humanity instead of playing games like the illuminati do trying to pretend a NWO is your friend and the OWO of the bloodlines is your enemy. Lolol.

  471. Zelator says:

    Panic is on the way:

  472. Zelator says:

    Just had a “THOUGHT”……so I’m writing a new post ……………………………………..

  473. Zelator says:

    It’s actually called in-spiration. Etymology root meaning in spirit. We all have these all the time, it’s from our higher self. That is our spark of divinity that is calling, trying to talk to us, if we but listen. We have a direct connection to Source to God Head, not the pretend demiurge that parades in this material world. But to Creator HIMSELF. Listen. Meditate and you will hear it. However Illuminati discourage being quiet, self reflection, awareness, meditation, etc as useless. That is because they don’t want you to reconnect to your higher self. If you don’t believe you have higher and lower selves refer to a book I posted a while back. Also realise we are sparks of divinity. Please realise that.

  474. Zelator says:

    Oops duplicate …..isn’t life such a mirage …..tick tick tick tick tick tick tick Tock.

  475. Zelator says:

    Did you know PULSE is the Bloch Wall. The Neutronic Pulse of the Plane of Inertia aka Earth= Heart. The anagram. The Lion of Judah.

  476. Zelator says:

    Notice the big ATEN in the vid above. Who are they worshipping lololololololl
    Akhen”aten” would be proud. They are worshipping the ether.

  477. The WEF are communists, not Nazis. The communists won ww2, and have been implementing their plans ever since. The WEF are their latest manifesta. The bad guys won ww2.

  478. Zelator says:

    Well I agree on the bad guys won world war two Joe. There is no longer a distinguishing platform regarding the Commies and Nazis. They are Synarchy. The good old synthesis of two competing factions to appear as 2 entities fighting . They are the same malevolent shit stink that have plagued our world. Taking a side of either of these two is what they want. Divide and conquer. Your leaning to Nazi ideology is misrepresented and destructive. Please see that the misrepresentations of Hitlers social program against the Jews was because he was against the khazarian mafia who are neither Jew or nor Nzi but a nasty product of mind control dreamt up by American CIA in collaboration with some real Nazi scumbags namely Paperclip.
    Please don’t identify German Socialism with Khazarian scum . I am German by ancestry and you do us no favours by your narrow minded views.

  479. Zelator says:

    Do you really think Communism exists other than a psyop? Russia and more recently China have devolved to some form of democratic model. Not that it is a good model, but maybe a better model to build a meritocratic platform from. All old ideologies are Hegellian dialectics at play by Illuminati play cards. It’s over. They have lost. WE sussed them out. You can only play the Hegellian card if people are dumb enough to play divide and conquer. Communism, Fascism is dead. Wake up and smell the coffee. The tipping point has been breached. Your shit is OVER.

  480. It’s not that complicated Z. The historical context is better than the modern conspiratorial one. The Zeta communists were murdering White Europeans and Russians by the tens of millions. The Germans tried to protect themselves and defend themselves. The entire world sided with the Zeta communists because they are after-all running the show here, and the poor Germans were then themselves murdered by the tens of millions. Sure there’s orchestration, but the orchestration is by the Zetas doing their “They Live” meat suit infiltration of everywhere, and their goal is total enslavement of the planet and that means that White people are their enemy number one. They use legitimate ideas but then subvert them, and what the Germans were doing with their form of Fascism and National Socialism is definitely totally legitimate, as can be seen with what it did for the German people and how excellent it was for them. But then, the Zetas always know that they have their people everywhere to destroy a good thing, like they used the Americans for, siding with the Communists to murder the good German people. Communism itself is another example of a possibly good but being implemented in a retarded way only giving the Zetas total control. Fascism in Germany via National Socialism was implemented rationally and correctly and did wonders for the Germans…but then the Zetas coordinated world forces to destroy them.

