Evidence of the Ontological Mathematical Singularity

Jopo wrote:

The quantity of Electrons/Moles in a mole of Air = 14.4589 Moles of electrons or 8.70E24 electrons in total. Multipled by the energy

i.e 14.4589 Moles of electrons * 26.801 Amp hours = 387.52 Watts or
8.70E24 electrons * 1.602E-19 /3600 = 387.52 Watts

One will note that 387.52 Watts per second works out to 14.5°C, which is the average near-surface air temperature of the Earth.

@jopo –

OK, I’ll try to repeat or explain more what I first said about this.

First of all, what Nepal says about some of the units not making sense, and the 3600 being “arbitrary”, are correct. What you found will not be applicable to other planets, as a law of any kind.

That being said, you found something much more interesting. I’m sorry but, we have to go here, as what you have shown me is in itself a message…you can call it from higher powers, if you like.

So, I said: “What you found will not be applicable to other planets, as a law of any kind.”

However, it IS applicable to Earth. What a coincidence.

But also remember J Cuttance, where he said, and which I confirmed: “I once made a speech to my astronomical society about the discovery of the speed of light. It used to be described in terms of multiples of the Earth’s orbital speed around the sun…10,000 times or thereabouts.”

And so, that rule wouldn’t apply to any other planets either, as a law of any kind.

However, it IS applicable to Earth. What a coincidence! The number 10,00 is arbitrary, just like 3600 is…but 3600 is a very important number to humans that goes way back in usage to the earliest civilizations, and, 10,000 is simply a very nice round number, which is enough of a statement itself.

Do you see where I am leading?

Think of the moon and Earth: the moon perfectly subtends the angular width of the Sun; despite being radically different in distance, the angular size of the very close moon and the very distance Sun are the same.

This rule for other planets and their moons isn’t true, it is not a law of any kind.

However, it IS applicable to Earth. What a coincidence!

These are not coincidences. These are the signatures – if you are familiar with gaming terms, these are like the “Easter Eggs” left in the game for players to discover – of the creators of existence. There are any number of these “coincidences”, and you’ve discovered a new one (awesome work, dude), and today’s scientific materialist simply write this all off as “coincidence”, even though it is so completely statistically impossible to have so many of them, but the “atheist” must take that position. Also note that these “Easter Eggs” are always mathematical in nature…but of course they are, because existence is created out of math, existence IS math, and it is alive, and existence is mind. Of course mathematical “coincidences” are then found all over, placed into the fine details by the mathematical mind of existence. I mean…in this video OP, I explained that base existence is maximally conscious…it is more than able to design and place these mathematical “coincidences” all over for us to discover as its signature, and as a message as to the fundamental nature of reality.

Take for example this documentary, which discusses a number of mathematical “coincidences” which are embedded in the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza:

I confirmed the numbers myself of everything they discuss, and they even encode the speed of light! I have also seen, and previously confirmed (although I forget the details now, I remember the proof and performed it myself), something about the pyramid encoding the moon and sun angular sizes and the squaring of the circle. Taken all together, it means that the speed of light, the sun-moon angular size, pi, the golden number, the square root, etc., can all be connected together.

What a coincidence!

But…you simple minded fucks…these aren’t coincidences. That’s impossible.

I watched that documentary a few months ago, and I realized that the message is that the “influences” behind the design of the pyramids are also the same influences as those designing the laws of physics of the universe, and who or what designed the Sun, Earth, moon, and solar system, etc. So, I’d been pondering this for some 6 months…wondering at it, astounded by the possibility of it.

And then you posted that…which is the confirmation. That’s how these things work…in esotericism, magic, the occult, the mental nature of existence, etc. You wonder about something for a while and then the “powers that be” create a vector to send a message. So that’s what you did. What you show is another incredible “coincidence” which actually shows that the design of the universe, the solar system, Earth, its atmosphere, etc., is all carefully designed down to minute detail. It’s the same “influences”, “forces”, etc., those being the mathematical mind of existence, the maximally-conscious designer of the universe, behind it all. And so you find alignments, or coincidences of numbers, unexpectedly…but for the most part most people do not recognize the significance; certainly, any scientific materialist can write-off an infinite number of coincidences! But for those with the eye, and knowledge, to see…then you see that these literally astronomically-impossible “coincidences” are rather simply a fingerprint left behind, and if you understand them as such, to instill within you a sense of the “divine”, of the transcendent, of the power and scale of mind which is at work in all of the details. It’s breathtaking, is what it is suppose to give you. To give you reverence, I suppose? To fill you with wonder? Perhaps, even, to fill you with comfort, to know that there exist powers and mind which is so vast, and that it has created this for us to live in, and that there must therefore be a purpose to it, and to your life. Our lives are tiny compared to the vastness of mind require to create laws of physics, a solar system, an Earth and moon, etc., which seem to all connect together in these mathematical coincidences, by which I mean, surely the purpose behind the controlled design of these grand things means that our small lives are likewise governed or at least exist to purpose…we hope. And that is our hope, in all of our religious perspectives whether Pagan or Abrahamist, that there is a purpose to our struggle. The atheists of course, and the Eastern religions such as Buddhism, reject all this…but…they’re wrong, because these “coincidences” factually exist, and they’re impossible as such. Because these “coincidences” are impossible, it means that they are therefore purposeful. An impossible coincidence is purposeful intent. An impossible coincidence is purpose. 

Purpose requires mind, but the scientific materialists do not know what I know and what you all know now from watching my video series: base existence is a maximally-conscious structure of a countless number of monads, it is permanent, self-existent, and indestructible, and it creates universes to grow consciousness back to within itself over and over again. Think of a garden: we know how plants grow towards the Sun, and they follow the Sun even, and they stretch for it. As above, so below: so, too, does consciousness develop in the space-time domain and grow towards the light of reason, growing in the fertile soil of our environment and all of the things it presents to us to solve, that our minds grow in consciousness and stretch towards the warm heat of maximal consciousness. Our growing consciousnesses are the plants in the garden growing toward the Sun, and our minds grow towards reason, to maximal reason. And it is all just the same: gardens may be infected with parasites, not receive enough water, be trampled by other forces, and the plants compete with each other for space and access to sunlight; so it is as I explained in my last book, with the noetic parasite infecting the garden of the collective human mind on Earth.

I have held off on doing any more videos on this series, but coming soon I had planned on explaining how the singularity mind of existence creates the material universe…but it goes to say that we might expect to find its signature, and why shouldn’t we? Because WE ARE that mind. That mind is us. We are the monads of the singularity, and we created this universe to be in to grow back into ourselves. Why wouldn’t we leave clues as to ourselves, given that we are a mathematical structure? Where else to have fun and leave clues but in mathematical “coincidences”? Where else!? So, you found a wonderful one…a really deep one, which shows that the same forces behind the design of the universe, the solar system, the laws of physics and its constants, etc., are present throughout human civilization, through, for example, the hour, of all things. But of course it would be this way, because it’s the same mind…us, the singularity, behind it all.

Recall from my first book…I made the first discovery in the history of humanity of the mind of existence actually working in the universe to manage the laws of physics. With these mathematical “coincidences” discussed here, and as with the laws of physics themselves, and the constants, we see no particular sign of life as such. Yes, with the coincidences, if you know what you’re looking at, you recognize the mind behind them, but still, they’re static, like the constants of physics and the laws of physics, they don’t move or do anything, or change, or act like they have agency like a mind should. But in my first book, I discovered a situation where in fact we can see and witness the mind of existence exhibiting agency, and managing the mathematics of the universe and changing them as necessary. We should eventually find many more such examples. 

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  1. MP says:

    Here is the Rosicrusian cosmo connection perception

    Anon on 8kun posted the full book in pdf a minute ago, what a coincidence

    Click to access Rosicrucian%20Cosmo-Conception.pdf

  2. MP says:

    Anon posted full PDF on the former Georgia Guidestones

    Click to access georgia_guidestones.pdf

  3. CD Marshall says:

    An invitation to explore the universe and a challenge to get off this planet and stop being complacent.

  4. Jopo says:

    Hi Joe,

    Cheers for the kudos.

    My comment status on the OP during the Ontological series has been low. The obvious reason is that I need to grasp the science better before I move onto the next phase. I take your word for it at face value that you have done the numbers and are aghast at the continued coincidences of life. I have no reason to dispute this. You come across as a genuine honest person for whom I greatly respect. Actually I love your f’n style too.
    So after seeing these continued coincidences I guess then I too would be questioning myself.

    So from my perspective it is here that I say that I REFUSE to believe that I have discovered something new. It is multiplication and division. That is all it is ffs. I just cannot believe that I applied basic logic after reading a few miles mathis papers and hey bingo. I just picked the power ball numbers for 3 weeks in a row and apparently no one else has. yes just a coincidence. So yes you may well be right. There are others playing us that are in the know.

    these comments of yours stood out to me.

    “Because these “coincidences” are impossible, it means that they are therefore purposeful. An impossible coincidence is purposeful intent. An impossible coincidence is purpose.”

    “I watched that documentary a few months ago, and I realized that the message is that the “influences” behind the design of the pyramids are also the same influences as those designing the laws of physics of the universe, and who or what designed the Sun, Earth, moon, and solar system, etc. So, I’d been pondering this for some 6 months…wondering at it, astounded by the possibility of it”

  5. Zelator says:

    “Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time is related to the whole,
    and partakes of the perfection of the whole. Each particle is a microcosm, and faithfully renders
    the likeness of the world.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

    Jopo, It’s nothing new. Philosophers and occultist have know this for time immemorial.

    It’s just that the scientific mind and the scientific philosophy is so narrow and closed that it discourages thinking outside the box or using rational independent thinking, but insists instead of what is taught at college and university. It’s why I posted the video about Peer Review – “What is Science”, that Joe Op’d for a new thread.

    Brinsley Jenkins is right when he says the metaphor of the candle maker is a good one. Breakthroughs in knowledge will likely come from the fringes of curiosity, science and philosophy just because of the freedom to express and think openly without barriers of peer review etc.

    Man truly is the measure of the universe.

  6. Zelator says:

    The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” Nikola Tesla

  7. Zelator says:

    Ecclesiastes 1:9

    What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

    But really, there is also nothing actually new to learn just something to remember:


  8. Zelator says:

    Although it appears nothing has changed on the outside (doing), everything has changed on the inside (being).

  9. Zelator says:

    What you want ALSO wants you. If you seek the celestial the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe.

    Vernon Howard (1918 – 1992)

  10. MP says:

    Decoding the first sentence of the Bible

    By using the ancient gematria septenary code


  11. MP says:

    Forgot to complete the riddle

    Total number value of the sentence is 190, total of the first reduction is 64 and total of the second reduction is 28. All numbers reduce to 10, and 10 reduces to 1.

    111 is in septenary code the number of “man”

  12. Zelator says:

    Good work MD. I’m putting all these works of yours in a folder filed together. There is valuable data there with this Septenary cipher.

    Incidentally I just read a comment on a Youtube vid that was discussing Skull and Bones symbology, and it said and I quote: that ” Mercury circles the sun every 88 days, 8+8=16=7. It retrogrades 3 times a year forming a equilateral triangle creating 7 in 7 years with 22 retros, and you find Venus retro’ing every 77 weeks and every 77 months meets Mars that retros on avg 707 days for 70 – 77 days, a Mars year is 687 days divided by 3 a Venus year of 225 days 687-365=332 aka Skull & Bones.


  13. Zelator says:

    By the way, that book you linked, “The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception – Mystic Christianity” by Max Heindel is a gem. It really is the Occult Bible of Man’s Place at the Pinnacle of the Universe. It shows this stuff has been discussed and taught well before science even went there. New ideas like Illuminism etc come out but really they are just standing on the shoulders of giants who have gone before. The closest science has come to integrating this stuff is Tesla.

  14. CD Marshall says:

    another mentally challenged professor teaching our kids CO2 is bad for our planet. Next time you want to vent I’ll bring the popcorn.

