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Where do Climate Alarmist Numbers Come From?

In this video I answer a question from my blog where a reader asks where the temperature numbers come from which form the basis of climate physics and political climate alarmism?  It is an excellent question with an excellent answer … Continue reading

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Weather Balloon Soundings Falsify the “Greenhouse Effect” Hypothesis

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Post by Carl Brehmer —– Here are two graphs that demonstrates why the “greenhouse effect” hypothesis is false. This graph was created using raw weather balloon data on a day when the ground level humidity called the “mixing ratio” in … Continue reading

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Lapse Rate Refutes Radiative Greenhouse Effect

Definitive Refutation This is something I wrote about long ago (reference pg. 16), but in a recent Slayer email exchange I re-realized just how important it was.  Hopefully any Slayers will follow up in the comments if anything else needs … Continue reading

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R.W. Wood Had it Right: Sun Heats Earth!

The Sun Heats the Earth I saw this quote within a recent email exchange among the Slayers, and although I don’t know the exact paper source, R.W. Wood is well-enough known to just quote him directly: R.W. Wood: “The solar rays penetrate … Continue reading

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The Fraud of the AGHE Part 9: The Truth about the Cooling Atmosphere and the Lapse Rate

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Bob Ashworth had this to say about the reality of what the atmosphere actually does: “Just remember that the earth is the temperature it is because of the sun. Even if CO2 had a warming effect on earth, which it … Continue reading

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