Converting Christians to Illuminism – WHAT!?

How would you convert an Abrahamist to Illuminism? To answer that question, you have to answer how you would do that to a scientific materialist just the same! So, how do you even begin to solve that problem?

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60 Responses to Converting Christians to Illuminism – WHAT!?

  1. TEWS_Pilot says:

    How would you convert an Abrahamist to Illuminism?
    1. Mushrooms
    2. LSD
    3. Frontal Lobotomy

  2. As I have become a Christian just 18 months ago, I wonder more how I can convert you to Christianity 😄

    Probably simply by encouraging you to do the laborious task of reading the Bible from start to finish. To be as neutral as possible when doing so. To pretend that no one has previously made any claims to you about what various things in it mean. When you find things in it that appear contradictory to ask yourself if you can come up with an hypothesis as to how the text could be logically reconciled with itself by looking at alternative ways of interpreting the text. Finally to ask yourself whilst reading it, why the Globalist Agenda is trying to subvert and destroy Christianity and Christians and not other religions?

  3. Good point Steven!

  4. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Welcome to the family, you are in great company!

  5. TEWS_Pilot says:

    The long list of scientists down through the ages who were “Abrahamists” and more recently were actually Christians is impressive. Even Einstein, who was a Jew, had a belief in a higher power and said the intricacies of the universe and everything in it including life and intelligence and the complicated laws of nature could not have sprung from nothing spontaneously.

  6. MP says:

    @ jP

    Glad you brought the word God deeper into the forefront of reality perception equation

    While redefining the conceptual perception of God there is no need to bring in satanic origin terminology

    Like defined here

    Or here

    Click to access lucifer_v1.pdf

    Or in the muh Satan Albert Pikes manifesto

    Like your philosophical thought process, dislike certain terminology and chosen replacement archetypes. What makes it in current reality hard to sell. And even unwanted to sell, Besides to the Albert Pike philosophy Abrahamist

  7. boomie789 says:

    Teaching people who want to learn is easy. Trying to change someone’s mind is much much harder.

  8. boomie789 says:

    Lol, relevant.

  9. boomie789 says:

    Alleged qoute from Russian officer in 2015 ” In 20 years Russia will either be an ally of the west, of some kind, or a vassal state of China”.

    Accurate imo.

  10. boomie789 says:


    “The President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Minnesota, telling a bit more truth than he probably is allowed to, regarding Central Bank Digital Currencies”

  11. boomie789 says:


  12. boomie789 says:

  13. boomie789 says:

  14. Exactly this with Communism later on in Russia:

  15. All of it simply reduces to schemes to genocide the European race…White people in general, Caucasians, hence including Russian Whites too. They sell you on nice sounding ideas but it’s all just a ruse for their consolidation of power, destruction of the human mind, and enslavement of the planet.

    The German National Socialists were the only ones to put up a good fight against it all, but even that may have been planned knowing that they could just use it in ww2 to murder 100 million more White people.

  16. Zelator says:

    I’ve just re-read your book Joe “Planet Wars”.

    It’s interesting you say that Prime Creator has decided to step in break the parasitic stranglehold, to allow humanity to ascend. That is what I am hearing as well. There is a galactic ascension program being implemented by off world forces that are more light than dark. The human experiment is coming to an end in its free will cycle and is now being pushed to ascend rather than to continually incarnate in a cyclical 3d prison planet. Free will has become toxic in a self defeating greed and destruction program as introduced by the mind parasite Zeta. As such growth has become stagnant.

    There were certain Source codes that came through on the winter Solstice, which downloaded codes for the coming year and a new goal of breaking free of service to self and introducing a more wholistic service to others planet. This is the archon/phoster shift tipping point code 36/144. This will have a massive impact on human consciousness, and will transform the world as we know it and ultimately the quarantine will be lifted and the Zeta dealt with once and for all. It is still a human free will program, but humans will be pushed to change how they interact with each other and how they treat the planet. New technologies will be introduced to address the need for work labour remuneration and humanitarian projects will be available as grants for philantrophic projects. We can all work on our own project to clean up the planet and be rewarded for it.

    On the subject of light and dark, here is an article on old zeta technology, a reminder the the parasite is in its death throws but still going down fighting:

    “Themis” – used in classrooms universities etc to monitor debates and issues a loud noise it it detects, bad language, offensive terms – racial slurs, offensive jokes – through the microphone.

