Canadian Sovereign Money

Please watch this video if you are still unsure of what it means to have debt-free money:

People have no idea what money is, what it is supposed to be, how it is supposed to be used, and who should create it, and what they should get for creating it.

Money is an arbitrary medium of exchange that people can use to exchange goods and services.  You have the apples I want but I don’t have the pork you want; however I do have a medium of exchange with which you can go buy pork from the guy who has pork but doesn’t want apples.

Now what if you convinced people to use the digital bits on your own computer as money?  Then you would have a monopoly on all money, and since everyone needs money because no one has everything required for barter, then you would become master of everybody because you get to choose who gets money, how much, and you also have an unlimited amount of it because you can just create an entry into the bits of your own computer which says that you have whatever money you want.

Now what if you go further and charge people interest which they have to pay to you on this money that you “gave” to them?  Now you’re not just a master, but an enslaver.  Now, everyone is working for you, giving you their time and resources and labour, in addition to having to work for their own good.  Now, everyone is working for your good, at your service, at their expense, and you did absolutely nothing other than convince everyone to use your personal computer for creating money.

What kind of sick, degenerate, psychopathic conman thinks of charging people their time, labour and resources for the use of something which was trivial for them to create and which has no intrinsic value except for the power it would give you over other people?  Well, psychopaths would do that…psychopaths.  Sick, deranged, sick sick sick, totally, totally SICK, “people”, would do something like that.

And the people that let it be done to them?

Anyway, watch the video.  Some good explanatory points are made.


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7 Responses to Canadian Sovereign Money

  1. Rosco says:

    This guy deserves a medal – I really hope he wins ! Imagine politicians finally having to make decisions which are in the interests of their “shareholders” – the voting public – instead of in the interests of private wealth funds essentially controlled from an institution in Switzerland.

    Banxit anyone ?

  2. squid2112 says:

    Joseph, I would also encourage you and other followers here to watch this video by Bill Still called “The Money Masters”. If you are familiar with Bill Still, he has been a researcher of “money”, all aspects and history of, for several decades. This is an older documentary (1996) but serves to answer just about every question about money that one could have.

  3. squid2112 says:

    HA! … I did not … guess we are thinking the same things. I have followed Bill Still for a long time, and I sincerely hope that the Trump administration considers Bill’s advice. When it comes to money, Bill Still knows what he is talking about. There is simply nobody more knowledgeable.

  4. Rosco says:

    According to so called sceptics money, bank accounts, water in your bath, fuel in your fuel tank etc. etc. all follow the same mathematics as cavity radiation.

  5. Fermions vs Bosons. We lost them at the F.

  6. squid2112 says:

    @Rosco, I sure wish my bank account worked like that. I could use a little “back radiation” heating of my bank account right now. 🙂

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