    Replying to

    and 48 others
    Postma writes garbage saying how ‘we need to get CO2 concentrations up to 1500 ppm’. Of course this in insanity. By doing that in the time frame envisaged we would be creating conditions that would precipitate a mass extinction event rivaling the Permian-Triassic event.

  15. CD Marshall says:

    If you need to vent again. He’s a PhD professor.

    Replying to

    and 48 others
    Postma writes garbage saying how ‘we need to get CO2 concentrations up to 1500 ppm’. Of course this in insanity. By doing that in the time frame envisaged we would be creating conditions that would precipitate a mass extinction event rivaling the Permian-Triassic event.

  16. MP says:

    Nice “coincidences” Zelator !

    Found some coincidences inside the word and numbers genesis 1:1

    Genesis word value is 35 or 3+5
    The 1:1 is one + one or 11

    Doesn’t matter what number you pick of the 2 choices. The total of genesis 1:1 reduces each time to 1

    Besides that the title of the verse has Pi encoded

  17. Zelator says:

    There is definitely a higher power at work, as Joe said including the pyramids. This CANNOT all be coincidence. There is a book by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler titled “Who Built the Moon” it’s a fascinating read,

  18. Zelator says:

    MP are you using the King James Version for your work. I have a copy of the 1611 one.
    There is a great software freely available for biblical study including the Strong’s Concordance that Kleck uses ( Joe knows who I mean). It is a great tool. It’s called E-sword: and you can get it here:
    https://www.e-sword.net/ Its useful for interpretations etc.

  19. MP says:

    @ Zelator

    Yea i use the King James version. Can be found online tho

    That software seems pretty hardcore, i bookmarked it for maybe later use. For now i keep it simple. Ty anyway

  20. MP says:

    Hmmmm. There are 4 ways to give a value to “genesis 1:1”, and all reduce to 1. So if that is the riddle the answer of the riddle is “aman”

  21. CD Marshall says:

    I think WP ate my homework again?

  22. CD Marshall says:

    if you’re decoding the bible not in the original language of Hebrew, are you decoding the text or what the KJV put in it as code or some weird format.

    Just musings.

  23. CD Marshall says:

    don’t know if you care but Dawn warned using ‘retard’ as a person not “of the left” can get you banned. If you were the Left you can get away with just about anything.

  24. MP says:

    @ CD Marshall

    The english version of the King James bible is designed to match the septunary code. Or the septunary code is designed to match the King James Bible

    Anyhow. Just like in Hebrew giving numbers to letters for finding underlying meaning there are also easter eggs to be found in the Bible with the septunary code

  25. CD…yah, twatter won’t let me back in without giving my phone number…unusual activity it claims. Not fn giving it to them they can likely download my entire phone and listen in whenever they please if I do…

  26. Joseph E Postma says:

    CD…and everyone…just taunt them with this:

    “The lockdowns and the oil price crisis and economic slowdowns currently and 15 years ago, and the Keeling curve of rising CO2 levels, shows that human carbon dioxide emission aren’t the cause of the rise. If you haven’t noticed, CO2 is still rising like crazy, from geologic processes. Our side is winning, and reducing human CO2 emissions has no effect on rising CO2 levels. Despite your trolling and fake science and refusing to engage in debate and hiding behind anti-intellectual peer-review, you’re having no effect on the fact that CO2 is increasing tremendously. You pretend to win the science argument through fraud and fake science and gatekeeping…but, the fact remains that you’ve lost, our side is right, and carbon dioxide is going up-up-up.”

  27. MP says:

    For the co2 regulation between water and air above you need 2 equations

    Henry law for particle pressure at a certain water temperature

    And the max solubility of gasses in water at different temperatures

    Because of the sun intensity there is massive co2 release from water around the equator. And around the poles there is a net absorption of co2 in the water because the cold water increases the max solubility

  28. CD Marshall says:

    Did the same to me. That’s why I went on another account. Not ever giving them my phone number.
    So, if they lock me out of this one, I’m not bothering anymore. By the time Elon buys it nobody will be left but bots and trolls at that point it will be a waste of his money.

  29. MP says:

    Some may ask where does the septenary can be found without anyone telling you

    The answer is in the Bible and in the ouija board

    The rules of the number game can be derived from your hands + alphabet, and from the Magick word “abracadabra”

    The rules includes sometimes looking at prime and not prime numbers

    Will go in depth of the intro in the future, before going full hardcore on the rest of the genesis bible verses.

    No worries, won’t go full esoteric on you, there are many levels of understanding, and many are good

    Just showing the Masons numberfagging, more in depth than i have seen online before

  30. CD Marshall says:

    When you corner a climate scientist, they use the “microwave” argument. Then when you corner the microwave argument, they pretend you mean something else.

  31. MP says:

    @ CD Marshall

    The climate change theory puts them in loop thinking with 3 pillars

    When crushing 1 pillar they jump to pillar 2, crush pillar 2 will loop them back to pillar 3, crushing pillar 3 will loop them back to 1. …Since they don’t oversee all 3 pillars are crushed

    Nothing to do with science, it is a fixed low level believe system

  32. MP says:

    Said that wrong

    When crushing 1 pillar they jump to pillar 2, crush pillar 2 they jump to pillar 3, crushing pillar 3 will loop them back to 1. …Since they don’t oversee all 3 pillars are crushed

  33. Joseph E Postma says:

    I’m going to delete everything more which follows from Kooks and Nepal arguing and on this topic. What I write in the OP is the final analysis as far as my blog is concerned. If you want to talk about it more you can talk about it in this context, like others are doing (MP, Z, etc.). You’re taking up too much space and it’s introducing too much nasty behaviour. You want to keep putting in time writing comments that likely take 30 minutes to write, just to see them trashed and the time of your life wasted? Be my guest. Because I’m going to waste your life away starting right now, by deleting the time it takes you continue this incessant argument into the ether of the internet trash bin.

    For f sakes…flat Earth theory is in modern physics, literally, as its most important contribution to politics, ever, and via this flat Earth theory they’re making plans to destroy all life on Earth. We’re invaded by an alien race which seeks to destroy all life on Earth.

    Do not even dare to think that you can respond with ” but X said this and that and therefore it means that X is a big bad guy and he makes the internet so awful for me!”. I will fn delete that shit instantaneously. And if you begin wasting MY life making me have to waste time to delete this shit, then you’ll be out of my life permanently.

    Move on, or move out. T minus 0.

  34. Jopo says:

    Hi Nepal
    Faraday and Avogadro set the numbers Nepal. I did not. The 26.801 Watts of work is defined as the energy required to charge up a mole of electrons. And we know how many moles of electrons are in a mole of air. This is all I have shown in my work. Nothing more than that.
    26.801Watts per mole * 14.4588 Moles = 387.5 Watts

    I think there are other questions that are far more important than getting bogged down on how we calculate the power.

    Like the energy in a mole of electrons is additive up until we get to a mole of atoms. That is what the next step should be in why is that so.
    We know that temperature is not additive. We know that a mole of air in that small box is the same temp as 41 moles of air in the other big box.

  35. Jopo says:

    oops and i just read Joe’s comments. Sorry Joe.

  36. Nothing wrong with explaining procedure. That’s OnT just fine.

  37. Zelator says:

    Joe are you still gonna do the video explaining how the singularity mind of existence creates the material universe?
    And a continuation of the Ontological Series? I think there are more people interested than you think that don’t necessarily post or contribute on here but may do if you continue. As you know, its hard for hard nosed scientists to admit to liking this stuff. It’s a bit of snobbery, etched from the peer review process, but don’t let that put you off. You have more fans than you think.

    Cheers Z

  38. Zelator says:

    How the monad came into being:

    Here is a talk from the United Lodge of Theosophists, London, UK, which explains the Monad, the basis of Illuminism. The microcosm and the macrocosm, as above so below.

    I have little doubt this is where the AC – Hockney Illuminati take their information from, and again note the concept of the seven:

    Our Seven Divine Parents:


  39. Zelator says:

    Blimey Kooks, do you ever sleep? Lol

  40. Jopo says:

    I don’t think need to harp n about the 3600 anymore kooks. I would see weave your magic going forward
    Like extending the correlation to other pressure levels

  41. Zelator says:

    Kooks I’ve no problem with you, or with your work, I don’t even disagree with you most of the time. I also like Nepal and think he too has important contributions. To be fair most of the stuff you two argue about is above my head. And I suspect a good portion of readers here on Joe’s site would agree? I have my qualifications in the Life Sciences – Medicine, Animal and Human Physiology, Microbiology, and Human Nutrition. I am am also qualified as a fitness instructor to implement that theory in the real world. I also having worked in Investment Banking in the London Stock Market scene have had to learn Accountancy and I also did my Law degree, but I hate maths. Its not who I am, that’s why I try to put things in a way that relates to being human and how it affects us. I have found that Philosophy and Ancient hidden occultism means more to me and explains more to me than mere maths. That’s why I like Joe’s Ontological work as it puts a human face to the science and structure, maybe you should have a go at what Joe teaches as it will compliment your engineering skills in ways that you never thought possible. Its all inter-related and this snobbery around science and peer review is ruining good old fashioned curiosity and discovery by debate. There is no doubt you are a top top engineer, but there are other spheres of education too and maybe you should branch out and integrate your knowledge, as I am sure you would be a world beater if you did. Cheers Z

  42. Zelator says:

    Also one other thing. Don’t take it personal if someone doesn’t agree with you. I have been on this site for years, and I’ve had disagreements with posters including Joe, and even been banned, but I hold no grudges. Everyone on here is honest and just giving their opinion. Just chill. Its easier that way. Stay with us. We have a lot to give.

  43. Zelator says:

    Kooks, I can understand where your coming from with circadian rhythms. I read a book years ago called Body Time by Gay Gaer Luce or something like that and it stuck with me. Bodily rhythms are so important for health and psychology. It must be bad for you, that after all this time it hasn’t synced back. It must be debilitating?

  44. Zelator says:

    OK so I’ve got some info regarding “Project Looking Glass” and timelines.

    I’ve been following Joe’s friend Beverly Nation recently, and I can say that it synchronises perfectly.

    I’ve had this info for quite a while but put it on the back burner as I wasn’t sure whether to post it or not, as I don’t want abuse from naysayers, I am being pushed to release this, so I am putting together an article to explain.

    Beverly if you read this it is in regard to 5D timelines. It is important …..

  45. Zelator says:

    Amazing. I sometimes use brainwave technology that ramps down from normal beta waking state right down to delta in seconds. Pausing a bit in theta and then steady delta. It teaches you to be awake during deep sleep. Is like you said working in subconscious mode. Alpha is the state you feel when you wake up and the brain absorbs anything you give it. Hence TV in the morning – adverts go right in.

  46. Zelator says:

    I agree about the napping. I often do that after I have been trying to solve a problem, and it comes to me during the nap or as soon as I wake up. Sometimes IT wakes me up like to say HERE IT IS lol

  47. Zelator says:

    Alpha is the brainwashing state. Theta is amazing for healing but i love delta that low frequency dream state. Gamma is apparently Zen Buddist state. I have used epsilon as well. Intention as in manifesting is gamma. That book I linked a while back, The Thresholds of the Mind, describes how brainwave technology uses just enough push stress to cause the brain to go into temporary chaos and reorder at a higher level. It follows the the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

  48. Zelator says:

    I actually got a thing called a kundalini rash. Its an actual burn from your own energy body for going too far too fast. my whole torso went bright red. The doctors didnt know what to make of it. It took months to subside. I had to drink alcohol to lower my natural energy vibration which was way too high. During that time I felt like white light and I couldn’t sleep. Didn’t need to.

  49. Zelator says:

    The CIA were dabbling in this stuff back in the eighties and a guy who used to work for them called Dane Spotts released a book and some tapes. It’s moved on a heck of a lot since then, and its now mainstream.