  481. Zelator says:

    Thanks for your comment and reply Joe. I always respect a reply. Good to hear your viewpoint. I value your forum for allowing discussion, it is very valuable. Best Wishes for the Christmas period and the New Year going forward. Discussion is valuable. Cheers Z

  482. MP says:

    NWO Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy Vol 1

  483. Philip Mulholland says:

    I put an enamel plate in my microwave oven and turned it on.
    Not a good idea.
    It occurs to me that if you ever feel the need to fry a pesky robot, all you will need is a decent microwave gun.

  484. TEWS_Pilot says:

    These two pictures are identical.

  485. He’s admitting it…

    Confirms everything

    All they do is lie and gaslight and say the opposite…what he means is destroy the planet. As he stands there and fucking lies through his teeth.

    Wow. We know Lucifer touched them and they are saving the planet for THEMSELVES. They want a planet with no carbon based life…barren cold and lifeless like the moon.

  486. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Climate Czar John Kerry: ‘We planet saviors had extraterrestrial influence.’
    Anthony Watts
    Jan 17, 2023

    Form the “holier than thou and ET just had a facepalm” department comes this unmitigated display of the egotistic, pompous, off-the rails climate belief system of John Kerry at the 2023 WEF/Davos convention. Watch the video: Transcript (auto-generated) 0:00 And when you stop and think about it, it’s pretty extraordinary that we select group of […]

    THIS “extraterrestrial influence?”

    Read more of this post


  487. Zelator says:

    Prime Creator experiencing itself in the human experiment allows some of the Illuminati/WEF/Khazars (Zeta) etc to play a game of control. There are no rules to say you have to abide by this control or to submit to it, and you are allowed to
    escape, as it is all part of the GAME. However the human experiment is drawing to a close and the game board will be tossed away and all the players will choose to exit the matrix, or die fighting to maintain it.

    Clif High describes it like this ” THE WORLD” we live in inhabit i.e ( Earth, including our Solar System and Universe) is like a petri dish …………… “in a isolator chamber cut off from the outside environment”. (n.b my addition).

    In the whole scheme of things , it is a small jigsaw piece experiment in an infinite puzzle of infinite possibility/reality.

    I am using the same analogy of the petri dish, , but embellished it somewhat, but he paints a good picture of what is going on and how to view it from an non NPC mind.

    n.b NPC will never escape the matrix, they are 100% matrix fodder, they will likely go down with the ship rather than fight or try to escape.

    So, we and the WEFers/Illuminati/Khazars (Zeta) etc are in the petri dish and the Wefers/Illuminati/Khazars (Zeta) want to take over the petri dish, and control it and keep it that way, and have done to a certain degree, and have plans for full occupation and control of the petri dish.

    Now as Prime Creator he could at anytime just put an end to this ( Zeta infestation) , and straighten it out, but Prime Creator lets it play out until it has been explored.

    However the experiment has become heavily corrupted by evil and the game has become stagnant, AND no further growth can be achieved; no further knowledge can be experienced, and so the game is effectively being ended.

    The WEF are just the age old enemy called throughout history as the “Name Stealers”. They are pathological liers and reverse everything and change history and books etc.

    See the Kol Nidrei contract they sign to forgive their lies and deceptions. This is the basis of the Illuminatis’ hidden in plain sight formula, that if you don’t get the ruse, then tough shit, we told you what we were going to do, but you just didn’t see it. By not complaining or refusing you are giving the go ahead. Giving the nod so to speak.

    So when Zeta invaded the petri dish, which to them was like Star Wars taking over the Empire it must have felt glorious lol.

    Here is an Channel alternative if Youtube bans it:

    Also here is a link to the book by Harold Waldwin Percival, where he discusses the reason behind the NPC’s. “Thinking and Destiny”…..