    Sounds like a load of Fucking Bollocks to me ……..BEEP BEEP BLUR BLUR BEEP BLUR Blur Lol. Oops!

  17. Zelator says:

    More Zeta propaganda – this Courtesy of

    President Putin stated yesterday: “We protect national interests, we are doing the right thing” ; are “national interests” protecting Russia against demonic American liberal hegemony, about which President Putin previously observed: “Parent number one and parent number two: birth parent instead of mother, banning the use of the phrase breast milk and replacing it with human milk so that people who are insecure about their gender will not be upset…

    This is nothing new…

    In the 1920s the Soviet so-called Kulturträgers also invented the so-called Newspeak, proposing that in this way they could create a new consciousness and change society’s values – and today it sees the godless socialist Western colonial powers outraged over the “Putin Santa” video sweeping across Russia, wherein it depicts a young American boy child saddened because his homosexual fathers are dressing him in girls clothing, but after leaving a note for Santa in his fireplace stocking and saying his bedtime prayer, “Putin Santa” sweeps down the chimney and swaps out this child’s life for a new one, with a real mother and father and toys meant for boys, which made
    him very, very happy.

  18. The Putin side is correct here.

  19. Zelator says:

    Absolutely Joe.

  20. Zelator says:

    Russia is Orthodox Christianity. If nothing else it instils morals and a code of behaviour that leads to a healthy heterosexual lifestyle. Politics aside, Christianity has kept its people bound by a code of honour of family and neighbourhood. Atheistic or at worst satanic beliefs lead to all levels of depravity and it is this reason that a good religion is important for a secure healthy society.

  21. Yes, the only problem still being that Abrahamism is a slave mentality. The scientism and atheism of the West is all an operation to hijack reason and make everything so retarded in the name of “reason” that society falls back to the slave mentality of Abrahamism. But as Hockney points out, scientism and atheism are anything but rational, and are indeed just retarded. But this doesn’t mean that Christianity (Abrahamism) is true.

    This is why we need to create a new religion, based on Illuminism, which is true reason. But it’s not atheism, scientism, materialism, or Abrahamism, or Buddhism, etc etc etc. It’s what I have in my ontological mathematics videos, etc. But we need to make it meaningful for people.

    One thing that needs to be done is to separate the concept of “worship” from “spirituality”. Abrahsmists think that being spiritual means worshipping…how fucked is that!!! Lol. To be spiritual is to worship…lol. So retarded.

  22. boomie789 says:
  23. CD Marshall says:

    Joe if you’re bored that Nolan character is on Twitter, “Earth emits more radiation from the surface than the input of the Sun” trope and now claims it’s 65% more radiation than the Sun. He is arguing with a physicist who keeps correcting him, but he refuses to accept reality. If you want to glance at it I gave you a retweet on your link. I’m bouncing either way for the night.

  24. boomie789 says:

  25. CD Marshall says:

    To all in England,
    Met Office claims:
    “2022 was the hottest year ever recorded in the United Kingdom since records began 364 years ago in 1659.”

    If every year was “hottest year” since 2000 the average T should be around 30C by now.

  26. CD Marshall says:

    This guy is a climate clown Ken is a physicist.
    Replying to

    and 2 others
    Hey Ken, maybe you can help me with something:
    If I have two otherwise identical grey bodies with radiant fluxes coming off the surfaces of Φ_A for body A and Φ_B for body B such that Φ_B > Φ_A, which of the two bodies is warmer?

  27. CD Marshall says:

    “…its possible for Earth’s surface to radiate more power than the power it recieves from the sun.”

    Ken P
    “Flux is not a conserved quantity. Energy is conserved. You know that, right?”

  28. CD Marshall says:

    Nolan Bot keeps pushing the plate sophistry.

    Ken P.
    Replying to

    and 2 others
    Initial conditions were necessary to properly calculate what you asked for. But also, you needed time to not be open ended. You’re using cartoon physics again – “fizzix” that’s my new term for this kind of crap.

  29. boomie789 says:


    Cool video doing light experiments.