  50. Zelator says:

    Sounds to me like when you have been awake for 30 plus hours you are in a waking Delta state. Pure subconscious. You say *I’ve found that if I’m fully rested, I’m not that creative… my conscious mind interferes with my subconscious mind”, Yes this is the mind bug. The overlay that pretends to be who we are i.e the ego. I’ve said all along this is the bit spliced into our dna to control us. It makes us believe it is who we are. The conscious mind is a gatekeeper a filter using the reticular activating system RAS to hijack our attention. The reptilian part of the brain that is in us, Its our control mechanism. Living in delta seemingly bypasses that.

  51. Zelator says:

    Actually that is exactly what it does sleeping i.e Delta switches off the conscious mind. So being awake in delta is pure unadulterated creativity and uninhibited logic.

  52. Zelator says:

    When hypnotists sync you, they ramp you down through the brainwaves.

    We are mostly in beta during the day, which is a high frequency brainwave and the hypnotist ramps it down it s l o w s r i g h t d o w n
    actually they only take you to alpha which is suggestibility. At this brainwave your mind is a sponge.

    Then they input the new trait/message and slowly ramp back up. 1 2 3 wake up.

  53. Zelator says:

    Kooks you are permanently where I was for that short while before I got that kundalini burn and I had to stop. I have no doubt I could have continued on but like you said sleep was a problem and also No-one understood me. Its a lonely world. Good thing is that unlike you I can maybe go back there when I want and come back again. Seems to me like you are stuck there? Do you want to come back? There are ways, but why would you if you are happy?

  54. Zelator says:

    Hey …… I wonder if Kooks is asleep lol . Love the guy.

  55. MP says:

    Intro on how the ancient gematria Septenary code can be found/figured out without anyone telling you. Along with some easter eggs along the way

  56. boomie789 says:

  57. boomie789 says:

    “Moin. I just found this letter: https://naturalclimatechange.org/disproofs-of-agw-hypothesis/disproofs-of-man-induced-global-warming/

    On page 42:

    *An interesting sidenote is that Sullivan (2010) revealed that NASA may also have suppressed equations dating back to the Apollo Moon landings that invalidated the greenhouse gas (GHG) theory.

    At least since 1997, NASA scientists have known that the fudged equations used to calculate the greenhouse effect are so bad that they can actually show a greenhouse effect on the moon, which has no atmosphere or greenhouse gases at all!

    NASA scientists had access to far better equations during the Apollo Moon landings but ignored these in favor of the much poorer equations that exaggerate the greenhouse effect. Specifically, Apollo mission scientists devised a three dimensional model for accurately determining Earth’s energy budget that is far more practicable than the rudimentary flat blackbody Stephan ‐ Boltzmann equations.

    But since the three ‐ dimensional model numbers contradict any greenhouse warming effect, they have been ignored by global warming advovocates.*

    Maybe you guys could help find these informations?”


  58. CD Marshall says:

    Well I’m done on Twitter for the day after I managed to piss nearly everyone off. After showing valid points and only getting the likes of Hansen as a reply, nothing left but to mock them and leave.

    They will die on the blatant divide by 4 and TOA Bolsheviks. Let’s see if I can capture the day:

    James West (self proclaimed physicist) gave me this one 😂

  59. J Cuttance says:

    I don’t know if this qualifies as a implanted mathematical message, but it is a funny coincidence.

    I imagined – for a sci-fi murder mystery that I’ll never write – a human habitation hanging like a planter basket from Jupiter’s closest moon, the tidally-locked Metis, well away from the Van Allen belt.

    A solid structure would extend to the moon’s Lagrange point, L1, a few kilometres toward Jupiter, then a rope assembly the rest of the way.

    It would be self-supporting, with its own magnetic dipoles maintaining straight ropes for thousands of kilometres.

    I was calculating how long the ropes would have to be to give the habitation an Earth-like gravity, as Jupiter would pull on an object with an angular speed lower than its orbital altitude would suggest.

    Shamefully incapable of doing the simultaneous equations needed to calculate the habitat’s orbital radius, I started plugging in numbers.

    The second one I tried, r=90,000 kilometres, came up with, you guessed it, 9.8 m/s².

    That’s a nice round number, eh?

    Metis’s semi-major axis is 128,000km, so the ropes would have to be 38,000km long.

    Conveniently, such a length of rope would be just what you needed to accelerate a spacecraft to Jupiter’s escape velocity, rail-gun style, as long as you can handle 5g for 23 minutes.

  60. Zelator says:

    MP as you’ve eluded to, the English Alphabet and English language is massively encoded.



    Have you read or seen this book? Letters and Numbers by Zachary K Hubbard?

    Here is the opening paragraph from the book, and details what we have been discussing and what
    Joe touched on also.

    “Why Are There 26 Letters In the English Alphabet?

    There is no more perfect or logical place to begin our learning of the relationship between letters and numbers than by answering the most fundamental question to the study, why are there 26-letters in the English alphabet? As we will uncover, the answer is as deep as time, dating back to the beginning of recorded history, and as insightful as one could hope. In answering the question, we will connect the spiritual, God, human anatomy, and the stars above, plus more. As we connect the dots, much light will be shed on the age old beliefs, the body is the temple, and we humans are the children of the stars. Please know that as your teacher of this sacred knowledge, I do not aim to push any bias or dogma, I only intend to share what is based in verifiable evidence, and what inspires. In doing so, the scientific and the religious will come together, as the ancients once
    considered them, part of the whole, or the oneness of this reality we share”.

    You can find it on Archive.org here, if you want to check it out:

    Click to access Letters%20And%20Numbers%20-%20Zachary%20K.%20Hubbard.pdf

    Hope it’s useful for your research. I enjoy your posts, they always take the rabbit hole deeper.

    Cheers Z

  61. MP says:

    @ Zelator

    Interesting. I See that the author mainly uses Simple English Gematria: A=1…….Z=26

    But he also covers Pythagorean Gematria, 9 based system:

    A=1; B=2; C=3; D=4; E=5; F=6; G=7; H=8; I=9;
    J=1; K=2; L=3; M=4; N=5; O=6; P=7; Q=8; R=9;
    S=1; T=2; U=3; V=4; W=5; X=6; Y=7; Z=8

    Didn’t know about the Pythagorean code. Wouldn’t be surprised if that coding is used in Shakespeare works

  62. Zelator says:

    He does mention the Septenary code quite consistently throughout the book, along with Chaldean. I don’t know whether these are connected or not? Isn’t there Chaldean Astrology? I am no expert on this and you have piqued my interest in it.

  63. Zelator says:

    Or is that Chaldean numerology? It’s Sidereal Astrology I think. I need to look back into this stuff.

  64. Zelator says:

    Funnily enough MP, have you come across the guy called “Tom Numbers” he is heavy duty. It becomes tedious listening to him as everything is numbers and I find it boring as it becomes almost like he is making it up; so I find it hard to take it seriously, but a lot of supposedly top people swear by him? Suppose the bottom line is, that if everything in the universe is a mathematical code then what he says is genuine and he is just deciphering the matrix.

  65. Zelator says:

    Here’s a new word for you. Isopsephy.


  66. MP says:

    The word “abracadabra” is an intro into the septenary code. It shows what basic numbers to look at in the Bible. And some basic accepted rules

    First split the word in 3 parts, like you say it.
    Give the septenary numbers to the letters, the middle part shows the numbers of Pi
    Look at the amount of letters in the word parts, and the septenary value
    Combine numbers, look at total numbers, look at prime/not prime

  67. CD Marshall says:

    “Back radiation is real, and measurable. Like all EM radiation, it warms anything which absorbs it, regardless of temperature, and that is entirely compliant with the 2nd Law.”

    That comment has made me quit Twitter early or I’ll be here all night.

  68. CD Marshall says:

    Darn it Happer and your crazy beliefs.

  69. Yah what’s so sad is that log equation for co2 absorption has NOTHING AT ALL to do with backradiation or the rghe. Conflation abounds.

  70. MP says:

    Higher ups always set in place controlled opposition, to defend the not to be discovered lies

  71. CD Marshall says:

    I always get the,
    “What would the T of the Earth be without the greenhouse effect” tripe.

    I think this would make an excellent “A model atmosphere with a persistent net-zero magnetic dipole in all molecular atmospheric gases” or whatever you guys would call it.

    Assume everything is exactly the same, including water vapor and latent heat. Just all atmospheric gases have a net zero magnetic dipole.

    That would mean the conversion to potential energy and surface IR emissions would be the only means of cooling the planet.

    This should influence every layer of the atmosphere, I would assume.

  72. Joseph E Postma says:

    Nice link Boomie!

    We all grew up watching movies of us (White Europeans) killing each other for the sake of people we have nothing to do with and nothing in common with…and who in fact hate us to the core, which is why they tricked us into these self-genocidal wars and political movements of the 20th Century.

  73. Joseph E Postma says:


    Acceleration is the first derivative of velocity, so I would think that the accelerations are simply:

    du = A
    dv = -A
    dw = 0

  74. Joseph E Postma says:

    Anne, yes, it is not quite clear what is going on, and I don’t have the context for what is actually trying to be taught, etc.

  75. MP says:

    By using the septenary code on the alphabet more rules of the game can be learned

    First divide the alphabet between 2 hands. So write a to m and next to it n to z
    Mark the primes/not primes
    draw a pillar line under the center 7
    Connect the same number not primes with a bowed line

    Note that the totals reduce to 8
    Note the 7, 26, 42 as important numbers like in the word “acracadabra”

  76. You could try html tags…not sure if it works though. Maybe search for WordPress comment formatting etc.

  77. CD Marshall says:

    I went on Twitter to look at the comments.
    “any energy, 15 µm or other wavelength, will warm the ocean if it is absorbed. its thermodynamics. get a clue you clown.”

    That’s what I get, I was going to have a Twitter free day.

  78. Shine an ice cube at the fire to make it hotter.

  79. MP says:

    @ CDM

    Water is nearly opaque to longwave radiation. The incoming longwave radiation from the atmosphere is absorbed in the top millimeters, unlike incoming shortwave radiation that penetrates much deeper

  80. Philip Mulholland says:

    Test post (WordPress issues again)

  81. Philip Mulholland says:

    Is there an easy way to do bold, superscripts, and subscripts in these comments?


    Go to Jo Nova’s site. She has a simple set of script buttons and also a preview, so you can do a basic compose there and then cut back to here.

  82. CD Marshall says:

    And what does that mm do? The claim is it is increasing humidity as they claim the Clausius-Clapeyron equation supports that.

    Which the CC would support the claim IF any measurable or any humidity was created from 15 µm.

  83. J Cuttance says:

    Kooks this might be some evidence for CO2s radiative cooling, as per your postings.


  84. Philip Mulholland says:

    @ J Cuttance
    Thanks for the link.
    From the article:
    “The temperature profiles on the hot dayside and cool night side at altitudes above 120 km are extremely different, so at the terminator we are in a regime of transition with effects coming from both sides.

    “The night side may be playing a greater role at one given altitude and the dayside might be playing a larger role at other altitudes.”

    It appears from this there are two active meteorology’s in the atmosphere of Venus. The upper zone is powered by carbon dioxide crystallisation and the formation of dry ice crystals. The presence of active convection in the upper layer explains the drop in temperature seen in the lapse rate profile to a second tropopause at 125 km.

    More Noonword modelling required!

  85. CD Marshall says:

    F = Helmholtz Free Energy can only be defined in a closed system. So how does that apply?

  86. CD Marshall says:

    Short answer first. Long answer second. 😁 Thank you. I need the short answer to follow your long answer.

  87. CD Marshall says:

    you’re thoughts?
    ‘A Universe From Nothing’ by Lawrence Krauss, AAI 2009

  88. CD Marshall says:

    I made it halfway through, his insufferable arrogance killed it for me even though his points were interesting.

  89. Joseph E Postma says:

    1/3 way in…discussion of basic cosmology. I’ll finish through the day.