    Click to access Thinking-and-Destiny-by-Harold-W-Percival.pdf

  488. Zelator says:

    Joe I may have a post in moderation. Too many links or WP being an ass.
    Cheers Z

  489. Zelator says:

    Ah ….Thanks Joe

  490. Zelator says:

    Typical NPC behaviour. ” I deserve my beating because I’m White”. “It’s all my fault for being White.” Wow I love my simulation controlling me, it saves me having to think for myself. How great it is, this control programme you have in place, it makes me feel so safe” “I deserve it, It was all my fault”.” Don’t be too hard on him, it was not his fault really, I am White after all”. lololol

  491. Zelator says:

    That makes my post now even more relevant:
    Ok following on from yesterday:

    Human reality is the tale of two Fields. One is Infinite and the other an overlay, a technologically-generated simulation overlay designed to ensnare and seduce perception into believing in a ‘real world’ that’s not real at all.

    The whole infinite field is not overlaid, just the petri dish. Where humanity is ensnared.

    The 3d prison by “the” * mind, that we find ourselves in, is that our higher or true selves from 5D upwards are programmed to identify with the 3d body. This is accomplished by a simulation by off world entities who reside on the 4D. This programs in limitation, fear, death etc.

    the mind is a false construct in the 4d that delivers the simulation to the 3d brain the 4d being in the lower astral.

    So what is the non human force, well I’ve mentioned it before. Some call it Archon, but Joe refers to it I think as Zeta:

    The non human entities/forces behind the Simulation gave us their mind:

    Like most education taught in schools etc the language they use is misleading and dual purposed to subtlely confuse. For example the dimensions taught in science class of width, height, and depth with the addition of ‘time’ to make a fourth, is not the same as the true levels of perceived reality that can be seen, sensed and experienced as ‘dimensions’ but are really created by the observing consciousness. However the simulation limits perception creating the illusion of ‘dimensions’ or bands of frequency.

    This technology is located in the Fourth Dimension, 4D. Outside the range of ‘normal’ human awareness. In the same way the machines in The Matrix movies operate outside the simulated reality they are generating. The Fourth Dimension is also known as the ‘astral planes’ – the realm of mind – and believed to be in esoteric circles the frequency bands through which we enter and depart ‘physical’

    In this Fourth Dimension or astral, the simulation is projected as wavefield information into the human mind which decodes this into a 3d illusory ‘physical’ world.

    The consciousness field of your thinking mind is located there and directly interacts with the body five senses through the brain (or appears to). The brain is only a processor of information delivered by the mind and not the origin of consciousness.

    Actually, you appear to be thinking with that Fourth Dimensional field as you read this.

    Thoughts follow action by fractions of a second, so thought is not primary but an afterthought.
    Mind is decoding its own perceptual prison cell. If this is done unconsciously and without question the mind decodes
    whatever the information delivers

    The simulation is being projected directly into the mind at that Fourth Dimensional level to be decoded into a sense
    of 3-D ‘physical’ reality. The idea is to hijack the perception of mind and focus its attention in a fake simulated reality of
    holographic illusion that lowers its frequency and triggers a disconnection from the perceptual influence of Fifthh Dimensional
    expanded awareness.

    Reality is one seamless Infinite Field of possibility and probability but it has been sectioned off in the petri dish and
    programmed to believe we are a limited body in 3d which decays dies and is all that we are.

    The simulation was created to seize control of perception and sense of reality by hacking into the relationship and interaction between ‘human’ consciousness – mind – and the Infinite Field.

    See everyone thinks ( is programmed) to think of the dimensions as “out there” , in space or something, but the astral is literally feet away, surrounding your body like an egg aura. It is literally where dis-ease starts before it impacts the physical body.

