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First Law of Thermodynamics

Did you know that there are only two (2) ways to increase a body’s temperature?  Indeed, there are only two ways to increase a body’s temperature.  One is with work, the other is with heat. To repeat:  There are only … Continue reading

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The First Law of Thermodynamics Debunks the Climate Alarm Greenhouse Effect

Can Climate Science be any more Ridiculous? Let’s simply state what the First Law of Thermodynamics is.  From Wiki: First law of thermodynamics: When energy passes, as work, as heat, or with matter, into or out from a system, its internal … Continue reading

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The First And Second Law of Thermodynamics debunk Global Warming

By Flanders & Swann (my comments to follow after video & lyrics): (the actual song starts at about 2:05…but the lead up is great to listen to as well) Lyrics: (Michael = M, Donald = D) M: The First law of … Continue reading

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