  90. CD Marshall says:

    to simplify energy in and out how best to write it?
    910-980 joules a second in and out on average or just on average 1K in/out?
    Fluxes can vary energy cannot.

  91. CD Marshall says:

    But that’s actual energy not per square meter so not the same thing.

  92. MP says:

    Second verse of the Bible shows a repeating pattern of the numbers derived from the septenary code on the alphabet and on the word “acracadabra”

    But now it seems to tell a story

    The coding seems to tell that God started creation with net zero. Symbolized by the net zero combination of Pi and mirrored Pi

  93. MP says:


    Forgot to lay the connection on why 26 is Pi mirrored, and the last decode sentence should have been better

  94. CD: Kaufman glosses over the fundamental missing link when he states “Quantum mechanics gets you a universe from nothing.”

    QM in what?

    But anyway, everything else falls in with the basic principles of ontological mathematics. They just need to get to “something is nothing” and then it’s finished.

  95. CD Marshall says:

    Maybe he’d enjoy your videos?

  96. Joseph E Postma says:

    “The coding seems to tell that God started creation with net zero. Symbolized by the net zero combination of Pi and mirrored Pi”

    Neat. That would be the circling and ontological mathematics. They always say that there’s the profane reading, which is more or less literal or naïve allegory at least, and then completely esoteric and almost completely hidden message, which itself is only understandable in context of other esoteric knowledge…lol.

  97. MP says:

    Neet indeed

    Here is some numberfagging on the total verse

  98. Philip Mulholland says:

    any time the atmosphere exceeds 2 atoms per particle, and the ability of the polyatomics to carry away surface energy exceeds surface insolation, cooling is taking place; whereas any time the atmosphere is below 2 atoms per particle, warming is taking place,

    Stunning stuff and thanks for the H/T.

  99. Philip Mulholland says:

    I don’t know if this qualifies as a implanted mathematical message, but it is a funny coincidence.

    J Cuttance.

    It is beginning to appear that the Solar System is primed with things we could do to cut our stripes as a technologically advanced species.
    (Either that or this is one hell of a Play Pen).

  100. Zelator says:

    Je ne sais pas pourquois, mais je sens un rat?

  101. Zelator says:

    Kooks faire attention mon ami !

  102. Zelator says:

    I’m ok with French. I’m rusty with German. I want to learn Greek ( started).

  103. Zelator says:

    I’ve been to many Greek Islands including Rhodes, Skiathos, Skopelos and parts of the mainland. I know enough Greek to get by, but in the tourist areas they all tend to speak English anyway. Fantastic country Greece. I nearly moved there twelve years ago. Lovely people, lovely way of life.

  104. Zelator says:

    My German ancestors were wealthy land owners and owned vineyards in Germany and we had Hotels and Licensed Victualler premises, but my ancestors were scammed by the dirty bastard you know who’s that ripped apart Germany and my Grandparents came to England with virtually nothing because of the dirty thieving scum that went on to ripoff the rest of Europe and then the world. My Grandma died penniless and I will never forgive the shits that turned her into a worthless shadow of her former self. My Dad grew up tough because of it. His dad fucked off. He became SAS in the British Army, and a bodyguard out of it. Violent man. But what do you expect. I felt the full terror of it all growing up.

  105. Zelator says:

    Fuck it:

  106. boomie789 says:

    Having a discussion about this meme.
    I basically just brought up the complex number plane and say imaginary numbers are needed for that to make sense.

    “You don’t need all that magical justification to say you need two coordinates to describe a location on a plane.”

    “I don’t know what you mean by magical justification.”

    -Anom #1
    “Mathematical Platonists would claim it’s necessary to calculate the two results of square root of x because both of those results get you the x when squared but that presumes you do operation backwards in time and what you’re doing is two separate operations with two separate results. And these operations use two coordinates. And that’s all it is.”

    -Anom #2
    “@Anom#1 Can you elaborate on operating backwards in time? Why would calculating two square roots require that?”

    -Anom #1
    “The idea that you can reverse squaring something. At least that’s how I used to think of it and maybe that’s on me. There’s an inevitable information loss.”

    -Anom #2
    “Ok, I get the idea. If we have a squared quantity, we can’t (always) know if it was the negative or positive square root, that was squared. I think that’s the point of calculating two roots: compute both and see which one makes sense, according to the problem being solved.

    I suppose some mathematicians are quite aware about the problematic naming. The first paper on complex numbers was titled “On
    the Analytic Representation of Direction: An Attempt” and later Gauss was of the opinion that

    “If this subject has hitherto been considered from the wrong viewpoint and thus enveloped in mystery and surrounded by darkness, it is largely an unsuitable
    terminology which should be blamed. Had +1, -1 and √−1, instead of being called positive, negative and imaginary (or worse still, impossible) unity, been given the names say, of direct, inverse and lateral unity, there would hardly have been any scope for such obscurity.”

    ‘Imaginary’ is a slur by Descartes, who said/wrote “For any equation one can imagine as many roots (as its degree would suggest), but in many cases no quantity exists which corresponds to what one imagines.” Which happens to be true. The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra is wrong, roots (real zeros) are not always found as it suggests. Mathematicians who think that infinite processes are ok can say that we “can get as close to zero as we want”. That’s still not a zero, what to speak of doing something infinitely. Regardless, complex numbers work nicely with anything involving waves. If we lived in some reform utopia, I’d like to spend my time before retirement trying to fix the theoretical parts of math which appear magical.”

  107. Zelator says:

    Imaginary numbers are very real. They are the compliment to real numbers”. These dudes will never understand stuff they cant see or imagine. This is the whole problem with science. They can only “see” things they can count. Ontological maths shows they are living in the dinosaur age when it comes to reality. Its like explaining the electromagnetic spectrum to some one who says what I see is all there is. Dumb fucks.

  108. Zelator says:

    They are the co-sine to the sine wave. Orthogonally that is.

  109. CD Marshall says:

    When I was very young, I knew the kindest, gentlest person you could ever meet, Mr. Isiaha, he was well in his 80s I think at that time and lived to be a 106. HIs mother was born a slave or his grandmother (I forget been a while and I don’t want to do the math). Our past doesn’t define us unless we choose for it to do so.

    Ideologies are not racial even if they are part of a certain race. The ideology needs to be hated, never the race.

  110. CD Marshall says:

    Oh sorry, just musings from some things I read on the net.

  111. Zelator says:

    These dicks make it all so complicated. The universe is as simple as it gets. Why would
    it be complicated? The principle of sufficient reason, is a principle that suggests that
    nature would look for the simplest and most efficient route to adapt itself. Ok it might be complex
    to us but to itself, it’s the easiest and best route to express itself. Scientists look for difficulty to justify their grants. It’s all bullshit. I worked in a northern England University for a while and its a job for the boys, its a boozing club, a hobby, its not work. its a cop out! Pure waste of Tax Payers money!

  112. Zelator says:


  113. Zelator says:

    Haha la marrionette chaussette lol.

    Kooks said: “Did I call it, or did I call it? LOL”

    Yes you did!

  114. Zelator says:

    My advice? Ignore the sweaty sock lol. Your call, I can understand you wanting to defend yourself, but don’t go getting yourself banned, as that is what “sock” probably wants. I won’t comment on this again, as it just adds to the problem and is not congruent with what Joe wants on his site. But you have my support, for what that is worth? All the best Z.

  115. Zelator says:

    MP, Joe and any one else interested in codices etc here is an article I came across and I’ve included some further research details if anyone should want to look further into it:

    God’s Signature is in His Book:

    God’s Book is written in the most exact science of Math like all of His creation.

    “What Dr. Panin discovered was that when he used the numbers, the 66 books of the Bible showed a pattern of numbers and divisibility that no other writings had.

    This included the apocryphal books added in the Catholic and early Protestant Bibles, including the original King James Version before its many revisions.

    He diligently researched other Hebrew and Greek writings and found no pattern.




    Click to access NENT.pdf

  116. Zelator says:

    Hi Nepal. I’m not sure? There was a book a while back by Michael Drosnin called the Bible Code, I think it was called, but it was criticised by scientists….surprise surprise. There is also excellent knowledge available by a guy called Stan Tenen for example here:

  117. Zelator says:

    Well my theory is that of Tesla, and so everything is a case of frequency and vibration.
    Therefore a determinant is what is its frequency and what is its orientation.

    Each different atom has to have a different combination of spin and velocity.
    i.e clockwise or counterclockwise, and high frequency/low frequency.

    When there are “full shells” which roughly means that for every electron going clockwise about a given axis there is another electron going counterclockwise.

    Some atoms, like vanadium, cobalt or nickel, have many unpaired electrons, which designate its orientation.

    In general, the angular momentum of any closed electron shell is zero (i.e. the electrons in the inner shells have one counterclockwise electron for every clockwise one) and it is the outermost, ‘valence’ shell that determines the angular momentum properties of the atom.

    This is connected to the Atomic Number. Matter and its forms is therefore a derivation of its atomic number via its spin and frequency orientation.

    I did have a paper on this, or a video which explains it better, if I find it will post it for you.

  118. Zelator says:

    Did that help? Or did I fuck it up lol?

  119. Zelator says:

    I’m happy to supply the “base” information for you lol. I am above “base” on other subjects btw. Go to work genius. If I can help in any way, I will always be glad to give you my ideas and insights as I’ve extended to all the other geniuses and authorities on this site. Cheers Z.

  120. Zelator says:

    Yes Kooks. Sorry my previous answer wasn’t adequate. Will maybe look for it for you, if that is ok with you? Gee wizz. Sorry I fucking bothered. Attitude? LOLOL.

  121. Zelator says:

    I KNOW it’s the key. Jopo insinuated the same. He recognised something in the discussion between me and MP. My head is full of data I will have to back peddle.

  122. CD Marshall says:

    Rookies have entered the chat 😁

    I thought internal energy (U) was the total sum of potential and kinetic energy. What threw me off and has been a little confusing to myself is the definitions for HFE according to these sources anyways.


  123. Zelator says:

    OK its going to be near on 40 degrees Celsius for the next 4 days here in the UK, so i am going to be sheltering away with my computer. The heat could make me either mad, bad or brilliant —- or a combination of all three ……watch out. Be warned lol

  124. CD Marshall says:


    Helmholtz Free Energy
    Four quantities called “thermodynamic potentials” are useful in the chemical thermodynamics of reactions and non-cyclic processes. They are internal energy, the enthalpy, the Helmholtz free energy and the Gibbs free energy. The Helmholtz free energy F is defined by

    The internal energy U might be thought of as the energy required to create a system in the absence of changes in temperature or volume. But if the system is created in an environment of temperature T, then some of the energy can be obtained by spontaneous heat transfer from the environment to the system. The amount of this spontaneous energy transfer is TS where S is the final entropy of the system. In that case, you don’t have to put in as much energy. Note that if a more disordered (higher entropy) final state is created, less work is required to create the system. The Helmholtz free energy is then a measure of the amount of energy you have to put in to create a system once the spontaneous energy transfer to the system from the environment is accounted for.

    The four thermodynamic potentials are related by offsets of the “energy from the environment” term TS and the “expansion work” term PV. A mnemonic diagram suggested by Schroeder can help you keep track of the relationships between the four thermodynamic potentials.

  125. CD Marshall says:

    Zelator says:
    2022/07/15 at 10:57 AM
    “OK its going to be near on 40 degrees Celsius”

    DO you have aircon or a cave?
    Please use deodorant 😂

    It’s 27C here in Ohio.

  126. Joseph E Postma says:

    32C here predicted for today. Likely the hottest day of the year for us…

  127. CD Marshall says:

    Funny I was able to look up the old definition for heat wave and it was 6 days or more of consistent above average T for that area (Philip correct me as you see fit). Now a “heat wave” is anything above that area even for one hour.

  128. Zelator says:

    CD we don’t normally have these sorts of temperatures in England so we are unaccustomed to them. Before a few weeks ago 27C was too hot. We get into the thirties from tomorrow till Wednesday. I have been buying fans and water like mad. It will be hunker down in the dark ( curtains closed) for 3 days. I am not looking forward to it.