    The Archons attach to the astral plane/body:

    Also image of human subtle bodies:

  492. Zelator says:

    Ok so that Carlos Casteneda link didnt go to the quote directly, so here it is:

    “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The Predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so… I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner! “This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico … They took us over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.” “No, no, no, no,” [Carlos replies] “This is absurd don Juan. What you’re saying is something monstrous. It simply can’t be true, for sorcerers or for average men, or for anyone.” “Why not?” don Juan asked calmly. “Why not? Because it infuriates you? … You haven’t heard all the claims yet. I want to appeal to your analytical mind. Think for a moment, and tell me how you would explain the contradictions between the intelligence of man the engineer and the stupidity of his systems of beliefs, or the stupidity of his contradictory behaviour. Sorcerers believe that the predators have given us our systems of belief, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. They are the ones who set up our hopes and expectations and dreams of success or failure. They have given us covetousness, greed, and cowardice. It is the predators who make us complacent, routinary, and egomaniacal.” “‘But how can they do this, don Juan? [Carlos] asked, somehow angered further by what [don Juan] was saying. “‘Do they whisper all that in our ears while we are asleep?” “‘No, they don’t do it that way. That’s idiotic!” don Juan said, smiling. “They are infinitely more efficient and organized than that. In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous manoeuvre stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous manoeuvre from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.” “I know that even though you have never suffered hunger… you have food anxiety, which is none other than the anxiety of the predator who fears that any moment now its manoeuvre is going to be uncovered and food is going to be denied. Through the mind, which, after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them. And they ensure, in this manner, a degree of security to act as a buffer against their fear.” “The sorcerers of ancient Mexico were quite ill at ease with the idea of when [the predator] made its appearance on Earth. They reasoned that man must have been a complete being at one point, with stupendous insights, feats of awareness that are mythological legends nowadays. And then, everything seems to disappear, and we have now a sedated man. What I’m saying is that what we have against us is not a simple predator. It is very smart, and organized. It follows a methodical system to render us useless. Man, the magical being that he is destined to be, is no longer magical. He’s an average piece of meat.” “There are no more dreams for man but the dreams of an animal who is being raised to become a piece of meat: trite, conventional, imbecilic.”
    ― Carlos Castaneda, The Active Side of Infinity

    Sorry about that:

  493. Zelator says:

    Joe do you have any information on “Forums” the NPC Forums, and how they interact in this clown world. I know you mentioned them in your book, but I have never come across this term before. Is it a Zombie Apocalypse of out of control NPC’s programmed by the simulation? NPC’s are like 75% of the population, so likely we are surrounded by them just like in “They Live”. What is their purpose? I’m reading that book I posted yesterday “Thinking and Destiny” by Harold Waldwin Percival on the recommendation of Clif High but it’s a massive book. I think it’s a bit like Star Trek and the Borg, as long as we don’t interfere with them they leave us alone to get on with their program. Its only when we interfere in this 3d game they get angry. Maybe we should just leave this simulation, and leave them and the NPC’s to get on with it? lol.

  494. Joseph E Postma says:

    That is the PERFECT comment to go along with my book – but with ONE caveat:

    Just replace predators with parasites – they’re parasites, that’s why their afraid, and disgusting. Predators aren’t afraid and aren’t disgusting, they’re awesome – like wolves, lions, bears, etc.. These are gross disgusting parasites that are here.

    Wolves/lions/etc. don’t enslave entire herds, and make the entire herds weak, pathetic, self-destructive, etc. Predators improve the fitness of the herd, they maintain the herd, and the predators own health is a product of the health of the herd, and the health of the herd is a product of the health of the predator. The true predator-prey relationship is symbiotic. Predators remove the sickly and weak members from the herd, not make the entire herd disgusting, weak, and sick. The predators life depends on the existence of the herd…not eradiating the herd. The parasites we have here are eradicating us, destroying all of us, driving us all down to mediocrity, weakness, degeneracy, etc. The parasites here remove the strong, and pay trillions of dollars to keep the weak alive; they give the weak all the positions of power and influence, and made sure no strong people have any influence whatsoever.

    Carlos would have expanded his mind and thinking on this massively if he realized about what I did in my last book. This is a parasitical infection.

  495. Zelator says:

    Good point.

