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Logic and Reason Debunking Climate Pseudoscience

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Boundary Condition Thought Envelope The following diagram and math is what is taught at ivy-league universities in climate science and general physics programs.  In the many discussions I’ve had with advocates of climate alarm and its version of a greenhouse effect in … Continue reading

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Do GCM’s Model a Flat Earth?

That GCM models use a spherical rotating Earth is a red-herring – that’s not the point. Such models do not, and can not, contain a radiative greenhouse effect as promulgated, in any case.The point is that the origin of the meme … Continue reading

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Climate Pseudophysics, Again

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So the last post had a neat way of looking at it, but I improved on the graphic demonstration. First let us remind ourselves of the pseudoscientific greenhouse effect:       A fancy diagram with straight lines and numbers … Continue reading

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The Radiative (Climate Pseudoscience) Greenhouse Effect

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Came across this pic randomly on the interwebs. For those who still have a difficult time with why the basis of the climate science version of the greenhouse effect, which creates political alarmism, is a fraud, THIS IS WHY!! (and … Continue reading

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Oops Anthony Watts did it Again – Introducing the Greenhouse Alarmist

Anthony Watts is a Jester So Mr. Watts posts a “guest article” from a person named Stephen Wilde, a person who has nothing to do with me or any of the Slayers, and who’s physics musings neither I nor the Slayers … Continue reading

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Climate Alarm and the Abomination of Desolation

Why doesn’t the alarmist greenhouse effect exist?  Because alarmists think that the Sun and sunshine can’t melt ice without it, even on Mercury, let alone Earth.  Of course, aside from all of the basic physics and mathematics we’ve discussed here, … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Steel Greenhouse

Solar Flux is not Q’ This was touched on in the last post, but the steel greenhouse deserves a full logical physics treatment of heat flow to explain what actually happens and why the radiative greenhouse effect believers have it … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Versions

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There They’re Their Spoken language can be confusing because you can have words which sound exactly the same but mean totally different things.  Such words are called homophones, as found in this section title.  At the very least, and if you’re very … Continue reading

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Note on Resistors – The Fraud of Climate Science Analogies

No More Analogies In my last post we developed the equations for the temperature of a powered resistor with or without an ambient environment. As has been pointed out to me, and has now been made clear to me, is … Continue reading

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The First And Second Law of Thermodynamics debunk Global Warming

By Flanders & Swann (my comments to follow after video & lyrics): (the actual song starts at about 2:05…but the lead up is great to listen to as well) Lyrics: (Michael = M, Donald = D) M: The First law of … Continue reading

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