  129. Zelator says:

    No we don’t have aircon as we only get this for maybe two weeks a year, but all the tv news stations are blaming it on climate change. But as we know their narrative is C02.

  130. CD Marshall says:

    Neither would I brother, 30+ for me is inside the house temps. I’m fine going outside as long as I have a cool house to enter. Basements are nice.

  131. CD Marshall says:

    Tell us again Climate Clowns how the Sun can’t heat the Earth. 🤡

  132. Zelator says:

    Its peaking at 42c in parts of England. We are getting 36c min apparently. Just bought a new freezer for this event and stocked it full of ice cubes, lollies and ice cream.

  133. Zelator says:

    lol yes CD …….how the sun can’t heat the earth lolollol clowns indeed!!!!

  134. Zelator says:

    I studied the weather forecast locally, and it wasn’t rocket science the hottest days was when there was no cloud cover. Pure Sunlight pouring down, blue skies. . That orb in the sky is a hot SOB.

  135. Zelator says:

    Shit Kooks. Is it desert where you live in Texas? Sounds like nothing much can exist there. Dust bowl?

  136. Zelator says:

    Thanks kooks. I got a tip yesterday to tape kiddies long tube ice lollies to the front of a fan. Attach them with elastic hair bands to the front grill, and as they melt replace with another from the freezer. Apparently it ices up the breeze from the fan making a cold breeze. As they melt replace and put back in the freezer and put new ones on the fan.

  137. MP says:

    Nepal says:
    Has anyone written a program to do this decoding all at once?
    2022/07/15 at 7:51 AM

    Need to split the sentences into parts before decoding. That would be hard to program

    Like lord = 13, God = 13 and lord God = the 26, what has Pi mirrored encoded

    And often the easter eggs are found in after reduction of numbers above 10, and sometimes after looking at prime/not prime numbers

    The next next decoded few genesis verses God explicitly states that the 360 number is not arbitrary tho. And that people should see that number as a signature of design

  138. MP says:

    @ Zelator says: He diligently researched other Hebrew and Greek writings and found no pattern.
    2022/07/15 at 7:39 AM

    That also amazes me.

    Cabalists run around with their menorahs to do calculations but in their language there is not much to be found. They even invented a 9 candle menorah system and still find not much

    Like the, 26 what they claim is the number of God. But no language/math reason behind it.

    This presumes that Hebrew was not the original language of the bible. I try to figure out what was the base text/system and look at proto-Irish ogham / Druidic celtic ogham as a possibility, they had a 4×5 letter system, and later on added vowels

    Anyhow. Here just the word “Lord God” decoded. Can find 2 x Pi, and 1 time mirrored Pi

    The book title has an extra Pi finding bonus in it

  139. Zelator says:

    Kooks. I couldn’t find that paper. Likely it was an article and video I have got the information from.

    I absorb so much data that it all meshes into my own take on it in my head. One thing for sure was it comes from Walter Russell, hence not a scientific paper as it is fairly old information and fringe science rather than peer reviewed “accepted” science.

    He created his own periodic table here:


    and I remember watching this video about his theories:


    Hope this helps? I don’t really know what you are looking for. Let me know how you get on.

    Cheers Z

  140. Zelator says:

  141. Zelator says:

  142. MP says:

    If Eden was not in the middle east but instead in Europe there are at least 3 possible locations

    Bohemia in Czech republic


    Switzerland. 4th river is the Rhine start point going to the north from there


    Germany, around Koblenz where the Rhine river has a big branch to the west and east

  143. Zelator says:

    Wow, great research as usual MP. Thanks for posting this.

  144. Zelator says:

    Where are you from MP? Are you Dutch? You speak good English but I think you are European?

  145. Zelator says:

    Or should I say because you are European?

  146. MP says:

    @ Zelator

    Yea i am from the Netherlands. Think the Dutch are overall better in English than Germans or Italians because in the Netherlands USA movies don’t have voice over, only Dutch subtitles

    Quite an international group on this site. I heard of Canada, USA, UK, Netherlands

    Where are you from?

  147. Zelator says:


  148. MP says:

    Wow the castle garden name “Hortus Palatinus” has all the magic numbers from the word abracadabra, from decoding the alphabet, and from the first few bible versus in it

    the 7, 17, 26, 33, and 42

    Still not sure what the meaning of 17 is tho. Maybe the circling since it is the sum of the 8/9 squaring the circle

  149. Zelator says:

    There are a few Australians I think too.

  150. Zelator says:

    MP do you have all these decodes in a file or combined in a pdf or document of some form? I started collecting them but need to go back at least 3 Threads that Joe has posted. I’m just being lazy lol. You could write a book based around this.

  151. MP says:

    @ Zelator

    No. I am freestyling and making the diagrams live. Most times it is posted 15 minutes after being made.

    Don’t know yet where the trails will lead to, can put it in a pdf when all remaining trails are a dead end

  152. CD Marshall says:

    As I understand it energy can move freely through a system because everything above 0 Kelvin has a temperature and therefore radiates energy . That’s not the issue, the issue is claiming that energy can create heat in anything it comes in contact with or for that matter, “can be absorbed” which is the biggest argument sophists use.

    “If it can be absorbed it has to create heat”. Which is then literally claiming ice cubes which have a T and radiate energy are therefore considered heat(ing). 🤡

    Anything can create heat on something cooler than itself, the reverse is impossible unless some form of work is involved. Thermodynamics manuals says E flows both ways, but the main bulk is always from hot to cold and they do not say energy towards a warmer object is absorbed by the warmer object from the colder object. Flow does not equal absorbed. Photons are moving all over the “system” everywhere and anywhere, by observation (literally with our eyes) the evidence shows they are not always absorbed.

    “There is NO heat transfer from cold to hot at all. The net energy transfer only is the heat. Neither of the energies are heat. Only their difference is the heat.” _JP

    Thermodynamic “heat” has two components: 1) energy transfer, and 2) from hot to cold (ΔT). Without both components, there is no “heat” just a transfer of energy. No heat= dT>0. Thus the equation, (Th^4 – Tc^4) Heat flows from hot to cold unless W is involved.

    In this instance I would think dT>0 means the system is radiating at a T that still means energy flow.

    Whether this is a micro argument or a macro argument I don’t know, but macro is based on micro so how much does that matter?

  153. CD Marshall says:

    “Heat is defined as the form of energy that is transferred across a boundary by virtue of a temperature difference or temperature gradient. Implied in this definition is the very important fact that a body never contains heat, but that heat is identified as heat only as it crosses the boundary. Thus, heat is a transient phenomenon. If we consider the hot block of copper as a system and the cold water in the beaker as another system, we recognize that originally neither system contains any heat (they do contain energy, of course.) When the copper is placed in the water and the two are in thermal communication, heat is transferred from the copper to the water, until equilibrium of temperature is established. At that point we no longer have heat transfer, since there is no temperature difference. Neither of the systems contains any heat at the conclusion of the process. It also follows that heat is identified at the boundaries of the system, for heat is defined as energy being transferred across the system boundary.” -Thermodynamics, G. J. V. Wylen, John Wiley & Sons, 1960.

    “Much of thermodynamics deals with three closely related concepts: temperature, energy, and heat. Much of students’ difficulty with thermodynamics comes from confusing these three concepts with each other…Heat is defined as any spontaneous flow of energy from one object to another caused by a difference in temperature between the objects. We say that “heat” flows from a warm radiator into a cold room, from hot water into a cold ice cube, and from the hot Sun to the cool Earth. The mechanism may be different in each case, but in each of these processes the energy transferred is called “heat”.” * -Daniel V. Schroeder Heat and Work from “An Introduction to Thermal Physics.” Pages 17-18.

    Heat is the spontaneous flow of energy from one body to another as a result of a temperature difference.” -Chapter 1 – Energy in Thermal Physics Daniel V. Schroeder: An Introduction to Thermal Physics

    Heat is a transfer of thermal energy caused by a difference in temperature. ” -Energy Education.

    “While internal energy refers to the total energy of all the molecules within the object, heat is the amount of energy flowing from one body to another spontaneously due to their temperature difference. Heat is a form of energy, but it is energy in transit. Heat is not a property of a system. However, the transfer of energy as heat occurs at the molecular level as a result of a temperature difference.”-Nuclear Engineering/Heat in Thermodynamics.

    “Much of thermodynamics deals with three closely related concepts: temperature, energy, and heat. Much of students’ difficulty with thermodynamics comes from confusing these three concepts with each other…Heat is defined as any spontaneous flow of energy from one object to another caused by a difference in temperature between the objects. We say that “heat” flows from a warm radiator into a cold room, from hot water into a cold ice cube, and from the hot Sun to the cool Earth. The mechanism may be different in each case, but in each of these processes the energy transferred is called “heat”.” * -Daniel V. Schroeder Heat and Work from “An Introduction to Thermal Physics.” Pages 17-18.*

    Heat is the spontaneous flow of energy from one body to another as a result of a temperature difference. ” -Chapter 1 – Energy in Thermal Physics Daniel V. Schroeder: An Introduction to Thermal Physics (Th^4 – Tc^4)

    ”Heat is a transfer of thermal energy caused by a difference in temperature.” -Energy Education.

    ”While internal energy refers to the total energy of all the molecules within the object, heat is the amount of energy flowing from one body to another spontaneously due to their temperature difference. Heat is a form of energy, but it is energy in transit. Heat is not a property of a system. However, the transfer of energy as heat occurs at the molecular level as a result of a temperature difference.”-Nuclear Engineering/Heat in thermodynamics.

    “If a physical process increases the total entropy of the universe, that process cannot happen in reverse since this would violate the second law of thermodynamics. Processes that create new entropy are therefore said to be irreversible. […] “Perhaps the most important type of thermodynamic process is the flow of heat from a hot object to a cold one. We saw […] that this process occurs because the total multiplicity of the combined system thereby increases; hence the total entropy increases also, and heat flow is always irreversible. […] “Most of the process we observe in life involve large entropy increases are therefore highly irreversible: sunlight warming the Earth […].” – Thermal Physics, Schroeder (2000)

    “The temperature of a body alone is what determines whether heat will be transferred from it to another body with which it is in contact or vice versa. A large block of ice at 00C has far more internal energy than a cup of hot water; yet when the water is poured on the ice some of the ice melts and the water becomes cooler, which signifies that energy has passed from the water to the ice. “When the temperature of a body increases, it is customary to say that heat has been added to it; when the temperature decreases, it is customary to say that heat has been removed from it. When no work is done, ΔU = Q, which says that the internal energy change of the body is equal to the heat transferred to it from the surroundings. One definition of heat is: Heat is energy transferred across the boundary of a system as a result of a temperature difference only.” -Thermodynamics, Wylen (1960)

  154. Zelator says:

    This demonstrates the red shift blueshift of an atom, a human body, a planet or a universe. As above so below.

    For any atom, monad, soul, or universe the neutron is the plane of inertia. The Pulse. The equator.

    Proton is right turning = red shift

    Electron is left turning = blue shift

    The red shift( red light) diverging centrifugally ( Proton) follows the toroidal field till it crosses
    the plane of inertia and turns blue (light)and becomes an ( electron)

    All the elements on a periodic table are just frequencies, according to Walter Russell

    The protons are always the same frequency/number as the electrons. ( they are the same thing -i.e a frequency but with a different wavelength and spin).

    see here:


    In physics, a redshift is an increase in the wavelength, and corresponding decrease in the frequency and photon energy, … in frequency and energy, is known as a negative redshift, or radiation.

    The opposite effect, whereby photons (seem to) gain energy when travelling into a gravitational well, is known as a gravitational blueshift. crossing over to become an electron.

    Really its just a change of spin and frequency length.

  155. Zelator says:

    In actuality there are no waves or particles, just perturbations in the ether or zero point field. The 5th element, the quintessence.