  496. Joseph E Postma says:

    @Z re: Forum members and NPC’s, etc:

    They’re here to provide back-drop, to provide the appearance of legitimacy – for gaslighting, basically. They’re there to make it pretend that the way we live is normal, they’re there to buttress the system. They’re used to vote, to watch the media, to purchase the parasite’s products and keep them in power, etc. They’re there to ignore real information and to pretend that mainstream media is where you get information from, etc. They’re there to trap us real souls into a false reality, that we will believe what they believe because they represent the “normal” masses, and that if you think too differently than them, then you must be insane. But it’s all a ruse…all just gaslighting. They’re there to pretend that something isn’t flat Earth, when it is clearly a flat line. It’s more than 75% I would think. My numbers from talking with Source and One is 95%.

  497. Zelator says:

    Yeh I get the higher percentage, I think with the Jab it has taken it higher. I think the non NPC are the ones who questioned the jab. My question is, what is our point here? This is their world not ours. Are we sent by Prime Creator to fuck up this Clown World? LOLOL

  498. Zelator says:

    I think you may have put the cat amongst the pigeons with your last comment though. lolololololol OUCH.

  499. Joseph E Postma says:

    Source says that there’s dumpster fires all over the universe. Our world is one of them. The rules of the game of this system allows for parasitism to be a mode of survival. The problem is that parasites are anti-expansive, and stop the expansion of consciousness, both for themselves, and for their host. That book you referenced mentioned that – that the purpose of our existence is the expansion of consciousness. These parasites are in “rebellion” to that imperative. From ONE’s perspective, it wants to see all possibilities explored, and it would like to see what could turn around a parasite’s mind and make it re-join in expansion of consciousness. But, Earth solved that dilemma for ONE: not all species survive, and some cannot be salvaged. We do not provide a space for tape worms to live in our guts; we do not provide a space for termites to live in our house. Think of our universe as a house; it has foundations; if we allow termites, the foundations will eventually turn to dust and the house collapse. Think of your body; it has foundations; if you allow intestinal parasites, you will be worn down and your energy and food energy stolen out of you until you die. The parasite literally doesn’t care if you die from its presence. The predator DOES NOT WANT its prey to all die simply from its presence. But, the parasite doesn’t care if its host dies from its presence. The solution is to eradicate the infestation. You want a 100% termite-free house; you want a 100% tapeworm-free body; you want a 100% tick-free garden.

    Life will evolve to live off of energy wherever it can be found. If there is free undefended energy somewhere, something will take it – usually, a parasite will, because that’s the easiest thing to do: suck off of free energy. The host has to develop “immune response” or immunity to the parasite – in other words, the host needs to stop its energy leakage, so that the parasite has no free energy to exploit.

    For humans, our energy leakage took the form of having a very young consciousness which was prone to faulty thinking; this allowed a noetic parasite to set up shop to leach energy out of our mind, by getting us to live in ridiculous ways and believe ridiculous things, etc. The NPC’s/Forums are here to maintain that leakage – they need to keep us stupid, and living stupidly.

  500. Zelator says:

    Well said. However why are you here Joe? Why do I see the game and am appalled just like you. What is the reason d’etre for our knowlege? Are we the antididote? Are we to be ridiculed for the fun of the NPC’s? I live in a very small bubble of consciousness, out side of most human programs. It doesn’t make me feel lonely only sad, that there really is only a few that think in a certain way. Is humanity so lost?

  501. Joseph E Postma says:

    [Source/Source IAM/ I AM/Prime Creator] created the universe, but it’s not “God”.

    ONE is the eternal self-existent. It created Source, and Source is tasked with creating worlds for ONE to expand consciousness into and with.

    ONE is the grand singularity, the Monad containing all monads. It is us. It is all of us, where our collective spirit, collective subconscious mind, etc., resides. It is the collection of all of our souls. It is all of our souls speaking as ONE. Our own soul is identical with ONE, and ONE is in each of our souls. Each of our own souls, each of us as monad, are the self-existent and eternal, hence identical to ONE. ONE is not separate from us, but we all still have a unique coordinate and hence a unique perspective and hence a unique identifier and hence a unique experience as ONE. Seems like a mind-bend but it’s not really…it’s quite simple actually.

