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Video Presentation by Dr. Tim Ball on the Climate Scam

“In this episode of Freedom Free For All Dr. Tim Ball shares his life-long experience surrounding the continuous misinformation trail of climate change and ‘global warming’. Dr Tim Ball’s presentation focuses on the factual science that is omitted by the … Continue reading

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The PSYOP of Climate Alarm and its Greenhouse Effect

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This is a guest article by anonymous author – it was from an email just don’t know if the person wants attribution for it or not.  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind my posting it either way.  In spirit it follows … Continue reading

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The Steel Greenhouse Debunks the Climate Greenhouse Effect

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No Math I already debunked the steel greenhouse idea, but here I will simplify it all to one crystal clear concept.  Won’t bother with quotes from these people etc. since that has all been covered previously.  Let us just look … Continue reading

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Logic and Reason Debunking Climate Pseudoscience

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Boundary Condition Thought Envelope The following diagram and math is what is taught at ivy-league universities in climate science and general physics programs.  In the many discussions I’ve had with advocates of climate alarm and its version of a greenhouse effect in … Continue reading

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Do GCM’s Model a Flat Earth?

That GCM models use a spherical rotating Earth is a red-herring – that’s not the point. Such models do not, and can not, contain a radiative greenhouse effect as promulgated, in any case.The point is that the origin of the meme … Continue reading

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Climate Pseudophysics, Again

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So the last post had a neat way of looking at it, but I improved on the graphic demonstration. First let us remind ourselves of the pseudoscientific greenhouse effect:       A fancy diagram with straight lines and numbers … Continue reading

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The Radiative (Climate Pseudoscience) Greenhouse Effect

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Came across this pic randomly on the interwebs. For those who still have a difficult time with why the basis of the climate science version of the greenhouse effect, which creates political alarmism, is a fraud, THIS IS WHY!! (and … Continue reading

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