    The dance of black light i.e di-electricity with white light magnetism which results in a hybrid
    of electricity, i.e red shift and blue shift.

    The pulse : the centrifugal, centripetal action and reaction.

  156. MP says:

    Think i cracked the Heidelberg Castle Garden (the Hortus Palatinus) coding

    Well, the squared boxes part

    Found the schematics from above. The writer of the article doesn’t understand the garden style with separate sections, unlike Italian or classical french garden designing


    Think we do, since it leads to the same 7, 17, 24, 33, 42 and to the golden rato Phi as bonus

  157. Zelator says:

    Hi MP link doesn’t work. Tried back engineering as gardenvisit etc in google but no luck.

  158. Zelator says:

    Nice work, MP. It all fits into an intelligent design with “meaning” as like Joe said enough clues for us to re-discover and interpret and grow intellectually.

  159. Anna – that scenario can be interpreted either way. We usually just say that there’s mutual emission, but it works out the same way the way Kooks describes.

    Certainly, heat cannot work against a gradient…and heat is said to be a form of energy…although energy is just energy…and heat is actually work, a verb, not simply a quantity noun etc.

  160. Zelator says:

    I believe we are going into the Golden Age cycle of discovery and freedom. Its cycles that come and go. Great civilisations ascend and dissolve and repeat. There is nothing new to discover but to remember. Dark ages are the descent into the anti-wave cycle. When I worked in the Stock Market we learned about the up-wave and down-wave of economic cycles. In fashion ladies hems went up in good time and down in bad times. Sumeria, Egypt, Greece were just 3 different cycles.

  161. Zelator says:

    The last vestige of humanity that tried to hold back the cycle was Akhenaten. Obviously he failed and humanity entered the dark ages.

  162. Zelator says:

    So all this bullshit about becoming Gods is just a human cyclic story doomed to failure and decomposition. Unfortunately this is physics, nature, biology, chemistry. It follows laws. The only way we become as of Gods is when we return to spirit. As part of the One, Whether spirit retains consciousness or memory on death is unknowable. I highly doubt it.

  163. Zelator says:

    But you could say what about consciousness?

    Well is consciousness enough to break the cycle = ask Akhenaton or Thoth.

    There may well be a future breakthrough in consciousness that changes the dynamic but will we make it?

    Will humanity take the leap? Or will we cycle back to the dark ages?

    This is were humanity needs to take a hard look at itself, with its scientific snobbery its education systems of robots with no free thinking skills. Otherwise its rinse repeat. Back to the dark.

  164. Zelator says:

    “Those who don’t learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them” or something like that quote springs to mind

  165. CD Marshall says:

    Joseph E Postma says:
    2022/07/17 at 7:40 AM
    Anna – that scenario can be interpreted either way. We usually just say that there’s mutual emission, but it works out the same way the way Kooks describes.

    Certainly, heat cannot work against a gradient…and heat is said to be a form of energy…although energy is just energy…and heat is actually work, a verb, not simply a quantity noun etc.

    Energy flow does not equal absorption.
    I do wonder how many claims of “energy absorption” is actually just reflection?

  166. Zelator says:

    Just imagine. Consciousness allows us to know we are interacting. That surely changes the dynamics? We are not like an animal that exists on instinct or a rock that just is. Maye they do feel?
    But “knowing” we are interacting must have an input? We can change with thought – i.e intention of what we focus on. Focus causes expansion. What we focus on expands, So we have ideas etc.

  167. CD Marshall says:

    Emissions doesn’t equal absorption. Wasn’t I clear on this??? (Was I?)

    Any photons emitted from the Earth will not be re-absorbed back into the Sun just as I’d assume any photons cannot be re-absorbed back into the Earth if the energy is lower than the radiating body/ambient temperature. Which I assume is why we have photons flying around the system everywhere including from the light in your home. Clearly emission does not always equal absorption.

  168. That’s still the correct physics Anna in terms of result, but on the inside it might be the way Kooks thinks. There is no distance for a photon to travel and so the net result might be the only thing that actually “moves”.

  169. Z – Akhenaten was a Zeta alien who introduced the scourge of monotheism to the world, which his people here then kept alive and made their religion(s) about, etc. It (Akhenaten) didn’t look human and they rightfully tried to erase him from history, but unfortunately his people the J’s kept their “religion” of monotheism alive as it is after all part of their plan and scheme for destroying the human race and the planet.

  170. Zelator says:

    Thanks for that Joe.I wasn’t bigging him up, just saying he tried to block the cycle. Interesting. Would like to know more about this.

  171. Zelator says:

    Kleck said the same about Akhenaten btw. I didn’t connect it until now.

  172. @Anna Time and space are relative to the velocity at which they’re experienced. Apply the Lorentz transformations to a photon – there is no time nor space at c. From the point of view of a photon, there is no distance to travel nor any time required to travel it. This then would then support the possibility of the only photons which actually need to “move” are the net with the gradient, else there’s no point, so why bother. Energy is bosonic and hence interchangeable without effect and thus if energy “flows” only to exchange indistinguishably with itself then this is the same thing logically and mathematically as no exchange at all. Occam’s Razor would support no bother to exchange. The only thing that makes a difference is the actual difference, hence, the action or work of heat as the result of a gradient, and only in this case. So Kooks makes a good point here.

  173. Anna – blackbodys obey the laws of thermodynamics too. The laws are of course derived from the blackbody concept in a lot of cases…hence, blackbodies do not absorb and become heated from the radiation from a cooler body.

  174. Climate freaks love to misinterpreted blackbodys and say that “since blackbodys are defined as absorbing all incident radiation therefore cold heats hot”, which is of course mentally retarded as the heat flow equation in its simplest form has the blackbody terms in it as a difference via the Stefan Boltzmann law thus showing that heat flow from hot to cold only is entirely predicated on the behavior of blackbodys, which then extends to everything else in general.

  175. MP says:

    Found the other garden signs in the Book of Ballymote (1390), the Auraicept na n-Éces explaining the ogham script

    Ogham script is ancient North European. They had their own number/letter coding system, also by using the hands


  176. Anna – nothing happens. Reflection. Or they don’t even go…same thing.

  177. Doing that changes the view factor for the sake of the detector area, and so, you only measure what’s possible for the view factor of the location of the observer, and not what’s happening around it and the photons which don’t go to it. Those photons no longer see the hot wall, they see the observer and whatever method it uses for photon detection.

  178. Given that there’s no space or time for the photons, they individually have their destination or otherwise in any case have their own individual interactions. What one photon does or what happens to it isn’t the same for another, which by definition in the scenario, is doing something different. You can’t make the inference for other photons which truly you don’t even know if they exist. You just know how it was possible to observe the ones you did because you set them up to be. The other ones may have been subject to a gradient which prevented their bothering to exist since in effect they don’t exist anyway since they do nothing.

  179. MP says:

    Climate science claims that the relation between radiation from the hot sun and cold atmospheric back radiation is 1 on 1

    They don’t say that there is some slowing of cooling but that the effect makes cold back radiation and sunlight equal, since the w/m2 is equal

    So don’t need to go in depth to proof current view on climate science is BS

    Just need to proof that the relation is not 1 on 1

  180. No, you just have observer dependent behavior, which is the entire basis of QM, and photons are the quintessential quantum particle. Photons do what they can when and where they can. Some see the observer hence have a scenario where they can “go”, others see a gradient where they can’t go. The math and percentages all the same.

  181. MP says:

    Lets say you have two of the same rooms

    One room you place a Christmas tree with 200 small 2 watt lights on it

    Other room you place a Christmas tree and next to it a 200 watt heater

    Will the 2 rooms heat up the same?

  182. MP says:

    Should have said 400 watt heater to make the w/m2 equal

  183. I think what MP was getting at was that lots of cold doesn’t equate to a little bit of hot.

  184. MP says:

    LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks

    So people who place massive amounts of Christmas trees and massive amounts of small lights on it, like yearly in the White House actually create a risk to get unhealthy temperature in the room?

  185. MP says:

    @ JP

    Yea i meant the small lights with less heating potential than the room already has and the heater with more heating potential

  186. It’s like the double slit experiments Nepal…placing a detector at the slits to see which slit the photon goes through destroys the interference pattern…but all what you’ve actually done is completely changed the nature of the experiment and the scenario and where observation takes place, hence you can no longer refer at all to the original scenario or make an inference about it. The photon previously interfered with itself, but now it doesn’t, because we changed what’s happening. So, the photon previously couldn’t have traveled, but now it can…depending on the percentage of how many might over time.

    Isn’t the EM field a vector? Vectors have net results only…the rest cancels out. Waves can certainly cancel eachother out.

  187. CD Marshall says:

    Isn’t that the whole point of the “superposition” experiments? Physical assumptions doesn’t change the physics but maybe our observation isn’t seeing the actual physics taking place or we are seeing it only from our perspective.

    Nothing seems to have stumped physics more than a simple photon.

  188. Well…the photon is apparently the basis circling…and…well, they’re basis thoughts, then. Photons are basis thoughts. They’re the quintessential QM particle. So no wonder then! Good comment CD! RE: Nothing seems …etc.

  189. MP says:

    @ LOL@Klimate Katastrophe Kooks

    Your explanation also works to debunk climate science

    Since the radiating surface is not the same from the total atmosphere related to the sun

  190. CD Marshall says:

    Sorry Joe your comment didn’t show up ’til after I commented. “Observation alters the original physics” is clearer.

    Your observation perspective is a very interesting perspective on dark matter.

    I always jest that dark matter is black hole space poop.

  191. MP says:

    2 day heat wave plume from the Sahara up to north Europe

    Temperature might hit 40 degrees for a short while, because that is what happens when the polar vortex is unstable because of the sun

    But don’t worry. The UK media covered all the angles to protect you from mistakes during the heat

  192. MP says:

    @ Anna

    Marxist forces have no power here

  193. Because your eyes aren’t a thermal detector…they’re photoelectric. There is a significant electrical gradient between your eyes and vis photons etc.

  194. MP says:

    @ Anna

    We studied Marxists and their Satanic roots, we know their playbook

  195. MP says:

    Nepal says:
    2022/07/17 at 8:23 PM

    Nepal throws in rule 13 of the Satanic Marxist saul allinsky

    Do you know you follow his rules? Or are you brainwashed in a way to do it anyway?

  196. MP says:

    @ Nepal

    Then both bury your axes

    This shit is getting out of hand

  197. MP says:

    @ Nepal

    hundreds posts with basically the same shitloads equations is not normal conversation. Maybe for a while but not non stop.

    That accounts for you, anna, and Lol@

    in my opinion

  198. MP says:

    @ Nepal

    Einstein told that if you can’t explain it simple enough you don’t understand it simple enough

  199. CD Marshall says:

    To be fair,
    The claim is heat flow is bidirectional not energy flow.

    This is how they play the con game:
    Climate Clown:
    No, it’s NOT relying on that. The 2nd law doesn’t prohibit this, it only demands that the TOTAL heat flow is from warm to cold. Some “sub-heat flows” (don’t know how to call it) can also go the other way. The Wiki-article explains this.
    Give it a try:
    Take the Stefan-Boltzmann law:
    E = σ·( T⁴hot – T⁴cool )
    From hot to cool goes: σ·T⁴hot
    From cool to hot goes: σ·T⁴cool
    The first one is always greater than the second one because T_hot>T_cool.
    => Total (or net) heat flow is ok from hot to cool
    => 2nd law is ok.

    {notice how he just conveniently changed energy to heat}
    FN Clown science! 🤡🥳

    Joseph E Postma
    1) The S-B Law is only the terms σT⁴. S-B is not the difference of these terms
    2) E = σ(T⁴hot – T⁴cool ) is heat, and should be Q, not E. The difference between S-B terms is heat; neither S-B terms are heat themselves, only their difference is heat.
    3) Cool does not heat hot.

    Climate Clown:
    Hi Joseph,
    1) and 2) is completely irrelevant for the question if greenhouse effect exists or not. 3) is explained in the link above.

