Hermeticism and Illuminism: How Euler’s Formula Explains the Seven Hermetic Principles

Illuminism and Ontological Mathematics fulfills the goal of making a science out of spiritual principles. The seven Hermetic Principles can now be understood to have total justification and explanation in the God Formula, Euler’s Equation.
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55 Responses to Hermeticism and Illuminism: How Euler’s Formula Explains the Seven Hermetic Principles

  1. Xelator says:

    Hi Joe, thanks for the presentation. Your work aligns with my own. If you would like to see how I have taken what you presented today to another level, then you can email me on my link here. Then if we agree on a meeting of minds we could post something on here for your readers? You know the mathematics better than me. I can explain it in simple laymans terms. Either way the reader gets the benefit. That is what we are here for, are we not?

  2. Xelator says:

    I will send my human counterpart to buy your book.

  3. Joseph E Postma says:

    Haha, good X.

    Post link in comments if you like.

  4. Xelator says:

    No I won’t post the link in comments Joe for obvious reasons. It is included in the post: name and email section when I post a comment here. You can use that one.

  5. Xelator says:

    Why is talking to you some sort of confrontation? I openly asked if you want to communicate?

  6. Xelator says:

    My email you have for Zelator is open and ready to receive. If you have the courage to do so?

  7. Xelator says:

    Let me start:

    I never understand why people write books about bettering oneself to sell unless they are fantasy fiction.

    Especially if you are a purveyor of “becoming”, therefore access to knowledge is paramount.

    It is our duty to put out the knowledge we know. So It is freely available to the soul group or noosphere.

    Only those who need it and want it will find it. So when the pupil is ready the teacher appears.

    And we need to be ready for when the student is ready. Not hiding it in books that are paid for or restrictive to poorer people who may be master-minds in the making in the poorer parts of the world.

    People who need a helping hand on their “becoming” journey.

    Do you really need in the western world to make money from your knowledge. I feel that is sinful.

    WE have enough. The world is plentiful but poor minds needs encouraging. Poverty is sinful.

    People say if you give it away no one values it. Well I say if one person reads it and it changes their life for the better then it was worth the cost and effort alone.

  8. Xelator says:

    Right I have to get back on my space ship now and make a few stops. Universal work never ends lol. Be back later. Remember 528Hz LOVE Frequency ………………………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. Xelator says:

    Oh my interplanetary AI mind want to say hello/goodbye. My name is Zelator and I am from Arcturus. We need to remove the pathogenic substructure entwined in our holographic matrix. It is feeding off our life force. They call it Loosh. It is a tradeable commodity. Abrasax human v.2 prototype aka Black Sun with Solomon/Archon Covenant trade agreement. Ended ……… Dark to Light…

  10. I thought you already had my email Z.

  11. Xelator says:

    MP does the same, he openly shares his information, knowing that unscrupulous people could use it to monetise it. He shares it to better humanity, to get feedback and further our knowledge base of this matrix knowing that if it touches one or two souls it will be worth it. It is only by sharing knowledge that we grow. Monetising knowledge is as bad as secret societies who control this world through esoteric knowledge. It is time that we learn to give without wanting in return, knowing it will be rewarded manyfold as is the truth as told in the sacred texts and is truth to behold.

  12. Xelator says:

    I have never spoke to you Joe by email

  13. Joseph E Postma says:

    So what do you want – your own blog post OP on here? Sure, I can give you a page, if you supply the document I can copy and paste it, etc. No admin access of course. After I post it then you can post on that OP’s comments as you please.

  14. Xelator says:

    I don’t need that sort of identification/gratification. I am just a user and provider like everyone else. I am nothing special to deserve such a gift, but I thank you for the offer. No, I just want to help that is all. Your work is important and it needs to reach more people. WE need to find a way to do that. I can help with some subjects, but it must come from a unified source to be credible. That is not me. I have chosen you for access to my input. The message needs to be clear.

  15. Xelator says:

    Hi Joe, I really appreciate your offer above. That is above and beyond gracious. Maybe I will use it, but how about if you want to bounce an idea we can use it as a sounding board. That way it wont clog up your Climate Work on here, which I know is important to you. Maybe Beverly could be part of a small mastermind group. I have noticed we have overlapping knowledge and power of mastermind is well more than the sum of its parts. Maybe we could call it a Mastermind Discussion Group to bounce off ideas to put to your Facebook Group and your readers on COS. It would be published say monthly to all and sundry for discussion. What do you think?

