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Slayer’s Vindicated by Additional Independent Researchers

(originally posted at PSI) (This is what Slayer’s winning looks like!  There is no radiative greenhouse effect.  Climate alarm is totally, 100% false, total pseudoscience.) (Most pertinent quote from the paper:  “The GHG theory might even require a deep re-examination.”  – … Continue reading

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Monckton Capitulates to Slayer Science

Egg on Face So apparently there is some climate conference happening in London come this September: Independent Committee on Geoethics: London Conference 2016 Christopher Monckton is a member of the organization committee.  Why the focus on Monckton?  Because he has … Continue reading

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Slayer Double Victory

The Two Errors Corrected Here is the IPCC definition of the greenhouse effect, upon which climate alarm and its socially, politically, economically and scientifically destructive movement is based: Note that radiant emission from a cooler atmosphere is adding as heat … Continue reading

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