    1 & 2 are relevant in that they indicate that you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    1st Law: dU = Q + W = m Cp dT
    +ve dT +ve Q
    Heat Law: Q = s(Thot^4 – Tcool^4)
    -> +ve Q can be generated by Thot > Tcool
    -> Tcool does not make +ve Q
    Therefore, there is no RGHE

    Here comes climate clown bot #2
    OK, you understand that all surfaces above absolute 0K emit radiation?
    So your body in space will emit 770 w but on earth because it’s much warmer surrounding is also radiating heat to your warm body (yes, colder object is radiating heat to your warmer body, do no freak out!!!)

    So radiation to your body from surrounding is about 630w so 770w – 630w = 140 w you are cooling naked at 20°C in your room but in space 770 w.

    They tried to justify this with the “Heat Radiation Equation”
    P= e sigma A (T^4-T^4c)

    Again, they claim energy=heat.

  200. CD Marshall says:

    STEP 1
    Get them to admit energy flows both ways. This in itself is not wrong but leads to step 2.

    STEP 2
    If energy flows both ways, it MUST also be absorbed both ways.

    STEP 3
    If energy is absorbed, it MUST increase temperature.

    STEP 4
    “You just admitted the ghge was real.”

  201. Zelator says:

    Joe, is this the closest yet to a soul camera?


    Here is a link describing the nature of the soul and its relationship with the aura.


    It describes everything Hockney had in mind including personal characteristics and traits
    only available from the soul and aura. Wonder if it would pick out a Zeta? Like Roddy Pipers’s glasses in “They Live” lol.

  202. Zelator says:

    Maybe Zetas have a cold soul, or no soul at all? And would show up in this camera?

  203. Joseph E Postma says:

    Did you read that Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception document?

    The camera would work by imaging the other planes, where the other spiritual bodies lie, etc. That would likely make it very, very clear who is who.

    Maybe it can just be done with Kirlian photography, or “aura” fields, etc.

  204. Joseph E Postma says:

    That’s really good CD:

    “STEP 1
    Get them to admit energy flows both ways. This in itself is not wrong but leads to step 2.

    STEP 2
    If energy flows both ways, it MUST also be absorbed both ways.

    STEP 3
    If energy is absorbed, it MUST increase temperature.

    STEP 4
    “You just admitted the ghge was real.””

    Hence, you can see the response by Kooks is to stop them at STEP 1. The point I make with regards to that is that given that an exchange of equal energy is equivalent to no exchange at all, then Kook’s idea is perfectly valid, and in fact might be a better and simpler explanation.

    They always ask “what happens to the photon!?”, and I just say it does nothing, because it doesn’t, because that’s what the heat transfer equation requires it to do – nothing (for the equal and opposite components). Only the excess does something. But that’s equivalent to only the excess actually “moving”.

    Anyway…at STEP 2 it turns into sophistry. The energy does not “MUST” be absorbed. It can be reflected, too.

  205. Zelator says:

    To be honest Joe, no I have not finished it. My reading list is massive. I have about 7 or eight books on the go at any one time. But I do know it is considered the Bible in occult circles.

  206. Zelator says:

    That doesn’t take into account what I read online, or what documentary/videos I watch etc.I have to use NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) and chunk it. Similar to Kooks, I have a database of searchable data notes I make on a daily basis for later recall. It goes into many Terrabytes.

  207. CD Marshall says:

    That reminds me of the guy who claimed he made a real flying saucer (based on alien technology?). All you had to do was train your mind to project yourself and it traveled to the location.
    Then the CIA came and took it (or the military?), according to him, they couldn’t use it for there minds were not evolved enough to master the craft or even fathom the technology.

    In any case IF any of that were true and you could travel anywhere in the universe (and somehow still exist out of the physical dimension which would be a requirement to live in space in a ship built in the 1920s) why ever return here?

    A better explanation?
    He experimented with drugs.
    Just saying all that glitters isn’t gold.

  208. Joseph E Postma says:

    CD – it is very well documented that people do this with “astral travel” – detaching their conscious mind from having to feel like it can only be located behind the eyes. There are lots of books out there on how to do it. From there, your perception increases and you can see these other strata of existence, apparently. And yes you can travel anywhere. You come back here because there’s a silver cord that attaches your monad to your body…it only detaches at death of the physical body. But it (the silver cord) can stretch across the universe!

  209. Joseph E Postma says:

    @Anna – yes, you get the same result for either interpretation. That being said, we can ask: should there be a single, and correct, physical interpretation, or, does existence allow for ambiguity in cases where it makes no difference?

    Right – it’s not about “allowing” the colder plate to emit radiation. It can rather be interpreted that the colder plate presents an energy density against which the opposing higher emission from the warmer source overcomes, resulting in the action of heat on the cooler plate. The equations mean the same thing…the emission terms can be interpreted as “what would be, but what isn’t, and what the result is instead, due to the presence of the other thing”.

    Here’s the question: Kooks, does your energy density interpretation lead to better insight, or even, to anything else which can provide us more control over nature?

    I mean…Kooks’ interpretation really helps with STEP 1 that CD made a point about:

    “STEP 1: Get them to admit energy flows both ways.”

    Maybe that’s the whole point of the lesson we’re supposed to learn here, with these climate freaks. Energy doesn’t flow both ways. We’ve just always thought of the equations this way because when nothing else is present, then the equation represents emission to empty space. But when other objects are present, then the equations can only be taken in that context, in the fact that other bodies exist, and therefore, the equations give you net results only, just like emission to empty space is actually a net result…it is just that THIS is actually the special case, where the emission is actual, and full, otherwise the emission depends on the surroundings…which are either present or not.

    Kooks’ idea simplifies a lot of things, really. Plus, like I said, the EM field is a vector, and vectors add and subtract to give net results only, where opposing quantities truly cancel each other out.

  210. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yes I have recognized that. It satisfies Occams Razor, and yes, the principle of least action, and simplest action, etc.

    I also think it is more compatible with Idealism and Ontological Mathematics, and that we live in a singularity, etc., that for photons there is no distance, and then they DO “know” what is at their destination, etc….and this also helps explains relativity and that the speed of light is constant for an observer – how can a photon “know” to travel at c for its eventual observer a million years later? Because for the photon, it is already there!

  211. CD Marshall says:

    Yes, I understand ‘Astral Travel’ it is part of witchcraft and the occult. This guy claims he actually went there. The thing with astral travel is you don’t actually “go” there, your mind “projects” you there…At least that’s a theory.

    Buddhists, monks and strict martial artists all teach projection as well it takes great mental discipline to master.

    However, I also know people who experimented with drugs who had similar “out of body” experiences. So, who knows? I’m sure the CIA has experimented in it during the 70s.

    The video of the guy is interesting anyway, if I can find it again.

  212. Zelator says:

    CD I don’t do drugs, and alcohol doesn’t agree with me. I only use it when I need to slow my energy vibration right down, as that is what it does and why the cabal endorse it for the masses. The only “enhances” I use are subtle energy signatures of things like Neurochemicals and Nootropics etc. They are the signature of the physical substance but without any dangers.

    Everything like a paracetamol has a signature, it is this signature i.e spin frequency which gives it its properties. The pill itself doesn’t do anything, it is the signature that does the work. Subtle energy signatures have been isolated.

    See here for Eric Thompson’s website:


    I also use Jeff Gignac’s Passive Brain Fitness and Energy Support Services, which is a scalar radionics technology.

  213. MP says:

    Found a book written a few years after the King James bible was published. And it has the same 7, 17, 26, 33, 42 signature


    Hmmm, hope to find a book before the king james bible with the same septenary gematria sigfnature

  214. Zelator says:

    Urantia book or maybe the Phoenix Journals may be interesting MP?

    Or maybe the Voynich Manuscript if you can spot something? No-one has been able to decipher
    it. There is a thought it may be Elven, as in Lord of the Rings lol.

  215. Zelator says:

    Moby Dick is supposed to be encoded too. With its hidden esoteric meaning.

  216. Zelator says:

    Back to a previous thread, The Monroe Institute do full astral projection courses,


    And there is the inimitable Gerald O’donnell and his Remote Viewing and Astral and OBE courses. It’s not fringe, its real.


  217. Zelator says:

    Btw I was told by an illuminati insider that astral travel was bollocks. From the point of view of time being an illusion yes, fair point, but I also wonder what they don’t want us to know like they say meditation is bollocks too. I know this is a complete lie. They lie all the time.

  218. MP says:

    @ zelator

    The urantia book title is full with coding

    I read the phoenix journals, never tried to decode yet. I would recommend reading the “as the world turns” journal (like “Q” referenced to). It is about the fight now against the satanic deepstate but written 1980 or so

    Made a mistake with the urania book decoding, spelled last word/name wrong. fixed it but won’t upload, since hate spamming

  219. CD Marshall says:

    A Post on this would be great for a discussion on the current subject matter.

  220. Anna it’s not a matter of different math or different derivation, but interpretation. The math is the same.

  221. It has been discussed above by me and Kooks, Anna. It’s interpretation, not the math.

  222. MP says:

    @ JP

    Anna knows it is about the interpretation about the math but just keeps asking for in depth math

    takes her 20 seconds to ask the in depth questions

    Triggering others to spend lots of time to respond

    Ignoring the higher short answer respond reasoning

    Rinse and repeat

  223. MP says:

    Advice to @Kooks

    Learn to recognize when Marxist satanist try to suck the time you have on earth away from you

    the Devil tricks in multiple ways

    Since Satanist know that when you push a negative to much it becomes a positive and the other way around (rule 11 saul allinsky)

    So even tho you try to bring a positive, pushing it to much (text) and with to much same repetition makes all your comments eventually a negative that no one reads anymore

    Anna knows this so the she who is not a she keeps trying to trick you

  224. CD Marshall says:

    Sometimes math and equations do not follow convectional logic. Kinetic energy works against gravity the closer to gravity it is where logic would dictate it should be the exact opposite.

  225. boomie789 says:


    Chinese courts allow AI to make rulings, charge people and carry out punishments.

  226. boomie789 says:


    “Ann Bressington, a Former Member of the Western Australian Legislative Council, bravely exposes UN Agenda 21 aka Agenda 2030 aka The Great Reset.

    What she exposes applies to every country in the world, so please listen carefully and share!!!
    (18min video – really worth your time)


    She says the “Climate Change” scam was started by “The Club of Rome” in 1968.

  227. MP says:

    @ boomie

  228. Joseph E Postma says:

    Nice link Boomie.

  229. MP says:


  230. Joseph E Postma says:

    HFE = 1/2 k x^2 + mgx

    The solution with HFE = 0 @ x = 0 implies that the system is oscillating and passing through 0, else the system would simply never sit idly at x = 0, because gravity would pull it down.

    Likewise, HFE = 0 @ x = -2mg/k implies that the system is oscillating as well, because static equilibrium with gravity would occur at mg = -kx -> x = -mg/k. So, to find the system at -2mg/k means that this is the bottom of its oscillation, which implies that x = 0 is the top of its oscillation, and the amplitude of oscillation is mg/k.

    This equation for F at the top is implying an oscillating system, not a static system. An oscillating system would have energy which could be extracted from it, to turn it into a static system.

    F looks like it has spring potential energy, and gravitational potential energy – shouldn’t there be a kinetic energy term for movement of the mass, or is that what the HFE leaves out such that it then becomes the free energy relative to a static system? I guess that’s the TS term?

    I don’t get why you’re using HFE for a spring system.


    HFE is meant for thermodynamic systems…and such systems are of course composed of thermally vibrating components…interesting then that F for a spring system as above necessitated that it was oscillating.

    I don’t get why the amplitude of the oscillation is fixed at mg/k via the HFE equation. The amplitude can be whatever you want, in practice. Something doesn’t seem right about what’s being done here.

  231. Joseph E Postma says:

    “I don’t get why the amplitude of the oscillation is fixed at mg/k via the HFE equation. The amplitude can be whatever you want, in practice. Something doesn’t seem right about what’s being done here.”