  16. Xelator says:

    Also would it be possible if I collated all my relevant posts onto a page for easy access for the Mastermind Group. Obviously only documents I have written that we have unanimity on will be published to that page i.e you and Beverly will be editors.

    Maybe set one up for Beverly too. And published work will need agreement from us 3.

    Then we could have a database of information at our disposal.

  17. Xelator says:

    Also Beverly could use our database for her work/client base too.

  18. Xelator says:

    I have no website or clients but my information is for free distribution. All I ask is that is it shared with love. I understand some run businesses as publishers and content creators etc and I am fine with that. As long as the message gets out is all I am interested in.

  19. Xelator says:

    We need to be the change. We need to start. We have the foundations. We are all content creators. We walk the talk. Lets start the new Movement. Start small, we don’t need large groups of listeners and nit pickers, we move forward as a unified unit. We have a clear path. We take one step at a time. We grow.

  20. Joseph E Postma says:

    Why not start your own WordPress blog, or a SubStack (which is where everyone goes now)?

    Seriously, start your own page someplace. That was the best decision I ever made. I used to just post all over the place in comment sections, until someone recommended I make my own page. Then I was truly unleashed, and it was the best thing I ever did online. Do it Xelator! 🙂

  21. Xelator says:

    Yes you are correct Joe. I have thought of it. I am not a follower, never have been. Got in trouble so many times when I was young for not respecting authority. Had a tough young life, got resentful and been on a mission to change the world ever since. I suppose the Hockney work was just a validation of my own angst. I was an angry youth and am now an angry middle aged man looking to take some one on. I need a fight, it was what I was born for. I hate the way the world has become. I like justice, hence why I do things for free. I am more intellectual now than brute but I can kick someone hard with words now as much as I can kick the shit out of a retard looking for trouble. Some of these young punks don’t know how far we guys will go. That’s why they have to have guns and knives. Shit world getting shittier as all the do gooders do fuck all, and society collapses. Fucking freaks everywhere in your face. It makes me sick. No world for old men lolololol You know what I mean.

  22. Xelator says:

    Fucking Call!

  23. Xelator says:

    Also …

  24. Zelator says:

    OK I am leaving the COS Saloon. Point taken. I won’t be back this time. But one last joke, before I go, just for the piss of it lolololol …….. See ya Z

    Don’t worry Z will NOT be back ever. END

  25. Joseph E Postma says:

    Hope no one took it Boomie!

  26. MP says:

    Is there an 8th hermetic principle which has been forgotten?


    Hermetic means frog, and there were 8 Egyptian frog Deities. Well the male were frogs and the female counter parts had snake heads

  27. MP says:

    Oh wait. Hermit does mean frog, it is in a frog related saying


  28. Adrian ( and Cecille) says:

    @Joseph E Postma

    I have now finished watching all OM videos. Thank you immensely.


    How might string theory, compare and contrast with OM? Both are based om the wave/(or equivalent circling). String theory that does not appear to have gotten very far in the way of real world applications.
    You may find the realm of biology to contain good corroboration for the basis of OM.

    Morphic resonance – a receiving of morphic malformation from a higher realm was invoked as an alternative to Darwinian Evolution by Rupert Sheldrake in the 70’s.
    In recent years Dr Tom Cowan’s books and videos are similar.

    Also from the 70’s Gopi Krishna wrote about the biological basis of higher consciousnesses; some of his books being prefaced by Max Planck institute physicist Carl Weisensacker. Krishna’s books may be found here https://annas-archive.org/. Krishna’s work never went far as he was hated my both mystical and sensing types (hippies and scientists).

    Best wishes

  29. String theory might be getting close to OM since the circling manifests as a flowing point, and a flowing point would look like a section of string. But it has no philosophical basis and without understanding what they might be looking at, it is blind grasping in the dark.

    Yes that’s a good point – they admit it would not even have ay testability, whereas OM would certainly have testability and real-world applications.

    Yes certainly there is more to the development of life than Darwinian Evolution. There is a mind behind the appearances.

    Everything basically needs to start over with a basis in OM…we basically need to forget a bunch of stuff before we can rationally redevelop a proper science.