  30. boomie789 says:

  31. CD Marshall says:

    Say hello to Nolan who is creeping on this site and still gratifying himself over the fraudulent mathematical trick of Rabbet. All the fun you’re missing on Twatter.

    I do like this guy though:
    Christophe Pochari
    Replying to

    and 5 others
    Anthony Watts is a pro GHE fraud, and Willis Eschenbach has created a thermodynamic demon with his energy-doubling steel reflector.

  32. boomie789 says:

  33. CD Marshall says:

    Is Joe in jail? Prison? Sent to a black ops rehab facility located 3 miles under a Saskatchewan mountain that shall not be named. 🙄😏

  34. I’m here. I checked that person on Twitter couple of days ago and liked a few comments by others.

  35. CD Marshall says:

    Nolan has convinced himself he outsmarted a couple of physicists. Don’t recall if that exact pseudo name was on here at any time but he sounds like the “Alex” persona.

  36. CD Marshall says:

    CD Marshall
    Replying to

    and 5 others
    It is the reason why this is incorrect. Joe pointed that out and offered to debate you live didn’t he? You refused.
    Nolan Carlton
    Replying to

    and 5 others
    Stop lying CD. I agreed to debate him about the plates or sphere-shell problems. He threw a fit, stomped his feet, and ran away.

    Sorry CD, but NASA is correct and Postma is a whack-job that thinks monads created the universe.

  37. Ooh now there’s a rat lol.

  38. CD Marshall says:

    I think he’s in love with you. 😍

  39. So it’s the exact same retard with endless accounts. Yes, IT ran away from the debate because it wouldn’t show its face, like a coward…lol.

  40. It’s because it has no face…haha

  41. CD Marshall says:

    It claims it’s a teacher or a professor or something.

  42. CD Marshall says:

    Quite the thread of physics going on at over there and whatever Nolan is on about. Rabbet even got involved defending his pseudo plate meme.

  43. CD Marshall says:

    Joe got a minute to email me. Got something I’d like to pass along.

  44. You have mine don’t you?

  45. CD Marshall says:

    Your old one not sure if it was valid anymore.

  46. CD Marshall says:

    Just sent it. We shall see.

  47. CD Marshall says:

    Good job as always. In a sane world you’d be teaching a master class.

  48. CD Marshall says:

    Now the Net Zero clan is pushing to remove gas stoves and claiming, “they leak” and next it will be gas completely.

  49. boomie789 says:


    Looks like a fresh NWO memo just came out.

  50. Zelator says:

    Global Warming to Climate Change to Carbon Net Zero:

    Same narrative different title. Population Reduction/Terraforming or Population Replacement!

    Net Carbon Zero: The Real War Against “HUMANITY”:

  51. Zelator says:

    Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, is known for playing the piano with his penis:

    ”””’ and dancing while wearing women’s high heels in gay videos.

    While he dances and snorts cocaine his army is slowly disintegrating….

    NATO – Fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian:

    On the subject of Geopolitics here are a couple of reports I’ve come across this week:

    Here is Benjamin Fulford’s Newsletter for this week; it’s in German but if you open it in Google it should auto translate:

    and an article from Whatdoesitmean….

    Which proves they are playing both sides with Putin the so called Orthodox Christian anti Nazi and his more liberal counterpart Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev who is a Russian politician who has been serving as the deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia since 2020.

    Medvedev also served as the president of Russia between 2008 and 2012 and prime minister of Russia between 2012 and 2020.
    Medvedev was elected president in the 2008 election.

    Medvdev openly blames the Anglo Saxons for the world’s ills showing that he is a known Khazarian insider. Putin like the rest of them WEFers report directly to Rothschilds.

    Incidentally the original commie KGB Putin is long dead and swapped with a WEF puppet decades ago.If you look on the internet, and it is more difficult now as they have swept the internet of pics, then you will see the original Putin looks nothing like the round faced new Putin.

    Have no doubt that this is Hegelian Dialectic in action or Illuminati, aka Synarchy the group that want us in communistic communes and ruled by a fascist hierarchy. Animal Farm. There is no communism and Fascism only Synarchy, it’s been the goal all along.

    Now if you follow Joe’s logic then this is off world. This is their modus operandi. This is how they conquer planets and infiltrate over the long game.

