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No Peer Reviewed Evidence for Climate Science

Climate scientists love to reference and ask for peer-reviewed papers…which of course they control and disallow any alternative and rational science from being published within. So from now on, YOU can demand that THEY produce a peer-reviewed paper demonstrating the … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Review of the Reviewers by RK

Postma BAMS Article Submission – Review of the Reviewers by Robert Kernodle I am aware of the recent (Jan 2020) article, “An Alternative Global Mean Energy Budget Model Which is Incompatible with Existing Ones”, submitted to BULLETIN OF THE AMERICAN … Continue reading

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The official position of the American Meteorological Society is that the Sun does not create Earth’s weather or climate. I present to you direct quotes and statements gathered during peer-review with the AMS and from the Bulletins of the AMS … Continue reading

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Peer Review Perpetuates Massive Scientific Fraud

In this video I expose, with first-hand evidence, that the peer-review method of modern science is no guarantor of truth, and that peer-review now actively perpetuates and sustains the greatest intellectual and scientific fraud in history.

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