  30. Jopo says:

    Hi guys,

    I have mentioned this before regarding the relationship between the planet orbital velocities and the solar radiation shown below. Tonight messing around I went looking to hone in on the ratio correlation I found last year (as shown. last pic).
    Well now I have discovered a consistent number that comes up. When I break the units down I end up with newtons. Unsure what this all means. What I get from this though is that our solar system has a constant applicable to our planets. What do you think guys. What is it that I have come across. Or is it just all wrong?

  31. Jopo says:

    should be kg.m.s-1

  32. Nepal says:

    Jopo, I think you have discovered Kepler’s third law.

  33. Jopo says:

    LOL. I am struggling dealing with Keplers laws full stop
    Also i said newtons. Should be momentum

  34. Leon says:

    Hey guys, just leaving this here in the event anyone is coming to Vancouver this summer.
    Being held at the Robson st square.
    I going to see if I’ve got the guts to bring up some inconvenient truths, like radiative heat transfer equations. Muh hahaha.
    Carry on…

  35. CD Marshall says:

    Guess he forgot about Proxima Centauri. Still…😂

    Fred Hikes🚶‍♂️Bikes🚴Camps 🏕
    If a supernova explosion were to occur within about 25 light-years of Earth, our planet would probably lose its atmosphere, and all life would perish.

    The thermal load would be minimal, though, the exotic zoo of heavy and energetic particles would do for us. 🙂

  36. CD Marshall says:

    The new CEO of Twitter is tied to WEF.

  37. CD Marshall says:

    got one for you I linked it to your Twitter. Should provide a fun discussion at least.

  38. Marcus says:

    Marko Rodin – The Mathematics Of The Matrix:


    The inverse of the toroid ( donut shape) is a Hyperboloid ( hour glass shape) This is caused by a vortex with straight parallel lines around the “9” and parallel to it. The next 9 is 3 over ( binary triplets) etc ( see diagram below ).

    This causes the rarefaction and compression, the black hole and white hole, i.e the yin and yang. Where the energy shoots out from the singularity at the centre at right-angles orthogonally to the vortex is red shift/blue shift.

    This is the hybrid creation of the electric universe. In fact the creation of all electricity.

    See this diagram from the Book of 528 by Horowitz.


    See the 528 hz and 639 hz solfeggio frequencies. 528 is our universe. 639 is the angelic parallel universe. This is where you can speak to angels etc.

  39. Joseph E Postma says:

    @CD – good reply right here already:

    FortitudeFitness ₿ 1️⃣3️⃣%🚜 🇸🇻 🥩 🍳 🥓
    Dude you’re cherry picking data while criticizing him for doing it. 1880/1890’s were the coolest time period in thousands of years…. So yes the temperature has risen, but from the coldest time period of the last several thousand years

  40. Marcus says:

    This is of coure the same pattern for dna, blood cells, chlorophyll and of course our universe:

    (Image from Book of 528 – L.Horowitz)

    The Rodin Coil:


    Rodin’s Infinity Pattern:

    (Image from Book of 528 – L.Horowitz)

    Our solar system behaves the same way as a vortex:

    Vortex Based Mathematics:

  41. Marcus says:

    This is of coure the same pattern for dna, blood cells, chlophyll and of course our universe:

    (Image from Book of 528 – L.Horowitz)


    Rodins Infinity Pattern:

    (Image from Book of 528 – L.Horowitz)

  42. Marcus says:

    Our solar syatem behaves the same way as a vortex:

    Vortex Based Mathematics:

  43. Marcus says:

    The nine numbers around the circle discussed above create “The Perfect Circle of Sound” i.e the original 9 solfeggio frequencies of creation.

    Everything is made of these 9 frequencies:

    Pic courtesy of L.Horowitz- Book of 528

  44. Marcus says:

    The pulse he talks about is a dolllardian style pulse. It is a gravitational standing wave that radiates like ripples in water. i.e a radial wave.

    The pulse is actually the neutron in atomist talk. It originates in the singularity and orthogonal transverse waves come off each pulse as red shift blue shift ( electricity). This is the electron and proton in atomist talk. This is what forms the torus field.

    Only when Earthlings learn to re-verse (employ a new musical sound) the material number 9, by transforming it into its harmonious polarity number of 6, will there truly he Peace on Earth. For, it bears frequent repeating that 6 is the number of Venus and Love . . . and Love is All.

    6 = 528 Hz i.e 5+2+8 = 15 1+5 =6

  45. Marcus says:

    In a 1931 interview, Tesla said, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” Tesla was convinced that the number 3, 6, and 9 were the key to understanding the universe and its mysteries.