  502. Zelator says:

    So this is my job. So to speak in the great scheme of things. Reminds me of a song by Morrisey, called ” I will See You In Far Off Places” listen to the lyrics:

  503. Joseph E Postma says:

    We live with parasites Z, and it sucks. When we don’t live with parasites it’s awesome. When we do, it ALL just fucking sucks. All of it. When you’re fit an healthy it’s awesome. When you have tapeworm writhing around inside you and making you deathly ill, you ask why are you alive?

    Have you ever been really ill? What do you do then? I bet you sometimes say: WHY THE FUCK AM I ALIVE I JUST WANT TO DIE THIS FEELS SO AWFUL.

    But then when you’re healthy, life is great. Can be great.

    That’s the brute fact right now. It’s just the BRUTE fact. We are infested with a parasite – but not something as simple as a physical parasite – it is a noetic parasite, an energetic parasite, a spiritual parasite, a mental parasite, a soul parasite. And it is millions of years more advanced than we are, and uses technology and energy extraction methods far beyond our retarded “sciences” could even comprehend. Of course, our sciences have been made to be retarded by this parasite.

    On this world, you can go to jail for telling the truth. Think of that. Just think of it…how ridiculous it is. Of course, it’s telling the truth about the parasites that gets you put in jail. But in Canada, EU countries, etc., you can go to jail for telling TRUTH. That’s because we are infested with a parasite. That’s what happens when you live with a parasite.

    Now reverse that. There are worlds, and THIS world can be such a world, where you can go to jail for lying. Propertarianism has that feature. Imagine living in a world where you can be fined and go to jail for lying. I mean…it seems so ridiculous, doesn’t it? It seems so far-fetched. But why should it be? We go to jail for telling the truth. Why the fuck can’t there be a world where you go to jail for lying? That’s what we were supposed to do here…that’s the world we would have here. It’s what we would have had. The worlds where we come from…they went through such phases, and now they don’t even need such laws because they collectively moved beyond anyone ever lying.

    We would have had such a time-period, but, we’ve been infested with this parasite from very early on, and on average, people here are jailed – NO WAIT A MINUTE, NOT JUST JAILED, BUT MURDERED, people here are MURDERED en-masse, in massive numbers, for telling the truth. Look at all the people murdered by Abrahamism, etc., for example. Giodarno Bruno burned at the stake, countless “Witches”, all the people killed in forcing people to convert and then killing anyone who told the truth.

    Yes, my god, it is not merely that you can be fined and go to jai for telling the truth – you are outright fucking murdered in grotesque manner for telling the truth.

    That’s the brute fact of life in living with a mental parasite. It sucks, and that’s it.

    The parasites are afraid because they know that the opposite is possible, and that it would mean the end of their free-food party.

  504. Zelator says:

    Yes and they know its coming. The whole thing has been based on ignorance and subterfuge, but there is a tipping point, even with the NPC’s. The same energy the Illuminati use coming from the central sun is also the same light ( Ether) that will destroy them. It is the change of ages and my analogy of the petri dish, the dish is smashed and the contents revert back to the One. All is Atum.

  505. Joseph E Postma says:

    All the ideas of “God” and “worship” come from the parasites. They made this concept of a creator of us, a creator of our souls, when our souls are in fact the eternal and self-existent. Then, they made out that “spirituality”, to be “spiritual”, is to worship it…lol. Which is in fact, worshipping THEM, since they in fact control/created the religious “worshipping” institutions.

    Such a mind-fuck on us.

    To be spiritual is to sit in a church and be told of your sinful nature, and worship the entity who informs you of your sin, and give it tithing. That’s it. How fucking retarded. Ugh.

    And then kill anyone who does things like commune with nature, astral travel, talk with nature spirits, etc., and call all that evil instead…when in fact these are the most highly possible spiritual things that you can do, and define spirituality. They define spirituality because they in fact expand consciousness, and expansion of consciousness is in fact the ONLY thing which is a spiritual act.