    It’s a well trodden game theory that they have used for conquer. If in doubt read Joes book “Planet Wars”, he explains it far better than I can do it justice here.

  52. Zelator says:

    The Torus Field. As Above so Below. All is Atum:

    Natural Law as codified in us from our Creator.

    The real reason truth, honesty and love rule the physical plane.

    Dis-ease is a breakdown of natural law, a breakdown of bodily vibrations and natural cycles. It is true we have been hijacked and the secret of our divine nature hidden in order to enslave us.

    But we can re-member who we are and break free from our shackles with knowledge.

    This Channel is a good start.

  53. CD Marshall says:

    The Nazis could never dream of achieving what the NWO has established since 2020. Rome couldn’t even achieve this level of absolution.

  54. boomie789 says:

  55. TEWS_Pilot says:


    Former Klansman and president Lyndon “BLACKHEART” Johnson and his evil fellow traveler Democrats destroyed the nuclear Black family and set up Welfare so that it would not pay benefits to a Black family where the husband/father was in the home, only to homes run by unwed breed mares….and it has resulted in the ghetto killing fields we see in places like ChimpCongo and “Phillthydelphia” and Balti-more-ammo, and the like.

  56. Those city names are great 👍 lol

  57. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Your mileage may vary…

  58. Zelator says:

    They sent a terminator from the future to end the timeline. The Illuminati tried twice and nearly succeeded on both occasions. It would mean the end of this matrix. A change to a different timeline.

    The C Destiny:

  59. Zelator says:

    Just another day in clown-land running the gauntlet of the NPC’s:

    “Reality is a game of thoughts playing with matter which creates deep realities that control our emotions until the dreamer, you, wake up.

    We live on an illusion of the Earth. There are roughly 7.5 billion people on Earth and 2.5 billion are real and 5 billion are projections. Which are copies of someone right now, which can be parents, siblings, friends…etc. These are known as NPC – “Non Player Characters” or “Handlers.”

    They run on their programming, their interior dialogue rather than their intuition and heart. This reality doesn’t belong to us, we are strangers here. When we interfere with this reality, we have no idea who we are messing with.

    There are ways to leave this game, but not change it. This reality has a purpose and we can exit it, through the mind to the heart.

    Our personal reality is a hologram which is created by our thoughts, emotions and actions through our DNA, which transmits our reality to
    our brain. We make reality become real. The body only exists in the mind, the consciousness.

    Our life is composed of 30,000 holograms which appear in our auric field. Yesterday doesn’t exist, it’s just our attachment to that hologram that you’ve experienced. If we hold onto a past hologram, we are draining energy and taking life force that could be used for today. Whatever has happened to you already, can never happen again once you learn from that lesson. We are all just watching a movie we are creating”.

    That was a quote from Billy Rood of Fifty8 Magazine.

    Here is a video I came across as I went on Youtube this morning:

    The NPC Diaries; Soulless Humans Running Amok In Clown World!

    Have you noticed the bizarre behaviour when you go into town and there are a lot of people milling around?

    How many of these characters are real? Transhuman? I wonder how many non vaccinated are not NPC’s as opposed to Vaccinated who are NPC’s?
    Is there is a correlation between those vaccinated and NPC’s. There seems to be an increase in weird behaviour since the jab.

    Anyway came across an article, were doctors now reckon that it will take 3 years for the vaccinated to start dying with an end game of 10 years. Apparently the graphene oxide binds with the spike protein, and takes a while to integrate and fully formulate itself.

    Given that the start of the Covid Scamdemic was in Jan 2020 it is now 3 years that have elapsed. And there are now a lot of cardio-thoracic- vascular deaths starting to happen. Hence the video by Stew Peters “Died Suddenly”.

    However WEF’ers are believed to be now putting the graphene oxide into the food chain, water chain, airways etc. Also the vaccinated are believed to not only shed but the AI smart dust graphene particles can jump to new hosts. So it is important to protect ourselves.

    Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot has some articles and videos and some downloads on her site that addresses all of this:

    So here is an important article I picked out. Please read it all. There is an interview with a Black Illuminati WEF Operative called Dr. Mylo Canderian who developed the patent for Graphene Oxide for use as a Hematological Bioweapon in 2015:


    Click to access INVASION-AND-TAKEOVER.pdf

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