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A Note on Fourier and the Greenhouse Effect

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If you missed ever reading this document, please do so now as it gives a really clean and concise overview and debunk of the idea that Joseph Fourier discovered the climate science “greenhouse effect”: https://climateofsophistry.files.wordpress.com/2021/01/a-note-on-fourier-and-the-greenhouse-effect.pdf The document can be found … Continue reading

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New Paper on the Radiative Greenhouse Effect

The new paper is published on arXiv and the link page can be found here.  PDF here: A Note on Fourier and the Greenhouse Effect The False Basis of Climate Alarm “In any collection of data, the figure most obviously … Continue reading

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The Thermodynamic Mind

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If you haven’t already read the last post, you should read it before reading this one. The New Science “It’s essential for the New Science to put agency, subjectivity, teleology, free will and mind into its equations – everything formally … Continue reading

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Photonic Mental Agency

Übermensch or Last-Man? Before anything else, any Hyperhuman would reject Climate Alarm and Malthusian Environmentalism because of what it says about humanity. As Jason Ross put it in this week’s science discussion at LPAC: “It’s child abuse. You take a … Continue reading

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Ontological Mathematics, Boundary Conditions, Physics, & Empiricism

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Ontology In the last post we discussed how although certain mathematical operations can be performed, it does not mean that they are actually representative of reality, i.e., that they’re “ontological”.  If you perform a mathematical operation which has no actual … Continue reading

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