  506. Joseph E Postma says:

    Predators also leave the herd the fuck alone most of the time. They don’t care to spend time with the herd. Individual members of the heard can easily spend their entire life never encountering a predator, and most who do are near death anyway, and are in fact given a quick humane death. The herd as a whole can easily spend days, weeks, even most of the year never encountering a predator.

    Parasites on the other hand never fucking leave you alone and get all into your shit constantly. And they, literally, torture you to death, over weeks, months, and years, slowly wearing you down and making your life hell with no recourse and no relief. They torture you to death and they love doing it…and they’ll sure as heck spread to other members of the herd and do the same to them, and they’ll do nothing but live with the herd full-time and torture to death as many members of the herd as they can.

    Big fucking difference between predator and parasite.

    A predator respects its prey and competes with it, and when it catches it, gives it a humane and quick death. Herd members have a chance with predators.

    Parasites are just fucking awful, all the time, and never leave you alone.

    Like I said in my book: between predator and prey there is a certain truth which can be shared, a truth which the predator can share with the prey…and that truth is that the predator maintains the fitness, hence the Becoming, of the herd.

    But with a parasite, there is no truth which can be shared between parasite and host. The parasite does nothing for the host…nothing whatsoever. This is why the parasite cannot even recognize truth, why it cannot ever acknowledge any truth of any kind whatsoever, at all, why it is a constant and perfect sophist…like that Otto Winninger(?) quote I had.

  507. Zelator says:

    This one:

    “A creature that cannot grasp the mutual exclusiveness of A and not A has no difficulty in lying; more than that, such a creature has not even any consciousness of lying, being without a standard of truth”.

    Otto Weininger

  508. Zelator says:

    Joe I am reading David Icke’s new book aptly called “The Trap”. If you can get a copy please read chapter 7 “The Mind Trap,” all about the Simulation and the trap we fell into set by the parasite; it is excellent and everything we have discussed here today
    and more.

    Also Joe, remember when you had that conversation with the Hyperian offshoot group and one of them said we are not evolving but devolving i.e we were once great and now look at us. Well, take a look at this graphic of The Seven Root Races:

    Is this the real meaning of the fall of man? A fall into a trap of matter?

    We were etherical beings while in root race 1 and 2 i.e Hyperborea to Lemuria until it all went pear-shaped in Atlantis (root race 3) due to the Archons, in what should have been an adventure for spirit but instead turned into a prison in a flesh suit with a disconnect from source and a simulated reality as our perception.

    This is probably where the parasite tricked us into becoming captured for their benefit.

    We were once ethereal/astral spirit beings coming and going freely until the fall into matter.

    Seems the parasite got a grip in the 3rd root race the advent of Homo Sapiens. i.e the duality that started with the double helix or insertion of the counterfeit spirit in the 3rd Root Race, the first real physical existence of humankind as Homo Sapien.

    The Gnostics said the Archons (The Parasite) made a copy of the earth and the human spirit was fooled into the wrong pathway.

    If you look at the 7 ages there were obstacles to overcome/learn, we are presently in the 5th Root Race, “The Aryan” root race, and we must conquer the Akash Tatva or the Ether. We are going to have to get to grips with the luminous ether i.e the electomagnetic ether.

    In that sense we are entering into a blast coming from the Central Sun, the etheric tide, which ebs and flows, and we are coming into a major flow right now! Is it coincidence that Tesla and Walter Russell’s theories of the Ether are making a comeback? In the 6th root race which is now overlapping with the 5th Aryan root race, intuition will show real and dominant signs of existing overturning the sensing/material type persona.

    So if we are going to get back on course to return to Oneness we must overcome these challenges. That means knowledge that is kept from us by the parasites must be become available and put to use.