    Ah, it’s because the equation doesn’t contain a term for the kinetic energy, as this would be what provides dependence on amplitude via maximum v, which occurs when x = mg/k.

    Yah something doesn’t seem right about the HFE equation as written above. The F = 0 conditions can’t be a fixed amplitude but must depend on kinetic energy of the oscillation via the max v experienced…that’s how max amplitude as a variable gets established.

  232. Joseph E Postma says:

    “You can put the v term back if you want (1/2 m v^2), but v has to be 0 at equilibrium.”

    If it is a static system then there is no free energy, by definition. This is one case where v = 0.

    The other case where v = 0, it is NOT an equilibrium state, but is at maximum displacement, and indicates an oscillating system.

    The only way v = 0 when the system is at x = -mg/k is if the system is static. In this case there is no free energy.

    Otherwise the kinetic energy and the v term must be included, which then indicates an oscillating system, which then contains energy which at some point has been input to the system, which might be extractable again…ideally, but of course, not in actuality since you can never avoid loss to entropy somewhere.

  233. Joseph E Postma says:

    v = 0 can happen at the max displacements when oscillating, and it can happen at x = mg/k when the system is static, and not oscillating. If the system is in “equilibrium”, if this is to mean, not oscillating, then there is no free energy, as there is no energy in the system at all. A spring system must be oscillating for it to contain energy.

  234. Joseph E Postma says:

    If you have a spring, and attach an m to it, then let it go and it will start oscillating. The energy put into the system is the energy it took for your arm to lift the m to the position x = 0 of the spring…that’s where the energy input comes from, and possibly could come back out again.

    If you let the system then do its thing, due to entropy/friction/spring heating it will eventually stop oscillating, at which point all of the energy you gave it by lifting/attaching the m to it has been dissipated out, and lost…so no “free” energy anymore.

    If you attach the m, then stop the system from oscillating, you’ve put energy into the system by lifting the m to it, but then you take it back out right away by stopping the m from oscillating, and just letting it rest at its new equilibrium position.

  235. Joseph E Postma says:

    Yes Anna…I said all that. Somewhere someone starting setting the equation HFE = 0. When you do that it doesn’t make sense…you’re not supposed to set the HFE = 0. Perhaps there was confusion because F was being used for HFE, and F looks like force, whereas F for HFE is actually energy. Hence why I started using HFE instead of F. F as force can be set to zero sensibly.

    Free energy is very closely related to the thermal energy held within a system. At least…depending how one is using terms. But the thermal energy held within a system cannot always do work, i.e. cause heating, as that depends on what it is interacting with.

    “The internal energy U might be thought of as the energy required to create a system in the absence of changes in temperature or volume. But if the system is created in an environment of temperature T, then some of the energy can be obtained by spontaneous heat transfer from the environment to the system.”

    Depending on relative temperatures, of course. But if the TS term for the HFE for a spring system is not relevant, then why use HFE for non thermodynamic systems at all?

    I still don’t see why you would bother using the HFE for a non-thermodynamic system.

    Anyway, Kooks still makes a good point about whether that free energy is useful for work, or not. And that relates to the whole climate fraud where the free energy of the cold object is said to be able to heat a warmer object, etc.

    Anyway+…who gives a crap about this discussion…honestly…it’s so retarded.

    The OP is about the evidence for the Ontological Mathematical Singularity.

    The Blog is about debunking climate alarmism pseudoscience.

  236. Joseph E Postma says:

    “the loss of gravitational potential energy by the mass moving down by 1 m is exactly offset by the gain in spring potential energy, thus the net change in system energy is 0, thus Helmholtz Free Energy is zero. The spring restoring force is exactly counterbalanced by gravitational acceleration. No work can be done by the spring upon gravitational acceleration, nor by gravitational acceleration upon the spring.

    And if no work can be done, free energy is zero. As you’ve repeatedly been told, you’re attempting to conflate spring potential energy with Helmholtz Free Energy, and you only do so by disregarding the loss of gravitational potential energy… because you’re desperate to divorce work and energy, to claim that energy can flow without regard to the energy density gradient, that energy can flow without work being done and hence that work can be done without energy having to flow… that is, after all, the only way that the CAGW sophistry can be sustained.”

    I do appreciate this line of reasoning. At stasis, the system has no energy to give up. If it was oscillating, then maybe it could. But at stasis, it cannot give up any energy.

    At stasis, there is potential energy held within the spring. Perhaps that could be considered free energy. But it isn’t really, as it takes work to get it out, by removing the m. However, if you remove the m, then the spring doesn’t actually make sense anymore, given that the spring is massless and it is the m which has the mass…so, detaching the m, means that the potential energy left in the spring actually vanishes.

    Anyway…Kook’s comment here is very important. And I do track the how the argument has travelled from mutual emission vs. emission only from hot to cold with the gradient and these being equivalent in mathematical form & result but not in interpretation, then to this…it does seem that some shenanigans are at work. 🙂

    Wiki: “In thermodynamics, the Helmholtz free energy (or Helmholtz energy) is a thermodynamic potential that measures the useful work obtainable from a closed thermodynamic system at a constant temperature (isothermal). The change in the Helmholtz energy during a process is equal to the maximum amount of work that the system can perform in a thermodynamic process in which temperature is held constant. At constant temperature, the Helmholtz free energy is minimized at equilibrium.”

    I still don’t see why you would apply this to an elastic bar, or spring system. There are other equations for those. But in any case, if from ANY system, such as a classical spring system, then if the HFE

    “measures the useful work obtainable”,

    then indeed, a static m on a spring has no useful work to obtain from it. If you remove the m, you change the system, and it is not defined anymore as the m is not the spring. If you magically switch out the m, then it depends on the m, whether you are actually putting work into the system (larger mass), or, if the existing system can do work on the new m (smaller mass).

    There’s no work to obtain from a static system….it’s equivalent to absolute zero K…or, identical temperatures and maximized entropy for which there is also no useful work available. If it were oscillating then there’s free energy available.

  237. Zelator says:

    Jain 108 Academy; ( https://m.facebook.com/jain108academy/photos/a.235052050013869/1876299305889127/)

    Hypogeum In Malta: Underground Stone Chamber in the Gamma Range of 111 Hertz.

    111 Hz attunement deepens our awareness and wisdom. The ancients used sound to heal.
    In Malta, at the oldest underground temple in the world there is a room called the Oracle Chamber designed to vibrate sound at 111 hertz which scientists now know kills Cancer Cells using the powers of the 11th harmonic.

    The ancient scholars had a guarded secret regarding resonance, which is simply about the essence of harmonic resonance, where one body has the ability to vibrate in such a way that it can change the body of another. This Knowledge was hidden in stone temples, many of which are underground:


    Jain Academy have an interesting website about sacred geometry as in here about the Flower of Life, and the and the speed of light:


    Flower of Life and the Speed of light:


    Here is more on Phi or the Divine Proportion: (1:1.618)



    And finally an article about megalithic circles in South Africa. These structure possess strong
    electromagnetic fields capable of generating powerful toroidal fields:



  238. Zelator says:

    Joe, I know it’s early in the morning there. When you get round to it, I have a post in the moderation queue. It’s in the “Evidence of the Ontological Mathematical Singularity” section. Thanks.

  239. MP says:

    Not sure if true or not but

    The Earth Just Started Spinning Faster Than Ever Before And Scientists Don’t Know Why


  240. Joseph E Postma says:

    @Jopo https://climateofsophistry.com/2022/08/03/how-to-become-a-mathematikoi-you-can-do-it/#comment-108614

    Kooks won’t be back for what seems like is going to be a very, very long time.

    Kooks did some humorous work as Dr Roys Emergency Moderation Team, but really, did he ever say anything different that what I taught him about heat flow? Than what I’ve been pointing out to everyone here for, what, 12 years now?

    Thus, I’ve been waiting some time to see what his purpose was.

    It really is amazing to see what Hockney has written about personality types come to such stark manifestation. For the past few days now Kooks has been commenting into the auto-trash bin (which he knows where his comments are going), breathlessly ranting and raving that I am converting to Islam and trying to trick you all into converting to Islam, irate that someone can use a pseudonym (“Mike Hockney”) even better than he can, and do much, much more with it than he ever did. He is becoming obsessed that there is someone out there, “Mike Hockney”, with a much better and more productive track record of using a pseudonym that it is making him irate and unstable, and honestly I am worried that he can work himself through this. It seems to be breaking his mind. He can’t stop ranting about “Mike Hockney” being a pseudonym, while Kooks has himself explained to us at length the extremes he goes to to keep his own identity hidden! And for what? Mike Hockney has a good reason to keep hidden, given the subject matter which they write about. Why does Kooks need to hide? I mean sure, go ahead and hide yourself…but glass houses and all. Mike Hockney is a WAY, WAY better pseudonym-user and identity-hider than Kooks is.

    Kooks’ obsession with air conditioner units and all the other tech stuff he would drone on about obviously identifies him as an extremely autistic, sensing-type materialist: his MBPT is ISTJ, a materialist. For these types it is literally impossible for them to conceive of abstract rational truths, or to in fact to understand any philosophy at all. They make good engineers, but they can never actually create any new ideas, only tinker with what actual thinkers have previously created and demonstrated to them how it works.

    He’s quite literally begging for me to stop talking about mathematical circlings, about something as net nothing, about things which can exist with no necessary material empirical counterpart. A recent message of his was, wording as closely as I can recall: “Can we please just get back to material reality and things that we can see and touch! The universe is here, we’re in it…what more do we need to know, we can only know what we can empirically test and since we can’t test the origin of the universe than it doesn’t matter.” Etc. etc.

    Kooks has never demonstrated or inspired the concept of mental stability. As the whole fiasco I begrudgingly allowed to unfold with him and Nepal, Nepal made a great point that it seemed impossible for Kooks to simply discuss a subject without resorting to insult and invective. Possibly, years of dealing with climate alarmists and their sophistry has broken Kooks’ mind, making him behave exactly the way that they always have and do.

    Anyway, I see what his role was now. It’s always the same schtick, the same operation: inveigle your way into a group, get on good terms, establish dominance through relentless trails of lengthy wall-of-text comments wedded with hostility and aggression while for the most part staying on-message with the group such as to get other followers to wish to psychologically find security under their wings, test and undermine the existing leader or leaders of the group by presenting “experimental” interpretations of the main message which don’t actually change the message but which can displace confidence in it, and which can also compromise the existing leaders by forcing them to have to then defend quasi-alternative concepts which they’re not totally confident about, etc.

    You saw all this happening here over the past few months with this incessant back and forth between Kooks and Nepal and “Anna”.

    Anyway, so I played along, to see what the point was. To let them play their stupid little games…as if I didn’t or couldn’t see the entire time who it was and what they were doing…LOL

    I think that it is time to end Kooks’ “contributions” here. They never actually added anything.

  241. CD Marshall says:

    Kooks science posts were very informative. The confrontational front was sadly taking away from the informative parts. I wish he would just knock it off but I’m guessing OCD is part of his nature which has good and bad influences.

    Insisting Nepal was evenminded was like an obsession though that was not grounded. Nepal has never said anything that would make me question that (this Nepal anyway).

    He actually has some Geran and some Zoe traits. Zoe mentioned a while back she had a new job and was restricted from talking on climate stuff anymore or something. She didn’t disclose the job and I didn’t ask. That was a while ago.

    Geran seems to have fallen off the face of the map I haven’t heard a comment from him on PSI in a few years.

    I honestly don’t know how you keep your shit together dealing with this on a daily basis.

  242. MP says:

    The verbal fight between @Kooks and JP basically brings us back to around the years around 1600 between Aristotle teachings and Francis Baker

    The clash between deduction and induction.

    But why not do both?


  243. CD Marshall says:

    @Kooks took the time to explain the science in well broken-down pieces that was understandable for us laypeople or to those who weren’t. That’s helpful.

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