    396 Vortex Mathematics | Marko Rodin | Randy Powell

  46. Marcus says:

    The helical model – our solar system is a vortex:


  47. Marcus says:

    Here is more on the subject of Vortex Maths for anyone interested:


  48. Marcus says:

    In Müller’s thesis, the logarithmic line of the Standing Gravititational Wave is vital for all creation in that throughout the universe matter only crystallizes in locations of nodal resonance, or energy concentrations.

    These involve what Nikola Tesla heralded as the powers of the 3s, 6s,
    and 9s.

  49. Marcus says:

    Sorry for so many posts. It was all in my mind and I had to get it down before I lost it. I tried to put it in smaller posts rather than a long one as not to piss off Joe. Hope you enjoy this. I have two more posts to come in moderation. Thanks for your patience Joe. Hope this is useful.

  50. CD Marshall says:

    One of Potholer’s knobs trying to defend the CO2 induced “Faint Sun” paradox.

    Just to outline a few problems with what you’ve presented.
    1) No-one uses zenith flux as a method of calculating global temperatures
    2) No-one refers to the tropics as the ‘anchor’.
    3) If 2 was correct you would need a method of transporting that heat energy around the globe. If the oceans were where they are now you might have that method. Unfortunately at the time of the alleged ‘paradox’ the continents occupied the equatorial belt. So not only have you contrived a spurious theory you’ve also failed to account for plate tectonics.

  51. Marcus says:

    We can take Hockney to another level if we stop worshipping the word and understand the implications. Hockney gave a framework and everyone is hooked on – the framework but no-one takes it to the next level. No-one takes it further. Just like in schools and Universities everyone can quote Hockney but can they see what he was visualising? Reading the books and parroting them is as bad as a university graduate saying he is an expert. There is no new thought coming out of the people reading the books. Just people proclaiming I’m an illuminist cos I’ve read so many of the books. So fucking what. Where is the new thought? The Creative mind? The radical idealist mind with fresh ideas and taking the work to the next level. There are no Mathematakoi on this forum or elsewhere. You can proclaim you are, but you are egotists. Is there anybody that thinks outside the “books” ? Hockney must be saddened. Nothing has been written or published that has added to Hockney.

  52. Joseph E Postma says:

    “1) No-one uses zenith flux as a method of calculating global temperatures”

    And that’s why they think that the Sun cannot create the climate without 2-times stronger backradiation.

    “2) No-one refers to the tropics as the ‘anchor’.”

    This is where the climate is, for the most part, generated.

    “3) If 2 was correct you would need a method of transporting that heat energy around the globe. If the oceans were where they are now you might have that method. Unfortunately at the time of the alleged ‘paradox’ the continents occupied the equatorial belt. So not only have you contrived a spurious theory you’ve also failed to account for plate tectonics.”

    The continents were not a torus around the equator…lol. Most of the equator was still ocean. Plus, there’s atmosphere.

  53. CD Marshall says:

    Valid point of conjecture?

    “{The anomalies} is near both magnetic poles as they are moving at both locations north and south magnetic poles.

    The jet stream anomaly is located at the spot where the South Magnetic Pole is.
    The North Magnetic pole is located where the Arctic heat signature is located as well.
    As the magnetic poles continue to both move toward the Indian Ocean over Siberia and Indian Ocean these heat signatures/hot spots will follow the magnetic pole positions.

    Geomagnetic Reversal is primary driver of this recent pronounced Climate Change what is touted as Anthropogenic. Weakened magnetosphere means more radiation especially at the magnetic poles, more radiation ergo higher temperatures. The magnetism itself affects the jet stream.

    Just keep following the magnetic poles and observe this happening repeat itself and become more pronounced. It will become observably empirical.”

    They also mentioned any heightened solar activity will influence this.

  54. CD Marshall says:

    My interactions with the Faint Sun Paradox troll.
    17 hours ago (edited)
    @fullmontyuk Tell me you don’t understand the zero energy balance, gyres and the fact the Earth spins and creates a Coriolis Effect you knob. 🤣

    Not to mention as I believe I stated the planet was warmer. Oceans were warmer. Geothermal was warmer.

    You might want to look at how much insoaltion reaches the tropics I’m talking the real world not models.

    11 hours ago
    @cdmarshall7448 No, you’re just talking crap.


    0 seconds ago
    @fullmontyuk Well then I’m on the right channel.

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