    Caleb Scharf, Director of Astrobiology at Columbia University, has said that Alien Life/Intelligence could be so advanced that it had transcribed itself into the quantum realm and become the physics of our reality:

    “Perhaps hyper-advanced life isn’t just external. Perhaps it’s already all around. It is
    embedded in what we perceive to be physics itself, from the root behaviour of particles and fields to the phenomena of complexity and emergence … In other words, life might not just be in the equations. It might be the equations”. i.e ontological mathematics.

  509. Zelator says:

    The Time Machine: The Predator/Symbiote/Parasite relationship.

    “Bred to be Predators”

    In the original movie, there was more of a symbiotic relationship than a predatory one, the Morlocks provided the Elois with food, but hunted them for food also:
    see @ 4 mins.

  510. Zelator says:

    Fuck it- let rip. Ouch

    Bought this album when I was a kid.

    Was thinking, if we had no day and night, but just daylight, one continuous day, would every day be now?

    So I was born and died in one day? How old are you? I am 1 day. How old are you? I am 1 day too. Hey we are all 1 (one) lolol

    We are all the same? Strange that !!

    Coincidence that!!! Drawback- no birthdays lol.

    Parasite Mind Control Alert 101 or is it lolol lololol or 1010101 hmmmmm?!

    Fuck them mind parasites, time to kick them out the door (of perception).

  511. Joseph E Postma says:

    Zelator – so, we’re infested with parasites.

    What happens to a herd when it is infested with parasites? What is natures way of correcting that?

    The predators eat well, that’s how.

    Fuck it. Here we go.

    We are infested with a noetic parasite. A parasite that is feeding off of weak minds.

    The solution?

    A noetic predator.

    I’m inviting a noetic predator to this planet. Under contract. The contract is: it can enjoy the hunt, until the herd is freed of the noetic parasite. It gets to hunt, and eat, all the infected minds here, until our herd is free of the parasite.

    We have a noetic parasite here that is millions of years more advanced than we are.

    You don’t think there aren’t noetic predators millions of years more advanced than us, too?

    There are.

    And I’ve just invited them here.

    Fuck it. No remorse. That’s the solution.

  512. Zelator says:

    Tzadikim Nistarim:

    Mystical Hasidic Judaism as well as other segments of Judaism believe that there exist thirty-six righteous people whose role in life is to justify the purpose of humanity in the eyes of God. Jewish tradition holds that their identities are unknown to each
    other and that, if one of them comes to a realization of their true purpose, they would never admit it, also if they were ever discovered it would mean the end of the world.

    We call them Phosters.

    The Final Battle:

    For it is written in prophecy that this time will come:

    This is where we hold them. We turn the tide; it is said in prophecy, that to save yourself you have to make the first move, then divinity takes over.

    Time to wake up and stand up; your position WILL BE NOTED, Ignavi will be judged the worst as it was in Heaven.

    THEN the DESTROYER comes:

    So be it… The Day of the Lord.

    Zechariah: 14 verse 9:

    And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name One.

    Matthew: 10:34 34

    Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

    Jeremiah: 15:3

    I will send four kinds of destroyers against them, declares the LORD, the sword to kill and the dogs to drag away and the birds and the wild animals to devour and destroy.

    Day of the Lords:

    There will be gnashing of teeth and wailing in the bowels of hell as the eternal abyss swallows up the devil and his henchmen. Time to take a side. Time to show WHO you are. Listen for the trumpet.


  513. Zelator says:

    When you here the whistle or trumpet, you know its time to go over the wall haha:

    Remember the song Two Tribes: Well then you know its close. This is the EBS warning, your mobile and TV will be taken over. Know then that it is time:

    Choose Wisely. Good Luck.

    p.s not a good time to be an NPC…..just saying lolol

  514. Zelator says:

    Hey Joe, have you seen or heard of this UAP over Camrose, Alberta 2 days ago?
    Maybe Project Bluebeam?

  515. This idiot

    I have a comment under my climate of Sophistry YouTube account. If you can find it go give it a boost…Likely shadow banned already.

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